Retro-looking automatic washing machine brings smart washing functions

When it comes to functional appliances in my home, I’m not really particular with the design since I don’t have a specific aesthetic that I’m going for. What I need is something that’s affordable, can fit into my small space, and can do what needs to be done. Every once in a while though, when I see something that has a cute design, it piques my interest. Most of the time though these are just product concepts so I’m not really sure if it will translate well when it becomes a consumer product.

Designer: Yathin Krishna

This concept for an automatic front-load washing machine caught my attention because of its retro design. The Toshin Machine looks like a toy rather than an actual washing machine, looking like a cross between a lego set, a game boy and some other retro-futuristic kinds of devices. But it was designed to be an actual machine that should be able to automate your clothes-washing experience, whether you’re going for a quick wash or a steam clean and has a moon crystal drum and smart automated select features.

While you’d probably want to thoroughly wash your clothes, there are times when you don’t have enough time so the Quick Wash feature should come in handy. The Steam Clean is there so you can give your clothes a deep clean when you need to. Inside, you get a moon crystal drum with shaped ridges bringing a gentle tumble to your clothes when they’re being washed and the small exit water holes in the drum actually protect your fabric from being caught in the whirl.

The Toshin Machine also is designed to have a smart select AI that will suggest to you what’s the best mode to set for your machine depending on the weight data. Design-wise, the retro-futuristic look is pretty interesting as you don’t see a lot of washing machines with that kind of design. Now whether that will translate into an actual fully functional piece of appliance that both looks cute and does what it needs to do is another question. Even though I don’t wash clothes at home, I wouldn’t mind having this if it makes my life easier and if it looks that cute.

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These Tesla Sipping glasses uphold the company’s futuristic sci-fi vibe

Despite recent controversies involving Elon Musk and his acquisition of Twitter, his Tesla is still one of the most admired brands in the world. There are a lot of people who dream of owning one of their cars. Well if you can’t afford to get a car, maybe you can get one of their brand collectibles. We’ve seen limited edition backpacks, mugs, umbrellas, and a weird but interesting Cyberwhistle. They even have their own tequila brand in a weirdly-shaped bottle. If you need a sipping glass to go with that, you’ll now be able to get one.

Designer: Tesla

The Tesla sipping glass looks like something a character in a futuristic sci-fi movie would be using. It doesn’t look like your usual sipping glass as you can expect something from Tesla do be something different (weird is something that has been used as well). The glasses themselves have angular contours, mostly triangular in shape. They are engraved with the Tesla logo. The two glasses are then housed in a matching metal stand that also has the Tesla logo engraved.

The sipping glass set is priced at $75 and is now available to purchase on the Tesla website. It will be shipped after two weeks once you place your order so it can make it to your Christmas party if you want to show off a Tesla product without bringing them to your garage. There are probably more expensive (and a lot more cheaper) sipping glasses out there so the price tag is relatively “affordable” at least for branded ones, this brand in particular.

As a clumsy person, I’m not sure the shape of the sipping glass will prevent me from spilling my drink or dropping and shattering it. So this may not be something I’ll be getting. This will most likely appeal to fans of the Tesla brand which is what their other lifestyle products are meant to appeal to. We don’t know what percentage of those who purchase products like this are actually owners of Tesla products and which are just aspiring owners.

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Top 10 Japanese Designs Gift Guide to provide you with the ultimate minimalistic upgrade

It’s that time of year again when we start thinking hard about gifts we want to give. We all want to make an impact and leave a lasting impression, but most of us equate that with elaborate gifts that end up complicating people’s lives instead. Sometimes, the best things in life are the simplest, and it’s a philosophy that has permeated Japanese culture and design for centuries. Perfecting what is simple and turning it into a work of art is harder than you think, and these top ten designs embody Japanese minimalism that pays attention to every detail, no matter how small. From kitchen knives that make you feel like a ninja to an advanced teapot that makes the perfect brew every time, this gift guide will help you pick out some of the best ways to share that gift of simplicity with others and maybe pick one or two for yourself along the way.

1. All-in-One Grill

Cooking outdoors doesn’t have to be a hassle if you have an all-in-one tool to cook all kinds of dishes. Whether you’re barbecuing, frying, grilling, steaming, smoking, or just cooking a hearty stew, this modular grill has all the parts you need to cook a masterchef-worthy meal outdoors with your family. There’s even a special module to warm your bottles upright – perfect to get your mulled wine warm and toasty! Easy to use and easy to clean, this all-in-one tabletop grill frees you from worrying about preparation and cleanup, letting you simply focus on cooking great meals instead.

Click Here to Buy Now: $381 $449 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Cyber Monday sale ends in 24 hours!

2. Rotating Nail Clipper

Keeping your nails trimmed shouldn’t be difficult, but the tools that are available don’t make it easy either. If you’ve ever muttered under your breath while clipping your own nails or someone else’, then you know how difficult it can be to snip some parts of those nails. Who would have thought that the answer would be as simple as having that nail clipper turn its head to your convenience? With this Rotating Nail Clipper, you won’t have to strain your wrist or arm to get that perfect cut. Just swing the blade to the angle you need, and you’ll be brandishing properly trimmed nails in no time. Say goodbye to stressful clipping and say hello to beautiful nails each and every time.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $69 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Cyber Monday sale ends in 24 hours!

3. Iron Frying Plate

A mouth-watering presentation definitely helps the appetite, but sometimes it just takes too long to get food from the pan to your plate. Before you know it, the food’s no longer hot, and the flavors that you actually want have been left in the pan. So why not cut out the middleman and just eat from the very pan you cooked your food on? With this simple yet ingenious iron frying plate, you definitely can and even look good while you’re at it. The frying plate is designed to keep all the flavor where you want them, and an innovative wooden handle makes it easy to switch from cooking to eating in a flash. Never have to suffer with beautiful but lukewarm food when you can enjoy your meal while it’s hot with this beautiful frying pan and plate in one.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $69 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Cyber Monday sale ends in 24 hours!

