EyeLights Rocket One is a futuristic high-performance electric motorcycle with a fighter jet-like HUD

Building a winning motorbike design pretty much always starts off with a well-thought-out concept blueprint. However, taking it to the prototyping stage takes a lot of input. After all, barely a handful of concept designs make it past the blueprint stage and onto to the real deal.

The EyeLights Rocket One is one such successful example of a bike design done right. In fact, it took just three months to take it from a mere sketch to a working prototype. Alan Derosier, the lead designer of this augmented reality-assisted motorbike created for EyeLights SAS, managed to strike the right balance between form and function.

Designer: Alan Derosier

The Rocket One electric bike made its inaugural real-life presence at EICMA 2023 which is not surprising. According to Alan, the bike’s initial design revolved around fine-tuning the proportions and silhouettes. Then the masses and refining of the surfaces was done. That approach is pretty similar to how cars are designed. The result is a performance-oriented ride that houses huge batteries for power delivery and a respectable range.

This powerful bike has the apparent influences of the Lotus bikes, but we dare not call it a copy by any stretch of the imagination. The bike can go from 0-100km/h in just 2.6 seconds, and 1200 Nm of torque on the rear wheel produces 180 horsepower for stunning performance for an electric bike. Add to the mix a more than 400 km of range on a single charge. That is attributed to the large batteries hiding in that sleek body.

While the form factor is something to behold, the real deal is its futuristic augmented reality-aided navigation system. That comes as no surprise as EyeLights specializes in AR applications, and the Rocket One adapts its technologies from what fighter jet pilots use. The HUD of the accompanying helmet has a cluster of vital information displayed in the field of view of the rider.

For now, the bike is on the waiting list for interested buyers and we hope it doesn’t take forever to actually be available for purchase.

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Monotrack Bike made out of old car tire performs smooth wheelies even if you’ve got zero skills

Performing wheelies on a regular bike requires are special skillset and if simply aren’t good enough, then this DIY should interest you. All you need is a bent for putting together stuff from junk, and you’ll have a unique-looking monotrack bike to go crazy with.

YouTube channel ‘Make It Extreme’ has shown what it can do with stuff lying around in the junkyard, and this time around, they’ve created a mini motorbike with just a single car tire.

Designer: Make It Extreme

They call it the Monotrack Bike, capable of performing wheelie stunts even though you’ve never been good at it. By cutting the sidewalls of a recycled car tire and fitting it around a motor’s body, the DIY enthusiasts have surprised us. The tire acts like a tank tread for the steel track to have maximum grip on the tarmac, and therefore gives the rider freedom to perform extreme wheelies without the fear of losing balance.

Since space is a premium in this build, the rider has to recline and hold on to the handlebars. During braking, the cute little bike tilts forward, so performing easy stoppies should also be in contention. At the concluding half of the DIY, the maker tests the monotrack bike on a smooth tarmac and looks super cool. Cruising smoothly on bumpy surfaces and dirt tracks should also not be difficult for the machine.

The exhaust system, suspensions, handlebars, saddle and the motor for this DIY have also been salvaged from stuff lying around in the junkyard. There’s no mention of the motor specifications so we cannot comment on the torque or top speed of this machine. That said it looks potent enough to catch eyeballs while you perform stunts on the driveway. Just make sure to get a helmet and a quality pair of kneecaps, because getting carried away riding this machine is a certainty!

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This sleek shape-shifting bike bonds with its rider like “Tsaheylu” – the neural connection showed in Avatar

Your bike is an extension of your personality, exemplifying the deep emotion of man and machine connection. But it sets new precedence if that bond is like “Tsaheylu” – the deep psychic relationship between Na’vi and the native animals of Pandora.

The Project M³ concept motorbike with its ingrained biomimicry principle is for motorheads who perceive their set of wheels not just to be a mere tool for an adrenaline-inducing rush but to have an emotional bonding with the machine. This electric bike of the future achieves what mere immortals could only muster up in their dreams!

Designer: Richard Huang

The two-wheeler’s basic body form is inspired by one of the most intelligent and quaint creatures, the dolphin. The electric motor onboard is charged via the blowhole-like nose, giving it a very lifelike presence. The cute character is mirrored in the toothed wheel rims and the front headlights section too. It’s more like an aquatic animal morphed into a machine to now be a non-aquatic speed demon.

The motorbike is made from shape-memory alloy that adjusts the aerodynamic performance by altering the vehicle’s body form. For instance, during high-speed driving the body becomes more compact and streamlined, thereby reducing air resistance. On the other hand, at low speeds, the body expands to provide better stability and traction. So, the rider is constantly experiencing the machine as an alive creature.

