This compact cutlery set fits right into your wallet’s card-holder!

Here’s a thought I had recently regarding the way this virus is reshaping our behavior. The way we interact with people and objects will probably change, long after there’s a vaccine. People won’t want to shake your hand if you so much as clear your throat. There’s going to be a pretty visible effort to not hold onto handles on buses and subways unless you’re wearing gloves. This may probably extend to cutlery too, where people may eventually just choose to carry their own cutlery around with them, rather than opting for disposable cutlery, or for cutlery that’s been used by other people.

It looks like that thought didn’t cross just my mind, because the guys at Cold4ged Creations are actually looking to enter the production cycle for their compact cutlery – Forkanife. The Forkanife is a card-sized cutlery set that fits right into your wallet. The set comes with a recycled-plastic case that holds the two foldable instruments inside. Once you’re ready to eat, just pop the instruments out of their case and fold them outwards and you have yourself a rigid fork that’s good for everything from stiff steaks to mushy potatoes, and a serrated knife that can cut through veggies and meats with relative ease.

The Forkanife was created initially as a response to the fact that 6 million tonnes of plastic cutlery get dumped in the oceans each year. The foldable, portable kit was created to support the growing Bring Your Own Cutlery movement, but the virus and its ability to linger on objects may just end up pushing people to adopt practices that aren’t just safer for the oceans, but are safer for themselves too. At just 3.3mm thin, the Forkanife doesn’t just fit into wallets, it fits right into card-holders too, occupying the space of no more than two credit cards. The stainless-steel construction of the fork and knife make it exceptionally easy to clean, and the fact that the entire unit weighs just 53 grams makes carrying the Forkanife around with you beyond convenient… especially given that the Forkanife even comes with an optional RFID-blocking metal-case to carry it around with your cards!

Designer: Col4ged Creations

Tashi Bharucha’s graphic design background helped him make the iconic Prism blade

The Prism bases itself off a legend of sorts. Inspired by the Church, a wildly popular knife by Tashi Bharucha, the Prism is smaller, more fortified, and just as iconic. Bharucha started off as a graphic designer with a mere penchant for knives. His sense of style, proportion, symmetry, and form helped him carry his skills to knife-designing, allowing him to create the iconic Church, and then redesign it as the small-yet-stunning Prism.

Measuring 7.4 inches when opened, the Prism comes with an eye-catching skeletonized handle made from two titanium parts brought together. Sitting between them is the Prism’s money-bringer, its 3.4-inch blade, made from RWL34 stainless steel. The custom steel, named after legendary knifemaker Robert W. Loveless, is characterized by its high edge strength, toughness, hardness after heat treatment, and corrosion resistance. Couple that with the Prism’s spear-point shape and it’s already a winner. The blade works like a charm for piercing and slicing (you could use it outdoors, or to open boxes… it’s your choice, really), and swivels right into the skeletal handle when not in use. While it can be opened any way you like, a small cutout in the blade’s body is perfectly placed for you to flick it open with your middle finger. If that isn’t the most badass way to deploy a blade, I don’t know what is. And you know what makes things even better? The Prism’s lifetime warranty.

Designers: Massdrop & Tashi Bharucha

TheChefClub’s sleek, unibody culinary tools are designed to be harder better faster stronger

Owning TheChefClub’s knives is like receiving initiation into an exclusive group of people who take cooking seriously. Designed by the black-belts of the culinary arts, these knives look deadly cool, and are literally deadly sharp. The powder-steel construction gives them an edge that cuts through vegetables like butter, while the ergonomic shape, designed with careful consideration, helps you prep food faster and easier. The knife’s seamless monolithic design transitions poetically from blade to grip, while its shape encourages you to use the knife in its desired rocking motion for the best results.

TheChefClub’s knives were designed in partnership with multiple star-chefs and culinary experts to arrive at its iconic design. With a Matrix powder-steel body and a titanium coating, the set of 6 knives are arguably some of the sharpest in the world, while their ergonomic grip makes your hands fall absolutely in love with them. Crafted in a way that makes them sharp without making them brittle, TheChefClub’s knives have a way of retaining their sharpness over a longer span of time, offering high performance but requiring less maintenance over the years. The knife’s unibody design also comes with its set of advantages. A single-body form gives the knife the benefit of a full-tang, allowing for increased force and leverage… while the complete absence of screws/rivets, parting lines or tolerances, leaves absolutely no place for dirt, dust, oil, or water to get embedded into. The knives can be swiftly cleaned under a running stream of water, and that titanium coating takes things a step further by offering anti-corrosion and anti-microbial properties to each knife.

