EDC designs that will become your every day essentials: Part 3

EDC’s are an inevitable part of every guy’s wishlist – the cooler your gadget is, the better! A great mix of form and functionality, EDC’s are the best example of great power that comes in small size. The true value of an EDC comes up in times of need – from fitting on your keychain to holding all your valuables in an accessible yet trendy wallet – EDC designs are the sidekick to the superhero you are always meant to be! Have a look at the curated designs here to pick the best and worthy design that will make an awesome gift this Christmas!



MSTR’s Linx ensures that interchanging keys between keychains will never be a headache again. Linx’s rather creative key-swapping approach isn’t time-consuming, requiring you to slide out a key by wedging your thumbnail into the keyring and rotating the key for minutes before it comes out, only to repeat the process, in reverse, for putting the key back in. Relying on a system that uses positive and negative shapes (think: jigsaw puzzle, or key and keyhole), Linx allows you to simply slide the keyring in and out of its holder by matching shapes (seen below), and sliding the keyring in or out in a manner that’s just extremely soothing to look at!

The Fold wallet is one of Lemur Design’s many single-piece-foldable designs and comes crafted from a single piece of full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. Its unfolded, flatform folds together in three quick steps, going from a mundane piece of leather to a feature-laden wallet that holds your cards, banknotes, and even your coins! The wallet comes with two access-points, allowing you to quickly reach your cards or bills via the main flap, and access your coins in their dedicated coin-pouch via a secondary flap.

Provoke First Responder karambit knife by CRKT is one EDC you need to have in your arsenal for a tricky situation – whether you are stuck in a car with the doors locked out or when someone wants to steal your stuff on a lonely street in the dark of the night. The hawkbill-styled blade is the work of designer Joe Caswell, who’s known for his knife crafting prowess, and this has to one of the most intuitive knife design out there. With the pressure of the thumb, the knife is ready for use, and the ergonomic design means, it fits perfectly in your hand for the grip. Provoke is forged out of premium D2 steel and coated with black titanium nitride, making it ultra-durable and sharp for years to come. Even the opening mechanism is made out of superior material i.e. aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum for unmatchable toughness and deploys one-handed, like a claw!

YeongKyu Yoo of cloudandco has designed two wallets that are extremely slim – WalletType1 and SlimWalletType1. The former is a bi-fold design with 6 pockets, and the latter is a card wallet with 2 pockets. The key to the form is the layers and the invisible stitches. Sporting a multi-layer construction with uniform thickness, the edges of the wallets are precisely painted for the ultimate seamless look.

The GPCA Carabiner’s titanium construction (there are stainless steel and aluminum variants too) literally makes it one of the toughest EDCs to fit on your belt… so much so that you can literally use the GPCA as a pair of brass knuckles to fight off any threat outdoors. The carabiner itself is sturdy enough to carry up to a few hundred pounds more than any EDC carabiners *Not rated for climbing, yet compact enough to work as a keychain. Integrated into its outer frame are a Philips head and a flathead screwdriver, as well as a box-cutter that can also be used to whittle wood, pierce packets of food, or cut cords; while the frame itself is optimized for function too, with a bottle opener and a prybar built right into its bottom.

Stilform Studio known for working with simple shapes and subtly beautiful magnetic interactions, the Arc Pen follows suit with a magnetic click-to-lock pen cap that automatically aligns in place as soon as you hold it near either end of the pen. However, it isn’t simply the use of magnets which makes the Arc Pen delightful, but rather a combination of design and engineering. The pen comes with a deceptively simple form, machined out of aerospace-grade aluminum. Its cylindrical design is punctuated by a chamfer, running along the length of the pen on both sides. The two chamfers prevent the pen from rolling on flat surfaces, as well as a visual indication of the pen/cap alignment. The pen’s internal magnet follows this chamfer, snapping into place perfectly every time.

