Blazo brings a rechargeable desk fan and desk lamp in the space of one

We’d all love to have as much space as we need, but the reality is that physical space will always be limited. We might have a large desk or shelf, for example, to fit all our stationery and stuff, but that also means less floor space for other things. Many people try to be smart by buying multi-functional products or modular furniture that can be arranged and used as needed. Sometimes, the combinations make sense, but other times you can also be left scratching your head. This desk fan, for example, looks almost ordinary, that is until you flip the switch on to shed some light on matters, literally.

Designer: Pratik Prabhakar Wandhare

Almost everyone needs a kind of lamp at some point. Some like a directional light on their desk, while others might prefer lamps that hang from a higher angle. Admittedly, not everyone needs an electric fan, especially in countries where it’s almost always cold most of the year or where people depend on air conditioning most of the time. Then again, with the recent abnormal heat waves across many countries, having a fan ready might not be such a bad idea.

That is perhaps part of the inspiration behind the Blazo appliance concept. At first glance, it looks like an electric fan attached to a camera gimbal. The design for this unconventional arm and stand was apparently an educational globe. The Blazo’s fan can swivel up and down 360 degrees, and it can also rotate 360 degrees so that no direction is left unreached. That does mean that the lamp can also point in the same direction, though you’ll probably want to keep the fan steady in that case unless you were aiming for a makeshift light show.

The LED light has different brightness levels so that you can use the same lamp as a desk lamp, a night lamp, or anything in between. Blazo runs on a rechargeable battery, and using the lamp alone can make it last for 8 hours. Both fan and lamp working together would cut that time down to just three or four hours, though the design doesn’t mention how long the fan would last on its own.

Blazo is flexible not only in direction and purpose but also in its position. Although the most basic configuration would have it standing on a desk, it can also be mounted on a wall if you prefer an overhead spotlight of sorts. The stand is telescopic, so it can be adjusted to your preferred height, though it doesn’t seem to get high enough for a conventional stand fan.

While the multi-functional design does look refined and useful, it does raise the question of who’d need to have an electric fan and lamp at the same time. Most people will probably just one function or another at a time and not simultaneously, since having a fan on a desk so close to your face can actually be a bit uncomfortable. Still, there could be other instances where a ceiling fan with a spotlight or a night lamp with a fan could warrant such a space-saving design, but one might have to stretch the imagination a bit to make a solid case for it.

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This modern and minimal multifunctional pet carrier doubles up as a stool for you

There’s a special place in my heart…reserved completely for pet products! Our pets are quite literally our lifelines, and if you own a cat or two like me, then you know most of our days are spent catering to their every whim and fancy. Well-designed, smart, and functional product designs can make your pet’s life easier, more comfortable, and fun! And if they manage to provide some utility to your living space and you, then it’s quite literally the best of both worlds. One such example of an innovative design that caters to the needs of both pets and humans is – Guacal.

Designer: Andrés Cáceres

Designed by Andrés Cáceres, Guacal is a cute pet carrier that seems to double up as a stool for humans! Mimicking a mini stool, Guacal takes on a squarish form with rounded edges. The lower section seems to function as the pet carrier with transparent panels supporting the entire structure,  allowing you to keep an eye on your pet at all times. The upper section features a wooden base, which seems to serve as the seating area for you! Guacal looks sturdy enough to not only support your weight but to carry your pet around wherever you go. If you separate the transparent panels from the main structure, it quickly transforms into a handy stool for you.

Cáceres amped Guacal with a generous size, allowing it to accommodate dogs and cats, of different shapes, sizes and breeds, and not to mention even you!  You can stack multiple Guacals next to each other to create a long and modular seating arrangement. Guacal’s modern and minimal aesthetics ensure that it could perfectly complement any living space or home.

Guacal is the kind of modern, and multifunctional design that most of us need these days. It not only helps you comfortably transport your pet from one location to another, but even let’s you rest on it while you’re waiting in line for the vet to tend to your doggo!

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This asymmetrical wooden storage doubles as a beautiful side table

Space isn’t infinite, at least not the ones inside our houses and our rooms. Every piece of furniture you add means less room for anything else. Given the premium on living spaces these days, people have been forced to be smarter about their purchasing choices, particularly when it comes to chairs, tables, and shelves. Sometimes people buy modular products they can shrink and grow as needed or storage they can shove in some unusual location like stairs. Most of the time, however, people pick designs that can serve two purposes at the same time, like this small shelf and storage space that can also be used as a low side table, even if it looks like it might tip over.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

Shelves are excellent for storing things and also displaying them at the same time. Depending on how you arranged those things, it might also be easy to retrieve them at a moment’s notice. Most shelves, however, take up a lot of space, can rarely be moved, and can’t be used for anything else. Having something that can serve multiple functions at once is definitely better, and that’s what Crossbred tries to offer on a slightly smaller scale.

