Essential car accessories designed to help you escape the trickiest emergency situations safely!

We spend the majority of our time in our personal cars! We’re commuting from one location to another, from our home to office, office to home, home to our favorite restaurant and so much more. There’s always a risk of our car breaking down or encountering some issue or the other. In such scenarios, it’s critical to have a handy collection of tools that can come to our rescue. From EDCs to nifty accessories, these products will support your car in the best way possible. Nifty, portable, and highly functional, these designs deserve a spot in your car for sure!

The WYN Bullet is one of those rare examples of EDC that was designed to save lives. Smaller than your finger, the WYN Bullet is a spring-loaded glass-shattering tool that helps you make a quick escape/rescue by instantly breaking a car’s toughened glass. Whether you’re inside your car trying to get out, or outside the car trying to save someone on the inside, the WYN Bullet’s one-push system can instantly shatter toughened glass panels, giving you swift entry into a locked car in emergencies. Toughened glass is exceptionally difficult to break through, by design.

With a newly detailed base that features a wide cross-shaped design, increasing its stability, the CrossJack is the same old jack in a slightly new but noticeably safer design, thanks to its stable base. The CrossJack’s design prompts one to wonder why car-jacks don’t already have wide bases. Its redesign is simple but effective. A collapsible set of plates sit at the bottom of the CrossJack that opens up into a wide cross, giving the jack a spaced-apart, four-point base. This wider footprint prevents the car from being accidentally knocked off the jack and landing on the ground, injuring anyone who may be working on it. The CrossJack’s tweaked design sports a base that’s nearly half an inch thick, and made of stainless steel, giving it a rugged sturdiness that makes the jack safer than most. When you’re done, the jack folds up to occupy exactly the same amount of space as any regular jack would.

The SOUL Power comes with a rugged, portable design that weighs a mere 3.3 pounds, making it perfect for outdoor use. Armed with multiple outlets and SOUL’s unique Hypercharge technology, the SOUL Power can literally become your own renegade power-grid outdoors, allowing you to run everything from your phone to your laptop, drone, Nintendo Switch, and even a mini-fridge. The SOUL Power station is capable of charging your e-bike’s or electric skateboard battery too, and that 12V output can even jump-start your car. The SOUL Power can recharge to 100% in just 2.5 hrs with the 90W adapter, but if you are out and about can also recharge it via USB-C, car lighter adapter, or if you’re far from any of those.

Designed by a team of engineers and innovators, The Norshire Mini has some very compelling reasons to make it your must-have gear in the car. The cylinder shape earns it the required brownie points, as this is what makes it easily stow-able It hosts a tiny OLED display and capacitive touch, to make it easy to operate. The display showcases the current tire pressure and then the setting to which you want to inflate the tire with. Some of the intuitive features include a built-in microcomputer that measures the tire pressure when hooked to a tire.

The return of MagSafe has unleashed the creatives and accessory companies are racing to make the most of this feature. At the front of the race is Belkin’s MagSafe Car Vent Mount PRO for iPhone 12 that lets you safely mount your iPhone 12 and keep it in your view – be it landscape or portrait mode. Best of all, the powerful magnet offers a seamless, one-handed use that keeps you driving stress-free!

The ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini consistently monitors the health and condition of your car! You can plug the device into the OBD II port of your car. It connects to your smartphone, allowing you to keep a check on your car and all its systems from the gadget’s accompanying app. It instantly alerts you if there is any issue with your car, so you can fix it straight away! The device also informs you about any future problems your car may encounter.

The Inflate-R is a wireless air pump that can inflate anything within minutes! It can provide up to 150 PSI of air, allowing you to fill up a variety of objects. It can inflate a car tire in under eight minutes, and can fit conveniently in your backpack or glove box! Equipped with a built-in flashlight, it can light up any dark space. So you can inflate your car tire even if you’re stranded in some dark location!

