This transparent pop-topper campers panoramic windows lets you experience the majestic outdoors

If you also think pop-up pickup toppers are beginning to look pretty much the same, this unique offering by Rossmönster will change your opinion, urging you to go for this amazing hard-wall topper as opposed to choosing another one.

The pop-topper camper market is growing at a good pace as adventure junkies like the core idea of this clever design. Colorado-based Rossmönster Overland impressed hardcore travelers with the Ford F-150-based Baja and now they’ve set the stakes high with the Lagom Series. The go-anywhere camper has plenty of space and the silver lining is its floor-to-ceiling transparent panels for uninterrupted panoramic views to experience nature like never before. This luxury comes courtesy of the aluminum walls of the Lagom topper which folds down flat when in the driving mode. When it reaches the campsite, this setup can be deployed in mere seconds.

Designer: Rossmönster

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Lagom series is compatible with smaller pickup trucks like Toyota Tacoma and Jeep Gladiator – making them compete against Hiatus who offer fabric construction as compared to the folding hard walls of this creation. The folding central supports on the front and rear sides have the swing down windows that hang on to the ceiling when moving up or down. So, the occupants have a bed-to-ceiling view that most campers will appreciate. If you’re skeptical about privacy, the topper comes with window covers. The upper walls are upholstered to keep the space warm and comfortable which all goes well for camping in any kind of environment.

Other than this niche design, the interior is quite minimalistic to permit easy access to the pickup bed for carrying along the adventure gear. Interested buyers can also opt for the Goal Zero Yeti 1500 portable electrical system paired with 200 watts of solar charging system. The Lagom Series base model is priced at $14,000, and the one with the aforementioned electrical system goes for $17,000. In addition to this, Rossmönster is offering an additional $4,000 Expedition Pack complete with roof rails, outside ladder, front LED light bar and MOLLE panels. Lagom weighs around 350 – 400 lbs depending on the truck and its bed size, and also the additional chosen options.

For ones who are already excited by the prospects, the Lagom is compatible with 5–6-foot bed Tacomas (2016 or later models), Jeep Gladiator models and the Ford F150 with 6.5 beds (2015 – 202 models). In the future, Rossmönster promises to bring support for more trucks.

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Braun wireless earbuds for audiophiles who value wearing comfort and style

Choosing a pair of good-sounding earbuds which have great comfort, ANC and styling are not easy when options are virtually limitless. Can a pair of Braun earbuds simplify that dilemma? A designer indeed thinks so with this interesting concept.

The wireless earbuds market is flooded with wireless earbuds, but only a few can really claim to be worth their weight in gold. After all, appealing to audio lovers’ tastes is not easy even though creating wireless earbuds seems like a run-of-the-mill task by the look of things. The likes of Sony WF-1000XM4, Bose QuietComfort, Apple AirPods Pro and now the Nothing ear (1) earbuds – all are great choices for ones who demand great sound isolation, crisp audio, comfort and style.

Designer: Ye Hongting (葉 泓廷)

Braun is known for its high-quality grooming products and innovative product design, so why not have a great pair of wireless earbuds too? Even though the German company would think twice before branching out into the highly competitive wireless earbuds space, the low barrier entry-level makes for a compelling case. This concept evokes that vision with a sublime design and the Braun DNA deep embedded in the roots.

The earbuds have a rather unique and attractive form that doesn’t compromise on wearing comfort by any stretch of the imagination. Matte black or white-colored housing with the hint of Braun’s signature color green is the USP of the design. The silicone ear tips match the matte look, and the charging case carries the same theme. It’s all matte black with a yellow button on the front. Wait till you glance over the top of the earbuds which have the Braun’s well-known patterned shape.

Touch controls on the earbuds allow for a seamless audio listening experience – be it high fidelity music or engaging podcasts on the go. Active noise cancellation is also standard with three microphones in each earbud zoning out the world when needed. In the audio accessories space dominated by similar-looking designs, the Braun What if Earbud spices things up for demanding audiophiles.

