How this multi-functional keyboard concept increases productivity with a sliding display

Tablets today have become so powerful that they could almost replace laptops for much of our needs, which is the narrative that even Apple is making with its iPad Pro line. That said, some people still find such devices a bit limiting, particularly in the area of multitasking. When you’re at your desk in the office or at home, you might have access to a powerful keyboard with plenty of extra keys for shortcuts to functions. But tablets are supposed to free you from your desks and let you work wherever you want or can, and you can’t bring those desktop keyboards with you. If only you could extend your portable keyboard’s functionality without extending its size. That’s the kind of paradigm shift that this concept design is trying to offer by also shifting the keyboard’s form to reveal a hidden touch screen beneath.

Designers: Subin Kim, Taeyang Kim, Su Hyun Bae, Doyoung Kim, Gyeongmi Kim, Yujeong Shin, Seungmin Hong

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Keyboards with small interactive displays are no longer an alien concept thanks to the Touch Bar on the Apple MacBook Pro. Although that did add some customizable flexibility to the equation, it was pretty limited because of its size. It was, after all, meant to take the place of the row of function keys rather than being an independent interface of its own. Despite that additional power it offers, the Touch Bar has been retired and the idea never made it outside of laptop keyboards, at least until now.

SCROOM is a concept for a portable keyboard that, at first glance, simply looks like a wireless mechanical keyboard with pretty lights. The real magic, however, happens when you slide down the keyboard or slide up its bottom half, revealing a display that’s almost the same size as the keyboard. It’s not just a simple screen, though, and it might not even function as a typical screen. Instead, it’s a touch screen that’s filled with large-sized buttons, sliders, and other controls that can help you multitask on a tablet that has pretty limited space for multitasking.


This screen is pretty much an extension of the keyboard, except with user interfaces that are specifically designed for certain functions. There’s a large block that shows the date, pretty much like the calendar app icon on a tablet, while some have virtual buttons for media playback. There’s even a to-do list so that you don’t have to switch back and forth between apps just to check your tasks and check them off. The UI is customizable, as are the colors, and the choice of colors also affects the hue that shines underneath the keys.

SCROOM is definitely an intriguing concept and one that is possible to implement. The biggest concern, however, will be the sliding mechanism, which is always a risk, especially for devices that get carried around a lot. There’s also the matter of support for different operating systems, but that might not be as difficult to solve compared to hardware and engineering concerns.

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This space-saving sideboard transforms into a dining table complete with chairs

Although work and schools have more or less returned to normal face-to-face arrangements, our homes have forever been changed by the events of the past three years. We’ve come to realize how precious space is and how little we might have of it, forcing many to reorganize and redesign their homes to accommodate changing needs and circumstances. Multi-functional and transforming furniture have become popular because of this, especially those that can serve as a work desk from time to time. There are many variations available, stretching the creativity and imagination of designers, but this rather intriguing sideboard cabinet gets extra points for having a design that not only incorporates different use cases but even includes four chairs in its shape-shifting transformation.

Designer: Jason Han (SPS Furniture)

This piece of furniture immediately attracts attention even in its folded-up state, thanks to its almost anthropomorphic design that gives the sideboard a cute face and tiny arms on its sides. The wooden piece wouldn’t look out of place as a part of the cast in Beauty and the Beast, especially considering how lively it can be once you start unfolding parts here and there. But even in this form, it already serves a functional purpose, with drawers and internal shelves that can hide almost anything you need, from containers to tools.

Fold that face down and you get a square desk on two legs that you can use for an ad hoc workspace. In fact, the sideboard can serve a purely office-oriented purpose, holding office supplies, stationery, books, and whatnot, all within easy reach but out of sight once the day’s work is done. That said, that might be limiting its use too much since you can extend the front edge of that desk and unfold the top to reveal a longer, rectangular table that can comfortably sit three to four people around its three open sides.