The Compass is a solid piece of machined stainless steel that works not just as a compass-guide, but also as a pen-stand. It has a hole at its base that you can use to place the Compass wherever you need and magnetically allows the ruler units to snap to it. Once magnetically attached, the ruler units swing freely in 360° around the base, allowing you to create circles and measure arcs nearly perfectly while achieving this feat without piercing the paper. Markings on the Compass base even let you measure degrees as you draw circular lines, giving you control and intuition, bundled together in tools that don’t change the way you make circles or lines, but just innovatively improve the process and cut the clutter, thanks to its minimal design.

Just 54mm long, and 25mm wide, Dapper Design’s TL Micro flashlight puts a powerful 280-lumen torchlight into the form factor of a key-fob. It runs for 17 hours, and its highest brightness setting is said to be five times stronger than your phone’s flashlight! The TL Micro is aided by the Klip, a pocket knife. With a 66 millimeter pocket-clip-shaped body and a foldable tanto-style blade, the Klip pocket knife is capable as well as compact.


The Manmower is entirely crafted from surgical-grade stainless steel and comes with an outer casing and an internal blade that traps and shear facial hair (you can use it on your head too, for a nice, manual buzz cut). Just like a lawnmower simply works on the grass without touching the soil, the Manmower trims only the hair without touching the skin underneath. The entire product is designed to work without any cream or gel, and can be simply rinsed under running water when done shaving. A simple 5-minute ritual not only trims your beard it also massages your skin, and gives you a fidget-toy-esque activity to keep your hands occupied. Strap it on your keychain and carry it around with you as EDC, or slip it into your toiletries bag to carry on travels and trips. The Manmower will be the craziest, most unusual self-grooming tool you’ll ever own!

James Brand’s compact screwdriver (no bigger than a pen) with multiple bits is really useful – instantly fixing your broken bike light or changing the batteries of an RC car in a jiffy. James Brand’s Cache River is a screw and bit driver on a bearing that comes in a set of 3 bits – Phillips #2 bit, a Torx T6 bit, and a Wiha slotted 4.5 bit – which should get you through any precarious situation. The tool is CNC-machined using an aerospace-grade aluminum billet, and then black-anodized for super durability. The bits attach to the driver seamlessly – after all, they have magnetic attachments and made out of chrome-vanadium molybdenum tool steel. The two bits that aren’t used at any given time rest inside the body of the tool.

For more nifty EDC tools that are sure to make a valuable addition to your collection, check out more designs of this series!

The elbow-like hinge of this electric iron pivots to deliver the best angles and pressure!

Sometimes it’s all in the hips, like with golf or dancing, but when it comes to ironing our clothes, it all boils down to the grip. The best ironing requires finesse and precision, which prompted designers, Junjie Chou, and Jiashun Lin to draw up their own interpretation of the emblematic household iron. Using software programs, Cinema 4D, Rhino, and Octane Render, the designers produced a concept design for the electric iron that implements an adjustable handlebar that will allow users to change their grip according to the shape and material of any given piece of clothing or ironable fabric.

The electric iron’s main event, the handlebar, is what turns this iron’s heat up. The electric iron’s heel-rest will move up and down a vertical track for holding distance adjustments. Then, the actual handlebar moves like the classic fireplace bellows hearth accessory, or even your own elbow, in order to give the user different angular options when ironing varying pieces of fabric. The hinge mechanism encased in the iron’s globular, orange centerpiece, also works like your elbow might, hinging from the center and outwards to increase the area of which the electric iron can slide over. If you’ve got larger pieces of fabric to take on, simply pull on the handlebar, like you would open a door, and you’ll be able to cover a lot more area. It’s a little bit like rotating your phone back and forth from landscape and portrait mode. Sometimes, when our phones are put into landscape mode, it just gets the job done quicker.

Setting up the electric iron will feel familiar for any user who has ironed their own clothes. The concept design for this electric iron wears a familiar shape and approachable, intuitive control buttons. Just like any other steam iron, the user will have to fill up the water tank to the desired water line and let the electric iron put on some heat before sliding it down wrinkled t-shirts and bedsheets. Once the electric iron is all ready to smooth out those wrinkles, users will be able to move the electric iron whichever way feels best. The electric iron’s quirky, orange sphere connects the handlebar to the electric iron’s shorter lever and showcases the design’s only on and off button. Just below the handlebar, alongside the iron’s heating plate, users will find the steam release function, which can either produce clouds of steam to envelop wrinkled clothing or burst streams of steam to pinpoint specific regions of wrinkled fabric that need attention. Just remember, it’s all in the grip.

