Helinox Tactical Cot Tent lets you not sleep directly on the ground when camping

Camping or sleeping outdoors is one of the things that you probably cannot make me do (unless it’s a really comfortable or glamorous glamping kind of thing). But if I am forced to do so, I’d prefer to have something that will not let me sleep directly on the ground and also something that means I won’t share it with other people. Of course there are sleeping bags out there but again, I’d prefer not to have contact with the ground. So a cot that I can sleep in by myself would be the ideal thing (if you’re forcing me to sleep outdoors, that is).

Designer Name: Jake Lah

The Helinox cots are pretty innovative accessories that you can bring with you when staying outdoors. The designer is now making it even more comfortable if you want to sleep outdoors using the compatible cots by giving you the Tactical Cot Tent. Made from your choice of mesh or fabric, the tent attachment will turn your cot into a fully enclosed sleeping space for one person that is off the ground. This means when folded, it can also be easily carried on your vehicle and then assembled when needed since it’s 22.5” x 8” x 8” ultralight ripstop cinch bag and weighs just 3.5 lbs when packed.

The tent uses shock-corded poles to lock the frame into place while the pole clips make it easy to install. There are also reinforced corners, ties, and corner sleeves so you get a more secure sleeping space. To anchor it to the ground, it uses four J-stakes, one for each corner. Inside your tent, you have four interior mesh pockets, two on the ceiling and two on the sides, to store your valuables. You can also hang your gear on the four interior loops found inside the tent. The 40D polyester hexagon mesh is breathable for the mesh version while the durable 70D nylon ripstop can withstand the elements for the fabric version. Both have water-repellent PU-coated 70D nylon taffeta floors.

If you know that you might get some rain, there’s also the Tactical Cot Tent Solo Fly that you can attach to put on top of the tent to protect you from the elements. It uses velcro tabs to attach to the cot tent while four J-stakes secure it to the ground. You get two front doors skewed towards the side with a single back door and rear ventilation window for better air flow and reduce condensation inside as well.

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Memoraphy is an aromatherapy device that can produce perfume to alleviate mood issues

Among all the senses, smell is probably the one that I don’t really pay attention to (or may be the least popular for ordinary folks). But it is actually the one that is most associated with memory. We associate specific smells with memories of our childhood or with certain episodes in our lives. It is also something that can help you manage your emotions as evidenced by the popularity of aromatherapy. This concept for one such product is pretty interesting especially if your nose is sensitive to smells and moods.

Designer Name: Kanglee Lee, Jiwon Lee, Jeongmin Ham

Memoraphy, a combination of the words memory and therapy, is a concept for a device that can “prescribe” a scent for you depending on your mood and need. It looks like one of those laboratory devices with different pods or a coffee machine but instead of dispensing liquids or caffeine, you get different fragrances that can help you uplift your mood, relax, or whatever your emotional need is that can be helped by smelling something. You can choose to use it as a diffuser or to produce a perfume or a plaster air freshener.

There are six types of main fragrances available: bergamot (for depression, anxiety, and apparently, UTI), rose (to give a positive mood), orange (to relieve stress and enhance taste bud), sandalwood (relieves nervous tension and anxiety), chamomile (helps relax the mind, counter insomnia), claysage (mood stabilisation). You start off the process by inputting into the machine your current mood and drawing or writing to get a “diagnosis” for the right scent. Then you choose the output type and the machine will then create the product for you.

This is a pretty interesting product to have, at least on paper. There may be some feasibility questions if it gets turned into an actual product since there are different outputs for it but that’s a problem for another day. If you’re a believer in aromatherapy, you’d probably want something like this in your home to help lighten your mood, help you fall asleep, and even combat other mental health issues.

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These are 6 Best Everyday Shoes for Busy Moms: Comfortable All-Day Wear

With so much to do, finding the right pair of everyday shoes that are comfortable to wear all day, every day, can be quite the challenge, perhaps even more daunting than swaddling a 3-day-old newborn. With so much to do, comfort is essential. Whether it’s standing in the kitchen preparing meals, walking around the grocery store, or chasing after little ones at the park, moms need shoes that provide all-day comfort and support. The last thing they need is to be slowed down by sore feet or uncomfortable footwear.

