MUJI-worthy product designs that are a must-have for any Japanese design lover!

MUJI is a success story that started as a local Japanese phenomenon and thanks to a unique vision on production, market, identity, etc… grew to become a universal brand and an icon in the design world. MUJI’s simplicity easily creates a color pallet that can be followed through in your home, with the Japanese attention to detail transforming a simple product design to a piece of art almost. It is this quintessential essence of products, minimalized to their core functionality with aesthetics that amplify their purpose, no wonder MUJI has a dedicated global fan-following that can’t get enough. This collection shows individual pieces by such designers/fans of MUJI who have created designs that are definitely worthy of being a part of the MUJI family!

Named the Muji 2.0, Sy Hyin Wong, draws inspiration from the strictly minimal and functional brand Muji to tell time using another Japanese classic – the paper fan! According to The National Institute of Health, “about 42% of Americans ages 12-54 are nearsighted”. This clock actually helps people with nearsightedness be able to tell time from afar because it is more comprehensible than the slim hands of a watch or small digits. Light strips are added in the folds of the fan so you can tell time at night too without your glasses. Removing the numbers instantly removes the urgency/anxiety that can come with clocks – and especially in quarantine when you look at it often, you want it to calm you down and if it looks beautiful then that’s a win-win. The clock’s design may seem confusing at first glance, but it is quite easy to identify the shapes and correlate them to the time. The clock’s fan moves in a clockwise direction, with the starting point of the fan representing the hour of the time and the other end pointing at the minute hand. In an almost meditative manner, the fan completely unfolds over an hour’s duration, regroups, and starts the process all over again, kind of like our everyday life.

Rich Park and Soohun Jung of BEBOP Design used metal extrusion, an incredibly precise and easily controlled manufacturing process to create this Aluminum Light. The minimal design language was designed to be scalable for MUJI, where it can be applied to a new line of products, and possibly even develop a system where different products can share the same components to maximize production efficiency. Aluminum Light takes advantage of silicone’s great tensile strength through an integrated strap. The silicone strap can be stretched to be wrapped and hang itself for an overhead light. When using the product as a flashlight, simply wear it as a wrist strap to prevent drops. The hygienic and tactile nature of the material makes it a great grip for a flashlight. And its translucent finishing diffuses the light evenly to be used as a lamp. A hidden screw mount is used to attach and detach the silicone light diffuser on either the front or back of the aluminum “head”, where the flashlight becomes a lamp and vice versa. Simple, multifunctional, modular – the Aluminum Light is designed to be a part of the Muji Family!

Bryan Wong and Chengtao Yi’s Zirconia Sharpener is the epitome of minimal design. This 2017 A Design Silver Award Winner is a sharpener and nothing else but the beauty of it lies in the use of materials, in this case, zirconia. We always sharpen our pencils – be it for note-taking or sketching. A pencil sharpener made with this level of beauty and durability is functional hence leads to desirability. The design is honest, thoughtful, simple, and analog with the blade and body are made from zirconia and fused into a single unibody block. By utilizing zirconia’s material property, the blade doesn’t need to be changed and offers a smooth sharpening experience. Almost poetic, this is a sharpener worth keeping with you forever.

After getting the sharpener right, let’s get the humble pencil the homage it deserves. Chengtao Yi realized that unlike most of the pens, pencils do not have a clip, which makes for very annoying user experience. He believes the pencil and notebook are made to be together. So he designed a notebook that has room for a pencil. Pencil Note is a notebook with a simple plastic (PC) cover that can house a standard pencil of almost any kind. The bulge on the cover provides the room and tightly secures the pencils. It also makes sure the pencil can be easily taken out. The translucent cover creates a frosted and vague silhouette of the pencil inside, almost looking like a health bar in video games, indicating how much of the pencil has been used.

Masamaro Fujiki started his design process with the question – why do we need a 2-in-1 air purifier with a humidifier? The multifunctionality of this design causes a very bulky form. Masamaro’s solution is to create an appliance that can do the functionality of both while operating separately from each other as well. The Air Purifier + Humidifier enables you to convert your room into the perfect environment by separating purifier function and humidifier functions. Winter nights keep your humidifier close while the purifier works the room from a corner, balancing the aesthetics of the room!