Designer: Junjie Chou, Jiashun Lin

This claw-like EDC can be quickly deployed with clenched fist position in any situation!

The world is vulnerable these days, with growing stress levels and raging anger. In such times you always need to be up for your self-defense game to stay away from harm’s way. Carrying pepper sprays or maybe a Taser gun is a good idea but can you carry them with you at all times – in your jeans or shirt pocket? That’s not practical for everyday defense when danger can be just around the block. You need a compact, quickly deployable accessory like a small knife that’s more like an everyday carry, so you don’t even know it’s there. When the time comes you can use it for any situation – bad or worse!

Provoke First Responder karambit knife by CRKT is one EDC you need to have in your arsenal for a tricky situation – whether you are stuck in a car with the doors locked out or when someone wants to steal your stuff on a lonely street in the dark of the night. The hawkbill-styled blade is the work of designer Joe Caswell, who’s known for his knife crafting prowess, and this has to one of the most intuitive knife design out there. With the pressure of the thumb, the knife is ready for use, and the ergonomic design means, it fits perfectly in your hand for the grip. Provoke is forged out of premium D2 steel and coated with black titanium nitride, making it ultra-durable and sharp for years to come. Even the opening mechanism is made out of superior material i.e. aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum for unmatchable toughness and deploys one handed, like a claw!

Keeping usage and portability in mind, Joe has fashioned the compact EDC knife to have a glass breaker on the tip and also a sheath with gear attachment options. The knife can be deployed from a clenched fist position. This makes it well-suited for first responders and people who work in law enforcement departments. The fact that Provoke can be deployed within seconds and retreated back to the closed position, makes it unparalleled. Self-defense never got so reliable, and this EDC makes it possible.

Designer: CRKT

Machined from a single piece of titanium, WESN’s Carabiner promises to last a lifetime

What if a Lifetime Warranty was baked right into your company’s ethos? How would it define or determine your design choices? Well, for WESN, the approach is simple. Make stuff using the highest quality materials and in a way that is damn near destruction-proof. Meet The Carabiner, WESN’s take on the humble EDC clip that people use for everything from securing their ID Card to their belt-loop, or their body-harnesses to a bungee rope. The construction of a normal carabiner is simple and involves broadly four parts – a hook, a clip, a rivet to hold them together, and a spring that allows the clip to stay shut, so things don’t accidentally unhook or slip off. WESN’s Carabiner, however, comes with just one part… itself. With its unique monolithic design, machined out of a single billet of titanium, WESN’s Carabiner does everything a carabiner clip can do, but also looks visually interesting and lasts far longer than other clips can.

A machined pattern on The Carabiner replaces the need for a spring and rivet, allowing the clip to open and close on its own by making the metal bend and flex. The titanium construction ensures the spring-action never weakens (even after hundreds of years), while giving the clip the durability to last a lifetime, making it easily one of the most stylish and robust pieces of EDC you’ll ever have the pleasure of owning.

Designer: WESN

A removable pillbox + water bottle so you’ll never forget to take your daily supplements

Back in 2018, Joop Opmeer, the young inventor behind the YOS bottle, noticed how his mother would forget to take her medications on time, sometimes skipping an entire day. It’s a task that’s easy to forget, but one that can have serious health consequences depending on the necessity of that medication. However, Joop’s mother isn’t the only one making these mistakes. In his home country, The Netherlands, 68% of people who take daily supplements or medication forget at least once a month. To make their lives slightly more convenient, Joop designed a portable pillbox that someone would be less likely to forget. This was the inspiration for the YOS bottle.

YOS, which stands for Your Organized Supplements, is a reusable water bottle with a detachable pill holder. The bottle holds 375ml and the pillbox has seven compartments (labeled for each day of the week). Although, if the containers are too small, YOS offers a larger, 4-compartment box as an alternative. The bottles also come in four vibrant colors, so you’ll want to take it everywhere you go. They are also dishwasher safe, which adds to their convenience.

