The World’s largest spokeless ferris wheel is coming up in Seoul

Large ferris wheels seem to now be a landmark and tourist spot for a lot of large cities like London, Vienna, Budapest, Singapore, Dubai, etc. They provide a gorgeous view of the city to the people who fall in line (sometimes for hours) and also serve as part of the landscape for those viewing it from the ground. We will most likely see plans for more wheels to even more cities as it’s a pretty popular thing to do when visiting a place for the first time.

Designer: Seoul Metropolitan Government

Seoul has become one of the most popular cities to visit as Kpop, Kdramas and Korean food continue to conquer the world. The city government has now unveiled plans to add another thing for tourists and citizens to visit in what will possibly become the largest spokeless Ferris Wheel in the world. The Seoul Ring is set to start construction by 2025 and will be located in a former trash disposal site that is named after the sky or heaven. Haneul Park is now an ecological park when previously it was where a lot of the city’s garbage was dumped.

The ferris wheel will have a diameter of 591 feet and will have 36 glass carriages that can carry 25 occupants each. Aside from being visually stunning and give visitors a beautiful view of the city, it will also be environmentally friendly as it will be running on green energy. The “ring-without-spokes” design will use recycled energy, including solar power, adding to the eco-friendly theme of the park. They’re also planning to use augmented-reality to project things on the cubicles’ walls, like a virtual tourist guide while riding the wheel.

Haneul Park is actually close to North Korea so they also want it to become a symbol for their wish for a unified Korea. They’re expecting it to be able to carry up to 12,000 people every day when it will finally be completed by 2027 (hopefully). They local government will be investing around $411 million for this project as they look forward to having even more tourists visit the city. Hopefully, the Seoul Ring will become another draw to Seoul, among all the other things you can already do in the city.

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How to give your home a budget-friendly makeover

Want to give your home a fresh lease of life but worried about costs? Well, it’s a common misconception that refreshing the look of a home is an expensive affair. From DIY ideas to a full-fledged renovation, it’s all about details and creative ideas that are easy on the pocket. Therefore, if you are on a shoestring budget, these creative strategies can help you to achieve a stunning look without breaking the bank. However, before starting any renovation project, make sure to create a realistic budget so that one can save money.

1. Organize the Furniture Layout

Reorganize the existing furniture layout so that the space looks well organized and there is adequate circulation space within the home. Moving the furniture away from the walls is highly recommended to create intimate seating in the living room. Add smart storage and introduce floating shelves to optimum use of the vertical space. For a clutter-free look, increase the built-in storage with modular storage units, storage beds, sofa-cum-beds to name a few. It is highly recommended to purchase practical and functional pieces of furniture from affordable brands.


2. Add a Pop of Colour

Wall paint is a cost-effective way to refresh the look of any space. It’s always good to choose a color palette that can create a cohesive look within the home. Go for a bold color or a light color scheme for a compact space to uplift the look. Turn an empty wall into a focus wall by painting it in a bold hue or add a pop of color to one or two accent pieces of furniture and style a neutral space. Breathe new life into old furniture by sanding and repainting it. Patterned or textured wallpaper creates an accent feature behind the bed. Using metallic finishes in gold and silver hues can instantly upgrade the look of any space.

Designer: Regan Baker Design

3. Invest in Soft Furnishings

Enhance the look of the interiors with soft furnishings. Replace old throw pillow covers with bright new cushion covers to add a pop of color. Mix and match colors and create an interesting composition and combine squares and design. Change the cushions with seasons. For example, use delicate floral prints for the spring season and deep colors alongside heavy texture for winter. Reupholstering furniture can freshen the home’s look, and choose drapery that complements the room’s furniture and overall color palette.

Designer: Sweef

4. Add Moulding

Decorate the home with Victorian-style moulding on the walls and ceiling to elevate the look of the interiors. Also, consider wainscoting to upgrade the look of blank walls, as it can work wonders in any room.

5. Introduce Wall Art

Create a statement gallery wall and decorate a bare or empty corner with wall art, photographs, porcelain plates, personal artwork, or a visually arresting painting. Choose frames that work together and create an art gallery-style wall display.