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Folding mobile chair concept brings accessibility to shared mobility

Shared mobility has been on the rise for the past years, and even though the pandemic kind of paused its growth, we’re still seeing a lot of different modes and services come out of the woodwork. But most of these are meant for people who are generally mobile and not for those that may have some difficulty moving around. For those that are elderly and may have some sort of physical disability, the current shared mobility services may not be applicable to them.

Designer: Yeeun Son

A Korean designer thought about this gap in the shared mobility market and came up with a concept product called ANYON. Think of it as a moving chair or wheelchair that can be used like you would the shared bikes and electric scooters that you see around the city. The inspiration for the design is a folding chair, and when it is not in use, it folds into itself so it can be stored in a smaller space than the usual mobile chairs.

ANYON uses the omniwheel technology, which allows for movement on the horizontal axis and for forward and backward movement as well. There are also headlights on the footrest so that even at night, users will be able to ride this moving chair. The product renders seem to show a pretty small mobility device, but it should be able to fit a fully-grown adult and at the same time not be too bulky that it will be hard to create a station for it.

The chair also comes with buttons and displays on the armrest to help you control and navigate to where you’re going. An app will help you see where’s the nearest station where you can rent the chair. Payments and key codes are also through the app, just like any shared mobility service. We also assume that you will be able to leave it when the battery runs out or the rental ends, just like with bicycles and scooters.

If this product does come to life, it can revolutionize the shared mobility market in terms of accessibility. There are still a lot of logistics and technology to probably figure this out but at least this concept is a step in the right direction.

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Puffy soles, spongy uppers and protruding tentacles form these mutated sneakers for your tender feet

For some reason, if you think “shoes don’t have to be practical” in form, you’re possibly going to appreciate the next theoretical bubble in streetwear: inflatable, mutated creatures for your feet!

Unless you’re from Mars, these are little from a pair of shoes you’d don for a coffee with a sane date! But then, creativity has no bounds and that’s what makes my job interesting. I often come by such concepts that put the analytical mind to think, why? At times I arrive at a conclusion, at most officiations – like this one per se – it’s a little more to contemplate. Anyway!

Designer: UV-Zhu

Has the designer UV-Zhu gone overboard with the footwear? You’d be forgiven to think in the affirmative. To put things in the designer’s perspective, UV-Zhu is seasoned in toiling with everyday objects to ‘fashion’ them in outlooks that aren’t everyday fashion. And this aptly reflects in the footwear collection at hand. The silhouettes with puffy soles and spongy uppers may just have you gliding in them the moment you happen to step in, but would you?

The inflated soles present a lift up to the kicks thus adding to your height, while spokes and spikes in the others would make you tad uncomfy. That said, the colorful candies stuffed into the transparent fluff of the sole gives these conceptual uncanny a subtle, sweet advantage over the tentacle-laden mutated creatures.

Soft texture and a puffy nature of these “work of art” – as the designer chooses to call them – may find some takers in pop culture. However, of an unsettling nature, they are a little too fancy to my liking, and I’d prefer to pass. No hard feelings.

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U-Boat Worx Nexus lets nine people experience a private undersea party

Many people already imagine what it would be like to explore and even live on other planets, but some contend that we have barely scratched the surface in learning everything there is to learn about our own Earth. Underwater life, in particular, is almost just as alien to us as outer space while also teeming with unbelievable creatures and life-threatening dangers as well. Space tourism is slowly becoming a reality, especially with recent successful launches and voyages, but the barrier to entry there is still as high as the heavens. In contrast, diving deep into the seas is probably a bit more viable and possibly just as breathtaking, especially with a submarine that can take you and up to seven other people down to the depths in the safety of your own private bubble.

Designer: U-Boat Worx

OK, you probably won’t be sipping champagne in these tourist-centric submarines, even though that’s exactly the scenario that U-Boat Worx is trying to propose with its customizable submarines. The new Nexus submersible vehicle, in particular, can go down to a depth of 200 meters, which may already reach the seabed in some areas. Either way, it might not be a good idea to tempt fate with substances unless you want to be swimming with the fishes in an uncomfortable way.