Sitting won’t be a problem either, which is where this sideboard’s ingenuity comes into play. Open its sides, the one with bent arms, and you’ll have access to storage that can fit four foldable wooden chairs. It’s practically a complete and self-sufficient package for any kind of home use, including storage space, desk space, and chairs. A dining table is the most immediate function that comes to mind, but it can also be used for work, playing, and any other activity that doesn’t need a lot of horizontal space.

The wooden sideboard is a good example of how furniture designs have become a bit more clever in light of the changing situations at home. Its multifunctional transforming form remains useful even long after work-from-home arrangements have stopped for some. It is also a great way to add some character to a space just by standing there, thanks to its rather whimsical face that almost invites you to play with it and discover its hidden treasures.

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Multifunctional Heating Fan that Saves You Space of Multiple Appliances

As technology advances and our daily lives become more comfortable, heating and drying electronic products have become commonplace in households. These appliances have greatly improved our quality of life, providing warmth and convenience. However, the accumulation of multiple large electrical appliances in our limited living spaces can lead to issues of clutter and idleness during the off-season.

Introducing the OCIDIN Heating Fan, a revolutionary multifunctional combined heater that addresses these challenges. This innovative design seamlessly integrates the functions of heating and drying into a single product, offering a simple and fast switching method that caters to users’ needs while minimizing idle rates.

Designer: Peli 00

The OCIDIN Heating Fan is a game-changer in the realm of home heating appliances. Gone are the days of needing separate heaters and dryers, taking up valuable space and potentially going unused for extended periods. The convenience of the OCIDIN Heating Fan lies in its ability to easily switch between heating and drying modes. Whether you need to warm up a room during the cold winter months or dry clothes quickly after laundry, this appliance offers a seamless transition that adapts to your changing needs.

Beyond its functional advantages, the OCIDIN Heating Fan also boasts a sleek and modern design that complements any home decor. Its compact size ensures it fits seamlessly into various living environments, making it an ideal choice for apartments, small homes, or even offices. Say goodbye to bulky and outdated heating and drying appliances, and embrace the simplicity and efficiency of the OCIDIN Heating Fan.


Moreover, this innovative product is designed with energy efficiency in mind. With its precise temperature control and intelligent features, the OCIDIN Heating Fan ensures efficiency, providing both comfort and environmental responsibility. It is a testament to the commitment to sustainability and the pursuit of a greener future.

In a world where efficiency and functionality are highly valued, the OCIDIN Heating Fan emerges as a frontrunner in home heating solutions. With its seamless switching mechanism, stylish design, and energy-efficient operation, the OCIDIN Heating Fan offers a holistic and practical solution for modern living. So, if you’re looking to streamline your home heating and drying experience while maximizing space efficiency, the OCIDIN Heating Fan is the perfect choice. Experience the convenience, versatility, and sustainability it brings, and elevate your daily life with a product that truly understands your needs. Embrace the future of home heating with the OCIDIN Heating Fan and enjoy the benefits of simplified living.

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Top 10 multifunctional furniture designs for your contemporary homes

There’s just something about a multifunctional piece of furniture that ticks all the checkboxes for me! Imagine a product that’s been designed to work as a clothing rack and a treadmill?! Or a side table that transforms into a chair! Space-saving goals much? That’s the magic of a multifunctional furniture design. It looks like a single product, but functions as more than one! They’re a smart option for our modern urban homes, which tend to be pretty cramped, hence adding multiple bulky and cumbersome furniture designs to them isn’t really an option. But multifunctional pieces that serve a variety of purposes, and solve a bunch of unique problems can be a lifesaver in such situations. And, we’ve curated a whole bunch of such super cool designs for you! From a multifunctional coatrack to a sideboard that transforms into a workspace – these intriguing multifunctional pieces are what your millennial homes need!

1. The D-Tach

This versatile stool is called the D-Tach, and it transforms into a small workspace to support today’s mobile and work-from-home culture. The multifunctional furniture design is portable and versatile and can be carried easily from one location to another.

Why is it noteworthy?

Industrial design student Andrew Chang decided to create a chair that fits the bill. D-Tach is a modular stool design that functions as a traditional office chair, only to disassemble into parts that provide a small working space on the go.

