This WFH-friendly neck massager produces endorphins to relieve pain

Working from home means we don’t have the most ergonomic chair or the right desk since the change happened overnight. And maybe in the excitement of working from home, a lot of us did so from our beds which we know isn’t the best for our posture. Apart from taking breaks and stretching, we could use a massage to alleviate some stress. Since it may still not be safe to get one outside, Cose neck massager is here to relax those tensed WFH muscles!

Cose is a multifunctional neck massager that relieves pain without painkillers using 6 different technologies. It features EMS + TENS technology along with infrared therapy and thermotherapy to work on your muscles. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) helps Cose imitate the natural signals that come from the central nervous system which make the neck muscles contract for better flexibility and strength. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), on the other hand, delivers small electrical impulses through the skin to flood the nervous system, reducing pain by stimulating your body to produce endorphins, our natural pain relievers.

It has 5 massage modes – tapping, kneading, scarping, acupuncture, and a combination of them all including a 360-degree rotating feature as well as temperature control. Each mode can further be adjusted at 16 different power levels! Cose’s body is covered in medical-grade silicone, which is tested for biocompatibility and is used for medical applications making this neck massager as safe as it is comfortable. I absolutely don’t mind working from home and taking massage breaks with Cose!

Designer: Cose


neck massager

The iDream 5 relaxes your eyes and head with massages, vibrations, and hot-compresses

Perhaps the best headset to wear after an hour or so of wearing a VR headset (or spending too much time in front of a screen), the iDream 5 gives you a relaxing head and eye massage to help you calm down after all that stressful work and blue-light exposure. The VR Headset-esque device sits cleanly on your head like a helmet, with three modules on the front, top, and back, respectively. With a wide variety of settings, you can select between routines, choosing to knead your scalp for better blood circulation, massage your eyes for relaxation and better sleep, or use a series of vibration and heat-pad routines for stress and pain relief. The iDream 5 packs a week’s worth of usage on a full charge and even comes with in-built speakers to play relaxing music for the full experience and can be entirely controlled via a panel on its side, or by a smartphone app… besides, if you’d like to use the iDream 5 while working, watching TV, or reading, the goggles unit is completely detachable, freeing up your eyes while giving you a full head massage.

Designer: Breo

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OhMiBod’s next remote-controlled vibrator promises to last a lot longer

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Massaging Foot Warmer for Beds

Keep your feet toasty warm and feeling great with the Massaging Foot of the Bed Warmer. Instead of using an electric blanket that heats up the entire bed, why not just heat up the part of your body that’s actually cold- your feet? Plus get a soothing massage at the same.

This heating massager is made of micro-plus fibers and has a wired remote that lets you set the temperature settings (there are two) and the level of massage you’d like (there are three levels there). You can use either of the heat or massager, or both at once. The device shuts off automatically after 30 minutes and can be used under or atop the covers.

Massaging Foot Warmer for Beds
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Massage Meets Art


The artistic Oreum body-weight massager was designed with the elderly in mind but feels good for just about everybody! This simple yet effective gadget takes inspiration from the habit of rubbing against a door frame or other structural object to massage the back.

The cone-shaped massager has magnets embedded in the wood body that allow it to attach to an included strip that can be mounted on the wall. Simply by sliding it up and down, users can adjust the level in order to massage specific areas using only their body weight. The massage unit can also be removed entirely and used on the floor and other surfaces to massage the feet, arms or other areas. Easy to stow away or travel with, its minimalistic and aesthetically-pleasing form makes it possible to leave in place at home, looking like little more than an artistic piece of decor.

Designer: Jeongho Ko













Scrub and Dance: Octaloofah is a Massager, Loofah, and Speaker In One


This eight-legged thing is about to become your best bathtime bud. It’s the Octaloofah and it was built with one thing in mind: to make each and every bath a pleasure for you. The device is a loofah, massager, and Bluetooth speaker in one. Use it to scrub the grime from your body, hit the massage function to de-stress, and turn the volume up to play your favorite tunes while you shower.

It seems like a strange trio of features to have in one gadget, but somehow the Octaloofah is trying to make that work.

The Octaloofah is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of $39 will get you one of your very own.

[ Kickstarter ] VIA [ C|NET ]

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Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager

breast gymnastics hand massager Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager
Need a hand with that? This very odd and very Japanese health product purports to shape and tone your bust into a better form via a hand-like massage. In fact the Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager (love that name btw) is actually modeled after a real woman’s hand- Takiko Shindo (“famed for her miraculous breast gymnastics” apparently). Just grab the hand and let Takiko massage you in those places you normally can’t reach and return your boobs to their original buoyant beauty. Uhhhmmm yeah.

Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager
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USB Vibrating Head Massager

usb helmet massager USB Vibrating Head Massager
From the bizarre world of Thanko comes this Buru-Buru Helmet, a USB vibrating head massager. The adjustable helmet goes on your head, plugs in to either USB or runs on batteries and gently vibrates giving you a relaxing feeling (if you can get past the fact that everyone is staring at you because you look ridiculous). You can adjust the vibration levels to meet your stress levels. Does it really work? Does that really matter?

USB Vibrating Head Massager
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Thanko USB Head Massager Vibrates Away Bothersome Bossholes

Thanko is a Japanese gadget firm that makes just about anything you can think of and a slew of things sane people wouldn’t think to plug their your USB ports. If you need a set of Santa boots to warm your feet using USB power, Thanko has it. If your butt gets too hot in the summer, get the Thanko water-cooled seat cushion. You get the idea, if it’s powered by USB you can find it at Thanko.

usbmass 1 620x472magnify

If your boss is a bosshole, and you really need something to help get rid of the headache from listening to him prattle on about spelling and punctuation constantly causes you (maybe that’s just me) Thanko has a USB head massager. It looks as weird as you might expect it too. It will undoubtedly mess up your hair, and will do nothing to impress that cute girl that works down the hall.

usbmass 2 620x620magnify

What it will do is adjust to fit most domes, no matter how gargantuan, and vibrate when plugged in. The idea is that it will help get rid of stress. If you need to use it and you don’t have a USB port, it can be powered by batteries.

usbmass 3 620x913magnify

The USB-powered head massager is available for ¥2,980 (~$30 USD) in Japan.

[via EverythingUSB]

Foot-Powered Back Massager: Too Complicated for Comfort?

Want a massage? Then give yourself one by getting one of the many available self-massaging devices available on store shelves in most retailers.

Massagers are pretty common gadgets and they’re usually pretty easy to use. Most of them anyway, with the notable exception of the foot-powered back massager with hand tool that you see pictured below.

weird back massager

Even their model looks like she’s having a hard time with the device, but maybe that’s just me imagining what it would be like to try using this thing they call a massager.

It’ll probably be easier to use though, once you get the hang of it. The massager is described as allowing “the user to apply firm pressure for extended periods of time while completey relaxing the target muscles.” It also instructs users to adjust the push-button locking pin for back pain relief. Or you could just go see a good massage therapist.

The foot-powered back massager retails for about $50 (USD) over on Amazon.

[via 7gadgets]