Moms, with their unwavering dedication to their families, deserve nothing but the best. From managing household chores to shuttling kids to various activities, moms navigate parenthood with boundless energy and love. To support them in their daily endeavors, we’ve carefully selected six pairs of shoes, highly rated and tested, to provide the comfort and support they deserve. Busy moms need shoes that can keep up with their crazy lives! With roles ranging from caretaker to chauffeur to professional multitasker, moms need footwear that seamlessly transitions from casual to formal settings. Whether dashing to the store or attending impromptu meetings, versatile shoes are a lifeline for moms on the go. Additionally, durability is crucial, ensuring shoes withstand the rigors of daily wear and tear. From spills to scuffs, moms need footwear that endures the demands of their hectic schedules. Lastly, style is not to be overlooked. While comfort and durability are vital, moms also seek shoes that reflect their personal style and boost their confidence as they navigate the joys and challenges of motherhood.

Best Shoes to Wear, Stand, and Walk All Day in 2024

HOKA Clifton 9

The Hoka Clifton 9 offers a significant upgrade in comfort and design, making it an excellent choice for those who spend long periods on their feet or cover great distances. With an increased stack height for better underfoot protection and a lighter build than its predecessor, this shoe is tailored for both sustained comfort and improved performance. It’s particularly suitable for walking and running, providing ample room with wide-size options available.

Designer: HOKA

Key advantages of the HOKA Clifton 9 include:

  • Versatile comfort and stability make it ideal for a variety of running distances and daily wear. Known for its cushioned feel, the Clifton 9 builds on the success of its predecessors by incorporating a more responsive and comfortable midsole.
  • Enhanced features include a new midsole with increased stack height for better cushioning and a new breathable mesh knit upper, enhancing both comfort and performance.
  • Lightweight and responsive remains the same despite additional cushioning, the Clifton 9 is lighter than the Clifton 8, enhancing its appeal as a shoe that doesn’t sacrifice responsiveness or comfort for the sake of lightness.

HOKA Clifton 9

  • Fit and comfort kicks in quickly after the initial wear, where the upper quickly adapts to provide a more comfortable fit. The inclusion of a gusseted tongue helps secure the foot and enhances overall support.
  • Durability and design stays true to its reputation for durability, paired with a stylish design that appeals to both seasoned runners and casual wearers. Its build quality ensures it can handle daily mileage with ease.

HOKA Clifton 9

Brooks Ghost 15 Neutral Running Shoes

The Brooks Ghost 15 excels as a dependable, cushioned trainer ideal for everyday running. Its updates emphasize both performance and environmental responsibility, appealing to a broad spectrum of runners. Whether for short jogs or longer training sessions, the Ghost 15 delivers consistent comfort and support, solidifying its status as a favored choice among both new and seasoned runners. If you’re in the market for a reliable and sustainable running shoe, the Ghost 15 is a compelling option, offering good value for its price point.

Ghost 15 Neutral Running Shoes

Designer: Brooks

Key advantages of the Brooks Ghost 15 include:

  • Enhanced cushioning features the new DNA LOFT v2 cushioning in the midsole, which is lighter and softer, providing superior comfort for all-day wear.
  • Breathable support air mesh upper ensures breathability and comfort, reinforced with 3D Fit Print for structured support throughout the day.
  • Smooth transitions are equipped with a Segmented Crash Pad on the outsole for smooth, seamless transitions from heel to toe, which is ideal for prolonged standing or walking.
  • Eco-conscious materials composed of 71% recycled materials in the tongue and 89% in the vamp mesh, making it a great choice for environmentally conscious users.

  • Wide fit options available in a variety of widths (Men’s 2E, 4E / Women’s D), ensuring a comfortable fit for a broader range of foot sizes.
  • Reflective details strips of reflective material enhance visibility, adding an element of safety for those wearing the shoes from dawn till dusk.
  • Durable design built to withstand up to approximately 400 miles of wear, making it a durable option for daily use.

Ghost 15 Neutral Running Shoes

Nike Motiva

The Nike Motiva sets a new benchmark for walking shoes with its innovative features and superior comfort. Its unique rocker, combined with plush cushioning and a robust build, makes it an ideal choice for those seeking a versatile walking shoe that transitions smoothly into light jogging. The Motiva’s supportive and spacious design ensures comfort and performance throughout the day, making it an excellent choice for dynamic individuals.

