Galaxy S24 Ultra by Caviar is a luxurious way to mark the Year of the Dragon

Smartphones are quite expensive these days, especially the fully-featured, high-end premium models, but that might still be enough for a few “well-funded” people. Limited Editions are not uncommon in this industry, but nothing says “limited edition” more than an extremely limited number of devices being made with extremely extravagant materials and designs. Luxury brand Caviar has for years been making these kinds of exquisite variations of already pricey smartphones, and Samsung’s latest flagship is unsurprisingly getting the same treatment. With the launch of the Galaxy S24 series so close to the Chinese New Year, the marque took the opportunity to welcome the Year of the Dragon with a special edition that’s laden not just with gold and jewels but with references to the union of East and West that Samsung’s smartphones embody.

Designer: Samsung x Caviar

Just one look at this Caviar interpretation of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and you can already tell it’s far from being ordinary. That golden Korean dragon is no mere painting or sticker but is a highly-detailed bas-relief covered with 24-karat gold. That dragon is seen descending from the top of the phone, in other words, the heavens, and wraps around the analog watch that is at the center of this design.

Yes, there is an honest-to-goodness mechanical watch on this phone’s back, one that boasts a CVR ELT3350A Tourbillon with a manual winding mechanism and 19 stones. This element does add quite a bit of thickness to the phone’s otherwise slim profile, but its novelty and beauty could very well be worth that price. Curiously, the watch is encircled by the 12 signs of the “Western” Zodiac, not the Chinese roster you would expect from a phone that commemorates the Chinese New Year. These symbols, made of enamel on PVD-coated titanium, represent that mix of European and Eastern culture that is representative of Samsung’s own business.

Every inch of this rather elaborate design was made with meticulous attention to detail and symbolism. The three diamonds in the corner not only mimic a constellation but is actually a homage to Samsung’s original logo, the “three stars” from which the company takes its name. The green color of the watch dial might seem like an odd mix to the prevalent gold and black motif, but it symbolizes rebirth and prosperity, which also happens to be the color and theme of the Year of the Wood Dragon.

If the $15,070 price tag isn’t enough to mark this design as something only the elite can afford, the fact that there will only be 24 such devices made will definitely cement that image. The chances of meeting another VIP holding the same phone would be as low as meeting a mythical Korean dragon, but the prestige of owning a rare and enchanting piece of craftsmanship is all that matters to those who will be scrambling to fall in that very short queue.

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J.Laverack’s Limited-Edition Aston Martin .1R Bicycle Uses the Same Process as an Actual Aston Martin

What happens when one of the most luxurious automotive brands in the world teams up with one of the most luxurious bicycle brands in the world? That would be the J.Laverick Aston Martin .1R — the direct offspring of a fruitful partnership between the two high-flying British luxury brands, who are jointly calling it the “world’s most bespoke, advanced and meticulously engineered road bicycle”. This design is definitely bespoke, considering that no two Aston Martin .1R bikes will be created the same —and it isn’t exactly clear how many will be constructed in total — seeing as how every purchaser who orders from Aston Martin’s “multi-award-winning” online configurator will receive a personal invitation to get their own unique Aston Martin .1R fitted at Aston Martin’s HQ in Gaydon, UK.

Designer: J.Laverack x Aston Martin

Evidently, Aston Martin’s Gaydon HQ is where a new owner can individually select and install their bells and whistles (literally) after mixing and matching Aston Martin’s signature color schemes — which mirror those of the prestige British auto designer’s most popular luxury vehicles — on the tubes, lugs, forks, stem, seat post, and handlebar drops via the aforementioned configurator. For what it’s worth, yes, you can also choose between saddle and handlebar type. Right now, it’s not clear how much this will all cost, but it makes sense to expect a higher price than most other J.Laverack bicycles, which start at around $5,000.

