Xbox classic ‘Star Wars: Republic Commando’ is coming to PS4 and Switch

Almost exactly 16 years after coming out on Xbox and PC, Star Wars: Republic Commando is heading to two new systems. PlayStation 4 and Switch owners will be able to play the one-time Microsoft exclusive on April 6th when it becomes available on the P...

Your Amazon Echo Dot transforms into a Mandalorian Helmet with this 3D printed stand!

Smart Speakers are seldom designed to be trophy elements. With their unassuming design and fabric clad, they’re BUILT to blend into your home decor, being useful only when wanted. This 3D printed stand, on the other hand, turns your smart speaker into a pop-culture collectible worth showing off!

Say hello to the Mandalorian smart speaker holder for the 4th Generation Amazon Echo Dot. Inspired by the Star Wars spin-off series, the smart-speaker holder comes 3D printed by Etsy shop Slic3DArt, quite perfectly resembling the Mandalorian helmet. Place your spherical Amazon Echo Dot within its head cavity and you’ve officially got yourself a trophy-head worth showcasing on your mantelpiece or coffee table!

The purpose of the Mandalorian smart-speaker holder is purely aesthetic. It doesn’t enhance the speaker’s functions but doesn’t impair them either (it does, however, block the light ring at the base). I just wish Alexa came with a Mandalorian voice option!

Designer: Slic3DArt

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Epic Games is running a ‘Spring Showcase’ sale starting Thursday

It might not seem like it if you're trudging through snow every time you step outside, but spring is on the way. Epic Games is getting into the spirit of the seasonal shift with its Spring Showcase, which will feature announcements, gameplay footage...

EA points to growth for FIFA Ultimate Team, ‘Apex Legends’ and ‘Sims 4’

EA released its quarterly earnings today, and raised its outlook for the full year based on the results. It pointed to titles that back up its live service focus, including Apex Legends, which had 30 percent growth in players, year over year.The game...

These lightning-fast SSDs were inspired by the sandy dunes of Jakku for the sci-fi fan in all of us!

The first time I saw Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith, the year was 2005 and I was in fourth grade. Since then, the world of tech design has shifted, but Star Wars and other sci-fi realms have maintained the gaze of the tech world, inspiring some of the quirkiest and most clever tech accessories known today. While getting inspired by science-fiction is no rare encounter, it’s so prevalent because, if executed well, science-fiction is one of the few aesthetic categories that manage to reel people into entirely different and unfamiliar worlds.

Sourcing his inspiration from sci-fi movies like Star Wars, Alex Casabò conceptualized in 3D, his own interpretation of what he calls, a “really fast sci-fi SSD,” bringing a traditional SSD and taking it to new heights, perhaps even new galaxies, with a distinct, rugged exterior and lightning-fast drive. Casabò’s SSD concept looks lived-in like it’s headed straight for Crait. SSDs, which rely on flash memory to keep things moving and storage processed, are known for their low read-access time and fast throughputs. Conversely, other storage devices like hard disks store a computer’s memory on mechanical hard drives and generally move a lot slower.

Opting for a more futuristic, cyberpunk aesthetic for his digital SSD conceptualization makes sense since faster speeds indicate technological advancements and go hand in hand with a future world that might look eerily familiar to sci-fi films we grew up watching. His SSD concepts come in three forms, 16 TB, 32 TB, or 64 TB, and come in orange, green, or blue. The translucent, rough-and-tough exterior for his SSD concepts resemble the technological hardware used by the dissidents who form the Rebel Alliance. The SSD’s interior components, the flash controller and flash memory chips, are also visible from the outside, which gives Casabò’s design a distinct look that only brings us closer to the sands of Jakku.

Designer: Alex Casabò

Jar Jar Binks Replaces the Subject in Fine Art Paintings

Jar Jar Binks: hands down everyone’s favorite Star Wars character, even beating out the space slug that almost eats the Millennium Falcon. And now thanks to the work of artist scadarts, he’s can also be everyone’s favorite fine art subject. As Indiana Jones would say, ‘It belongs in a museum,’ and I couldn’t agree more. What an absolute masterpiece.

Obviously, if any of these were actually on display in a museum I’d have no choice but to plan a heist to liberate them and add them to my personal collection. Which already includes, and is pretty much limited to, finger paintings my mom didn’t deem worthy of a spot on the fridge.

Which is your favorite? Personally, I’m drawn to Binks With a Pearl Earring and The Scweam. I’ve actually always wanted to go see the originals in real life but Girl with a Pearl Earring is in the Netherlands and The Scream is in Norway and, as much as I hate flying, I’m even a worse swimmer.

[via Geeks Are Sexy]

Watch a 1978 X-Wing Toy Restored to New Condition (without Using The Force)

Proving there are few things more satisfying to watch than a job well done, YouTuber Rescue & Restore documents the process by which he carefully returns an original 1978 Star Wars X-Wing toy to its former glory. Of course, my parents never bought me any of these name-brand Star Wars toys growing up because they were too expensive, so all I got were the knock-offs, and I’m pretty sure my Z-wing was mostly made out of lead.

Using a process called retrobriting, which appears to involve submerging the pieces in a liquid solution and blasting them with UV lights, Rescue & Restore is able to bleach all the yellowing from the white plastic. He then replaces the electronics (responsible for the light and laser sounds), adds a new set of decals, and cleans the clear cockpit window with an ultra-fine polishing compound. Honestly, I feel like my car’s windshield could use some of that too.

Do you also own a vintage X-Wing toy that’s seen better days, but don’t feel like restoring it to its former glory before selling? No worries, don’t do anything and just tell everyone it’s actually an incredibly rare ‘submerged in a Dagobah swamp’ variation, but you’re willing to let it go for only double what the regular model is worth.

[via Laughing Squid]