Common product designs reimagined to create uncommon humor-filled results!

Do you remember how as kids (and me as an adult too!) you would lie down on the grass and looked at the sky to decipher shapes out of clouds? Designer Jose Navarro’s work brings the same childlike curiosity with some expert photo manipulation to make us see the other side of the objects we use in our everyday life! Mixing concepts, images, and colors, Jose is setting Instagram on fire with his handle @j.m.navarro with illustrations that bring us a touch of humor, inspiration and basically make you smile for seeing this fresh take on everything from your airpods, shoes to even a straw!

Shoes meet the tank in this conceptual render. Although, in hindsight, these would make quite cool roller-skating shoes!

This one made me actually laugh out loud! Titled, ‘Undercover Agent’ you can actually imagine the futuristic traffic camera or CCTV’s being disguised as pigeons!

The artwork titled Trashed People focuses on getting rid of the negativity in life by just trashing the people who are not healthy for us.

Addiction Sucks and this visual metaphor is an apt reminder of why you should keep away from it.

This artichoke grenade is quite literally the green bomb your system needs.

Take a bite out of this heart to literally just ‘Hurt a Heart’.

There is something sinister in this mix of leather gloves and the crow titles ‘Dark Feelings’.

Beautifully harmonious wooden lines form the rings of the vinly disc in this turntable evoked from the Flintstones age!

For the times when you want a literal break from your phone, just dip into this pool.

Simple, delicious and light, this cloudy sushi is the best dinner.

Functional yet eccentric, the furniture designed by Michael Beitz will give you some food for thought!

We have all looked at functionality to understand the form of the design, but sometimes you have to look beyond it, this is exactly the emotion I feel after browsing through designer Michael Beitz’s sculptural furniture designs. Simple benches get elevated to become interesting form factors under this designer’s guidance. Adding twists and extensions, each of these sculptural pieces evokes joy. Be it a bench that curves in on itself to give you an alcove, extending the lines to make the design one with the building or even having a pair of eyes watch from our space on our favorite armchair, each of his designs will amaze you, make you smile and leave you with some food for thought in your mind.

A bench that adds a touch of functionality with humor to any building exterior.

These twisted benches give a playful twist to any ordinary space while creating an alcove to give you a space where you can catch up with your friends.

We all know those times we have tried to nod off on a bench. Well, Michael Beitz has designed this bench with an in-built pillow shaped nook to rest your head for those tough days.

Facing internal turmoil? Head down to this bench that curves in on itself to give you some peace and quiet while keeping the prying eyes away from you.

This knotted table is for those awkward dinner conversations you don’t want to have.

This collection will have you totally prepared for anything you wish to evade!

A little weird chair to end this collection, the Mates armchair will eye you while you eye the TV. A pair for you and your best mate in life!

Is this panini spatula the greatest 21st century invention or another dust gathering kitchen tool?

Whenever a one of a kind product comes out, it always sparks some form of debate. We have the enthusiasts and then the naysayers. I guess you could say the same for the Chef’n Panini Spatula. There are those who doubt its relevance and actual usage in a kitchen, but for anyone who has burnt their fingers while trying to pick up a panini or sandwich from the grill, you know the potential this product possesses!

Williams Sonoma’s Chef’n Panini Spatula has one aim; to be your handy sidekick while you prepare some paninis. It’s your usual everyday spatula except it has a “strip down the center of the handle (that) guides slicing”. The wide platform helps to scoop the sandwich off the grill preventing any collateral damage to your fingertips. It “simplifies lifting even the largest sandwiches.” Now the slit down the middle allows you to place a knife within it, enabling you to hold down the sandwich, and cut it in half without any of your precious ingredients oozing out!

Of course, the question arises whether such a product is even needed in our kitchens, but for home cooks like me whose fall back option after a long tiring day is always the humble sandwich, the Chef’n Spatula is sure going to make my life easier!

Designer- Williams Sonoma

Layer x Panasonic’s line of futuristic products to improve everything, from cooking to skincare!

With our hectic, fast-paced lives wherein we barely get a moment to breathe, paying attention to our well being has never been more critical. Benjamin Hubert’s Layer and Panasonic have decided to lend us a helping hand with this! Their recent collaboration led to the creation of ‘Balance of Being’, a collection of six near-future design concepts that were presented at IFA 2019. The collection has one and only one aim: to promote our wellbeing and help us feel better with products that can be used at home! It explores “how we can have meaningful engagements with products and how we take care of ourselves.” The products consist of a smart cooking appliance, a skin analyzing device combined with a smoothie maker, a smart head massager, an LED light treatment for hair and two more smart skincare devices (yes, skincare is high up on their list of concerns).