Nike Motiva

Designer: Nike

Key advantages of the Nike Motiva walking shoes include:

  • Innovative rocker design stands out with its pronounced rocker design, enhancing natural walking motion and promoting fluid transitions from heel to toe, which is perfect for extended wear.
  • Exceptional cushioning is made with an exceptionally soft sole, offering luxurious cushioning that provides comfort with every step you take.
  • Durable and breathable upper part of the shoe’s designed to resist wear and tear while maintaining breathability, ensuring long-lasting comfort and durability.

  • Wide and stable base is constructed with a broad base that provides stability for both walking and occasional jogging, adapting effortlessly to a variety of daily activities.
  • Robust grip outsole is made for durability and excellent traction, making the Motiva reliable on different terrains, including urban concrete.
  • Generous fit breaks from the typical Nike mold with a wider and more forgiving fit, making it suitable for individuals with broader feet.

Nike Motiva

On Cloud 5

The On Cloud 5 is a notable choice in the lifestyle category, providing a mix of comfort, style, and sustainability. It’s a versatile shoe that easily goes from casual wear to light running, supported by On’s unique cloud technology for top-notch comfort. Whether for work or leisure, the On Cloud 5 promises to keep you moving comfortably with its soft cushioning and stylish design, showing why it remains a popular choice year after year.

On Cloud 5

Designer: On Cloud

Key advantages of the On Cloud 5 include:

  • Versatile design celebrated for its versatility, the On Cloud 5 effortlessly adapts from a casual lifestyle sneaker to a light running shoe. Its intelligent speed lacing system ensures a snug fit, making it easy to slip on and off, which is ideal for an active, on-the-go lifestyle.
  • Superior comfort thanks to the latest generation of On’s cloud technology, the On Cloud 5 provides exceptional comfort and cushioning. This shoe is designed to support and enhance your natural gait, making it perfect for all-day wear, from morning commutes to evening jogs.
  • Stylish and functional feature a sleek, urban aesthetic that fits well with any wardrobe. It combines Swiss design flair with practical features like a breathable and protective engineered mesh upper.

On Cloud 5

  • Sustainable construction because the On Cloud 5 incorporates 44% recycled materials in its design, making it an environmentally friendly choice for eco-conscious consumers.
  • Enhanced durability thanks to a durable outsole that provides reliable traction and stability on various surfaces, making it a dependable choice for daily wear.

On Cloud 5

HOKA Transport

The Hoka Transport is an excellent choice for those looking for a versatile shoe that can handle daily wear, casual outings, and light hikes. It offers the perfect blend of lifestyle appeal and performance with its protective features, comfort, and a strong focus on sustainability. Whether you’re walking around town, hitting gentle trails, or simply looking for a comfortable and stylish shoe that doesn’t scream “running,” the Transport is designed to meet a variety of needs. Its thoughtful design and durable construction make it a smart investment for those seeking both comfort and style in their daily footwear.

Designer: HOKA

Key advantages of the Hoka Transport include:

  • Versatile design is marketed as a crossover shoe, blending daily wear, lifestyle, and light hiking capabilities. It is designed to bring the typical Hoka comfort into a package that’s less focused on running, making it a great choice for those who want comfort without the running shoe aesthetic.
  • Comfort and support thanks to its extreme comfort, the Transport provides just the right amount of cushioning without being too soft, which helps conserve energy even after a full day on your feet. The shoe’s design incorporates a toe guard and a strong focus on sustainability, including a midsole made from 30% sugarcane EVA and a Vibram® N-OIL outsole with 90% petrol-free components.
  • Durable and protective material constructed from rip-stop Cordura and featuring a low-profile but grippy Vibram outsole, the Transport is built to last and is suitable for various settings, from city streets to light trails.

  • Ease of use includes elastic laces, along with a regular lace option, and a pull tab at the back, which makes the shoe easy to slip on and off, providing convenience for the wearer.
  • Reflective and Eco-Friendly material includes 360-degree reflective details for enhanced visibility and is made from materials that emphasize Hoka’s commitment to sustainability.

HOKA Transport

Nike Air Zoom Structure 25

The Nike Structure 25 revitalizes its series with advanced stability and a dynamic, responsive feel. This shoe is an excellent choice for moms who need dependable footwear capable of keeping pace with their busy lifestyles. It combines enhanced comfort and targeted support, ideal for extended daily wear, whether it’s running errands, chasing kids at the park, or a casual jog. The shoe’s classic yet updated design integrates seamlessly with both athletic and casual attire, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. The Structure 25’s durability and thoughtful design ensure long-lasting performance and comfort, embodying a perfect balance between traditional reliability and modern innovation.

