Here’s a Dyson motorcycle concept that doesn’t ‘suck’!

You’ll blow right past your opponents…

Alright, enough with the Dyson puns. They don’t have that much wind in them (Okay, I promise that was the last one).

The Dyson Bike started as a mere warmup sketching exercise for Rashid Tagirov in 2019. Seeing how the aesthetic began taking shape, and finding himself with extra time on his hands in 2020, Tagirov decided to take his sketch to the next level and flesh it out in 3D. The Dyson Bike champions the British appliance company’s design language, turning mundane geometric forms into a well-balanced thing of beauty.

A uniting factor between Tagirov’s bike and Dyson’s products is the form-separation. Just like with Dyson’s product range, the conceptual bike breaks down the silhouette of a motorcycle into distinct, recognizable parts. The two wheels stand at the front and rear with hub-based motors on each of them, while the main mass is split into two masses, ostensibly the battery, and the bike’s main control unit. The seat protrudes right out of the main body, while arguably the most interesting feature is the bike’s dashboard, a thick translucent panel with a built-in LCD display that comes to life when you hit the ignition.

Pretty cool, eh? (And that wasn’t a reference to the bladeless fan)

Designer: Rashid Tagirov

Art Deco meets Automotive with this vintage-inspired custom BMW C400X scooter

Harkening back to the halcyon days of pre-war motoring when transportation was equal parts speed, style, and skill, the Golden Age captures this sentiment in a modern incarnation. The Golden Age is best described as a modified version of the BMW C400X, with its spiritual ancestor being the classic 1930 Henderson Model KJ Streamline. With a curvaceous design that’s highly reminiscent of the automobiles from a century ago, the Golden Age is just a vintage-inspired treat to look at… complete with chrome trims to punctuate the curved black volumes, a classic circular headlight, and a plush leather throne for the rider to sit on.

“The sleek streamliner will be powered by a 2020 BMW 350cc engine producing approximately 35hp and will employ all the modern convenience, technology and reliability built into the C400X. Coupled with a low center of gravity, the Golden Age is designed to be both powerful and nimble on city streets, not to mention supremely practical and rakishly handsome”, says Alexander Niznik, founder of NMOTO, the company producing the custom body for the bike.

Among other details that the Golden Age borrows from the Henderson KJ is its beautiful vertical grille. Adapting it, however, for the BMW machine, the custom bike sports the signature kidney-style split grille, reminiscent of the BMW 328 Roadster. Unlike the Henderson KJ, however, the Golden Age aims at being practical and comfortable to ride. The scooter-style seating arrangement gives the rider a lot of leg-space and makes it easy to mount or unmount the bike. Fold-out footrests are even built into the body for a pillion rider, and a conveniently located refueling inlet on the front means you can fill gas into the bike without needing to deboard. The Golden Age is expected to be unveiled in Spring 2021.

Designers: Tamas Jákus, Rostyslav Matiukhin, and NMOTO

The BMW Motorrad R Nine T-X shows that you can make a sexy superbike with simple geometry

Informed by bold, brutalist design cues found in urban setups and modern architecture, the R Nine T-X takes a different approach to designing a superior two-wheeler. Instead of an overly aggressive design, faceted paneling, brutish chassis, abundance of air-intakes, and saturated color-schemes, the BMW Motorrad R Nine T-X concept opts for simple shapes, a sensible design approach, and subtle palettes. The result is a remarkable bike that’s difficult to ignore. It’s commanding yet unaggressive, and clearly looks like the adult in the room.

An interesting part of the BMW Motorrad R Nine T-X is the way it’s built. Rather than having a standard chassis forming the frame for the entire bike, the R Nine T-X sports a central mass which holds all the bike’s innards, and acts as the supporting element for all of the bike’s parts, including the two wheels which branch out from it, and a snap-on frame that holds the seat/saddle. With a centralized hub so large, it would be pretty safe to assume that the R Nine T-X sports an electric heart, with a large battery pack to drive the beast. Despite its visually commanding central mass, the R Nine T-X is built like a café racer, with a relatively flat upper profile. The seat transitions pretty seamlessly all the way to the headlamp, with tight curves, and a simplistic LCD dashboard tops off the bike concept’s overall simple yet superior looking design.

Designer: Hyun Jik Song

The Droog E-Fighter V2 is like a post-apocalyptic Tesla Cybertruck on two wheels

Taking low-poly grunge as a deliberate design direction, the Droog DM-017 (also known as the E-Fighter V2) was designed to be the kind of e-bike that mirrors the anarchist end-of-the-world vibe this year has been so far. Building on the original E-Fighter, the V2 features an upgraded battery pack and brushless 2020 DS motor by Zero, sitting underneath a faceted distressed-metal body that does a great job of adding character to the bike… a feature that’s only further reinforced by the e-bike’s solid all-terrain wheels.