Designer: Lenka Daviesova

6. Accessorize the Home

Create an interesting vignette on coffee tables, consoles, and empty corners. Having a centerpiece with the color and fragrance of fresh or artificial flowers alongside candles, trays, trinkets, and tchotchkes is always wonderful. Source budget-friendly home décor items from antique shops, online portals, and stores during their annual sales. Avoid too many accessories and invest in large-size art to create a grand and impactful space. Style bookshelves by arranging books according to size or color and add art alongside mementos to add character.

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7. Replace Unsightly Items

Rusted faucets and unattractive hardware like door knobs, drawer pulls, or handles can be an eyesore, so one must polish them to retain shine and sparkle. Alternatively, one can replace these damaged pieces with new sanitary fixtures and stylish hardware and give a brand-new look to the home.

8. Introduce Mirrors

Mirrors are not only meant for the bathroom vanity and dressing table, but they also have the potential to create the illusion of extended space. Install a mirror in a narrow entryway or the end of the hallway to make it look doubly spacious. If the room is dimly lit, place a mirror opposite a window so that it reflects natural light and provides outdoor views throughout the day.

Designer: AC/AL Studio for Petite Friture

9. Add an Area Rug

Introduce an area rug, as it is one of the easiest ways to add interest, color, and texture. Additionally, it demarcates areas in an open-plan home, adds softness, creates a layered effect, and changes the aesthetics of the space.

Designer: Jaipur Rugs

10. Good Lighting

It is important to find the right balance between natural and artificial light. Introduce a layered lighting scheme with a combination of ambient or general lighting, task lighting or focus lighting, and accent lighting to add depth. Swap uninspiring light fixtures with new ones; add dimmers to change the overall mood of the space and give it a quick makeover. From chandeliers and pendant lights to artistic sconces, consider statement wall lighting to conjure a warm aura and transform them into focal points in your home.

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11. Get Organized

Decluttering does not cost money, and less is always more. The first step is to clean the home and get organized. A clutter-free space looks very nice, and keeping the house clean is one of the most inexpensive ways of upgrading the look of the home. Cut the clutter, as cluttered spaces can look heavy and feel claustrophobic. Add a few pieces that can help in creating an organized space and reduce the number of accessories, display items, flowers, and so on. Before buying new items for your home, always remove outdated or damaged items from the house.

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12. Upgrade Old Flooring

The flooring design and flooring material sets the tone of the interiors. Replace a shabby floor with laminated wooden flooring, linoleum, or vinyl flooring, as they are budget-friendly, lightweight, and can be laid directly onto the existing flooring. Roll out bright carpets and rugs to enhance the look of drab flooring but remember carpets tend to trap dust and should be vacuum cleaned frequently.

Designer: IM Wooden Floor

13. Conceal Messy Wires

Wire management has become a challenge as more and more electronic devices enter our homes. You can invest in a cable management box, bundle cords behind the furniture, run the TV wires inside the wall, tuck them into tubing, or insert them through baseboard accessories. It makes the house look clean and organized.

14. Go Green

Plants add color and texture and are an inexpensive way to accessorize interiors. They not only rejuvenate our homes by providing oxygen but also come with excellent air-purifying properties. Introduce hanging plants and succulents, or style them on a beautiful stand or in handcrafted planters. Large potted plants are a great way to fill dead corners and empty spaces and make a huge difference to the décor. One can also get inspired by nature and introduce materials like rattan, bamboo, jute, and wood into the home decor.

Designer: Studio Doss

15. Upgrade the Bathroom

If the bathroom looks dull and dreary, upgrade its look with a bright and colorful shower curtain that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Infuse sophistication and make a statement with a head-turning mirror. Additionally, you can add color and pattern with waterproof peel-and-stick decals on the tiles of the bathroom and even the kitchen tiles.

Designers: Fabio Bortolani, Ermano Righi, Gergely Agoston, RD Agape for Agape Design

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Toy camera design prints outlines of your photos on thermal paper for you to fill colour

While I am very much a digital girl, there are still some things that I enjoy the analog versions of. That includes journaling and scrapbooking. I love printing out photos and adding them to my journals or putting them up on my cork boards. I’ve gone through my fair share of various photo printers but I’m always looking for something new that can make my notebooks prettier or more interesting. This concept for a printer seems to be unique and can add even more creativity to your journaling life.

Designer: Gabin Park and Subin Lee

Potto is a concept for a toy camera that prints different kind of photos. Unlike the polaroids and instax cameras and printers, this one doesn’t print your typical pictures but instead gives you an outline of the image that you took or that you sent to the camera. You get a line drawing that you can either keep as it is or color in the images if you want a more colorful or creative thing to add to your journal. It’s something that both kids and adults can appreciate as both may actually love the coloring part of the process.