Nike Air Zoom Structure 25

Designer: Nike

Key advantages of the Nike Air Zoom Structure 25 include:

  • Versatile stability characterizes the Nike Structure 25, which has transitioned from a traditional stability shoe into one that balances stable, neutral, and mild stability features. Engineered for daily mileage, it provides a firmer and more responsive ride, complemented by a classic lugged outsole and enhanced guidance features.
  • Comfort and fit deliver a snug-to-normal fit characteristic of Nike’s designs, offering a slightly retro aesthetic. It features a classic fit that comfortably accommodates a wide range of foot shapes. Enhanced support is provided through strategic design elements such as a heel clip and a substantial midfoot sidewall.

Nike Air Zoom Structure 25

  • Durable and supportive material made from durable materials and designed for long-term use, the Structure 25 features a robust outsole that offers good traction and durability across various terrains.
  • Enhanced features for stability thanks to a heel clip and firmer ride to guide the foot without being intrusive, suitable for runners who appreciate a blend of traditional and modern stability mechanics.
  • Weight and Responsiveness are due to a slight reduction in weight from previous versions. While remaining on the heavier side, this design choice emphasizes durability over speed. This design choice makes it ideal for daily training and extended wear rather than quick-paced activities.

Nike Air Zoom Structure 25

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20 Best Ways to Style Your Home Using Vases

One of the easiest ways to style your home is with vases, whether it be brimming with fresh, exquisite flowers or serving as ornamental artifacts. Vases lend a beautiful finishing touch to any space. Moreover, these versatile pieces can be showcased in a multitude of ways, be it when artfully grouped on a mantelpiece or a side table or as a captivating centerpiece on a dining table. The best part about incorporating vases is that they seamlessly blend into any room, making it possible to distribute your cherished pieces throughout your entire home.

Designer: Hideaki Miyauchi

Click Here to Buy Now: $39

1. Mantel Décor

Image courtesy of: pro_creator

Creating a beautiful mantel decoration involves arranging an assortment of vases with varying shapes and heights. It is highly recommended to opt for a collection of artisanal, handcrafted ceramic vases that not only serve as an appealing permanent display but are also versatile and can be filled with seasonal blooms, ensuring that the mantel maintains a fresh and attractive look throughout the year.

2. Inside the Niche

Image courtesy of: indigolotos

Image courtesy of: towfiqu98

Craft an eye-catching arrangement in a contemporary living space by adorning the niches with an artisan-crafted ceramic vase in abstract or transparent forms, artistic finishes, and even vibrant hues.

3. Brighten the Entrance Foyer

Image courtesy of: Mint_Images

As the entrance foyer forms the initial space that greets any guests, this space forms the most appropriate place for displaying vases that overflow with fresh flowers. In the entryway, a console table or sideboard becomes a vital inclusion that can be embellished with decorative vases and other artful objects, cherished family photographs, and one can introduce a touch of nature through strategically positioned plants.

4. Add Volume to Empty Spaces

Image courtesy of: StudioVK

Exceptional vases should be displayed to enhance empty corners by employing a set of two vases, either with similar or contrasting shapes, and filling them with dried flowers. This method not only adds character to the vacant space but also provides volume and an appealing design element.

5. Beautify with Bud Vases

Image courtesy of: Aeril01

Single stems in small vases can be equally as striking as a grand centerpiece and truly highlight the beauty of each bloom. One can employ bud vases for swift and sophisticated table arrangements, ranging from single stems to a combination of petite bouquets. Being lightweight, these vases can be easily relocated when it’s time to serve food, and there’s no need to be concerned about them toppling over due to their size.

6. Create a Centerpiece

Image courtesy of: bluejeanimages

Enhancing a center table or dining table with seasonal blooms or artificial flowers is a delightful way to infuse a room with both color and fragrance. Moreover, they serve as ideal accent pieces to adorn and enhance the interior decor. Note that while it’s always pleasant to have a vase on the dining room table when hosting, one can also adorn the sideboard with a few vases.

7. Colorful Vase Display

Vibrant vases provide an enchanting method to showcase lively blooms, crafting a vivid arrangement while also serving as a practical solution for hiding messy stems.

