Modern Stationery Designs that add value to your desk setup

2020 has us scrambling to turn our comfy homes into a semblance of a moderately productive work setup (adulting is real!). And while we need some healthy distraction, this is a chance for you to wishlist some products that will amp up your workspace! Laptops, pen, and notepad are the basics of any work station but what happens beyond the realm of regular? Let us show you! This highly selective curation involves modern, minimal and elegant stationery designs that double up to provide additional value that will make you fall in love with your work from home space!

Jiachun LV’s Bowl Sharpener is shaped like a cute little soup bowl! The base of the bowl consists of the actual sharpener opening, through which you slip in your pencil, and begin to sharpen it. As you sharpen your pencil, the pencil shavings and the lead residue are stored in the bowl. Be it those yellow pencils or a rainbow of color pencils, the different shavings create a beautiful visual!

Clip Art by Present & Correct is a wonderful history lesson in paper clip design. The series features ten different paper clips from 1860 to 1934, recreated from ancient patent records. The Clip Art is a series worth collecting and admiring, especially for the way it captures how subtly different paper clips looked during the Art Nouveau and Art Deco periods and possibly even how visual styles could be partially dictated by industrial production techniques.

Clamp Basket by Seungwan Kang & Seonhee Shin does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin; it’s a small container that attaches to the side of the desk and allows the user to collect the rubber residue that is strewn across the work surface. A compact brush is neatly integrated into the top of the bin to ensure that every last bit of rubber is disposed of! Also featured on the top of the device is a pencil sharpener, which directly takes care of those annoying pencil shavings. Be it pencil shavings, crumbs or even waste tissue, we think the Clamp Basket is a glam addition to every desk!

When it comes to a lack of desk space, the struggle is real. The Sidekick by Tan Mavitan Studio opens into an ‘L’ shaped notebook that can easily sit at the corner of your keyboard, or your mousepad, or even tablet. Its unusual shape and diagonal spine allow it to open into an ‘L’ shaped notebook that can sit at any extra corner space. The notebook won’t serve well for sketching, but makes a good note-taking pad, offering both landscape and portrait writing areas.

ATECH’s multifunctional seven-in-one pen is a marvel in itself. What starts off as a handy ballpoint pen goes on to reveal six more of its counterparts. Not only does it function as a ballpoint pen, but as a stylus for your smartphone and other touch screen devices, bottle opener, 2mm mini flat-head screwdriver, 2.5 mm Phillips screwdriver, smartphone stand and a metric and inch ruler! It provides multiple solutions for your minute everyday problems, all without having to leave your desk!

Studio BKID has designed stone stationery for the Winter Olympic Game Commemoration. This stationary shape is inspired by the Gangwondo stone mountain. Minimal, elegant and beautiful, this design has a tranquilness that allows it to occupy space on your desk while being a standalone sculpture on its own.

The ‘Eco Pot’, an intriguing little product that organizes your desk and adds a pop of green to it! Divided into two sections, the smaller square-shaped section has been reserved to store your pens and pencils. Whereas the elevated larger section functions as a planter. Crafted from elmwood, the designer Julia Kononenko has lined it with glass vessels, to ensure that neither the water nor soil damage the wood structure.

Integrated into the end of the Fidget Pen by Inyeop Baek is, you guessed it, a finger fidget mechanism that allows users to turn the wheels, press buttons and feel the intaglio to their subconscious heart’s content! Because it doubles as a writing utensil, it will have twice the chance of staying with the user. At your desk, it’s a perfect addition to your collection of unique stationery and a handy way to get your fidget fix!

Dog lovers rejoice! If you can’t have a dog at home, you can at least have this doggy shaped organizer with its unique shape allowing you to store multiple objects with ease. Designed by Kittipoom Songsiri for KARV, this design is perfect for every animal lover!

