CAT-CAT: A Star Wars AT-AT Inspired Cat Condo

Because most people’s cats live better lives than I do, do-it-yourselfer Whitney Fabre constructed the CAT-CAT, an AT-AT-inspired cat condo. She built the condo for her feline friend, Captain Jack Harkness, who was named after the Doctor Who character. Why she didn’t build a TARDIS cat house instead is anybody’s guess.

For those of you interesting in building your own CAT-CAT, Whitney was kind enough to create an Instructable, so you can follow the directions and, provided you have the skills and supplies, wind up with something similar and not just a dangerous pile of wood scrap and nails like I did. But you know what they say: The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. And the worst-laid plans like mine almost always go awry.

There’s no question it’s a fine-looking cat condo. But even if I was able to successfully construct one, would my cat play in it or purposefully ignore it to spite me for all the time and effort I put into building it? Here, let me give you a hint: We named him Spiteful Bill for a reason.

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Star Wars TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder keeps any automatic watch going all the time

TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder

The TIE Fighter is perhaps one of the most distinguishable fictional spacecraft in the Star Wars universe. You see one, and you know it’s something related to the Galactic Republic, but you would still recognize it even if you’re not a fan of the epic franchise. With hundreds to thousands of Star Wars-inspired creations worldwide, it may be challenging to track them all, but some items make a remarkable impression, especially if they have special functions. We don’t want any more useless stuff, so if we are presented with a new object like a sculpture, it better be functional. If it is a furniture item, it should have another function, so the effort isn’t wasted, so multi-functional items are very much appreciated by those who want to keep their lives compact, minimalist, and small.

Designer: Kross Studio

Kross Studio TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder 3

Kross Studio is a relatively new company, but it has been introducing exciting products from several collaborations. The Studio’s identity includes collaboration as an integral part of the business, and so far, its partnerships have been successful. We remember that 1989 Batmobile Desk Clock as the perfect sidekick to a geeky desk setup. Star Wars fans will never forget the Death Star Watch and the Boba Fett Tourbillon Watch and today, we’re showing you the TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder, described as the next chapter of the brand’s Star Wires-inspired collaboration.

Kross Studio TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder 4

The latest collectible is functional but is available in a limited release only, but the dark universe-inspired TIE Advanced x1 watch winding sculpture can be considered a magnificent piece of art by hardcore Star Wars fans. However, it is mainly a watch winder in its solid aluminum glory with an integrated winding engine to keep an automatic watch always running even when not worn. This operational art object weighs 4kgs and measures 20cm long, 28cm wide, and 17cm high—made from a solid black anodized aluminum.

Kross Studio TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder 2

Kross Studio is known for its excellent design and manufacturing skills, which are clearly evident in the TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder. The functional sculpture has been machined, finished, and assembled in-house, resulting in a piece that harnesses the force of movement to keep any automatic watch going while within the capsule. The Kross Studio TIE Advanced x1-inspired watch winder sculpture is activated when an infrared sensor detects a watch. It stays in standby mode if there is no watch available to conserve energy, but the battery can last for more than two years. If you need to change the batteries, you may need to use a key inspired by the Galactic Empire.

Kross Studio TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder

Everything about the TIE Advanced x1 watch winder proves Kross Studio’s principles when it comes to disruptive design. The studio has big collaborations and ambitions that have been successful since its launch in 2020 in the middle of the pandemic. This watch winder is no different and we believe more projects with other franchises will be introduced by Kross Studio.

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You Can’t Miss With These Stormtrooper Bath Fizzers

Sure, Stormtroopers might not be able to hit the broad side of a space barn with their blasters, but they do know cleanliness, as evidenced by their sparkling white armor. That’s why I only trust my baths to Stormtrooper Bath Fizzers from Mad Beauty. They’re guaranteed to get you clean and help you relax and forget about why you joined the Galactic Empire in the first place. What were you thinking?!

A $13 bag from FireBox contains six fizzers with cedar wood and lime fragrance (not what I imagined Stormtroopers smelled like, but whatever) and “fizz around your tub producing a marble of black and white.” That’s fun. Need an even darker side to bath time? No worries, Mad Beauty also makes Darth Vader bath fizzers that turn your water jet black. LIKE MY HEART. Just kidding, it’s grayish-brown.

Honestly, I’m more of a shower guy than a bath guy. I don’t know, just something about sitting in a pool of my own filth that kinda grosses me out. I’m sure they’re fine for other people; I just have a dirt cloud following me around that puts even Pig-Pen’s to shame.

$120,000 Boba Fett Watch Costs One Serious Bounty

Inspired by everyone’s first or second favorite bounty hunter in the Star Wars universe (depending on whether you prefer the Mandalorian or are a weirdo and favor Greedo), Kross Studio has created this $120,000 Boba Fett-themed watch. Boba’s Slave One starship is featured in the center of the tourbillon and slowly rotates, while the hour hand features a tiny replica of his Z-6 jetpack, and the minute hand is the jetpack’s rocket-firing missile.

