Luxury trailer gets even tinier while boasting a walk-in closet in its all-electric design

When I think of trailers, I picture a cramped living space in a truck-like vehicle that either is parked in a trailer neighborhood or goes around wherever you want to go. Living in one is not something on my bucket list as I’m the type of traveler who likes her creature comforts and so I would prefer staying in hotels or air bnbs. But the luxury trailers that I’ve been seeing has made me rethink my stance on trailers, although these are definitely things I can’t afford.

Designer: Living Vehicle

The HD24 is the smaller version of their previous HD model, a high-end trailer that is 24-foot long and has all the luxurious amenities that you would want from an expensive trailer. In fact, it even has a walk-in closet, a luxury that not even all regular apartments or houses always have. It is 6 feet shorter than the next-smallest model, so probably easier to move around so you can stay in places where you just want to be in the middle of nature or whatever place you want to visit (that has trailer parking of course).

The trailer ha fold-out deck that can fit two people sitting in case you want to have a perfect view of your surroundings while still staying in relative comfort. It has a bunk bed and a lounge that can be converted into a queen size bed. When not in use, the beds can be elevated so you have space for your lounge and dining area. It comes equipped with an aluminum kitchen and a full bath, inspired by luxury yacht designs. And of course the walk-in closet is the highlight, although if you don’t need that much space for clothes, you can turn it into an additional room.

The interior of the HD24 has a powder-coated aluminum finish so it’s pretty easy to clean and maintain. It also uses solar array and energy-storage system so it is slightly eco-friendly. The price tag of $300,000 is not so friendly for people like me but there is definitely a market for this luxury trailer.

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Caviar’s Luxury iPhone 15 Pro model ditches the Titanium Chassis for 24 Karat Gold

If you thought a $1199 price tag was expensive, this $8630 special-edition gold-plated iPhone 15 Pro clearly isn’t for you!

The folks at Caviar, known for giving smartphones a highly blinged makeover, are back with their luxury-driven take on the latest Apple offering. With as many as 63 designs to choose from, Caviar decided to look at the iPhone 15 Pro’s titanium chassis and say “We can do better”. The various models showcase a variety of materials and finishes, including the use of gold, crystals, and even marbled carbon fiber. They start at a respectable $6,700, going up to an eye-watering half a million for a version made of white gold and actual diamond gemstones.

Designer: Caviar

Dubbed ‘Notorious’, this is one of Caviar’s more ornate pieces, paying homage to the Colt 1911 handgun. The phone comes with a top-to-bottom makeover, including a new aviation-grade titanium backplate to replace Apple’s own glass backplate. The titanium plate is PVD-coated with black and finished with 24k gold details. The frame around the side is electroplated with 24k gold too, as are the rings around the camera lenses. Finally, the phone is outfitted with a solid gold bas-relief gun, with a wooden insert on the handle. This bad-boy won’t shoot bullets, but it’ll shoot the best damn pictures on the planet.

The ‘Notorious’ iPhone 15 Pros are legitimate pieces of art. Every corner of the phone has some amount of detailing or graphic, replacing the otherwise bland iPhone canvas with something more than just an Apple logo. The pieces aren’t just put together on top of the iPhone either. Caviar makes custom backplates for each phone, factoring in tolerances, the MagSafe ring and charging coil, etc. while the frame around the side is also made to integrate into the phone, giving you a device that feels as sleek as possible. That 3D relief gun excluded, obviously.

Caviar’s pieces aren’t for tech aficionados, clearly. The phone’s made for true collectors, quite like people who indulge in Rolexes, Patek Philippes, Bugattis, and Rolls-Royces. These aren’t the kinds of phones you’d want to slap a case on (you couldn’t even if you tried), and they’re made to be surrounded by an elite team of bodyguards, not simply slipped into your pant pockets.

