Star Wars Crochet Kit: Crafty Jedis

Because who hasn’t dreamed of crocheting their own little Jedi army to take on the Empire, AlwaysFits is selling this Star Wars Crochet Kit. The kit includes everything you need to make your own Yoda and R2-D2, along with instructions to make more characters; you’ll just need to buy the yarn and eyeballs. Oh – and learn how to crochet.

I’ve tried crocheting before, and I just don’t think I have the patience for it. Or the hand-eye coordination. I’ve got the feeling no matter what character I tried making, they would all just wind up looking like Jabba the Hutts. And not a realistic Jabba the Hutt either, the kind a kid might draw.

Those instructions look like some sort of secret coded message to decipher. What are you trying to tell me, crochet book? Is Obi-Wan our only hope?! Or that it’s better to just give up now before I disappoint myself again? Because I’m pretty sure it’s the latter.

Lifesize ‘Pan Solo in Carbonite’ Bread Sculpture

Participating in the Downtown Benicia Main Street Scarecrow Contest, bakers Hanalee Pervan and her mother Catherine of One House Bakery in Benicia, California, created this lifesize ‘Pan Solo in Carbonite’ bread sculpture. Did it win the contest? I have no clue, but it certainly won my heart. And stomach. Now, where’s the butter and jam?

The sculpture is made entirely from dough and is currently on display in the front window of the One House Bakery but will make its way to the compost pile after Han has reached his best-by date. That’s a shame because I love stale bread. It’s like toast but without needing a toaster.

Obviously, what kind of Star Wars fan would I be if I didn’t include an “I loaf you,” “I dough,” joke in here somewhere, so consider this that joke. Now somebody bake me a Death Star cake, I’m so hungry I could eat a tauntaun.

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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Inspired Stormtrooper: Spaghetti Space Western

Because there will never be enough Star Wars merchandise in the world, Merchoid is selling this The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly-inspired stormtrooper statue. Complete with a cowboy hat and poncho, this stormtrooper is clearly ready to set out on his trusty steed (read: speeder bike) and seek his fortune. And if only he could hit the broad side of a barn with his blaster, he might actually stand a chance.

The statue measures approximately 18 cm (7 inches) tall and is cast from “the finest resin.” Not to be confused with just fine or finer resin, this is the finest resin, presumably mined from some planet in the Akkadese Maelstrom and used to cover the smuggling of glitterstim from Kessel. I’m not a Star Wars nerd; you are!

While the statue may have been made with the finest resin, it does not appear to have been made with the finest painting technique, with even the official product shots appearing as if they were painted by someone who assumed customers don’t have the same high standard in paint jobs as they do resin quality. That’s a shame, too, because I almost had my wife’s credit card out.

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LEGO Releasing $600 Ultimate Collector’s Edition Of The Mandalorian’s Razor Crest

Already available as a 1,023-piece, $140 set, LEGO has just announced an Ultimate Collector’s Series version of The Mandalorian’s Razor Crest ship, with 6,187 pieces and a price tag of $600. Ultimate Collector indeed – you’d have to be to shell out six big bills for a LEGO set. I mean unless you’re buying it as an investment opportunity like I did with all those Beanie Babies.

The ship measures 72cm long, 50cm wide, and 24cm tall (28″ x 20″ x 9.5″), and features removable engines, a cockpit, an escape pod, and a minifig-size carbon-freezing chamber along with numerous other interior details. The set also includes minifigs of the Mandalorian, Grogu, Mythrol, and Kuiil along with a buildable Blurrg model.​ I am going to have so much fun building this set… entirely in my mind because I can’t afford the $600 price tag.

Admittedly, I bet that’s a fun build. As fun as the giant LEGO Death Star set? No clue, I couldn’t afford that one either. Looks like not much has changed for me financially in the ten years since that set came out.

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6,187-piece LEGO Razor Crest Set from the Mandalorian is here to challenge your creativity

We have seen a host of LEGO Star Wars sets in our time. Despite the details and difficulty of each of them, the recently unveiled, LEGO Razor Crest from The Mandalorian begs to differ for its details and magnitude.

The first LEGO Star Wars set of its kind in the LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series, this collectible building set makes a wonderful gift for all Mandalorian fans: young and old. The build is pretty detailed, but when achieved, it allows a fan to reimagine the Din Djarin’s starship on screen in bricks. The 6,186-piece set measures over 72 cm long and it comes with minifigures to inspire role play, which is enhanced by the detailing and intricacies of the build.

Designer: LEGO Group


The LEGO ship mimics the one from the blockbuster show in all aspects and features an engine that lifts up to let you gawk into the interior details. The cockpit is removable and occupiable by minifigs; you get a detachable escape pod and there is a carbon-freezing chamber, minifig sized of course. Speaking of the minifigures, the set includes the relentless warrior “Mandalorian”, the child lost in space “Grogu”, the hot bounty “Mythrol”, and “Kuiil” the solo servant of the Galactic Empire, ready to board the vessel to hunt lucrative bounties.

The bounty hunter Din Djarin’s starship will be geared up for battles with the weapons cabinet and a cargo compartment that has space for the Blurrg. The ship can be built for battles starting October 7 and the VIP offering starts on October 3. You will have to shell out $600 though, for the set so you can satiate your DIYer’s instinct and creativity.