How many times have you been in the middle of a meeting, need to jot something down but can’t find a pen? That simple requirement is fulfilled by the Hug Pen! Designed by Jimin Lee and Jaehoon Yu, the Hug Pen comes with a blue elastic band that stretches and hugs your notebook of any size. So the next time you need a pen, look no more!

As an added bonus, we present to you the Volé Interactive Lamp by Moak Studio. A beautifully minimal design, the lamp’s interactive component is a windmill-like moving part attached to the top of the lamp. Gently blow on it, let the turbines rotate and light up your lamp with a warm yellow light.

This washer-dehumidifier combo elevates your interiors without steaming up your home

We’ve seen an inclusive washer and dryer, a device that steam irons your clothes and purifies your home, another appliance to cleanse your air and clothes of dust and pollen. Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, we have another cool appliance to add to this list – say hello (from 6 feet away) to Drawsher which is the child of a washer and dehumidifier!

Laundry is one of the most disliked chores and so it is no surprise to me that many of us just let the clothes be in the basket till we run out of fresh underwear. It may not be stinky or filthy, but it is certainly not the most hygienic practice because you are lettings the bacteria from the clothes spill into the air around you. Also, if you don’t air out your washing machine after using it, it can lead to molds and malfunctioning of the appliance. Keeping all these details in mind, designer Kikang Kim created Drawsher which is a sanitary machine that functions as a laundry basket and a washing machine. You’ll notice that it also looks good unlike any washing machine you’ve seen before, and that is because Kim has based the design on a modern dresser that optimizes space and blends well with your interiors.

Drawsher ups your laundry game functionally and aesthetically – say goodbye to hours of sorting clothes, dealing with excessive humidity when it runs a cycle, smelly mold, and appliance upkeep. Keep scrolling to see the design process and find out why we love this washing machine that also doubles up as a sleek piece of furniture.

Designer: Kikang Kim

You don’t have to necessarily keep this washer hidden away because it is as beautiful as a stylized piece of furniture. It truly elevates your interior game without steaming up your apartment.

The main goal was to make doing laundry easier – so you can sort your clothes in the basket as you throw them in instead of sorting a big load on laundry day itself. Plus the dehumidifier helps to not steam up your apartment and clear that wet laundry smell that no Yankee candle can get rid of.

Through line drawing and paper-building, Kim was able to determine the right height for the Drawsher so it doesn’t cause any backache and continues being functional.

The build of the Drawsher is based on that of your modern dressers, it is meant to optimize space by also doubling up as your laundry basket. You don’t need a closet to keep your washer and your dirty clothes, you can have this appliance outside and now have extra space where the laundry basket/laundry room used to be – like a new shoe rack or a pantry room!

The dehumidifier is mounted at the back end of the Drawsher and keeps the laundry hygienic. It helps to keep the bad smell from the laundry baskets away and also the detergent smell when you do your laundry. Having it in-built means no humidity or steam when you use it and less upkeep of the appliance as it keeps away mold and mites.

Sorting laundry is such a tedious task and keeping 4 laundry baskets is simply inefficient. Drawsher has 4 separate compartments that let you sort dirty laundry the minute you throw it in instead of going through a whole pile later. One day, one t-shirt, one basket at a time.

The laundry drawers are seamlessly hidden without handles to keep your dirty laundry from being aired in public!

The lid of the filter is concealed with a rectangular opening so it blends in with the rest of the furniture-appliance aesthetic.

The blue color was chosen to represent freshness and the wood finishes complement it perfectly. The combination of the two is timeless and will fit in almost every interior setting. You can store laundry detergent and fabric softener on the top and control how much is to be used via the display screen.

LAYER Design’s flexible chair is based on human psychology and sports

Being in the house all the time, many of us are on Pinterest making mood boards of furniture we wished we had! On that board is my all-time favorite studio, LAYER Design, who has unveiled a chair called Membrane which I want for two reasons – 1) a change of scenery in my home so I can have something new to chill on and 2) because it is a beautifully crafted product that works for a flexible lifestyle. The current times have taught us a lot, and one of those things is choosing products that are highly functional in various situational settings.