The YOS is more than a clever, functional product. The company itself has a mission that buyers will feel good about supporting. First, YOS products are made with recyclable materials, helping to reduce waste and promote sustainability.  Second, a portion of their sales goes to a research foundation for pancreatic cancer research. So, in addition to getting a useful product, you are also supporting a business that helps its community.

Personally, as a younger person who doesn’t take daily medication, I still think this product would be useful in my life. For instance, refillable water bottles have grown more popular as more people decide to reduce their environmental footprint, especially within my age demographic. Also, I frequently hike and take boxing classes, and I may need an Advil if I overexert myself. Or, more likely, I would use the pillbox as a snack compartment, especially for trail mix. So, you can see that although the YOS bottle caters specifically to individuals who take supplements, its appeal is universal. After all, we all need water to survive.

Designer: Joop Opmeer

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These Award-winning tactical EDC are custom made to help you overcome practically any situation

400. That’s how many units of the Sniper Bladeworks 2020: Reload Collection are being put into production, making them some of the most exclusive high-quality blades you could get your hands on. Designed by award-winning knife-maker Lance Abernathy of the iconic Sniper Bladeworks based out of Kansas City, the 2020 : Reload collection reimagines a few classics and adds a couple of new knives to the mix, creating what Abernathy claims is his best offering yet… knives designed and engineered to excel in everyday use or make a stunning addition to your collection. Every single one of the 2020 : Reload collection’s knives come made from the highest quality performance-steel, meticulously designed and manufactured by ace knife-smith Lance Abernathy himself, and with the Sniper Bladeworks’ seal of approval and Lance’s signature.

The 2020 : Reload Collection is Sniper Bladeworks’ comeback story. After a tough couple of years filled with hardships and adversity, the family-run business is taking to the crowdfunding platform to bring their world-class award-winning knives into the hands of more EDC enthusiasts, expanding its audience beyond the special forces, SWAT, veterans, and other tactical armed forces that swear by the company’s incredible high-performance tactical blades. The collection spans 5 different knives that are a combination of updated classics and new designs that are crafted to perform and to delight.

Among the smaller, more portable blades are the compact yet ridiculously sharp Dashi, designed for undercover Air Marshals with rescue tool features for emergency applications. Modeled on the Japanese kiridashi blade, the Dashi is a handy, 7.5″ knife with a skeletonized handle that’s still designed for hard-use. The full-grip handle makes it incredibly easy to hold in any way, while a nifty bottle-opener built into the top lets you crack open a cold beer after a rough day. The next in line come Sniper’s most iconic blades, the LPC and the DMF. Both knives propelled Sniper Bladeworks to fame, with the LPC getting the “Blade Show Tactical Folder Award” and the DMF being featured on the cover of Blade Magazine. The LPC and DMF are both designed to be overbuilt folding knives – the former being a bowie-style knife made for the tactical needs of the modern user. The 2020 : Reload LPC (Lance Personal Carry) gives the award-winning knife an update, with a bearings-hinge and a steel combination over-travel locking device. Made from S30V Steel, the drop-point blade measures a mere 3.5 inches and is great for slicing, piercing, and whittling. When you’re done, the blade folds into the G-10 handle, equipped with a robust 6Al4V titanium frame lock. The DMF, on the other hand, is Sniper’s ‘crown jewel’, taking the classic design that was featured on the cover of Blade Magazine, and amping it up to make it volumes better. Visually, the 2020 : Reload version of the DMF sports a unique stainless Damascus blade along with a bronze center pivot collar, and matching bronze handle adornments, making it look more like a prized keepsake than the tactical knife it actually is built to be. The sheepsfoot-esque blade comes with a curved edge that also showcases the Damascus patterns, making each knife design unique to its user. The cleaver style folding knife works wonderfully for cutting and chopping, thanks to its rocking edge, and the domed G-10 handle offers an incredible gripping experience while also allowing you to fold the blade in when you’re done.