With a starting price of $8630 for the iPhone 15 Pro (128 Gb), the ‘Notorious’ phone isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, it’s limited to just 99 units, and also comes with a sim-tray unlike the ones available in the US. Each phone is made to order and takes roughly 1-5 days to complete, following which the phone comes shipped to you in, lets say, more than just an Apple iPhone box. Each of the 99 Notorious iPhone 15 Pros come in a decked-out briefcase with golden details, a certificate of authenticity, and the phone itself. No, I wouldn’t know if there’s a gold-plated USB-C cable included…

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Devialet’s Gemini II TWS Earbuds look like Tiny Versions of their High-end Phantom Speakers

In keeping with its iconic design language and honoring its most famous speaker, Devialet revealed the Gemini II, a pair of TWS earbuds that puts the company’s signature sound in a tiny, portable format that fits in each ear. The beauty, aside from its sound, lies in the fact that each Gemini II earbud looks like a miniature version of the company’s Phantom speaker, creating a visual call-back that isn’t just adorable, it’s also a reminder that each earbud actually packs a punch… and that comes as no surprise, given that Devialet is one of the most awarded audio tech companies on the planet.

Designer: Devialet

Venturing into the earbud space after multiple award-winning speakers and soundbars, Devialet hopes to capture a larger audience with its ‘more affordable’ offering. At €399 ($425), the Gemini II is certainly a pocket-pincher, but it’s still the most budget offering in Devialet’s catalog. The TWS earbuds are also a great way for the company to maintain profitability, given their high margins.

Devialet debuted the Gemini nearly 3 years ago… and with the Gemini II, the company has addressed quite a few upgrades and improvements. For starters, the earbuds are now 22% smaller than their predecessors, weighing only 6 grams a pop, and come with 4 ear-tips to fit a wide range of ear sizes. Titanium drivers power the insides, and the earbuds offer a whopping 40dB of attenuation with their ANC mode.

The Gemini II’s ANC is powered by their company’s secret combination of design and software engineering, which also offers Active Wind Reduction and Internal Delay Compensation. The wind reduction feature relies on a clever bit of engineering that hides the microphone away from wind-prone parts of the earbud, behind an ‘anti-wind’ material. On the software front, wind detection algorithms smartly control Adaptive Noise Cancellation and Transparency intensity according to your environment. As a feature, noise cancellation usually results in a minute delay, but Devialet’s patented algorithm perfectly compensates for it, resulting in a significant gain in noise cancellation, especially at higher frequencies.

The charging case is also a significant 40% smaller than the first-gen Gemini, with a newer design that’s much more reminiscent of a TWS earbud case. While some would probably opine that the previous generation’s case was a little too experimental/sculptural to actually be handy, the Gemini II fixes that with a conventional flip-top case that reveals the two earbuds inside. The case is also adorned by a metallic band that sports the Devialet branding, including a special-edition Opéra de Paris version with a gilded belt and golden segments inside the earbuds.

The Gemini II runs Bluetooth 5.2 which allows it to connect to two devices at the same time. Devialet boasts that the Gemini II offers 22 hours of playback with the charging case, is IPx4 water and sweat resistance, has USB-C as well as Qi-supported wireless charging, and also comes with a companion smartphone app that allows you to configure EQ settings, ANC, transparency mode, and more.

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Martin Liberty table lamps bring stunning beauty and luxury with intricate floral fabrics

Lamps do more than just bring light into a space, especially if they are always in your view. They can make or break the ambiance of your room just by how they look, whether they match the rest of your interior or stand out like a sore thumb. And then there are designs that call attention to themselves on their own, raising the atmosphere of your living area to new heights. Nothing does that better than a lamp specifically made with luxurious materials and intricate details, just like these eye-catching table lamps that add a touch of class in any space with shades that put a small canopy of flowers over soft, warm lights.

Designer: Inga Sempe (HAY x Liberty)

These beautiful table lamps combine two designs that have already stood the test of time and design trends. The Matin Lamp is a contemporary interpretation of a common lighting fixture, utilizing a steel wire frame to condense the form to its most basic. At the same time, however, its unique pleated lampshade gives it a distinctive character to the product, creating a play of shapes and shadows that contrast with its plain block of color.