This advanced titanium road bike design uses a mixture of 3D-printed titanium lugs and sculpted carbon fiber tubes for a lightweight yet sturdy build without any exposed bolts on the outer body. Aston Martin’s designers call this a world first, and I can’t deny it looks like a cross between a bike and a sports car. Though, calling it a “sports bike” would be redundant. That said, Aston Martin’s Executive VP and Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman, dug into this idea even further in an official press release, calling the Aston Martin .1R a “titanium hypercar on two wheels.”

Its max speed probably doesn’t equal that of a shiny new Aston Martin supercar, but it’s likely the speediest (and sturdiest) bicycle we’ve ever seen. Several elements of the ($3 million) Aston Martin Valkyrie’s engineering and design process made their way over to the .1R, including the bicycle’s 40-micron badges. The wheels themselves, plus the stem, also use similar processes. According to Aston Martin, “The hypercar’s wheel design can be glimpsed in miniature in the titanium piston caps of the brakes on the bike, while if you inspect the beautifully machined cups on the threaded bottom bracket of the .1R and you will notice parallels with the central wheel nuts on an Aston Martin Valkyrie.”

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Interstellar LUNAR1,622 watch lets you carry a piece of the moon in style

The night sky is full of beauty and marvel, but nothing evokes images of romance and mystery more than our faithful companion, the Moon. A celestial body that has given birth to many myths and legends since ancient days, the Moon has always been a source of fascination for both artists and scientists alike. Thanks to recent space explorations, interest in the stars has been at an all-time high, whether it’s just traveling in space in luxury or setting up colonies on the Moon and Mars. Space and beyond is no longer just science fiction but a part of our history, and what better way to preserve and honor that history than with a timeless watch that puts the elegance and mystery of the moon on your wrist.

Designer: Sebastien Colen

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The Moon is our lone satellite and the closest celestial body to our home planet, yet there are still many things about it that beguile and confound scientists. The dark side of the moon that we never get to see from Earth has always been a source of mystery and even omens, especially considering how much the Moon can actually influence life on the planet. Still, the Moon feels near yet so far, but this luxurious watch puts it right on your wrist, with a small yet significant nod to history and a tribute to mankind’s achievements, both past and future.

Meteorite Moon Dust – Their meteorite, with the ID#NWA11515, was found in 2017 and provided by MSG Meteorites, a British company specialized in certified space rocks and licensed by the IMCA (International Meteorite Collectors Association).

Lunar1,622 Watch with Integrated NASA Logo – The project respects the necessary permissions and aligns with NASA’s guidelines.

Named after the surface gravity on the Moon, the LUNAR1,622 is a handsome mechanical watch that goes beyond simply putting the face of the moon on the timepiece. Just like the previous Mars-inspired Interstellar timepiece, it holds a relic of the moon, specifically a small amount of moon dust at the three o’clock position (the standard model gets the footprint shape of Neil Armstrong instead). This moon dust was taken from rare lunar meteorites, specifically the Moon Meteorite ID# NWA11515 that was found in 2017 in Northwest Africa. The back of the watch also boasts the official NASA logo, which would delight space exploration fans even more. There will only be 2025 Premium editions made, in honor of the next lunar mission Artemis 3 in that year.

LUNAR1,622 commemorates Neil Armstrong’s iconic words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

On the edge of the dial all the way around it, you’ll find all successful Apollo missions numbered. All missions that landed on the moon are marked in gold.

Commemorating the historic Apollo 11 mission, this timepiece features the mission’s name, date and Neil Armstrong’s initials.

Of course, the Interstellar LUNAR1,622 isn’t just a one-of-a-kind science collectible, it is also a piece of horology craftsmanship as well. Both Standard and Advanced models bear the famed Miyota automatic movement, while the Premium variant boasts a Swiss Sellita automatic movement, both delivering the precision and reliability expected from high-quality mechanical watches. Sandblasted 316L stainless steel cases (titanium for the Premium model), in classic Black or stylish Silver, give the watch both durability and finesse, while the black leather strap accentuates its luxurious character. The LUNAR1,622’s subtle elegance perfectly embodies the timeless beauty of the Moon, captivating without being overwhelming.