Sometimes you just need a big knife for big tasks, which is where the MAMU and the Smachet come in. The MAMU is Sniper Bladeworks’ reinvention of their classic outdoors survival field knife, which was featured on the Discovery Channel’s “Man, Woman, Wild”. Equipped with a black anti-glare PVD coated 1095 steel blade that’s built for everything, including tactical use, outdoor survival, and occasional defense, the 2020 : Reload MAMU blade comes with a nifty injection-molded sheath that lets you dock the blade in between usage. The pistol grip G-10 handle and the full-tang blade let you easily grip and swing the blade, performing high-effort tasks with relative agility and ease. The Smachet, on the other hand, is a vintage classic originally designed by William E. Fairbairn during WWII. Sniper Bladeworks’ reinterpretation of the iconic design involves creating a slightly smaller yet equally competitive full-tang blade made from black anti-glare PVD coated 1095 steel, with a black G-10 injection molded handle to match – perfect for bushcraft and survival use, and armed with a useful high-end, textured injection-molded sheath, making it easy and safe to carry around.

Only 400 units of each knife will be manufactured Abernathy and his team. Every knife will come crafted and manually inspected by Abernathy himself and branded with his signature and a unique serial number on the blade. The limited-edition run of the 2020 : Reload collection will help not only support Abernathy’s locally run, internationally renowned business, but a portion of the profits from each sale will even go to carefully selected Veterans Groups to help support servicemembers in need!

Designer: Lance Abernathy of Sniper Bladeworks

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Award-Winning EDC Tactical Knives by Sniper Bladeworks

The 2020 : Reload Signature series by acclaimed knife designer Lance Abernathy is designed to exceed your everyday needs and excel in tactical and frontline use. Each knife is unique, signed, and individually-numbered. Once this campaign is over, these limited-edition collector knives will no longer be available.

DMF – The Crown Jewel

This 2020 : Reload version of the DMF sports a unique stainless Damascus blade. Additional high-end features include center pivot bearings, a combination overtravel locking device, a bronze center pivot collar, and matching bronze handle adornments.

LPC – The Award Winner

In 2013, Sniper Bladeworks earned the “Blade Show Tactical Folder Award” for its LPC. The 2020 : Reload LPC offers everything you need: ergonomic design, aerospace materials, and robust overbuilt engineering.

Made of S30V, this LPC has been upgraded to run on bearings and features a steel combination over-travel locking device. The result is the tightest tolerances on their LPC platform that the team has ever offered.

SMACHET – The Badass

Sometimes you just need a big knife and that’s why you will like Smachets! Originally designed by William E. Fairbairn during WWII, the Smachet is a historical juggernaut. They built upon Fairbairn’s design by re-envisioning a blade that is slightly smaller, easier to wield, and more comfortable to use for extended periods outdoors.

Sniper’s updated design ensures that those who are serious about bushcraft and survival have a serious knife to match.

MAMU – A Classic Redesigned

The MAMU™ is an interpretation of the classic field knife. It made its debut on Discovery Channel’s “Man, Woman, Wild” and the team is pleased to offer it to you with upgraded features at this great price.

An amazing camp tool, the MAMU features black PVD coating for non-glare, rust resistance, and protection from the elements. It is designed with our signature ergonomic handle for comfort and control. The MAMU comes with a textured injection molded sheath that features a uniform rivet pattern compatible with all of our Sniper Bladeworks™ sheaths. This allows for a variety of carry combinations, so you’re equipped for any scenario.

DASHI – Small Knife. Big Function.

When it comes to general outdoor activities, the Dashi is always a safe bet. Whether you’re camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing; it’s important to carry a knife that can stand up to repeated use with a smarter design that saves space in your kit.

The word Dashi comes from Kiridashi: a Japanese carpenter or utility knife that is only ground on one side, sometimes called chisel ground. Sniper’s representation of this traditional knife can be used as a neck knife, small utility knife, as a companion knife to the Smachet or MAMU, a backup tool, or for any other daily cutting tasks.

