This plastic hanger lets you carry shopping bags the easier way!

Designed to free-up your hands, this little plastic contraption acts like a hanger for your bags, transferring the weight of the multiple bags to your shoulder. The Tote-It can carry as many as 6 bags (3 on the front and 3 on the back) to free up your hands, helping you carry your stuff easily and walk faster too. The plastic hanger can carry as much as 50 pounds worth of weight without breaking a sweat… that’s provided your shoulder can carry that weight too! With a relatively flat profile, the Tote-It rests on your shoulders without hurting them, and thanks to its foldable design, it fits right into your bags too when you don’t need it! I’ve got to admit, using the Tote-It may get you a few glances and stares as you strut down the road, but that’s so much more bearable than having to struggle with large bags and aching hands, no?

Designer: Tote-It

The Coat Check Chair gives you a seat, as well as a lifetime supply of hangers!

Perhaps the most practical piece of pop-art I’ve seen, the Coat Check Chair is tongue in cheek (try saying that fast), with the way it addresses fashion, function, form, and fun, all in one design! Basically a sturdy metal frame that also doubles as hanger-storage, the Coat Check Chair comes with as many as 40 hangers that eventually form the seat and backrest of the chair!

The sturdy hangers can take the weight of a person sitting or even standing on it, thanks to their thick cross-section, and they deck pretty well on the chair too, sliding in from the top, accumulating to form a surface you can sit on (two rings at the end of the seat prevent the hangers from sliding over). “By bringing the elements of the closet into the foreground of a person’s daily routine, the Coat Check Chair offers a unique design and a gentle encouragement to stay neat,” says Zeledón. “The hangers’ flexible plastic makes the chair surprisingly comfortable, while its impermanent construction lets users customize in terms of hanger color and pattern.”

Zeledón’s Coat Check Chair is truly an avant-garde representation of today’s wardrobe. Consider it a commentary on many things, from the consumerist culture, to a critique on cupboards, to even a reinvention of the mundane hanger into a product that has much more purpose, structurally, visually, and even emotionally. It manages to achieve all this while becoming a popular visual meme too. The Coat Check Chair is a winner of multiple design awards, including the coveted IDEA award and the Spark award. Flipping traditional furniture (and wardrobe) design on its head, the chair comes in a stainless-steel frame and even across different powder-coated color options. You can even choose the color of the hanger, giving you the feeling of choosing your furniture’s upholstery! The hangers can be used as seats, or periodically even in your wardrobe to hang your garments. When you’re done, slide them back into the chair, giving them more meaning, purpose, and visibility than they would get somewhere in a dark corner in your stuffy closet!

Designer: Joey Zeledón

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Coat Check Chair: Pop Art Meets Practical

This iconic designer chair creates unexpected meaning in mundane objects. Recombining clothes hangers and a steel closet rod, it elevates these pedestrian artifacts into something special.

Your Closet. Reinvented.

By bringing the elements of the closet into the foreground of a person’s daily routine, the Coat Check Chair offers a unique design and a gentle encouragement to stay neat.

The hangers’ flexible plastic makes the chair surprisingly comfortable, while its impermanent construction lets users customize in terms of hanger color and pattern. Timeless and practical, the Coat Check Chair can fit in your studio, home, boutique, hotel or gallery, letting your closet join the party.

Welded Steel Rings

Important Detail

These welded steel rings are what keep the hangers from sliding down the frame. The custom rings intentionally match the diameter of the tubular hangers so they nest together beautifully.

Sit Down or Stand!

It’s true. You can sit on this chair. In fact, you can stand on this chair. Well, Joey can stand on this chair. He weighs 170 lbs. So it’s 170 lbs of his dynamic weight.


Mix and Match Frame and Hanger Colors to Create Your Own Custom Chair!

7 frame options:

– powder coat: off-white, black, dark pink, dark turquoise, dark yellow, and navy blue
– polished stainless steel

12 hanger colors:

– neutrals: white, off-white, black, grey,
– cools: navy blue, royal blue, turquoise, and purple
– warms: red, pink, orange, yellow

The chair frame is designed and built to work with standard Container Store hangers. We provide a set of hangers with the chair frame, but you can order more hangers in the future from Container Store at any time to make changes to your chair color.