The Luno Vehicle Air Mattress 2.0 allows two people to sleep peacefully in a car! It lets you camp within your car during all your outdoor adventures. You can customize the mattress according to the make and size of your car! Created using a durable 300-denier Oxford fabric, the mattress can withstand pet claws, pine needles, and other harsh objects. It’s perfect for your glamping plans.

The Yakima EXO System gear transport is a modular system that includes two levels – SwingBase and TopShelf. It also offers five extra mounts, so you can easily store all your luggage. This accessory range lets you store almost anything during road trips and outdoor adventures. It’s especially useful for those trips with your family and other large groups. You don’t have to worry about extra supplies and baggage with the Yakima EXO System.

The SUNGZU SKA2500 is a safe and portable power station that can power 10 devices at one time! Equipped with wheels on the bottom and a sturdy aluminum alloy shell, the power station is completely portable. The battery boasts 6000+ life cycles! You can use it to charge your Tesla and other electric cars. Not to mention it can also charge your power tools, refrigerator, grills, and much more!

Harber London’s leather folio gives you a dapper way to store all your work accessories and tech!

As functional as your laptop backpack, but infinitely classier, Harber London’s NOMAD is a nifty leather folio that’s perfect for storing all your work belongings in one, well-organized place. It comes tailor-made to fit the iPad Pro 11″ (and any of the smaller sizes too), and has dedicated spaces for your Apple Pencil, iPhone, charging cables, earphones, and other EDC accessories you’d need to carry around with you.

Handmade by expert craftsmen in Spain, the NOMAD comes fabricated from full-grain vegetable-tanned cowhide. It condenses your backpack into a smaller, sleeker sleeve you can either carry under your arm, around your shoulder, or even strung on your back as a backpack. The leather exterior extends to the interiors too, while the pockets for your iPad and phone come with a woolen inner lining to prevent them from getting scratched or damaged over time. Pouches, rings, zippered pockets, and tabs allow you to organize all your other stuff, from tech, to stationery, to EDC. Everything fits in its own compartment, allowing you to carry all your belongings with you while looking incredibly dapper! The NOMAD comes in 4 color variants (which promise to patina beautifully with time) and you can customize its size to fit your iPad perfectly!

Designer: Harber London

Gerber’s hawk-like sleek EDC multi-tool is for everyone who want more done with minimum baggage!

While most EDC multi-tools pack more than six functions into a form factor that’s a bit thicker than you’d ideally want, Gerber wants to take the bold step of giving you the bare minimum. In practical use, most of those functions never even see the light of day – the ones used most are the knife, screwdriver, and the occasional toss of the beer bottle crown. Their Armbar Slim Drive EDC multi-tool (upgraded version of Armbar Drive) filters down the usual EDC functions to the least possible ones you’ll actually use most of the time.

The Gerber Armbar Slim Drive has just got the screwdriver, bottle opener, and a sharp blade – giving it a very slim profile – no more than a normal-sized writing instrument. This gives you the practical freedom to carry it with you at all times (literally all times in real-world usage) as opposed to other thick and heavy EDCs that you at most consider carrying in your backpack – no way in your pocket. The advantage here is the specialized function which will help you get through anything required. The multi-tool is designed in a way to give you substantial gripping power while cutting with the blade, and driving or prying the screwdriver tool. On top of that, the frame lock holds the tool steadfast when cutting through tough objects or the odd self-defense situation while walking down the alley on a dark night. The form factor of the overall tool reinforces the sleekness of the design, with a hawk-like form when folded gives it added strength and character.

In the fully opened position of the knife, it measures 6.75 inches in total – almost as good enough as a real knife with a superior grip. The tool comes with a fold-out two-inch bit driver to take care of any screwing tasks that come up. The driver has its own dual-sided bit – one a Philips bit and the other a flathead bit – for times when you don’t have your own driving bits. And yes, pardon me if I just forgot to mention the exposed bottle opener function at the rear end.