“Balance of Being aims to close this gap between technology and our lifestyles, focusing more on human interaction, comfort, enhancing our lifestyles, and providing truly meaningful experiences with technology allowing us to bond with one another instead of our devices,” added Rowan Williams, creative lead from Panasonic Design’s London team. And I must say, their products do seem to be a reflection of that.

The Grow device uses advanced LED light treatment to promote hair growth. Grow understand’s every individual’s hair condition and structure to identify the appropriate treatment for our hair and it’s follicles!

Lift is a smart cooking and food maturing appliance which uses advanced heat and pressure technology, along with a sensor positioned within the device to ‘lift’ the food to its optimal nutritional state or in other words to retain all the much-needed nutrients! The device was created with an intention to encourage all members of the family, including younger generations to participate in cooking and healthier eating.

The Shot is the device I find the most interesting! It’s a two in one skincare device and smoothie maker! The Shot uses a camera placed at the front of the device and AI to analyze our skin. After receiving the results, Shot creates a smoothie specially curated for our skin type and it’s unique needs using a concoction of frozen fruits and vegetables. The smoothie is jampacked with vitamins and minerals to enhance your health, giving you the perfect radiant skin you have always wanted by addressing your health concerns from the inside.

Tone is a skincare device that will sit comfortably on our necks while using LED and steam treatment to improve our complexion and health of our skin. It uses AI to examine our skin, and devices a personalized self-care regime, so our skin has the glow it truly deserves!

Need a stress-relieving head massage? Well, that’s exactly what Wave is here for. Wave is a smart massaging device that can be used to relieve stress anywhere at any time (yes, even at work)! The portable massager maps and evaluates the level of tension and then determines the length of time, method and intensity of the treatment.

Layer and Panasonic have added another handy skincare device, but one that works when we’re asleep! It understands the needs of skin even in our sleeping state, to provide us with a lighting and steam treatment that enhances our skin. Asleep or awake, it seems like the Balance of Being has got all our needs covered!

“We are curious about how we engage with products and the knowledge that they can build of us and our families,” said Panasonic Design’s creative director, Takehiro Ikeda. And it seems like their curiosity has lead to a series of products that provide assistance in almost every aspect of our personal health and well being. We don’t know when these products will be available to the public, but here’s hoping it’s sometime soon because we all need some self-pampering and as for me well I need it ASAP!

Minimalistic and Adorable: Nendo’s Kakao Friends Homekit Is Giving Us Major Aesthetic Goals!

The Japanese studio Nendo has achieved master-status in turning everyday objects into something extraordinary! Their constant reinventions have always left us wanting more. This time ‘a simple white bowl’ was their starting point, leading to the creation of the Kakao Friends Homekit, a collection of contemporary smart home appliances with a companion app. It’s a mobile app, making it easy to access your products anywhere, at any time! Inspired by Kakao Friends, the original characters of Korea’s largest messenger app “Kakao Talk”, these simple yet totally adorable objects include seven products: a body scale, a humidifier, a thermometer, an alarm, a sensor, and an air purifier. All the objects share a continuous aesthetic theme, even though they each possess a unique silicon ‘icon’ which symbolizes their different functions. Another element that groups them together as a family is their soft feel factor, the absence of any hard edges and the overall soothing texture they possess. Let’s dive a little deeper into them!

Designers: Nendo x Kakao Friends

The cloud-inspired Smart Scale records and tracks users’ weight changes. The scale’s icon a ‘cloud’ symbolizes the desire to be lightweight. Puffy and cotton candy-like, the body scale will literally give you the sensation of “walking on clouds”, while you enjoy managing your weight with a series of super friendly feedback animations.

The collection also includes an adorable little humidifier! The humidifier’s icon is ‘vapor’. With a simple white bowl as it’s base, Nendo chose a muted lilac for the ‘vapor’, enhancing the soft feel of the item. Humidifies a room, and looks cute? We’re all in for this product!

Not an early bird? Well, your mornings are going to be a little less gloomy with Nendo’s Kakao Friends alarm clock. Waking up on time won’t seem such a task with this little bird chirping out your daily alarm! The color accents on each piece, including the butter yellow on the alarm, are inspired by the characters of Kakao Friends.

Falling sick is the last thing any of us want to deal with in our busy lives! However, Nendo’s quirky little thermometer does manage to put a smile on our faces. Modeled after the ‘perspiration’ that is produced on catching a fever, the droplet-shaped thermometer is truly one of a kind.

Continuing to weave a playful story around each product, Nendo decided to shape their sensor after a periscope. Though it may look little, that does not affect its functionality nor its ability to look out for us!