The E-Fighter V2 also comes with an unusual headlamp that shines through two slits in the front metal panel. This linear lighting approach mirrors the Cybertruck’s style, and can even be found on the back with the light-strip taillamps. While the aesthetics hint at a combination of futurism and performance, the bike is, in fact, built to live up to those expectations. The brushless motor from Zero gives the E-Fighter V2 80 lb-ft of instant torque and a top speed of 100mph. The e-bike even features upgraded suspension in both front and rear wheels, with adjustability on the fly, and a Bluetooth-enabled app that allows you to change parameters as well as monitor your bike’s performance. When all’s said and done, you can simply plug the e-bike into a 110V charging point to juice it up overnight… that’s if there is a functioning power-grid in the post-apocalyptic world.

Designer: Droog Moto (Max and Erica Droog)

Indian billionaire plans to revive and electrify a classic UK motorcycle brand

One of the world’s most iconic motorcycle makers could soon get a second life as an EV manufacturer. In an interview with The Guardian, Indian billionaire Anand Mahindra said he plans to resurrect Birmingham Small Arms (BSA). In the 1950s, the compan...

This conceptual NASA motorbike was designed to make donuts on the moon!

So, it does seem theoretically possible to make donuts on the moon (after all, the lunar surface is caked with dust), and even have those donuts preserved because of a lack of atmospheric activity or wind on the moon! Andrew Fabishevsky’s NASA motorcycle concept imagines what an extraplanetary café racer would look like. Designed to mimic the style of NASA’s lunar rovers, the LMV v1 comes with a similar exoskeletal design, concealing the components underneath using mylar foil.

The racer’s devoid of any headlights or taillights (you wouldn’t need them anyway), while all-terrain wheels and a pivoting suspension system allow you to drive on the undulating surface of the moon pretty comfortably. I’m not entirely sure what that golden orb underneath the seat overhang is supposed to be, but my best guess would be that it’s a detachable fuel tank that you can remove and refill whenever you’re running low. While the NASA LMV v1 is purely conceptual (no surprise there), it does certainly do a great job of showing how sexy two-wheelers can look, even if they weren’t made for our planet! Now, all we need is for Elon Musk to make a SpaceX Mars Quad-bike and we can call it a day.

Designer: Andrew Fabishevskiy

This zero-emission dirt bike’s design will give you an adrenaline rush!

The electric bike segment is evolving from the basic designs to something that brings more value and has aesthetically pleasing attributes. SUPER73 clearly redefined the preconceived notions of what an electric bike should be, attracting the attention of the Americans who value lifestyle adventure. No doubt Roland Sands Design saw this as an opportunity to join hands with the e-bike maker in 2019 to create a custom version – RSD SUPER73 Racer e-hooligan that garnered praise from the industry experts and was later put up for a show at the legendary Petersen Automotive Museum in April 2019.

At the beginning of this year, SUPER 73 debuted the lightweight RX e-bike in New York that boasted of the brand’s most powerful electric motor ever, improved braking system, and adjustable front and rear suspensions. It also came with smartphone compatibility with over-the-air updates. Roland Sands again had their eyes lit up seeing the potential of the e-bike – perhaps envisioning the countless ways they could enhance it. Hence came to life the second project between the two brands. Under closed doors the two teams have been working on a custom version of the e-bike, they call Roland Sands Design x SUPER73-RX Collaboration bike.

The racing influence is much evident on the e-bike, custom paint job, and graphics, thanks to the minds at Roland Sands. On the performance front, the bike has been tweaked for performance and handling – getting a relocated battery positioning for a lower center of gravity and a moto-styled seat developed with RSD and Saddlemen. For better braking, the custom tuner fitted the bike with configurable Magura brake sets and full-twist throttle by Magura again, for refined controlling. Now that the SUPER73-RX morphed into an improved version of itself, it was justified to embellish it with SUPER73 GRZLY all-terrain tires!

Designer: Roland Sands Design for SUPER 73

A designer made a Lamborghini Motorcycle concept and it looks like a predator on two wheels!

Even though Lamborghini owns Ducati (they’re all under VW’s automotive umbrella), the Italian supercar company has never forayed into the two-wheeler market… but trust concept designers to explore these paths not taken (or driven upon). The motorbike, which fans are affectionately naming Mangusta, shows the vision of designer Al Yasid when he imagines Lamborghini pivoting into two-wheelers. Based on the Ducati Diavel, the Lamborghini Mangusta really does do a great job of embodying the Italian raging bull spirit… even though its name literally means Mongoose in Italian! They’re a pretty aggressive species, though…

The Mangusta’s aesthetic beautifully mirrors the company’s edgy brand language and details onto a motorbike chassis. The bike IS based on the Diavel, but Yasid expanded the wheelbase to create a more elegant, elongated machine. The Mangusta sports edgy, angular bodywork that’s highly reminiscent of Lamborghini’s supercars. There’s a combination of both metal as well as carbon-fiber to create a robust yet lightweight ride, and the only visible curve on the two-wheeler is around the seat, for pretty obvious reasons.