The Matin Liberty rendition of the table lamp, however, swaps out those uniform hues with highly detailed patterns that have become a signature of the luxury department store’s fabrics. The fabrics give off a harmonious contrast of order and chaos with repeating patterns that were seemingly formed from a spray of flowers, petals, and leaves. It’s a mesmerizing visual that has made Liberty a luxury icon when it comes to fabrics, which is being applied to these already luxurious lamps in an interesting way.

Combining the pleated form of the original Matin Lamp lampshade with the cotton fabrics of Liberty creates this unique visual experience that easily draws your attention to it but doesn’t become overbearing or tiring. It even shapes the lamp’s light in a different way, depending on the hue of the floral patterns. Lighter colors further diffuse the soft light coming from the LED bulb, while darker shades focus the light downward like a directional lamp. This makes each lamp deliver a different experience, whether through its visual pattern or lighting effect.

The Matin Liberty Table Lamp brings a fusion of elegance and fashion wherever they’re set up. It can act either as a statement piece on its own or as a complement to floral patterns on your wall or upholstery. It definitely gives a different vibe from other lamps, even luxurious ones, that is sure to make you the talk and envy of your social circles.

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Stay in the Sound Zone: B&O Beolab 8 Wireless Speaker Tracks Your Position for Perfect Acoustics

With a brain-melting $2,749 price tag, you’d expect the Beolab 8 to be MUCH more than your average wireless speaker. Spoiler alert, it kind of is…

Once the mind moves past the Bang & Olufsen Beolab 8’s bonkers price tag, it begins to focus on the speaker itself. Ensconced in a combination of wood, metal, and fabric, the Beolab 8 draws from its parent company’s design ethos… but it does more than just that — it dares to innovate. Its design is a harmonious blend of the past and future, with a nod to the classics while pushing boundaries in the world of modern audio tech. Oh, and it also has Ultra-Wide-Band tracking abilities to ensure that you’re always in its acoustic sweet spot… but more on that later.

Designer: Bang & Olufsen

The speaker itself looks less like an audio gadget and more like an otherworldly sculpture with sonic capabilities. Available in multiple variants, users have a choice between going for a fabric clad on the front or having a slatted oakwood grill. Choose wisely because this does affect the overall price. On the inside, it features a 5.25-inch woofer, a 3-inch mid-range speaker driver, and a 0.63-inch tweeter, all meticulously fine-tuned by the acoustic engineers at Bang & Olufsen. The sleek glass interface on the speaker’s top boasts a flawlessly curved design, ensuring that the user’s finger glides effortlessly across its surface.

Equipped with advanced tuning technology, the speaker offers users the ultimate sound experience. With B&O’s narrow and wide beam width control, users can effortlessly switch between two listening modes, ensuring they are always in the sweet spot for an impeccable soundstage. The speaker maps your room’s acoustics to compensate for its sound, but where things get scary impressive is in the Beolab’s UWB technology that can track the listener by figuring out their phone’s location via the Bang & Olufsen app. In short, you’ll have to keep your phone with you to experience the perfect acoustic capabilities of the Beolab 8, but from what B&O says, it’s apparently worth the effort.

Michael Henriksson, Vice President of Product Marketing at Bang & Olufsen, shares, “Our ambition has always been to craft immersive listening experiences. With Beolab 8, we’ve achieved just that. It’s not just a speaker; it’s a testament to flexibility, performance, and innovation.”

The Bang & Olufsen Beolab 8 is expected to go on sale starting October 2023. Prospective buyers will have the choice of four color options: silver, natural aluminum, gold-tone, or black anthracite. Prices for this premium speaker start at $2,749 / £2,199 for the fabric speaker grille cloth version. For those looking for a touch of elegance, the wood grille option is available at a slightly higher price of $3,299 / £2,699.