Hopefully, you’ll be too busy enjoying the sights of underwater life anyway, which is the entire point of these submarines. Sitting inside what feels like a glass bowl (which would ironically put you in the fins of a goldfish), the U-Boat Worx Nexus lets you marvel at the wonders of the seas of the world with a nearly 360-degree view. You can turn your seat around to see what’s on the other side, though there will naturally be views that will be occluded by the machinery of the vehicle.

Unlike U-Boat’s more personal submarines, the Nexus is designed for group trips, accommodating up to nine people in total. That count is a bit confusing because it refers to the maximum seating occupancy inside. One seat is immediately reserved for the pilot, however, and there are two groups of six chairs for adults on either side. The eighth adult chair can be swapped out for two kid-sized seats, which is where that figures came from.

In addition to the increased capacity, the U-Boat Worx Nexus also offers improvements across the board, especially its ability to move laterally. It may sound trivial, but lateral movement can greatly improve the submersible’s maneuverability, dive efficiency, and object approach, which should translate to a better experience for passengers. And speaking of better experiences, the submarine also boasts of the largest diameter hatch of its kind, which should make it easier for untrained civilians to climb onboard. And if all else fails, there’s also an optional elevator available.

Whether submersibles are more economical ways to get to know our seas up close and personal is still up for debate. They may be cheaper than rocket launches, but it’s still a luxury that very few people can afford. It would also be nice if such vehicles could be used to make people more painfully aware of the damage that we have wrought upon our seas, but chances are, these underwater experiences are focused only on the good and beautiful sides of our waters, the parts that tourists will pay big bucks to see.

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This ultimate BBQ grill setup packs up into a suitcase to be set up conveniently in any location

Summer is in full swing and it’s that time of the year when the charred goodness would be swelling out of almost every backyard, beach or campground. If you follow, it’s barbeque time! While full-sized grills are certainly powerful, Portable BBQ grills have added to the convenience of cooking lately making it ever so easy for us to prepare smoky meals just about anywhere, anytime.

Over the years there have been considerable advancements in smaller grills compared to what you would get a decade back. A worthy addition to this set of appliances is the B2Q Kit which allows a barbeque grill to be folded up into a suitcase-style contraption so it can be carried to and setup just about anywhere you may want to use it.

Designer: Ranlin Design, Yin Man Chan and Kevin Von

Grillers have an unapologetic liking for charcoal grills for the very delicious, charred, smoky flavor it offers to the meat. The B2Q is a gas-powered option, so it may not make friends instantly with charcoal grill fans, but it will surely have them think twice considering its portable attitude. The portable grill is lightweight to carry, convenient to setup, and very supportive to cook on.

The B2Q would definitely shoulder most of your summer grilling demands, and let you carry the smoky goodness to a beach, a campsite or a park. It’s a great portable grill for all the tailgate barbeques where people often require a very appropriately sized grill. The B2Q integrates all the necessary tools you’d need in the process of heating the meat in a single suitcase that can be set up where required, to let just about everyone (irrespective of their cooking habit) use it freely.

The layered design of the B2Q comprises a top cover featuring a chopping board and extendable small table; a storage compartment to keep tools and cutlery; BBQ; retractable telescopic legs for height adjustment at setup; and a handle to carry the grill in suitcase mode. As a suitcase then, you can carry the entire BBQ setup to wherever you want; open the top shelf, install the gas and you’re good to smoke the meat or veggies!

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Revel in a machine aesthetic, prefab holiday apartment aboard a cruise ship

If you had to spend a sufficient amount of time on a ship, you would want to have pretty comfortable lodgings. Alas, not all of us could afford to go on luxurious cruises let alone go on a private cruise aboard a luxury line. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream or marvel at what glorious living conditions are out there for those who can afford to do so. This pre-fabricated holiday apartment is one such thing we can only wonder about unless you can someday go aboard the largest private cruise ship in the world.

