Baby Yoda Glitter Globe Sets a Snowy Star Wars Scene

We’ve yet to visit any planets on The Mandalorian where it’s snowing. But maybe it’s just that none of the scenes so far have taken place in the wintertime. Regardless, I think The Child aka Baby Yoda aka Grogu would enjoy catching snowflakes on his little tongue in between gulping down frog eggs. If you like the idea of a snowy Baby Yoda too, then check out this official Star Wars The Child Glitter Globe.

The collectible is based on Grogu’s hover pram, only he’s inside of a crystal clear bubble. It’s sort of like a space helmet, only filled with water and shiny, snow-like glitter. I wonder if it’s cold inside there. And how does he breathe? I guess we could ask that question about every planet in the Star Wars universe. It seems like there’s oxygen, or whatever these characters breathe, readily available in the proper amount from Tatooine to Hoth. But I digress. Isn’t Baby Yoda just the cutest?

The Child Glitter Globe sells for $89.99 (or one ingot of Beskar Steel) from The Bradford Exchange. It’s currently sold out, but they expect to start shipping again in late November, just in time for the Christmas rush.

AT-AT Aquarium Looks Like Hoth After Global Warming

When you think of AT-ATs, you think of these giant mechanical beasts stomping along the snowy surface of Hoth. But what would happen if the Empire’s war machines ran on fossil fuels and their CO2 emissions, resulting in a greenhouse effect? It might end up looking something like this aquarium scene created by Carly Thompson.

After receiving a model AT-AT as a Christmas gift, she decided to incorporate the Imperial Walker into a small fish tank. She says the scene was inspired by the Kashyyk level of Jedi Fallen Order, and Endor from Return of the Jedi. But to me, it looks like Hoth after the polar ice caps have melted, raising the sea levels, and flooding the land as surface temperatures increased above freezing. The AT-AT has definitely seen better days, now that it has moss growing out of it, but it sure makes a nice home for the red cherry shrimp and Ramshorn snails who have taken up residence here.

[via Reddit via MyModernMet and GeekNative]

This Bed Lets Kids Sleep Under an Imperial Walker

Can you imagine waking up every morning and looking up to see an Imperial Walker towering over your head? Well, if you’ve got $8500 lying around, your kid could experience that thanks to the guys at Tiny Town Studios. These guys create all kinds of amazing custom builds, from pirate ships to giant alligators you can walk through.

This awesome handmade bed lets kids sleep between the legs of an AT-AT while imagining they’re flying along the snowy surface of Hoth in a T-47 Rebel Airspeeder. Of course, you wouldn’t your kid to be lying beneath this thing when it came crashing down, so it’s best not to try wrapping its legs with a tow cable.

The bed appears to be twin-size, but I’m sure with deep enough pockets, you could convince Tiny Town to build you a version with a bigger bed underneath. I want a California King with enough room for me to roll around on it my AT-AT pilot costume. Or better yet, can I get a version with a ladder, and the bed is inside the AT-AT? And rig it up so the legs move and I can stomp around my neighborhood this winter when there’s snow on the ground.

This R2-D2 Tamagotchi Is Definitely The Droid You’re Looking For

Looking for a new droid friend after your last one got shot up by Stormtroopers who were aiming for something else entirely? Well, you’re in luck, because this R2-D2 Tamagotchi is available for pre-order (affiliate link). Available in two colorways (white with blue accents, or blue with white accents), the digital droid pet is sure to be this year’s must-have stocking stuffer when it starts shipping this November.

R2 can be trained in 19 different skills and caretakers must keep him charged and cleaned by playing holochess and firefighting minigames. There are an additional seven minigames that can be unlocked based on his current skill level. And instead of dying like previous Tamagotchi pets, R2 will be hauled off by Jawas if you prove neglectful for too long.

I can’t even begin to estimate how many Tamagotchi digital pets I killed in my youth due to forgetfulness, but suffice it to say their graves could probably fill an entire hard drive. Am I more responsible now? I’ll let you know in November, presumably while bartering with a Jawa over a dead R2 unit.