The ‘MUJI shower radio’ project was a case study project of working for one of the most unique and intriguing companies in the design world. Looking at MUJI as a Japanese brand that became universal, the students were to design the ‘German collection’ of MUJI. In the same way that MUJI offers general universal items mixed with more ‘Japanese items’, the aim was to adapt local (German) heritage and items into becoming universal Muji items. A shower and kitchen radio, inspired by the MUJI’s wooden brush was designed by Gerhardt Kellermann. The radio consists of a waterproof body with a built-in speaker and features intuitive tuning and volume control. In Europe, a lot of people turn on the radio for their morning shower or when cooking in the evening. This simple product is easy to use and fulfills the requirement without any additional frills.

Absolutely pure in its design language, the Maison TV by Seongkyeong Son & PDF Haus looks like something Muji would build. The simple white block form with the four detachable legs gives the TV a certain elegance which makes the television look like an object fit for a home, rather than a showroom. The thickness of the TV stems from its inclusive design, which has empty spaces in the back for storing streaming boxes, and even for cable management so that you’re left with a TV that doesn’t have any odd boxes or wires corrupting its beauty. The Maison TV comes with beautiful flush controls on the side, along with a remote that echoes the same style that makes the Maison TV’s design language tick every single box in Rams’ ten commandments of good design!

Nope, that’s not a new sculpture that you have put on your side table, it’s the Folded Cleaning Tool by Jinyoung Noh, Sua Jo & Boram Han. One of the reasons why I like brands like Muji is because they design everyday products that you don’t mind displaying in your living space – in plain view of every guest! This broom and dustpan set is something on these lines. Crafted from two sheets of aluminum, the design has clean lines and smooth curves, giving it the ‘extra appeal’ and worthy of being highlighted, when not in use.

What would a Muji power tool look like? It would look like it meant business but still retain an aura of serenity. The Muji power drill concept by Changho Lee takes two contrasting things and wonderfully combines them. The drill’s aesthetic couldn’t embody Muji’s style any more than it already is. The white color scheme and the simple cuboid meets cylinder design brilliantly represents what the Japanese design house stands for. Absolute, unquestioned simplicity!


wireless charging

I forgive you for mistaking the Wall-Ti Tap Power Strip by Eunsang Lee as a famous CD player by Muji – let’s slide this by as inspiration – the purpose of the power strip is completely different than a music player. Typically, we see long devices with multiple sockets and switches, but the Wall-Ti Tap has an amusing donut form. You are expected to fit the plugs in the inner wall of the circle, while you can wirelessly charge your phone on top of the device. “Unlike the typical cuboid power strips, this power strip has a doughnut-shaped design. The round-shaped power strip can be put vertically, so it reduces the problems of dust getting into the sockets,” explained Eunsang Lee.

Muji’s clear-cut minimal design has garnered hard-core fans around the globe, you can check out more inspirational designs by IKEA here!

This moon-inspired mirror creates your home’s perfect mirror selfie interior!

The moon is an ever-present factor in our life and has inspired poetry’s while being the focal point of romantic movies to werewolf culture. Whether you are a sci-fi fan, pop-culture fan, nature enthusiast or just a romantic at heart, we all want a part of the moon. Granila Santisteban’s Luna Mirror does that by bringing you the moon’s aesthetics with the functionality of a mirror.

The Luna Mirror will pull you towards it like the moon pulls the ocean! This mirror is the most minimal way to bring a little bit of celestial aesthetic to your interiors. “The Crescent moon design is made of sand and pure pigments, on a mirror measuring 60 cm in diameter. Each piece is unique and different from the others because it is made in the same phase in which the moon is passing. It is exposed to the night, the serene and the next day to the sun to seal the agreement” says Granila. The entire process follows the moon and the handcrafted design makes each crater, every inch of that surface as unique as your home is.

Given our current scenario and the threat of COVID hanging on us, I would honestly love to have this serene lunar landscape in my home, upping my Instagram quotient. And if you ever don’t have a clear enough sky to gaze at the moon, you know another place to find it!

Designer: Granila Santisteban

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This solar powered water purifier & pump fits in your backpack to create the ultimate camping experience!

