This sustainable storage container + shopping bag reduces your consumption emissions and food waste!

Open your refrigerator – how many plastic containers do you see? Now open that cabinet where you store your shopping bags – do you really need that many plastic bags? We often store in our takeout boxes/plastic containers and keep those plastic bags in hopes to reuse someday because we forget to carry our cloth bags to the store. Most of these little habits are formed because it is convenient and cheap but we do them without thinking about the effects of its continued use on our environment. To solve both problems with one design, Gabriel Steinmann created P0 (pronounced pio like the letter and number) which stands for ‘project zero’  – a storage and shopping solution for food that aims to reduce consumption emissions.

P0 helps us to switch to and maintain a plant-based diet and reduce the amount of food waste. The design blends organic and sustainable materials with an earthy aesthetic to invoke warmth and a more personal relationship with the items we use. Its ceramic body and textile lining help encourage a deeper appreciation for the food we consume and make us more aware of how much food we actually need to minimize wasting it. It is also a practical and attractive utensil in your kitchen – “a symbol of change, of becoming a little bit more human,” as rightly described by Steinmann.

The jury at iF Design Awards gave PO the ‘iF Design Talent Award 2020’ because it raises awareness and facilitates sustainable food consumption using a very beautifully designed functional product. “The design will appeal to early adopters who will become ambassadors for this product. The whole process is well thought-out and the combination of the different materials is aesthetically pleasing and endorses the entire concept. The possibility of customization makes it even more personal and inspires others to change their food consumption habits,” added the jury.

This self-sufficient, parametric, adaptable storage-and shopping solution is something I would really love to see taking over the world and make that sustainable switch in our lifestyle convenient enough to ditch the plastic containers and shopping bags.

Designer: Gabriel Steinmann

This baking set is designed to make the process educational for kids

As children when my sister and I wanted to bake during holidays, my mother would always have a mini panic attack. Her good utensils and big appliances in the care of children would mean stress rather than fun for her. The existing baking utensils for kids are either pretend versions of the actual equipment or a simple set of bowls that are not enough to induce excitement. However, the right design can transform a family bonding experience and teach kids how to cherish the baking process as much as licking the icing. The Elf’s Hat delivers exactly that with it’s carefully crafted baking utensils for children.

The Elf’s Hat has been designed on the concept of board games and has tweaked it to fit in the theme of baking so children can adapt to it easily while having fun. The utensils were reimagined to encourage children and make them curious about learning the process. Each utensil was recreated with shapes and colors that were joyful but also ergonomic for kids to handle. The scale has been taken out and the measuring has been made easier with highlighted grooves. The mesh has been combined with the container so children can easily overturn ingredients without destroying the kitchen. The tool stand and corresponding tools also have grooves so that they don’t slip away easily. There is a little umbrella-like structure on the handle of the tools which catches the dripping batter and keeps your hands clean – something that adults need too!

I particularly love the molds in this set – the seven cookie molds are shaped like puzzle pieces and the cake is shaped like a crown. Even the handles have been created keeping in mind how children perceive, process and behave with objects so using the elements of this baking set would be intuitive to them. This has inspired me to bake and since we are all staying in, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Designer: Pei-Ju Wu