This sleek hyper boat with a gorgeous translucent hull is styled to deliver speed in its tiny package!

A speed boat made for the influential lot, who crave the adventure of riding calm waters with style and panache.

Exquisite yacht and boat designs are nothing alien to Lazzarini Design Studio, and the anticipation for what’s new coming from their kingdom is always on my radar. Such is the creative IQ of the Italian design studio headed by Pierpaolo Lazzarini. The sublime design of The Shape, the cuteness of the swan-shaped Avanguardia, or the distinctiveness of the crab-inspired Pagurus – Lazzarini Design is millimeters perfect with their skill.

Their latest creation, christened Embryon is a super cool cruise boat designed for the adventure of riding the open waters. A machine made for thrill-seekers who want to feel the air in their hair, and head towards the horizon, with no bounds. This 24 meters hyper boat is dripped in luxury on the inside as well as the outside. The high pointed nose on the front is tailored for cutting through the waves, as the Embryon glides at top-notch speeds in the seas and oceans. The translucent honeycomb design on the hull reflects the landscape around, signifying a hypnotic symphony of speed and the tranquil blue waters.

The sun deck section is where all the adrenaline-inducing action happens as the crew takes the opulent owners and their friends for the ride of their life. This area has an L-shaped lounger on either side, and further down there is a luxe sunbed. When the sun sets down and the chill in the air calls for the much-needed rest, the plush bedroom and the owner’s cabin are the ideal sanctuary for a restful time. The crew cabin gets its own small cabin for dozing off. The hyper boat can accommodate 6 people in total with additional two members of the crew, which is quite commendable.

Lazzarini Design truly impresses with this sleek boat design that looks good in the blueprint, and also when it finally hits the waters. Zooming away into the distance on this hyper boat with the golden sunset spilling over the seas is what I’m imagining right now with the Embryon. What’s your fantasy?

Designer: Lazzarini Design

This meal kit and food service ensures you have a home cooked meal for all your dietary needs

Yumme is a meal kit and combined digital food service that makes eating homecooked meals feel less like a priority and more like a given.

Fitting a homecooked meal into your schedule is difficult when you live and work in a big city. Cramped city living spaces sometimes make the act of cooking feel like moving through a laser beam security fence and finding the time to go shopping for after-work cookouts can get overwhelming.

Food delivery services and meal kits can be convenient solutions, but there aren’t many healthy or nutritious options on those menus. Coming up with a health-focused meal kit and combined digital food service, a team of designers conceptualized Yumme.

Designed to function primarily as an IoT household product, Yumme is a smart food tray that analyzes the nutrition facts and calories of each food item that makes up your meal.

Conceptualized in three different forms, Yumme’s plate options vary depending on the user’s diet. The first tray comes with five different food compartments for users who’d like to explore the full spectrum of a balanced meal.

Embedded sensors are located inside the food tray to analyze each meal’s contents. Split into two parts, Yumme’s top lid is made from Tritan, an eco-friendly and heat-resistant material, while its bottom module is coated in silicone to avoid slipping.

Another food tray features only three compartments for users with a more limited diet. Finally, a third food tray split into two layers hosts compartments for four different food items and keeps a portable size to bring lunch with you on the go.

Yumme comes with an accompanying app that tracks and analyzes your every meal so you can always stay on top of your health. While tracking your own meals, you can connect with other Yumme users through the integrated social aspect of Yumme’s application.

In addition to the three different food trays available from Yumme, the designers included utensils and a carrying case to make enjoying a homecooked meal as accessible as possible, no matter your schedule.

Designer: Hyogyeong Kang, Younghyun Na, and Dayoung Lee

Each food tray’s top lid is built from Tritan BPA plastics to ensure heat resistance and easy cleaning. 

Utensils and an accompanying carrying case make bringing food on the go as easy as making it with Yumme.

With magnetized utensils, storing all the appliances that come with Yumme is easy as ever. 