The furniture’s name speaks to both its form as well as its function. It looks like an “X” or a cross, as some might call it, standing steadily on the tip of its two legs. It’s a hollow cross through and through, and all five spaces can be used to store anything from books to knickknacks. That said, given their inclined surfaces, it obviously isn’t a good idea to put something that requires a perfectly horizontal plane, like some fragile decor or even a picture frame.

One part of Crossbred, however, might be good for that. One of the cross’ top arms is chopped off, leaving a flat horizontal surface. This can be used for those objects, or it can be used as a table for a quick sip of coffee. Of course, it can be used for both, even at the same time. It’s that kind of flexibility that makes the design a more viable solution than a separate shelf and side table. Almost every nook and cranny of the storage can be used for something, like a marker for books or a holder for phones and stationery. Despite its unorthodox design, there is almost no wasted space here.

There is also a certain charm to the Crossbred’s design. Despite being made from wood that gives off a sense of warmth and familiarity, its cross shape and especially its truncated arm also give it a pinch of dynamism and whimsy. It definitely has an understated beauty to it, one that doesn’t scream to get attention. Most importantly, it is multi-functional and a perfect fit in today’s world and lifestyles, where change is constant, and people’s needs and tastes change just as much.

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Top 10 multifunctional furniture designs for tiny home setups

There’s just something about a multifunctional piece of furniture that ticks all the checkboxes for me! Imagine a product that’s been designed to work as a clothing rack and a treadmill?! Or a side table that transforms into a chair! Space-saving goals much? That’s the magic of a multifunctional furniture design. It looks like a single product, but functions as more than one! They’re a smart option for our modern urban homes, which tend to be pretty cramped, hence adding multiple bulky and cumbersome furniture designs to them isn’t really an option. But multifunctional pieces that serve a variety of purposes, and solve a bunch of unique problems can be a lifesaver in such situations. And, we’ve curated a whole bunch of such super cool designs for you! From a multifunctional coatrack to a multifunctional WFH unit that combines a library with integrated desks – these intriguing multifunctional pieces are what your millennial homes need!

1. D-Tach

D-Tach is a versatile stool that transforms into a small workspace designed to accommodate today’s mobile work culture. With each day, our world seems to become more and more mobile. Mobile offices, working from home, and freelance careers are increasing in popularity as we move away from corporate offices. With work culture making such a big shift towards mobile lifestyles, our home offices and furniture should reflect that.

Why is it noteworthy?

Industrial design student Andrew Chang decided to create a chair that fits the bill. D-Tach is a modular stool design that functions as a traditional office chair, only to disassemble into parts that provide a small working space on the go.

What we like

  • Transforms into a small workspace
  • Fits into most modern offices

What we dislike

  • We’re unsure how comfortable would the small workspace be to actually work in

2. Acrobat

Acrobat is a multifunctional storage piece that combines the safekeeping components of an entryway table with the hanging function of a coatrack.

Why is it noteworthy?

As we continue to downsize our living spaces, the more multifunctional our furniture is, the better. Smaller spaces don’t necessarily have to mean less living space. Multifunctional furniture helps make more room for living while taking care of a lot of our household tasks. We usually have our own system of arranging EDC items like key rings, wallets, and phones. Entryway tables and coat racks usually take the brunt of those organizational needs, so finding multifunctionality in their design is key to keeping our homes decluttered. Acrobat, a multifunctional coat rack designed by João Teixeira, combines the storage components of an entryway table with those of a coat rack.

What we like

  • The metal tube tops can also be used to hang clothes or hats without the need for a hanger
  • The wooden hull that interlinks the beams offers a safe space to store EDC items like wallets, phones, and keyrings

What we dislike

  • Can occupy a substantial amount of space

3. The Raak Mai desk

The Raak Mai desk is a multifunctional, versatile desk conceptualized for designers.

Why is it noteworthy?

Preliminary inspired by the needs of designers, Rodríguez hoped to incorporate analog mechanisms that work to take care of digital tasks. While many of the elements of the Raak Mai desk can be adjusted manually, the overall structure of the desk was fitted to ensure the digital needs of modern technology could be met.

