Turn your iPad into an all-purpose adjustable screen with Twelve South’s hovering stand

In hindsight, you really can’t call the HoverBar Duo an iPad ‘stand’. The multi-hinged, incredibly versatile, height/direction adjustable arm is capable of doing much more than your conventional stand is. In fact, think of it as a mechanical butler who just holds your iPad for you at any angle you want, for any length of time. More versatile than a stand or a tripod, the HoverBar Duo for the iPad and iPhone is better described by the things that it’s capable of… and it’s capable of quite a lot!

Simply put, the HoverBar Duo holds your iPad or iPhone wherever you want it, and in any orientation you need. The multi-hinge arm is infinitely adjustable (sort of like the lamp on a dentist’s chair), and the choice between a flat-base and a clamp-base gives the HoverBar Duo the ability to be placed practically anywhere – on a table or a kitchen counter, or even suspended from a shelf or a rod. A universal clip allows the HoverBar Duo to hold onto a wide variety of devices, including older and later models of the iPad as well as all generations of the iPhone (this obviously means it works with *most* Android phones and tablets too). The rather long two-part arm allows the HoverBar Duo to hold your device at eye-level, giving you the ability to turn your iPad into an extra monitor that’s on the same level as the iMac, while the multiple hinges mean you could position the iPad to serve as an angled kiosk/terminal, a sketching tablet, or even an impromptu television or FaceTime machine. Moreover, the infinite adjustability means you could potentially use the HoverBar Duo to position your smartphone or tablet’s camera at any angle, turning it into a makeshift tripod with varying degrees of freedom! As I said earlier, the HoverBar Duo isn’t just merely an iPad ‘stand’… it’s a whole lot more!

Designer: Twelve South

Clever motorized attachment turns your tripod into a remote-controlled camera-operator

In theory, you could ‘socially distance’ from your DSLR and control it entirely via your smartphone!

Remember a time when telephones had operators? You’d tell them who you want to speak to and they’d control an entire wall of cables, plugging you in to the right channel so you could speak to the right person. There was a time when you couldn’t really use a telephone without the help of an operator – and now Siri can dial your numbers for you, connecting you to someone across the globe… WITH VIDEO! It seems like the world of cameras is having a similar moment. First, with drones that can autonomously operate to focus on targets and avoid obstacles, and now with the Polaris, which can automatically control your existing DSLR to shoot everything from HDRIs, panoramas, time-lapses, and even trace star trails. Plug it in and Polaris goes from being a computerized camera-operator to a video editor too, helping you adjust exposure and white balance while taking time-lapses, as well as removing people from your panoramas for those beautiful landscape shots!

Simply put, the Polaris exists in two parts… as a piece of hardware that sits between your DSLR and your tripod, and a piece of software that runs on your smartphone, allowing you to access its pro-features. The hardware unit is just about as big as your DSLR’s body (without the lens), and sports two motors that control its rotation and tilt, powered by an ARM processor. The hardware unit even connects to your DSLR using a MicroUSB cable, bringing a whole variety of power-features and controls to the Polaris app on your smartphone. The hardware and software communicate via WiFi, allowing you to remotely operate the Polaris from a distance. There’s even a premium cellular variant that lets you literally program the hardware from miles away. Open the app and the interface is filled with a bunch of features that let you either manually or automatically direct the camera to perform certain tasks. You can manually adjust settings like the aperture, ISO, exposure, or the camera path, or alternatively, choose from a variety of options right within the app. The Polaris app lets you click panoramas, time-lapses, and even star-tracking features with just the click of a button. Polaris can even shoot multi-exposure photos, ensuring that each shot is perfectly exposed, or multi-focus photos, giving you the ability to focus on objects AFTER clicking the picture. Your smartphone updates you on the progress of your shots as they’re being orchestrated by the Polaris, and the app even sends you the final images and video footage to your phone when you’re done, saving you hours of transferring media via SD cards and whatnot!