[via GamesRadar and StarWars]

Hallmark’s Keepsake 2021 Millennium Falcon Christmas Ornament

Because nothing quite says Christmas like Star Wars (back me up, 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special!), Hallmark is releasing this 2021 Keepsake Ornament of the Millennium Falcon (affiliate link). The metal ship measures 3.78″ wide, 1.4″ tall, 5.22″ long, and features a shiny silver finish. And with all the Mandalorian ornaments I’ve already purchased this year, I could probably decorate an entire Christmas tree with a Star Wars theme.

The ornament was designed by Hallmark artist Robert Hurlburt. However, I’m fairly certain the Corellian Engineering Corporation deserves most of the credit for building the YT-1300f light freighter the Millennium Falcon was modded from in the first place. Star Wars joke!

My wife and I have an entire box of Hallmark Keepsake ornaments commemorating different special occasions and anniversaries throughout the years. Or, I should say, we had an entire box of Hallmark Keepsake ornaments before I accidentally donated them all to Goodwill after mistaking the box for our old dinnerware. Obviously, I sadly expect my Christmas list to go largely unanswered this year.

[via Mental Floss]

Bow TIE Fighters: For Dark Side Black Tie Affairs

Because what else would you wear to the Galactic Federation’s next fundraising ball, these are the Bow TIE Fighters made and sold by Etsy shop Kilted Katana. I can already close my eyes and hear my wife asking me to please pick a different tie and put my lightsaber replica away before leaving for her cousin’s wedding.

Available in three different TIE fighters (classic, TIE Interceptor, TIE Advanced) and three different tie options (neck band, clip-on, or hair tie), Bow Tie Fighters cost $20 apiece and are sure to let people know you’re as classy as James Bond, but can also quote the majority of the original Star Wars trilogy.

Nice, but where’s the X-wing bow tie to match? I mean how are a friend and I supposed to run around pretending we’re locked in space battle if we’re both wearing TIE fighters? We’re on the same side! Also, ten dollars says my bow TIE fighter magically disappears from the closet prior to my wife’s company Christmas party this year.

[via TheGreenHead]

LEGO’s Imperial Light Cruiser + 2 new ship sets are here to keep your force strong

LEGO Group’s first-ever LEGO CON kicked off with some interesting builds and a behind-the-scenes look at the set creation process. There were some latest creations like the LEGO Ideas Foosball Table and the Minecraft world’s Modern Treehouse. What caught our eye are the three Star Wars sets depicting the highlighting scenes from season 2 of The Mandalorian. They will go on sale from August 1, so LEGO and Star Wars fanatics will have to wait a while before getting their hands on one. The latest LEGO sets include the Moff Gideon’s Imperial Light Cruiser (which I’m surely going to add to the collection), Imperial Armored Marauder, and the bounty hunter Boba Fett’s Starship.

The highlight of them all is the Imperial Light Cruiser (75315) which comes with a bridge (doubles as a handle for flying action), large spring-loaded shooters, and dual mini TIE Fighters. How could the LEGO set not have the main leads – that’s why it also comes with The Mandalorian and Baby Yoda minifigures along with the infamous villain Moff Gideon, Fennec Shand, Cara Dune, and the Dark Tropper too. Carrying a price tag of $160, the LEGO set has 1,336 pieces in total. Truly the fans will get a unique opportunity to create the iconic scenes from the Disney Plus hit series. According to LEGO, “The Mandalorian’ fans can recreate epic hero versus villain battles from Season 2 with the first-ever Lego brick-built model of the Imperial Light Cruiser.”

The set has cool weapons like the Mandalorian’s Amban phase-pulse blaster and spear to emulate the realism of the nostalgic inter-galactic era. Moff Gideon’s Darksaber for hero vs. villain play makes things even more exciting. Add to the mix 2 thermal detonators and electro binoculars, and LEGO fans are in for a treat in these not-so-certain times. Yes, what better than to create the Imperial Light Cruiser while having a quaint weekend at home!

Designer: LEGO

Star Wars Droid Restraining Bolt Magnets: Maybe This IS the Droid You’re Looking For

Because every possible piece of Star Wars merchandise that can exist does, Disney is selling droid restraining bolt magnets in the Galaxy’s Edge areas of its amusement parks. Thankfully for those of us without a Disney trip planned in the foreseeable future, they’re also available on Amazon (affiliate link). I can already close my eyes and see my wife opening the Amazon package and wondering what the heck I just spent money on.