The camera itself looks like your typical mobile photo printers with the round and soft shapes as well as pastel colors. The line photos are printed on a thermal paper rather than the polaroid or zinc paper. This means that the heat-sensitive paper is more affordable but will also eventually fade over time (apparently just like our memories). So if you want something that will last longer, then this is not the camera or photo printer for you.

The camera has a yellow button that lets you take the picture and then print them directly. There is also a display screen at the back so you can still see the images first before you take the photo. There is a cutting blade so you can easily cut the thermal paper, which are available in sizes 79 x 70 cm or 2 x 3 inches, depending on what you need. This is something that I would like to someday have so hopefully, this doesn’t remain just a concept.

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Storage-friendly skoolie incorporates two fully-functional offices, epic kitchen and a spacious bedroom

Living on the road and off the grid sounds easy but many people find it difficult to spend their nights inside a compact trailer and miss the comforts of home. Despite teardrop trailers being a cheap and fancy alternative to suffice wanderlust, travel enthusiasts don’t resonate with the idea of spending their nights inside an aluminum box that lacks enough headroom, and a spacious bathroom in particular. This is where a bus home or a skoolie takes home the advantage.

An ideal alternative to towing trailer, a skoolie boasts spaciousness, features plenty of room for storage, and can even be customized as per the user’s needs. Aurora is one such bus home conversion that ticks all the requisites. As big as two European tiny house, the 40-feet long, 2004 International RE-300 school bus with a DT466E engine has been successfully converted into a mobile home by a Dokata-based couple, Josh and Emily.

Designer: Josh and Emily

Thoughtfully designed, it weighs 35,000 lbs and incorporates a full kitchen, bathroom and bedroom inside its robust build. However, the biggest highlight of the school bus conversion is its utilization of space that allows two fully-functional offices (with two monitor screens each) to pack inside its steel body. One of the offices is adjacent to the L-shaped kitchen, and the other one is located at the back of the bus. The office at the front end can actually be utilized as kitchen counter space too, while the one at the rear can function as a quaint working area.

Facing the front home office is a white couch that can be extended into an L-shape sofa, ideal for sleeping a single guest. The home offices’ desk drawer can come out and transform the space into a nice dining table. The kitchen space lying next to the office is like none other. It is equipped with every minute item from electronics to storage sections that are required for a comfortable stay. With a plethora of wooden cabinets gracing the interior, the kitchen is also equipped with a full-size fridge, propane-powered stove and oven.

Another major highlight of Aurora is its intelligent use of space. At the entrance of the bus home, you are graced by stairs and a dash that features storage compartments to house shoes and other nitty-gritty items. Even the top of the dash is being utilized as a shelf to house various items, with the likes of plant pots. Not to mention, there is a litter box for the couple’s cat that lives with them. The windows of the bus home make the space seem really open and allow lots of natural light to pass in, hence acting as a source of energy for plants too.

Next, there is a bedroom that mainly constitutes a queen-size bed and features some overhead storage. The bathroom falls second to the bedroom and features a sunken shower. In addition, the bathroom door has been designed in a manner that it ends up separating the front section of the bus home from its rear.

The whole build is incredibly well-planned. The duo spent two years of DIY labor on finalizing the layout, interior design and other modifications before they unveiled their stellar bus home conversion to the world. Another impressive highlight of the skoolie is its off-grid capability. Flanking three extendable awnings, the bus home features a raised roof covered in a 2,400-watt solar panel system powering the devices inside. Furthermore, there are three 40-gallon gray and black water tanks mounted within the floor of the bus helping it to stay fully off-grid for about ten days or so.

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Whimsical 3D-printed watering can creates an illusion of a spiral waterslide

Designed to make the watering can look a little less mundane, the Coil is a rather eye-catching little number that uses an optical illusion of sorts to create a product that’s fun and whimsical to the eye and touch. “Coil is a contemporary take on an age-old tool: the watering can,” say Robert Shudra and Markus Melcher, the designers at Plural. “While many people own watering cans – and several elegant designs exist – the structure remains unimaginative, generally consisting of a container, open at the top with a spout and handle.”

