Become a pro gamer and a street photographer with this ergonomic universal game controller!


If you are still caught between the PlayStation and Xbox gaming console dilemma, I say drop them both and get this innovative device that turns your phone into a console instead! The BETOP G-2 is a portable universal game controller for your smartphone and that means you can play anytime, anywhere without wasting your time setting up your console or getting into the PS vs Xbox wars on the internet.

The BETOP G-2 was created by award-winning designer Rice Mak to make the joy of gaming accessible by optimizing your phone. Not only does it reduce cost but it also saves space. Yes, the experience of playing on your phone vs on the TV may not be the same but having your game in your pocket is a lot better than having to be home to play. The controller is ergonomically designed to encase your phone and be comfortable for you to play. It also doubles up as a steady grip for you to practice photography using just one hand – something that makes it unique when compared to other mobile controllers!

Its rounded square shape is compact and splits open into two parts that clip onto either side of your phone. There are two tactile controller buttons and the L1 + L2 ones on the left while the right top side features the R + Capture buttons. I bet you would love the fact that your phone can continue to charge while you have this console on so you don’t have to choose between your battery or your progress! The minimal black aesthetic suits every phone and the layout has been designed in a way that it is intuitive to use whether you are an avid player or just starting to have fun. The BETOP G-2 is versatile, portable, modular, and a whole lot of fun!

Designer: Rice Mak of Husky Design

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This personal air quality monitor is the size of a keychain!

Monitoring air quality is going to become crucial post this pandemic as we all try to boost our respiratory systems. It isn’t possible to carry your air purifier everywhere with you and how can you tell if the air quality in the multiple environments that surround you is safe? Well, Sprimo has a solution for you – a keychain-sized personal air monitor that keeps you informed in real-time about the air you breathe. This is extremely important for those with pre-existing respiratory conditions so they can reduce their discomfort by checking the air quality before going to a certain place.

This compact personal gadget monitors the air quality around you and reports the collected data on an intuitive app that you can install on your smartphone. It is compatible with iPhones as the nifty device connects to your phone via the lightning port. As soon as you insert it, the air monitor should give you the readings instantly whether you are indoors or outdoors. Along with the air quality, it also gives you additional details like temperature and humidity’s effects on the air so you cover all your bases. The accurate air quality measurements are then color-coded for easy comprehension – green means clean air and red means you could be breathing in harmful particles. This helps to figure out if the areas you spend most of your time in has clean air and how it affects your health. Like does your office or school has healthy air quality? If not, you now know that you have to take the necessary steps to change that instead of continuing to harm your respiratory system unknowingly.

It also tracks toxic paint smell and chemicals, pollution, smog, cleaners, dirty clothes, second-hand smoke, perfume for allergies, glue, pet waste or garbage, and more! Sprimo’s personal air monitor is determined to make sure you only breathe clean air so your health remains uncomplicated during these complicated times.

Designer: Sprimo

The Gerber Armbar Drive: Everyday Carry for modern environments

I for one can’t wait for normalcy to return so I can step out and meet friends. Working as a writer for a blog means already being used to working from home, and while I’m sufficiently prepared professionally, the absence of a social life is taking a toll on me. It almost feels like the Gerber Armbar Drive is speaking to be by being entirely relevant in times like these. Since I’m stuck indoors, most of my EDC need pertain to indoor requirements, which the Armbar Drive is more than capable of handling.

A tiny, versatile multitool, the Gerber Armbar Drive packs 7 tools into its small, slick frame. The Armbar Drive’s frame integrates a prybar and bottle opener into its design, while the fold-out tools include a full-size plain-edge knife, an awl for making or enlarging holes, a scissor for cutting, and a 2.5” long screwdriver with a 2-sided bit that you can flip and use based on your need. Pretty useful for a multitool that ultimately folds down to the size of your index finger. The Armbar Drive even has a sister variant, the Armbar Cork, which features a corkscrew with lever arm along with a can/package opener… but given that I haven’t seen a bottle of alcohol in over a month now, I’ll leave that be.

Designer: Gerber

This leather and felt organizer offers a classier alternative to stashing cables in your backpack

Somewhere down the road, we grew up and stopped using pencil-boxes, but we never stopped needing a nice kit to store our small trinkets. TheBlackCanvas’s leather and felt organizer is most accurately described as a ‘stationery box for an adult’s modern stationery’. It comes with a fabulous looking veggie-tanned leather outer and a felt-lined inner that lets you stash a power bank or hard drive, as well as store cables, earphones, pen-drives, or even a stylus in its loops. Fold it over, secure the push-clip in place, and you’ve got a neat organizer with all your work-essentials and productivity EDC all contained in a rather premium, more contemporarily-relevant ‘stationery box’ that you can either carry in your hand or slip right into your backpack for later use!