Let’s up our camping game to level ‘glamping’ with this solar-powered water purifier and pump! You never have to worry about carrying cartons of bottled water and calculating if that is enough for the group for all days. No math and no increasing plastic waste when we have GoSun Flow – a portable water purifier that is also a sink and provides water for shower all while storing the solar energy that it creates.

The GoSun Flow is made keeping in mind that it is small enough to fit into a backpack so it doesn’t add to the minimal essentials one has to carry during their trip. It uses solar energy to filter 99.99% of pathogens from water and is able to pump 1 liter of clean water per minute! Apart from providing safe drinking water it also doubles up as a portable handwashing station and hot shower. Having a hot shower (the one thing you miss the most during camping) is such an upgrade because that means we don’t have to jump into a cold water body, everyone knows the right temperature of hot water in the showers is basically therapy for your soul.

It is super easy to get this energy-efficient appliance running – place the intake hose into any water source (except salt water), plug in the pump, and it will automatically start filtering the water. To use the faucet or shower, simply clamp the faucet and flip on the pump! “The Flex Faucet’s integrated clamp can open to over two and a quarter inches (58mm) so it attaches anywhere: branches, tables, tailgates, fences, etc.  The flexible head can twist, bend, and point water wherever you need it” explains the team.

The filter lasts for 1,000 liters of filtration and can be easily replaced. The camping appliance uses an innovative 3-stage cartridge filter to remove 99.99% of pathogens. The first filter is a polypropylene filter disc that removes large particles like dirt, rust, and sand. The second filter is a high-efficiency carbon filter that absorbs hazardous chemicals and heavy metals. And the third filter is a nano aluminum fiber filter that creates an electropositive charge in a labyrinth of fibers to trap and kill the tiniest particles and organisms in your water.

To make it effortless, GoSun Flow uses a USB-powered pump that does the work for you and provides a flow of water anywhere you want and that too within a minute – say goodbye to manual pumping although it did provide a good arm workout. The pump is powered by a power bank that can pump over 100 gallons of water on a single charge. The best part? You can recharge it with the integrated solar panel that plugs right into the power bank. GoSun has always believed in designing products that don’t require fuel or resupply and this water pump + purifier is another amazing addition to their range of essentials that keep you prepared for emergencies.

With GoSun Flow you can have access to clean water anywhere. It is not only essential for camping but also allows you to sanitize yourself when there is a shortage – think of remote medical camps where the rural areas don’t have access to clean water. It is so much more than a hot shower when you are out in the woods, it is using the source that gives Earth life to give you life.

Designer: GoSun Inc.

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gosun filtration

washing hand




Click Here to Buy Now: $199 $339 (41% off). Under 48 hours to go! Raised over $3426,193!

IKEA-worthy product designs that are a must-have for any Scandanavian Design lovers!

IKEA! As a design lover, I always have appreciated the values IKEA brings to the table – minimal, Scandanavian design, modularity and the ability to customize and easily upgrade our furniture to match our homes. In their own words :“Our mission is the almost impossible idea of combining formal beauty with a great functionality and lasting quality. All of this produced in a sustainable value chain and affordable for the client.” After spending considerable hours browsing the IKEA inventory and combining my exposure of great product designs we come across at Yanko, this curated collection of designs features product designs that are truly IKEA-worthy and are sure to be a hit in their collection!

OO Stool

It’s worth noticing how the OO Stool by S Mate Olah (of 56 Hours) does such a great job of combining sustainability along with technology and a pinch of heritage. Made from a single board of bamboo plywood, the stool is CNC machine-cut in a way that integrates every single aspect of the stool into its design. Everything you need to build the OO Stool sits within that flat-packed jigsaw-puzzle of bamboo pieces, minimizing waste by using as much negative space as possible. The legs form the outside, while the dual-layered seat of the stool sits on the inside, with the negative space being filled by tiny rectangular pieces that help lock the stool in place, and even a bamboo hammer to help assemble the stool!

Keith Melbourne Studios envisioned how design intervention can create a new sort of stylish-yet-safe workplace with the Avion. Currently on the shortlist for an Inde Award, the Avion is a modular workspace setup that comes with a contemporary design with soft curves, chic furniture, and a modern color palette to help make the workspace look friendly and appealing. Designed to create visual comfort, with modularity that makes the design easily scalable so you’re more focused and relaxed at work, the cubicle systems isolate you and provide enough space to work out of, while still giving you enough of a window to step out and socialize from time to time… from a distance of course!