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The swappable bits of this EDC screwdriver rescues you in any situation, big or small!

You’re stuck in a situation where a screwdriver would bail you out, but who carries screwdrivers in their pockets? Even EDC’s can be too bulky to consider carrying around in your pocket all the time. Move over-complicated EDC items, as James Brand is yet again finding that valued space in the pocket of your jeans in the form of a compact screwdriver. Yes, it’s a screwdriver cleverly disguised to look like a pen or a penlight at first glance.

Sure there are multi-tools that have screwdriver, knives, and a whole lot more, but do they have the screwdriver bits in case the only one available doesn’t fit the screw head? Most probably not. That’s where a compact screwdriver (no bigger than a pen) with multiple bits is really useful – instantly fixing your broken bike light or changing the batteries of an RC car in a jiffy. James Brand’s Cache River is a screw and bit driver on a bearing that comes in a set of 3 bits – Phillips #2 bit, a Torx T6 bit, and a Wiha slotted 4.5 bit – which should get you through any precarious situation. The tool is CNC-machined using an aerospace-grade aluminum billet, and then black-anodized for super durability. The bits attach to the driver seamlessly – after all, they have magnetic attachments and made out of chrome-vanadium molybdenum tool steel. The two bits that aren’t used at any given time rest inside the body of the tool.

James Brand puts a lot of thought into designing their EDC tools and this one is no different. Not only does it look good, but the ultimate purpose is also solved without a doubt. And yes, since it is so compact, they’ve been cheeky enough to fit a lanyard loophole for the keychain on the end-cap of this 3.9-inch compact screwdriver that weighs just 36 grams.

Designer: James Brand

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The Raven titanium cutting-tool is practical EDC that was made to last a lifetime

Every once in a while, I come across a piece of EDC that I feel enthusiastic about. It’s rare for me to talk about pocket knives and blades on this website, given that Facebook and Instagram have guidelines that actively block the promotion of knife-related content, even if it’s a kitchen-tool (weird, if you ask me), but ever so often we come across a piece of EDC that really feels deserving of this platform, whether it’s the design, the build, the functionality, or the overall product. The Raven ticks all those boxes.

With a titanium body and an easily replaceable blade, the Raven Titanium Utility Knife is the kind of knife that’s designed to last way past your lifetime. The machined body comes with a quick-opening mechanism that can be operated with just one hand, and a safe-locking feature that holds the knife’s standard CKB-2 utility blade in place. The blade, which comes with a scalpel-style edge, does a great job of cutting, piercing, carving, and scraping, making it equally useful indoors, for opening boxes and cutting open packets, as well as outdoors, for more demanding scenarios like scraping flint, piercing ration-packets, or cutting paracords. Designed to be perfectly handy, the blade folds inwards when not required, fitting into Raven’s perfectly sized body that’s handy, pocket-friendly, and even features a clip that you can use to secure your EDC to the lining of the pocket on your jeans, jacket, or backpack.

Designed to work for everyone, and forever, Raven’s titanium body can quite literally last a century without significant wear and tear. The CKB-2 blade comes made from Stainless Steel which will probably wear out over time, but Raven features an easy replacing mechanism that allows you to swap out old blades for new ones, along with a thumb-operated tightness screw that lets you decide how tight the opening mechanism is, allowing you to customize your EDC user experience. The Raven series sports 3 different color and finish-variants (my heart’s set on the bead-blasted silver and teal), and each knife comes engraved with a serial number, making the pocket-knife unique to you. Complete your pledge and you even get a box to store the Raven in, an Allen key to disassemble your knife, and a nifty comb-modification you can insert instead of the blade, to give yourself a tiny pocket-comb!

Designer: Sho Suzuki

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The Raven – Titanium Utility Folding Knife

Designed for utility and durability, the Raven is a minimalist folding knife made from Grade 5 titanium with replaceable blade.