The Membrane has been described as a highly engineered, ultra-lightweight chair that resonates with the flexible needs of future homes which truly shows in the details of its build. Its form and function were based on qualitative research from the sports industry and combined with minimal visuals which resulted in this sustainable chair. The assembly is simple – there are 8 supporting tubes with 2 ring-like tubes that form the structure of the chair. You then pull the stretchy, cushioned fabric over the assembled skeleton and that’s it, that is your chair. If you move houses or want to carry it out for camping, you can just fold the fabric and collect the short tubes to set it up wherever you like.

“We deliver technically demanding solutions that respond meaningfully to human behavioral trends,” says the team. The chair is portable, modern and based on a design strategy that accounts for emotion as strongly as functional needs. The materials used give it an airy appeal unlike the bulky furniture we are used to, it truly lightens (see what I did there?) up the room. LAYER Design wanted to create a chair that was innovative with its material use but also based on the ever-changing human needs and they have delivered it with Membrane.

Designer: LAYER Design

This linen and wood record player is perfect for hyping yourself up at home!

Quarantine means a lot of dance parties at home for yourself. It definitely feels like time has turned back – we are calling our friends and family more, eating more home-cooked meals, we can hear the birds clearly and the sky is a lot bluer. So when we put on some music, why not do it on a classic Victrola record player made with woven linen and wood!

This record player features a 3-speed belt driven turntable – choose between 33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM settings to choose between a relaxing tune or speed it up for an errand party around the house. The built-in Bluetooth allows you to stream your favorite music from up to 33 feet away and that is a reminder that we are living in 2020. The beautiful audio system is built from real wood and wrapped in woven linen to give it a timeless aesthetic that will fit in any interior space.

The Victrola record player has an output of 50 Watts so you can turn it up, if you want to get more lit then use the line-out RCA or the external speaker jacks to truly turn it into a quarantine dance party. I love the organic and earthy design of this record player. Anyone else singing ‘Girl put your records on…’?

Designer: Victrola

This conceptual Nike controller will enable better real-time football strategies

Life as we know it has completely moved online, everything we do now is digital and this transformation happened rather quickly. Working from home was a perk and now it is mandatory, universities that never closed during blizzards have turned into total online schools and even exercise classes are happening via Zoom. It is almost like we are all living like the Sims now and when this game ends, you best believe our house cleanliness is going to level up to 5000! The one thing we all miss that can’t be digitized is how nature physically feels – the wind in our hair, the sand on our toes and the football field’s grass in our face when we fall. PSA: football and soccer are the same, let’s not get into that match.

While everyone is online, one designer thought of how he can bring the tech world to football coaches and that is when he designed the conceptual Nike controller. Now it may look like your average controller but it is actually a tool for coaches and managers to analyze training sessions as well as matches in real-time. Think of it as playing a real game with real people where your controller gives you the data on how each team member is performing so you know exactly what is working and what needs improvement. Coaches are human too and they cannot keep their eyes on each of the 12 players for 100 minutes, so a controller like this is perfect – it maps out players in the stadium and summarises the data on the controller.

The design is similar to the controllers we recognize – minimal and ergonomic so it feels natural instantly. Now unlike a game, you cant actually control the players but this data is crucial for strategies, for picking substitutes in real-time and for optimizing the performance. It keeps the learning curve minimal and the guesswork mistakes low. The team will ultimately become consistent and emerge as better players with well-crafted game plans backed by data. I think this conceptual Nike controller for real players has scored its goal in bringing the digital and real worlds together for a better game.

Designer: Rohit Mudliyar

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Meet the unnecessary designs that have taken the internet by storm: Part 3

It’s April first, aka April Fool’s Day! While we are acutely aware of how COVID-19 pandemic has us safely quarantined in our homes for the near future, we can’t help but worry over this nightmare and hope for some relief. So much so that many of us (including me) lost sight of the fact that its April’s Fools Day, the day traditionally filled with light-hearted pranks. Today we decided to push the gloomy news aside and bring to you some well-designed entertaining products that according to their designer and creator are completely unnecessary, but are sure to bring some well-deserved laughter and brighten up your day! Meet Matt Benedetto, the designer running the Instagram page Unnecessary Inventions whose inventions have taken the internet by storm!

