This multi-use camper is a mobile radio station that travels throughout Japan to collect nature sounds

The Maku trailer is a lightweight, multi-use camper that’s currently being used as a mobile radio station to capture the sounds of nature throughout Japan.

Camping trailers can be used for a variety of purposes–from remote living to transporting goods. The potential for trailers begins and ends as far as your imagination takes you. Typically, trailers are mobile homes that keep a small size that designers maximize through minimalism and built-in multifunctional furniture. Finding promise in an array of different possibilities, Japanese designer Taichi Kuma constructed a lightweight mobile unit from aluminum that can be used as a house, remote workspace, and even a radio station.

Designer: Taichi Kuma

Calling it the Maku trailer, Kuma’s mobile trailer finds durability through an aluminum frame that’s draped in layers of PTFE membrane for protection against the elements. Kuma also incorporated a transparent glass fiber insulation mat that’s positioned in between two membrane layers. The fiber insulation mat allows for year-round adaptability against extreme weather and temperatures.

The membrane layers and insulation mat are both translucent to optimize the amount of natural sunlight pouring in from outside. With this, the Maku trailer glows like a warm lantern at night when interior lighting is turned on. Measuring only 3.3 m by 1.8 m, the Maku trailer keeps a slightly untraditional cubic shape, with a roof that gradually inclines for lofty ceiling heights.

While the small size and lightweight nature of the Maku trailer offer plenty of adaptability and versatility between uses, Kuma imagines the Maku trailer as a mobile radio station. Traveling through Japan, those residing inside the Maku trailer will collect the sounds of nature to stream them from anywhere.

The roll-up door provides easy access to the trailer’s interior space.

The PTFE membrane and translucent glass insulation layers are designed to maximize the available natural sunlight. 

When interior lighting is turned on, the Maku trailer glows like a lantern at night. 

Cars of any size and make can attach to the Maku trailer for optimal transportation.

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An old Peugeot Boxer van was gutted and transformed into this off-grid mobile office

Nomadic Office is a mobile office that finds an old Peugeot Boxer van transformed into a living space.

Work culture is changing in unprecedented ways. The coffee shop has become the new collaborative workspace and everyone is remote working these days. Since all we need is WiFi and our laptops to get through our 9-to-5’s, many are choosing to hit the road for mobile working. Some are escaping to their tiny offices in the woods to get away from the city noise and others are renovating their vans to bring their work on the road. Architecture and design studio Atelier JMCA did just that with their latest project, Nomadic Office.

Designer: Atelier JMCA

The designers at Atelier JMCA had their work cut out for them when they decided to transform an old Peugeot Boxer van into a mobile workspace. Before gutting the van’s interior, the architects at Atelier JMCA used a 3D laser to scan the vehicle’s interior space and create a precise CAD drawing of the van’s bodywork.

To start, the van collects solar energy from two 330 watts solar panels that are positioned on the van’s roof. Then, two 80L water tanks provide fresh water and treat wastewater for the kitchen and lavatory, which are located behind the driver’s seat. Additionally, insulation and a diesel heating system ensure comfortable temperatures throughout the van. With these features, Nomadic Office has off-grid capabilities that allow users to work off-grid for up to a week.

A retractable wooden system defines the internal layout of Nomadic Office. Outfitted with a dining area, sleeping accommodations, workspace, and storage compartment, fold-out furniture systems save space through hinge mechanisms that allow users to fold up the bed and dining table when not in use. Comprised of thick, 15cm wooden panels, the architects made sure to make full use of the 3m x 2m main living space.

When users would like to have a meal or work at the dining table, they can open the 5cm thick wooden board 90-degrees without the need for a support base. Then, when its time for bed, users can use the same fold-down mechanism for the built-in, two-person bed. To activate Nomadic Office’s ‘night mode,’ users can unlock a lock system to reveal the van’s mattress, which is propped up by two wooden blocks. Storage compartments and hanging racks provide spaces for users to hang their clothes out of the way.