What we like

  • Allows users to adjust the desk’s height, tilt, and storage capabilities according to their working needs
  • An integrated winch allows users to manually adjust the desk to a standing height

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

4. Curiosity-Go-Round

Curiosity-Go-Round is a cylindrical, miniature library that also functions as a workspace with integrated desks and tables.

Why is it noteworthy?

Taking the multifunctional and immersive spirit of WFH furniture to its maximalist end, architect Keigo Kobayashi was called on by the Creative Project Base team to create a bookcase that combines elements of a traditional workspace with integrated storage units to form a bookworm’s private working oasis called Curiosity-Go-Round. Before Curiosity-Go-Round reached completion, Japan-based company Creative Project Base told Kobayashi, “I want you to make a bookshelf that can hold all the books you have now…I want to make it a place where you can come up with ideas by yourself.”

What we like

  • The convex shelves curve to provide spacious tables for collaborative or solo work
  • The overall unit rises like a wonky cylinder with an open internal center that leaves room to explore the unit’s bookshelves

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

5. Cassle

Cassle is a multifunctional piece of furniture designed for cats to have their own private retreat without taking up too much floor space.

Why is it noteworthy?

Keeping cats entertained in small spaces is quite the challenge. Tiny living quarters, like studio apartments and micro-homes, make sharing space with cats feel like a game of Tetris. It’s all a matter of finding the right toys, litter boxes, and furniture to keep your cat happy, without taking over the entirety of your living area. Cassle, a multifunctional piece of furniture designed for cats by Soo Bin Cho, makes the most of your available floor and wall space to keep your cat happy and your apartment clutter-free.

What we like

  • Made from biodegradable and sustainable materials
  • An unconventional spin on traditional cat furniture, amounting to a piece that saves space and is multifunctional

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

6. Kosumi’s Wall Organizer and Mess-Free Planter

Defined by an assembly system close to LEGO building blocks, Kosumi’s Wall Organizer and Mess-Free Planter come with base grids that attach to walls with 3M strips, requiring no hardware or tools in the process. Once users form their base grid on their chosen vertical surface, the fun begins. Stocked with over 20 different modules, Kosumi’s Wall Organizer and Mess-Free Planter come with hangers, magnetic clips, transparent storage containers, planters, and cubbies.

Why is it noteworthy?

No matter the size of your living space, multi-use furniture helps to keep both the floor and our minds free from clutter. Adding his own multi-functional, organizational WFH design to the mix, Fahredin Kosumi created a Wall Organizer and Mess-Free Planter to form a magnetic, modular garden to mount on any vertical surface.

What we like

  • Works like LEGO building blocks
  • Impressive storage space
  • Entirely recyclable

What we dislike

  • We’re not too sure how long the plants would last in such an ecosystem

7. Me;ow

Me;ow is a modular cat furniture system that features multifunctional modules for humans and cats to enjoy.

Why is it noteworthy?

Me;ow is a modular cat furniture design that takes feline-friendly furniture and makes it palatable for human taste too. Comprised of multiple, colorful sofa modules, Me;ow features differently shaped cushions that link together to form various furniture configurations. The different pieces of Me;ow also have integrated cat-specific features that encourage your cat to get down with their feline urges to their heart’s content.

What we like

  • Standalone modules work as buffers between the multifunctional pieces to provide more cushion space for both you and your cat
  •  Me;ow even features a side table module with an integrated bed below the tabletop where cats can get their snooze on

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

8. The Cowboy Sidetable

Cowboy Side Table Designer Deniz Aktay

Cowboy Side Table

It seems we can never escape Deniz Aktay and his designs. This German furniture designer has become prolific when it comes to creating concept furniture pieces, especially tables. Every table he designs gives us something to think about. The latest creation is the Cowboy Sidetable Bookmark. It’s a side table and a bookmark in one that lets you keep things organized. If you’re a bookworm, you will want to have one and have your latest book to rest on such a table.

Why is it noteworthy?

The side table allows things to be at an easy reach. Usually situated beside a sofa or your favorite armchair, you can place your drink on the table for when you want a nightcap. Leave your smartphone on the tabletop, so you don’t miss any important call or message. And when you need to take a break from reading a book, just put the last page face down on the book rest.

What we like

  • The Cowboy Sidetable is called such because the tip that protrudes appears like a saddle, especially when there is a book on top

What we dislike

  • No complaints!