Yumme’s accompanying app tracks and analyzes the information of each meal to share with other Yumme users or to keep for your own information. 

Rooftop cargo box equipped with solar panel is your ultimate outdoor road companion

An aesthetically pleasing and immensely durable rooftop cargo box with an integrated solar panel and two USB ports to keep your mobile devices juiced up in the wilderness.

For the outdoorsy, stowage offered by their vehicle is generally not enough, the rooftop cargo carrier is, therefore, the next best friend to have. The cargo bag on the roof not only decides how well you can pack the gear for a camping trip or cross country travel – it also decides how pleasing the vehicle looks with it stashed on top. For the merits of both worlds and to provide something extra useful, Yakima has introduced an innovative new rooftop cargo box dubbed CBX Solar.

An exquisite carrying option worth every type of off-road vehicle, the durable CBX Solar with trail-ready aesthetics features an integrated solar panel for charging up to two portable devices when you’re off-the-grid. The premium Yakima cargo box with its interesting blend of modern outlook and functionality features 2 USB ports that can help charge anything from portable devices to camping gear with a USB port.

For the adventurers keeping track, this solar cargo box boasts an angular finish and stealth-like texture on the outside and on the inside offers 16 cubic feet of cargo space. This space is ample to suck in tents, sleeping bags, camping gear or anything else you have to throw into it. A removable torque limiting knob helps fasten the cargo box to the roof rails securely, while a dual-sided opening makes the box really easy to reach out from either side of your vehicle.

Weighing about 60lbs, the CBX Solar has an uncluttered aesthetic to it, which is accentuated further by the rugged solar panel fixed neatly to the cargo box lid that can be secured with a locking mechanism. The integrated solar panel on the box is manufactured by California-based Sunflare. The incredibly light 36-watt panel is designed to withstand the elements and produces 5-volt output that through a pair of onboard USB ports can be used up to power devices so you don’t end up draining power from your vehicle. For the love of carrying things on off-road excursions in style, the CBX Solar retails for $1,399.

Designer: Yakima

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This outdoor sleeping bag and its packaging are made of 100% natural materials!

This sleeping bag is made of 100% natural, from the packaging to the last button. Thanks to our patented, innovative insulation made of RDS-certified down and wool, DownWool, we achieve the best sleeping climate. Down is light and has excellent insulation properties. Wool is insensitive to moisture and regulates the sleeping climate. In DownWool we combine the good properties of down and wool. All individual parts on the sleeping bag are OEKOTEX certified. At the end of its long life, the sleeping bag can be completely composted.

Back to nature. Grüezi bag wanted to create a sleeping bag made from 100% natural materials – from the packaging down to the last button: and they did it! You will be amazed at the sleeping conditions and the sense of well-being you get in the sleeping bag. Once you’ve slept in it, you’ll never want to come out!

Thanks to its natural materials, it feels pleasantly soft and its innovative DownWool filling, a mixture of down and wool, creates an outstanding sleep climate. The down ensures cozy insulation, the wool works like natural air-conditioning. Thanks to its overlapping design, the Nature can be opened entirely; this means that it is easier to get into the sleeping bag.

For extra comfort, its width can also be adjusted if you require more space. The pillow pocket is also great. Just insert a jacket or pullover here and you already have a non-shifting pillow. Have a fantastic sleep with the Nature in nature.

DownWool is an innovative high-end filling composed of 70% down and 30% wool. Down has a very high insulation capacity and a low weight. However, down only provides insulation as long as it is dry. With increasing humidity, the insulating effect of down is significantly reduced. The characteristic of wool is that it provides insulation and absorbs moisture. In this way, the down will stay dry and thus keeps its very high insulation capacity. With the unique mix of DownWool we achieve optimal insulation and a perfect dry sleeping climate with a low weight. The sleeping climate is decisive for sleep quality. The deeper and more relaxed your sleep, the more rested you will be the next morning.