4. Whiteboard Notebook

There’s nothing simpler than writing with pen and paper, but that simplicity might not always scale to the growing complexity of the human situation. We need more space to write on, but we also need to be mindful of how that’s killing our planet slowly but surely. Reusable paper sounds like a pipe dream, but thanks to technology and human creativity, that’s no longer the case. As its name suggests, this Whiteboard Notebook brings the familiar feeling of putting pen to paper with the virtually infinite space of a dry-erase board. With a simple wipe or wash, you can quickly erase the marks on a page and start anew. And thanks to the magnets that bind the removable pages, you don’t even have to worry about how your notes are arranged, giving you the freedom to move things just the way you want them. Taking notes doesn’t get easier or simpler than this!

Click Here to Buy Now: $67 $79 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Cyber Monday sale ends in 24 hours!

5. Upside-Downside Cup

We all know we need to stay hydrated to stay healthy, but few people really make a habit of drinking water, especially while working. Maybe it’s the inconvenience of not having a drinking container nearby or the reluctance to have a less-than-appealing bottle or glass on their desks. This stylish drinkware solves both problems by offering a cup within reach that looks beautiful whether you’re using it or not, though hopefully, you will be using it indeed. Designed to look like precious crystal, this cup has a lid that functions both as a cover as well as another cup for snacks. It can also be used to hold drinks for a guest or a special someone you might be sharing this gift with. Simple and beautiful, the Upside-Downside Cup breathes life to your desk and builds that water habit.

Click Here to Buy Now: $25 $29 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Cyber Monday sale ends in 24 hours!

6. Starry Wreath

Whether it’s the holidays or any other day, we all need a bit of glamour to spruce up our homes. What better way to delight the eyes than with a display of stars right on your living room wall! Set against the backdrop of fir branches, these star-bearing spheres bring together heaven and earth, the mystical and the mundane, in a beautiful composition that’s sure to light up the atmosphere and set the mood for a bright and lively evening. Experience the magic of a starry night sky anytime you want with a Starry Wreath on your wall.

Click Here to Buy Now: $84 $99 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Cyber Monday sale ends in 24 hours!

7. Precision Sakura Metal Puzzle

Give your brain a rewarding challenge with this all-metal puzzle that showcases one of the most iconic Japanese flowers. Each metal piece is carefully cut so that they look almost exactly similar yet have a precise position they need to be to complete this puzzle. And when all the pieces finally fall in place, the seams magically vanish to form a beautiful representation of the sakura or cherry blossom. Perfect for taking a break from work while still keeping your brain active and healthy. And when it’s all done, the beautiful flower makes for an exquisite decoration on your shelf or on your desk.

Click Here to Buy Now: $254 $299 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Cyber Monday sale ends in 24 hours!

8. Black Kitchen Knives

Stealthy yet ironically eye-catching, these Black Kitchen Knives are meant to be seen even when not in use. Made of molybdenum vanadium steel with titanium coating, these knives are made by craftsmen with deep roots in the Japanese art of sword making, ensuring that their sharp blades are not just for show. Feel like a ninja or a samurai as you slice and dice through ingredients, making short work of food prep and cooking. Experience the joy of using a finely crafted tool and the pride of having a handsome set of knives that you’ll definitely want to put on display in your kitchen.

Click Here to Buy Now: $72 $85 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Cyber Monday sale ends in 24 hours!

9. Smart Tea Pot

Making tea can be a complex process that involves varying temperatures and steeping times, but it doesn’t have to be complicated, thanks to technology. This rather cute Smart Tea Pot automatically picks the time and temperature depending on the tea leaves you’re using. Even better, it can change those factors to suit your mood and environment, brewing longer when you need a bit more caffeine or cutting it short when you need to wind down. All you need to do is put in the tea leaves and add water, and let the magic of technology do the rest. Its stylish design and the unique “Golden Drop” rotating infuser also make it a sight to behold. Make every tea time more personal and memorable with this smart yet simple teapot.

Click Here to Buy Now: $279 $329 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Cyber Monday sale ends in 24 hours!

10. Plate Grater

Who says you have to get both your hands dirty whenever you have to grate garnishes for your dishes? Shaped like a small plate that’s meant to be placed on a table, the Plate Grater introduces a novel way to make wasabi, daikon radish, or other garnishes using a circular motion that feels almost therapeutic. Its thin and lightweight body makes it easy to clean and store away until it’s needed again. Simple yet elegant, this distinctive grater offers a delightful way to add flavor to your meals anytime without cluttering the table with menacing metal tools.

Click Here to Buy Now: $55 $65 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Cyber Monday sale ends in 24 hours!

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Expansion tent concept brings better habitability and improved durability

If you go camping regularly, sometimes during different seasons and with different people, you probably have different kinds of tents that will suit the environment and the company. But what if you could have just one tent which you can adjust and change the shape to suit your needs and the number of people that can stay inside? Of course you would want to have that one instead of having several at your disposal (unless you plan to collect different kinds of tents of course).

Designer: Yeonguk Choi

The 2/3 home is a concept for a backpacking tent that can be expanded, folded, and changed depending on what you need, what season it is, and how many people will be staying inside. It’s a combination of tunnel-type tents and alpine tents but with supposedly much easier ways to assemble, pack, store. The designers experimented with different kinds of materials and types of tents until they were able to find and develop a concept that can hopefully become an actual multi-functional tent.

Using woodwork and nylon 15D fabric in the trial and error phase, they were able to come up with something that works using 20D fabric and Monolite lip-stop nylon mesh for the ventilation part. They also used various plastic subsidiary materials for the other parts and DAC press fit 8.7mm for its tent pole. Basically, the final product is “a backpacking tent that expands with you”. The Duo Mode, as its name states, is meant for two people with an alpine tent model while the Trio Mode is the expansion mode that can accommodate three people.

The Duo Mode is compact, easily installed with its one main pole and two ridge poles. Aside from its small size, it’s also built to withstand some strong weather conditions including strong winds with its bow-like bent tent. It’s also more “livable” than the normal alpine tent since the interior has a hexagonal shape. The Trio Mode is where you can add a separate tent extension to connect to the duo mode. Aside from being able to fit in three people, it’s more habitable because you get more space and is recommended for use during winter.