Image courtesy of: Rawpixel

A cluster of differently-sized and colorful vases creates a pretty display and makes a characterful addition to the interiors.

Image courtesy of: kathkarnowski

To create a breathtaking display, place a collection of them on a windowsill where they will sparkle in the sunlight.

Image courtesy of: annakhomulo

Various vases from the same series, featuring different colors and heights, come together to form an intriguing composition. Their slender necks look elegant but can hold only a limited number of flowers.

8. Arrange Sculptural Vases on the Table

Image courtesy of: svitlini

When curating the interiors with decorative vases, create rhythm and balance by incorporating vases of varying heights. Consider a single-color palette or opt for pieces with captivating sculptural shapes and textures. Alternatively, one can go for pieces from the same family but in different colors for a cohesive look.

9. A Tall Vessel for Artistic Branches

Image courtesy of: timofeevavalentina_foto

When enhancing your indoor spaces one can effortlessly craft a captivating sculptural centerpiece using just a few leafy branches. In this example, the tall vase has an earthy vibe and it is complemented with wheat spikelets.

10. Playful Pieces

Image courtesy of: natanavo

Vibrant hand-painted or unique-shaped vases form a beautiful display on the mantel, shelf, or side table. One can mix and match vases in various styles and materials to create an eye-catching arrangement. Whimsical vases can add a cheerful and playful touch to any interior making it a characterful addition.

11. Pair Vases with Different Heights

Image courtesy of: voronaman111

Go for floor vases in different heights just as in this image. For the spring and summer season, go for ceramics in nature-inspired textures and soothing tones like shades of blue or cream. Additionally, one can mix and match designs of different heights as the tall and short pieces impart a visually pleasing look.

12. On the Bedside Table

Image courtesy of: alinabuphoto

In this bedroom with a minimalist aesthetic, the bedside table incorporates a vase and transforms into a warm and inviting space.

13. On the Open Shelves

Image courtesy of: mariiaplosh

Enhance your open shelf with wall-color-matching vases by placing a vase on a lower shelf to add color and vibrancy to the interiors. For a longer-lasting arrangement, choose dried flowers, especially if the room lacks natural light. Hence one does not have to hide flower vases in a utility cabinet and can display them on open shelves or in a glass-fronted cabinet for an appealing and easily accessible presentation.

14. Add Tactility

Image courtesy of: liudmilas

These vases feature a three-dimensional pattern on their surfaces, introducing a tactile element to the interior decor. The timeless turquoise blue in a three-dimensional Criss cross design when paired with vibrant green plants, breathes life into the space.

15. Hanging Vases

Image courtesy of: Dimaberlin

Enhance your wall with multicolored hanging planters, creating a form of wall art that’s ideal for empty walls, adding character to them. The earthy hues of these planters can complement the decor, especially if it follows a nature-inspired color palette.

16. Add Pattern

Image courtesy of: kostiuchenko

The lively vase incorporates a design that adds visual appeal to a neutral environment. Make sure it complements the interior’s color palette to craft an energizing presentation. Unfilled vases can form striking arrangements, particularly when they boast charming hues, intricate sculptural shapes, and captivating textures.

17. Introduce Biophilia

Image courtesy of: Olesya22

This vase brings a touch of biophilia into the interior by incorporating vein-shaped patterns and a tactile quality on the golden vase. Leaf fronds further enhance the overall aesthetic.

Image courtesy of: avanti_photo

Just see how these vases, with assorted leaf-shaped designs and sizes, also imbue the interior with a biophilic atmosphere.

18. Infuse Tactility

Image courtesy of: oleksandrsh

Vases can introduce a tactile dimension to the interior, as seen here with the textured appearance of three distinct vase designs. While they exhibit variation, they share a common design theme.

19. Dual Color Vase

Image courtesy of: stockfilmstudio

A two-toned vase introduces color to the decor while harmonizing with the color scheme.

20. Metal Vase

Image courtesy of: ammarant

A metal vase not only adds a touch of luxury to the decor but can also function as a decorative object, and by adding branches, you can ensure they remain upright in tall vases.

These ideas will surely help you decorate your home with flower vases, a timeless decor accessory that has remained fashionable for centuries. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek and modern setup or a vintage one, you’ll always find a vase to match your personal style.