9. The Threefold

This modular furniture brings to the users a lounger they can lay back on with support, or it can instantly transform into a low stool for the aged who cannot sit cross-legged on the ground. And when you want to keep your food or a board game you’re carrying along, the Threefold can become a sturdy table. A perfect companion for picnics and camping, the Threefold construction is supported by stretchers and is safe and secure to use.

Why is it noteworthy?

There is frankly no dearth of adaptable furniture for picnics, camping, and outdoor events, but the Threefold presents its own use case, courtesy of its incredible versatility and effortless, timesaving flip in form. This is essentially true since the traditional mats we carry to the outdoors are limited in form. The fabric mats would offer more comfort, versus a semi-wooden mat as the Threefold, however, it has limited application. If you’d have realized, it excludes a section of users who cannot sit on the ground from convenience and comfort, compelling you to carry an additional folding chair. The conceptual Threefold outdoor furniture here extends adaptability to each individual’s needs in one useful unit.

What we like

  • Transforms into a lounger, stool, and coffee table
  • Safe + sturdy design

What we dislike

  • Not very aesthetically pleasing

10. Home Tool

Normally when we see modular furniture, it’s meant for certain parts of the house. We’ve seen shelves and storage spaces for kitchen or work areas that also work as bookshelves and stationery storage space. There are also tons of closet space-saving furniture and systems out there. But this Home Tool seems to combine all of these things and more into a tiny package that will occupy just 0.45 square meters of your floor space.

Why is it noteworthy?

When “deactivated” or all the other panels are closed, you’re left with two open shelves where you can place books, decorations, or even jars of snacks that you’d want to have within reach. There’s a “desk” or work area that you can bring down where you can place your laptop or you can write or study on. Under that is another pullout type where you can place wine bottles. That way you can reward yourself instantly after you finish work or a task.

What we like

  • The Home Tool has enough compartments and space to place various things that you need to be stored or displayed

What we dislike

  • It’s still a concept!

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This reversible table concept is a coffee table and side table in one

If you’ve ever found yourself needing a coffee table or a side table from time to time but only have room for one, this concept might be your thing. At least, if you’re willing to put in some work.

Space isn’t always easy to come by these days, even less so space-saving furniture. Many people try to buy modular furniture they can take apart or combine as needed, while others try their hand at multi-functional products that combine two or more features into a single physical space. And then there are those that can change their form as the need requires, performing a different function depending on its configuration or arrangement. That is what this “reversible” design concept tries to achieve, switching between being a coffee table or a side table, depending on your need or mood. It does take a bit of assembly, but that, too, serves its own purpose.

Designer: Chenkai Zhang

Some tables are made to serve any purpose, but there are those that are clearly meant to be one and not the other. Coffee tables have surfaces that are often placed closer to the floor as a home for books, magazines, and coffee or teacups. In contrast, side tables are more on the level of a sitting person but can even sometimes be for standing use. The two are almost like polar opposites as far as height goes, so it might not be easy to imagine how a single table can be both.

“REVERSE” is an attempt to do just that by reusing the same base and same table surface, whether in the form of a coffee table or a side table. The only thing that changes is the middle support structure that determines how high the table can be. Simply reverse its orientation and you can either raise or lower the table, switching between its two functions. The one caveat is that the table’s height seems to be fixed in both situations, with no room for slightly raising or lowering the tabletop.


All the parts of the REVERSE table are removable, held together by screws designed like faucet handles. Not only does this make it easier to turn the screws, but it also gives the table a unique visual flair. Where other tables would try hard to hide those screws, the reverse is true for REVERSE, flaunting the gold-plated parts that contrast with the deep black of the tubular legs. The wooden top also creates this contrast with its light maple color, which is a close match to those screws.

This does mean that switching between the two modes of the table takes a bit of work, unscrewing and rearranging the parts, which could take more than just a few minutes. Owners are unlikely to switch between a coffee table and a side table that often anyway, but at least the option is available to them when they need it. At the same time, this reduces the packaging space it requires since you can take the table apart before transporting it.

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This thin multi-functional wrench fits in your pocket to give you power over any nut or bolt

There is probably no greater satisfaction than knowing you can loosen or tighten almost anything at any time with that thin steel contraption in your pocket, bringing delight and relief to friends and family.