Designer: Grüezi Bag

Furniture meets vacuum cleaner with this bagless design that hides in a cork sidetable

Make way for this cork-body vacuum cleaner – a fascinating concept that conceives a vacuum cleaner in a sustainable form factor that can double as furniture after use.

The market is flooded with corded, cordless, bagged, and bagless vacuum cleaners.  These are now stylish for modern interiors, absolutely noiseless, and of course, don’t leave behind trash to clean. But unfortunately, after using all of them need to be stacked in the corner for they wouldn’t play out for any other purpose. This conceptual appliance emphasizes the proposition of reuse. When not being used for its intended purpose of cleaning, the entire contraption can retire into a cylindrical body which then functions as furniture.

This intriguing concept for a vacuum cleaner is not only multipurpose in design, it is also sustainable in construction. The storage section of the vac is made from cork, which is biodegradable and has a warm ambiance to it. The vacuum pipes and other parts are designed in a manner to be stored within the cork shell that then neatly covers using a lid. The possibility of concealing the entire appliance from sight saves valuable space at home and leaves the vacuum to still be used in the open with a different purpose.

Measuring about 45cm in height, it can be used at home as an additional piece of furniture, for instance as a side table or even as a stool. The parts on the inside of the contraption, except for the motor of the vacuum cleaner, are all made out of biodegradable plastic. The mouth of this cork storage container is closed using interchangeable lids made from darkened ash, which allows it also to be used as a chair in one configuration. For the functionality of the vacuum, it is a cylindrical bagless model which can be used for extensive cleaning and then packed back for a different purpose.

Designers: Ivo Erichsen and Tobbias Bihlmeyer

This almost-retro looking modular camper brings ultra-flexibility to your outdoor life!

While most travel trailers find it hard to have looks and functionality in one package, the Happier Camper has them both with a profound sense of modularity that’s hard to draw parallels with.

Breaking the shackles of mainstream travel trailer design and purposefulness is the Happier Camper HC1 which is one of the most versatile campers on the road thanks to its modular floor and a big hatch. It has an adaptive interior setup called Adaptiv system, comprising of six different components that fix into the floor like LEGO and make the modularity possible. These include bench, kitchenette, table, cushion, floor panel and lid. You can slot the components into place for a wide variety of interior layouts or even use these components as outdoor furniture sitting by the campfire or for outdoor cooking fun. The camper can also be left empty for hauling cargo if needed, which is a good added utility.

Possible configurations could be using the HC1 for camping in a bed and kitchenette setup or a solo kitchen layout for catering. If you desire to take your friends along for a trip, a huge bed setup for up to 5 individuals is also on the menu. Happier Camper has kept the modern-day needs of travelers in mind, hence, there are accessories like built-in USB, AC power sockets, a tablet docking station and Bose sound system to go along with the interiors. The trailer suffices its energy needs for the heated shower, outdoor lighting, and the awning from an 100W solar panel.

The retro-styled (looks like something straight out of the 1960s) camper is made out of fiberglass double shell for light weightiness (1,100 pounds in total), strength and durability in any kind of weather conditions. Being featherweight means, it can be hauled behind electric vehicles too without worrying too much about compromised mileage. The compact size of 13 feet in length and around 7 feet in width means it is ideal for tight urban spaces. On the inside, the trailer gets 42 square feet of walking space and over 6 feet of headroom. Windows on all sides allow plenty of light to come inside and for privacy, the snap-down blinds can be employed.

HC1 reminds me of the old VW Camper Van courtesy of the split color scheme, very contoured edges, and beveled wheel flares and taillights. The price for the base model is $29,950 which is slightly on the higher side but of utility for people who demand modularity!

Designer: Happier Camper

Kodak Memory grayscale printer is a palm-sized bundle of nostalgic joy for millennials

Who doesn’t cherish the nostalgic memories of the good ol’ Kodak camera and the camera roll that defined the late 1990s and early 2000s? A single photo click was a precious memory etched on the roll, like a priced possession more than anything one owned. Fast-forward to the current era where you can virtually click thousands of pictures of a beautiful landscape or portrait of an attractive buddy. All that without even realizing, there are almost limitless possibilities as opposed to the yesteryears when a single click was the option you had to showcase your photography skills with cameras having film rolls!