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How to sell your used and unwanted gadgets

It’s new-phone season again, between all the announcements at Mobile World Congress last month and the inevitable release of new iPhones and Pixels looming in the fall. Which means you'll be faced with a hard choice: upgrade or stick it out another year with your current device. The annual cycle of new flagship handset releases can be a little tough on your wallet, though, which is why you might want to offset the cost by putting your old device up for sale. But which trade-in service will yield you the biggest bang for your buck? And how much of a pain will it be? We've rounded up some of the leading contenders for offloading your old electronics. Not just phones, either — perhaps you have an old laptop that isn't quite cutting it anymore, or maybe you've got some other stuff sitting in the closet collecting dust.

Trade-in sites


If you're looking for the littlest hassle and want your money as soon as possible, there are plenty of sites that will automate the trade-in process. You'll select your device from a list, get a quote within a minute and send the device back for cash in a matter of days.


Decluttr definitely lives up to its name. Not only can you sell phones from a number of manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung and HTC, but the site also takes lots of physical media, including CDs, DVDs, video games and books. For devices, you'll be asked for a general assessment of its condition, and given a quote immediately. Once you complete your order the site will send you a free shipping label. Decluttr also reaches back pretty far like with sales of the iPhone 6, though it'll offer you only $5 for an 16GB model in good condition.


uSell operates as a broker, searching other sites for their best offers on a given device and taking care of the rest. Like most buyback sites, it's big on iPhones, but you can still sell off other manufacturers' devices; it really depends on who's buying them at that point. The selection is a bit of a grab bag — newer phones like the Galaxy S21 aren't listed, though you can get a quote for the iPhone 11 ($305 for an unlocked, “flawless” 64GB model). Once you complete your order the site will send you a free shipping kit to send out your phone, and you can get paid for the item via PayPal or an old fashioned check.


If you don't want to have to worry about packaging up your old device and mailing it off, or would like to receive your payout right away, there's always ecoATM. It's literally there in the name: an automated machine that you place your device into and it examines the handset and pays you on the spot. It accepts the biggest brands (i.e., Apple and Samsung), along with devices from a wide variety of manufacturers, including LG, Motorola and ZTE. If the machine determines that your device isn't worth anything at all, you can still use ecoATM to responsibly recycle your old gadget. You'll find ecoATM kiosks in Walmart stores and malls across the country.


While browsing Amazon listings, it’s likely you’ve come across products marked as “refurbished.” Well, if you’ve ever wondered where those come from, a lot of them likely hail from Amazon’s trade-in program. The company will put its own products, like Kindle readers and Fire tablets front and center, but you can also send in phones and gaming products in for an Amazon gift card as well. It’s not great if you want cash, but if you’re looking to upgrade an Amazon device this option is your best bet, as trading in an older device also nets you a 20 percent discount in addition to the store credit.


This is a good option if you’re looking to upgrade to a newer Apple device. You can trade in iPhones, iPads, Macs and even Apple Watches. That’s notable as wearables are a device category you don’t often see on trade-in sites. Apple will even take your old Android phone if you were thinking of making the switch. The trade-in values are on par with other sites, and you can get your payout in the form of a gift card instead if you’d rather wait before making a new purchase, put it toward media purchases or even just use it in an Apple Store. Which, by the way, also accepts trade-ins in case you’re not comfortable shipping your old but still expensive device.


The nice thing about It’sWorthMore is that its on-site forms handle a larger variety of gadgets than other sites, incorporating companies such as Microsoft, Sonos and even GoPro in addition to standards like Apple, Samsung and Google. You’ll answer a few standard questions about your device’s condition and whether you still have the original box — obviously, the more you’ve kept from the original packaging, the better. You’ll then get a ballpark estimate of its worth and a prepaid shipping label to print out. Once your device is received you’ll generally receive the assessment and payment via check, PayPal or Zelle within two to three business days.


The appeal of BuyBackWorld is that device assessment is a streamlined process: Instead of having to answer a barrage of detailed questions for your device you can just give it a general assessment and let the site handle the rest. Just like with It’sWorthMore, BuyBackWorld will provide a printable shipping label in your confirmation email but, if you don’t have a printer or boxes to pack your device up, you can always have the site send you a free shipping kit, which can handle every gadget the site takes except desktop computers.


If you’ve read through the other site descriptions, GadgetGone’s modus operandi should be familiar: To sell a product, you’ll have to answer a few questions about what type of device you have and what condition it’s in, after which the site will generate a prepaid shipping label. At least here you can find brands like OnePlus included among the options, and you can also sell MacBooks and Mac Minis here. The site’s biggest gimmick is that you can also send in photos of your pets; you won’t get any additional money but your fur baby (or scaled or feathered friend) may be featured on social media.