Designer: Plural Creative

The Coil’s engaging design features a single-piece body where the spout wraps itself dramatically into a cylinder, before branching out to become a handle. Fill the water into the empty vessel and its coiled body fills up with water too, which empties out of the spout when you tip the can over.

The only way to realize this product is through resin 3D printing. The 3D-printed product has a wonderful smokey translucent texture along with a meticulous finish that can only be achieved through this manufacturing process. The interiors are absolutely hollow, without any support structures, creating a product that truly looks magical, and feels absolutely enchanting to use while watering plants, or potentially even using with a pour-over coffee maker.

Coil dynamically fills through a spiral waterslide, resembling an unexpected pairing of delicate chemistry equipment and ‘crazy straws’ from our youth.

A closer look at the resin 3D-printed design reveals the hollow coiled body and an integrated, but sealed-off handle that doesn’t gather water.

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Top 10 exercise equipment you need to achieve your dream body at home

If you’re one of those motivated souls who have some focused fitness goals to achieve this year – then you’ve reached the right place. However, if you’re not a total gym rat, and don’t enjoy hitting the gym every day, then a disciplined home workout regime may be the perfect solution for you. And to do so, you definitely need a great collection of exercise equipment to support your workout routine, and goals. This collection of exercise equipment will not only motivate you to work out in the comfort of your own home, but will also ensure you stick to your daily exercise routine in the future. From a clever and thoughtful home gym that merges with your living room to a rowing machine that uses a minimalistic and recyclable design – these innovative exercise equipment will prevent you from skipping leg day.

1. Tempo Move

This compact home gym is more than just an exercise assistant. This fitness accessory is designed to stand next to your furniture in the living room and eliminate your runs to the store room for gymming. Tempo Move is a sublime blend of materials, colors, and finishes, which makes it a discrete piece of furniture to turn your living space into a home gym.

Why is it noteworthy?

The workout equipment goes behind the fabric cabinet while the top feature an iPhone dock compatible with iPhone XR and upward. With the unique combination of furniture and gym, Tempo Move connects to any large-screen TV to let you see your exercise routine and have the trainers coach you in real-time.

What we like

  • Unless you open the cabinet, anyone would mistake it for an elegant cabinet you’d bought from Wayfair
  • The neat-looking Tempo Move console houses within its cabinetry 16 weight plates, 4 weight collars, 2 dumbbells, and a heart rate monitor

What we dislike

  •  The design could be more interactive
  • No customizable elements

2. Denim-covered Gym Equipment

These pieces are already unique and distinctive on their own. After all, who would have dreamed up gym equipment covered in this blue fabric? A relatively soft DJ booth is also a bit ironic when you think about it, and a denim wall paneling almost makes you want to run into it for fun.

Why is it noteworthy?

Denim today has become a part of both everyday wear as well as the haute-couture world, but it also once symbolized the American dream. It has left an indelible mark on human culture, and this odd yet beautiful selection of furniture and products for the home honors that history while also emphasizing how much denim is part of everyday life, at home, at work, and work-from-home.

What we like

  • The use of denim is quite unique and intriguing
  • Makes a statement about the modern lifestyle

What we dislike

  • Seeing how working out can be a sweaty affair, we are not sure how easy it would be to maintain the denim covered equipments

3. Spin&Row

Aptly titled the ‘Spin&Row’, this award-winning gym-machine concept lets you work your cardio and legs while cycling, and your arms and core while rowing.

Why is it noteworthy?

Designed to offer people the best of both worlds, the Spin&Row was created during the pandemic when exercising at home was practically the only feasible option available to people. Moreover, its X-shaped folding design lets it easily occupy less floor space when shut, making it perfect for homes and apartments.

What we like

  • It enables the user to switch between fitness modes by adjusting the angle of the X structure
  • It fulfills multiple fitness functions in a small space

What we dislike

  • After folding, the product still looks like an gym equipment and may not look good with your interiors


Meet the GYMO-FIT concept motorbike that has the typical urban commuter vibes, and a sturdy exercise bike to keep fit. The uncertain times in the last couple of years have prompted people to go for home fitness setups – that’s why exercise bikes have grown in popularity in recent times.

Why is it noteworthy?

This concept bike doubles as a two-wheeler at least and doesn’t sit in a lonely corner in your living room, in case you give up on your fitness regime. It’s a combination of an electric bike with aerobic and anaerobic fitness equipment. GYMO has three different modes when parked sturdily on the stand.

