Leave your helmet on your bike securely with this prototype contraption

During the pandemic, one of the things that became a “trend” and has actually continued to this day is that more people are biking their way to and from their place of work. We’re seeing a lot of products catering to this market segment and there’s still a lot of room to grow as we look towards more sustainable ways of commuting. Safety is also a major concern for those riding bicycles and motorcycles so we see people carrying helmets around but it’s not always the most convenient thing.

Designer: Eliès Hamzaoui

To solve the problem of carrying around a bulky helmet, an engineer created a prototype for something called an OBH or an On Board Helmet system. The idea is to leave the helmet with your bike so you don’t have to carry it around but also without fear of it getting stolen. It is made up of the helmet itself called the Unicity and a Jorj unit which is bolted to your bike frame. The unit also has a built-in anti-theft alarm, hence the secure part.

The locking and unlocking of the helmet is actually made through an app. You don’t have a physical key so the unit needs to have Bluetooth and battery power, adding to the bulk. It is technically more secure but also a bit inconvenient for times when your smartphone may not be working. The alarm itself is activated only with prolonged movements and not the mere jostle of the bike so you don’t have to worry about accidental alarms.

While it may be more convenient to leave the helmet on your bike, it can also add to the bulk of it since this contraption seems a bit heavy because of the features mentioned. There’s always room for improvement though so hopefully we can get a better prototype for this eventually. The initial target market for this are the bikeshare companies but it can eventually appeal to the general bike-using public, provided the design is improved.

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This 7-in-1 Titanium Carabiner has an emergency feature that could save your life

Most carabiners are designed for strength, some have multitools built into them, but the KeyUnity KU02 is cut from a different cloth. Sure it’s made from titanium which bestows upon it high strength and durability, but the KU02 also sports a sharp spear-tip edge that works as an ideal self-defense tool or even an emergency glass-breaker to let you make a quick exit. Yes, it also has two built-in wrenches (one of which doubles as a hex driver) and a keychain holder, but let’s be honest, they aren’t exactly the KU02’s most ‘exciting’ features now are they…

Designer: KeyUnity

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The first thing that jumps out with the KU02 is that design. It’s carabiner-shaped, but assumes a more tactical form factor thanks to that pointed tip. The entire thing is made from CNC machined titanium with a stone-washed finish, which means you know it’ll be durable for sure. The carabiner’s arm is made from titanium too, and relies on a clever design feature to give it its spring-loaded action. The carabiner can easily be strung along your belt for outdoor adventures, attached to your backpack during travel, or even placed in a tool-kit if that’s how you prefer to organize your EDC.

The carabiner’s pointed tip is where a lot of its appeal lies. Not only does it allow the KU02 to work as a pry-tool, it’s great for emergencies and tactical use too. Wear the carabiner around your finger and the tip becomes like a push-dagger of sorts, allowing you to defend yourself in a sticky situation, or even make a quick escape by punching through glass windows or panes. It isn’t as effective as a tungsten-carbide alloy tip, which can break through eve laminated glass in a single strike, but the titanium tip can definitely cause some damage with sustained attacks.

Other features include the two hexagonal slots on the KU02’s side – one for docking 1/4″ hex bits, and another which serves as an M4 wrench. Together, these form the utilitarian features in the KU02, allowing you to disassemble, reassemble, and repair stuff around you. Jimping around the edges gives your thumb and fingers enough textured gripping power, and when you’re not using the hex tools, the hole serves as a nifty key-ring slot, allowing you to string your keys into the KU02.

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California Regulators approve ‘Turquoise Blue’ car lights to indicate ‘Self-driving modes’

Even though it’s been nearly a decade since self-driving tech made it to our cultural forefront, we’re still in the process of figuring out how to make the technology safer, how to implement it in current urban setups, and more importantly, how to successfully legislate it. There’s always a moral conundrum with who is to blame if a self-driving car hits a pedestrian (the driver or the algorithm), but Mercedes-Benz approached this problem laterally by asking the question: How can pedestrians tell if a car is driven by a human or an algorithm? The answer comes in the form of a colored light. Regulators in California and Nevada have approved Mercedes’ use of a turquoise blue indicator (on the front, sides, and back) to help pedestrians and other cars know when the vehicle is being controlled autonomously.