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Top 10 travel gadgets gift guide you need to easily create the ultimate influencer-worthy content

Wanderlust unleashed – that is the best way I can describe the global mood after the pandemic and its assisted quarantine ended. One thing we have learned however is to value and maximise every opportunity we have instead of taking it for granted. From business travels to personal vacations – the aim is to maximise and enjoy the opportunity provided because we’ve learned to not take things for granted. The last thing you want in this travel you experience is to realise you’ve forgotten how to travel smart. Well, worry not, we have you covered! Continuing our series of gift guides focusing on solving 2022’s problems, today’s guide is all about your travel essentials. Whether you travel for leisure, for business or are a content creator aiming to be the influencer who takes social media by storm – we have translation earbuds, tripods, influencer-endorsed photography bags and even water purifier bottles to keep you hydrated, wherever you go!

1. SnapGrip

Your phone’s camera is easily the most powerful piece of imaging tech you probably own. The only problem is that it’s an ergonomic nightmare. Who knew holding your phone with one hand and trying to tap the shutter button on the screen could be this difficult?? The SnapGrip makes things easier by turning your phone into a makeshift DSLR camera. It snaps onto the back of your iPhone using MagSafe, or Android phone using a magnetic ring adapter and gives you a handy grip to hold onto as you use your phone’s camera. The SnapGrip also comes with its own shutter button that makes clicking photos or recording videos incredibly ergonomic with a single hand… and if you want to switch from landscape to portrait, all you need to do is just tilt your phone 90° and mount it onto the SnapGrip! The grip also works like a dock, letting you place your phone vertically on tabletop surfaces, and the SnapGrip’s internal battery lets it double as a wireless power bank when you’re not perpetually clicking photos like a shutterbug. If all that somehow wasn’t enough, the SnapGrip extends its use by also allowing you to snap on additional accessories like a tripod stand or ring-light!

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $130 $149.97 (13% off with the Black Friday Sale)

2. Timekettle M3 Translation Earbuds

Timekettle entered the market in 2017 with its groundbreaking and award-winning WT2 earbuds that touted real-time translation, followed by the M2 in 2021, and now they’re finally back with their third iteration – the M3. What is traveling without interacting with the people local to the environment and the M3 provide a solution to that dreaded language-barrier. Much like a KitKat, the M3 is meant to be split in half and shared. You simply hand it over to another person, and the two of you can have a harmonious conversation in different languages, as the earphones translate both languages simultaneously, in real-time, without the need for the internet! The M3 supports the translation of 40+ languages and 93 accents in real-time. It features a more ergonomic form as compared to the M2, better Active Noise Cancelation, and professional-grade EQ tuning abilities. In fact, Timekettle says that M3’s translations are accurate 95% of the time, and have an impressive 0.5-second delay only. The earbuds are supported by the world’s leading translation engines – DeepL, Google, Microsoft, iFlytek, AmiVoice, Hoya, and even Timekettle’s own engine.

Click Here to Buy Now: $108 $149.99 (25% off for Prime Members + Additional 5% discount with coupon code “YDESIGN22”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

3. Peak Design’s Travel Tripod

Most tripod designs come with a hollow channel running through their center, given that the cylindrical legs create a triangular negative space when closed together. Peak Design’s Travel Tripod doesn’t and as a result, is designed to be stronger, more compact, and easier to carry than the average tripod. Forged from carbon fiber that makes the tripod ridiculously light while giving it strength and durability, the Travel Tripod weighs less than 3lbs, but can take up to 20 lbs of weight. It also adjusts to heights of 5 feet (60 inches), and comes with precisely machined dials, knobs, and details that let you easily and intuitively position and angle your camera. A machined aluminum ball head lets you angle your camera however you please, and the carbon fiber construction means the Travel Tripod can take on even the heaviest of camera setups without buckling or suffering wear and tear. The tripod allows you to mount your camera in landscape or portrait, even letting you mount it upside down, facing the ground between the camera’s legs. The legs open out a full 90°, allowing the tripod to sit flat on any ground for low shots. There is an alternative version machine from aluminium and perhaps my favorite feature – each Travel Tripod comes with a built-in mount for your smartphone too!

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $323 $379.95 ($57 off with the Black Friday Sale)

4. The Everyday Camera Line: Peter McKinnon X NOMATIC

Designed by photographers, for photographers, the Everyday Camera Bag is a backpack that lets you carry your life and gear comfortably and in an organized manner. At the heart of the Everyday Camera Bag is its spacious interiors, which can be separated into various modules thanks to the bag’s ladder and divider system. Originally designed for camera gear, this system can be used to store a camera and multiple lenses, or even organize clothes, EDC, tech, and other belongings you may want to carry around with you. The bag’s panel opens 180°, letting you view and access all your gear equally, and the padded divider walls keep your belongings from hitting against each other – a feature that’s extremely useful for delicate lenses. The bag’s 25L capacity is perfectly sized for any and everyone. It comes with a laptop sleeve (obviously), magnetic enclosures for your belongings, a bottle/tripod holder on the side, and is designed to be comfortable to wear, durable over time, and water-resistant for those days when the weather isn’t in your favor. Oh, and each bag comes with a lifetime warranty with a promise to repair or replace your bag if it’s defective or damaged.

Click Here to Buy Now: Backpack Starting from $320 $399.99 ($80 off with the best deals of the year under the Black Friday Sale)

5. LARQ Self-Cleaning Water Purification Bottle

How often do you clean your water bottle? Probably once a month? A year, maybe?? The LARQ Bottle basically cleans itself every couple of minutes. With a UVC LED built into the cap and a stainless steel construction that helps reflect the UV light, the LARQ Bottle basically cleans itself and disinfects the water in the bottle, killing 99.9999% of bacteria (talk about being effective) and 99.99% of viruses in your drinking water. The result is pure drinking water that’s germ-free, and a bottle that remains clean and odorless even with daily use. Designed with the world’s first portable mercury-free purification system, the bottle relies on 280nm wavelength UVC LEDs that can be activated simply by tapping the top of the bottle cap when the LARQ Bottle’s closed. Lights around the rim of the cap let you know that the UV lights are at work, and in just 60 seconds, you’ve got yourself a bottle and water that’s absolutely germ-free!