Designer: Gerber

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The James Brand’s pocket-knife is a slick piece of EDC with a Micarta handle

You’ve seen some form of the Barlow knife at least once in your life. An icon of EDC, the Barlow was created over three centuries ago in England and perfected in America, quickly becoming Americans’ preferred blade over the years. The Barlow was such a crowd favorite, Presidents Washington and Lincoln never left home without theirs, and Mark Twain felt called to mention the tool in two of his iconic works. The James Brand’s Wayland aims at reinventing the Barlow, making it look and feel more sophisticated. The pocket knife comes with a S35VN Wharncliffe blade, fitted within a stainless steel handle that’s outfitted with Micarta, a composite that uses fabric and plastic to create a unique-looking handle with a one-of-a-kind grain.

The Wayland knife’s appeal lies in its ability to maintain the Barlow’s design cues and proportions, with new-age materials, a non-locking slip joint format, and an exterior that is absolutely devoid of any mechanical details. There isn’t a single screw, or lock, or functional element in sight. Every inch of the Wayland knife is designed to be an absolute pleasure for your eyes and your hand, and thanks to its Barlow-esque proportions, that comes pretty easy! The Wayland knife weighs a mere 2.8 oz (78 grams) and comes in a neat pocket-friendly size when folded. Moreover, a hole running through the base of the handle allows you to instantly attach a paracord or lanyard to it, letting you strap it to a bag or secure it around your neck… although it’s called a ‘pocket’ knife for a reason!

Designer: The James Brand

This nifty multitool EDC fits 18 different tools into its singular portable design

Sure, the Fishface multitool doesn’t have the most awe-inspiring cool-sounding name, but it makes up for that with absolute unmatched functionality. The entire device is no bigger than your thumb, but comes with not 5, not 10, but 18 different tools integrated into it. It’ll open practically anything from boxes to boxes, and from hex-nuts to Phillips-head screws. It’s even got its own wire-cutter, pry-tool, and gritty sanding surface for sanding down the screws you can’t open… although that’s always the last measure.

The name Fishface comes from its abstract fish-skeleton design, complete with an eye hole, an open mouth, and even fins and a tail! These details, however, are simply tools that sit within the Fishface’s utilitarian-yet-nature-inspired form. The device comes made from black titanium-coated stainless steel, giving it the strength it needs to pull off the multiple tasks you give it. Among its many tools are Phillips and flat screwdrivers, wrenches, hex drives as well as a bicycle spanner, pry bar, file, nail cleaner, bottle opener, box opener, and a rope cutter. All said and done, the entire multitool weighs a mere 20 grams (0.04 lbs) and comes with its own carabiner clip too, making it perfect to strap to your backpack or even around your keychain… and yes, it’s TSA-approved for flying too!

Designer: True Utility

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Multipurpose EDC lets you pull door handles, push buttons, and carry bags without touching anything

Ever wondered why pirates with severed arms had hooks in their place? I’ve often wondered too and the one conclusion I keep coming to is that the hook allows you to the most number of basic activities – from pushing to pulling, carrying, and occasionally swiping. Moreover, you could zipline with it, and that sort of sounds like something pirates do a lot. Looking at the award-winning Handy EDC, I’m often reminded of that hook. It isn’t really a replacement for the hand but is a clever extension of it, allowing you to conduct most of your outdoor activities without touching a single foreign surface. Developed as a result of the pandemic, the Handy is a clever little EDC that lets you do practically most activities that require pushing, pulling, carrying, or pressing.

Crafted from metal, Handy is an open-source tool designed to keep you safe and germ-free. Its simple design allows it to easily slip onto your fingers like brass knuckles, giving you a great degree of control. Hooks on the opposite end come with protruded dots for easily pressing buttons on a keypad or elevator, while the hooks themselves act as useful devices for pulling open doors, twisting handles, or even carrying bags. When all’s said and done, just slide Handy into your pocket, or better still, attach it to your keychain using its dedicated keychain-hole. Handy comes in two sizes, a larger one that’s open-source and 3D printable, and a smaller one that you can pre-order on designer Matteo Zallio’s website.