As impressive as that feature-list is, Polaris’ most promising feature is the fact that it supports OTA updates, which means the makers can give it new features and functionalities simply by rolling out software updates for the Polaris. The device comes in different variants, the Time Lapse variant being the base-model, with upgrades for the Astro Edition that lets you track constellations, the Premium variant that comes with built-in cellular, and the Pro, which even packs an external power supply for both the Polaris as well as your camera! In fact, the makers will even include a dew-heater strip with each Polaris to ensure you can shoot without worrying about lens condensation!

Designer: Benro

Click Here to Buy Now: $699 $999 (30% off). Hurry, only 17/800 left! Raised over $2,100,000.

Polaris – Smart Electric Tripod Head

The Polaris is a wireless, smart electric tripod head that helps photographers conveniently frame the perfect shooting angle with ease. In addition, Polaris can automatically render photos that normally required computer processing, such as panoramic photos, time-lapses, exposure bracketing, and so on.

Auto Remove Object & People from Photos

With the Scene Retouching feature built into Polaris, all you have to do is to take several shots of the same scene, and Polaris will automatically remove tourists or unwanted objects from photos.

Star Tracking

When capturing the night sky – Polaris uses the built-in GPS, compass, and astromaps to move the head precisely to prevent tailing or streaks. This feature will allow you to capture perfect shots of the Milky Way or your favorite constellations.

Holy Grail

Being challenged to capture a landscape or subject with a day-to-night (or vice-versa) timelapse? The “Holy Grail” mode tackles extremely technical and time-consuming scenario by automatically analyzing every photo and adjusting the exposure between every shot. Your camera can easily get perfectly exposed and smooth transitions without any manual work.

Preview Your Shot Even Before You Take It

In conjunction with the mobile app, Polaris can simulate the sun’s movement, and you can compose the picture before the sun has risen or is close to being set. The composition is simulated by using the mobile phone’s accelerometer, camera, and AI. You only need to select where you want the Sun framed above the horizon and send it to Polaris. Polaris will take photos at the exact time the sun hits that desired angle.

Focus Stacking

The smart controller can take a set of photos with different focal points, and using the AI can synthesize these into photos without blur. This means that every photo will have perfect focus throughout the image, and you can get creative with it or choose your optimal focal point later.

Multi Exposing & Auto Stacking

Let the camera automatically take multiple shots and then auto stack them to compose a bright and sharp night scene.

Timelapse Photography

Polaris uses the smartphone app to make setting up the interval between shots, duration, and exposure easy. Polaris can even adjust the timelapse settings during capture to ensure that the timelapse comes out exactly as you hoped it would.

Dynamic Timelapse

Thanks to the built-in programming functions, everything about your camera is controllable. Use this expanded ability to record timelapse videos with dynamic changes in the direction of view and speed. At the same time – dial in your ISO, aperture, shutter speed, and even your focal length from anywhere.

Fully Automatic Panoramas

With the help of Polaris, automatic panoramic shooting can be realized and reviewed in near real-time. After the automatic shooting is completed, the stitched pano can be checked through the app on your phone.

Polaris supports automatic multi-line panoramic photo shooting, you can choose the number of rows and columns of the photo – everything else is done automatically. This mode also supports enhanced exposure. Polaris can take multiple exposures of each section of the panorama to avoid under or overexposure in any section of the synthetic panorama.

Programmable Functions

Movements can be preprogrammed, camera settings can be tuned and dialed-in during rotation to get the perfect shot, and AI can change exposure while capturing a full-day motion timelapse to make sure nothing is blown out.

Through this simple interface, you can add custom control nodes. Each control node can individually set the parameters of the camera, the time interval between each shot, and the precise angle of the camera, or the rotation speed of the head.

Remote App Control

You can shoot the sunrise and sunset while staying warm in your car, and you can sit on your sofa and capture images of the starry sky.

Media Sync

You can transfer files right to your phone for preview and inspection without a card reader and computer. You can even process and send these shots to your favorite social platforms.

Click Here to Buy Now: $699 $999 (30% off). Hurry, only 17/800 left! Raised over $2,100,000.