Here, Nendo has diverted from their bowl on the bottom design, and instead placed the bowl on top for the Kakao Friends lamp. The lamp has a ‘ray of light’ extending from the bowl, illuminating any room it could be placed in.

For the baby pink air cleaner, a ‘flower’ that flutters in the wind was selected as the icon. The visual of a flower fluttering in the air instills the image of a fresh clean breeze in our heads, adding on to the lithe aura of the air cleaner.

Minimalistic, soft and highly functional, Nendo’s Kakao Friends Homekit is exactly the collection of accessories we need to add a touch of pastel color and mellow aesthetics to our homes!

Don’t miss out on our top 10 trending designs from September so far!

September is rapidly getting over but the innovation is not! Here are the best designs from this month that are already turning heads, be it an attachment that allows you to connect 4 SIM cards to your phone to super slim wallets with fifteen layers and invisible stitching that are good for posture while being high on innovation. Just scroll down, have a look and get inspired to create your own innovative design.

This weird, zany attachment for your Samsung phone from SIMore gives your phone an additional 4 sim-slots, allowing you to be a walking-talking living example of someone living the open-market dream. The attachment fits into a dual-sim smartphone’s secondary sim-slot, much like a USB-Hub plugs into a spare USB port. Your primary SIM card still drives the phone, but Simore’s adapter gives you the power of having and using four extra SIM cards, allowing you to own and use up to 5 different numbers (possibly from 5 separate telecom providers!)

YeongKyu Yoo of cloudandco has designed two wallets that are extremely slim – WalletType1 and SlimWalletType1. The former is a bi-fold design with 6 pockets, and the latter is a card wallet with 2 pockets. The key to the form are the layers and the invisible stitches. Sporting a multi-layer construction with uniform thickness, the edges of the wallets are precisely painted for the ultimate seamless look. The wallets look like a solid sheet of beautiful leather and nothing more. To capture the beauty of quality leather, they focused on bringing its texture to the foreground. This meant keeping all unnecessary details invisible, including stitches. The multi-layer construction was carefully conceived so that once assembled, the form is completely uniform in thickness. To finish it off, the edges are precisely painted for the ultimate seamless look — just like a solid sheet of beautiful leather.

Treat your sofa as the beautiful and central part to your home that it should be with designs such as the Lawless Sofa by Evan Fay.

Unveiled at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, the new Lamborghini Siánn explores a whole slew of fresh possibilities for the company. After the conceptual Terzo Millennio, the Sián is the first car from the Italian automotive company to venture into a hybrid drive, relying on a V12 engine as well as a unique 48 volt e-motor, delivering 34 hp to provide immediate response and an uplifted performance.

Having analyzed the shortcomings that current inhalers have, and identified that both the stigma that they carry and their “throwaway” nature are two of their main issues, Ryan Lee Sanderson, Justin Arsenault & Thrive Design created not one, not two, but four inhalers. As the name suggests, the Aria Youth is targeted towards youngsters; it features a rubberized body that will protect it from the inevitable drops that will be thrown it’s way. This, combined with the large paddle accusation makes this product a far more suitable alternative.

Long before planned obsolescence was a thing, products were built to last a lifetime. People would own, use, and reuse products for years, passionately maintaining them for future use, and fixing them if something ever broke. It’s rare to see that sort of passion in today’s products, and the Wingback Mechanical Pen by Alasdair MacLaine is a rare item that embraces that culture of design-for-perpetuity. Buy it now!

Titled the ProPilot, the golf-ball is inspired by Nissan’s ProPilot 2.0 driving technology and is the company’s way of showing how they can fit their incredible self-driving chops into something literally palm-sized. The golf ball obviously isn’t intended for professional use! As a way of demonstrating how small Nissan can go with its self-driving tech, the ball literally finds its way to the hole no matter where you hit it.

The Polaroid Lab is a novel product that lets you rest your smartphone on it, and turns the image on your smartphone screen into a Polaroid photo. The desktop device uses a close-proximity lens to literally take a photo of your screen, turning your high-end smartphone’s photo into a printed picture that you can then scribble a message under and pin to your wall. The Polaroid Lab’s biggest benefits are that you can choose the best photo from hundreds of clicks, edit it and add filters or stickers, and then place your phone with the image loaded on the screen onto the Lab to turn it into a Polaroid snap.

The Turning Chair is a creative take on seating relies on a form that can be flipped 90° to completely change its function! When in orientation A, the Turning Chair is a comfortable low-lying lounger with a reclining backrest, perfect for your living room… but thanks to its angular rear legs, the chair can be flipped back to turn it into a high-seated bar-stool that fits rather suitably in your kitchen. Plus, get this… the chair’s form is stackable too!