No one probably fantasizes about being a repairperson, but some might have had dreams of being some secret agent or MacGuyver, able to break free of traps or fix breaking vehicles in the middle of a crisis. In real life, that means having to always carry a toolbox in order to be prepared for those fictional scenarios, but you don’t have to anymore, thanks to advancements in manufacturing as well as some creative thinking. These days, you can have a screwdriver as small or smaller than a pen or, in this case, a spanner that can fit any size of nut or bolt but can still fit in your shirt pocket, always ready for you to whip it out to the amazement of the audience.

Designer: Yu-Hung Cheng

Click Here to Buy Now: $69

Pen-sized tools have become possible and are even becoming quite popular these days. A set of tools that once required a large box container could now be reduced to two or three multi-functional tools that can all fit in a pouch or even your pocket. Admittedly, downscaling a wrench is a bit more difficult considering the size of its head and the different sizes it would need to cover, but even that puzzle is no match for some out-of-the-box design thinking.

That’s exactly the proposition that the WRENCHit is making in the form of a handsome, stainless steel tool that looks like an extra thin box cutter. It even shares some visual resemblance with these cutters in how the “blades” inside appear to be segmented. That’s actually not far from the truth, but instead of blades, each segment has a hole that matches a specific wrench size.

The way this rather unorthodox spanner works is similar to a tool pen. You push from one end and have the tool pop out the other, almost like a click pen. The difference is that this action pushes out the next wrench in the sequence, which you then remove from the sleeve and attach to the other end. This is how you cycle through the different wrenches until you get to the one that you need. Once that’s at the top of the head (the exposed part), you can start twisting and turning that nut, using the sleeve as an arm to give you enough torque for the work.

Even while only 4mm thin and weighing only 30g, this innovative spanner is won’t easily bend or break on you, thanks to its SUS420 Stainless Steel body. The sandblasted finish gives it a stylish appearance that is both minimalist and industrial. The Full set we carry in our store includes all ten wrenches, which include spoke and Wing Nut wrenches. There’s even a bottle opener “wrench” so that you can help save the day when no one remembered to bring one to the party.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69

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This multifunctional coatrack made from wood and metal finds flexibility through a minimalist design

Acrobat is a multifunctional storage piece that combines the safekeeping components of an entryway table with the hanging function of a coatrack.

As we continue to downsize our living spaces, the more multifunctional our furniture is, the better. Smaller spaces don’t necessarily have to mean less living space. Multifunctional furniture helps make more room for living while taking care of a lot of our household tasks. We usually have our own system of arranging EDC items like key rings, wallets, and phones.

Entryway tables and coat racks usually take the brunt of those organizational needs, so finding multifunctionality in their design is key to keeping our homes decluttered. Acrobat, a multifunctional coat rack designed by João Teixeira, combines the storage components of an entryway table with those of a coatrack.

Designer: João Teixeira

Designing Acrobat, Teixeira hoped to find flexibility through the principles of minimalism. The team behind Acrobat hoped to achieve a unique, sophisticated design while keeping the structure very basic and uncomplicated. The team struck the perfect chord behind functionality and simplicity through a tripod-based support structure.

“Adopting a tripod solution,” Teixeira explains, “was key to keeping things stylish, dynamic, and sleek. The bent metal tube adds a sense of continuity by welding only on one side, allowing for this gap to be used as a spot to hang scarfs or other [items]. The metal tube tops can also be used to hang clothes or hats without the need for a hanger.”

The three metal beams function primarily as a spot to keep your hangable items like hats and scarves, while the wooden hull that interlinks the beams offers a safe space to store EDC items like wallets, phones, and keyrings. The central cavity that runs through the wooden hull also provides a secure fastening place to link clothes hangers.

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Just like clapperboards, this multifunctional alarm clock is designed to keep us on top of our daily agenda

Slate is a multifunctional alarm clock that hosts an organizational system for users to keep track of their daily agendas.

Getting out of bed is personal business. Morning rituals vary from person to person and set the tone for the rest of the day. We wouldn’t be anywhere without alarm clocks, but as soon as they wake us up, we don’t have any need for them.

Designer: Hyunbin Yang

One product designer, Hyunbin Yang, saw the potential for alarm clocks to take us through the day with the same productive energy they have when waking us up. Slate, an alarm clock dressed as a clapperboard, functions as a conventional alarm clock would and hosts a series of organizational systems to keep us on top of our daily agenda.

Designing Slate, Yang hoped to provide a visual for time itself. A digital time display is located at the top of Slate right beside slightly smaller displays that host the alarm function and date. Just below the digital time display, users will find a steel plate with features like a notepad and magnetized corkboard. When Slate’s alarm clock wakes users up, they can look to the steel plate to keep track of their day. Along the side of the Slate, users can find dial adjustments that can set the time, date, and alarms.