What we like

  • Transforms into a small workspace
  • Fits into most modern offices

What we dislike

  • We’re unsure how comfortable would the small workspace be to actually work in

2. The Hideaway Swing Desk

The Hideaway Swing Desk is not your ordinary everyday desk! Primarily because it’s not just simply a desk, it’s also a sleek and elegant sideboard.

Why is it noteworthy?

In its original state, the Hideaway Swing Desk functions as an excellent sideboard that is perfect for smaller homes. But when you move the furniture piece at a 90-degree angle, it transforms into a functional and sturdy workspace.

What we like

  • Doubles up as a sideboard and a workspace
  • Functions as a flexible storage solution

What we dislike

  • Aesthetics are a bit dull and unassuming

3. The Fréquence Shelf

Designed by Jean Couvreur for Kabata, the Fréquence shelf is a minimal and sophisticated shelving design that functions as a multifunctional piece of modular furniture.

Why is it noteworthy?

The shelf includes a bunch of geometrically shaped modules that can be combined, mixed, and matched to create a variety of designs, according to your personal taste and preference.

What we like

  • The elements can be configured to create a small bookcase or a larger room divider

What we dislike

  • Bulky + space-consuming design

4. The Fels Stool

Designed by German brand OUT, the Fels Stool is a really unique furniture design, as it’s been crafted from wood, but it looks like it is stone!

Why is it noteworthy?

It looks more like a sculpture than a piece of furniture, to be honest, it can also be used as a side table, making it a multifunctional and sculptural furniture design.

What we like

  • Doubles up as a stool and a side table
  • Sophisticated and elegant aesthetics

What we dislike

  • The bright color palette may not be preferred by everyone

5. The Acrobat

Called the Acrobat, this multifunctional storage piece is designed to safe keep the components of an entryway table in the functional form of a coatrack.

Why is it noteworthy?

Entryway tables and coat racks usually take the brunt of those organizational needs, so finding multifunctionality in their design is key to keeping our homes decluttered. Acrobat, a multifunctional coat rack designed by João Teixeira, combines the storage components of an entryway table with those of a coat rack.

What we like

  • The metal tube tops can also be used to hang clothes or hats without the need for a hanger
  • The wooden hull that interlinks the beams offers a safe space to store EDC items like wallets, phones, and keyrings

What we dislike

  • Can occupy a substantial amount of space

6. The Boundary

Called the Boundary, this desk concept attempts to create a new workspace that discourages people from overworking and instead welcomes them to take breaks and rest whenever necessary.

Why is it noteworthy?

The very size and height of the desk itself limit what can be done since you’ll have limited space for anything but the essentials. Its height is more suited for standing, though it can also be paired with a tall drafting chair for comfort.

What we like

  • Discourages overworking and instead promotes a healthy work-life balance

What we dislike

  • It doesn’t allow for a bigger, monitor-based setup

7. The Raak Mai Desk

This multifunctional and versatile desk was created for designers by a designer. Called the Raak Mai Desk, this desk is designed to help designers take care of their digital tasks.

Why is it noteworthy?

Preliminary inspired by the needs of designers, Rodríguez hoped to incorporate analog mechanisms that work to take care of digital tasks. While many of the elements of the Raak Mai desk can be adjusted manually, the overall structure of the desk was fitted to ensure the digital needs of modern technology could be met.

What we like

  • Allows users to adjust the desk’s height, tilt, and storage capabilities according to their working needs
  • An integrated winch allows users to manually adjust the desk to a standing height

What we dislike

  • It’s a niche design, limited to a particular audience

8. Cassle

Called Cassle, this multifunctional piece of furniture is designed to provide cats with their own private retreat, without occupying too much space on the floor or in your home.

Why is it noteworthy?

Keeping cats entertained in small spaces is quite a challenge.  Cassle, a multifunctional piece of furniture designed for cats by Soo Bin Cho, makes the most of your available floor and wall space to keep your cat happy and your apartment clutter-free.