Designer: TheBlackCanvas

The Orbitkey Nest is a stationery-box for adults… from the future

Back when I was in school (which was surely a couple of decades ago), I held pride in three things. A. My schoolbag, B. My lunchbox, and C. My stationery-box. It’s 2020 and I’ve grown up quite a bit, but fundamentally, I still love sporting a great laptop bag, and I never resist the urge to put up artsy photos of the food I eat on Instagram. In those decades, the stationery box has receded into the background, but with the Orbitkey Nest, I’d say it’s making a comeback.

The Orbitkey Nest reinterprets the stationery box by acting as a storage container for not pencils and erasers, but for your EDC. Designed to complement your tech-filled life, the Nest is perfect for storing your chargers, cables, AirPods, hard-disks, SD cards, pen-drives, etc. It helps keep your workplace organized not just by containing your tech accessories, but also by allowing you to dock/rest your belongings on it. The Nest’s upper surface comes with a slight indentation, perfect for resting your wallet, keys, or watch, while a dedicated zone even acts as a wireless charger for your phone.

Made from beautiful materials that give it a contemporary touch, the Orbitkey Nest comes with a top-grain leather upper, a polycarbonate shell, and a nylon fabric base layer that allows it to complement as well as contain your belongings and lifestyle. Movable dividers on the inside help you distribute the Nest’s inner space, customizing it for your belongings, while a mesh layer on the inside of the Nest’s lid lets you hold smaller items like SD cards, SIM cards, keys, or even your work ID cards or travel cards. On the outside, the Nest comes with an elastic band closure that even doubles up as a holder for your pen, Apple pencil, or third-party stylus, and a 10W wireless charger lets you easily juice up your phone, earphones, or even your watch simply by plugging the Nest in and resting your device on top.

At just 1.6 inches thick, and designed to roughly be the size of a stationery-kit, the Nest easily fits into backpacks, keeping your items organized both inside and outside your bag. Truth be told, it’s a product (and a category) that’s eluded adulthood, even though we do carry stationery and other items to work. The Nest reminds us of that, and reintroduces humans to the joy of containing and organizing your belongings in a box that’s slick, functional, and frankly, pretty good-looking!

Designer: Charles Ng

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 119 (25% Off) Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $600,000.

Click Here to Buy Now: $89 119 (25% Off) Hurry, less than 24 hours left! Raised over $600,000.

The WESN Henry pocket-EDC is classy, classic, and will last a lifetime

There’s something very evergreen in the way the Henry pocket-knife by WESN is designed. Whether it’s the curves, the blade, or the choice of materials, the Henry feels like a robust, classic knife that could easily have belonged to your grandfather as it could to you. The Henry measures 3 inches when closed, comes with a 2.35-inch spear-point blade and a slip-joint hinge that locks it inside its Grade 5 titanium handle. There’s even a handle variant with a cherry-wood inlay for people who want their EDC to have a classic appeal.

The Henry wasn’t designed to be overly aggressive like most knives. Instead, it comes with a robust, reassuring, timeless design… like a well-stitched suit, or a groomed beard. The Sandvik 14C28N steel blade fares brilliantly when it comes to performance, and the drop-point spear-point hybrid silhouette makes the Henry great for all sorts of activities, from cutting wood and fruits, to opening letters and slicing through cigars. Perfect for carrying around with you, the Henry fits in most pockets, and comes with a neat leather sleeve too. A lanyard hole is built into the handle design should you choose to run a carabiner clip through it, but trust me, that wouldn’t do this beautiful piece of EDC any favors.

The Henry comes with a lifetime warranty and you can even choose to upgrade to a Damascus steel blade.

Designer: Billy Chester (WESN)

Click Here to Buy Now: $80 Hurry! Only 40 hours left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $80 Hurry! Only 40 hours left!

This dial slices time to defy the traditional time telling methods!

What I loved about Tian is the idea behind its creation – the designer wanted to make a watch that encouraged you to slow down your everyday life. Can you imagine a watch that does not silently nag you about hurrying up with its tick-tock? Well, Tian is just that, it stands out because it is a watch without the classic watch hands! Tian comes in monochrome and a color variation, it works on the Japanese Miyota movement.

Tian is a Germany-based brand with an ‘about story’ that will warm your hearts. The owner came across an old watch that belonged to his father but it was too small to fit him so he began a quest to find one in his size. After an extensive Google search, he found out that the company that made those watches was only in business for two years and that inspired him to start his own line of watches and that is how Tian was born. It was inspired by that original brand from the 70s and carried their legacy of revolutionizing time while taking off the pressure.