NFC Technology

Whether you’re a space buff, a horology connoisseur, or an avant-garde collector, there is perhaps nothing more beautiful and mystical than having the moon on your wrist, quite literally even. Inspired by lunar expeditions and carrying a pinch of authentic moon dust inside, the Interstellar LUNAR1,622 is more than just a beautiful and historic timepiece, it is also a testament to humanity’s ambitions to reach for the stars and our perseverance to make that dream a reality.

Click Here to Buy Now: $599 $849 ($250 off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left! Raised over $420,000.

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This limited edition $127,000 Hublot tourbillon watch is a micro-blasted titanium treasure

Hublot is back again with another limited edition luxury watch, and this time it’s a unique Big Bang Tourbillon made in collaboration with British artist Samuel Ross – best known for his modern luxury brand, A-COLD-WALL. Called the Big Bang Tourbillon SR_A, this limited edition $127,000 mechanical tourbillon watch is 44 millimeters of incisive craftsmanship, using gorgeous micro-blasted titanium throughout the body and selectively-colored rubber in the straps and on the crown.

Don’t be shocked by the price; tourbillons are the most luxurious watches you can find on the market. The Big Bang Tourbillon SR_A watch is a luxury item of the highest caliber, which is why it’s staggeringly expensive compared to the already eye-watering Porsche Design Chronograph 1 Utility – Limited Edition watch – in fact, a single Tourbillon SR_A piece is more expensive than both the aforementioned Porsche Design watch and a brand-new 2023 Porsche 911 combined. The explanation for that is simple: only 50 pieces will ever be produced.

Designer: Samuel Ross (via Hublot)

Evidently, this collaboration has been an ongoing effort between Hublot and Samuel Ross since 2020, and it shows. The entire watch is filled with thoughtful visual and mechanical design, right down to the honeycomb-like hexagonal pattern proliferating the entire watch, including its strap.

The Big Bang Tourbillon SR_A strap comes in three different colors, most notably the Vivid Green smooth rubber strap equipped with a shiny titanium clasp. The watch can also be fitted with a black or white rubber strap, both of which look just as elegant thanks to the SR_A’s micro-blasted titanium case and bezel which are covered in little hexagonal holes, matching the visual style throughout the design.

From a purely mechanical perspective, the SR_A impresses with its 72 hour power reserve and HUB6035 automatic tourbillon movement, which is built for gravity-defying precision. Unlike chronograph watches, tourbillon movement relies entirely on balancing a rotating wheel inside of a contraption. In this case, it uses a device called a “mainspring” to maintain the wheel’s balance. The internal powering mechanism must eventually be recharged – by hand, mind you – by winding the crown a certain number of times after the power reserves run out. The SR_A can keep a charge for 72 hours, as previously mentioned, while surviving water submersion up to 30 meters.

The automatic tourbillon system is made up of 243 moving components in an intricate array that measures 33.8mm x 33.8mm x 7.37mm. At the center is a micro-rotor that drives its automatic winding system. Watching all the moving pieces in the Big Bang Tourbillon SR_A work in unison is a sight to behold, especially when the entire thing is dismantled – as you can see in the official Hublot collaboration video linked below:

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Razer Blade 16 x Automobili Lamborghini Edition doubles down on the gaming laptop’s speed

Although they started out making gaming mice and other PC accessories, Razer has been making gaming laptops for over a decade now. Although there are plenty of powerful laptops, gaming laptops have always been considered to be the race cars of the market. Given that association, it was probably only a matter of time before Razer decided to put that spin on one of its laptops. That day is today with a limited edition of the Razer Blade 16 dressed in the iconic Lamborghini design language to send a clear message that this gaming laptop is more than just fast, it’s a speed demon when it comes to delivering performance and versatility. Presuming, of course, that you can get your hands on one.