The Kodak Memory is cute memorabilia of those times a millennial would never ever forget in life. This smart accessory prints out photos in monochrome in the most cherished way one can think of. The design of the Kodak Memory grayscale printer is such that it reminds me of the film coming out of the roll. Yes, once you connect this monochrome printing accessory with the phone, and hit the print button in the compatible app interface, the black and white photo comes out in this manner. Now, how amazing is that!

Imagine shooting a photograph of a walkway surrounded by beautiful trees, and instantly getting a printed version in monochrome with this palm-sized printer. Just take it anywhere you wish, and when needed print such amazing photographs for the best memories with the Kodak Memory. The accessory charges via USB connection and once the thermal paper roll is finished, simply press the OPEN button to perform the quick swap. The meticulously designed printer comes in the classic Kodak Film roll hues and a black and white version too for the totally colorless overall theme. For sure, a nice accessory to have in the bag pack for passionate travelers who like to photograph life as it comes!

Designers: Minsu Kim, Yeonju Do and Sunjin Baek

This self-sustainable expanding trailer is a complete solution designed for urban nomads

The need to rejuvenate amidst nature is crucial in stressful times to heal and grow. This has sparked a trend for a nomadic lifestyle without any compromises in living comfort. Yes, I’m talking about the growing popularity of towable trailers, RVs, caravans, and houses on wheels that promote an upbeat mobile lifestyle. So, how will things be, say, a decade or more from now?

Industrial designer Jason Carley imagines a future where the urban lifestyle will be punctuated by life on the road triggered by sky-rocketing living costs and the aging infrastructures that are dependent on ecologically disruptive fuels and technologies. Jason thinks of a time in the year 2035 where nomadic life will revolve around mastery of resources and an efficient mode of travel. Thus comes into the picture this towable trailer that gives love back to nature. Targeted for the young and resilient urban customers, the rig is an accessible retreat to escape from the stresses of life for a few weeks or even months.

This is the RV2035 towable trailer designed to be aerodynamic for minimal impact on the road and fully compatible with electric vehicles that are centered on performance and maximum range. When on the road, this trailer having a tight turning radius is a compact capsule behind an EV, but as soon as it arrives at the resting destination, there’s another side to the rig. It opens up to expand the usable space to 120 sq. ft. as the raised roof and tent provide around 7 feet of headroom. Keeping in tune with nature the wing cantilever a few inches above the ground preserves the integrity of the natural habitat underneath.

The outer structure of the trailer is made out of lightweight carbon fiber which will be recyclable and durable. The expanded sections on either side have two rooms for privacy and the windowed flaps having screens welcomes nature inside. To the rear is the kitchenette that comes with an insulated cooler drawer and ice-maker. The induction cooktop’s backlit display keeps the occupants informed about the current weather, battery status, and the time for a solar recharge. The solar panels actuated by motorized brackets track the movement of the sun to keep themselves aligned optimally to capture maximum solar energy.

To the side of these solar panels, arrays lie the rain harvesting channels that collect grey water for the toilet or laundry. By the nighttime, the trailer turns into a cozy place to doze off as the convertible sofa and the two twin cots turn into a queen-sized bed. A compact bathroom section with a showerhead allows for everyday chores to be done within complete privacy. When you are done with your adventurous escapade the trailer can be returned back to the rental outfitter, to get it ready for the next journey. Changes can be made to adapt to the client’s requirements or the climatic conditions.

Designer: Jason Carley

This modular climbing wall system for kids is designed to adapt to your child’s growing needs!

Endeløs is a modular wall climbing system designed to evolve with your children’s growing needs and hobbies, transforming from a single ladder into a multi-unit storage system.

