Huawei P40 Pro May Sport 7 Cameras and a Ceramic Body

Huawei P40 Pro

Enigmatic phone leaker Evan
Blass, also known by his Twitter handle @evleaks, just shared a rendition of
Huawei P40 Pro. He shared the images on his Twitter account, and the first look
guarantees a very stylish and sturdy design.

More about the Huawei P40 Pro

The phone leaker suggests that
the P40 Pro may come in a ceramic build, with front glass and back panel
sporting curves. The most striking aspect of this design rendition are the five
camera lenses that dominate the back panel of the phone. The Leica-branded
camera may support 18-240mm coverage and 13x zoom. On top of this, the phone is
likely to sport software enhancements compared to its predecessors. The
cellphone also comes with two front cameras for crystal clear selfies.

Connectivity may come via USB-C
port, while the speaker is located at the bottom of the phone. The P40 Pro will
not have a headphone jack, much like many of the newer smartphones these days.
Huawei launched its P-series phones in Paris, last March. Thus, the actual
model will probably be announced very soon. Rumors also indicate that the phone
may not support Google services.

Here are the features of the Huawei P40 Pro in brief:

  • P40 Pro is expected to sport 7 cameras in total
  • 5 cameras will be placed on the back panel,
    while 2 will be on the front of the phone, for taking selfies
  • There won't be a headphone jack, and the speaker
    will be located at the bottom of the phone
  • A USB-C port will help people to connect the
    phone to other devices and plugs
  • A sleek and curvy design will appeal to those
    who are aesthetically inclined

Are Evan Blass’ leaks reliable?

@evleaks is a major source of leaks and information related to smartphones. For a long time, Evan Blass tweeted anonymously, until he decided not to. He has shared important leaks in spurts, and has often been the target of both criticism and praise. Today, he is a well-respected observer and journalist whose information leaks are often true to the mark. Thus, it should not come as a surprise if the P40 Pro looks exactly how it does in the rendered images.

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