It’s worth noting that the prices mentioned above are for the table stand option. However, there are additional stand options available, including a wall/ceiling mount option and a highly polished aluminum floor stand option. These alternative stands come at an extra cost of $100 and $200 respectively, although if you’re spending upwards of $2k on a wireless speaker, chances are an extra hundred wouldn’t really pinch.

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Whiskey Gets a Scientific Upgrade: This Unique 5-Sided Glass Chills Rapidly for Peak Flavor

While the words “on the rocks” sounds incredibly rustic, the folks at DIAMAS have engineered what they say is the most scientifically optimal modern classic hybrid glass ever created. Just like wine, ‘whiskey drinking’ is a multi-sensorial experience that involves your eyes and nose as much as your tastebuds. The DIAMAS Tumbler features a wonderful 5 convex faceted base that chills liquor evenly in just 15 seconds. Moreover, it comes with a matching dodecahedral granite whiskey stone that ensures maximum surface contact for rapid chilling, without the dilution you’d get from ice. More than just chilling your drink, the DIAMAS Tumbler looks highly sophisticated with its chiseled design and obsidian-colored stone. Although the hand-crafted stone is heavy, it appears to float within the vessel. It also creates the perfect conditions required via the 5 convex internal walls. Whilst swirling your fine spirit, watch the fluid dynamics take effect as it increases oxidization, forcing ethanol out, opening the delicate compounds letting your nose absorb all the notes before your tongue tastes them. In short, “on the rocks” has never tasted this good.

Designer: Christopher Jansen

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The DIAMAS Tumbler wraps science, ergonomics, and molecular gastronomy into one sweet package. Designed for redefining the liquor drinking experience, technologizing the future of whiskey and fine spirits, through fluid dynamics, cooling technology, and ergonomic design. It uses a unique design and a combination of tumbler + chilling stone to achieve the best results, i.e., chilled whiskey that’s distinctly aromatic, flavorful, and sans the burn.

The ‘Neat Chill’ Solution – 5 CONVEX-CHILL DESIGN™ chills liquor evenly in 15 seconds without dilution.

The glass itself is equal parts ergonomic to hold, and is engineered to honor the whiskey inside it. A faceted base fits the DIAMAS’ dodecahedral granite chilling stone perfectly. The 12-sided handcrafted stone provides much more surface contact with the spirit, chilling it in as little as 15 seconds without diluting it the way ice would. Meanwhile, a narrower drinking rim helps trap some of the vapors from the alcohol, so your nose smells those spicy, sweet notes while the whiskey coats your tongue. The narrow rim also ensures you can sip your alcohol without the glass blocking your view, allowing you to maintain eye contact with others while suavely enjoying some beautiful single-malt. The combination of the rapid chilling with the tumbler’s cleverly designed rim ensures that your whiskey gets the elevated treatment it deserves, going miles beyond what your current whiskey glass provides.

Enhanced Flavor – Whilst drinking, the stone tilts out and back into place, increasing oxidization, forcing ethanol to evaporate, allowing the narrow drinking rim to release the aromas onto the nose.

For the best cooling results, DIAMAS recommends chilling both the stone as well as the tumbler in a freezer for 2-3 hours. Once chilled, pour just 50ml of the liquor of your choice ‘on the rock’ and the DIAMAS Tumbler shows you what it’s capable of. The alcohol chills almost instantly with minimal dilution, and the granite helps it hold its cool temperature for longer. For best nosing results, however, ensure the glass and stone are at room temperature and not frozen. Meanwhile, the glass’ shape makes for a highly sophisticated drinking experience – something that even leading 16-time gold medal-winning Irish master distiller Darryl McNally agrees with, noticing a definite “marked difference” in how good his Limavady Irish whiskey tastes within the DIAMAS Tumbler.