To elevate the feeling during low-speed driving, the vehicle’s lights will slowly flicker like a quiet and slow heartbeat. As the speed increases, the rhythm and color of the light flashing will change to resemble an accelerated heartbeat. This alive design not only adds a sense of dynamism to the bike but also enhances its visibility to other motorists during nighttime to prevent any accidents.

Unlike other concept designers who limit their automotive designs to the 3D-rendered world, this one has a 1:1 real-life version too. That effort to carve the physical model for real should increase this concept bike’s probability of getting a beating heart one day!

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LEGO Yamaha MT-10 SP is a mechanical marvel with functional gearbox, engine and intricate components

LEGO Technic creations and iconic wheels have a long brewing association that every collector fancies. More so, if it’s a superbike that gets the scaled-down replica model every builder likes to invest time in and then sport on the living room shelf.

BMW fans got their wishes granted with the intricate M 1000 RR LEGO set and now Yamaha fans will satiate their lust of putting together their own MT-10 SP (a.k.a King of MT) for the love of it. Going a few levels higher in terms of realism this LEGO set has detailed mechanical components, making it a unique collectors kit for automotive fans.

Designer: LEGO Technic

Just like any other Technic creation on wheels, this one carries the same attention to detail that gives you the satisfaction of putting together the thing piece by piece. The cherry on top is the realistic function and movement of a chain drive, 4-cylinder engine, 3-speed transmission, front and rear suspension and working steering.

The 1:5 scaled-down model of the bike has working gear components like a shifting drum, a shift fork, shift ring, and tensioner drum. Although you can only change three gears compared to the six on the real thing. That in itself is an intricate LEGO gearbox design to separately show off by the bike’s side.

When fully assembled the 1,478 brick set measures 25 cm in height, 44 cm in length, and 15 cm in width. You can either place the Yamaha MT-10 SP on the bike’s side stand or the dedicated display stand. Another interesting feature of the kit is that you can use the augmented reality feature to open the LEGO app on your phone to view the interesting overlays. Again, you can see the gearbox in motion in this AR interface – as good as seeing the real thing in action.

This jaw-dropping Technic series set will be available on 1 August for a price tag of $239,99. Given how surreal the bike is both in function and looks, it is a steal for that amount of money.

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BMW R 18 The Crown celebrates BMW Motorrad’s 100th anniversary in classic steampunk theme

It’s been a century-long since BMW Motorrad first released a motorbike and the journey continues. Now, German motorcycle builder Dirk Oehlerking has crafted a breathtaking masterpiece paying homage to the brand’s rich heritage and commemorating 100 years of innovation and craftsmanship.

Dubbed “BMW R 18 The Crown” the deeply low-slung build exudes a regal presence, seamlessly blending classic aesthetics with modern inclusions. It is in fact inspired by the industrial culture and the proximity to industry and crafts.” That completely reflects in the exquisite handmade leather seat, premium paintwork, and meticulously crafted details showcase the exceptional attention to detail by the owner of Kingston Custom.

Designer: Dirk Oehlerking

The BMW R 18 Crown combines the timeless elegance of the R 18 series with exclusive design elements and advanced engineering. Yes, that’s the same R 18 that is the favorite canvas for motorheads to improvise on. Take for example the Spirit of Passion created by Dirk back in 2021. This time though the donor R 18 is completely unrecognizable adorned in a steampunkish attire.

The elongated body frame is complemented by a gold-plated radiator cover, pinstriping accents, and a hand-painted crown emblem, symbolizing the pinnacle of BMW Motorrad’s legacy. That explains the small crown on top of the BMW logo on the bodywork, and I’m not sure if purists will appreciate the inclusion!

Underneath the majestic exterior, the BMW R 18 Crown boasts a 1.8-liter Big Boxer air-cooled flat twin engine, delivering 116 pound-feet of torque and 91 horsepower. The massive torque output ensures effortless acceleration for an unforgettable riding experience given it’s so close to the tarmac. Not to miss the deep, resonant sound when the engine is fired up echoing German marque’s relentless engineering prowess.

This R 18 Crown comes with the backing of advanced technology and a refined suspension system, to bring comfort and handling precision, so that riders can conquer freeways and winding roads with ease. For this build, Oehlerking goes for a double-sided swingarm and central suspension strut.

The front end has received the maximum facelift in the form of a classic bike glare and there’s no fork to hold it in place. The powertrain is concealed under the thick Champagne Platinum bodywork that hugs the pair of handcrafted stainless steel exhaust manifolds. The 8-liter fuel tank is visually inseparable from the body and is followed by the aluminum seat that looks a bit uncomfortable for long hauls.