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $84 $99 (15% off and get up to 33% off sitewide)

6.Wiral LITE Cable Cam

Lets be honest – while we do love to travel, we also love getting these seemingly impossibly beautiful shots that are sure to invoke memories as well as envy from everyone who sees these pictures. You have the latest smartphone camera to take beautiful regular pictures but the Wiral LITE is the cable cam/ photographer you always want on your side. Designed to be portable, foldable, lightweight and user-friendly, you can now easily create beautiful video effects to take social media by storm. The components include a universal camera mount and an intuitive attachment system that can be set up in less than 3 minutes. The system can also be easily set up in narrow spaces and since this is not a drone, you can get amazing high-level shots even in no-fly zones! The accessory of your dreams is here to be easily packed and carried with you and it also works with your existing photography setups.

Click Here to Buy Now: $399

7. BauBax Travel Jacket

The regular lumpy jacket which has been the travel essential till date gets a fresh tech-infused avatar with the BauBox 3.0 that boasts of over 15 features. Yup, you read that right! This jacket is actually a genie disguised as a jacket because it can hold and bring out all your travel essentials whenever you need them, some of which you did not think was needed until now – such as having a dedicated charger pocket, a drinks pocket, a tablet pocket and even a face mask! For your in-flight comfort, the jacket holds an inflatable neck pillow, hand warming pockets and even an eye mask! Given the detailed nature of the jacket and its multifunctional behaviour, this jacket almost removes the need to carry a small bag or fanny pack, creating an overall sleeker, more focused and improved boarding and flying experience that is sure to be memorable.

Click Here to Buy Now: $179 $250 ($71 off and get up to 40% off sitewide)

8. BOLD Graphene Power Bank

Does your power bank charge your phone, watch, earbuds, Nintendo Switch, AND your laptop together? Didn’t think so! Realizing that the world needed a powerful, versatile, capable power bank, the folks at UZE built BOLD, a gadget so capable, it can charge as many as 6 devices at once… including your laptop! Touted as arguably the world’s most powerful power bank, BOLD comes with a 27,000mAh/100Wh battery that’s capable of a 260W power output. Fast charging be damned, the BOLD can rapidly and simultaneously charge multiple devices at once! BOLD comes with Panasonic LiPO graphene battery cells sitting inside an aluminum case that helps with heat dissipation. A glass panel on the top lets you charge your phone as well as your Apple Watch, and 4 more ports on the side let you hook BOLD to a slew of other devices. If that wasn’t powerful enough, BOLD even comes with an LCD screen on the top that tells you your battery levels and power delivery stats. Designed for ultimate power on the go, BOLD is rated for airline travel, and is the only pocket-sized power bank with the ability to simultaneously charge your laptop, phone, smartwatch, tablet, headphones, drone, and multiple other devices. Simultaneously!!

Click Here to Buy Now: $249

9. TourBox Elite

Meet the TourBox Elite, the bluetooth controller to rule them all. As a creator, keyboard shortcuts are a way of life. Wake us up in the middle of night and place our keyboard in front of us, we will be able to trace out our most used functions in our favourite app on muscle memory alone. That is, until we got the TourBox – a tiny box that allows you to control your brush controls, video editing, audio editing or image manipulation – you have a software to work with, the TourBox will have you working using just one hand! The TourBox uses haptic feedback to deliver precision controls, which makes it very easy to get used to the device and run the device without looking – overall increasing your speed, efficiency as well as productivity. An added bonus, the TourBox can be used as a MIDI controller, helping you create music whenever the inspiration strikes you!

Click Here to Buy Now: $214 $268 ($54 off)

10. Pivo Interactive Pod

To describe Pivo is difficult because there is no common device that we can refer to unless you experience it. And it promises a dazzling experience! Pivo is your personal photographer/ smart assistant/ director you’ve been waiting for. While solo travel is all the trend, sometimes we need that added help so our output and content created matches our original imagination. The Pivo comes to your rescue with 9 Quick Create Modes, 2 auto-follow modes and live streaming as well. Using app-driven motion tracking, faster 360 degree turning and intuitive editing modes, Pivo ensures you always stay in the frame. Additionally, the Pivo’s 6 hours of battery life and 161gm body weight means the Pivot stands tall in this segment by being, possibly, the lightest camera crew you can ever have!

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $85 $140 ($55 off with sitewide Black Friday Deal)

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Top 10 EDC Gear Gift Guide your toolkit needs to be prepared for life’s adventures

Often referred to by its acronym EDC, EveryDay Carry as a category of products has absolutely taken off in the past couple of years. With objects like phones becoming absolute essentials and wallets becoming objects of art and desire, the idea of having a set of EDC is almost a part of one’s personal style guide. While your phone, wallet, and keys are undeniably some of the things you’d carry with you everywhere, EDC today has a much broader appeal, even including things like pocket knives, multitools, tech accessories, and even desirable stationery. Now we don’t mean to toot our own horn here but we’re kind of experts in the EDC domain and our gift guides are the best of what we offer. We’ve been covering it as a category for a good part of 20 years, and the 2022 gift guide captures some of our absolute favorites, from pocket knives and multitools to tech accessories and some incredibly stylish personal gear. Here’s the kicker. They’re all portable, compact, and are designed to be carried with you anywhere!

1. GPCA Carabiner

Never has a carabiner been so feature-rich! The GPCA Carabiner is literally a multitool in its own right. It comes with a robust design that is capable of carrying loads as heavy as 200lb, but tucked away in its sturdy design are a whole range of useful EDC tools, including a box-cutter, bottle opener, Philips and flat-head screwdrivers, a pry-tool, and a secret capsule-shaped hiding space underneath the carabiner’s knurled locking ring. While the carabiner’s design lends itself rather well to securing things like keys to your belt or your backpack to a secure pole, the broad shape is also easy to grip and maneuver, allowing you to open boxes and bottles with ease, as well as apply a fair bit of torque to tighten or loosen screws. The carabiner’s titanium construction makes it practically indestructible, and the folks at GPCA even make things official with a lifetime warranty on the carabiner’s design and performance.