Designer: Mercedes-Benz

Let’s paint the picture: currently, U.S. cars typically sport three light colors – white for headlights and reverse lights, red for brake and rear lights, and amber for turn signals. Enter Mercedes-Benz, breaking the mold with its turquoise blue lights, a feature that will activate when their cars are driving autonomously.

The lights are part of Mercedes’ “Drive Pilot” system, a conditionally autonomous technology. It’s legal only in California and Nevada for now, where it’s been tested. The system allows drivers to relax a bit more in traffic jams on certain highways, even letting them take their eyes off the road when the vehicle is moving at speeds below 65 km/h. This is a leap from other driver assistance systems, like Tesla’s Full Self Driving or GM’s Super Cruise, which require drivers to remain vigilant.

The choice of turquoise blue is no accident. It’s distinctive, ensuring no confusion with existing car light colors, and it’s different enough from the darker blue used by police and emergency vehicles. This selection is backed by the Society of Automotive Engineers, though Mercedes is the first to receive approval for its use. This innovative color will make its appearance around the taillights and headlights of the vehicles equipped with it.

But why go to all this trouble for a color? It’s all about clarity and safety. The turquoise blue lights serve as a clear signal to other road users and law enforcement that the vehicle is under full automated control. This is crucial in situations where the driver might not be looking at the road, ensuring that onlookers don’t mistakenly think something’s amiss. Starting early 2024, this system will be available in Mercedes S-Class and EQS models in Nevada and California, but not beyond these states just yet​.

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This autonomous robot scouts unfriendly terrain for dangerous land mines in warzone and post-conflict regions

Wars bring with them massive destruction on the battlefield but the implications beyond wartime can be equally devastating in terms of mental, psychological and physical damage. The ongoing strangling in two of the most important regions in the world is a clear example of how conflicts can have devastating aftermaths. Land mines have long been one of the worst nemesis of post-war calamities, rendering fertile lands too risky to be cultivated.

Searching for these fatal buried hazards can be an arduous task even for the most potent military units and that’s where robotic land mine detectors make the task easier. This takes all the risk of human life away and also ensures the particular area of land is safely ridden of destructive land mines laid down by battling units in the past.

Designer: Subin Kim and JiHoon Park

Meet the Warden mine detector proposed as a concept design that safely takes care of identifying potential land mines and marks the area with red paint to keep everyone safe. This creates a quarantined zone for residents and outsiders about the potential threats. Working autonomously to scout any kind of terrain, the smart robotic minesweeper is connected to the cloud at all times to send the real-time data of identified mines, so that they can be updated in relevant online maps and public resources.

Looking like a rover moving forward on unknown lands, this robot has a high ride height to move swiftly on rocky terrain. The machine is loaded with advanced sensors and a surprising mowing attachment to remove any standing grass or weed. This makes the marked area visible even in the dark hours of the day. When not autonomous, the minesweeper robot can also be controlled by a soldier during wartime scouting.

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This AI-powered dog bark collar safely trains your furry friend to bark only when necessary

Having pets is fun and rewarding, but as our parents warned us, it’s also a big responsibility. In addition to feeding them and cleaning after them, it’s also our job to make sure they behave properly, both in private and in public. The latter can be especially problematic when it comes to dogs with bad barking habits, making a lot of noise almost incessantly. There are many ways to teach a dog to keep quiet, but most of them end up being ineffective. Manual training is stressful for both dog and owner, while some tools or gadgets turn out to be harmful to the pet’s physical and mental well-being. With this innovative dog bark collar, however, your dog can gradually learn when to bark and when to keep quiet safely and humanely, all thanks to the power of AI.