The Handy EDC is a winner of the International Design Award for the year 2020.

Designers: Matteo Zallio & Giulia Scagliotti

World’s first paper disposable razor unveiled in Japan

This gives a completely new meaning to the word ‘papercut’! Say hello to the Paper Razor, a sustainable alternative to the disposable plastic razor. The Paper Razor, as its name suggests, comes with an all-paper body and sports a metal blade-head on top. Designed to be flat-packed, the single-use razor comes completely unfolded and can easily be put together in a matter of seconds by merely folding in the sides and the top to create a rigid, ergonomic razor with a grippy handle. Its origami-inspired design gives it as much strength and maneuverability as a plastic razor, while minimizing the use of plastic by as much as 98%. The result? A razor that can be easily flat-packed and shipped, used, and then disposed of… safely, of course.

You’re obviously wondering, how would a paper razor fare under exposure to water? Well, the fine folks at the Japan-based Kai Group fashioned the Paper Razor out of a relatively water-resistant grade of paper – keeping durable milk cartons and cardboard paper-spoons in mind. The handle can withstand water temperatures of up to 104°F (40°C), allowing you to shave with lukewarm water, and the metal head even features a notched channel on top that makes it easy to rinse shaved hair off the blade every few strokes. Designed ideally for travelers, the single-use Paper Razor offers a much more ecologically-conscious alternative to those disposable all-plastic razors. The overall razor weighs a mere 4 grams, comes in a flat-pack that’s no more than 5mm thick, and is available across 5 different colors – ocean blue, botanical red, jade green, sunny yellow, and sand beige.

Designer: Kai Group

EDC designs that will become your every day essentials: Part 4

Every guy has a soft spot for EDCs! Show them an innovative, one-of-a-kind EDC design, and they’ll be itching to get their hands upon it. You never know when an EDC might come in handy, these smart little tools can help you out of the trickiest of situations. You could be carrying an EDC for days with no real use until, in a time of need, it’ll magically come to your rescue, proving its true value! These little superheroes can make a world of difference while completing tasks. Hence, we’ve curated a collection of super unique, highly functional, and nifty EDC designs that’ll promise to have your back no matter what. From an EDC that simplifies interchanging keys between keychains to a revolutionary bottle opener, we’ve got you all covered!



MSTR’s Linx ensures that interchanging keys between keychains will never be a headache again. Linx’s rather creative key-swapping approach isn’t time-consuming, requiring you to slide out a key by wedging your thumbnail into the keyring and rotating the key for minutes before it comes out, only to repeat the process, in reverse, for putting the key back in. Relying on a system that uses positive and negative shapes (think: jigsaw puzzle, or key and keyhole), Linx allows you to simply slide the keyring in and out of its holder by matching shapes (seen below), and sliding the keyring in or out in a manner that’s just extremely soothing to look at!

Designed by the folks at Typica, the HALO is, ironically enough, the most atypical bottle-opener you’ll see. Its very form challenges the notion of how bottle-openers should look and behave, although its interaction isn’t too different from regular openers, making it great to look at AND easy to use. Shaped essentially like a mini-donut, the HALO comes with a hole in its center that’s wide enough to have it fit around most glass bottles, giving it a place to rest when not in use. When said bottle needs opening, its hollow base is perfectly calibrated to slip into the gap between the bottle-cap and the rim, and the wide design gives you a good grip as you pop the cap off.