They say two is better than one but in this case, one is more than enough to take on both of your pockets. We are talking about the Solo Stash™, a uni-pocket that stretches across the back of your jeans, providing a huge space to store all things extra. Now only if we could store this lot and sit down comfortably…

Even after the COVID-19 dies down a bit, we are going to require self-discipline and prevention techniques that ensure we don’t revive the pandemic. Built following the CDC guidelines, the Pandemic Prevention Utility Belt™ comes with spandex connected strings that won’t let your hands touch your face! The utility belt comes with 2 spare ‘hands’, one for shaking hands with the people you meet so you don’t seem disrespectful while the other hand comes with an attached sleeve for you to sneeze into! Lastly, two hand-washing pockets are attached at the front of this multi-functional gadget to keep your hands washed and clean at all times.

For the days when you are too cold to flip people off but just have to, because how else would you display your feelings for them, you have the Flippin’ Mittens™! Designed to keep your fingers warm and your opinions public, this mitten arrives with a very specific middle-finger cutout that can be flexed to flip people off without losing the warm sanctuary of your mittens.

Do you know those moments in life when you need to have a nugget to keep you going? This necklace is for all the breakfast, pre-lunch, post-lunch or whatever-ungodly-hour times the cravings strike. Whenever the chicken nugget fervor rises, the Nuggie Necklace™ is here to rescue you. If you ask me, I would take this over a Batmobile any day, unless the Batmobile has a nugget compartment!

Summer is almost here and who wants to waste all that time rubbing deodorant on our armpits? Well, now you don’t have to! The Dual-Odorant™ comes equipped with two deodorant sticks (go with the same fragrance or you can even mix them up for fun) that lets you get minty-fresh pits in half the time!

Stylishly transparent, the Transpari Pockets™ permanently solves the lifelong question – which pant has my wallet and keys?! Providing guaranteed 100% transparent plastic and durability, this hottest piece from the fashion runaways is the perfect mix of functionality and a certain, umm…shall we say, aesthetic quality!

This state-of-the-art Offensive Snowball Maker™ has you prepped for the upcoming winter. In fact, we are so impressed by it, we might just take it out with us to the beach and make sand structures of this perfectly sculpted middle-finger shaped mold. Who would dare to anyone kick my sandcastle now (evil laughter)!

Don’t you just hate it when you want to listen to your music with only one AirPod but the sound stops the moment you remove the unwanted earbud? Worry not, the ExtraEar Pod™ is here to hold onto the extra earbud while you single-handedly (I mean ear-ly) listen to your favorite tunes!

This invention might just become a real-life bestseller! Meet the Crapper Concealer™- your best buddy for those days you know you will let out some obnoxiously smelly fumes and don’t want to be recognized by your neighbors in the adjoining stalls by your uniquely fabulous shoes. Just enter the loo, put on your Crapper Concealers and happily go about making the space unfit for human occupation!

Have you been poked in the eye or lost your noodles, dumpling, or food in general to chopsticks manhandling? The Handy Chops™ are here to save your morsel! These hand-shaped chopsticks carry all the style of the chopsticks without requiring any kung-fu ability to take the food to your mouth. Now conveniently eat with hands, albeit not you own.

If you’re interested in more unnecessary yet intriguing designs like these, check out Part 1 and Part 2 of this series!

