This Buick Electra Concept emanates from an organic alien Spaceship design

Deriving its inspiration from the waterdrops in the spaceship from the Trisolaris planet in the Alpha Centauri System (imagined in the sci-fi novel trilogy Three-Body Problem) the Buick Electra Concept oozes with the organic, sharp, and defined shapes that more than meet the eye. Culminated by pro designer Liang Feng, the concept car is the futuristic ride you’d expect to drive in a distant future where minimalism and function will be the primary drivers for the design language of automobiles.

Buick Electra Concept is a four-wheeler that will be propelled by a powerful electric drivetrain that doesn’t take much space – having a man maximum machine minimum philosophy that focuses on passenger comfort and elevated experience of commuting from one destination to the other. If there’s one electric car that you would want to drive after riding your Tesla Model 3 on pure aesthetic value, it would be this one. That superlative association is influenced by the sheer fluidic design of the Buick Electra that’s so subtle and stylish – evoking an instant sense of comfort and safety on a high-speed drive on the freeway.

The all-glass panoramic window panels, definitive front grill design, and the ultra-stylish rear with sharp, edgy aesthetics speak volumes of the amount of thinking that’s gone into penning this concept. While for an unassuming mind, it might be just another run-off-the-mill concept, someone with a good design sense would highly appreciate the car’s visually flowing balance and its focus on the riders without much fuss. I want to go for a few miles ride aboard the Buick Electra, don’t you?

Designer: Liang Feng

BMW’s latest bike is designed for eco-conscious adventurers who have an emotional connect with their vehicle

It’s a no-brainer that as we progress towards the future the number of vehicles in urban settings is going to explode beyond comprehension. Even though we are making a smooth shift towards renewable energy-powered vehicles, still the numbers will keep growing when it comes to the number of four-wheelers and two-wheelers on the road. Talking of the electric bikes, the fun of riding a two-wheeler with which the rider will be emotionally connected in cities will be more or less muted, attributing to the traffic congestion, so what options will the adventure and thrill-seekers have? That’ll undoubtedly be exploring the outskirts of the city limits, but that again brings into the equation need for battery packs and prompt service in uncharted terrain.

Giving the above-mentioned scenarios an unprecedented thought, Neeraj Jawale from Pune, India has thought of the BMW D-05T bike concept that brings the fun of riding and the deep-rooted emotional connection between man and the machine to the forefront. Leveraging the advancements in technology, the bike will have the capability to make the detailed plan of the next adventure trip based on the experience of the explorers who’ve treaded the terrain before. The service hubs located in remote locations provide the swappable batteries or other travel essentials so that rider has to carry less.

The bike has a watchdog in the form of a drone that keeps updating people who care about your current location status and also boosts the signal for you to have one thing less to worry about. When the night hits in the woods, the drone also keeps an eye on any predators to send timely alerts. Coming on to the bike design, it has magnetic detachable storage on the rear and magnetic holders in the front for hooking the add on’s. Moto GP-like the character of the bike is so BMW in every aspect and truly made for adventure seekers who view their motorbike as a companion for getaway riding.

Designer: Neeraj Jawale

Lordstown Motors’ electric race truck is (mostly) ready for off-roading

Lordstown Motors wants to prove its Endurance electric truck is ready for the wilderness through a familiar strategy: it's entering a prominent race. Autoblog reports that Lordstown has unveiled a race-ready version of its Endurance Beta truck th...

This leaning electric trike is a reliable cargo carrier + swift city commuter for urban dwellers

Normally when we talk of e-bikes or even tricycles, they have more or less the same layout – motors, batteries, and an array of styling to gain the first impression. The MX3 tricycle designed by Mastretta Bikes is radically different from the inverted tadpole trike design. It packs a considerable amount of space for storage – at the front, middle, and back; while the leaning mechanism and the suspension at the front end bring stability to the ride. The latter brings stable cornering with the feel of riding a bike and the freedom of space of a three-wheeled trike design.

While you might still wonder, what about the stability when the MX3 comes to a grinding halt? Well, Mastretta has got that covered with the Tilt Lock System (TLS) which locks the trike in a vertical position when stopping at lights or loading cargo to the rear. For superior stopping power, MX3 comes with hydraulic disk brakes for all three wheels. The positioning of the battery and the driving motor at a low position further ensures superior maneuverability and responsiveness, thanks to the low center of gravity. In the cargo configuration, the front rack is quite low for balanced weight distribution, while the rear cargo rack is positioned a bit higher above the rear wheels. The center one is a small briefcase styled cargo for the important documents and gadgets.

Mastretta Bikes is offering MX3 propelled by the 36V systems in four different models that come with varying features and payloads. The cargo capacity of the four variants comes in 40kg, 60kg, 80kg, and 200kg configurations. The 40kg and 60kg models come in 360 Wh and 720 Wh battery options while the 80kg and 200kg models have the higher capacity options of 720 Wh and 1,440 Wh batteries. The trike could be useful in a number of use case scenarios and the design truly shines, making it one that will grab the attention of the masses.

Designer: Mastretta Bikes