Backed by Michelin Star winning chefs, TheChefClub’s knives come in a set of 6 blades designed for various activities, from paring meat to julienning vegetables or even cutting through bread, and sit perfectly within TheChefClub’s knife block, a stylish glass casing to both store and showcase your knife set. The knives themselves come in a variety of 4 colors and finishes. You can choose between stainless steel versions in gloss or matte, or opt for the extra-durable titanium coated variants available in black or gold… and with sharpness and durability ratings that rank significantly higher than premium brands like Wusthof and Henckels, these knives should easily be the pride of your kitchen for a long time to come.

Designers: Elliot CAO & TheChefClub

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TheChefClub: The Uncompromising Knife

Loved and approved by Michelin-starred chefs, as well as everyday home cooks, TheChefClub super sharp knives are made of high-tech powder steel and coated in a titanium finish. It looks sharp and it stays sharp.

The best part? It doesn’t require any special care, and an occasional home sharpening will go a long way, no matter what you put it through.

Tech Meets Design

The knives are made of Matrix powder steel, combined with premium stainless steel using a process called SLS (Selective Laser Sintering). The body is polished and coated in titanium. This gives it a minimal, awe-inspiring look that combines simplicity and raw power. Their Matrix powder steel blade is the main ingredient behind TheChefClub knives ultra sharpness and durability.

Comfortable unibody grip for safety and precision. They stripped away legacy features like the unhygienic wooden handle, and created a unibody piece that feels great in your hand and looks great to your eye. It compliments your dishes and complements your kitchen.

The soft lines and round finishing give a sense of playfulness that will make cooking a pleasant and recharging moment for yourself (or to share with others).

Choose your style between stainless (matte), stainless (glossy), black, or gold. TheChefClub knives blend in with any kitchen and complement its style, making a statement of your style and creativity.

The set includes a paring, utility, chef, Santoku, boning, and bread knife.

Design Meets Tech

When the team set out to create an uncompromising knife for every kitchen, they tested different materials, until they found the perfect one: Matrix powder steel. Matrix powder steel is specially engineered for a great balance of high hardness (HRC62) and high yield strength.

Powder steel is made in a very different way than casting, a process invented by NASA: the alloy is melted at high temperatures until it liquefies, and is then sprayed in a vacuum and cooled down very quickly using nitrogen (which can go as low as -210 °C / -346 °F). This makes the cooling down process very fast, creating tiny beads of steel, each having very similar alloying properties. Powder steels are then processed in different ways for different engineering and application requirements.

With the state of the art machines and lab-precision engineering (SLS), Matrix powder steel is then combined with stainless steel to form blades of high hardness, high yield strength and great corrosion resistance. This makes their knives exceptionally sharp, extremely durable, and accessible to every kitchen.

TheChefClub knives are coated with Titanium (PVD coating) for a harder surface, superior resistant to corrosion, anti-bacterial, and… sharp looking.

Effortlessly sharp.

In the Catra test, TheChefClub chef knife is 24% sharper, 37% more durable than SHUN, and 117% more durable than Wusthof.

The team wanted to put it to the ultimate test, and put it through the extreme dull test: cutting a strong hemp rope. In fact, they put it to the test against a $150 Zwilling knife. Here’s what happened. After 240 cuts, TheChefClub chef knife can still slice a tomato effortlessly.

The perfect knife block. The block is the perfect match for TheChefClub knives: versatile, hygienic, and fitting up to 8 pieces of knives. Unlike most blocks, their glass body is dishwasher safe, compact, and a celebration of your cooking skills.

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This limited-edition kitchen essential comes with a PANTONE Living Coral handle!

Let not the name scare you! Symbolic of how sharp their kitchen knives are, we’re here to celebrate the 4th year anniversary of Cut Throat Knives. Centered around the principle that the knife is perhaps mankind’s oldest culinary instrument, and that as an instrument that’s been with us for over a million years, knives deserve utmost reverence. Cut Throat therefore makes knives that aren’t just top notch, they’re quite literally cutting edge… and to ensure that these incredibly high standards are maintained, each knife is hand-build from start to end by a single craftsman. To stay true to ideals of the term ‘handmade’, Cut Throat’s artisans build each knife from beginning to end, hilt to heel, making sure only a single artisan handles the knife through every stage of the build right to the end. This passion reflects ultimately in the quality of end-product, as the artisan is entirely responsible for and invested in the knife’s creation.