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $39.99 $49.99

2. Tekto Romeo Knife

With a name that embodies its slick attitude and killer instinct, meet the Romeo, a pocket knife from Tekto that’s slim, lightweight, and incredibly capable. The knife measures 4.29 inches when closed and opens to reveal a 3.35-inch American Tanto-style blade made from M390 steel – an incredibly resilient metal that holds its edge far longer than most common alloys while being resistant to corrosion and rust. The blade folds into a deceptively slim carbon-fiber handle that provides just the right amount of grip and maneuverability. The entire knife weighs a mere 0.09lbs (41 grams), making it one of the lightest, most durable EDC pocket knives you can own. The Romeo’s slim design fits easily into any pocket, can be opened/deployed with a single hand, and each knife also comes with a pocket clip that lets you secure it to your clothes to carry around with you!

Click Here to Buy Now: $96 $119.99 (20% off with exclusive coupon code “YANKO”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

3. Outlery Travel Cutlery

Made to be just marginally larger than an AirPods Pro case, this nifty little EDC helps eliminate tonnes of ocean plastic in the form of disposable cutlery. Meet Outlery, a portable travel-friendly cutlery kit made for the outdoors. It comes in a pocket-sized design that’s easy to roam around with, and is compact enough for camping trips, and stylish enough for restaurants too. Outlery sports a split-body design featuring threaded components that can be put together in less than a minute. Just grab the cutlery you need, thread the handles on, and you’re ready to eat! Each piece of Outlery is made from durable stainless steel that can last for decades without losing its shine, while remaining easy to clean. The individual cutlery pieces sit in a recycled tin case, that is light, robust, and fits the Outlery perfectly. There’s absolutely no plastic used in the Outlery, and its compact, reusable design promises to offset the tonnes of disposable plastic spoons, forks, and chopsticks that would otherwise end up in landfills and our oceans!

Click Here to Buy Now: $32 $49.99 (36% off for Black Friday sale)

4. SwitchPen by CrushMetric

Equal parts writing instrument and magical tactile toy, the SwitchPen is the brain-child of Noah Deledda, an artist who’s worked extensively with denting aluminum cans in ornate, origami-inspired patterns to create sculptures out of them, almost like they’re made from paper. The SwitchPen pretty much condenses Deledda’s art form to the shape and size of a seemingly normal pen. Built with a metallic plastic exterior, the pen instantaneously crumples into a beautiful triangular geometric patten when the lever on top is pulled down. This in turn also deploys the pen’s nib, so that texture now becomes a tactile gripping surface while you write. The SwitchPen isn’t your ordinary pen, though. It looks rather boring when the nib is retracted, but pull that lever down and the pen’s guaranteed to amaze literally anyone! The way the metallic outer sleeve contorts into a beautiful geometric pattern feels almost indistinguishable from magic, and will easily give you hours of fun, amazement, and curiosity!

Click Here to Buy Now: $12 $14 (15% off applied directly at checkout). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

5. AirTag Carabiner

Just the way peanut butter and jelly turned out to be the greatest culinary combination ever imagined, the AirTag and the Carabiner Clip are (at least in my heart) the greatest EDC combination there can be. The carabiner is an incredibly handy little tool. It lets you easily carry your keys, tools, and other EDC by letting you hook them to yourself or your bike, or secure your backpack by hooking it to a pole. Combine that with an AirTag and you’ve got a carabiner that doesn’t just secure items, it lets you track them too! Crafted out of metal, this AirTag Carabiner is individually handmade and fits one AirTag into its hollow space. Once you’ve fixed an AirTag in, the Carabiner can easily be tracked by any iOS device using their FindMy feature. The AirTag Carabiner is available in a choice between Duralumin (a hard, lightweight Aluminum-Copper Alloy), Brass, and Stainless Steel, and is perfect for hooking to your keys, backpack, or even your umbrella (if you’re the kind to forget it everywhere!)

Click Here to Buy Now: $102 $120 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Black Friday sale ends Nov 28th.

6. InCharge XL

Never underestimate the power a good charging/data cable has over your tech and your life. A good cable is the perfect blend of universality, power, durability, and portability. A good cable is inCharge XL, in short. Measuring up to 10 feet in length, the inCharge comes with interchangeable heads, allowing you to alternate between USB-C, Lightning, and MicroUSB on one side, and USB-A and USB-C on the other side. This effectively allows one cable to practically charge all your devices, from your phone and earbuds to your power bank, gaming console, tablet, drone, DSLR, heck… even your laptop! The 10-foot long cable comes with a whopping power delivery of 100W, letting you fast charge pretty much all your devices and even juice your laptop. It also comes with a flat design that never tangles, and is braided with Nylon and Aramid fibers, which means it’ll practically last forever!

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $23 $29 (20% off at checkout).

7. Flip Flip Kinetic Skill Toy

The Flipo Flip is a pocket-sized kinetic skill toy that flips, rolls, and falls at the same time! This oddly satisfying and addictive fidget toy has been precision machined out of solid metal. It is perfectly balanced and mathematically analyzed to maintain a fascinating motion of flipping, rolling, and falling – simultaneously! The mesmerizing movement created by the toy is fun and calming at the same time, as it allows you to take a break from your hectic day and take a moment to recharge. You can flip the toy around easily, but if you explore deeper and challenge yourself, you’ll realize that you need a certain level of skill and practice to maintain the motion of continuous flips and rolls. For this you need to discover and learn the right type of movement, as well as the power of the tip – sometimes a gentle push leads to an intensive push which creates the most flips. Hence a bit of practice and experience makes playing with this toy even more exciting and challenging!

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $22 $29 (20% off at checkout).