The polished black finish on the cooling stone along with the transparent glass also creates a wonderful interplay between transparency and opaqueness, and between light and darkness – a feature that’s enhanced further by the golden tint of the alcohol you’re consuming. Early pioneers can pre-order the DIAMAS Tumbler at a discounted £39.50 ($49 USD) as a perfect addition to their home mini bar. Or better still, grab one for a friend, dad, brother, or business partner as a uniquely appealing (and creative) gift!

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Majestic Safari Deck: A Massive Tourist Attraction Inspired by the Beauty of Mountain Sheep

With the kind of whimsical wonderment that’s reminiscent of Aladdin’s Cave, or the Castle of Greyskull, this absolutely stunning safari observation deck comes shaped like a sheep’s head emerging from the slope of a mountain. Designed by architect and biomimicry enthusiast Thilina Liyanage, the Safari Park Observation Deck is a proposed concept for a raised platform where tourists can observe the nature reserve from a safe vantage point. The observation deck comes with multiple platforms, including a spacious circular base, and a staircase that leads to the massive mountain sheep’s head, where people can get the most scenic view of the safari park ahead of them.

Designer: Thilina Liyanage

Liyanage’s architectural style involves grandiose tributes to nature, featuring larger-than-life animals made from wood, bamboo, metal, and concrete. This observation deck is nothing short of a visual marvel, with its almost Mount Rushmore-like appeal. The massive sheep head stands out wonderfully against its green backdrop, and looks even more remarkable when viewed from the side against the sprawling sky.

Structurally, the sheep head uses a combination of metal girders for an underlying framework, and warped bamboo for the details. Most parts of the sheep head remain skeletal, barring the forehead and nose, which come clad in a way that provides shade for the people in the observation deck. The horns are the deck’s signature elements, as they curve beautifully to represent the elegance of nature.

Large elements like the horns are held up by cable trusses, keeping the structure upright and intact

The entire structure is a testament to the beauty of nature – something Liyanage tries to capture with all of his work. His past projects have come shaped like goldfish, antelopes, and even manta rays.

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Ultraviolette’s Stellar Tribute: Limited ‘Space Edition’ F77 Bike Celebrates Chandrayaan 3’s Triumph

In honoring the Chandrayaan 3’s successful landing on the south pole of the moon, Indian electric mobility startup Ultraviolette unveiled the F77 Space Edition, a limited-edition variant of their popular electric sportsbike. The F77 Space Edition is a hat-tip to India’s undying innovative spirit, and to the country’s technological brilliance.

The F77 Space Edition comes as no surprise given Ultraviolette’s sheer obsession with everything aerospace. Their flagship electric sportsbike’s design cues (and even its name) echo the aggressive beauty of fighter jets, and the Space Edition of the F77 takes their love for supersonic flight beyond the stratosphere… quite literally! Ensconced in white and orange, the F77 Space Edition comes crafted from aerospace-grade aluminum with space-grade paint to match. The electric motorcycle also features an advanced interface that gives you aircraft-grade telemetry including Real-time Roll, Pitch, Yaw feedback, making you feel less like a biker and more like a pilot!

Designer: Ultraviolette

Limited to just 10 units, the F77 Special Edition re-defines custom electric motorcycle innovation at its finest with a whopping 40.5 hp peak power, 100 Nm torque, and a game-changing IDC (Indian Driving Conditions) range of 307 kilometers or approximately 190 miles. The electric motorcycle can hit speeds of 0-60km/h in 2.9 seconds, and reach a top speed of 157 km/h (97.7mph), making it an e-sportsbike that quite literally shoots for the stars.

The F77’s spectacular frame makes it one of the most eye-catching electric motorcycles out there, setting a standard not just in the Indian market, but globally too. Its aggressive stance and trailing rear make it look like a jet in mid-air, and its construction embodies the ethos of the aviation industry – If a particular component or feature is not serving a core functional need, it simply does not exist. To that end, every single part of the F77 comes tested to 99.9% reliability and predictability, ensuring each sportsbike is built with the same no-compromises mentality as a fighter jet.