Here to celebrate 4 grand years of making some of the finest culinary knives Australia and the world has seen, Cut Throat Knives is set to release a limited-edition PANTONE 2019 Color Of The Year variant of their world-class knives. Limited to just 5 pieces, the kitchen knife will come with a stunningly unique handle made from resin-cast coral colored in PANTONE’s Living Coral hue. A beautiful splash of white and the rosy-red of the coral, the knife will also feature a full-tang 8 inch K-Tip blade with a traditional Japanese Hamon hardening pattern on the edge. An eclectic culmination of different techniques, materials, cultures, and design cues, the knife will be released through the Cut Throat Knives website on Sunday, April 28th at 07:00AM PST.

Designer: Aidan Mackinnon of Cut Throat Knives

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Cut Throat make knives that are top notch and cutting edge and to ensure that these incredibly high standards are maintained, each knife is hand-build from start to end by a single craftsman. To mark their 4th Anniversary they have crafted the PANTONE’s Living Coral Knife, inspired by the color of the year!

A beautiful splash of white and the rosy-red of the coral, the knife features a full-tang 8 inch K-Tip blade with a traditional Japanese Hamon hardening pattern on the edge.

Limited to just 5 pieces, the kitchen knife will come with a stunningly unique handle made from resin-cast coral colored in PANTONE’s Living Coral hue.

Each knife comes in a beautiful Oak Display Box.

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The Kershaw Barricade knife also packs a seatbelt cutter and emergency glass-breaker

The Kershaw Barricade is EDC that’s absolutely worth carrying, especially while traveling. Its design doesn’t just pack a nice, black-oxide-coated 8Cr13MoV steel blade with a drop-point edge, it also packs two other potentially life-saving features. Built into the Barricade’s practically unbreakable glass-filled nylon handle (that’s also colored fluorescent orange, making it easy to spot in emergencies) are a Seatbelt Cutter, and a Glass-breaker, two exceptionally handy things to have on you no matter where you travel. The seatbelt cutter, integrated into the base of the handle, allows you to swiftly and smoothly slice through seatbelt fabric, and the carbide glassbreaker tip right at the bottom, allows you to instantly shatter the tough triplex glass used in automobiles. Together, the Barricade isn’t just a useful tool for getting yourself out of a fix, it could also potentially help you save a lot of other people’s lives… especially if you’re a first-responder. It also has a pretty darn amazing blade too, courtesy Kershaw’s experience in building some of the finest pocket knives known to man…

Designer: Kershaw

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The WESN Allman knife is a purebred modern classic

The WESN Allman takes on a pretty bold task of perfecting one of the most already-beloved quintessential knife designs. The classic drop-point flipper. One of the most popular knife styles in the world, the drop-point is called so because the spine of the blade (above the edge) drops downward, giving it a more pronounced tip. The edge of the blade travels upwards to meet the gently dropping spine at this somewhat centrally located tip, making it a knife that’s almost as functional as a spear, and an ideal knife for piercing as well as cutting. Most Swiss Army Knife multitools make use of the Drop Point knife, and have helped democratize this style. The flipper format too, is perhaps the most common format for pocket knives. The blade rotates into a hollow handle, and flicks out when the mechanism is actuated using a small trigger under the thumb.

The Allman is no different in this regard. It’s compact, like most pocket knives, and features a drop-point blade with a switchblade mechanism. However, it tries to be a specimen of absolute finesse and perfection in its category… much like a well-aged single-malt amidst a sea of spirits. The Allman knife comes in a compact 3.5-inch form factor, with a 2.75-inch blade concealed within it. It’s designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hand, and is weighted in a way that makes maneuvering the knife easy too. The Allman features an S35vn steel blade, a material respected in both the industry and the field, and swings open from within the handle with a smooth one-hand deployment action courtesy the ball bearing pivot.

The Allman’s handle explores two classic material variants too. The G10 fiberglass handle is a complete crowd favorite, giving the knife a certain lightness yet not compromising on durability even the slightest. The G10’s anti-corrosion, weatherproof, sturdy nature allows it to last much longer than any other polymer. On the other hand, the Allman also comes with the option of a titanium handle. Titanium, the choice of connoisseurs, lasts generations long without showing any signs of stress. It also happens to have the highest strength to weight ratio of all the known metals, allowing the knife to attain a balance that makes it comfortable to use.

Using industry standards, refined mechanisms, a crowd-favorite design, and premium materials, the Allman pocket knife is what classics are made of. It comes with a pocket clip and a lanyard hole built into it too, to make carrying it around convenient at all time… and a lifetime warranty to ensure you’ll be using it all the time.

Designer: Billy Chester of WESN

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With a 2.75” blade and a 3.5” handle, the WESN Allman is a compact, lightweight knife that fits right in your hand. Available in both a titanium and G10 option, the Allman is perfectly weighted and designed to be at your side wherever you go.

The Allman is manual-open with a flipper tab for ease and their perfectly-weighted, American-made S35vn steel blade opens beautifully with a ball-bearing pivot.