– Frame made from Grade 5 Titanium
– A minimalism folding knife
– Use replaceable CKB-2 utility blade
– Quick open with Safe locking
– 3 finishes of Beadblast grey, Tumble polished, PVD black

Most of the existing utility knives are using a push-draw structure. That takes time to slide the blade to the length we need and as the usage increase, it gets stuck easily. The Raven is a quick open folding knife that can smoothly open within 0.5 seconds and retains this no matter how long you’ve been using it.

Another problem with a common utility knife is the blade playing problem. The Raven Knife features extreme accuracy control and 2 spacers secure the blade at the right place. It has the firmness as a pocket folding knife and the utility blade that can be replaced without difficulty.

The Raven uses CKB-2 utility blade made in Japan. The blade does a great job of cutting, piercing, carving, and scraping. Whenever the blade is blunt, stained or covered by tape, just replace the old blade with a new one.

The screw can be adjusted with just bear hands. Rotate the screw to adjust the tightness of the blade.

The elasticity of titanium and the ceramic ball ensure the locking system is smooth and reliable.

Two-way screw +410 SS spacer keeps the blade secure in its place without any playing like other utility knives do.

The Raven is knife with more DIY pleasure. You can disassemble every single part by yourself.

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This award-winning soldering iron’s smoke purifying design is the modern avatar of this age-old tool!

For DIY welding aficionados, the details are key with soldering tools. The welder has to be an appropriate size, the time it takes for the iron to heat up could make or break the experience, and the amount of heat generated has to make sense for each job. That’s why Red Dot gave their 2020 Design Award to an electric soldering iron with smoke purification capabilities – it managed to check all the boxes.

The lead designer behind this safety welder, Wang Guoqiang, implemented a built-in air purifier in order to filter toxic fumes that are inevitably inhaled when using other soldering tools on the market. The main body of the tool is comprised of an internal purification system that incorporates an exhaust and suction mechanism in order to filter harmful fumes that come from soldering. At the head of the tool, a tube of glass contains the flow of heat and air so burns that could result from touching hot, exposed iron are entirely avoided. The electric soldering iron works on built-in, rechargeable, lithium batteries so that it functions wirelessly and you don’t have to worry about messy wires while you’re getting a job done. This electric soldering iron with smoke purification features is the size of a pen for easy clean-up and storage, making it the perfect portable or household tool.

Designer: Wang Guoqiang x Ningbo Fonu

This UVC light-enabled contact lens cleaning system kills 99.999% of bacteria!

Have you ever had your life flash before your eyes when you are spending the night away from home but don’t have your contact solution? Then you Google how to keep your contacts safe because you need them the next morning and you end up putting it in saltwater, praying that they don’t dry up or cause infections to your eye. Obviously, this is not safe and can be extremely harmful – even contact solution alone is not enough to kill all the microbes in your lenses, and if you’re a girl then you know there might even be specs of mascara. So how do we ensure our lenses are always clean and avoid serious infections? We use Q Egg and a reminder on our phones to pack the solution!

Q Egg is a smart contact lens case that gives you triple protection against bacteria by working with your contact solution as well as DNA-smashing UVC light to kill infection-spreading microorganisms. There are three layers of defense that are designed in the product to make the process super efficient while delivering the highest standards of cleanliness – your contact solution, UVC light, and a vibrational motor. Q Egg radiates DNA-smashing UVC light as a second layer of defense to kill infection-spreading microorganisms. The vibrational motor that recirculates the solution to rinse off any remaining particles and natural eye secretions. These powerful combinations kill 99.999% of the toughest and most stubborn pathogens commonly found responsible for contact-related eye infections. In a pandemic where the virus can spread via contact with the eyes, it is important to make sure we are keeping our contact lenses as clean as possible.

The case’s sleek design lets you disinfect your lenses on-the-go and was made to fit with the rest of your cosmetic tools. The product has controlled wavelengths and doses so it won’t fog or change the color of your contact lenses. “Q Egg needs just 30 minutes to do what your contact lens solution alone needs 4 hours to achieve,” claims the team as they talk about how this product was designed to reduce medical risks and costs. One charge cycle will keep it running for 2 weeks and you will not need to keep buying new plastic cases each month for your contacts. It is compatible with all types of contact lenses.

Designer: Q Egg

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