What we like

  • Made from biodegradable and sustainable materials
  • An unconventional spin on traditional cat furniture, amounting to a piece that saves space and is multifunctional

What we dislike

  • Your cat could take some time to adjust to it

9. The Cobra Table

Doing complete justice to its name, the Cobra table was indeed inspired by a cobra. Designed by Deniz Aktay, the Cobra table is created to be artistic and sculptural, but also functional.

Why is it noteworthy?

The Cobra table could function as a small center table or a more suitable side table. It doesn’t have much of a footprint, and it has a snake-inspired form that is accentuated by a rather meandering shape.

What we like

  • No component or surface space of the Cobra table is left useless or unused

What we dislike

  • The space beneath the table has a curvature, making it difficult to keep fragile products that may easily roll and break

10. The Overlap Table

The Overlap table seems like a pretty versatile furniture design! It looks commanding and functional enough to work as a coffee table, and also compact and cute enough to be used as a side table.

Why is it noteworthy?

I truly appreciate how the simple design prioritizes storage – something that modern homeowners will appreciate as well, considering the space constraint issues we all face nowadays.

What we like

  • Functions as a coffee and side table
  • Minimal + clean aesthetics

What we dislike

  • The box holds in books only upto a fixed size, doesn’t allow for bigger books to be kept.

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How this multifunctional mini PC can be a laptop, a desktop, or a gaming console as needed

The events of the past three years have proven how much we’ve become dependent on computers, from doing our work, accomplishing homework, or just chilling out after a tiring day. Computers, however, come in different shapes and sizes, depending on what they’re used for. Laptops are great for portability but are hampered by their size when it comes to raw power. On the other hand, desktops and consoles can do almost everything except let you use them away from a wall socket. There’s no one size fits all, which sometimes results in a nightmare trying to manage different machines in different places and contexts. Having a single computer to rule them all is perhaps a computer user’s dream, but this intriguing mini-computer design is trying to make those dreams come true by offering a single machine that can meet all those needs without too many compromises.

Designer: Khadas

Mini PCs have existed for quite a while, popularized by the likes of the Apple Mac Mini and Intel’s now-retired NUC line. But while they do come in a more compact form that lets you move them around and bring them with you almost anywhere, they actually also bring the worst of both laptops and desktops. They’re fairly limited in terms of hardware performance and you still need to connect it to peripherals like a screen or keyboard and mouse to be useful.

At first glance, the Khadas Mind is just like any other mini PC, albeit one that comes in a very slim package. On its own, it’s already quite powerful and useful, with the basic assortment of ports to connect a display and other peripherals to accomplish common computing tasks. What makes it notable, however, is where you can use the computer, thanks to a trio of devices that transform the mini PC into a computer for any and every occasion.

The equally slim Mind Dock, for example, expands the number and types of connections available, so you can have more displays, more storage, and more devices as your work requires. The boxy Mind Graphics, on the other hand, brings in the big guns when it comes to graphics power, turning the small computer into a gaming box or a content creation machine. The Mind xPlay is a portable display with a detachable keyboard and built-in battery, allowing you to use the same computer literally anywhere.

There are still some caveats to this otherwise multifunctional design, primarily in how you need to buy into the whole ecosystem to really make the magic happen. Although the technology behind it is an industry standard, the connector that the mini PC uses is proprietary, so you can only use it with the accessories that you have to buy separately from the same brand. Khadas Mind is also currently not yet available for purchase, so there’s no clue yet how much this flexibility and freedom will cost you, not to mention the other pieces you need to truly have a PC you can use anywhere.

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A multi-functional table that works as a light, speaker and more is designed for the Generation MZ

The MZ generation is obsessed with house parties. If you’re wondering who exactly belongs to this group, it may be you, anyone who isn’t entirely millennial, or Generation Z. (AKA millennials in their twenties and thirties). This collaborative conceptual design by LG and KDM named PRISOOM addresses all of the needs of people during a house party, as well as their insatiable desire to take pictures and post them online.