Designer: Razer

The Razer Blade 16 isn’t exactly a new model, having been launched earlier this year. It is, however, still the brand’s poster child, bearing the best of the best it has to offer for a smooth gaming experience. In addition to the latest specs, such as an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 and a 13th-gen Intel Core i9 HX processor, the laptop also boasts the world’s first and so far only dual-mode Mini LED display that supports both UHD+ 120Hz and FHD+ 240Hz resolutions. Such features benefit not only gamers but also content creators, especially those that rely heavily on graphics performance.

With the Automobili Lamborghini branding for this limited run of the Blade 16, Razer wants to really drive home the comparison with a supercar. Of course, neither company would be satisfied with simply slapping on the Lamborghini logo and calling it a day, so they went all out on the details and even the construction of a laptop that tries to put you in the driver’s seat of a race car turned computing speedster.

The chassis, for example, is made from a single custom CNC-milled aluminum block to provide the optimum strength-to-weight ratio. The resulting housing is then finished with an anodized coating of Lamborghini’s signature Arancio Apodis orange set against a matte black surface. The Lamborghini branding doesn’t stop there, of course, and almost every nook and cranny bears the automobile maker’s marque. USB ports, for example, are accented in the same color, and both the backlight color and the custom boot-up animation also bear this hue. The laptop even comes with a free copy of the GT World Race Challenge video game just to really drive home that image.

With such luxurious detailing and a partnership with a luxury car brand, you can probably guess that this won’t be an easy product to get your hands on. Never mind the astounding $4.999.99 price tag and exclusivity in the US, the Razer Blade 16 x Automobili Lamborghini Edition will only be available in a very limited run of 150 units, so it will be a race, pardon the pun, to get one.

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Unibody EVE Odyssey bike is crafted from space-grade aluminum used in NASA spacecrafts

Creative motorheads at Bandit9 Motors keep raising the bar with their out-of-the-box thinking in fashioning vehicles. The EVE LUX bike with a magnetic side profile is a prime example of their craft.

Riding on the viral success of the EVE LUX, Chief of Design, Daryl Villanueva and his team have hand built another bike that seems teleported from a sci-fi universe. The two-wheeler christened EVE Odyssey is made from space-grade aluminum used in spacecraft by NASA. So, you can very well imagine how rare this build by the Saigon-based shop actually is. The model will be a limited-edition version for collectors who are on the lookout for erratic builds crafted from ultra-rare material.

Designer: Bandit9 Motors

The unibody bike focuses on the streamlined design since the L-shaped subframe, gas tank, steering setup and headlight assembly are in a unison within the monocoque form. Other components use bespoke aluminum material like the custom-crafted aluminum alloy box frame, the aluminum rear-set foot controls and bespoke aluminum clip-on bars. Those custom set of cast split-spoke three-arm wheels are mated to custom aluminum grips, levers and switchgear.

Bandit9 embellishes the chrome-finished bike with a custom digital LED display, custom digital LED display, sharp-angled belly pan item and custom LED indicators to complement the unibody shape. Just like the Odyssey’s inspiration, the EVE LUX, there are custom-built suspension setup elements having a wildly idiosyncratic telescopic fork design to the front.

There’s a bespoke single-sided swing arm connected to a mono-shock configuration on the back. The sci-fi bike gets an 8-liter Honda air-cooled 125cc single-cylinder engine. Courtesy of this, the gasoline-powered bike hits a top speed of 65mph and churns out a total range of 156 miles per gallon. According to the makers, it’ll also be available in an all-electric version later.

Lucky buyers will get to choose from a neoprene or leather saddle option for the EVE Odyssey. Deliveries for the bike will begin in Q3, 2023 as the preorders have already been green-flagged. The early bird price for this limited edition bike will be $15,500 until 03/14/2023. After that time frame, you’ll have to shell out another $5,000 to own this collectible-worthy set of wheels.