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Washable Star Wars Area Rugs: May the Floors Be with You

Officially licensed and crafted by maker of machine-washable floor rugs Ruggable, this collection of Star Wars-themed area rugs are just the thing you need to let guests know you haven’t missed a single opportunity to include a Star Wars theme anywhere in your house. Just wait till they see your Sarlacc Pit toilet decals!

The rugs, which are by no means cheap, are available in a variety of sizes, and range from $99 for a 2′ x 3′ rug, all the way up to $709 for an 8′ x 12′. Obviously, covering my home’s floors with nothing but Star Wars area rugs is going to get expensive quickly. But do I really have any other option?

Admittedly, they’re a lot classier than I expected Star Wars-themed area rugs to be. I thought they would all scream college dorm, but they really don’t. They’re actually pretty sophisticated-looking, something I didn’t expect to find myself writing about floor rugs based on a science fantasy series. Fingers crossed for matching window treatments!

Millenium Falcon Wireless Charger: Charge Your Phone In Parsecs

Modeled after Han Solo’s infamous flying bucket of bolts, the Geeknet Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wireless Charger (on sale for $26 at GameStop) is a wireless fast charger capable of juicing up any device with wireless charging capabilities (including Samsung and Apple phones). But can it do it in less than 12 parsecs? It better, or I’m demanding my money back.

The charger has a nice 3D look to it and measures approximately 11″ x 6.5″ x 1.5″, so it isn’t just a boring flat pad. Plus, the Falcon’s thrusters glow blue when your device is fully charged. Obviously, I’m only going to put already-charged devices on it, so it always glows blue because I’m much more into form than actual function.

I have a wireless charger on my bedside table so my phone charges while I sleep, but I always miss getting it on the pad before bed, so I wake up to a phone that’s guaranteed to die sometime during the day. Probably at the worst time possible. If there’s a logical solution to this problem, I sure don’t see it.

Man Turns Old IKEA Desk Into A Star Wars Workbench

Presumably using a healthy dose of The Force, filmmaker Glen Vivaris of the YouTube channel Glen Makes crafted this Star Wars-inspired workbench from an old IKEA desk. Most impressive! For reference, I turned my old IKEA desk into kindling, which I then used to light the sofa at my last bonfire party. Now I know what you’re thinking, and I couldn’t agree more; you should have been there.

In addition to the Star Wars-style greebles on its drawer, the desk features a pop-up power strip, and the wall behind the desk has a suction vent for sucking away harmful soldering fumes. It’s a thermal exhaust port! Glen better hope the Rebel Alliance doesn’t fire any proton torpedoes down that thing.

An impressive workbench, to be sure. Currently, my own workbench is a closet door laid across two uneven towers of cardboard boxes. I keep telling myself it’s only temporary, but I’ve been telling myself that since I moved in three years ago, so at this point, I’m really just lying to myself.

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Star Wars Hoth + Kamino inspired desk – ‘may the work force be with you’

Geeky work desk setups hit those right notes when it comes to getting in the groove. Add to the mix a Star Wars theme, and there’ll not be a living soul that fails to admire it. Glen Vivaris has crafted miniature Millennium Falcon in the past, and it sure was impressive. Now, the YouTuber has created another work of art that’s tailor-made for an avid fan.

Now he’s got down to putting together a very intrinsic Hoth and Kamino-inspired workbench that’ll keep anyone glued to the seat for hours at end. Made out of a salvaged IKEA table, the workbench carries over the weathered look of the dystopian world pictured in the epic intergalactic saga. While the ocean dominated Kamino, and became an important contributor to the shift in political power during the final days of the Republic, the Hoth was witness to the battle between Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance who had set up the Echo Base on the freezing planet. Both these worlds have dotted the memories of Star Wars fans, and this desk is a testament to the mystical worlds.

Designer: Glen Makes

Glen has put a lot of effort into this DIY project – right from the greeblies on the front edge, droid power port and the floating Mandalorian ship to the structuring of the table legs, accompanying chair and the overall weathered look. The power strip concealed in a vertical position can be brought up by turning the mechanism and pushing a button. This is what I find the most intriguing in the cool design worthy of a geeky den.

Going in with the Star Wars theme, there’s a lamp and exhaust hose draped in the white hues. To make the DIY more impactful, the wall has also been redone in a matching paint job. Overall, this DIY is well worth trying as a weekend project if you desperately want a desk setup up like this one.

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CAT-CAT: A Star Wars AT-AT Inspired Cat Condo

Because most people’s cats live better lives than I do, do-it-yourselfer Whitney Fabre constructed the CAT-CAT, an AT-AT-inspired cat condo. She built the condo for her feline friend, Captain Jack Harkness, who was named after the Doctor Who character. Why she didn’t build a TARDIS cat house instead is anybody’s guess.

For those of you interesting in building your own CAT-CAT, Whitney was kind enough to create an Instructable, so you can follow the directions and, provided you have the skills and supplies, wind up with something similar and not just a dangerous pile of wood scrap and nails like I did. But you know what they say: The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. And the worst-laid plans like mine almost always go awry.

There’s no question it’s a fine-looking cat condo. But even if I was able to successfully construct one, would my cat play in it or purposefully ignore it to spite me for all the time and effort I put into building it? Here, let me give you a hint: We named him Spiteful Bill for a reason.

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