Designer: KOREA DESIGN MEMBERSHIP PLUS (Chaewon Lee, Chan woo Park, Jungwon Lee, Da-yeon Choi)

Rendered on KeyShot: Click Here to Download Your Free Trial Now!

House parties have recently gained favor over clubs because they keep a decent balance of the mood of a club while also being a wonderful venue for conversations. It’s a great way to meet individuals who share your interests. Prisoom serves all of the functions that support these activities. It’s a versatile mobile serving table that also doubles as a storage unit. It has a decent light for group photos and a great speaker to create the proper ambiance.

The lid-like-looking structure serves as a lamp that scatters light over the table or wall when lifted. You know how sunset lamps are all over TikTok and Instagram creating aesthetic reels and pictures. They come in multiple colors all of which this rotating light panel placed on top of the table can provide which helps in creating a variety of moods within the space. It features controls to select your preferred hue, allowing guests to communicate and interact with the product and each other more effectively, initiating a shared experience. There is also a ring light at the bottom storage unit to illuminate the items stored below for ease of visibility.

Concerning the mobile speaker’s capabilities, it is evident to consider that the vibration of the bass sounds may cause the table to shake and the objects on it to fall off. This is addressed by capturing the vibration generated at the bottom of a cylinder and transferring the sound of concentration to the user. Furthermore, the top is supported by three bars that reduce vibration, preventing stored goods from falling. The lights that act as a user interface for the controllers are situated at the highest level of the table, making them easily accessible while sitting or standing at the party.

The table has handles that are thoughtfully placed at a perfect height to alleviate the movement across the room to help serve with ease as well as move it around for clicking pictures using the lamp. These handles can be accessed from various angles while sitting or standing or even wide angles.

The light and speaker cable passes through and is held by the wheel which allows flexibility in positioning it. The height of the wheels can also solve safety concerns.

In this generation of MZs, this compact all-in-one table is ideal for house parties. However, they might want to think about incorporating AI to support the evolving demands of generation alpha, as it is the upcoming trend. Recently, robots have replaced servers at restaurants, and this technology may soon be available at home.

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Weighing Scales get a fresh avatar with a skateboard inspired design

When it comes to fat scales, it’s hard not to notice the lack of innovation in their design. They all seem to blend together, lacking aesthetic appeal and attention to detail. It’s as if manufacturers have overlooked the importance of making these products visually appealing. Understandably, budget constraints and the assumption that customers prioritize functionality over design might be contributing factors. As a result, fat scales have never had the opportunity to shine as hero products for any company.

However, what if I told you there’s a fat scale that breaks free from the mundane and brings a touch of excitement to your daily routine? Allow me to introduce you to the Skateboard Scale, a revolutionary product that merges the functionality of a scale with the style of a skateboard.

Designer: Lee HUANG 黄力

The Skateboard Scale’s design is a game-changer. Gone are the days of a simple rectangular glass board with four metal pads. This innovative device takes it a step further, adding a new dimension of fun to your weighing experience. Equipped with a gravity sensor, when the Skateboard Scale is in a vertical position, it automatically switches to clock mode. But when you place it on the floor, it seamlessly transitions back into a fully functional scale.

One of the standout features of the Skateboard Scale is its space-saving design. Traditional scales often occupy valuable floor space, making them a hassle to store when not in use. However, this skateboard-inspired device provides a convenient storage solution. Its compact size and shape allow you to effortlessly tuck it away, far better than stashing it under furniture.

Moreover, the Skateboard Scale incorporates solar power panels, eliminating the need for constant recharging. It’s an environmentally friendly choice that reduces your carbon footprint while ensuring the scale is always ready for use. The utilization of solar panels also contributes to the sleek and modern aesthetic of the device. However, solar panels tend to break easily due to excess weight. It would be necessary to have them installed in a way that keeps them safe when weighing a person or even when handling and switching between the two positions. It has a magnet at the back that allows it to stick and hang on a magnetic surface easily

Functionality is not compromised in the pursuit of style. The Skateboard Scale is equipped with smart weight detection technology that accurately measures your weight, even if a part of your feet extends beyond the frame. This ensures precise readings and eliminates the need for readjustment, providing a seamless and efficient weighing experience.