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Realme 10 Pro 5G Coca-Cola Edition Review: Delicious Brand Tribute With a Bit of Muscle


  • Fun design effectively showcases Coca-Cola's energy

  • Meticulous attention to detail, from packaging to charging animation

  • Bright and vibrant display

  • Large, fast-charging battery


  • Mediocre performance

  • No telephoto or ultra-wide cameras

  • Limited market availability




Delightfully fun at every turn, the Realme 10 Pro 5G Coca-Cola Edition successfully conveys the spirit of the brand, but the phone's mediocre specs could give some pause for thought.

While some people want their smartphones to look mature and business-minded, there will always be people who prefer to let their personalities and interests shine through their mobile devices. From skins to cases to themes, there are countless ways to personalize one’s smartphone, often without permanently altering their outward appearance. Still, fans of brands and franchises will always be tickled pink when a manufacturer caters to their interests with a limited edition phone that unambiguously shouts that admiration for the world to see. Realme, whose target audience is exactly this group of people, is always game for some branding love, so we take a close look at its latest sweet edition to see if the “Coke Phone” is all fizz or if The Real Thing after all.

Designer: Realme


When people put branded skins, cases, or even stickers on their phones, it’s a sign of affection for those particular things or people. Often that involves company logos, fictional characters, bands, or even animals. Few would probably use their phone as a walking advertisement for a particular food or beverage, no matter how much they love it. That, however, is exactly what makes the Realme 10 Pro 5G Coca-Cola Edition refreshingly novel, boldly smashing two totally unrelated brands in a way that is full of surprising details.

The most obvious is, of course, the Coca-Cola colors and name on the back of the phone, creating a 30/70 black-to-red ratio. While the Realme 10 Pro’s back is actually made of plastic, this rather impressive Matte Imitation Metal coating process really makes it look like the familiar brushed aluminum of the soda cans. Contrary to what you might have expected, Coca-Cola’s name isn’t displayed in full, giving it a somewhat edgy and dynamic personality that matches the beverage’s bubbly texture. Given how well-known it is anyway, your brain easily fills in the missing parts, too.

Realme is great at paying close attention to the minutest details, and it shows once again in this limited-edition phone. While most will be content just slapping on a brand’s name or color scheme, Realme really goes overboard with things you might not notice but appreciate when things finally set in. The halo rings around the dual cameras, for example, are tinted with the same metallic red hue, making it look like small Coca-Cola cans viewed from the top. There’s also the most adorable SIM ejector pin you’ll ever see, looking like a soda bottle crown that you will never want to throw out.

The rest of the phone is pretty much the same Realme 10 Pro 5G, except in darker black than the black Dark Matter color option. The side edges are completely flat, save for the chamfered corners where the front and back meet the frame. There are almost no bezels either, except for the usual chin, providing a full view of the Coca-Cola-themed custom interface that Realme created for this edition. All-in-all, every part of the phone, including its packaging, screams “fun,” which is exactly the kind of message that Coca-Cola probably wants to send through this Realme phone.


The first thing you will probably notice when you finally finish gawking at the phone’s rear and put it in your hand is how light it is. It might even feel too light as if there’s nothing inside at all. That’s mostly due to the plastic rear and frame that Realme has used for this mid-tier device, and some might find that a little off-putting. Thankfully, it’s actually comfortable to hold in your hand, and the chamfered edges don’t bite into your palm, either. As a bonus, the Matte Imitation Metal surface is resistant to scratches and fingerprints, unlike real metal.

Just like the normal Realme 10 Pro 5G, the Coca-Cola Edition bucks the trend and puts the fingerprint scanner on the side power button rather than beneath the lower half of the display. It might not be popular anymore, but it’s actually a more convenient position since one of your fingers will always land there, no matter how you pick up the phone or hold it. There are fewer risks of accidentally dropping the phone while your thumb stretches to reach the in-display fingerprint sensor. Optical fingerprint scanners also tend to be more accurate and faster, but that advantage is slowly disappearing.