The BMW R 18 Crown is more than just a motorcycle; it represents a century of BMW Motorrad’s passion for innovation and design excellence. With its captivating aesthetics, impressive performance, and limited-edition status, the R 18 Crown becomes a prized possession for motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors alike!

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Cyberpunk worthy electric bike conceptualized in upbeat metallic body frame hues

Motorbikes as future ideation have always been the favorite canvas for concept designers to explore with freedom. From the wide array of two-wheeler designs one can think of, a futuristic machine is what gets motorheads’ heart racing.

The Ayra bike is a prime example of a ride with the DNA of a city bike and performance racer on steroids that can take on any road legal machine in a straight line dash for glory. The invincible character reflected in the aerodynamically tuned build is what sets this racing machine apart from the ordinary.

Designer: Radka Zvarova

Robust monoshock swingarm setup on the rear and the front maintains the structural integrity of the bike while lowering the stance for a more reassuring ride setup. The wide apart wheelbase distributes the weight of the machine in a delicate balancing act of automotive engineering.

Handlebars are integrated into the main unit to decrease the sideways air drag and not strain Ayra’s electric motor any more than desired. That’s presuming it is fed by a powerful electric motor since Radka doesn’t make any mention of the powertrain of this motorbike. Going by the design layout here, in all probability the central unit houses the compact electric motor that can be charged via a fast charging unit.

The Cyberpunk appeal of the motorbike is something to behold here, given the extent to which the front stretches in this concept. That should make the Ayra highly maneuverable at chicanes, in a way, juxtaposing it with the flavor of a café racer. The headlights adopt a hunter-eyes-like stance, similar to a wild cat crouching down to pounce on its prey unaware.

Decals and graphics have a minimalist geometric presence in a contrasting mono-color that complements the polished metal body frame. There are quite a few classy color options to choose from that are primarily targeted toward the young crowd. So, who wants Ayra to come to life someday?

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Sony x Honda E-Volve concept evolves with the riders skill level and preferred driving modes

Honda has struck a deal with Sony to create new mobility services to optimize the way consumers interact with future vehicles for a balance between manufacturing and functionality.

Now that the two Japanese heavyweights have already revealed a prototype electric sedan under the brand name Afeela, as a result of this long-running partnership, should the two-wheelers not also get the rubbing-off treatment?

Designer: Jennifer Ellison

Rendered on KeyShot: Click Here to Download Your Free Trial Now!

A motorbike with the same exploits as the four-wheeled counterparts for a unified approach towards sensible mobility. This electric concept bike is exactly what a Honda-Sony partnership would result in, and it’s aptly dubbed SonyxHonda E-Volve. The core idea of the design is freedom in style, to grow and have the flexibility that Gen-Z craves. This electric motorcycle built on a light, compact frame has a wide range of modules that can be interchanged whenever desired for real-time needs.

What’s more intriguing is the ability of the bike frame that’s initially purchased to be displayed in their homes during seasons when biking is not such a good idea. Extreme winters and monsoons for instance. The barebone frame can be fitted with the required modules focused on either style, performance, agility or both. Users can either choose the E-Volve to be a café racer or a sports racer depending on what the driving conditions are or the skill level of the rider.

The wheels on the electric bike can be customized to have a hydraulically controlled independent suspension system controlled by a dedicated motor on the inside. This gives superior ride comfort and the ability to tweak the resultant pressure level on the wheels. According to the designer, the companion app helps the rider in setting the skill level of riding so that precise recommendations can be made on upgrading the hardware. This way you only drive a bike that’s tailored for your permissible limits and nothing more for road safety.

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A literal Café Racer with integrated coffee grinder harnesses dissipates engine heat to brew cup of joe

Biking and enjoying a cup of coffee on destination unknowns has a deep connection. The whole experience of riding non-stop for miles only to relax at the nearest town’s most popular café. Well, that’s the adventurous life of some lucky riders who live life as free as a bird.

To enhance their experience of biking and enjoying a piping hot cup of coffee en route to new destinations, a concept gives all motorheads another excuse to hit the freeways. A Café Racer in its true sense!

Designer: You-Hao Wu

In the automotive design arena where herd behavior of mustering up electric bike concepts is a proven formula for garnering attention, Wu takes a detour with a gasoline-powered bike that has a detachable coffee grinder, secured water tank and dedicated storage section for a portable coffee pot. No this isn’t some stale April Fool’s Day joke, but a concept dedicated to the spirit of biking and satisfying the craving of drinking coffee.

