How to make sense of Logitech’s universal remote lineup

When I was a kid there were two devices attached to the television in my family’s living room: a VCR and a cable box. And we had a universal remote to tie it all together. These days, the amount of gear in my home theater is far greater and it’s all...

Nest Audio will become a home theater speaker for your Chromecast

Your Nest Audio speakers might well double as home theater speakers before long. As Android Police reports, Google has confirmed to the Wall Street Journal that Nest Audio integration with Chromecast is coming. While the company didn’t delve into spe...

The best tech gifts to upgrade your home theater

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Vizio’s rotating Dolby Atmos soundbar is now available for $1,000

All the way back at CES, Vizio showed off a premium soundbar with channels that rotate upwards whenever it’s outputting Dolby Atmos and DTS:X encoded audio. Those speakers can blast audio off your ceiling to bolster height effects and they’ll point f...

What if Netflix made a 4K projector and a Bluetooth sound-system to match?

Picture this. You’re in your home (where else would you be, really?), the popcorn’s in the microwave, the couch is ready, the curtains shut, and all that leaks through is a tiny beam of moonlight, giving the place a dreamy aesthetic. You switch your Netflix 4K projector on and begin watching the movie you’ve been WAITING to watch now that the weekend’s finally upon us. That scene right there, that visual setup is the inspirational mood board behind the aesthetic of the Netflix projector. Designed as a concept (although I really wish it were true), the Netflix projector and Bluetooth speaker don’t just create the perfect Netflix-and-chill setup after a long day of work, they also are designed to look a lot like the moon popping up behind two buildings to create the perfect atmosphere for your night-time binging session.

The projector and Bluetooth speaker give you the best experience Netflix has to offer (provided you’ve got a great internet connection). This veritable home-theater features a projector capable of 4K complete with on-board controls, enough ventilation for cooling (coincidentally the vents look like pillars/floors of a building), a focusing ring on the front for a crystal-clear image, and enough ports on the back to be able to plug your USB-drives or Chromecasts in to watch content across other platforms. The projector pairs with a standing Bluetooth speaker unit that houses playback controls and a mechanical volume slider.

Netflix has a long history of partnering with television-makers, set-top-box manufacturers, and streaming giants to provide a dedicated Netflix button on their devices or remote-controls, but with the Netflix Projector + Speaker, this is perhaps the company’s first foray into physical devices (ever since they were a DVD delivery service up until 2007). The projector and speaker exist only as fan-made concepts for now, although I wonder how incredible it would be to have your own dedicated Netflix-powered home-theater setup during this pandemic!

Designer: Big Frogs Studio

This spotlight-inspired speaker solves three problems to elevate your Netflix binge sessions

Have you ever been told that you are sitting too close to the TV? Or do you have an urge to always turn up the volume so you can drown out the noises from the environment around you? Have you strained your eyes to read the subtitles because you cannot sit too close to it at night and neither can you increase the volume? We need technology that makes watching TV from a distance a convenient and pleasurable experience without being that noisy neighbor and this conceptual speaker is here to solve exactly that problem!

The sound/spot was designed to route the sounds from the TV to the viewer and limit it to their area. It promotes a healthier relationship with watching TV, especially for kids who tend to sit closer if they can’t hear or raise the volume to an obnoxious level without understanding the impact it has on the health. The aesthetic and the sound distribution was inspired by a spotlight’s directionality and scope to shine in a specific space. The technology in sound/spot is taken from a sound signage speaker that has been reimagined as a lamp to disperse sound instead of light while blending in your interiors, unlike a bulky sound system.

For product stability, the speaker protrudes a little outside the center axis. The stand also features magnetic clips to keep the wires seamlessly attached to itself than hanging around for a cleaner look. A round magnetic remote control is also included. Its unique shape makes it stand out because at a first glance you would never associate it with a speaker. The standing lamp style lets you fit it in tight corners without occupying much of floor space or adding visual weight to the room. This speaker is certainly shining a light into a new direction for designers to make experiences better while also accounting for the health factor.

Designers: Kihyeon Kim, Lee Hyo Min, and Seongmin Kwon

Samsung’s latest Q-series soundbars include a $1,800 9.1.4 channel option

Samsung’s latest Q-series soundbars are its fanciest yet. The HW-Q950T delivers 9.1.4 channel surround sound (nine main channels with one subwoofer and four upward-firing speakers that bounce sound off your ceiling). That’s the most channels currentl...