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Camper’s bliss: Nike’s convertible ISPA Metamorph Poncho will let you leave your tent at home

If you don’t mind the inconvenience of hiking to a dramatic campsite in a waterproof robe hanging all the way down to your ankles, you could leave your tent home and just head out on your adventure wearing the Nike ISPA Metamorph Poncho. Watch closely! The reversible and convertible poncho, created by Nike’s innovative division, is completely unique in style and function. Made from multiple layers of weather-resistant materials, the wearable converts into a functional tent to ensure you’re covered from the elements whenever the need arises.

ISPA (Improvise, Scavenge, Protect, Adapt) is a Nike sub-label that has been pushing the bounds of design across all categories, especially footwear, for years now, always innovating to the discrete demands of the city dwellers. This time around, the target is the fashion-conscious adventurers who may prefer this – inconvenience for me – convenience on their camping adventures.

Designer: Nike ISPA

The stylish ISPA Metamorph Poncho, whether you agree or not, is definitely the ultimate piece of all-season gear that stands out for its convertible design. Provided in a grayish colorway, this reversible wearable is made from – ISPA special–layered lightweight nylon. This option along with a two-way zip closure makes the poncho water-resistant and capable of handling the elements both as apparel and as a sunshade or tent.

Speaking of which, the Metamorph Poncho has a detachable hood and comes complete with collapsable tent poles, so you can just take it off your body, pitch it, and forget about the world outside. All this convenience with Nike ISPA branding throughout the poncho (visible on the outside of the tent when pitched) scales the price way past $600 ($620 to be precise), but that seems somehow acceptable for the fact that this poncho can fully transform into a one-man tent.

The Metamorph’s versatility is not limited to its transformation into a tent. When you’re not hiking to a remote campsite, but only loitering in the market, the Nike poncho can swiftly transition into an easy-to-carry bag to haul your groceries. ISPA has made the poncho tent available, but stock’s running out fast.

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This $144 battle rope boasts a clever ‘ropeless’ compact design for small homes and anywhere workouts

Whether you set up a home gym or have a gold membership at the fitness center down the street, you can always have a reason to skip the workout. But if you are among those who can skip a beat but not a session with the battle ropes; you would need the Z-Rope! A ropeless battle rope solution without the installation challenges, noise problems, and accessibility restrictions.

We come by hundreds of CrossFit accessories that vouch by their heart to assist you with full-body workout anywhere, any time. The new Z-Rope differs from them at the usability and functionality level. It’s highly portable, lightweight, and is an accessory that would let you indulge in high-intensity training in pin-drop silence. Just mind your breath, grunting, and foots taps, please!

Designer: Zest Up 

Click Here to Buy Now: $144 $180 (20% off) Hurry! Only 5 Days Left. Raised over $315,000.

It’s not easy to make space for fitness equipment in your apartment or carry all the routine accessories when you’re traveling for work or leisure. In either case you are deprived of choices and/or either have to settle for less or go without exercise. Z-Rope steps up as a solution worth considering for two reasons: it is a ropeless battle rope that fits conveniently in your backpack (measures 19×1.5 inches and weighs less than 2 pounds), and can let you workout like you would with battle ropes – without disruptive noises, furniture damage, or potential setup costs – at the convenience of the home or wherever your life takes you.

The Z-Rope is thus tailored for small spaces and gym enthusiasts who travel and find it difficult to get gyms with battle ropes in their locality. It enables the user to not only reap the benefits of battle rope workout, but the makers say, it can help them with 13+ workouts, including cardio and strength training at personal convenience. The full-power training with the ropeless battle rope can help, “effectively in building muscle, stamina, and endurance,” the makers note. For reference, 10 minutes of intense workout with the Z-Rope can provide cardiovascular benefits equivalent to an hour of tennis or 2 hours of running.

As for the design; the baton-like Z-Rope is highly durable. A pair features comfortable EVA foam handles attached to elastic springs. This design – without the ropes – mimics the wave movement of traditional battle ropes – operating almost noiselessly, so that you can exercise freely at home or in your hotel room late at night or in the early hours of the day. Like with the traditional battle ropes, the Z-Rope has been tested to not only help users with the strength training of arms and upper body, it also assists in toning the core muscles and provides strength and substance to the lower body through consistent use.

The Z-Rope is perfect for on-the-go workouts but also for compact homes where storing gym equipment becomes a bit of a hassle. Measuring just 19 inches long and weighing 900 grams (1.9 pounds), the Z-Rope unlocks a healthy lifestyle without the size, price, and commitment of a Peloton. The Z-Rope starts at just $144 and begins shipping as soon as May 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $144 $180 (20% off) Hurry! Only 5 Days Left. Raised over $315,000.