To add a touch of flair to the design, the Skateboard Scale incorporates diamond grid patterns underneath the glass surface, reminiscent of traditional skateboard designs. There is an entire font type designed to match the aesthetic of the skateboard. These subtle details add personality and make the device visually appealing, appealing to those with an eye for style.

The combination of a skateboard-inspired shape, compact size, and thoughtfully integrated features makes the Skateboard Scale a standout product in the market. It breaks the monotony of conventional fat scales and introduces a new level of excitement and practicality to your daily routine.

Whether you’re a skateboarding enthusiast, a fashion-forward individual, or someone who appreciates innovative designs, the Skateboard Scale is sure to catch your attention. It’s a true fusion of style and functionality that challenges the norms of traditional fat scales, paving the way for a new era of personalized and exciting weighing experiences.

So, why settle for a standard fat scale when you can have a Skateboard Scale? Step on, weigh in and embrace the perfect blend of fun and practicality in one exceptional device.

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Multipurpose Timeless Furniture that Considers Your Furry Friends

In the ever-evolving field of furniture design, innovation and creativity continue to shape our living spaces. Over the years, furniture design has undergone a remarkable transformation, exploring forms from various perspectives. While aesthetics have always been a crucial element, it is equally important to consider the multifunctional and space-saving aspects of furniture design. This approach has led to the creation of pieces that not only captivate the eye but also optimize functionality and make the most of available space.

Introducing Arch, the latest addition to the New Arcos series. This unique armchair embodies the essence of modern furniture design by seamlessly integrating seating and storage solutions into a single, elegant piece. With its thoughtfully designed leather bottom, Arch offers a practical storage space that can hold various items, adding convenience to your living area.

Designer: Ricardo Sá

But Arch is more than just a storage solution. Its leather bottom serves another purpose—one that your feline friend will appreciate. When left empty, it becomes the perfect spot for your pet to relax every time you sit on the chair. If you don’t have any, you can use it as an added storage space for the book you’re currently reading. It’s a delightful and unexpected feature that adds an extra touch of warmth and comfort to your space.

The design of Arch, like the entire New Arcos series, is characterized by its attention to detail and a harmonious blend of materials. The combination of wood and leather creates a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic, transcending traditional design boundaries. The back and seat of the chair seamlessly integrate these materials, forming a cohesive and visually pleasing composition.

In today’s fast-paced world, where living spaces are becoming increasingly compact, furniture designers face the challenge of creating pieces that can adapt to limited space without sacrificing style or functionality. Arch tackles this challenge head-on, offering a practical solution for storage needs while maintaining a sleek and sophisticated appearance.

The multifunctional nature of Arch makes it a versatile piece that can easily fit into various living environments. Whether you have a small apartment or a spacious home, this armchair provides both a comfortable seating option and a discreet storage solution, ensuring that your living area remains organized and clutter-free.

For pet owners, the added bonus of a designated spot for your furry companion to rest makes Arch even more appealing. By keeping the bottom of the chair empty, you create a cozy space that your cat will undoubtedly gravitate towards, enjoying moments of relaxation while you unwind in style.

So, whether you’re seeking a versatile storage solution, a stylish seating option, or a cozy spot for your feline companion, Arch offers it all. Elevate your living space with this innovative armchair that effortlessly combines practicality, comfort, and timeless design.

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Blur the lines between your home and office with this cocoon like sofa

Many of us now find ourselves working from home, frequently using a portion of our living room as an office instead of a designated place, as remote work has become the new normal. It is crucial to have a workspace that effortlessly combines comfort and functionality because the boundaries between work and play are becoming more and more hazy. With its unique style and functional features, the U-Sofa offers the perfect answer for turning your living area into a peaceful and effective workspace.