8. The Groove Wallet

The wallet is by far the most quintessential EDC gear. You might forget your phone, you may even be one of those detoxers who doesn’t carry their phone… but if you live in a capitalist human society, you need your wallet. The wallet holds all your cards, including your payment cards, business cards, access cards, and ID cards, making it arguably one of the most important things in your pocket. So why is it still made from leather using a century-old design? Meet the Groove, an incredibly sleek all-metal wallet that slides right into your pocket, without creating that ugly bulge your leather wallet bestows upon you. Measuring a mere 0.33 inches, the Groove Wallet has enough space for 6 cards, and a reliably fun interaction that pops the cards out in ascending order, allowing you to see all your cards and pick the one you need. The wallet comes made entirely from 6063 aluminum with no plastic or elastic parts. This not only means it’s inherently waterproof and RFID-blocking, but also that it’s incredibly reliable and long-lasting. In fact, each Groove wallet is backed by a 94-year warranty! No kidding!

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $99.95 (Buy one, Get one free on some items).

9. ProGrip Ergonomic Battery Grip for Phones

Here’s a statistic that should absolutely break your brain. Of all the images that exist online today, a whopping 92.5% of them are from smartphones. The smartphone camera, without a doubt, is the world’s most popular camera… but I’ll be honest – it isn’t the most comfortable to use. There’s nothing ergonomic about holding a smartphone up to take a photo or video, and everyone knows the nightmare that is trying to use your smartphone camera with one hand. That’s where the ShiftCam ProGrip comes in handy. Inspired by a DSLR camera’s battery grip, the ProGrip attaches to your phone using a magnetic mounting feature, giving it a whole host of great features. Aside from being more ergonomic to hold, the ProGrip also comes with its own shutter button so you don’t have to nearly break your thumb trying to hit the button on the screen. It also lets you rotate your phone on the magnetic mounting area and use the camera in portrait or landscape mode, and by far my favorite feature – the ProGrip actually comes with its own built-in batteries that work as a wireless power bank for your phone, keeping it charged over long photoshoots! The ShiftCam ProGrip works with a whole bunch of phones (not just the iPhone), and also allows you to mount accessories like a flash, tripod, or even a smartphone camera lens to absolutely upgrade your phone photography skills!

Click Here to Buy Now: $120 $149.99 for the Starter Kit.

10. Last Tissue

The convenience of pulling a tissue from a box with the sustainability of a cotton handkerchief. Meet LastTissue, an unusual EDC that hopes to eliminate the disposable wipe almost entirely. Designed with a silicone case that holds up to 6 reusable cotton handkerchiefs, LastTissue lets you ‘grab a tissue’ just the way you would from a Kleenex box, but instead it’s designed to be both compact and reusable. Pull the handkerchief out, use it, and you can put it right back in the LastTissue box. A silicone barrier separates new tissues from used ones, keeping things conveniently clean and sorted. Once you’ve used all tissues, they can be washed in the washing machine at temperatures up to 140°F (60°C), effectively cleaning and sanitizing them. The silicone case can be boiled or chucked in the dishwasher to give you a fresh, disinfected case for your washed handkerchiefs. The LastTissue is infintely reusable, and comes with no plastic parts. The case is made from 100% latex-free silicone, while the kerchiefs inside are GOTS certified organic cotton!

Click Here to Buy Now: $22.80 $24 (5% Black Friday discount. Stacking up to 40% off).

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Conveyor-inspired chairs bring a stark, minimalist look to your space

In this age of consumerism and materialism, there is a tendency sometimes for us to feel like we’re the products instead of just being a consumer. We see a lot of works of art, from movies to books to actual pieces of art, that speak to the fact that we are both the ones that consume and that we are being consumed as well. Did you ever think that this can be reflected in a chair that is both functional and artistic in its form and aesthetic? That’s what the CNVYR series from a Seoul-based designer and studio is all about.

Designer: Woojin Park for 1//plinth Studio

Those metal seats at the airport waiting area are not made to be the most comfortable and are not the prettiest as well. They serve a function which is to let us sit and wait for our flights so there’s really no need to make them look good. This CNVYR series reminds me of those metallic, cold seats but this time, there’s some aesthetic behind it and there seems to be an underlying message as well. You get a sense of sitting on a combination of conveyer belt and airport seat that is both stark and comfortable.

Aside from the tongue-in-cheek reference to consumerism, these conveyor chairs are also modular. You can refigure the detachable steel parts to create a seat for your needs or that which feels most comfortable. You will be able to place the steel pipes and different angular components in different positions. The conveyor belt material will also be tested in terms of flexibility for the modular design that you choose and also for the actual person sitting in the chair.

The chairs can also be combined to create a couch, which is what reminds me of airport chairs. The product renders show off dark blue and green colors for the conveyor textile in keeping with the minimalist and stark aesthetics. As I usually go for warm and comfortable-looking furniture in my house, I would probably not get one, but that’s just me. I can understand the appeal of these CNVYR chairs especially for those that prefer this kind of look.

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This handsome flask concept will help you get that water habit down

Everyone knows we need water to survive. Some are even aware that we need a certain amount of water each day to stay healthy. Few, however, boast that they are able to meet the minimum amount that their bodies need, often drinking only during meals or when they’re already feeling thirsty due to dehydration. Most of the time, it’s mostly due to being too busy to even remember to drink, and not many people make an effort to set regular reminders to do so every day. Of course, we now have technologies that can make that a thing of the past, like this smart bottle that reminds you to drink up while looking stylish on your desk.

Designer: Arthur Leroy

It’s still an extremely small and niche market, but there are already a number of water bottles that are adding a few tricks to get people to drink more and stay healthy. Almost all of these come in a typical water bottle shape, that is, a large cylinder with a small mouthpiece. Some add colors and patterns to add a bit of variety and life, but that’s not the only design possible for this kind of container.

WATR takes its form after a hip flask, one that’s completely flat rather than curved. It’s a shape that most will probably associate more closely with alcoholic drinks, but there are water bottles that do have this kind of design. While some might argue that it is less efficient in terms of the volume it can hold, it’s hard to argue that its unconventional shape makes it eye-catching, especially when done in a very distinctive style such as this.