For any of you who are unfamiliar, in the Star Wars universe restraining bolts are small, cylindrical metal units affixed to droids that limit their functionality to that desired by their master. They can’t be removed by the droid (or by other droids) and can have commands relayed to them via a handheld controller. Obviously, it would be wise to attach one to every robotic device in your house, lest they go rogue.

Of course, for people who aren’t relatively serious Star Wars fans, they won’t know what the magnetic restraining bolt that’s holding your grocery list up on the fridge really is. ‘Is it a robot nipple?’ I imagine a dinner guest asking before I have to take the time to explain to them that yes, that’s exactly what it is.

The Visible Hutt Anatomical Jabba the Hutt Figure: Everybody Gangster Until the Scalpel Comes Out

I never thought that someone would be a hardcore fan of Jabba the Hutt, but once again I’ve been reminded that there are all kinds of people in this world. Toy designer and maker Mighty Jabba not only has various collectibles of the Star Wars mob boss, but he also painstakingly designed, printed, and sculpted an anatomical figure of the menacing slug.

Mighty Jabba calls his creation The Visible Hutt, a nod to the similarly named American educational figures that were released in 1959. He also does acknowledge the influence of the legendary Jason Freeny and his line of anatomical figures. But Mighty Jabba deserves a lot of credit himself since he designed the skeleton and “vague internal organs” himself.

Mighty Jabba said he’s going to make a small batch of the figure to sell. Keep an eye on his Instagram page for announcements and more photos of the figure, including this a sweet retro box.

These wildlife-inspired futuristic cabins suspend off the cliffs like StarWars jets ready for takeoff!

Thilina Liyanage is a Sri Lankan 3D visualizer who conceptualized architectural fortresses that resemble wildlife, including villas that bend over mountainsides or a yacht club whose roof flexes into the curve of a manta ray’s backside. Developed to be constructed entirely from sustainable building material like bamboo and responsibly harvested wooden chutes, some of Thilina Liyanage’s 3D visualizations take a different approach. For example, one of his recent designs finds futuristic glass and metallic cabins inspired by the shape of dolphins puncturing a cliffside overlooking the ocean.

Similar to his Cliff Cabin 3D visualization, Liyanage’s Futuristic Ocean Cabins are lodged into a tropical mountainside, piercing the cliff to suspend in midair with a cantilever structure. Resembling the shape of a dolphin’s body, the Futuristic Ocean Cabins doubly mimic the rugged science fiction aesthetic of Star Wars, stationed on the cliffside like resistance X-Wing fighter jets ready for battle. Liyanage envisioned each structure bored into the cliffside with angled steel beams wrapped in concrete and yanked tight on their horizontal planes with four high-tensile suspension cables to create enough support for each cabin’s foundation. Accessible from an adjacent steel staircase, the interiors of Liyanage’s Futuristic Ocean Cabins come complete with enough space for a bathroom, sleeping area, kitchen, as well as a small living area.

Coated with glass facades reinforced with a concrete framework, Liyanage envisioned a future getaway that hinges on a transparent, exposed external structure and linear, open-air internal space. Jutting out from their cliffside foundation with the same tension of Star Wars III, the true thrill of Liyanage’s Futuristic Ocean Cabins rests in their support methods (four high-tensile suspension cables and one main support beam bored into the cliffside) to keep its cantilever structure horizontal over the bustling ocean below.

Designer: Thilina Liyanage

The wildlife of the mountainside merges with the futuristic structure of Futuristic Ocean Cabins to create a rugged, sci-fi escapist hideaway.

Bored into the mountainside, Thilina Liyanage’s Futuristic Ocean Cabins remain suspended over the sea.

The cabin’s glass facade framed with concrete give it a rugged look fit for the set of Star Wars.

Inside, the linear layout of each cabin allows space for a living and sleeping area, as well as a kitchen and bathroom.

In addition to the cabins’ beam foundation support, four high-tensile suspension cables sling the cabins horizontally over the ocean.

A vertical steel staircase grants access to each cabin’s interior space.

The cabin’s cantilever design gives it the thrilling edge that Thilina Liyanage is quickly becoming known for.

Equipped with all the amenities and utilities that one might need, the thrill of living above the ocean is balanced with human comforts like AC and septic tanks.