What is interesting is the way you read the time on this watch – it is anything but conventional! To tell time, you must look through the opening of the black disc which is actually moving. When you see one full color, that signifies the completion of a whole hour. Every color also has three lines at an interval of 15 minutes each. You’ll also notice that the markings are at 2 o’clock and 6 o’clock which is another feature that truly makes Tian one of a kind. Tian is also water-resistant (3 ATM) and its dial is encased in stainless steel with mineral glass. To complete the emotional circle of this watch’s story, Tian’s owner also donates a part of these profits to his best friend in Africa in a bid to improve lives and sustainability within the less fortunate communities. It is always the right time to do good things.

Designer: Tian Watches

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Bear Grylls x Luminox survival series pushes you and your watch’s limits

Bear Grylls is the human personification of Man vs Wild and Fear Factor – no, seriously he is an international public figure known for this survival skills and outdoor adventures! So when Swiss watchmaker, Luminox, wanted to create a line of all-terrain watches they reached out to Bear Grylls and we got a match (or shall I say watch?) made in heaven. Luminox has unveiled the Bear Grylls Survival series which includes the master edition, the sea edition, and the land edition all designed with one goal in mind – to help you survive.

The beauty of this partnership is also in the core values of the brand and the celebrity – Luminox’s motto of ‘Every Second Counts’ syncs up with perfectly Grylls’ ‘Never Give Up’ and comes together as one in the Survival watches. The Master series leads the pack with two chronographs in 45mm Carbonox™ and cases to match. The adventurous spirit of the watch comes from stainless steel chronograph pushers, the mini compass on the strap and a rubber crown ring for easy grip. Given that is has a special Sea edition too, the survival series is water-resistant up to 300 meters.

Scale mountains, dive deep into the sea or explore jungles – the Survival series was created to ‘survive’ extreme conditions and will self-illuminate in the dark for up to 25 years! Even the case of the watch is inscribed with SOS in Morse code for quick reference if you ever need it. “The rugged watch range has been carefully crafted featuring multi-functional design and state of the art materials – set to inspire and encourage the adventurer in everyone – men and women, boys and girls, outdoor novices and experts,” says Bear Grylls.

Designer: Luminox

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Stationery addicts now have a ‘concrete’ reason to buy another pen!

Good stationery can really change my productivity quotient for the day and I am sure I am not alone. Writing with a new pen brings out the calligraphy artist inside me and looking at the concrete pen, I am so tempted to start journaling again! The studio that designed this beautiful pen, 22Studio, is proud of their contribution to keeping the tradition of writing on paper alive by sparking inspiration through their products.

The stationery created by 22Studio is no less than art, these are made to last lifelong and passed down as family collectibles through generations. Concrete is used to make this pen because it adds the rich look without making it a shiny or fancy – it is simple but makes a bold statement. The solid pen starts as a liquid mixture of different elements and then it allowed to set like stone. The concrete pen is carefully designed and crafted by hand in the studio which gives it its unique personality. Books are considered as best friends, but this concrete stationery is a rock (literally!) we can lean on.

Designer: 22Studio

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A Japanese charm redesigned to keep you healthy by syncing with the earth!

Omamori (お守り) are traditional good luck charms in Japanese culture that protect the wearer of the charm. The Japanese word “mamori” (守り) means protection, while prefix “o” gives the word an external movent connotation, transforming it to “your protection” and there are Omamoris for every area of life: love, health, luck, trips, success, protection. The concept of Kenkō is a futuristic take on the traditional Omamori, it does not cure illnesses or ward off evil spirits but it helps you stay healthy by being in sync with the earth’s electromagnetic frequencies. It is ergonomic, travel-friendly and minimal while still being a powerful force.

The earth is constantly emitting 7,83 Hz (also known as the earth’s breath, who knew that?!) along its surface which is believed to allow living beings to regulate their physiological functions. Scientific studies show that the earth’s natural magnetic fields have a positive influence on our brains. With the rapid development of electronic communication technologies, our bodies are getting confused between the natural and artificial frequencies which are dwindling our inherent ability to be in sync with nature. This concept device is aimed at increasing focus, coordinated neural activities, improve sleep and circadian rhythms, stabilize blood pressure and stimulate osteoblasts. Kenkō will be created to produce a 7,83Hz signal, reproducing the natural frequency using technology which will help human bodies re-establish their intrinsic relationship with being healthy naturally. It will have an LED light strip that glows when you switch on the device. Electrosmog caused by Wi-Fi and smartphone frequencies can no longer disturb the sync between the natural rhythm and your brain with Kenkō’s 1.5m protection radius around you. It is also designed to be pocket-sized so you can carry it everywhere like the traditional Omamori is meant to be but with a sleek touch of tech!

Designer: Daniele Peruzzo