Joey has partnered with a high quality manufacturer in Pennsylvania. Their innovative powder coating process produces a durable finish with minimal impact on the environment. They don’t use solvents that produce hazardous VOCs. Their pre-treatment system uses rainwater as the source water in the process, does not produce hazardous by-products, and uses an evaporation method to reduce wastewater discharge. Their facilities use energy-efficient infrared heaters to speed curing, reducing carbon footprint. And, they retrieve and reuse powder over spray to minimize waste.

Design Process Zine: The Making of Coat Check Chair

Design Process Zine

This zine showcases the making of Coat Check Chair. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at the raw sketches, prototypes and thinking that led up to this iconic designer chair. The story begins in the furniture design studio course at Rochester Institute of Technology in 2005.

Print 1


These are vector art prints of the Coat Check Chair. Each print is on enhanced matte paper poster. 8 x 10 size. Signed by the designer.

Print 2

About the Designer

Joey believes good design is like good music. It’s approachable, engaging, and makes you feel. It’s something you want to play on repeat.

Having led successful design projects at industry stalwarts like Steelcase, Smart Design, and Continuum, Joey’s experience is vast. Since 2006, he has been creating iconic design for both young and established brands that make food, furniture, housewares, lighting, spaces, shoes and tech.

His work has garnered over 25 design awards, a dozen patents and has been published by Apartment Therapy, Boston Globe, Core77, Design Milk, Fast Company, Good Housekeeping, Metropolis, New York Times, Real Simple, Taschen, TIME and Wired.

Born and raised in Upstate New York by a Costa Rican immigrant father and Irish American mother, Joey is proud of his mixed heritage and blue collar roots. He is also proud of being a first generation college graduate. He is grateful for what he has, the people who have supported him and believes wholeheartedly in the American dream.

Click Here to Buy Now: $449 $1123 (60% off). Hurry, only 12 left!

The Hurdle Hanger Can Organize your Clothes in Seconds

The clothes hanger is probably one of those products that each industrial designer looks at with disgust, and probably redesigns at least once in their lifetime. They’re so commonly found and horribly designed, that they’re the perfect product to relook and reinvent. I imagine YD sees at least 5 hanger redesigns each year, each better than the previous one, either improving on its strength, its eco-friendliness, or its function. The Hurdle Hanger, like all its predecessors, looks at the common household hanger with a similar feeling of repugnance, promising to do more, and look better while doing it.

Designed with the specific objective of being the world’s easiest and strongest pant-hanger, the Hurdle is a single-piece hanger that’s molded out of ABS, rather than the common PP hangers that flex and break. ABS is break-proof and impact resistant, allowing the hanger to easily take the weight of your pair of jeans without buckling or snapping under the pressure. It also helps that the hanger measures a cool 6 millimeters in thickness, making it marginally thicker than your flimsy plastic hanger, but loads stronger too.

The Hurdle Hanger’s design comes in an open, linear pattern that makes sliding and draping your pants on them easy. If you’ve got shorts that are too short to drape on the Hurdle, hang them by sliding the hanger through the belt loops. The draping method works well for most of your clothes (topwear too), while the insert-holding technique makes it easy to hang shorts, or pants you don’t want to crease/fold (pro-tip, you could use this technique to hold pants that have stuff in their pockets too). A non-slip surface on the hanger prevents your clothes from accidentally sliding off, while a dedicated hook on one end helps you also hang accessories like belts, caps, etc. All in all, the Hurdle promises to broadly do three things better than regular wooden or plastic hangers. Be easier to use, provide more features, and last much longer than run-of-the-mill mass-produced pant-hangers.

What’s noteworthy about the Hurdle Hanger is that unlike most of the hanger redesigns we end up featuring on YD, the Hurdle isn’t conceptual. Taken from sketch to prototype to mass-manufacturing, designer Seungwoo Hong plans to make his iteration of the hanger available to the public. The Hurdle Hanger is currently in its crowdfunding stage, available in anywhere from a pack of 10 for regular consumers, to packs of 60 for retail outlets and warehouses.

Designer: Seungwoo Hong

Click Here To Buy Now: $20 $25 (20% off).



The Hurdle Hanger is an organizing solution that removes all of the existing inconveniences of pants maintenance like crumples, crease, clip marks, and having to take out coins from the pockets! It is the world’s easiest and strongest pant-hanger.

Hurdle Hanger is easy and intuitive to use. Literally takes 1 second.