The one disadvantage of trying to imitate metal is that the phone’s back is actually a bit too smooth and slippery despite having “matte” in its name, so you’ll want to have a solid grasp of the sides when holding it. Realme does throw in a transparent case so you can still enjoy and flaunt the Coca-Cola design without sacrificing the phone’s safety.


Despite its very dynamic appearance, the Coca-Cola Edition phone shares almost everything else with the regular Realme 10 Pro 5G when it comes to the specs. The short of it is that it is what you’d label as a mid-range phone, but the lines between tiers have been getting blurry. In practice, it isn’t really as bad as it may sound, and the Realme 10 Pro 5G can definitely meet most phone users’ needs and then some.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G gives the phone its muscles, and it is paired with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Both of the latter are expandable, one through the phone’s settings and the other with a microSD card up to 1TB in capacity. This is definitely enough for average use cases, from Web browsing to social media. You’ll have to set your expectations a bit low when it comes to gaming, though, but it’s definitely doable and might even be enjoyable, thanks to the phone’s other hardware.

For one, there is the 6.72-inch 2400×1080 FHD+ display that is really bright and vibrant, making the phone’s red theme pop out even more. The 120Hz refresh rate and 240Hz touch sampling rate are figures that gamers will want to take note of in this case. There is no advertised support for HDR, though, but the screen quality helps make up for that missing feature. Despite the phone’s lightweight and slim figure, it houses a large 5,000 mAh battery that can charge up to 50% in a little over 20 minutes. In other words, it is well-equipped for entertainment, as long as you don’t try to push it too hard with max settings.

The Realme 10 Pro’s 108MP camera is also no slouch, and it captures clean and crisp images whether in the default 12MP “Nonapixel Plus” mode or the full 108MP resolution. It does, however, lean more towards oversaturating photos, so you might have to switch to Pro mode if you want more natural colors. The second camera, despite its large lens, is actually a 2MP depth sensor, just there for additional data rather than other camera modes. That does mean that there is no dedicated telephoto or even ultra-wide camera, which could disappoint some mobile shutterbugs. Coke fans, however, might be delighted to find an “80s Cola” filter available on Realme’s dedicated Street Photography mode.

The Coca-Cola theme actually extends inside the phone experience, unsurprisingly. Perhaps as a testament to the flexibility of Realme UI, almost every nook and cranny of the user experience has nods to the beverage. Not only is the color theme very red, even the custom red icons have a pop culture thing going, referencing real-world objects that might seem obscure to some younger people today, like a cassette recorder or a gaming joystick. The phone’s notifications are also themed around the Coca-Cola experience, like how the camera shutter sounds like opening a soda bottle. There’s almost something to be discovered in every corner, making it a fun treasure hunt for the brand’s fans.


The Realme 10 Pro 5G Coca-Cola Edition, at the end of the day, is a Coke-branded Realme 10 Pro, which means it shares many of the same perks and flaws. That’s especially true when it comes to sustainability, and, to some extent, this edition does a little bit worse in that regard. Unlike more expensive phones that use glass and metal on the outside, the phone’s body mostly uses plastic. Regular phones are not easily repairable, and special editions are even more so, especially when replacement parts with custom designs aren’t available later on.

While the packaging and bonus items are delightful, they take a detour from the very space-efficient and sustainable trend that some phone makers are embracing. Stickers and the Realmeow figure add a bit more plastic content to the overall package. Fortunately, this is a limited edition product, so its overall impact will not be as drastic as a mass-produced phone. Still, it bears noting how some special editions come with hidden costs like that, especially on the environment.


Realme’s first Coca-Cola phone is undoubtedly just as bubbly as the beverage it represents, and it will perhaps resonate with a lot more people around the world compared to anime-inspired editions. Brand recognition definitely plays a huge part in its impact, but Realme’s attention to detail and craftsmanship is nothing to scoff at, either. It’s a phone that carries Coke’s spirit to great effect, giving you more enjoyment when using the phone, at least until the novelty wears off.