Designers: 66 Studio, Zhe Sun & Bin Hu

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HushPuppy – The world’s first AI dog bark collar.

HushPuppy can help you train your dogs to learn to be quiet at the correct times and locations.

Dogs can be a person’s best friend, but just like humans, they can have different temperaments and behaviors. Unfortunately, some dogs develop what people call nuisance or excessive barking, which can sometimes be triggered by random everyday sounds or objects. Bark collars are growing in popularity as a way to train dogs not to bark at certain times, but they aren’t always effective and can even be excessive, defeating the purpose of training and causing the poor dog more stress and anxiety. By utilizing cutting-edge AI, the HushPuppy bark collar can be smart in detecting your dog’s barking and safely guide your faithful companion to better behavior.

AI soundprint detection accurately recognizes dog bark, leading to an interruption of barking behavior.

Through repeated interruption, the dog learns to quiet down so you can enjoy a peaceful life once more.

NFSF technology ensures that the collar won’t easily capture a dog’s bark more than 5 feet away.

Unlike most bark collars in the market, HushPuppy uses tiny AI models installed right onto the collar’s chip to detect sounds and differentiate a dog’s bark from other indoor and outdoor sounds such as alarms, car horns, doors, and even people laughing. This prevents a “false alarm” that would have otherwise triggered the collar’s conditioning effect incorrectly. HushPuppy boasts 99.1% accuracy and, thanks to Adaptive Sound Detection (ASD) and High Precision Computational Audio (HPCA) technology, it can even identify your dog’s bark in a noisy environment. Even better, a state-of-the-art Near-Field Sound Filter (NFSF) ignores barking that is more than 5 feet away, which means a nearby dog’s barking won’t incorrectly trigger the collar either.

Warning mode (white LED) and training mode (blue LED).

When HushPuppy does detect your dog barking, it will send a safe “reminder” to tell your dog not to bark, applying the principles of Pavlovian behavioral conditioning to discourage dogs from this kind of behavior. In training mode, this comes as a vibration and a beep. In warning mode, however, a mild static stimulus is also added to the response. This static stimulus is delivered by a single AAA battery at a fixed electricity level to ensure the safety of the dog while still delivering a memorable nudge to help develop good behavior. Over time, this repetition will help the dogs form a positive association so that they will quiet down when they hear or feel the stimulus.

In addition to a safe training method, HushPuppy is also designed to be completely safe and comfortable to wear. No metal parts are exposed and a conductive soft silicone gel is used instead, ensuring that the collar is soft on the skin and free of potential allergic reactions and unsafe edges. It’s so easy to use, there isn’t even a manual power button! The collar immediately springs into action once it detects a bark, and then goes into a low-energy standby mode when no more barks are heard. Thanks to this smart operation, it can last up to 300 days on standby or 21 days of regular daily use, all on a single AAA battery. With the AI-driven HushPuppy, your canine companion will be able to learn good barking habits in a smart and safe way, saving both you and your precious pet from embarrassment and stress.

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This non-toxic Dutch Oven helps you craft culinary masterpieces with ease and confidence

Cooking should be an enjoyable and satisfying activity, and while that might be the case for some, it isn’t always true for everyone. Some deplore the multiple steps involved, especially when it comes to cleaning up the mess afterward. Others are also wary of cookware options available, not just in terms of design or performance but especially when the safety and cleanliness of cooking equipment are concerned, which affect both the taste and safety of the food. Not all cookware puts this feature as a priority, focusing more on convenience or appearances at the expense of people’s health. Fortunately, there are exceptions to the rule, and this do-it-all Dutch Oven brings safety, convenience, and taste together in one uncompromising cooking tool.

Designer: HK Kim

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It’s too easy to take for granted how the kind of pot or pan we cook our food in can actually affect the quality of the dish. Some pans might not heat evenly, for example, while others have a coating that could change the taste of the food in some manner. Worse, however, is how toxins for metals or their coating might be released into the food thanks to the heat, poisoning it and your body little by little. This kind of safety isn’t always at the top of manufacturers’ lists, but the Hesselbach Dutch Oven actually makes it its number one priority.