Meet the Tenuis 3 – a slim, durable, and Japanese minimal design wallet that is simple yet carries all of your essentials without bulging-up. It is no more thick (at 6mm) than your iPhone – accommodates 8 bills, 6 coins, and 4 business cards without crossing that thickness threshold. Even if you go beyond the normal capacity and fill Tenuis 3 with 20-30 coins, it will still be just 12mm thick, way better than an ordinary wallet that is fat with just the bare minimum stuff. The thinness is also attributed to the two parallel card slots that accommodate 6 cards in total while only adding to 3 card thickness as these slots don’t overlap. Even with 4 cards each (total 8 cards), the thickness is barely increased while other normal wallets make it way thicker with 8 cards in your possession. An ingenious flat zipper separates the coin-keeping section to keep the thickness to the bare minimum.

Provoke First Responder karambit knife by CRKT is one EDC you need to have in your arsenal for a tricky situation – whether you are stuck in a car with the doors locked out or when someone wants to steal your stuff on a lonely street in the dark of the night. The hawkbill-styled blade is the work of designer Joe Caswell, who’s known for his knife crafting prowess, and this has to one of the most intuitive knife design out there. With the pressure of the thumb, the knife is ready for use, and the ergonomic design means, it fits perfectly in your hand for the grip. Provoke is forged out of premium D2 steel and coated with black titanium nitride, making it ultra-durable and sharp for years to come. Even the opening mechanism is made out of superior material i.e. aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum for unmatchable toughness and deploys one-handed, like a claw!

The TACTICA M.020 Camping Tool Card is the novelty you want to always have in your wallet for the multitude of uses it brings to the fore. Ideal for adventure seekers who want to carry as little gear as possible, the multitool has a surprisingly great combo of minimal size (about that of a credit card) and more than 15 functions that come really handy for people who hike, camp, or go for an unexpected adventure quite often. TACTICA M.020 is made from a single-piece of super-tough Grade-5 titanium or 420 stainless steel (depending on the one you choose). Well suited for any tasks at home or in the outdoors this tool includes functions like – a sundial, screwdriver, rope tensioner with finger pulls, saw blade for cutting, pry bar, metric ruler for measuring, fire starter courtesy the removable ferrocerium striker rod, tent peg puller for camping in a jiffy, can opener for home use, and bottle opener for times when you desperately need one!

3.5 times harder than titanium, the strongest metal known to mankind, Tungsten Carbide is akin to black-gold in the EDC world. Give any gear a coating of Tungsten Carbide and it shines black like obsidian rock, with a unique metallic luster that’s glimmery in a subtle way… but more importantly, it makes them practically invincible, resisting any sort of external wear and tear. Pair it with Wingback’s series of exquisitely designed EDC and you’ve got the ideal combination of aesthetics and performance. Designed by Alasdair MacLaine, Wingback’s Black Steel collection sports three minimal-yet-functional products that are bound to be an unwavering part of your everyday carry. A bullet-sized Key Cache helps you store emergency money on your keychain, while a mechanical pen with its comfortable broad design promises to be the last pen you’ll ever want to use. Lastly, MacLaine’s 100ml hip-flask comes with the same cylindrical lathe-manufactured design as the other products in the series. With a refreshing baton-shaped design, the hip-flask is a pleasure to look at and to use, giving you the ability to store liquids in it as well as use it as a bottle opener.

 Designed to work as an extra pair of hands, an extra pocket, or a rubber-band that just holds things together, the do-op is a pretty useful little accessory that has a powerful set of Neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets at its very heart. The do-op, like all great products, began as a humble idea and subsequently evolved into something much more multifunctional. Designed during the pandemic, the do-op was first created to hold masks – because the idea of putting your dirty, bacteria-filled mask into your pocket didn’t sit well with some people. It involved sandwiching your mask between magnets connected by a synthetic fabric strap and then being able to suspend your mask by looping the strap around your belt loop or backpack strap or attaching it to a magnetic surface. Needless to say, once developed, the designers realized they had made something with a vast variety of uses. It could function as a mask holder, but also as a money clip, a tool holder, a cable organizer, keychain suspender, or even a paper-clip that worked on magnetic whiteboards. The simple design gave the do-op universal functionality.

