With its alluring concentric-circle design, this wristwatch was made to look hypnotic!

Creating a contrast that’s beautiful to look at, along with a sense of depth that one could potentially get lost in, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Flying Tourbillion looks like a work of art on your wrist. The watch, which is priced at a whopping 145,000 Swiss Francs (or $157,000) isn’t your average luxury timepiece though. For starters, the outer body is literally made of 18 karat gold, and is available in white-gold and rose-gold variants. As your eye travels from the case to the dial itself, you immediately feel a sense of descent, thanks to the multiple layers/steps on the inside that go from a rich royal blue to a dark navy, almost feeling like entering a void. This arrangement allows you to practically get lost in the Royal Oak Concept Flying Tourbillion’s watch-face. At the very focus of this stepped dial is its diamond-encrusted tourbillion which immediately becomes the watch’s crown jewel, with nothing really to distract from its presence, apart from the gold hands and the AP logo at the 12 o’clock position.

Turn the timepiece over and you can see hand-wound manufacture caliber 2964 through an exhibition back. The watch comes with a 72-hour power reserve, alligator straps, and is set for a limited production run. Oh, and that impeccable frosted finish on the front half of the gold casing? It’s created by Italian designer Carolina Bucci, who employed an ancient Florentine jewelry technique of physically creating tiny indentations with a diamond-tipped tool on the gold surface to make a micro-texture that’s more opulent-looking than your regular sand-blasted finish… and the price-tag of Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak Concept Flying Tourbillion completely reflects that level of artistry and impeccable luxury!

Designer: Audemars Piguet

Batman Engagement Ring: If Batman Ever Proposes to Catwoman

Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle have been dancing around their relationship for as long as I can remember. I think it’s about time that Batman got down on one knee and asked Catwoman for her hand in marriage. Sure, there was that time when Catwoman gave up her life of crime and married Batman back in 1955, but that took place in an alternate reality on “Earth-Two,” so that doesn’t really count.

Seriously, put a ring on it, Bats. I’ve even already picked one out for you.

Among their various wares, Canadian jewelry shop Geeky Rings sells this sweet Batman-inspired engagement ring. This particular ring is made of gold with a bunch of bats flying around the band and holding up a ruby red gemstone at its center. The ring can be special ordered in other gemstone colors, as well as in white or a rose gold and silver combo, and an 18K gold version. If you’re looking for something that captures the “dark” aspect of The Dark Knight even better, they also sell a murdered-out black version.

Prices for the Batman engagement ring start around $550 and go up to $930 depending on the materials used. That’s chump change for the Wayne family, so you’ve got no excuse, Bruce.

Now, I wonder if this is the ring that Peter Parker gave Mary Jane back when they got married in the 1980s.

Pablo Escobar’s brother is trying to sell refurbished iPhone 11 Pros for $499

For months, we’ve been following the bizarre saga of Roberto Escobar (Pablo Escobar’s brother) trying to peddle Escobar-branded folding smartphones. At first, tech reviewers like Marques Brownlee pointed out that Escobar Inc was actually just repacka...

i-Blason’s Marble-inspired cases give your AirPods some serious bling

Designed to resemble a fancy lighter or a case for your cigar-cutter, i-Blason’s Cosmo Airpods cover looks pretty goddamn fantastic. With its interplay of marble-inlay and gold, each case has the appearance of a literal jewel. The cases (available in black, green, and pink) are relatively easy to install, as they slip on with a pretty snug fit. They even come with a patterned PU leather strap, the ability to charge wirelessly if you’re using the 2nd generation AirPods, and a cutout for plugging in a lightning cable, making it compatible with both generations of AirPods.

It’s worth noting though that the cases don’t literally come made with marble (or gold), which would unnecessarily increase the weight and affect its ability to be wirelessly charged. The graphics on the cases do look absolutely convincing though, and with a shock-absorbing TPU bumper running around the edges, your AirPods remain protected from accidental drops too!

Designer: i-Blason

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Researchers create ‘2D’ gold a million times thinner than a fingernail

Scientists have created the world's thinnest gold. At just two atoms thick, the material is one million times thinner than a human fingernail, which is big news for the tech industry. Gold is already used in a range of applications such as engineerin...

This Ping Pong Table Is Made from Crystal and Gold

Yo, rich people, check it out. This is the Impatia Lungolinea gold edition table tennis table from Turin, Italy based Adriano Design. Isn’t it luxurious? It is made from crystal glass with 24k gold connecting joints and furthermore, made by “expert Italian goldsmiths.” Ohhhhhh, the Goldsmiths of Tuscany? Yeah, they got money.

It looks cool, but wouldn’t the glass table make the ball bounce differently than a wooden surface? Then again, if you have a glass and gold ping pong table you probably care more about impressing other rich folks than you do about your actual game. The table measures 108″ x 60″ x 30″, and weighs in at a substantial 551-pounds. It will cost you $26,000, which is like buying a pack of gum for rich people.

And honestly, I ask you, how many rich people are playing Ping Pong these days? I’m guessing not many. But now they might since they can buy this sweet table. Get ready for the Billionaire Table Tennis League!

So anyway, you wealthy people can now play ping pong and then smash the table with a diamond-encrusted hammer when you lose. That would be the best part of owning this: Watching it shatter into a million pieces as your opponent stares at you in shock.

[via Luxury Launches via Geekologie]

You Can’t Pay the Iron Price for These Incredible Game of Thrones Pens

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan who loves to write notes and send them by raven, then Italian writing instrument maker Montegrappa has just the perfect pen for you. It is called the Winter is Here edition.

The pen has an extremely intricate exterior that makes it a work of art, carved from pearlized great celluloid and “enveloped by a masterful study in the ancient art of lost wax casting.” It is a beauty that’s for sure.

The Night King and a White Walker are engraved on the pen’s barrel with ice-blue apatite crystals for eyes and on the pen’s cap, and the ice dragon Viserion is carved in precious metal, over a ring of blue-crystalline hand-glazed flames. The dragon wraps around the pen cap and the head with the tongue of ice is the pocket clip.

It is available in your choice of fountain or rollerball, and in sterling silver or solid 18K gold. The silver model is limited to 300 units, while the 18K gold has an ultra limited run of just 7 units.

These pens aren’t cheap, mind you. The sterling silver version is €4,500 (~$5,080 USD) a pop for the fountain and €4,050 (~$5,570 USD) for the rollerball. The gold one will cost you €48,000 (~$54,270 USD) for the fountain, or €51,000 (~$57,680 USD) for the rollerball.

[via Mike Shouts]