Meet the slimmest, smallest tripod stand to ever attach to your phone…

I think the Lookstand is both a great and bad idea. Here’s why it’s great. At just a couple of centimeters thin, the Lookstand is everything you want in your phone but don’t have. It works as a stand, a grip, and opens out into a glorious tripod that can easily elevate your phone a couple of inches off the ground and at any angle you want. Forget the pop socket, forget those novelty stick-on rings, or those kick-stand cases… the Lookstand is all of them, and more.

The all-metal stand weighs a mere 1.5 ounces and attaches itself either to the back of your phone or your phone-case. When folded, it’s no larger than a pack of gum, and when opened out, can be used either as a kickstand or a prop-stand, as a selfie-stick, or a tripod that holds your phone up as high as 10 inches, in both portrait and landscape. The slim product stays adhered to the back of your phone without occupying too much mass or space. It’s thin enough to let you slide your phone into your pocket without any difficulty, and the only foreseeable drawback is that it may disrupt your phone’s ability to wirelessly charge.

Here’s why it’s a bad idea. The Lookstand’s timing is just absolutely unfortunate. We’ve owned smartphones for over 10 years and the fact that a product like the Lookstand exists only now feels like someone should have thought of this MUCH sooner… at least before foldable phones came into the picture, because here’s what’s bad about the Lookstand. It’s come at a time when phones are either integrating flexible displays into their designs, or massive 4-6 camera lens bumps on their rears, making it sort of challenging for the Lookstand to truly help ‘elevate’ the smartphone experience. However, if the design can stay relevant and useful for at least the next 3 years, I’d call it a big win.

Designer: LOOK#

Kodak’s making a grand comeback with this comprehensive smartphone photography kit!

Familiar within the photography circuit as one of the absolute biggest companies in film-camera photography, Kodak famously lost out on one of the largest opportunities to pivot to the digital format as the world was slowly moving away from purchasing camera reels and towards the now-ubiquitous SD cards. The company lay low for a while, but is now making its comeback with accessories for the most powerful camera to sit in billions of pockets… the one on your phone!

Kodak’s Smartphone Photography Kit has everything you need to take stunning pictures. They add to your phone’s ability to create great images by giving you depth, lighting, and stability. The kit comes as a collective of three accessories (which can be bought separately too), namely a mini tripod specifically for smartphones, a portrait ring-light that clips onto your phone for great low-light selfies, and a set of 2 clip-on smartphone lenses to give your phone the ability to click ultra-wide and macro images, allowing you to either look at the bigger picture, or to zoom into minute details. With Kodak’s comprehensive smartphone photography kit, you can take that powerful camera in your pocket and click pictures that are incredibly stable, thanks to the tripod, or have a beautiful diffused glow, courtesy the ring light, or just explore the world through literally a different set of lenses! It’s a Kodak Comeback!

Designer: Kodak

Every photographer will love to get their hands on these products designed especially for them!

Behind every good photograph is a photographer with his loved and trusted tools! Being married to a part-time photographer, I know there is no visible end to his to-buy list, and how would there be? Photography is an intricate and expensive craft, and although the advent of phone cameras has made capturing photographs a breeze, there is an equal number of people who believe that images via the traditional methods are more controlled and dependent on their manual skills. This collection we have today is especially aimed at all of those who shoot with a camera or are looking to enter the world of photography, with these products aimed at helping you focus (literally) at making your travel and your craft an easier extension of your everyday life!

The Lomography Lomo’ Instant Camera raised over $1.1Million on Kickstarter after being launched by Lomography 

Lynx Axis 360: modular motion control for cameras by Cinetics 

Foldio 3 comes with an innovative design puts all of that into a small flat-packed case that can fit right under your arm by Orangemonkie 

Adaptalux: An Adaptable Miniature Lighting Studio for portable macro photography and videography adaptable lighting studio by Samuel Granger and team at Adaptalux

With the PicaPod, you’ll run out of things to mount. This one bad-boy can and will allow you to mount everything in one place, so no matter, if you’ve got a GoPro, or a DSLR, or a 360° camera, or even just a point & shoot, you’re sorted by Design Icon Studio 