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Air drying rack can make your clothes smell nice and your room look pretty

One of the most annoying smells I can think of are clothes that dried indoors and did not get any air circulation. That musty smell can be suffocating, even if the clothes were actually cleaned upon washing. Those living in houses or condo units that do not have proper airing space for wet clothes may be familiar with this smell. But what if you can have a drying rack that not only helps your wet clothes dry but also add a pleasing scent to it even as it’s not actually aired outdoors?

Designer: Seungbin Lee

This is the idea behind Air Blossom, a concept for an air drying rack for those living in single households that don’t have proper air circulation. It lets your clothes dry while getting rid of the musky smell that comes from drying indoors through scent filters that are part of the drying process. Aside from this fragrant innovation, the rack can also turn into a display when not in use. Clothes drying on a rack are not the most aesthetically pleasing sight but afterwards, you can turn the rack into a piece of art in the background of your space.

On the surface, it looks like a folding table when not used for anything. When you unfold it and lock it down, it turns into an air drying rack that can is able to rotate your clothes as they dry. There is a filter on the side where you can put your preferred scent so your clothes will not have that dried inside musty smell. When you fold it up and want to use it as a display, the “blinds” close together to form a photo or a painting. It’s unclear if the image and the scent can be customized or if you have to choose from the different options available.

The photo renders show the air drying rack in different pastel colors so maybe you can choose from the one that can fit your home. As someone who lives alone and barely does any clothes washing but maybe still needs it every once in a while, something like this can come in handy.

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This absolutely genius floor mirror flips over into an ironing board to save space

You don’t need a tiny home to invest in some clever multi-functional furniture. Sure, it helps save money and space when you’ve got a product that serves different purposes, but then again, owning such cleverly designed products is cool too! In collaboration with the esteemed Taiwanese design brand, Unipapa, Medium2 Studio introduces the Flip Dual-Function Ironing Board Mirror, an ingenious solution that seamlessly integrates the functionality of a full-length mirror with that of an ironing board. This innovative fusion addresses the perennial household dilemma of storing bulky ironing boards while adding a touch of elegance to interior spaces.

Designer: Ping-Lun ChungFang-Yu Chen, and Yen-Ting Lin

While the concept of a dual-function ironing board mirror isn’t entirely novel, the journey from concept to commercialization for the Flip involved extensive research and innovation, ensuring its practicality for everyday use. The crux of its design lies in what they term the “adjustable span transition.” Balancing the requirements of an ironing board, which demands a broad span for stability, with those of a full-length mirror, which necessitates a compact span to minimize space usage, presented a unique challenge.

To tackle this challenge, they engineered a structure with an adjustable span mechanism. This ingenious feature allows the Flip Dual-Function Ironing Board Mirror to seamlessly transition between its two functions with ease. Whether you’re preparing for a crisp attire with the ironing board or checking your reflection in the mirror, the interconnected structure simplifies the operation, enhancing overall convenience.

One of the most notable aspects of the Flip is its simplicity and practicality. Storing an ironing board is no longer a bulky task but simply a matter of placing it back in its designated spot. This effortless integration of two household essentials into one sleek design epitomizes the ethos of practicality meeting elegance.

Designed for individuals who embrace a minimalist lifestyle and appreciate multifunctional, space-saving objects, the Flip Dual-Function Ironing Board Mirror is a game-changer. Its sleek aesthetic seamlessly blends into any interior decor while offering unparalleled functionality. Whether you reside in a compact apartment or a spacious home, the Flip adds a touch of sophistication while optimizing space usage.

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This Smart Light is what you get if a Disco Ball and Smart Bulb had a baby

If the 20th century had the lava lamp, the 21st century has the GLORB. It’s dynamic, portable, customizable, smart, heck, it’s even waterproof.

A geodesic sphere, where each individual facet is a dedicated LED panel. The GLORB isn’t your average smart home lighting solution. Forget the moon lamps of 2020, the sunset lights of 2021, and those atrocious astronaut-shaped projector lamps that still pass off as ambient lights. The GLORB might just be the most beautifully dynamic ambient smart light ever made.