Every Apple AirPods design flaw solved by these conceptual Samsung earbuds

As we adjust to this new normal, we are understanding the value of a good pair of earphones. Given that we are constantly on a video call with a co-worker/friend or isolating with roommates/family, earphones are a part of the heroes of our homes…of course, WiFi is the supreme leader of that list. Inspired by essential personal devices that help us during quarantine, Designer Felipe Duarte has created Yinyang earbuds for Samsung that are going to make you want to switch from your AirPods because it solves the major issues we face – the one-size that doesn’t fit all, the case which is an added device to charge, the bulky aesthetic, portability without the case and a charging solution if you lose the case.

The Yinyang earbuds are influenced by the duality of the millennia-old cultural concept of yin and yang. The Chinese philosophical thought behind the yin and yang is the balance between two forces that oppose and complement each other at all times. These conceptual Samsung earbuds are designed to reflect that philosophy by striking a perfect balance between user experience and portability. Yinyang earbuds are created to be the smallest in the market to that it can fit everyone (a problem I personally go through with my first-gen AirPods). The compact size will be achieved by getting rid of the ear tips.

The conceptual technology of the Yingyang earbuds that make it one-of-its-kind lies in the inflatable hook which secures the earbuds in place. It also features wireless charging and magnets on the rear end of the gadget so they can be charged on the back of our NFC-enabled cell phone, thus eliminating the need for a charging case (if there was one, I would humbly request it not to resemble a floss box). You can also kinetically charge the earbuds by keeping yourself moving (we all could use some extra steps and exercise right now!) if your phone dies. The Yinyang earbuds can also be attached to the lapel of the jacket – that is how portable they are and with the sleek aesthetic, you are upping your accessory game with your tech.

Felipe, if you are reading this, please make this happen once we are all back out in the world, thank you.

Designer: Felipe Duarte


This purifier’s 4 part cleansing process works on your clothes and your room

Now more than ever we are looking for home appliances that are multifunctional and extra points to those that have additional cleaning or purification functions, right? If I find a keyboard that can also sanitize my hands then maybe I will spend more time working from home, or maybe a coffee mug that also doubles up as a portable facial steamer! The concept of combining purification functionality with a home appliance is a gold mine right now and that is why there is no surprise that the FAD 01/02 clothing and air multi-care system is one of the winners of the Red Dot Design Awards 2019.

This clothes purifier is a mini wardrobe with a large mirror that not only purifies your clothes but also your room when you leave its door open – much friendlier than how my refrigerator acts when I do the same thing with it. As the dust pollution and pollen allergies increase, this sleek home appliance offers a solution by blasting precise gushes of air on the hung clothes to removes the dust and pollen. The continuous air circulation means no particles are left behind on the clothing. It allows you to select settings for different types of clothing items, different materials, and cleansing options on its user-interface screen.

It’s dual cleaning system then sprays nano electrolyzed water onto the clothing, absorbing and removing odor and leftover dust particles. After that, the clothes are dried and dehumidified in a low-temperature setting. The FAD 01/02 ensures your clothes come out clean and wrinkle-free thanks to its intricate 4-part system and a methodical cleansing process. Once your clothes are out, leave the door open and let its dehumidifying and air purifying systems work to cleanse your indoor air as well – works in all seasons too!

The Fad 01/02 is a winner of the Red Dot Design Awards 2019.

Designer: Coway

This $172,000 sustainable luxury boat is on our summer wish list

I am sure we are all dreaming about summer and places we would rather be at. It would be amazing if we could just get on a boat and go on an ocean adventure around the world, but since we all have to play our part in flattening the curve, the best we can do is stay indoors and look at beautiful boats like the Leisure 28. Digital getaways are fun too, so now let me show you around this sustainable luxury boat!

Leisure 28 is a sleek electric boat designed by Rand Boats, a Danish company committed to using sustainable design and innovative technology for giving you the best experience out on the water. This boat is built on the pillars of modern Scandinavian design and has powerful electric propulsion (so no motor noise or fuel smell!) with a maximum speed of 45 mph that can run for two hours without a recharge. Its hull design helps in making it ultralight and optimizes the performance effortlessly. Leisure 28 is made of a mix of recycled plastics and bio-based hybrids which makes it environmentally friendly.