More often than not we tend to put the bunch of keys stacked in a keychain inside our pocket only to discover later that the inside cloth is damaged. Moreover, carrying a bunch of keys around mars the whole organization aspect, leaving you confused when you have to open the main door of your home on a cold winter night in the pitch dark. So how about a cool key organizer that doubles just like any other everyday carry? Plus if it is super stylish and won’t hurt like traditional keychains brimmed with keys. This has to be one of the most compact key organizers that let you stack keys the way you want – car keys, bike keys, house keys – anything you carry often with you stays in your pocket in the most practical way possible. Named the Rhinokey EDC key organizer, it comes with loads of other multitools to get you through your general EDC needs. It can help you with screwing, prying, opening bottles, and wrenching when needed. Plus it has a bit holder, file, and ruler for those times when you just wish you had one of these tools. Very mindfully designed, the EDC key holder comes with a mini light to open the door lock in the dark without having to fish for your phone to do the task.

The Fold wallet is one of Lemur Design’s many single-piece-foldable designs and comes crafted from a single piece of full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. Its unfolded, flatform folds together in three quick steps, going from a mundane piece of leather to a feature-laden wallet that holds your cards, banknotes, and even your coins! The wallet comes with two access-points, allowing you to quickly reach your cards or bills via the main flap, and access your coins in their dedicated coin-pouch via a secondary flap.

The M1 Maverick Rail is Dango’s first all-metal wallet, with a precision-machined 6061 aerospace-grade aluminum frame. The wallet is characterized by a slim, robust design with 2 sides to it: An RFID-protected side for your payment cards, as well as an RFID exposed side for transit cards, library cards, and ID cards. The cards slide right into the wallet with a satisfying click, and the M1 Maverick Rail’s open-back design lets you easily slide cards out using your thumb. The cards are secured in place using a silicone band, a signature detail in all of Dango’s wallets. The band allows you to add as many as 9 (or even more) cards into the wallet’s enclosure, and the silicone + aluminum build allows the M1 Maverick Rail wallet to be water and weather-proof.

This clever nutcracker design was inspired by the shape of a carabiner clip!

There’s a certain charm to the Nutcracker designed by Rudolph Schelling Webermann for Normann Copenhagen, and this charm stems from the fact that the Nutcracker doesn’t really look like a nutcracker.

With its slick, modern design, Webermann’s nutcracker design looks more like a carabiner clip, but it is, in reality, a Class 2 lever that lets you easily crack nuts of varying sizes. The carabiner-shaped nutcracker comes with a closed-loop design and is made with a silicone outer body that’s comfortable to hold as you apply pressure. Metal inserts on the inside of the silicone clip let you place and crack-open nuts of different sizes, and the closed-loop silicone design acts as both a hinge as well as a spring, allowing the Nutcracker to easily break open the toughest of nuts before returning back to its original shape.

Designer: Rudolph Schelling Webermann for Normann Copenhagen

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Victorinox’s Swiss-army multi tools fit right inside this credit card-shaped device!

Victorinox has long prided itself in creating some of the most useful and compact high-grade multitools the world has seen, but none match up to how compact their SwissCard Lite is. Shaped to look exactly like a credit card (it’s about as thick as one too), the SwissCard fits in any wallet, and comes with as many as 13 different tools all integrated into its slick profile.

The SwissCard Lite (named so because it also has a torch integrated into it) contains everything from grooming equipment to tailoring instruments to stationery and even multitools. It’s got its own ballpoint pen, pocket-knife, scissors, tweezers, straight-pin, magnifying glass, scale (with both metric and imperial units), LED torch, and as many as four different screwdriver-heads. All the elements sit within the SwissCard Lite’s nifty frosted-plastic casing, and can easily be carried in bags, wallets, even pockets, serving both indoors as well as the great outdoors. Just don’t carry it onto an airplane… the TSA won’t be too happy about that!

Designer: Victorinox

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