PuraSteel™ – PuraSteel™ combines the heat retention of cast iron with the rust-free resilience of stainless steel—all while being non-toxic.

PuraCotta™ – Offers a non-toxic, non-stick surface that enhances the flavor of your food.

The pot is made from a proprietary PuraSteel material and coated with PuraCotta to deliver the same kind of durability and performance you’d expect from similar cookware, but with the dangers of toxins and poisons that can be found in heavy metals like iron as well as by-products from hard anodization. Even the lid doesn’t have a screw for the handle, ensuring that no rust will ever fall on your delicious dish. With this focus on safety, you can cook to your heart’s content, knowing that you and your loved ones will be eating scrumptious and clean meals every time.

The Hesselbach Dutch Oven’s special materials also means that it has exceptional heat retention, ensuring that the pot heats up quickly, spreads evenly, and keeps a consistent temperature for long periods of time. This makes the Dutch Oven great for searing and frying, and it can keep the food warm longer even after you’ve removed it from the stove. And because food is cooked more evenly, food naturally tastes better, especially when there’s meat involved.

Of course, these aren’t the only feats that this exceptional Dutch Oven is capable of. Whether you’re simmering or baking, its unparalleled heat distribution makes sure that no part is undercooked or overcooked. With its versatile performance, you can switch from flame to oven to induction without missing a beat. And when the cooking and the eating are finally done, the ultra-pure ceramic surface makes it easier while using less soap. And, yes, you can even put it inside a dishwasher for an even more effortless time.

Hesslebach Founder – Driven by love and necessity, HK Kim channeled his mastery of metals into pioneering a culinary revolution for health.

This non-toxic Dutch Oven isn’t just a safe and versatile piece of cookware, it’s also quite the looker, too! With a modern and sophisticated design, you can start serving directly from the pot, making it the centerpiece of your dining experience. With its uncompromising safety, exceptional performance, and elegant aesthetics, the Hesslebach Dutch Oven promises a safer and cleaner cooking experience so that you can enjoy making the dishes you love to share and eat with the people you love.

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Fire Extinguisher Disguised as an Air Freshener for Ease of Use and Enhanced Safety

Fire safety is an essential aspect of any home or workplace, yet the traditional fire extinguisher often remains an overlooked necessity until an emergency arises. The Agni Fire Extinguisher Redesign challenges this status quo by seamlessly integrating safety with aesthetics, making it an indispensable addition to any living space. This innovative design aims to revolutionize fire safety by addressing usability concerns and enhancing the overall user experience.

Designer: Inika Jhamvar

We’ve all obviously seen the conventional fire extinguishers on every floor of our residences and workplaces. Have you ever been taught how to use one? Or even know how to use one with confidence? God forbid we ever have to use it, but it’s always good to be prepared. The directions on it appear straightforward and doable, but are you mentally prepared to read, grasp, and implement them? Some of us would rather have to first take lessons to learn how to keep cool in stressful times.

Intuitive design has always been an important aspect of the design process and thinking, but it has recently gained prominence. The Agni Fire Extinguisher Redesign acknowledges these limitations and emphasizes the need for an intuitive design that promotes quick and effective usage. This redesign aligns with the contemporary trend of prioritizing intuitive interfaces in all facets of design.

The choice of red as the primary color for fire extinguishers carries significance. Red is universally associated with danger and fire, instantly alerting individuals to the presence of a fire safety device. Moreover, red is highly visible even in low-light environments, such as a smoke-filled room, ensuring that the extinguisher is easily locatable during emergencies. The Agni Fire Extinguisher Redesign stays true to this color while incorporating subtle highlights for enhanced visibility.