Designer: Yeeun Son

Work-from-home as convenient as it sounds, sitting on your bed or couch might not always aid in your productivity levels. The U-Sofa acknowledges the need to be both comfortable and focused in the same space. Combining the elements of a traditional sofa with a functional workspace, it allows you to seamlessly transition between work and relaxation. The thoughtful design ensures that you can work for extended hours without compromising on comfort, providing an ideal balance between professional productivity and leisurely comfort.

The U-Sofa offers two distinct variations to suit your needs and preferences. With the wings raised, it transforms into a focused work environment, providing a dedicated space for concentration and productivity almost seeming like a cocoon. When the wings are lowered, the U-Sofa reverts to its original form, creating a cozy and inviting sofa for relaxation. This versatile design allows you to adapt the sofa to your current activity, effortlessly shifting between work and rest modes.

One of the standout features of the U-Sofa is its modular design, allowing for versatile configuration options to suit your individual activities and seating preferences. Comprising of wings as they call them that can be folded or unfolded, the U-sofa adapts effortlessly to your day-to-day varying needs. Whether you desire a welcoming elegance for your living room or a cozy corner arrangement to aid productivity, the U-Sofa caters to your unique requirements.

The U-Sofa’s aesthetic appeal lies in its sleek and contemporary design. Its clean lines, refined silhouette, and minimalist approach contribute to a modern and sophisticated look that effortlessly complements a wide range of interior styles. Whether your living space exudes a minimalist, industrial, or even eclectic vibe, the U-Sofa seamlessly integrates into the existing decor, adding a touch of elegance and refinement.

Upholding a commitment to quality, the U-Sofa is crafted using premium materials and meticulous craftsmanship. From the sturdy frame to the plush upholstery, every element is carefully selected and executed to ensure durability, longevity, and superior comfort. The attention to detail is evident in the stitching, finishing, and overall construction, resulting in a sofa that not only looks stunning but is built to withstand the test of time.

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This eerie table lamp looks like an eyeball but can easily adapt to your lighting needs

There is a staggering number of lamp designs available in the market today, each of them trying to address a particular use case or setting. Some try to cast their nets wide, but it’s sometimes difficult to have a “one size fits all” solution that doesn’t make too many compromises in return. Some people need a concentrated beam of light, while others prefer a more scattered glow. While it’s trivial to change a lamp’s intensity, changing its spread is a little trickier to pull off with traditional designs. This concept design tries to diverge from well-trodden paths to come up with a solution that could satisfy most, if not all, needs, and it ends up having a unique, eye-catching design that, oddly enough, also looks like an eyeball.

Designer: Julian Topor

Lamps serve different purposes depending on where they’re placed and how they emit their light. Ceiling and pendant lights serve to illuminate an entire space, while wall lamps aim to enhance the ambiance. Table lamps often give a more limited amount of light in their surroundings, while most desk lamps focus the light in a specific direction. Solus is a desk lamp design that tries to check off most of those boxes, at least without leaving your desk, and it uses planets revolving around the sun as inspiration.

In this case, what orbits around a ball of light isn’t a planet but four curved plates that can cover parts of a sphere that houses the bulb. These covers can move independently of each other, so you can cover parts of the sphere only while leaving other sections exposed, even if those parts aren’t adjacent to each other. You can expose at most three-fourths of the sphere, for example, or show only a quarter of the ball, making it look eerily like an eye.


With this rather unusual design, you can have precise control of how the light is distributed around the area. It can be spread far and wide by uncovering the majority of the upper half of the sphere, or it can be directed at a single location by covering everything but the direction you want. You can even illuminate different directions by leaving opposite sides open. Of course, the lamp’s brightness can also be controlled, this time with a ring slider on the base of the lamp.

Although the source of its inspiration isn’t immediately obvious, Solus’ unusual design, not to mention its color options, makes it a fun yet multi-functional lighting solution for almost any table or desk motif you have going. It might not take the role of a ceiling or wall lamp, but its flexible configuration definitely makes it worth more than a few single-purpose lamps. Plus, its odd and eerie design is a great eye-catching piece, pardon the pun, that’s sure to get friends and guests talking or even envying your latest acquisition.

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