The WESN Allman Titanium & the WESN Titanium Micro Blade

Whether you choose the G10 or Titanium options, the Allman is ready for whatever you throw at it. They refused to sacrifice functionality for good looks. What they did instead was to get rid of anything unnecessary or superfluous, and to let the hard-working nature of the knife speak for itself.

With both the frame lock (Titanium model) and the liner lock (G10 model), you can use the Allman in any situation with peace of mind, knowing your blade is firmly locked into place. Whether you want to use this knife as your casual all-purpose EDC, or if you want to put it hard to work as your hunting knife, the Allman’s G10 or Titanium options guarantee you’ll find the perfect fit.

Titanium is world-renowned for its toughness. Not only is it a hardy, long-lasting material, it’s also incredibly lightweight. This means that, when it comes to the Allman, you can get the best of both worlds: a knife frame unrivaled in toughness and durability while simultaneously lightweight and easy to carry. Your Allman can hang with you wherever you go without becoming a burden in the slightest. Plus, with that one-of-a-kind color that only titanium provides, it’ll look slick the whole time.

G10 is one of the most popular materials used in knife making, and for good reason. It’s the toughest glass fiber option available. On top of being durable, it’s also known for being incredibly strong and resistant to chemicals, as well as maintaining its integrity under intense climate conditions. You can take it anywhere and know it will stand up to whatever you throw at it — so naturally, this all adds up to G10 being a perfect choice for the Allman.

The Allman’s milled pocket clip ensures that your knife will be by your side wherever you go while staying sleek and unobtrusive.

Partnering up with Stock & Barrel the WESN Allman Leather sleeve has been crafted keeping simplicity in mind. The sleeve is multifunctional and gives you a variety of carry options, in your pocket, on your belt or at your side.

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The James Brand Damascus Chapter Knife looks literally and figuratively ‘sharp’


The Chapter remains perhaps one of my most favorite knives ever. This is in part because they’re designed by The James Brand, a company that gets that sharp knives don’t need to look aggressive or tactical, and that they can channel a much more dapper aesthetic. Their knives sport a much more classy, urbane design language, and look like something a secret spy like James Bond would carry in his tuxedo (that’s not why the company is called James Brand, but it would make a great story).

The Chapter gets the distinction of being a knife I love sheerly for its simplicity. It doesn’t overdo any element, and everything is measured, collected, and ‘just right’. Then comes the Chapter’s Damascus Steel Edition, which somewhat feels like ‘classic’ meets ‘exotic’.

Encased in the black-oxide coated stainless steel casing with a titanium frame lock construction lies the blade, a drop-point straight blade made from Damascus steel. The drop-point makes the blade work wonderfully for piercing, while the blade’s straight edge works well for cutting and slicing. Sitting atop the stunning blade like a crown jewel is a lime green button that lets you deploy the blade from its folded position. Measuring at just 3.75 inches when closed, the Chapter fits into pockets rather comfortably, and a pocket-clip secures it to your pocket fabric, keeping it easy to access whenever you need. Designed with the aesthetic that works wonderfully both indoors and outdoors, the Chapter Damascus Knife’s matte stainless steel casing tells one story, but flip the marbled, Damascus steel blade open and you’ve got a contrast that’s definitely worth admiring for years to come.

Designer: The James Brand

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A perfect slice of minimalism!


Made from a single piece of flat stainless steel, the One-Piece Knife is exactly that. Minimalism at its best, the knife is strong and features a flat blade that curls into a pipe to form a handle that’s good to hold onto. The full-tang design (where the blade extends all the way from the tip to the end of the handle) gives the knife great maneuverability too, making it aesthetic but incredibly useful too. The knife comes made entirely out of a 1.5mm thin sheet of stainless steel, with not one single rivet, screw, or glued part. In that regard, the One-Piece Knife is a hallmark of true minimalism!

Designer: Johanna Gauder



The pocket knife that slides into your wallet


If you’re the kind of person who’s enthusiastic about EDC, but not the kind of person to carry much around with you, the Lynx fits in that exact niche. The size and shape of a credit card, the Lynx by JHO Knives slips right into your minimalist wallet or card holder. Sitting among your regular cards, the Lynx can be pulled out whenever you’re in a fix, letting you cut or slice through any material that may require cutting or slicing through. Its VG10 steel construction is cryogenically hardened, making it one of the hardest and finest blades on the market, and the card even comes with a perforated texture on top that provides an incredible grip, letting you work the blade with sheer ease, without it slipping out of your grip. When you’re done, slip it into its bitumised paper sheath and slide it back into your wallet, to be stealthily carried around in your back pocket!

Designer: JHO Knives

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