The luxury boat has been crafted keeping in mind the social interactions during summers and making most of the space without turning into a cruise ship. It has a cabin with a queen-sized bed and an adjustable 12 seater table that turns into a king-size sundeck when lowered. There is an exclusive kitchen & bar space, and when the time is right for us to all be together again that is where we are going to hang out. If you are wondering about a bathroom, yes, there is one and I am also surprised how much Leisure 28 can hold for its size.

Rand Boats are proud of making something that is first and foremost a highly functional design, so whether you are high-speed cruising or riding big ocean waves, Leisure 28 will ensure a smooth sailing experience. Let’s continue dreaming about this minimal, graceful, luxurious boat we all need…and can have for USD 172,000.

Designer: Rand Boats


Products designed to help procrastinators work better from home!

What actually happens when we procrastinate? I believe each and every one of us has big dreams along with to-do lists, phone reminders to even life goals. We all want to be more productive, be the best version of ourself and be the next Elon Musk, but procrastination ties us down. Jokes aside, procrastination has been linked to self-doubt, anxiety and even depression! Behavioral psychology research has revealed a phenomenon called “time inconsistency,” which refers to the tendency of the human brain to value immediate rewards more highly than future rewards (that explains us blazing through those infinite viral lists and quizzes!) With work from home looking like the immediate future, it is of utmost importance that we get our wandering mind under control and be our productive best. This list brings you products designed to enhance your work experience, giving you the perfect work-life balance in these trying times.

This portable armrest makes working on computers much more comfortable! The Mouzen by Gašper Kumprej cantilevers right off your table, giving your forearm a place to rest comfortably, instead of hovering in space. The platform retrofits easily onto the edge of any table and takes not more than 10 seconds to fasten. The platform comes with a freely moving armrest that sits on top of it. Using a patented ErgoFlow mechanism, the armrest moves and rotates in any direction with near-zero friction, giving you the ability to freely move your hand around as you switch from mouse to keyboard and back, typing, clicking, scrolling, etc. Built to take up to 50 lbs (21 kg) of weight, the mechanism has multiple shock absorbers and silencers built in to ensure the Mouzen works smoothly and silently.

Yes, we tend to procrastinate and fidget, but what if we have a more creative outlet to our energy rather than just mindlessly scrolling on our phone? Meet the Logifaces Puzzle, a little like the tangram meets the jigsaw meets the third dimension, the Logifaces puzzle by Logideez is a nice visual and mind exercise. The puzzle comprises a series of triangles of the same size, but different heights (at each vertex), and the only rule is, “Create a form by placing the prisms next to each other to build a continuous surface”.

The TimeFlip2 Interactive Time Tracking Device is a great way to get started with being more mindful. This time tracker features twelve sides, so you can have a wide variety of tasks assigned to it. And it comes with stickers so you can customize it to your specific needs. You’ll have an embedded green LED light for visual cues of your times status, and it has a Pomodoro timer to split work into sprints for maximum efficiency. Are you feeling like Monica Geller already?!

The Altwork desk claims to be the ultimate in productivity and ergonomics….and I agree. This desk encourages productivity by molding itself to any position that you feel your best in. There is a demographic that may have health problems which makes it hard for them to sit at a conventional desk and chair in an office. This causes them to lose out on many job opportunities that they might excel at simply because there wasn’t a solution for “How will they sit in the office?” but, thankfully, technology today has given us the ability to work from anywhere and this desk’s shape-shifting form makes it a part of the inclusive design world which caters to the needs of differently-abled. However you like to work, this chair will meet your expectations!

Just a simple tinted transparent acrylic cube, the Fume by Hakan Gürsu of Designnobis acts as a rather beautiful pen-stand for your alcohol markers (something designers swear by). Its design doesn’t just have them laid out in an interesting format, it even allows you to segregate them by hue into three zones! Although designed mainly for markers, this compact organizer is a great space-saving device to store all your pens, pencils, markers and more. Not to forget, the sense of satisfaction when you see all your stationery color-coordinated and lined up.