The watch is a limited edition of only ten pieces, each of which took 220 parts and 90 hours to construct. For reference, that’s $545.45 per watch part or $1,333.33 per hour of construction. So it’s ridiculously expensive no matter how you look at it. But it does come with three interchangeable watch bands and a collector’s case made from the same mold as the model used in The Empire Strikes Back, which totally makes up for it.

Sure, there are a lot of different ways to spend $120,000. But is there any better way than on a luxury Boba Fett watch? I suppose that depends on who you ask. But if you ask me, there isn’t. Of course, I also spent last month’s rent on a LEGO Transformer, so I might not exactly be the voice of reason.

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Salacious Crumb ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil’ Sculpture

Inspired by the classic ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ wise-monkey sculptures, Regal Robot has reimagined the maxim with Jabba The Hutt’s Kowakian Monkey-Lizard Salacious B. Crumb sitting in for the monkeys. Just looking at him, I can practically hear him cackling at some unfortunate alien dropped into Jabba’s Rancor pit.

The $119 desk sculpture/paperweight is made of solid resin, weighs about a pound and is finished with a faux bronze patina. It’s kind of ironic if you think about it, though, because of all creatures, Salacious Crumb is probably the exact opposite of the embodiment of ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.’ Practically all he does is see, hear, and speak evil!

Will one be adorning the desk in my home office? Probably not, but I don’t exactly make the galactic gangster money that Jabba The Hutt does. I can’t afford the finer things in life. Or even the less-fine things in life. Or, in this case, the extremely novel Star Wars products in life.

Intricate Boba Fett tourbillion watch emulates weathered look of the bounty hunter’s starship

Boba Fett is one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy following in the footsteps of his father Jango Fett. In the three Star Wars trilogy movies, the bounty hunter became the pop culture icon even though he just timed six and a half minutes in total screentime. Part of it is attributed to his grungy green-colored Mandalorian armor, jetpack and blaster. The rest, of course, was his enigmatic domineer. That’s enough to send any young Star Wars fan into sweet submission!

Acknowledging the success of The Book of Boba Fett, Swiss watchmaker Kross Studio has created an intricately appealing tourbillon watch. Paying homage to the original Mandalorian bounty hunter, this timepiece continues its affinity for niche watches. Created in collaboration with Lucasfilm, the Swiss design studio’s ultra-limited-edition watch is unique in its own rights. The 45mm titanium case of Boba Fett Tourbillon Watch (yes that’s what it’s called) has a striking central tourbillon with a watch display by EFX that takes the shape of the Boba’s iconic Slave I starship in exactly the same proportions as the filming model.

Designer: Kross Studio

There’s the familiar rust red and military green livery of the miniature spaceship on the tourbillon’s cage with the extremely detailed hand-painted look. The detailed movement of the timepiece coming in grade 5 titanium case, honed by the 220 parts, puts it in the rare club of Haute horological chops. Each of the ten pieces (yes, it’s that rare) took almost 90 hours to put together which in itself makes this a rare collectible item.

The unique peripheral format on this one employs the planetary gear system orbiting 360 degrees around the tourbillon. That hour hand is inspired by Boba Fett’s jetpack and the minute one reminds fans of the rocket. The Boba Fett Tourbillon Watch comes with interchangeable straps which can be either a chocolate color calf leather strap or the black rubber strap material.

Each one of the 10-piece series of Boba Fett Collector Sets will come with a numbered manual wound timepiece and Boba Fett Starship-inspired watch display. The collectors set will be available for sale at Koss Studio’s official partners and select authorized retailers for a mind-numbing price tag of $120,000.

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Star Wars inspired 3D-printed headphone stands are the perfect accessory to celebrate May the 4th!

I defy you to find a better place to rest your headphones than on the heads of Chewbacca, C3PO, or our dark lord, Darth Vader. If, however, you’re on the market for an incredibly cool headphone stand, the guys at Angled can easily hook you up. Armed with a fleet of 3D printers, the Angled.XYZ builds some of the most incredible pop-culture-inspired headphone holders (and even gaming controller stands). Based out of USA, Angled 3D prints each headphone stand out of PLA to order, and offers a wide selection to choose from. Their Star Wars collection spans probably every popular character you could think of (except Yoda, unfortunately) from Chewie to Luke, and from Vader to even Darth Maul. Heck, there’s even a Jar Jar Binks headphone stand available!

Designer: Angled.XYZ

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Designed to easily become the centerpiece of any geek’s table, these stands are 3D-printed pretty much to scale, and are designed to easily fit most standard headphones (and even VR headsets!)