With summer comes an increase in usage of air conditioners and we know they are not exceptionally healthy for the planet. To help maintain the electricity usage, designers Aileen Ooi and E Ian Siew created KYL, an attachment to the common standing fan everyone has stashed away at their homes to make the room cooler. The attachment, named KYL is a humidity filter that funnels airflow output to cool a closed room. KYL would be able to lower temperatures by 1.5degrees Celsius and also make the room arider (a boon in humid places like Singapore, India, and more). Utilizing Bernoulli’s principle to create a cooling effect, KYL comes with a removable filter made up of tiny pieces of silica gel which absorbs moisture from the air. This lowers the humidity in the room and we can reuse the silica gel by washing it then leaving it out in the sun to dry, minimizing the usage of electricity. And removing this filter is easy as it comes affixed with velcro.

Now this is a fridge worthy of IKEA! Designed to be a sustainable appliance, the Addition by Heewoong Chai is a multi-type refrigerator system that up-sizes on demand. Based on the assumption that your first fridge comes home when you move out as a singleton, and your requirements increase when you marry and then expand your family with kids in tow, this fridge makes clever use of being modular by allowing you to add components like water purifier, oven etc. making it a holistic solution in the kitchen. A typically good-quality make fridge lasts you for several years without a hiccup, so adding more modules as per requirements is quite sensible. What I love about the design is the clever use of technology via an app, to help control key features like temperature vs content and status on the food item stored – example: expiry date, freshness etc. In essence, each module can be temperature controlled individually, thus creating various customized zones for the food within.

The Circle Zero from PLUTO is a smart litter box that takes care of your cat’s business. Designed to be fully automated, fully enclosed, and exceptionally silent, the litter box comes with a completely enclosed design to provide a private experience. Sensors on the box detect the presence of the cat, and wait for a full 7 minutes after they’re done to automatically (and silently) scoop the waste from the litter and store it separately while completely containing and eliminating any odor too. Once the waste compartment is full, you can use any bag or liner to collect it and throw it away. Designed to appear classy (and practically something you’d find in an IKEA catalog), the Circle Zero truly looks like the kind of device you’d want to keep in your living room.


The base of the shape-shifting, infinitely customizable shelf KUR!O by designer Markus Hofko of Von Morgen is its underlying grid, made from sandwiched wood-fiber boards. The cuts in the grid go as much as 20mm deep, allowing you press-fit powder-coated steel panels into it. The steel panels come in a variety of colors, giving the KUR!O its uniquely vibrant appeal, and feature carefully-placed cuts that let individual panels interlock into each other. The 2mm thick panels are heavy-duty enough to take on large loads, making the KUR!O robust, despite the fact that there isn’t any screwing or gluing of parts. Each KUR!O even comes with a set of 8mm thick steel sticks or dowels that peg into the circular holes at the intersection of the cutouts. Plug a stick in and you instantly have yourself a series of hooks right beside your shelf-spaces so you can both hang as well as place items on your KUR!O.

Un-Lim is an ageless collection that can be molded and changed over time – think of it as redesigning your own furniture using the same pieces to create a whole new form and function! It comes with 8 different parts that you can combine to match your space and needs. Turn it from a bed to a table to a chair seamlessly. “Unlimited imagination and unimaginable needs of people could be contradictory to the limitations of our planet and our capacities as human beings. The consumption patterns we have adapted have led to global warming, polluted air, soil, and water while putting pressure on people, both in working conditions and a psychological obsession to gain more without answering the real needs,” says designer Ariyan Davoodian on what inspired him to create modular furniture for every space.

Studio RYTE’s Catssup includes a Dot Step, a Sleeping Pill, a Space Ball, a Cloud Lounge and a Climbing Tower – I would just like to say that I strongly believe human furniture should also have fun labels like this and maybe we would be more invested in it. The Dot Step is a circular attachment that lets your pet explore vertical places with the Cloud Lounge and Sleeping Pill are resting attachments. The Space Ball and Climbing tower are play pieces to keep your cat entertained, especially during virtual meetings. All you have to do is screw and clamp for rearranging the pieces suited to different functions. The C-clamp is adjustable so it will fit horizontal boards/surfaces easily.