The Travel Tripod comes with half the volume of a traditional travel tripod with all the professional capabilities by Peak Design 

The KUVRD (pronounced ‘covered’) is a one-size-fits-all silicone cap that goes over any and every camera lens you have, no matter the size, or even the brand by KUVRD 

The Neptune Convertible Art Lens System by the team at Lomography includes three prime lenses, two aperture mechanisms, one lens system: Combine the lens base with one of three convertible front lenses for different fixed focal lengths — 3.5/35, 2.8/50 and 4.0/80 — and alternate between a wide range of stopless apertures and special aperture plates using just one lens system

The expandable 48Hr Classic is the urban commuter’s ultimate travel, work and photography bag by Alex of Temporary Forevers 

The Less One Camera by Maciek Blaźniak 

The Fusion camera that allows blind and visually impaired individuals can capture moments in their own familiar way by recording audio and haptic memories with short audio samples via two stereo microphones as well as a changing braille screen that uses tactile graphics to allow users to feel objects or vibrant colors by Louis Berger 

Half the volume of a traditional travel tripod with all the professional capabilities

Thanks to easy accessibility and easy-to-use cameras, almost all of us have become amateur photographers and are constantly looking to upgrade our next click. Travel tripods have become a part of the gear and given that most stands are bulky and heavy, the Travel Tripod by Peak Design, wins hearts – and over 10 million dollars in pledges – thanks to it being a full-featured tripod in a truly portable form.

After spending four years in its reconstruction and design, the Peak Design team worked from the ground up to eliminate dead space and minimize packed-down size. The good news is that you can deploy this stand in half the time as traditional tripods – making it super agile!

Designer: Peak Design

Click Here To Buy Now: $289 $349 ($61 off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left. Raised over $10,650,000.

Why Redesign the Tripod?

Because traditional travel tripods have a critical flaw: tons of wasted space. The result is a tool that is inherently difficult to carry with you into the field. Peak Design fixed that, and more.


The Travel Tripod takes up half the volume of a traditional travel tripod. We also eliminated bulky, protruding knobs. The result? Every water bottle pocket on your bag is now also a tripod pocket, and you’re carrying a full sized tripod with professional capabilities.

Grab and relocate with ease.


With traditional travel tripods, slow setup may mean a missed shot. Not with the Peak Design Travel Tripod. They designed strong, easy-to-use leg cam levers that can be operated together (no tedious twist locks!). With their architecture there’s no need for the legs to flip up/down when packing and unpacking. And, they topped it off with lightning-fast camera quick-attachment/release.

Cam levers:

– Open multiple at a time
– Open and close instantly
– Know their status at a glance
– Work with their unique leg shape
– Tuneable

Immediate and secure camera installation. Arca Swiss compatible.

A Joy To Use

No more guessing which knob to turn or how far to turn it: a single and precision-engineered adjustment ring gives total articulation. Their locking ring gives you further stability and vibration reduction. But even without it, your camera is locked securely in place. The unique head design gives you greater range of articulation, and incorporates 3 portrait mode cutouts instead of 1.

Easily drops into portrait mode.


High-performance materials and precision machined parts yield weight capacity, stability, and vibration dampening comparable to much larger, more expensive tripods. The Travel Tripod is designed to handle pro photography gear, easily handling a full-frame DSLR with a 70-200 lens. Combining a 20lb weight capacity with a 60″ max height, the Travel Tripod performs as well as any other in its class.


They’re only getting better, and you always have it with you. That’s why they gave the Travel Tripod a brilliant, stowable, universal mobile mount hidden in the center column.


It takes just seconds to switch to Inverted Mode, perfect for macro or product photography. Or, with a few turns of the included hex wrench, you can reconfigure into Low Mode. The Travel Tripod goes lower than any other tripod in its class, enabling unmatched ground perspective shots.

Click Here To Buy Now: $289 $349 ($61 off). Hurry, less than 24 hours left. Raised over $10,650,000.