What do the Letters on a Fire Extinguisher mean?
The letter on a fire extinguisher indicates its classification:
• Class A puts out ordinary combustible fires (wood, paper, plastic, etc.).
• Class B puts out flammable liquid fires (oil, gas, petroleum, etc.).
• Class C puts out electrical fires.
• Class D puts out combustible metal fires (magnesium, titanium, potassium, sodium, etc.).
• Class K puts out cooking fires ignited by flammable oil and grease.

Since Class A, B, and C fires are all found in conventional homes and businesses, ABC fire extinguishers are designed to put out all three types of fires.
The letters on a fire extinguisher serve as a classification guide. Class A, B, C, D, and K fires require different extinguishing agents, ranging from ordinary combustible fires to flammable liquids and electrical fires. The Agni Fire Extinguisher Redesign unifies these capabilities, offering a versatile solution to combat various fire types.

The Agni Fire Extinguisher Redesign introduces several innovative features to enhance usability and safety:

Enhanced Control:

The elimination of long tube nozzles provides users with greater control and precision while aiming and operating the extinguisher. This addresses a common concern among users regarding the difficulty of effectively directing the extinguishing agent.

Ergonomic Design:

The redesign incorporates improved ergonomics into the handle, minimizing discomfort and wrist strain during use. This ergonomic approach ensures that users can confidently grip and control the extinguisher, even in high-stress situations.

Smoke Detection Integration:

An in-built smoke detector, connected to a speaker, alerts users to the presence of heavy smoke. This dual functionality not only warns of potential fire hazards but also pinpoints the extinguisher’s location, enabling a swift response.

User-Centric Instructions:

Instructions for use are strategically placed at eye level, ensuring immediate visibility and comprehension. This addresses the challenge of reading and understanding instructions in stressful situations. The inclusion of a QR Code scanner, mentioning detailed information regarding Pressure, Expiry, How to Use, Types of Fires, and even Alert Authorities.

Wall-Mounted Stand:

The inclusion of a dedicated wall-mounted stand provides a designated and easily accessible space for the extinguisher, eliminating the need for storage that compromises accessibility.

Improved Aesthetics:

Since a neutral color has been chosen, it encourages people to place them anywhere around the house without having to store them in an enclosed space. However, the color Red is still included as it is very directly related to fire extinguishers and will help recognizability.

The Agni Fire Extinguisher Redesign marks a significant advancement in fire safety, yet opportunities for improvement are evident. Incorporating interactive instructions with visuals or augmented reality could enhance user engagement and understanding during the extinguishing process. A comprehensive fire safety network, integrating extinguishers with smoke detection devices throughout homes, promises a more effective initial response system. Offering customizable color options would allow seamless integration with diverse home decor. Moreover, providing detailed dimensions through Computer-Aided Design (CAD) would aid architects in smoothly incorporating the extinguisher into building plans. While already innovative, the Agni Fire Extinguisher Redesign’s potential lies in refining interactivity, broadening integration, enabling personalization, and streamlining architectural assimilation for an even more sophisticated fire safety solution.

The Agni Fire Extinguisher Redesign redefines fire safety by seamlessly blending intuitive design with essential functionality. By prioritizing ease of use, accessibility, and aesthetics, this innovative approach transforms the traditional fire extinguisher into a discreet yet indispensable element of modern living spaces. As we continue to embrace user-centric design solutions, the Agni Fire Extinguisher Redesign sets a new standard for fire safety products that prioritize both form and function.

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Revamping Urban Pedestrian Spaces With These Friendly Bollards To Improve Roadside Safety

As cities around the world strive to improve urban living and create pedestrian-friendly environments, the need for well-designed public spaces becomes increasingly evident. However, one aspect that often goes overlooked is the entrance to these pedestrian areas. Frequently, we see neglected concrete barriers, makeshift signage, and uninspiring elements that fail to create a welcoming atmosphere. This lack of coherent and well-thought-out urban furniture results in cluttered spaces that do not effectively serve their purpose of inviting visitors.