The Hurdle is a single-piece hanger that’s molded out of ABS and is break-proof and impact resistant. ABS allows the hanger to easily take the weight of your pair of jeans without buckling or snapping under the pressure.



Insert Holding way of using the Hurdle Hanger.

Fold Holding way of using the Hurdle Hanger.

Front Holding way of using the Hurdle Hanger.



Click Here To Buy Now: $20 $25 (20% off).

Panasonic Deodorizing Coat Hanger Does the Laundry for You

Those too lazy to take their clothes to the dry cleaner will love Panasonic’s new clothes hanger, the Nanoe X. It deodorizes your clothes for you. The deodorizing hanger works by using negatively charged particles, or “nanoe,” to clean your clothes. These ions gather moisture from the air and are a billion times smaller than steam particles.

It won’t get stains off your clothes, but at least it will eliminate odors like sweat and cigarette smoke without harming your fabrics. Or you could just do it the old fashioned way and spray some Febreze on it and save yourself some money.

If you must clean your clothes on this hanger, it has two cleaning modes and will take 5 to 7 hours to get them completely deodorized. The Panasonic Nanoe X hanger is priced at 20,000 yen, or about $180(USD).

[via Engadget]

A Banger Washing Machine + Hanger


The Samsung Hanger Washing Machine just completes the entire washing process with an additional step. Spinning doesn’t get rid of all the water, and hanging the clothes in the sun is something everyone is forced to do. The Samsung Hanger WM (short for washing machine!) integrates a powerful air-blower into the machine’s design. One simply hangs the clothes underneath the wall-mounted appliance and the hot wind blows the moisture out of the clothing. Its additional benefit is that it instantly de-creases the clothes, meaning you don’t have to iron them. You also have the benefit of adding a fragrance to the hot air, so that your clothes don’t just look fresh, they smell fresh too. The Samsung Hanger WM literally takes care of your clothes from laundry-bag back to the closet! Now isn’t that a dream come true?!

Designer: Wonkyung Jang








Do you want this shirt to-go?


The fashion domain has flourished and flourished so well. It’s silly to see how fashion logistics isn’t a thing. The Takeaway hanger-bag is a concept that extends good design beyond the limit of good-looking clothes. Designed in a very unique shape, the Takeaway is instantly memorable. You don’t confuse it for a plastic bag. You notice how different it is. The Takeaway opens up to accommodate newly purchased clothes. Once at home, slide the shirts over the Takeaway’s handle to use it as a hanger.

Now why hasn’t anyone lapped this idea up yet??

Designer: Orsan Berkay Tuluce and Buse Rodoplu.



A Banger Hanger


Coat hangers have the aptitude of being so much more than a hook shaped piece of metal. The Hanna hanger lifts the bar with its multipurpose yet minimal design. Not just another wall accessory, this sleek little baby also doubles up as an ambient light and (wait for it) a phone/gadget charger! Just pop your gizmo on the hanger (it acts as a shelf too) and route your cables to the hanger’s underside where you’ll see USB ports waiting to juice up your technology.

The Hanna hanger is veritably the Greek God to all your mediocre coat hangers out there… and with its ambient halo at the back, could you even disagree?!

Designer: Carrasco Barceló




Hanging Hook-Free

Cling is a versatile hanger concept that stands out for simultaneously enhancing the functionality and aesthetic of the hanger. The minimalistic design utilizes a strong magnet that not only gives it a cleaner look but is also better for clothing racks as it distributes the weight differently. Display your prized clothing in style and have your closet looking cooler than ever!

Designer: HANGDSGN

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An Artistic Eco-Twist on the Hanger

Victor Puzur’s “Trempel” clothes hanger transforms ordinary industrial cardboard tubing into elegant space-saving hangers that perfectly support the shoulders of your shirts, jackets and sweaters as well as accessories like scarves and belts. Each is created by cutting the cardboard tubing at an angle and inserting a pop-rivert with a standard hook. The sculptural result is recycled, reusable art for your closet!

Designer: Victor Puzur

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Put Some Spring in Your Clothes Storage

Cruzeta is a simple yet playful piece of bedroom furniture that keeps his and her clothes effortlessly organized! Composed of solid pine connected by colorful springs, each loop perfectly spaces and secures each garment in place on the right or left. Lightweight, flat-pack ready and easy to assemble, the only thing left to decide is which color you want! Get it here.

Designer: Design Studio Hugo Ribeiro

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