Danish architects Sine Lindholm and Mads-Ulrick Husum have created ‘GrowMore’ in an attempt to encourage such a society. GrowMore is an urban gardening modular design that expands as your plants grow. The modular, open-source system is made entirely out of CNC-milled plywood. The versatile planter can be bolted and unbolted in a variety of configurations, allowing you to maintain mini or larger-than-mini farms and gardens. GrowMore consists of a collection of six individual parts including plywood, shelving and planting units, which are held together by a ‘circular pivotal joint’, that uses M8 bolts in order to create varied designs from the very same parts. “It’s like a Lego system,” said Lindholm “The parts can be rotated vertically and horizontally, so it’s totally flexible. You can really freestyle, and build anything you want.”

Designed by a former Lexus Engineer who found himself shifting cities a lot, Aalo2.0 by Sejun Park is designed to be stronger, made from finer materials, and work anywhere, including outdoors. Going a step further to make the range more durable, and therefor last for possibly a decade longer, Aalo 2.0 fine tunes a few things while sticking to its original philosophy. The products come flat-packed, much like IKEA’s furniture would, but unlike the Swedish home-decor giant, Aalo 2.0 is also designed for ‘disassembly’. This ensures that when you travel between cities, shifting jobs, your entire lifestyle travels WITH you. Aalo 2.0 comes apart as conveniently as it’s put together… with connecting panels and joineries that tighten with a single tool, the Aalo 2.0 can be assembled, disassembled, or even repurposed into newer items of furniture. Its Lego-like simplicity gives you the opportunity to be creative with your furniture, building exactly what you want, and its sheer genius is that designer Sejun Park devised a clever Nordic-style minimalist design language that shines through no matter what piece of furniture you make. Whether you use Aalo 2.0 to make a footstool, wardrobe, planter-stand, table, or even modular shelf, every product looks like a part of Aalo’s visual family.

For the love of all beautifully designed furniture, check out more curated and inspiring furniture designs here!

This conceptual travel kit is a modular, portable hairdryer and clothing iron!

This conceptual travel kit is a modular, portable hairdryer and iron designed to give you an ‘Edge’ over others!

Edge is a compact 2-in-1 appliance that gives you more than your toiletries. It consists of three parts: ‘Multi Handle’, ‘Edge Hairdryer Module’, ‘Edge Iron Module’. ‘Multi Handle’ has a button to control the product for using and both modules work with ‘Multi Handle’. Specifically made for those who have meetings on-the-go, the hairdryer and iron help to wash away the weariness of travel and smoothen the wrinkles so you look fresh (or should I say profesh?). “We have adopted a slide structure for intuitive and easy combination of each module. This not only allows the user to easily combine the modules but also reduces the risk of the module being easily detached while using the product” says the team. This helps save time and effort into asking your hotel for the appliances and in case you don’t can’t make a stop and have to rush, Edge can come in handy anywhere you are!

It combines the structural similarities of the two products into one and uses one power supply to run both. The dial button makes it easy to adjust the intensity of the heat for both uses. As this product with module has to work as both iron and hairdryer, the team added a button that would allow a user to operate it without being confused even though it has a single handle. Like most devices, it can be charged using the common USB-C cable. Edge adds another necessary dimension to travel kits!

Designers: Chanhong Park, Yonghun Cho and Taekkyung Lee

A smart hearing aid designed with modern aesthetics to empower you!

Hearings aids have always made the user feel conscious and many will try to hide the fact that they are wearing one. The device that is meant to empower them and help with their hearing is actually doing the opposite by making them feel like they have something to be embarrassed about. Alice Turner decided to design Amplify, a hearing device that was made to be seen, to feel confident about and to help people experience life to its full potential!

Amplify was created to give the hearing-impaired demographic an added value that made the hearing aid more than just a medical accessory. “In the ’60s, glasses were aids for a disability. Now, glasses have evolved into ‘eyewear’, a fashion statement, and an extension of your personality. This shift made me question why the main innovation in hearing aid design is developing technology to make them smaller and more hidden,” says the designer on her thought process behind starting the project. Using bone conduction technology, Amplify provides users with high-quality audio for a more comfortable and wholesome sound experience. This technology enables the device to decode sound waves and convert them into vibrations that can be received directly by the Cochlea so the eardrum is never involved. Amplify essentially becomes your eardrum!