Store trade-ins

C1YC8B A GameStop video game store in the Herald Square shopping district in New York gamestop; videogames; shopping; electronic

Sometimes you need your money right now, or just don't want to trust your device to the vagaries of various shipping companies. There are a few nationwide retailers that accept trade-ins for cash or store credit. Additionally, wireless carriers like Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint will all give you credit toward a new phone.

Best Buy

Best Buy also offers trade-ins both by mail and in-store — with more than 1,000 locations, this might be extremely convenient for you. You fill out the form online and bring that to customer service. It's easy, but there's one big downside: You can get your payout only via a Best Buy gift card. This is great if you spend a lot of money with them anyway, but less good if you really need cash.


GameStop is infamous for buying games back at ridiculously low prices and flipping them at near retail, but don't let that stop you from making some quick cash when you need to quickly clear your closet of old electronics and games. And yes, I said cash: GameStop offers store credit, a Visa prepaid card or actual money if you want to take your bounty elsewhere. For example, you can trade in Animal Crossing for the Switch and get $21 in store credit or $17 cash, which isn't bad when new copies are going for $50 on Amazon. GameStop also accepts phones and connected home devices, though the prices aren't going to match what you'd get from an online trade-in site.

Consumer to consumer

eBay Introduces Boxing Weekend On Dec. 26 and 27 At Eight Westfield Malls Across The Country, Making It Even Easier For Consumer

Sometimes you prefer to cut out the middleman and get a bit more personal — a transaction where you're selling your device directly to another person instead of letting a faceless site flip it for you as a "refurbished" unit. In those cases, you want a site that's more user-to-user, though a few will still automate certain bits to make your sale as smooth as possible.


Swappa is a marketplace site, which means sellers can set their own price. So if you're getting rid of a newer phone, this is probably the best way to go — the iPhone 13 fetches around $729, for example. That's a huge improvement over what you'd get selling through a site like Decluttr, which is offering only $506 for a 128GB unit.


When shopping on Amazon, you've probably been tempted by some of those marketplace deals in the past and, chances are, if you list an item on there, someone will give your old device a look. Since almost everyone on earth seems to have an Amazon account, your potential customer base is huge, and it costs only $0.99, plus a percentage based on category, to sell an item through the site. The downsides are that Amazon isn't really optimized for individual sales; you'll be competing with wholesale companies and even bots that will tweak the price of a product automatically in response to the competition.


eBay is sort of the Wild West of sales sites, but the biggest advantage is that you can sell anything there and hopefully find a buyer, regardless of how old a product is. Even so, the site has come a long way in the past decade or so, adding structured categories that can help lead customers to your product — for phones, you can search by network, color or storage capacity, and even filter for features like 4K video or fingerprint sensors.

In the end, it still works as it always did: You list a product and set an end date for the listing with a minimum price, or just set a "Buy It Now" price if you don't want to wait to see how an auction turns out. Chances are you already have an eBay account with a feedback score, so there's no extra setup required on your part. Your first 50 listings are free every month, and you'll pay 10 percent of the purchase price only if an item sells. The biggest downside is that you're competing with a lot more sellers, and chances are there's always someone willing to undercut you on price.

Cash-back comparison

Ultimately, the site you go with should be whatever's most useful and convenient, but if you just care about how much money you'll end up with, we've priced out a few recent flagship handsets just to give you an idea of what each site offers. We've also thrown in the Xbox One X, because it might be time to sell yours off and finally upgrade to an Xbox Series X.

All phone prices are for the lowest storage capacity, either 64GB or 128GB. The prices are for the unlocked models when available, or the carrier where it's being traded. These are only estimates, and were valid the day this post was written. Prices will fluctuate daily or, in the case of sites like Amazon and eBay, hourly.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

Google Pixel 5

Xbox One X (1TB)




































Best Buy






$369 cash / $461 credit

$252 cash / $315 credit


$188 cash / $237 credit































If you were looking to sell some games, we've also got a shorter list, because not every site accepts game trade-ins. GameStop will offer you more money than what's listed below if you're a member of its Elite or Elite Pro programs.