The Space Edition takes things up a notch, with a refined aesthetic that’s a perfect homage to India’s extraterrestrial ambitions. The Special Edition F77 features a custom-machined 7075 aluminum alloy fairing and components. Aluminum 7075 has a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, and is lighter than most steels yet has a similar tensile strength. Due to its exceptional properties, it is often employed in parts like aircraft structures, defense systems, and various applications, especially in aerospace and military industries.

The F77 Space Edition also gets an overhauled dashboard, featuring aircraft-grade telemetry data. The avionics in the electric motorcycle include multiple fail-proof systems for the battery and just like in an aircraft, the system can measure Roll, Pitch, and Yaw through a 9-axis IMU. The experience transcends anything an electric motorcycle can offer.

The F77 Space Edition also comes with a novel aerospace-grade paint-job, using the same chemical paints employed by aircrafts. Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, this paint provides outstanding corrosion protection, UV and fade resistance, chemical resistance, and thermal stability. Its smooth finish ensures that the motorcycle retains its sleek appearance even in the most challenging situations and for an extended period of time. Furthermore, the paint aids in improving overall performance by reducing drag, thereby boosting efficiency.

Unveiled this week amidst the celebration of ISRO’s triumphant moon-landing mission, the F77 Space Edition will be limited to just 10 units and will start at a price of ₹560,000 rupees ($6780 USD). Bookings for the F77 Space Edition will open on August 22 at 6 PM IST on the company’s official website.

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The ‘PLAYPLAIN’ wireless speaker highlights the iconic minimalism of Braun and MUJI

Reminiscent of the clean design style popularized by stalwarts like Dieter Rams (Braun), Naoto Fukasawa (MUJI), and even with the new kid on the block, Teenage Engineering, the PLAYPLAIN speaker is a slick wireless audio device that adds a touch of Japandi minimalism to your space.

“Echoing Rams’ ten principles of good design, the PLAYPLAIN Concept Speaker is a harmonious blend of form and function, presenting a timeless aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into any living space,” says designer Jacek Janiczak. “Its clean lines, uncluttered surfaces, and subtle curves create an elegant silhouette, transcending trends and fads to achieve enduring visual appeal.”

Designer: Jacek Janiczak

The PLAYPLAIN models itself on the Braun LE1 speaker from 1959 (which also inspired the iMac’s design in many ways) and the T3 pocket radio from 1958, combining the styles and formats to create something that’s truly a modern classic. The all-white slab sports a rather hypnotic grille design on the front, and sits on a fold-out leg that lets you tilt the speaker in any direction.

The entire speaker’s all-white design is punctuated by an orange backlit seven-segment LCD display that shows the song name as well as a progress counter. Right beside it is the PLAYPLAIN’s control panel, a circular control interface that’s a nod to the T3 radio as well as the iPod.

A rotary knob on the top serves as the PLAYPLAIN’s volume control as well as its on-off switch, while beside it is what I can only assume is a 1/4″ audio input, allowing you to turn the speaker into an amp for a musical instrument.

The speaker features an all-aluminum construction with a matte finish, referencing the design movement spearheaded by Apple. Its large-ish design feels comparable to a Mac Pro, and one would assume the two could make quite a pairing, given that Apple doesn’t manufacture its own ‘wireless speakers’ outside the HomePod.

Although conceptual, Jacek’s PLAYPLAIN speaker pays quite the homage to all of minimalist technology’s icons. It revives a minimalistic style that’s becoming somewhat dormant, that too in a wireless speaker format that rejects the tech world’s obsession with pod-shaped smart speakers and their fabric class. Even though it’s called PLAYPLAIN, there’s nothing quite plain about it. The speaker’s clean design almost gives it a touch of luxury, making it akin to a hi-fi speaker rather than something affordable or budget-friendly. Plus, its slim format almost instantly makes it instantly desirable!

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