The smart water bottle’s absence of curves, save for the bottle cap, gives it an industrial aesthetic, while the thin bar of light at the top makes it feel almost futuristic. That light bar indicates the amount of water you have consumed, which can be set through a mobile app, as well as the bottle’s battery level. All the action, however, happens on that mobile app, particularly when it comes to reminding you to take a gulp.

The WATR design also takes a few steps toward sustainability, particularly in how easy it would be to replace parts as well as the use of recycled aluminum for the main body. All the electronics are crammed into a module that can be swapped easily with a replacement. Whether that’s the best place for such electronics, however, will probably depend on how waterproof it will be. There’s still some room left for improvement, particularly with the smartness of the water bottle. It can, perhaps, be made to detect how much water is actually left inside to warn the owner that it’s time to fill it up again. Nonetheless, it’s a refreshing take on the standard smart water bottle design, one that could stand proudly on your desk even when you’re not actually using it.

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Top 10 Living Room Accessories gift guide to achieve your lifestyle goals along with your interior goals

Did you know the term “living room” dates back to the 1890s? The term was invented by Edward Bok, editor of the Ladies’ Home Journal to describe the primary space of a house. These rooms were originally called parlors, and were used as entertaining spaces for guests. Bok came up with the idea that these rooms were also for ‘living’ and not just for entertaining guests once a week. Thus, the idea of a personalized space was born. The Living Room, as Bok suggested, is supposed to be a place that reflects your personality and your sense of living. So we decided to curate products that are uniquely useful as well as aesthetic, making your home worth ‘living’ in! These include whimsical lamps shaped like the moon, minimalist furniture that can expand to accommodate more people, a wooden map to chart your wanderlust and some more surprises in this list. One thing is for sure, you will not be able to ignore these awesome pieces!

1. Briiv Air Filter

When we say air purifier, the first thing that comes to mind is a clunky box sitting in a corner that is hopefully improving the air we breathe. While that may be efficient, it is certainly not aesthetic which is why Briiv created a revolution with its launch. Briiv is a household terrarium that removes HEPA filters and UV lights for something more natural in its approach. The filter holds special, sustainable-grown dried moss that purifies your air by trapping harmful particles, killing microorganisms and in return releasing fresh clean air. Briiv is as powerful as 3,043 medium size houseplants and sitting underneath the moss are multiple bio-filters, including one made from loosely woven coconut fibers, another filter comprising carbon-infused hemp, and a woollen microfibre filter that together combines to filter particles as small as PM 0.3. This natural approach allows us to reduce wastage caused by discarded HEPA filters. Briiv is the future of sustainable design – merging natural components with technology to create products that help us lead a better life!

Click Here to Buy Now: $337

2. Gingko Smart Moon Lamp

There’s something rather romantic about looking at the moon from your bedside window. I’d argue there’s something even more romantic about having the moon levitating on your table! Meet the Smart Moon Lamp from Gingko, a levitating orb designed to look exactly like the moon and glow like it too! 3D printed out of transparent PLA, the Smart Moon Lamp comes with a wonderfully textured design that resembles the moon’s cratered surface. Built-in LEDs shine to give the moon its signature glow, while it levitates and spins on its wooden base, suspended in place by a strong rare-earth magnet. Tapping on the base lets you cycle through the Smart Moon Lamp’s 3 glowing modes, warm yellow, warm white, and cool white, while a 12V-1A AD adapter powers the entire magical lighting experience. Turn to the moon for your pensive moments, or for faux lunar photography, or just as the perfect ambient light for your room at night!

Click Here to Buy Now: $170 $199 (15% off with exclusive coupon code “GDGIFT4YOU”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

3. Transformer Table

It isn’t often that we get to feature a product so popular that it held the position of Instagram’s number 1 watched product video. Meet the Transformer Table – a table so unique, it can expand from a single-seater to a table long enough to seat 12 people (that’s the entire Last Supper sans Judas!) Designed for people in small apartments who occasionally like hosting guests, the Transformer Table’s one-of-a-kind stretching ability allows it to go from a mere 18 inches to up to 10 feet long! The table’s secret sauce lies in its design and its incredibly robust telescopic sliding mechanism that allows the table to expand up to 7 times in length, while still being able to hold well over 750 pounds of weight on top. The Transformer Table pairs along with the Transformer Bench, which expands to match the table’s width (and comes free along with the purchase of the Table as a special holiday combo). Both the table and bench expand rather easily (and can be operated by a single person) and come crafted from the highest quality hardwood with a waterproof AND flame-retardant finish.

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $2179 $2299 ($120 off with exclusive coupon code “YANKO120”and get the Transformer Bench valued at $799 for free as a special holiday combo). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

4. Teno Speaker & Light

Do you know what Kintsugi is? It’s the art of mending broken ceramics using gold to seal the cracks. The Teno by Lumio uses this crack as a design detail! The beautiful lamp + speaker is inspired by a cracked bowl and it uses a cracked exterior that gently separates into two. As the crack widens, you begin to see the signs of life underneath as the lamp below is revealed, shining through the cracks with its life-affirming message of hope. When shut, Teno functions as a beautifully crafted bowl sculpture, when partially cracked, it reveals a soft and warm light, and functions as a lamp. And when fully opened, it’s a powerful speaker, which releases a rich sound that you can control through touch. The bowl-shaped outer body comes cast in resin and sand, deviating entirely from the plastic, fabric, and metal you’d find in other lamps and speakers.

Click Here to Buy Now: $228 $325 (30% off)

5. Avril Shoe Rack

If your worst nightmare consists of organizing your footwear collection, then Avril is the product for you! And, no we’re not talking about the popular Canadian singer. This minimalist wall-mounted shoe rack sits on your wall at a convenient angle, subtly uplifting your shoes, when you dock them into it. Avril’s innovative angled design sets it apart from the conventional shoe racks found on the market. Its angled form ensures that it sits closer to the wall, and occupies less space, making it perfect for smaller homes where space constraint is a major issue. The angled shelf provides easy access to your shoes at all times, so you can pull them out, or place them inside within seconds. Crafted from powder-coated sheet metal, Avril can be mounted onto any kind of wall and can hold at least 3 shoes per shelf. It protrudes a mere 5.1 inches from the wall, and mounting it on a wall is super easy as well!