The idea of an integrated coffee grinder seems absurd but the more one thinks about it, ever so probable it seems. The dissipated heat from the growling engine is put to good use for heating up the water and brewing the perfect cup of joe – just when you’ve clocked hundreds of miles, looking for a quick coffee break. With Cafe Racer, there’s no need to search for the nearest café, it’s right there – anytime, anywhere!

A café racer in the true sense, the concept motorcycle is a convenient and practical solution for riders who deem hot coffee as their holy grail. Fitting in such a complex coffee-making mechanism doesn’t in any way hinder the riding position or weight balance of the Café Racer. The designer imagines the bike in two color options – light brown with cream and black with silver. I prefer the former because of the whole theme – remember it’s centered around brewing your own cup of coffee.

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Unibody EVE Odyssey bike is crafted from space-grade aluminum used in NASA spacecrafts

Creative motorheads at Bandit9 Motors keep raising the bar with their out-of-the-box thinking in fashioning vehicles. The EVE LUX bike with a magnetic side profile is a prime example of their craft.

Riding on the viral success of the EVE LUX, Chief of Design, Daryl Villanueva and his team have hand built another bike that seems teleported from a sci-fi universe. The two-wheeler christened EVE Odyssey is made from space-grade aluminum used in spacecraft by NASA. So, you can very well imagine how rare this build by the Saigon-based shop actually is. The model will be a limited-edition version for collectors who are on the lookout for erratic builds crafted from ultra-rare material.

Designer: Bandit9 Motors

The unibody bike focuses on the streamlined design since the L-shaped subframe, gas tank, steering setup and headlight assembly are in a unison within the monocoque form. Other components use bespoke aluminum material like the custom-crafted aluminum alloy box frame, the aluminum rear-set foot controls and bespoke aluminum clip-on bars. Those custom set of cast split-spoke three-arm wheels are mated to custom aluminum grips, levers and switchgear.

Bandit9 embellishes the chrome-finished bike with a custom digital LED display, custom digital LED display, sharp-angled belly pan item and custom LED indicators to complement the unibody shape. Just like the Odyssey’s inspiration, the EVE LUX, there are custom-built suspension setup elements having a wildly idiosyncratic telescopic fork design to the front.

There’s a bespoke single-sided swing arm connected to a mono-shock configuration on the back. The sci-fi bike gets an 8-liter Honda air-cooled 125cc single-cylinder engine. Courtesy of this, the gasoline-powered bike hits a top speed of 65mph and churns out a total range of 156 miles per gallon. According to the makers, it’ll also be available in an all-electric version later.

Lucky buyers will get to choose from a neoprene or leather saddle option for the EVE Odyssey. Deliveries for the bike will begin in Q3, 2023 as the preorders have already been green-flagged. The early bird price for this limited edition bike will be $15,500 until 03/14/2023. After that time frame, you’ll have to shell out another $5,000 to own this collectible-worthy set of wheels.

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Autonomous stealth fighter-inspired bike is meant for high-profile war combat

Future battles are going to be fought between robotic armored machines that’ll have no limit on the number of limbs, physical limitations, or firepower capabilities. A huge chunk of that AI-dominated battlefield will be dotted by vehicles never seen before.

Although I’m not trying to create a plot for sci-fi movies, more or less, things will be radically different in future wars than we have. Not a soul will be lost, unless AI develops a consciousness of its own!

Designer: Fang E

This bike of the future carrying a resonant Batmobile vibe is not meant for the Gotham vigilante, but for modern warfare in a dystopian world. Dubbed the Motorcycle Drone, this mean machine scouts for hidden threats in hostile military spaces or restoring order with sensible policing in volatile cities. The vehicle has a reinforced armored shell for the roughest situations, and the options to increase weaponry arsenal or enhance battery power when needed.

Motorcycle Drone will be fully autonomous and AI-enabled for completing high-profile tasks comprehensively. One huge advantage of such a machine is the ability to persist in war missions or city patrolling needs 24×7 without any possible human error. While the matte black two-wheeled machine seems to have a connection to Batman of the future, the similarities end there. This bike is designed for a future dominated by robots, cyborgs, drones and of course super intelligent AI that could have a consciousness of its own.

The bike’s side wings can contract into the frame or open based on the driving conditions and speed. A drag reduction configuration conceals the sideburns to cut through the dense airflow. For low-speed drives, the wings can again pop out for better balance. Motorcycle Drone should be propelled by an electric drivetrain and have a stealth presence for covert missions. The edgy design dominantly leaning towards the back suggests the machine is built for hardcore tasks only.

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