Austin Maynard Architects have designed ‘king bill’ — a playful renovation and extension of a double-story terrace house and neighboring garden. the original house is among the oldest in the Australian suburb, built around 1850. after its 2018 update, it’s now also one of the most inventive.

Philip Lück’s imaginative take on everyday objects includes an iPhone 11 with a fidget spinner!

‘Reality leaves a lot to the imagination’, this quote by John Lennon is what I believe must be the inspiration behind this wonderful mix of reality and imagination displayed by designer Philip Lück. Philip, who goes by the username philiplueck on Instagram has been adding a twist of imagination to the mundaneness of our daily lives. What sets him apart is his sense of humor, be it a fidget spinner in place of the 3 cameras on Apple’s latest iPhone 11 Pro that is causing a wave of fear among trypophobe’s across the world to a dose of creativity you wish you could take every morning. There is a healthy mix of reality, imagination, and a subtle suggestion that asks you to take a harder look at the reality of our everyday lives in each of his renders.

Now here’s a version of the iPhone 11 Pro that adds some fun to the 3 camera setup, and keeps the trypophobia at bay! Not to forget, the hours of screen-free analog procrastination it would provide when the phone was not in use.

Addicted to inspiration is a unique take on the struggle every creative person faces – how do you fuel those creative engines on an everyday basis? Well, a pill as such on a daily basis would sure be helpful!

Are you worthy enough to wield the power of those practically indestructible Nokia phones? Inspired by Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, these phones were all the rage when having a mobile phone became commonplace. Oh, the hours we spent playing the game ‘snake’ on those phones!

I have often actually imagined what a cool washing machine the Instagram logo would make, and this render surely proves me right. Now if only someone would actually manufacture this…

Mr. Mark Zuckerberg is the name of the book here!

Meet Cokebomb!

Meet the model inspired by OFFF Barcelona. Born as a festival over a decade ago, OFFF showcases three days of electronic music showcases, from some of the most respected names in the world of underground house and techno.

A direct shot of the good stuff for the day’s life has you down.

Moneymaker grates the cash to find you some change!

An ode to morning routines and rituals with a dose of daily updates! With the amount of data thrown at us on a daily basis, we do end up throwing most of it away without consuming it, making this an apt description of our mornings indeed.

Named heavy times, this image is sure to evoke the weight of passing time on our shoulders.

Sipped is for those days when life gives you lemons!

Sofa designs so good, they’re impossible to resist: Part 2

Rather than a statement piece, sofa designs have become a piece of comfort. Many of us (consider me guilty too) have surely ended up eating, sleeping, crashing and basically just living out on our sofa. But the designs we have collected here will ensure you treat your sofa as the beautiful and central part to your home that it should be. Scroll down to see designs that will inspire you to innovate, reimagine and create some truly unique sofa designs.

Lawless Sofa by Evan Fay.

The Shell Sofa comes with two small openings at the beginning and end of its structure, making it perhaps the most entertaining play area for a domestic cat by Natalia Komarova.

Felix is a miniature sofa with a mesmerizing canopy that takes inspiration from Mexican architectural designs of the 1950s by Christian Vivanco.

The Brick Sofa by Copenhagen designers KiBiSi consists of stacked pillows with fiber concrete buttons!

Beatle’s versatile construction makes it possible to easily switch things up depending on both your spatial and comfort needs. The flexible back can slide all the way around on a built-in rail system, instantly transforming it from sofa to lounge. You can adjust it in a number of comfortable positions and choose the side that works best for your space, as designed by Burak Aykan & Nur Eryılmaz.

The Borghese table, also known as the eponymous sofa, is inspired by the umbrella pines at the Villa Borghese gardens in Rome by La Chance.

In just a couple of simple steps, SHO transforms from sofa to sofabed in seconds by taking control of the cushion! The design utilizes a unique metal frame that snaps together to hold a twin-size latex mattress in an upright position that’s perfect for sitting and reading by Biwei Pan.

The furniture collection of Dutch photographer Fien Muller and artist Hannes Van Severen is simple, minimal and beautiful in its use of leather.

MERRICK Sofa takes a new and interesting approach, playing with lines to create a focal point that is bound to hold your attention, designed by architect Micheal K Chen.

An expression of sea waves perception, this piece explores the balance of being quietly alone and shaking with the sea, being isolated from the world while noises still there around you by Artur de Menezes.

The minimally elegant sofa-armchair by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba.