Introducing Réal, the innovative safety bollard designed to revitalize pedestrian streets and enhance the pedestrianization of urban centers. Réal not only serves its functional purpose of delineating pedestrian areas but also adds a touch of style and character to the space. Its design evokes a friendly and inviting character, welcoming visitors with open arms.

Designer: Maxime Bourgault

One of the key features of Réal is its versatility. It offers a multitude of attachment options, allowing for the inclusion of various accessories. This flexibility simplifies and harmonizes pedestrian areas, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment. By integrating additional elements such as planters, seating, or informative signage, Réal transforms the pedestrian streets into a cohesive and visually appealing space.

Moreover, Réal contributes to the overall sustainability of urban living. By clearly delimiting pedestrian areas and creating identifiable entrances, it encourages the pedestrianization of urban centers. This shift towards pedestrian-friendly spaces has numerous benefits, including improved safety, reduced pollution, and increased economic activity. Réal plays a vital role in supporting this transition, creating a more sustainable and livable cityscape.

In addition to its functional and sustainability benefits, Réal also possesses a strong product identity. Its design exudes a friendly and welcoming aura, due to its rounded edges and cute form, making visitors feel invited and at ease. The combination of safety and style creates an engaging and memorable experience for pedestrians, enhancing their overall enjoyment of the urban environment.

By addressing the need for well-designed and visually appealing urban furniture, Réal sets a new standard for pedestrian spaces. Its presence helps refurbish pedestrian sites and elevates the overall aesthetic of urban centers. No longer will concrete barriers and temporary signage dominate pedestrian areas. Instead, Réal provides a coherent and well-thought-out solution that showcases the city’s commitment to creating welcoming, sustainable and vibrant public spaces.

So, if you’re a city planner, urban designer, or simply someone passionate about creating livable and inviting public spaces, consider Réal as the ideal solution. Let Réal be the friendly face that greets visitors and transforms pedestrian streets into harmonious and captivating urban environments.

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This advanced e-bike helmet delivers full-head protection that looks and feels great, too

E-bikes, electric scooters, one-wheelers, and e-skates have become options for people who want a different and more sustainable way to travel. While e-scooters make short work of “last mile” distances, e-bikes combine foot and motor powers to give you a longer and faster ride. But for all the convenience and freedom they offer, e-bikes also bring new challenges, especially when it comes to rider safety. Typical cycling helmets are no longer enough to provide needed protection, but motorcycle helmets are also overkill and burdensome for a vehicle that’s supposed to embody agility. The answer is to combine the best of both worlds, providing the same full-head safety of motorcycle helmets with the lightweight comfort of cycling helmets. Pulling that off is no easy feat, but that is exactly what this innovative eBike helmet is bringing to the table, promising safe biking, comfortable rides, and eye-catching good looks in a single package.

Designer: Jean-Baptiste Petricoul

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $249 (60% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left! Raised over $270,000.

Bike helmets are designed to be lighter than their motorcycle cousins because of the need for better aerodynamics and lesser fatigue on the head of cyclists. They offer only the minimum protection possible, which is often enough, at least compared to accidents involving motorbikes. E-bikes, however, are changing the equation because of their significantly increased speeds and use on riskier roads and paths. You can’t simply put on a motorcycle helmet and call it a day because of the different dynamics required by e-bikes. Not to mention you’re going to be the target of strange looks while pedaling down a bike lane.

Designed for Safety and High Speeds.

Integrated Full Facial Protection

Detachable Swiveling Visor: The front visor is held in place by two fasteners on the front of the helmet and features changeable lenses.

Removable LED Tail Light

VIRGO is the solution that brings the benefits of both kinds of helmets with none of their drawbacks. Made with a polycarbonate shell on the outside and a protective EPS (expanded polystyrene) layer on the inside, this helmet designed for e-bikes retains the lightweight and comfortable properties of regular bike helmets. The difference, however, is that this single shell also covers your chin and jaw, giving you full-face protection like a motorcycle helmet.