What truly makes this motorcycle worthy of the Lamborghini brand is its adherence to the headlamp and taillamp designs found in the cars. The sideways Y-shaped headlamps give the bike its steely Lamborghini glare, while the LED-strip taillights echo the same sort of edgy, aggressive aesthetic associated with Lamborghini’s cars. The Mangusta’s been showcased in the Reventon silver, and the Aventador yellow, although I wouldn’t mind seeing one in Ducati’s signature red, just for kicks!

Designer: Al Yasid (Yasid Design)

This AI personal assistant transforms into a bike that uses robotic mapping to meet you anywhere!

Is it a Vespa? A BMX bike? A horse? In fact, it’s all of the above and a robot too. Adding to their larger AI robot series, RidRoid, the creators at Future Robotics Technology designed the CanguRo (that’s, ‘kangaroo’ in Italian) in order to bring a sense of companionship to smart robots. Like many AI robots, CanguRo can offer support to users with tasks such as shopping and office work, but integrated software also brings this robot to your location, even if you’re far away, and then turns into a vehicle for you to ride whenever necessary.

The inspiration behind the CanguRo design was taken from a page of history. Humans once depended on horses for both work and transportation. All one had to do was send out a whistle for their horse nearby, and a horse would come trotting their way. Decades later, the Ford Model T made automotive transportation more accessible for everyone and the possibilities for future modes of transportation were reimagined. Today, designers and engineers are concocting concepts for transportation that no longer require the use of human or animal intelligence. Instead, popularity in self-driven cars and AI-led transportation is increasing and the potential behind smart technology is bursting at the seams. The possibilities seem endless.

In order to make the connection between robotic intelligence and human conscience more harmonious, the team at Future Robotics integrated SLAM technology into CanguRo. SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) technology, allows robots to produce maps of their surroundings and places their position within them through sensors that make navigation and robotic mapping easier to process. I fewer words, SLAM technology positions CanguRo as the “human eye.” When the user is away from CanguRo, SLAM technology supplies intelligence for the vehicle to mobilize, using autopilot functions, then locate and reach your geographic location. All you have to do is call for CanguRo with your smartphone or tablet PC and once it greets you, CanguRo transforms into ride mode and adapts to your physical movements.

When riding CanguRo, bodily sensation technologies help to unite the machine with the human user. Features such as CanguRo’s ‘heartbeat’ signal to users the speed at which they’re moving. Additionally, force feedback is implemented into the steering functions in order to bridge the human’s sense of touch with the movement of the ride. Smart stop functions have also been incorporated into the vehicle to avoid the unlikely event of a collision. CanguRo was created in order to offer a mode of transportation that humans can always depend on, no matter where you are, all you’ve gotta do is call and CanguRo will find you.

Designer: Shunji Yamanaka x fuRo

The raw, hulking design of this off-road electric bike puts the sleek modern bikes to shame!

The electric motorcycle market is growing ever so steadily and the demand is rising every single day. Owning a powerful e-bike is exciting since it brings a whole new dimension to the two-wheeler market, and Volcon wants to tap a major chunk of it as early as possible. The Volcon Grunt electric motorcycle is here and the fat wheeled bulky commuter does impress with its bold profile. Whether it can take on the likes of Zero SR/S electric motorcycles is a question we’ll leave for another day – for now, the off-road bike looks good for the street-legal skirmish as well as adventure trips to the local trails.

The Texas-based startup’s first-ever EV – the Grunt has a hundred-mile range which can be doubled with a spare battery. The bike gets its power from the 50 horsepower engine that transmits power to the rear wheels. With the top speed of 60 mph and acceleration from zero to top speed in six seconds, one can’t be sure of winning a night street race, but the two-wheeler provides enough traction to conquer a slushy road, that is rest-assured. To make it an all-weather tough ride, Volcon has made is completely waterproof – enough to make it go completely submerged in a flowing river and come out the other side without any damage. That is further reassured with the 12-inches of ground clearance paired to the fat knotted tires. After looking at e-bikes that have become sleeker with time, this hulking design takes us back to the raw, primal aesthetics that made us fall in love with the Harley Davidson’s and Royal Enfield’s in the first place!

Volcon has plans to start delivering the compact Grunt bike by early 2021 at a price tag of $995. The bike might be a tad more than your average 200c single-cylinder farm bike but the prospect of low maintenance, fully independent of fuel expenses, and a multitude of uses makes this electric bike a good prospect when it arrives.

Designer: Volcon