The beautiful Focus Journal by L’Atelier helps you concentrate on the tasks that matter. Inside the book, you will find uncluttered pages that offer useful prompts. The pages help you to prioritize urgent to-dos and find time for longer projects. Furthermore, you can time and track bigger tasks to see proof of your hard work. There are no rules you have to follow, but the journal provides a framework for structuring your thoughts. As an added bonus, with your task mapping happening on paper, you have no excuse to check your phone!


The MOFT Z by MOFT Studio comes with the ability to prop your laptop at three angles, but that’s not all. The MOFT Z even transforms your sitting setup into a standing one, elevating your laptop up by as much as 10 inches (25 centimeters). The MOFT Z does this using an innovative Z-shaped folding system along with its signature PU and fiberglass material which allows the laptop stand to have a high strength to weight ratio while being thin enough to slide right into a Manila envelope. So in case sitting at one spot and working makes you angsty, MOFT Z can transform your desk into a standing desk. No more excuses for taking those 5 minute breaks that stretch into a 50 min snooze sessions!

Determined to never have random loose wires corrupt the visual balance of his spaces, Andrew Ferrier designed the Cable Cradle, a simple, innovative twist on the plug-point. Ferrier’s redesigned plug-point comes with an extended lip that gives you a channel to wrap your spare wires around. Almost like a thread and a spool, the wire can be looped as many times as needed to make your space look neat, and to prevent you from accidentally tripping over that pesky little wire that’s aimlessly strewn across the floor.

Working from home can get taxing and caffeine is our relief! Tap and Drop by designers Jeonghyun Ahn, Donghong Seo & Jo Gwanghee aims to revolutionize how we get our fix, making efficiency and simplicity the key features. The satisfyingly smooth curves used for the top of the device guide the coffee beans into the machine, eliminating the possibility of the beans from getting stuck, and making the filling process far smoother. Although, you may not have long to admire the elegant design as the coffee-making process can begin before you are even downstairs; an equally as beautiful mobile application allows for the selection of the desired drink from anywhere, and an array of parameters are available so you can ‘make’ the perfect drink! No more waiting for that perfect cuppa and wasting time!

If noise and phone distractions are your kryptonite, the Helmfon by Hochu Rayu will be your savior! A portmanteau of the words Helmet and Phone, the Helmfon isn’t just a noise-canceling device, it’s also an elaborate pair of headphones. Equipped with a system board, microphone, speakers, accumulator, magnifier and space on the inside for a smartphone, the Helmfon enables wearers to watch videos, organize Skype conferences and even make calls from within the helmet. Sure, it looks like you’re wearing a giant helmet, but if it helps you focus and finish up work effectively, then I am all for it!

Ukrainian product designer Julia Kononenko created the ‘Eco Pot’, an intriguing little product that organizes your desk and adds a pop of green to it! The multipurpose desk accessory is basically a flower pot with an integrated pen holder. So give your eyes a much-needed break by talking to your green friends and get back to work asap!

The School of Life presents the Phone Detox. A palm-friendly, phone-sized book that contains insights, ideas, and meditations that help you get over your heavy dependency on your phone, social media, and validation addictions. The book covers relevant topics like Addiction, Monasticism, Poetry, Nature, Dating, Utopia, and even Death. Its aim is to allow us to take a step back, breathe, and contemplate a little, rather than simply consuming content the internet keeps throwing at you.

The Bedchill by Constant Ducos will revolutionize how you both work and relax in bed as the fully-fledged design has all of the bases covered! The roll-over table rapidly transforms the bed into a plush office with vast desk space. If it’s even more usability you are after, then the Bedchill Plus is the one for you; it is kitted out with power outlets, USB ports, adjustable mood lighting, and even Bluetooth speakers to ensure that the innovative workspace can cater to your needs! Being in bed is no longer a reason to not be working!