Mips Safety System

Optimization of Air Flow

The VIRGO helmet was made to meet the requirements of regulations like the new NTA-8776 for e-bikes, which means that this helmet is certified to handle speeds up to 45 mph. Even better, it also complies with the EN 1078/CPSC, which means it’s qualified for use with regular, old-fashioned bikes as well. And when unfortunate accidents do happen, the optional inner MIPS system helps reduce the rotational motion of most impacts that is the cause of most concussions and brain-related injuries.

The safety goodness doesn’t stop there either. VIRGO comes with a detachable swivel visor that protects your eyes from both sunlight glare as well as blinding dust. The visor lens will be polished and rounded on the corners, just like how it’s made on various helmets in the market. There’s also a detachable LED light whose simple appearance belies its smartness. Its built-in accelerometer can detect when you’re slowing down and lights up to give vehicles behind you a heads-up. It also glows red in low-light situations to increase your visibility and avoid accidents before they even happen.

The VIRGO helmet comes in a handsome design with four stylish colors to choose from, letting it match your style instead of getting in the way. And best of all, all of this safety comes at a very affordable price of $99, or $129 if you opt to go with the inner MIPS system. Whether you’re biking for fun or for daily commutes, on your powerful e-bike, or even on your trusty old metal steed, the VIRGO Cycling Helmet gives you the full-head protection you need to bike in confidence and in style.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $249 (60% off). Hurry, less than 72 hours left! Raised over $270,000.

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This AI-assisted ceiling light illuminates the lives of the elderly while monitoring their safety

As we age, our ability to balance and manage everyday tasks can become more challenging. Simple activities that were once effortless can require more effort and the risk of accidents and loss of control increases. For elderly individuals, having support and the knowledge that help is readily available is invaluable. However, in today’s modern world, many elderly people live alone or without immediate assistance. This is where Nobi comes in—a remarkable AI-driven smart lamp that detects, predicts, and prevents incidents, providing a sense of safety and security for the elderly.

Designer: Mati Papalini and Marko Filipic

Nobi understands the unique needs of the elderly and empowers them to live safe, dignified, and happy lives. Accidents, such as falls resulting in severe injuries, are unfortunately common among the elderly. Nobi acts as a proactive companion, constantly monitoring the surroundings to detect potential dangers and intervene, when necessary, by alarming the designated caregivers for assistance. They can monitor respiration, cough detection, and detect falls even before they occur. By doing so, Nobi ensures that prompt treatment and assistance can be provided to mitigate the impact of accidents.

Elderly individuals often struggle with adapting to new technologies, finding them complex and overwhelming. As younger generations, we have become de facto teachers for our grandparents in the realm of technology. From teaching them how to make phone calls and take pictures to navigate social media, we’ve witnessed their challenges. Nobi, however, breaks the barriers by encouraging the adoption of high-tech care technology that is perceived as difficult to use and intrusive. It not only fulfills their needs but also fosters a genuine desire to embrace them.

Nobi goes beyond its practical functions and seamlessly integrates into any interior with its stylish design. It resembles a conventional lamp rather than a piece of care technology, ensuring it doesn’t disrupt the aesthetics of the living space. Nobi’s discreet presence allows the elderly to feel comfortable and secure without drawing attention to their vulnerabilities.

Like a guardian angel, Nobi diligently stands to watch, providing continuous support and care. Its advanced AI technology enables it to operate around the clock, preventing falls and promptly alerting caregivers in the event of declining health. Nobi’s vigilant presence serves as a reliable companion for the elderly, ensuring they are never alone during crucial moments.

Nobi is a revolutionary AI-driven smart lamp that has redefined care technology for the elderly. By seamlessly blending into the living environment, Nobi offers a sense of safety and security without compromising on style. With its ability to detect, predict, and prevent accidents, Nobi acts as an ever-watchful guardian, ensuring the well-being and independence of the elderly. By embracing Nobi, elderly individuals can lead dignified lives with the knowledge that they are protected and always supported.

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