Although each headphone stand is 3D printed (and you can even see the lines on some of them), it also has a stunning amount of detail. Take for instance the Chewbacca headphone stand right below. This is because Angled partners with designers and artists to release new variants and models online. Artists create detailed models that get approved by Angled’s team based on sizing, proportions, and its ability to be printed without any flaws/errors. Once a design gets approved by the Angled team, it makes its way to their store and for every sale, the artist gets a commission.

A lot of the designs are originals too, like the Hell Vader below, or the Skull Trooper. This is ideal for someone looking for something niche. However, if you’re a fan of the mainstream, a golden C3PO head or an R2D2 is a perfect purchase! While the models all come in a solid single-color print, they can be customized and painted to make them all the more realistic.

Moreover, aside from headphone stands, Angled’s collection even has stands that hold your Xbox or PS controllers.  Styled as miniature figurines with outstretched hands, the holders even work with remote controls, stationery, and also your smartphone in landscape mode.

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Intricate LEGO version of Luke Sykwalker’s Landspeeder arrives for Star Wars fans

The ultimate LEGO version of the Luke Skywalker’s X-34 Landspeeder arrives for Star Wars fanatics.

Star Wars Day is just a couple of weeks afar and already the Star Wars franchise has already given fans enough reasons to spend exorbitant amounts of cash on the Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon, AT-AT Walker, or the irresistible DeLorean Time Machine. So, what more could burn a hole in a fan’s pocket?

Designer: César Carvalhosa Soares

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Well, it’s time for the Luke Skywalker’s rugged X-34 Landspeeder to take up the LEGO form. Yes, the Star Wars Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder 1,890-piece LEGO set has officially landed. The iconic orange Landspeeder set is 19-inches long and comes with a detailed interpretation of the exposed turbine engine on the left, a curved windshield, and cute little minifigs. Priced at $199, this detailed LEGO brick interpretation is not cheap by any means, but then, nothing is too expensive for Star Wars fans, or is it?

The LEGO set designed by César Carvalhosa Soares is crafted with utmost attention to detail as even the scratches of the original one have been replicated. He added by saying, “The finished product makes an incredible display and is the perfect addition to the UCS collection.”

Putting together the Landspeeder will be a satisfying experience, and in a way, it puts some of the other versions to shame considering the level of detail on this one. Apparently, this is not the first time LEGO has officially released the Landspeeder, but this one is way better and also comes with meticulously crafted parts that aren’t available anywhere else.

The set comes complete with a display plaque to sport it on your living room shelf or geek work desk. It’s going to be available for LEGO VIPs on May 1, and others can order it from May 4th from the official portal. Whether there’ll be more surprises coming our way in the following week still remains to be seen!

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Star Wars Death Star Trench Run Cake: I’m Going In!

Because there’s no birthday like a Star Wars birthday, Redditor jiggleyourpuffs96 (real mature!) went and crafted this very impressive Death Star trench run-inspired birthday cake. The whole thing is edible, too, except for the little plastic ships and their stands, which I wish I would have known before biting into one and losing a filling.

A lot of the pieces were textured by pressing modeling icing against the tops and bottoms of LEGO bricks to achieve that newly built space station look. If they’re anything like me, though, hopefully, those bricks were sanitized first because mine spend most of their time strewn across the living room floor, and I can’t even remember the last time I vacuumed. I’m pretty sure The Phantom Menace was still in theaters.

I’d eat it. Of course, there are very few things I wouldn’t eat, and, much to my wife’s dismay, items in the trash aren’t excluded. I always jokingly say I was raised by raccoons, but I can see the scorn in her eyes, especially when we have company over and somebody just threw away a pizza crust.

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Artist Creates Spaceballs Pizza the Hutt Toy Playset

Handcrafted in the style of vintage Kenner Star Wars toys, Retro Custom Art’s andytdesigns made this Spaceballs Pizza the Hutt action toy playset. Andy imagines the toy was made for a national Spaceballs x Pizza Hutt line of toys that were released to the public. I don’t know about you, but I need this in my life. In my office specifically, but only because I know my wife won’t allow it on my nightstand where it actually belongs.

Andy has also made several other custom Spaceballs action figures, most of which are available in his Etsy and eBay stores for around $50 – $75. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the Pizza the Hutt playset for sale (I dug deeper and found out he’s not selling it and only made it for an upcoming art show), which is a shame because that’s the one I wanted the most. Granted, I wouldn’t be able to afford it even if it was listed, but a boy can dream. I’m going to be a space ranger when I grow up!

I guess I’m left with no choice but to make my own. And if my version just so happens to be an actual piece of pizza with a pair of googly eyes stuck in the cheese, so be it. It’s not like my apartment doesn’t already have a rodent problem anyways.

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