Of course, it isn’t an easily accessible phone either. As a limited edition, only 6,000 of these will be sold worldwide, and the package includes a soda can-shaped card that indicates your special place in that group. The Realme 10 Pro 5G Coca-Cola Edition costs 20,000 INR, roughly $254, which isn’t that far from the regular edition’s retail price. In other words, you’re really not missing out on anything. And even if you’re a die-hard Coke fan, the mid-range specs on the phone, decent as they may be, might give you second thoughts on making this your daily driver.

Bonus: The Realmeow

Realme’s limited edition branded phones often come in special packaging, so the Realme 10 Pro 5G’s Coca-Cola Edition might look a bit underwhelming on the outside. Other than its size and the same black and red Coke branding, the huge box might seem plain and too big for the phone it holds. Of course, looks can be deceiving, and it’s more like a treasure box than a phone package.

The star of the show, of course, is Realme’s feline mascot, Realmeow, naturally themed to match the special edition. The heavy glass figure is filled with a type of reddish resin that tries to imitate the soda’s bubbly appearance and the emotions associated with it. It’s definitely a worthwhile decoration for your desk or shelf, regardless of whether people will be able to make the connection with Coca-Cola.

The phone box also includes two sheets of stickers with various Coke and Realme images and slogans. In addition to the bottle cap ejector PIN, the box also holds a pocket for documentation with an outline of a bottle, and the underside of the phone box cover has Coca-Cola images as well. It’s definitely impressive how far Realme goes when creating these special edition phones and packaging, a testament to the company’s commitment to its customers and their favorite brands and franchises.


As a product designed to showcase or promote a certain brand, the Realme 10 Pro 5G Coca-Cola Edition is close to perfection. From its broad color scheme to small details like icons and ejector pins, Realme has gone above and beyond to craft an experience that gets the bubbly and energetic character of the beverage across. Admittedly, some might find it a bit overwhelming given how many details there are, but it’s a well-crafted and impressive design nonetheless.

Of course, a Coke phone still has to be a phone, and that is where the Realme 10 Pro’s strengths and weaknesses show. While its performance is decent and its price tag is affordable, it will be hard to justify it as a primary phone, especially when there are plenty of better smartphones around for almost the same price, if not a little bit more. Then again, if you’re a collector of any sort and have nothing but love for the sweet, brown beverage, you can try grabbing one if you can.

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Daniel Arsham’s Limited Edition Xiaomi 12T Pro impresses with bronze crystals and eroded green patina

The Xiaomi 13 series is already on the horizon, but the Chinese smartphone giant has got some unfinished business to do with its 12 series. Case-in-point, an attractive limited-edition version of the already released Xiaomi 12T Pro.

What makes it worth everyone’s attention is the Danish Arsham influence. The dazzling smartphone in collaboration with the New York-based artist is a true reproduction of the iconic “fictional archaeology” by him. To be precise, a finish of bronze crystal clad in a rusted green patina.

Designer: Xiaomi and Danish Arsham

For understandable reasons, there are no protuberant crystals on the back panel of the device. The printed gems and traces of the patina on the Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition have a convincing shimmer when the phone is tilted in any direction. The convincing glamor of the back side is matched with the theme and icon packs of the user interface. The live wallpaper replicates the rear’s magnetism for a 3D look, making it a one-off smartphone to show off.

According to the artist, the phone will fulfill its intended function, and after its life act as a sculpture for the owner to sport on the living room shelf. Two decades down the line, the device will exhibit “sculptural propositions of obsolescence and natural erosions.” As per Xiaomi, the limited-edition gadget is created with the intent towards an “imagined future of digital dematerialization.”

Talking about the technical specifications of the phone, they are unchanged from the top variant of the normal version. It is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, gets 12GB RAM and has 256GB of storage. The rear camera module having the same distinct patina look houses the 200-MP primary shooter. 120W charger for the 5,000 mAh battery should keep the device juiced for all your binge-watching and gaming sessions, given it can charge the battery in just 19 minutes.