What we like

  • Functions as a two-wheeler and an exercise equipment

What we dislike

  • We’re not sure if it’s truly a viable option in the real world

5. Lora

Lora is a concept for an indoor rowing machine that is hoping to ease the boredom of working out while still giving you the aerobic workout that you need.

Why is it noteworthy?

It also wants to find the balance between humans and the environment by using plastic and aluminum that can eventually be recycled when the product reaches its end of life. To also help you not get that bored while working out, there is a stand to attach to your smartphone or small tablet so you can watch something else while working out.

What we like

  • It is able to bring together engineering structure and technology to come up with a machine that will help you burn fat and help lessen waste with its recyclable material

What we dislike

  • No method has been discussed to disassemble or fold the rower to make it a space-saving design

6. Peleton Vibe

Peloton Vibe caters to every sense and muscle from start to finish, it is truly a whole vibe. The bench has a unique multi-position arm that can be moved to work with a variety of exercises.

Why is it noteworthy?

The lower portion stores a set of dumbbells that help expand to a larger range of guided workouts by the Peloton App service. Once you complete your workout, the bench seat and arm surface seamlessly transform into a massage experience. It utilizes built-in massage balls that can rotate and heat up based on your preferences. At-home gym equipment AND at-home spa? I would work out more often simply so I can make the most of the heated massage feature.

What we like

  • Has a unique multi-position arm that can be moved to work with a variety of exercises
  • Peloton Vibe also doubles up as flexible home furniture

What we dislike

  • Space-consuming design

7. Bownce

Bownce is a small ball that can get you perspiring and training your muscle groups with the help of technology. It calls itself “the first IoT ball of its kind”.

Why is it noteworthy?

It is small enough and easy to install that you can bring it with you to the office, outside in your backyard, or wherever room/space in your house you feel most comfortable. It’s also small enough that it’s not that intimidating, especially for newbies like me that want to start punching things.

What we like

  • What makes it different from other workout balls, aside from its size, is that it has integrated electric components so you’ll be able to track your performance
  • The app that you connect to the device logs your punches when you work out and gives you real-time statistics

What we dislike

  • Not sure on how it can replicate the physical feel of a punching bag


This concept for a spinning bike called AROUND tries to have a softer look as compared to those super serious exercise bikes you see in gyms. The light gray color makes it more approachable and the flywheel body design makes it ideal to have at home, as part of your living room furniture, or even in your bedroom. The mood board for their design concept includes mollusks and portable water purifiers as well as other previous designs from Yifeeling.

Why is it noteworthy?

This exercise bike also has a tuyere-like design instead of just the regular faucet handle seen on exercise machines so you get a bit of breeze while you’re spinning. This should be able to simulate the air flowing through you at least if you’re biking outdoors. There’s a small monitor in the handle so you can watch something while biking as some find it a bit boring to just cycle indoors.

What we like

  • The tuyere-like design allows you to get a bit of breeze while spinning
  • Soft aesthetics

What we dislike

  • The seat looks pretty uncomfortable

9. Gymera

Gymera revolutionizes home fitness by providing a more enjoyable exercise system that fits right in your home. It even folds up to serve as a full-body mirror that adds a beautiful accent to your home!

Why is it noteworthy?

Gameful design has long been a successful strategy in many industries, and Gymera applies it to fitness to make your reps more engaging and memorable. Whether you’re driving a race car, rowing a boat, or playing tug of war with a Gymera friend, the interactive puts a whole new layer of experience into your workouts. The smart home gym machine is equipped with a variety of sensors and a vivid 27-inch 4K touch screen that helps immerse you in that virtual world to the point that you might even forget you’re actually sweating it out at home.

What we like

  • The 5MP camera easily lets you and your friends enjoy a Facetime workout together even when you’re far apart
  • Gymera’s AI system can analyze your posture in real time and give you feedback on your form

What we dislike

  • Hefty price tag

10. Boom

Designed by Shuxian Hong, Boom is a smart boxing bag meant to bring the workout experience to your home. It integrates a punching bag, a smart speaker, and interactive illumination technology into a streamlined boxing experience, designed specifically for your home.

Why is it noteworthy?

When not being used to actually box, Boom can function as a home speaker, that perfectly merges with the rest of your living space. You can pair it up with your TV or other smart devices, and activate it via Siri or Alexa, through a simple command. When you use Boom to box, the interactive lighting system starts up! Lighting elements, lively music, and voice instructions create a truly interactive and engaging boxing experience.