Click Here to Buy Now: $153 $178 ($25 off). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

6. yeedi Vac 2 Pro Robot Vacuum

Mimicry is indeed the greatest form of flattery, which is why the ‘yeedi vac 2 pro’ has a unique technique for cleaning up your spills. Its patented mopping action mimics how humans wipe surfaces with an up and down motion. Combine this with the robotic vacuum’s 3000Pa suction and the yeedi vac 2 pro can handle pretty much anything – on hard floors as well as carpets! The vacuum comes with a clever 3D obstacle detection and avoidance system, allowing it to just simply navigate around objects to clean parts of your house – which it creates a smart-map of to plot the most efficient cleaning path. When on floors, the vacuum uses a combination of sweeping and oscillating mopping to keep your floors spotless. For carpets, the yeedi vac 2 pro automatically switches its mopping function off and turns up the suction on the vacuum head to clean out dirt from in between fibers! An app lets you optimize your vacuum’s operations, and a 240-minute run-time is more than enough for the yeedi vac 2 pro to get the job done. When it’s done (or when it needs to charge), the vac heads to its docking station with a built-in 2.5L bin where the vacuum also self-empties its dust into. Pretty neat, eh?!

Click Here to Buy Now: $300 $449 ($150 off). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

7. 3D Wooden World Map

Meet the 3D Wooden World Map! Machined from certified sustainable birch plywood, the world map, is available in varied sizes and diverse colors to suit your personal preference. The 3D Wooden World Map comes meticulously detailed and labeled with every country and its capital marked onto its wooden pieces. Like a big geographical jigsaw puzzle for your wall, the pieces come together and the 3D pieces quite literally pop out of the wall, giving the art its depth. In fact, the map also holds magnets! So, you can display your best memories while traveling on the wooden map. If traveling the world is your dream, what better way to display it than with the 3D wooden Map – mark your visited locations, chart your bucket-list and manifest that dream by having this up on your wall!

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $180 $448 (60% off)

8. Moon Pod

The Moon Pod is a zero-gravity bean bag designed to alleviate the everyday stress we experience in this modern world! The premium lightweight bean bag facilitates all-day relaxation, cradling your body into a rare static state and relieving you from stress. The Moon Pod is a luxurious alternative to the old school beanbags which don’t always take your posture into consideration. The outer membrane is crafted from a fascinating blended material which holds thousands of high-friction EPS beads, that react and adapt to your body. The weightless sensation you experience while relaxing on the Moon Pod mimics Flotation Therapy, which is excellent for those who suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, and PTSD. You can use the revamped bean bag as a chair, a recliner or even a nap pod! It’s a great space to work in, take a power nap, or simply unwind after a long day at work.

Click Here to Buy Now: $299 $399 ($100 off)

9. BOOKNITURE – Furniture Hidden in a Book

BOOKNITURE is furniture hidden in a book! BOOKNITURE quite literally unfolds from a book into a multifunctional piece of furniture. It ensures that you will never run out of tables and seats. Relying on folded paper’s ability to withstand large amounts of compressive stress against its thickness, the Bookniture literally comes as thick as a coffee-table book and as light as one too. It contains paper pages on the inside that are honeycombed together and opens up as a regular book would. Once you open up the book, you can use it as a stool, a footrest, a nightstand, a standing work desk, and much more. You can stack it up, and convert it into a table and chair set, or you can add a wooden board on top of 2 BOOKNITURE pieces and transform it into a bench. You can also stack a few more layers, and create a shelf.

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $86

10. Wheel 2 turntable

Miniot modernizes and minimizes the turntable with the Wheel! It is pretty much what it sounds like – a simple wheel. All you need to do is place a record on the wheel, and it will begin to play the bottom. You can control the turntable using the center stick. You can switch on/off, play/pause, volume, even next or previous track using the center stick. You can position the wheel either horizontally or vertically, so you can slide it wherever you like, without it consuming the amount of a space a typical gramophone would. Amped with a beautiful AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge, and a tonearm that is micro machined out of a single laminated mahogany, the Wheel emits not only warm and clear harmonies, but also exudes a minimal and lux aesthetic. The Wheel doesn’t run on batteries, but is an analog record player that has to be wired to a great amplifier, speakers, or headphones.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1563

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Spacuzzi lets you stay warm in a small jacuzzi in the ocean

What do you get when you put a boat, a hot tub, and a fireplace in the middle of the ocean? It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but this is actually something that apparently people have been dreaming of. Of course you now have small boats (and big boats) that can accommodate both the hot tub and the fireplace, but what if you just wanted a small group of people to enjoy these amenities with you while you’re lounging in the water?

Designer: Spacruzzi

From the name of the company and the product itself, you can kind of determine what it is or what it wants to be. It actually can’t make up its mind so it combined the three things into just one: a small boat that can fit in four-five people, a gas-powered furnace to warm up the passengers, and of course, a jacuzzi that makes it the perfect hot tub for when you want to relax with close friends in the middle of the sea or ocean instead of just your backyard.

Even when the sea is a bit cold depending on the weather, staying inside the Spacruzzi will keep you warm as it has a propane-powered “stove” that is able to regulate its own temperature. In case you’re concerned that you might blow up due to overheating, it has a safety system and an automatic shut-off feature in case you’re warm enough already. If hygiene is a concern, there is an internal filtration system that also serves as the circulation and heating system. Although of course, sharing a jacuzzi with other people is always a “risk” when it comes to hygiene.

The design of the Spacruzzi is inspired by a teardrop so there’s space for the furnace and a small table in the middle so you can place your food and drinks. And of course, enough space to fit in the four-five people. There is also a ladder on the side so you can go into the sea and swim your heart out and go back to your boat when you want to relax again. You also have the option to customize it according to the color, wood and metal finishes, decking, etc.

I still probably won’t want to spend time in a small space and a jacuzzi in the middle of the ocean with even my closest friends in the spa with me. But hey, if that’s your dream, you just have to get ready with almost $50,000 to make it come true.

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