Designer: Alexander Osika

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On the inside, the GLORB’s like any other smart bulb. It changes colors, connects to the internet, is audio-responsive, and has the ability to animate light patterns… But zoom out and you’ll see what makes the GLORB so alluring. Made up of 80 different triangular panels that light up in various colors, the GLORB looks like a disco ball, but instead of working on reflecting light, the GLORB itself comes to life by lighting up in uniquely different ways.

The app works by combining a palette and an animation. Save the combination as a favorite. Favorites can be placed into playlists that you can name for any specific occasion or mood.

The multiple panels allow the GLORB to come to life by breathing light and color. Roughly the size of a football, the faceted light can either be hung from the ceiling or used as a tabletop ambient light. It comes with its own stand, runs on 5V of power (which means you can operate it via a power bank too), and can be controlled by an app, through your smart home network, or even with music. The GLORB boasts compatibility with Alexa, Philips Hue, Homey, and Home Assistant, with future support for Google Home, Apple Home Kit, and even Matter.

You can stream your music directly to the GLORB.

The GLORB makes for a perfect ambient light during movie night, a house party, a backdrop for your vlog or podcast, or even to pair along with your RGB gaming gear. The 80 individual LED panels pulsate light, changing colors or breathing an individual hue to make it look like the lamp is living. Through the app, you can select from a variety of animations and adjust the brightness or pulsating speed. The app also lets you pair multiple GLORBs together so they shine in synchronicity, and an audio-responsive mode allows the GLORB to even respond to music, quite literally mimicking the dynamic appeal of a disco ball.

Each GLORB comes made from a mix of plant-based polymers as well as recyclable plastic. The GLORB comes paired with a dedicated faceted stand that also doubles up as a ceiling mount, letting you either keep the orb on a tabletop surface or hanging as an ambient pendant light. The light works without the stand too, running directly on a power supply or a power bank, and it’s water-resistant too, which means you could take it outdoors to upgrade your camping experience, place it in your garden for an ambient evening, or strategically arrange them around your swimming pool for the most incredible night-time pool party ever. The GLORB is both WiFi and Bluetooth compatible, and will get better with time through free OTA updates.

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $199 (35% off). Hurry, only 3/630 left! Raised over $381,000.

The post This Smart Light is what you get if a Disco Ball and Smart Bulb had a baby first appeared on Yanko Design.

3D vases pop up from this book to add some minimal geometric designs to your home decor

Flowers are things of beauty, whether it’s a single stem or a dozen heads. They have a naturally enchanting appearance that almost makes them feel like they come from a different world, one that’s filled with color, magic, and dreams. Those are the things that fairy tales are made of, so it’s not surprising that flowers often play an important role in these literally fantastic stories, even if just to create that mystical atmosphere. It may just be fiction, but you can bring a bit of that magic to your home with this elegant book that transforms into an enchanting pop-up vase that makes it look like your flowers are magically growing from the book, creating an atmosphere of awe and wonder at every turn of the page.

Designer: Hideaki Miyauchi

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A vase is traditionally made of glass, ceramic, clay, or even plastic, basically any rigid material that creates a stable vessel for flowers to stand in. These are also naturally water-resistant since the plants will need water to survive longer. The last thing you’d expect is for a vase to be made out of paper, let alone one that pops out from a book like one of those kids’ fairy tale books, but that’s exactly the enchanting story that this Flowery Tale vase wants to tell.

When you turn over the cover, you’re immediately greeted by a 3D silhouette of a vase cut out from the pages of the book. Turn the page and you’ll behold yet another vase design, equally graceful and beautiful as the first. A third design awaits you on another page, giving you the power to choose how you’d like the day’s floral arrangement to be. Even better, you can turn the book upside and it will still work as a proper vase, which means you have six possible variations to choose from.

The magic behind it is actually the glass tube that you insert into the spine of the book to hold the flower and the bit of water to keep the plant alive for a few more days. The tube can be inserted right side up or upside down and it will work just fine. All vase designs, however, have a narrow silhouette on the “top” and a larger shape at the “bottom,” so you can choose which side to use depending on the volume of the flowers you intend to place.

The pages of the book are made from 100% natural pulp paper, but you don’t have to fret about accidentally splashing it with water thanks to the “OK Rain Guard” water-resistant coating applied to the material. Whether you want to highlight a single flower or impress with a bouquet, this creative Pop-up Book Vase will set the perfect stage for your design and the epic story that is your life.

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