Battlefield 2042 (Xbox Series X/S)

Horizon Forbidden West (PS5)

Pokémon Legends Arceus (Switch)






$1.76 cash / $2 credit


$26 cash / $33 credit









Once you've picked a site and listed your item, there are a few important things to remember before you ship off your device. The most important, when disposing of a phone or laptop or any other device containing personal data, is to do a full factory reset of your device. That also means turning off "Find My iPhone" and the activation lock on iOS devices. See if you can unlock the phone, too; you'll actually get more money selling a carrier-free device. And finally, make sure you've backed up any important data you may have, like contact info, game save data and, of course, photos. Cash is great, but it won't save your memories.

Images: Mike Blake / Reuters (ecoATM); Alamy (Gamestop); Getty Images for eBay (eBay)

Nifty gaming accessory turns your smartphone into a renegade Nintendo Switch OLED

If you don’t have the moolah for a handheld gaming console, the Gravitation Controller turns the one device you’ve got into a capable gaming rig. With an expandable ergonomic design, the Gravitation transforms your smartphone into a high-definition gaming device, relying on your phone’s powerful GPU and its high definition screen (grab yourself the latest flagship and you’ve got yourself an OLED display too, to rival Nintendo’s latest offering)

The expandable design of the Gravitation controller serves two purposes. Firstly, it provides a platform-agnostic gaming experience, allowing you to play on Android and even iOS devices alike. The expanding grips work with small and large phones, and can even grasp onto phones with cases, covering a wide variety of devices. Secondly, the controller even expands sideways, turning a relatively compact handheld gaming rig into something more expansive and immersive. When stretched longitudinally, the Gravitation lets you play first and third-person racing games with a steering-wheel-style ergonomic design. Moreover, a stabilizer built into the controller’s design lets the two grips rotate independently while keeping the smartphone perfectly horizontal. If that isn’t the most kickass feature I’ve seen on a third-party handheld mobile controller, I don’t know what is!

The Gravitation is a winner of the iF Design Award for the year 2021.

Designer: Compal Electronics

Semi-trailers transform into luxury caravans in Poland’s first mobile hotel chain concept!

Good Spot is Poland’s first mobile hotel chain built from renovated isothermal refrigerated semi-trailers found abandoned throughout Poland.

While some of us are ready to commit to the mobile lifestyle, the rest of us want a trial period. Mobile hotels are cropping up in response. Ranging from floating hotels to camp trailers, mobile hotels are even inspiring many to continue with their own mobile lifestyle following checkout.

Inspired by the mobile lifestyle and the movement of wind, Wrocław-based architecture and interior design firm Znamy sie constructed Good Spot, Poland’s first mobile hotel chain concept that transforms disused isothermal refrigerated semi-trailers into two-bedroom mobile campers.

Following a kitesurfing trip in Poland’s coastal town of Hel, the designers at Znamy sie set out to conceptualize a mobile hotel chain designed for guests to travel wherever the wind brings them. Honing in on the hotel’s mobility concept, Znamy sie first coated each dilapidated isothermal refrigerated semi-trailer with a stainless steel exterior similar to the Airstream caravan. Inside each trailer, the designers outfitted the perimeter with all of the amenities and functional elements found in hotels.

Reserving the perimeter of each trailer for the amenities provided more interior walking room, carving out a spacious walking path from one end of the trailer to the other. Custom-built wooden furnishings wrap around the perimeter of Good Spot trailers that include plenty of storage space and seating. Accommodating up to four adults, both ends of Good Spot trailers host two separate sleeping areas where large windows help draw in natural light, brightening the interior’s crisp, white walls even further.

Through Good Spot, Znamy sie remains committed to ecological tourism by bringing new purpose to discarded semi-trailers and providing the off-grid means to explore all of Poland’s natural beauty. Speaking to this, Znamy sie says, “Our project, prepared in cooperation with Good spot, involves upcycling, i.e. increasing the value of the material and changing the purpose of cold storage to hotel rooms. By renovating the trailer, we give it a second life!”

Designer: Znamy sie


‘League of Legends: Wild Rift’ open beta expands to North America on March 29th

If you’re a North American League of Legends fan, you’ve been forced to sit on sidelines and watch while people in Europe and other parts of the world have had a chance to play Wild Rift. That changes later this month, with Riot announcing today that...