It is still just a concept design so there is a lot of work ahead when it comes to prototype research and testing, but it has definitely sparked a conversation about making wearable medical accessories more aesthetic to boost user experience and confidence. Most of the devices are pretty basic in their function and because we live in a smart world, it is important for devices to be integrated, therefore, Amplify features Bluetooth connectivity which helps the user to control smart speakers, smart TVs, phones, and car audio devices. The sleek minimal form makes me feel like I would rather wear this than my AirPods!

Designer: Alice Tuner

Sony’s wearable, pocket-sized air conditioner is finally available for sale!

Summer is not for everyone – sure it is nice when you are at the beach but is it nice to feel like you are being roasted like a turkey when its not Thanksgiving? I personally thrive in the snow but keeping on brand with being unprecedented like 2020, I have found myself in lockdown in India which means I am currently dealing with a hot, humid, tropical climate and it feels like I am an iPhone on 1% battery. What people like me need is Sony’s Reon Pocket air conditioner, which is FINALLY on sale, to keep us cool, calm, and collected!

A portable, wearable, air conditioner is no more a thing of futuristic tv shows. The Reon Pocket is a smartphone-controlled personal gadget that was designed to be compact and cool. It works using thermoelectric cooling and can cool the user’s body temperature by 13 degrees celsius (23 degrees Fahrenheit) and raise your temperature by about 8 degrees Celsius (about 14 degrees Fahrenheit). Reon sits on the base of your neck in a special undershirt designed for it. It uses the Peltier effect which means a temperature difference is created by applying a voltage between two electrodes connected to a sample of semiconductor material. The heat is absorbed or emitted when you pass an electrical current across a junction to either lower your temperature or increase it without bulk or noise.

It is sleek, minimal and comfortable as a piece of wearable tech. Like any smart device of our times, Reon’s functions can be controlled via Bluetooth. Set to the desired temperature using the mobile app which also features an automatic mode. It only weighs 85 grams and can be charged with the common USB-C port. The only downside is that the battery lasts for just two hours on a single charge but that is enough time for you to run all errands or enjoy a picnic before you start to melt.

Designer: Sony

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Be socially distant and still use public transport with this driverless tram!

Is anyone else feeling trapped because they are scared to use public transport? I don’t have a car because I have lived in a city all my life, so I could get everywhere using public transport but now with the pandemic going on I have been only going to places that are at a walkable distance and that really limits me. A design studio understood this problem and took it upon themselves to come up with an innovative solution for a crowded city like Hong kong – how can you make people comfortable with public transport again?

Answer: Island! This is a conceptual a double-decker driverless tram designed for the city of Hong Kong to be used in the post-pandemic era. Island is an exemplary blend of industrial design, transportation design, public design, urban mobility, and sustainability. Using public transport is crucial to keep pollution levels low especially when the virus going around attacks your respiratory system first. Making sure that public transport facilitates social distancing was also given the utmost importance during the design process. “We wanted to reimagine public transport in the post-COVID era from a prevention perspective. Especially in the densely populated city of Hong Kong, where social distancing is hard to achieve. The idea of designing a tram is no coincidence: trams are one of the city’s landmarks and the tramways celebrate their 115th anniversary this year. The concept of social distancing, which limits people’s freedom to move and interact became the design challenge and focal point for the new concept,” says the design team as they explained the process and challenges.

The driverless technology optimizes the interior space of the tram, making it easier to manage travel times and increase onboard safety. The design was named Island as the interior of the tram hosts large circular benches that let passengers practice social distancing and sit facing outwards in a radial pattern. The charcoal black walls and wooden floors add a luxurious touch that makes you want to use the public tram and feel comfortable while doing so. Its exterior aesthetic is inspired by the urban landscape of the iconic city that is known for its tall glass buildings. The curved windows and domed top allow plenty of natural light inside during the day while giving an unobstructed glimpse of the views at night while large vertical LEDs provide visibility in all weather conditions. It includes a retractable connector for rapid charging at tram stops. Even the stops have been created to replicate the minimal design with sleek and clean lines. It has been kept open on both sides to allow passengers to maintain more distance, move freely, and have natural ventilation for a healthier environment. Let’s rethink public spaces and use design to make them great (and safe) again!