Kids will find a way to make a jungle gym out of any living room. Entertainment systems transform into boats and couch cushions turn into hopping rocks because the floor is lava. No matter the space, kids will turn it into their very own play place. Inspired by the endless imagination of their own kids, Norway-based KAOS, children and parent-focused goods and furniture brand, created a modular wall system for children to turn into their own climbing wall called Endeløs.

Composed of modular wooden ladders of varying lengths as well as supplementary canvas bookshelves and toy bags, Endeløs is a versatile piece of furniture that evolves with your children’s needs. Consolidated in a flat pack, Endeløs is built from ash wood coated with white pigmented oil, gold brass hardware, and white glass fiber brackets, to ensure easy setup with few materials required for assembly.

When your children are just old enough for climbing (+/- 2 years), Endeløs can mount as a single ladder to any one of your walls. Then, as your children grow, additional ladders can attach to preexisting ladders to enhance the climbing experience and challenge your kid’s physical movement for healthy play. Finally, the canvas bookshelves and toy bags can lock into any step on the ladder system to create a storage space either for your child or the whole family to use depending on the wall ladder’s location.

While traditional climbing walls age out once your kid matures past them, Endeløs is designed to grow alongside your kid’s evolving interests and hobbies. Once the climbing period reaches its final peak, Endeløs functions as another piece of furniture where the whole family can store keepsakes and hang photographs.

Designers: KAOS x Permafrost

Built from ash wood dipped in white pigmented oil, Endeløs uses gold brass hardware and white glass fiber brackets to hold the whole system together. 

Delivered as a flat-pack, Endeløs can be assembled easily from home. 

Bookshelves and modular desk spaces mature the climbing play system into a working storage space. 

Additional ladders can mount alongside each other to create a more dynamic climbing experience. 

As your child grows older, the ladder system can function as its own piece of furniture with an evolved function. 

This plastic-free oral care set is an all-in-one sustainable alternative for daily use or travel kits!

Small parts of our routine tend to have a big environmental impact, for instance, floss is good for our teeth but it is terrible for the ocean and turns it into a plastic minefield. Toothbrush bristles as well as floss are made up of nylon which is not biodegradable but another thing that makes it dangerous is that it is designed to not tear causing serious harm to ocean life. When looking at these issues it is clear that we need to move away from single-use plastics and find a more eco-friendly, long-term solution like the Seventh Generation Beam – a customizable, subscription-based, plastic-free set that is designed to be the all-in-one sustainable oral care kit.

Did you know one billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown away every year in the United States, creating 50 million pounds of waste annually? The production of the nylon bristles on each toothbrush causes nitrous oxide to be produced and released into the atmosphere as a bi-product; nitrous oxide is a greenhouse gas that is 310 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Seventh Generation’s goal is to limit harmful chemicals and they use plant-based ingredients, scents made from real ingredients, and no synthetic fragrances/dyes in their products. It encourages the importance of wellness is in our personal care, household products, and generally in our everyday lifestyle. The concept demands we expand our understanding of what nourishes us without harming the planet through beautiful and innovative design.

The aim is to create 100% plastic-free packaging. The challenge is to rebrand a traditional product line and redesign the packaging system to be fully sustainable while utilizing no plastic or bioplastic. Biomaterials like tin, wood pulp, plant cellulose, food waste, grass, algae, and mushrooms are being considered. It will all be sustainably sourced, preferably materials that are at the end of their lives and can be composed into biomass to regenerate depleted farming soils.

The design and aesthetics are playful, warm, organic and unlike the language, one might typically associate with “eco-friendly products” which usually only sparks the idea of “bamboo”. Seventh Generation shows that innovation and changing the things we choose can be achieved with visuals just as much as the value added by the product itself.

The kit consists of toothpaste tablets, refillable floss, and a toothbrush. While this is a concept, the aim is to make these products plastic-free as well. Toothpaste tablets already exist and help reduce product and chemical waste while eco-friendly floss and toothbrushes are also gaining popularity as people become more aware of the consequences their actions have on the environment.

Designer: Beatrice Ma