Products that showcase why concrete is the trending design material

Concrete, the solid manufacturing material has poorly been grouped together with bulky structures, construction work, and other not-so-delicate uses. Bring to the mix modern-day manufacturing techniques which have taken the poor man’s concrete, transformed and elevated it to a high-class material that lets you form delicate, even tiny parts with it. Products made with concrete bring to them an element of surprise and wonder as people take a while to associate the beautifully designed object in front of them to the material they have traditionally known, making it a favorite of the modern designer. See to believe, the list includes a watch made from concrete, an elegant chess set to speakers and even lights designed to portray concrete in a manner you have never seen before!

The Fortify chess set celebrates concrete and its contribution to civilization by using it in the aptest game possible, chess by Daniel Skoták.

Ghost Flowerpots by Studio Iludi.

The Concretus Speaker uses concrete as a material with imperfections, but it contributes to a larger sense of aesthetics, making each product unique in a way because each speaker has a different surface finish, different air-bubbles in different places by Gražina Bočkutė.

Open space is a lighting collection from French designer MorganeTschiember, which plays with shape, form, and light.

A concrete patch in the hardwood floor for those snowy boots and muddy sneakers by Matt Gibson of Gibson Carpentry.

HexaSeat by Pouya Hosseinzadeh for Enison Co.

The 4th Dimension Watch was born from a fascination with contemporary architecture and design with a spiral staircase immediately stands out as a visual connecting point between 2 separate dimensions by 22 Design Studio.

Vista Concrete side table by Benton Fusion.

Concrete Key Holder with hidden magnets by Alexander Wilhelm of Betolz.

The minimal yet surprisingly elegant Oval concrete washbasin by Gravelli Design.

‘Basso shelf system’ is a modular shelf consisting of three different basic elements created by the Austrian designer Thomas Feichtner. The design is a modular shelf system consisting of three different basic elements. Stacked one upon or next to the other these cubes are fixed with simple round pegs. “Basso” works inside as well as outside and could be used for books or ring binders or as a shelf for wine bottles or firewood.

Enchanting Hotel Designs you want to chart your travel plans around

Hotels have often been the means to an end, a place to stash your luggage and crash through the night while you explore the vibrant surroundings. But that changes with these designs… Each of these designs is a unique space that speaks to its surroundings, by allowing you to break free from the world and escape to the almost-mythical beauty they represent. Providing heritage experiences of living in a restored Geisha house to the thrilling view of the London skyline with a 360-degree infinity pool, there is a hotel here that will inspire your wanderlust!

The one-bedroom boutique hotel, Trunk House by Hiroe Tanaka takes over a 70-year-old geisha house, adding a bright-red disco room that, according to the designers, is the smallest disco in Japan!

The vision for Infinity London is rather unique. A 600,000-liter infinity pool with an edge-less design on all four ends, giving you a stunning reflection of the sky above you, interrupted by concrete, tiles, or ladders by Compass Pools.

The Tree House Hotel Room is structured to serve as hotel rooms, offering tourists the opportunity to connect with nature. “The project is conceived as a ‘slow down’ form of tourism, where nature and the integration of architecture within it plays the primary role,” said the architects Peter Pichler and Silvana Ordinasstudio.

The Punta Caliza hotel is an intimate sanctuary on the remote island of Holbox, Mexico, based on the region’s ancient buildings with each room equipped with a private plunge pool that connects to the main canal, reflecting the omnipresence of water on Holbox as designed by Estudio Macías Peredo.

Hotel Mar Adentro sits on the coast of San José del Cabo, at the southern tip of Mexico with rooms designed to look like little sugar cubes as they are reflected in the shallow pools that surround the guest rooms, designed by Taller Aragonés.

Hayri Atak Architectural Design Studio has proposed building a hotel at the 600-meters-high place in Norway known as the Preikestolen to recreate the thrill of “living on and beyond the edge”.

The H C Andersen Hotel is named after the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen and the pagoda-inspired hotel will consist of a stack of 18 misaligned floors as designed by BIG Studio.

The eight-storey Source Hotel sits along a major boulevard in the River North Art District (RiNo) and is designed with irregularly stacked floors and interiors that give it an interesting industrial design meets punk vibe by Dynia Architects.

Damien Hirst has designed an extremely opulent suite in a hotel in Las Vegas which follows the theme of pills, butterflies and even sharks suspended in formaldehyde! The Empathy Suite spans 9,000 square feet (836 square meters) and occupies two storeys within the Palms.

The Shimao Wonderland Intercontinental is located in an 88-meter-deep abandoned quarry near Shanghai as designed by Jade + QA. “The concept for the building was inspired by the quarry itself and by its natural environment needing to be finely balanced with the new development following the using the Tao principles of yin yang,” says Jochman