Designer: Ponti Design Studio

Playplax toys inspired this sneeze-guard design to add color to social distancing!

Inspired by the 1970’s children’s toy Playplax, Australian designer and architect Zahava Elenberg designed Clikclax so that social distancing at work can be less dreadful, more playful! Elenberg is an award-winning architect with her own furniture and fit-out company Move-in which puts this project directly in the area of her expertise. Clikclax is a modular solution to help maintain social distancing policies in workplaces while being cost-effective.

Born out of necessity and changing times; Clikclax was initially created to aid returning to offices post the pandemic. While working on the prototype for her own office, Elenberg realized that the system’s broad functionality and adaptability could be beneficial in multiple settings. It comes as a fully customizable social distancing kit that can be installed on desks, countertops, and workspaces of different sizes with ease. It has been made light enough to be transportable and each kit consists of a series of 10 interlocking Perspex sheets of varying shapes and sizes, plus six bases that can all be combined. While the focus is its flexibility, durability, and design — Clikclax is fun and can be molded to any company’s or individual’s personality and preferences.

Made in Australia from Perspex – a solid material just like plexiglass, it comes in bright colors inspired by the Australian bush. It reimagines the unimaginative sneeze-guards to be more colorful as if they were toys as they become a part of our daily lives. “Not only has Clikclax been designed to enhance the look of a space, but it’s also super fun to put together and infinitely customizable, with a life of its own — much like the game that inspired it.” She adds: “Clikclax isn’t just for offices, it’s for any communal space; anywhere people want to come together but need to keep safely apart. It’s fun and functional and flexible.” Elenberg envisions people “clikclaxing” all over the world  — from offices and co-working spaces to schools and student accommodation, hotels, galleries, and libraries, at communal tables in cafes and restaurants, and on floors, for kids to play together, apart. If there was an ‘Anti-Social Social Distancing Club’, we would vote Elenberg to be its president!

Designers: Zahava Elenberg

This tiny mobile home uses aerodynamics to reduce energy consumption by 15%

At the time of writing this, half of 2020 was over and there were mixed feelings of relief and anticipation. Relief because we made it so far (including the Mayan doomsday prediction!) and anticipation because is it going to now turn into ‘Jumanji The Next Level’ or can we start figuring out our travel plans? Either way, we can all agree we need a break and a change of scene from our homes, and the only safe way to get both those things is through a tiny mobile home like the Alto 2124!

The Alto series by Canadian motorhome company, Safari Condo, is a range of high-functioning trailers that can double up as a mobile home or as a camper. They also happen to be environmentally friendly while being ultralight and aerodynamic. The frame of the trailer uses composite materials and Alufiber aluminum which has a honeycomb structure that makes it as strong as fiberglass. The wedge-shaped trailer comes fully equipped for you to actually live there full time if you wanted to with all essential appliances and provisions for a stove, water systems and power. “The newest Safari Condo seems perfect for anyone who wants to bring the comfort of home to the outside world while spewing fewer greenhouse gases into the atmosphere in the process. The wedge-shaped trailer uses 15% less energy while being towed than the company’s earlier models, in spite of being roughly 900 pounds heavier than the latter trailer,” says the team.

At 2,568 lbs, the A2124 is light enough to be towed by a regular Subaru Outback. Another similar model, 2414, stands at 2,947 lbs as it provides more space due to its traditional rectangular shape. Both the trailers fit within the 5000 lbs towing capacity of a Tesla Model X which was used to test the mobile campers on the streets. The build is aerodynamically-optimized to save energy as well as reduce cost and pollution related to fuel while still making the most of its compact space – suited for four people to live in complete with a dining area, kitchen, shower, toilet, a swivel wardrobe, plenty of storage and separate sleeping zones! If we are moving towards a flexible remote lifestyle, then I would like to turn it into a long road trip with this environmentally friendly tiny home-camper!

Designer: Safari Condo

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