What we like

  • Functions as exercise equipment, and a speaker

What we dislike

  • It’s not a real tangible product yet!

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Multifunctional MagSafe Wallet makes sure your cards will never go missing again

Like a true trailblazer, Apple took the existing wireless charging technology and made it into an exciting new trend that’s taking the smartphone accessory market by storm. Although it is primarily meant to address one of the biggest problems with wireless charging, the new MagSafe also opened the doors for more gadgets, accessories, and trinkets that take advantage of that magnetic connection. That even includes some things you might not immediately associate with a phone, like this stylish magnetic wallet that sticks to your phone almost like glue. More than just making sure your cards and IDs are always with you, this multi-talented accessory will give you peace of mind that even if you misplace it, you’ll always be able to find it again, no matter where it is.

Designer: Sam Xu

Click Here to Buy Now: $31 $39 (20% off). Hurry, only 571/999 left!

MagSafe wallets are admittedly not new, and even Apple sells its own official pieces. Ironically, these first-party wallets don’t take full advantage of all the technologies that Apple has to offer, particularly when it comes to locating lost stuff. Apple might prefer that you buy its AirTag separately, but that’s not something you can add to the Apple MagSafe leather wallet anyway, at least not without resorting to ugly hacks.

Snap On – More than double the strength of the official MagSafe Wallet via powerful built-in magnets with 1,500 g of holding force.

Simplified – Simply push your finger into the bottom cutout to instantly pop a card out and get on with doing your thing.

Geo Wallet combines these two functions into a single elegant piece that can also do more than just stick to the back of your iPhone. At its core, it is an elegant wallet that can hold up to three cards, keeping them safe while also providing easy access when you need them. An inner dynamic tension spring secures your cards in place, but all you need is a simple push from the bottom cutout to pop out the card you need in a flash. And with a holding force of about 1,500g, you can rest assured that it won’t suddenly detach from your phone the moment you pull it out of your pocket or bag.

Go Longer – The built-in rechargeable battery goes for 3 months on a single charge and lasts for years, so you can keep your wallet longer and reduce waste.

Find It – Instantly see your Wallet’s real-time location, play a sound, and receive Left Behind notifications.

What makes Geo Wallet special, however, is its official Apple certification for the Find My feature. What this means is that it takes almost no work to pair the wallet with your iPhone so that it never gets lost. Apple’s Find My network warns you when you’ve left the wallet behind and also lets you locate it, even when it’s out of range. And if those two functions aren’t already enough to convince you, Geo Wallet, fortunately, still has a few tricks up its sleeve to win you over.

Steady Hold – Letting you easily slide in any finger, the loop provides a close, snug fit and quickly folds flat when you’re ready to pocket your phone.

View It – Create a powerfully stable stand at any angle between 15° and 170°, portrait or landscape.

For one, it has a built-in finger loop that lets you hold the phone with confidence, especially considering how strong the magnets are in staying where they should. The wallet also opens up to become an extremely useful phone stand that, thanks to MagSafe’s versatility, can hold the phone up vertically or horizontally as needed. It might be called a wallet, but Geo Wallet definitely does more than hold your cards. Its Apple Find My capability and added features truly make it a must-have for any iPhone owner, all for the sweet Super Early Bird price of $31.

Click Here to Buy Now: $31 $39 (20% off). Hurry, only 571/999 left!

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This sleek folding e-bike lets you ride up to 200km on a single charge

Ever since the pandemic (or maybe even before that), people are more conscious now about the way they travel and commute and are looking for more sustainable ways to move around. We’re seeing more people going to school or work with bicycles, electric bikes, e-scooters, and other electric vehicles. Sometimes though, if you’re going a bit far, you’ll have to stop and recharge some of these electric vehicles. So the ideal situation would be to have something that’s earth-friendly, that has good battery life, and is portable.

Designer: Petre Georgescu

Previously, Petre Georgescu was able to develop the lightest foldable bicycle available right now. This time around, he came up with an electric bike that can reach the farthest on a single charge. The Colibri M22 is a foldable electric moped that can get you as far as 200km without having to recharge. Once you’ve finished your commute, you can fold it and store it somewhere like under stairways or in a storage area because it has compact mechanisms that allows it to be folded in a smaller manner.