Xiaomi is going to sell only 2,000 units of the Xiaomi 12T Pro Daniel Arsham Edition for a price tag of 899 Euros (approximately $930). Sadly, the eye-candy device will only be available in the European market starting December 16. The pre-orders will start December 5, so you better grab one, if it already tingles your inner geek. The phone can also be bought at the two-day sale during the launch in Berlin.

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Pagani’s intricately designed analogue camera brings a retro feel for photographers

Automotive alchemist Horacio Pagani is engrossed deep in the art of car making, and he also appreciates the art of analouge photography. Taking the passion for intricate car designs and the subtle craft of analouge photograph developing to the next extreme, is this latest project by Pagani.

The inspiration for crafting the most unique analouge camera on the planet came after closely observing the Gibellini film camera given to him. At that instance, Pagani realized the importance of enjoying the pleasure of taking real photographs, compared to clicking countless photos on mobile devices. This led to a collaboration with Gibellini for an analouge camera design that resonates with the intricacies of his hypercars.

Designer: Pagani and Gibellini

This timeless camera christened “Gibellini GP810HP” is machined from a single block of aluminum and the tripod has a leather-covered carbon fiber enclosure. According to Horacio this project is tailored for demanding customers who appreciate the beauty in everything. There’s a lot of work put into the making and it’s an object “created for a precise purpose: to evoke an emotion.” Of course, current Pagani owners can customize this analouge camera to match their car.

The camera is meant for purists as it brings the complexities like a total of eight axes of adjustment across two planes. Everything on the Gibellini GP810HP is there to be managed by the photographer – right from the large format genre and focal-plane alignment to the bellows length and basics including the focus adjustment, shutter speed, and aperture settings.

The technical details on the camera are as interesting as the magnetic design of the exterior – there’s a huge 8×10-inch plate that captures the film images via the bellows. The optical and focal planes can be adjusted by eight degrees which makes the thing good for artsy tilt-shift method of taking photos and also architectural photography.

As it is customary with Pagani, the Gibellini GP810HP camera can only be bought via the official Automobili channels or ordered from Pagani dealers worldwide. The initial batch of 30 cameras will be exclusive to current Pagani owners only. In total there will be 75 units of the analouge camera priced at around $109,530. So, as I said – only for purists with a ton of money to spare for their passion for manual photography on a limited edition Pagani camera.

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Metallica-themed turntable jumps on the band’s renaissance

Eighties heavy metal rock band Metallica has been enjoying another renaissance thanks to its music being featured in Netflix’s Stranger Things. But for real fans of the band, they never really went away and they have been enjoying their music all this time. For die-hard fans, any memorabilia or Metallica-themed gadgets will be most welcome. And if you have enough money, you’d probably want to have a piece of this Metallica limited edition turntable.

Designer: Pro-Ject Audio Systems

The Austrian audiophile company partnered with the band, who have been long-time users of Pro-Ject audio products, to come up with a Metallica-themed turntable. What we get is a handmade device using the band’s Star logo as the base with a big MDF plinth. On top you have a heavy glass platter on top of an aluminum sub-platter, and with a mirror-finished metal top. You get an S-shaped aluminum tonearm to complete the look for this limited edition turntable.

The device has a pre-adjusted Pick it S2 C cartridge when it arrives out of the box. Both the tracking force and anti-skating are adjustable. The heavy metal themed turntable looks pretty heavy with its metal drive-pulley, aluminum feet that can be adjusted, gold-plated RCA connectors, and semi-symmetrical phono cable with integrated grounding wire. A belt-driven motor setup with electronic speed control is the thing that powers the entire hifi-grade turntable.

If you’re not a fan of Metallica, then the ninja star themed design will probably be something cool but not meaningful. If you’re familiar with the brand then you know that this will be a high-quality kind of turntable. But with its $1,599 price tag, it’s safe to say that die-hard Metallica fans with the money to spare will be the ones to get this limited-edition device.

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