Designer: Michael K. Chen

Inspired by the Unite D’Habitation housing typology by Swiss-French architect and designer Le Corbusier, the Pied-à-Mer is a 600-square foot luxury holiday apartment on a private cruise ship. As expected of course, it has a nautical theme but with midcentury, modernist influences. It starts out as a one-bedroom living space but can morph into a two-bedroom space for when they get visits from friends or family members.

The entire space can turn into a two-bedroom space with two bathrooms, a kitchen, a sitting area, a dressing room, and a trunk room. There’s also space for an entry hall and storage space which you’d need if you’re staying for a longer period than just a weekend. The foyer has the storage on one side and then a coat closet on the other side. The entryway has the guest closet on the left and the guest bathroom on the right, leading to the kitchen, living space, and a sliding door that opens up to a terrace with a view of the open seas.

The apartment is made up of prefab pod-like volumes which were created in Austria, and then they were installed on the ship in Spain for five weeks while the ship was undergoing its dry-dock maintenance. The pods, cladding, cabinets, and all the functional elements were all pre-fabricated, and some, like the folding table were created in New York before being shipped and installed in the apartment.

Speaking of the dining table, when it’s not being used for eating, it can be tucked away, and then the space is converted into a guest bedroom by lowering the guest bed. That bed as well as the main one comes with integrated nightstands, lighting, and even shelving. There is also a sliding door to give some sense of privacy between the two bedrooms. The fabricated pieces come in a blue and gray colored ribbed aluminum finish to give it a “slightly machine aesthetic” in keeping with the “machine for living” concept from Le Corbusier.

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This urban van designed for all-night gaming has the ideal setup for fun and leisure

The rapid expansion of the future of transportation into the more entertaining and socializing spaces is promoting concept designers to create vehicle interiors tailored for pure relaxation. Even some of the concept prototypes developed by progressive automakers are hinting at this metamorphosis.

Meet the Allo van developed by MJ Park in cooperation between BMW Designworks Munich and Korea Design Membership+. This urban commuter is more than just a means of transportation and inclines more towards an entertainment space. To be precise, it’s a car for social gamers who want a quaint, personal cocoon for getting into the zone. The core idea of the design is inspired by the socialized gaming culture in Korea, and other elements are also prompted by their living style. Take for instance the floor-sitting culture (for eating, sleeping and hanging out) and the 24/7 delivery services in the region. All this reflects in the unique hybrid seating for a flexible environment in the Allo.

Designer: MJ Park

Given the concept van is primarily targeted at avid gamers or ones who like to wind off after a hard day’s work by shooting the enemies in smooth style or binge-watching favorite sitcoms and movies. The interior is flush with built-in screens (with swivel arms and rollable ones too), controllers, and all the tech gamers demand in their personal space. To give the interior feel of airiness, fresh light-hued colors including mint green and sky blue are used.

Since the adaptation of 24/7 delivery services is one of its USPs, the van comes with its own detachable robot for pick-up and delivery. The robot is a part of the interior space on the rear, and once it attaches back to the vehicle with all the eatables and drinks, the in-car gamers can take a little break from all the action to enjoy the munching. In fact, the in-car entertainment software comes with three modes – Game, Rest and Delivery – to help users enjoy gaming and then spend quality time relaxing with friends and family. The designer imagines the Allo to have its own cloud gaming service wherein the users can explore and purchase games from any platform without any strings attached.

The concept is not a mere run-of-the-mill creation, rather it’s based on intensive behavior research and insights into the user experience and industrial design. Allo in a crux is the journey that pulls the passenger into the imagination of the future of mobility which will have gaming and entertainment as an integral part of it. The interior of which creates an ambiance, connecting people with technology, in a harmonious way.

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This wearable helps you go healthy food shopping based on DNA analysis

The sharpest of minds have been studying DNA for more than 70 years now, for a better understanding of the human species and how the individual’s biology is shaped. While this subject is as wide as the expanse of the oceans, we’re getting a better idea of each of its properties making us all unique in our own rights. Our DNA affects the way in which our body responds to the foods we eat, and that explains how some of us are allergic to some eatables while some others are good for our body.