Clapperboards are those black and white rectangles used on film sets that audiences usually don’t see until the blooper reel. Mostly used for syncing audio with visuals, clapperboards are essential for filmmakers during the editing process. Keeping everything in time and check, it’s no wonder the clapperboard inspired Yang to design Slate.

As Yang says, “When the starting slate comes down, the actors act and shoot with a serious look…When the ending slate is down, they turn back to who they are. Likewise, Slate is designed with the intention of being an actor and actor in his world faithfully doing and completing one’s goal.”

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Three modules comprise this minimalist stainless steel furniture set to reveal hidden storage compartments

Non Square is a minimalist, stainless steel furniture set that combines side tables and stools within a simple, cubic structure.

These days, we are each looking for ways to save space without compromising our style. Providing the products to bring us there, designers aim to strike a balance somewhere between functionality and adaptability. At times, adaptability can be boiled down to a product’s multi-purpose operation or even its minimalist appearance.

Designers: Hyunjun Yu, Soojin Jung, Kyoungseo Park

Functionality typically stems from a product with a long shelf life and the ability to execute its primary purpose. Adding their design to the mix, Hyunjun Yu, Soojin Jung, Kyoungseo Park conceptualized Non Square, a furniture set that integrates side tables and stools within a stainless steel hexahedron structure.

Introducing Non Square, the team of designers explains that, “It [pursues] the beauty of irregularity within, as opposed to regularity on the outside.” From the outside, Non Square sports a minimalist, stainless steel appearance that seems like a nondescript side table dressed as a cube. A closer look and Non Square’s larger purpose is revealed.

Composed of staggered, asymmetrical internal storage compartments, Non Square disassembles into three modules that each carry their own function. The largest component, a spacious side table, makes room for users to set bulkier items atop, such as coffee table books, flower vases, and electrical appliances.

Then, a standalone rectangular storage module tucks beneath the tabletop’s surface into one of the L-shaped cavities formed by the main module’s legs. The final module maintains an irregular shape, combining the angular convenience of a triangle with the enclosed look of a cube. When combined together, the three pieces form a perfect cube and be configured so that the storage compartments are either turned inside or outside, to keep items hidden or within reach.

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Revi is a fabric-covered pebble that is a webcam and smart speaker in one

Work from home arrangements has webcams a necessity in many homes. Almost all laptops today come with one, but not all of them are up to snuff with people’s needs, especially for those who only have desktop computers with no webcams. That had made this class of accessories popular again, like back in the days when webcams were like rare Pokemon. This, of course, has also opened the doors to rethinking webcams, like this concept that tries to make it do something useful when you’re done using it as a webcam.

Designer: Pelin Özbalcı

Almost all laptops and monitors with embedded webcams only deliver the basics in terms of functions and quality. There isn’t that much space to cram in more advanced hardware, and those that need higher-quality videos can always purchase a standalone webcam. Those, however, can sometimes be clunky and cumbersome to use, especially when trying to attach them to a screen.

Revi tries to reimagine this device category by turning the webcam into a portable smart speaker as well. Or rather, Revi is a pebble-shaped smart speaker that has a hidden webcam. In a world where both kinds of devices are in high demand, having both functions in a single device definitely helps reduce the number of things you have to juggle. Plus, it also looks cool when your Bluetooth speaker suddenly transforms into a webcam or vice-versa.

The front of the Revi is covered with the typical fabric used for smart speakers, but the mottled appearance makes it look more like a pumice stone from a distance. This is its “dormant” mode, where it functions as a speaker you can place near your desk. When it’s suddenly time to make a video call, you can simply swivel its back to reveal the webcam hiding beneath.


The gap between these two halves of the device creates a crevice where the edge of a laptop screen or a thin monitor can slot into, letting the webcam rest naturally on the top edge with no need for clips or adhesives. When used with a laptop, the camera’s height creates a more natural angle that frames your face better than built-in webcams. The Revi can continue acting as a speaker and mic for your laptop, even during a video call.

Revi is also envisioned to be a smart speaker, where AI not only provides additional functionality but also performs noise cancellation. The device is even smart enough to know when you’re receiving a call or about to go on a meeting and pauses the music, allowing you to conveniently place the webcam on your screen without breaking a sweat. Given its design, it’s probably possible to use the Revi as a handheld or standalone camera, which also removes the need to buy an external camera for doing live streams away from your desk.

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