The Colibri M22 weighs in at just 30 kilograms if you remove the batteries. But of course you need to put it in to be able to travel up to 200km on a full charge. You’ll be able to ride at a maximum speed of 50 km/hour. If you put it on its off-road mode, you can ride it at 90 kph when you’re traveling through forests and mountains. The electric moped can be driven legally on roads with a category B license. The three modular batteries can be charged individually as well.

In terms of design, it looks pretty much a regular, small motorbike, except you have these three huge batteries in a container in front of you. But of course that’s a small price to pay to have an e-vehicle that can get you farther than the regular e-bikes that are currently in the market. It’s now available for pre-sale in the US and Europe through crowdfunding on their website with prices starting at $2,799.

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This Smart Headboard boasts a treasure trove of features while monitoring your sleeping patterns for deep slumber

As a convention, changing the headboard is a given tip to refresh any boring bedroom’s look. Choose an upholstered headboard with a wingback design and you have a bedroom that stands out from contemporary interiors. While all headboards have the potential to solve in-room aesthetics, not all can potentially help you sleep better.

Keeping this in mind, a smart headboard called Dream Head is conceived to collect and analyze sleep information, using built-in sound sensors, usable to help you sleep better. The design of this bedhead is influenced by the wingback form factor, but it curves much deeper on both ends. The result? the aesthetics resemble a three-seat sofa with arms – to warmly surround the people sleeping in the bed.

Designer: Yechan Lee

This cocooning Dream Head offers a sense of stability while sleeping and picks up sleep information more conveniently compared to a flat headboard. Potentially a non-intrusive device for individuals who want to track their sleep pattern and improve its quality, the headboard monitors the duration of different sleep stages and any disruptions or disturbances during the night. Compare it to the wearable’s available in the market, this method seems to be the most non-intrusive way of collecting your date, where the user sleeps freely but still gets a chance to learn and update their sleep habits.

The headboard is made using sound-absorbing materials, which ideally monitor the sleeping environment by neatly blocking external noise, to ensure the collected data is accurate. The headboard despite its smart features and unique material construction is designed to work with any bed, flat or adjustable.

Most importantly the Dream Head is built in with wake-up guidance light that wakes you up with more caution; avoiding unpleasant awakenings with a loud alarm. The wake-up light syncs with the alarm app on your phone and it begins to glow in gradually increasing intensities 15 minutes before the alarm goes off.

The smart headboard, thus, also uses sleep data to personalize an alarm system that wakes the user up at the most optimal time. It allows the users to check sleep information, scores using a dedicated mobile app and also features a built-in speaker and light switch. Designed in blue, white, and brown colors, the headboard can charge wirelessly and disinfect mobile phones, if you wish!

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2-in-1 hydroponics device and night light helps kids appreciate plants and nature

It’s never too early to start teaching kids about the cycle of life and the joy of taking care of plants. I wish my mom or grandmother taught me that when I was a kid but unfortunately, they also both had “black thumbs” so we couldn’t really keep our garden alive. But now there are things like hydroponics and other devices and ways for kids to learn about plant care and understand plant life. These things can be incorporated into their education in order to cultivate a love for plants and life.

Designer: Mona Safari

Spacecrop is not just a device where you can take care of plants but it also serves as a fun nightlight for your kid (and you). The design is modeled after a spacecraft, like the ones we see that land on the moon or planets but the difference is that there are seeds and eventually plants inside. There are buckets inside where the seeds will be placed and this space is filled with the lightweight hydroponic substrate Rockwool cubes. These cubes will help the plants grow and the air stones on top of the buckets will bring oxygen to the roots, along with the air pump included in the system.

The device also has something installed in it that will project the night sky in the child’s (or adult’s) room. They can also choose to play sounds like sea, wind, forest, rain, and other nature atmospheric sounds when you’re sleeping, reading, or meditating. This way, even if you live in the city and don’t have access to natural environments, the kids can still develop an appreciation for nature. They get to take care of the plants in a low maintenance and also have fun with the device.

I actually feel that while Spacecrop was originally designed for kids, it’s something that adults would enjoy. I’ve been considering hydroponics lately as I want to have plants at home but as previously mentioned, I somehow don’t have that green thumb. So having a pretty uncomplicated device to help me grow plants and also have pretty night lights seem like a good one to have at home, even if I’m far from being a kid.

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