A diet plan for one individual might not be the best fit for another, that’s why millions of dollars are invested into health and fitness across the world every year. Understanding the science behind the food we eat, and how it metabolizes is worth its weight in gold. In this quest, DnaNudge has developed a niche wearable capable of recommending and even saving the unassuming shoppers from making bad choices.

Designer: UDL Industrial Design

More like a fitness tracker that sits on your wrist bone, the wearable dubbed DnaBand performs an on-the-spot genetic analysis of the foods being chosen for the wearer. Basically, all you have to do is scan the barcode of a grocery or eatable item with the DnaBand. If the product is good for you based on the genetic analysis, the green light comes up, and if it’s not the best-suited thing to have, the red light indicator comes up.

As the database of the wearable keeps growing, the recommendations for the best foods to have also keep improving drastically. The result, you’ll never be feeding your body (unless you have the grit and determination) with food items that’ll harm your biology in the long run. Thereby, helping avoid the chances of long-term health problems. These recommendations are stored locally on the wearable band too inside the small bean-shaped capsule.

To make things practical, the DnaBand will only encourage you to adopt healthy eating and drinking habits. For example, it will tell you if based on your DNA, having low sugar chocolate will be beneficial. It’ll be more of a psychological change in lifestyle rather than a complete overhaul of habits overnight. Small changes in shopping habits will gradually put the user on the path to better health, the scientifically proven way.

The DNA analysis will be combined with real-time fitness activities to recommend dietary items. For instance, if you are mostly on a low fitness regime for a week, foods lesser in carbohydrates will light up green, while if some other week you are on a stringent fitness routine, food items with high carbohydrates will trigger the wearable to go green.

Other than the cool health tracking bit, the wearable band is ultra-comfortable to wear with a magnetic leather strap that goes with every wrist size. All the real-time data is saved locally on the band in an encrypted manner to avoid any data breaches. With the DnaBand users will be always aware of what they are putting in their system to make better health-related choices.

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Star Wars inspired 3D-printed headphone stands are the perfect accessory to celebrate May the 4th!

I defy you to find a better place to rest your headphones than on the heads of Chewbacca, C3PO, or our dark lord, Darth Vader. If, however, you’re on the market for an incredibly cool headphone stand, the guys at Angled can easily hook you up. Armed with a fleet of 3D printers, the Angled.XYZ builds some of the most incredible pop-culture-inspired headphone holders (and even gaming controller stands). Based out of USA, Angled 3D prints each headphone stand out of PLA to order, and offers a wide selection to choose from. Their Star Wars collection spans probably every popular character you could think of (except Yoda, unfortunately) from Chewie to Luke, and from Vader to even Darth Maul. Heck, there’s even a Jar Jar Binks headphone stand available!

Designer: Angled.XYZ

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Designed to easily become the centerpiece of any geek’s table, these stands are 3D-printed pretty much to scale, and are designed to easily fit most standard headphones (and even VR headsets!)

Although each headphone stand is 3D printed (and you can even see the lines on some of them), it also has a stunning amount of detail. Take for instance the Chewbacca headphone stand right below. This is because Angled partners with designers and artists to release new variants and models online. Artists create detailed models that get approved by Angled’s team based on sizing, proportions, and its ability to be printed without any flaws/errors. Once a design gets approved by the Angled team, it makes its way to their store and for every sale, the artist gets a commission.

A lot of the designs are originals too, like the Hell Vader below, or the Skull Trooper. This is ideal for someone looking for something niche. However, if you’re a fan of the mainstream, a golden C3PO head or an R2D2 is a perfect purchase! While the models all come in a solid single-color print, they can be customized and painted to make them all the more realistic.

Moreover, aside from headphone stands, Angled’s collection even has stands that hold your Xbox or PS controllers.  Styled as miniature figurines with outstretched hands, the holders even work with remote controls, stationery, and also your smartphone in landscape mode.

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