The Perfect Tripod for Vloggers

When it comes to vlogging or capturing memories whilst on the go, the key to successful equipment is convenience and usability, and so it’s only right that a tripod must also meet these criteria! That’s just what the SwitchPod was designed to do, as it puts versatility and simplicity first.

SwitchPod allows you to shift between handheld and tripod mode in one smooth, and extremely satisfying, motion; the speed at which this can be carried-out lends itself to the fast pace of a vlogger, ensuring that it can keep up with their busy lifestyle! Aside from speed, this ingenious method of opening and closing also makes SwitchPod extremely compact; when folded, the thin and lightweight design slips into the user’s bag with ease… or if that’s not quite your style, then it can be attached to the side with the addition of a carabiner.

This certainly looks like an extremely versatile tripod that is fit for even the busiest of vloggers!

Designers: Pat Flynn & Caleb Wojcik

Click Here To Buy Now: $79 $99 ($20 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!

SwitchPod is lightweight, compact, and nearly indestructible. It will save you time between shots so you can focus more on shooting and less on messing with your gear.

Switch between handheld and tripod modes (and back again) in seconds.

What People Are Saying

“From vlog mode to tripod mode IN SECONDS.” – Peter McKinnon

“I’m never using my Gorillapod ever again.” – Levi Allen VanderKwaak

“This is such a sturdy tripod… It’s the only way to vlog. Seriously, it is THE tripod for vloggers.” – Dave Altizer of Kinotika

Here’s How It Works

SwitchPod works with any camera. No more fussing with tripod mounting plates, our embedded 1/4-20″ standard tripod screw and tightening knob will help you attach any camera in seconds.

Easy to hold. Finger grooves allow you to grip the SwitchPod at your comfort level anywhere along the neck. If your camera is heavy, choke up. If it’s light, slide down.

Non-slip feet. Discreet, recessed feet allow you to set your camera down quietly on a surface without it sliding away.

Quickly attach or remove your camera. The tightening knob allows you to switch cameras swiftly while ensuring that any camera is safely attached.

Take it anywhere. The thin and lightweight design allows you to easily slip it into any camera bag, pocket, or fanny pack (if you’re THAT cool).

width=”1050″ height=”590″

Strong enough to hold heavy rigs and won’t sag. Despite its lightweight design, the SwitchPod is incredibly strong and made of an aluminum alloy (not plastic). It will support a heavy camera, lens, microphone, and more without breaking or slowly collapsing.

Click Here To Buy Now: $79 $99 ($20 off). Hurry, less than 48 hours left!

A mobile tripod that’s small enough to fit on your keychain

Tell me if this scenario feels familiar. You’re alone, you’ve got your hands occupied, and you need to film something on your smartphone. You prop your phone against something on your table or counter, perhaps a tin of coffee, or any stationary object you find around you. You switch on the camera, and as soon as you compose your shot, you tap the screen to hit record and your phone shakes. It’s inelegant, and is what Indians call jugaad, or a lifehack. Engineer and ex-rocket scientist Jeremiah McCoy found himself in a similar scenario and realized he wasn’t the only one… and rather than relying on a worthless lifehack, he developed a more concrete, appropriate solution to the problem.

Essentially a tripod for your phone, the Ultimate Kickstand is a small piece of plastic, the size of a thumb drive, and small enough to fit on your keychain (it even comes with its own carabiner). Fold it out, and it becomes a phone-gripping tripod that you can place anywhere, and even at any angle. It works universally, gripping any phone by the sides (you can only use it in landscape, unfortunately), and rests on two legs and a base. A worthy replacement for a coffee-tin, a couch cushion, or any cheap prop, the Ultimate Kickstand can be used to compose great shots of products, people handsfree (no more selfie-stick either!) The Ultimate Kickstand is currently 3D printed out of PLA plastic, but I don’t see why we can’t have ourselves a nice machined Aluminum one somewhere in the future. Did I also mention that it’s small enough to be carried with you everywhere on your keychain?

Designer: Jeremiah McCoy