Spiderman-inspired wearable sanitizer that gives you the great power to remain safe

Take it from your friendly neighborhood heroes (your healthcare workers) that sanitizing your hands and wearing a mask is crucial when you step out. Masks were a fashion accessory even before the pandemic, so everyone adopted wearing it a lot faster than the habit of sanitizing. Most of the time we forget we touched something in shared public places and our hand goes straight to our face – yikes! To make sanitizing easier, especially when we are outdoors, a designer has created this conceptual Spiderman-inspired wearable sanitizer that lets you be a discreet hero without a bodysuit.

The designer wanted to solve the behavioral perception and usage when it came to traditional sanitizer bottles. He wanted to create something that was innovative, ergonomic, easy to carry, and made it hassle-free to sanitize frequently when you go outside. I, for one, do get lazy if I have to constantly remove the bottle from my backpack when I am carrying groceries in my hand and a wearable sanitizer would truly be a blessing. The smartwatch-shaped personal gadget has a refillable container for the sanitizer liquid and will dispense it with a simple press. We can’t wait to see this concept sketched out with more details.

Its shape is simple and unobtrusive if you have to wear it daily. You can mount it on a wristband or even attach to your watch/fitness trackers – the power is literally in your hands, and you already know that with great power comes great responsibility.

Designer: Jithin Jyoth TV

This Japanese fan-like portable screen lets you social distance anywhere

We all know the things we have to carry to protect ourselves from bad weather – umbrellas, scarves, hats, etc. Given the new reality we are all living in, let’s add pandemic to that bad weather which means we need to carry more things to protect ourselves because we can’t see this storm coming. PPE like masks, gloves, and sanitizers are helping us complete our essential errands but we cannot be in lockdown forever, the world will be opening up again and in this ‘new normal’ we will see modifications to shared spaces like protective screens that will continue to reduce the transmission risk.

Now not every cafe, co-working space, park or library will have screens to protect you and in that case, you carry your own – say hello to Ventaglio! Trust me, it is not weird to take extra steps to protect yourself, it is as good as carrying an umbrella. Ventaglio is a portable screen that makes PPE look aesthetic while making sure you can go to more places than just the grocery store. It was designed to help people transition out of quarantine safely and continue practicing social distancing in common places. The screen is created using translucent polyethylene so that it doesn’t make you feel too disconnected from the space you are in. It also ensures stability with a belt that can go under the table to fix the divider in place.

Unlike the usual PPE that can leave you feeling a little sad about the times we are living in, the Ventaglio’s portable screen comes with a friendly refreshing vibe. Maybe because it folds and unfolds like a handheld Japanese fan which makes it familiar and something we associate with summer! I can only imagine the beautiful designs this portable screens can come in that will make more people comfortable with its usage – almost like how we decorate our graduation caps. Safe to say that I am a ‘fan’ of the Ventaglio screen.

Designer: DesignLibero

This tiny-yet-versatile knife should be a part of everyone’s must-have everyday carry!

At just 2.24 inches long when folded shut, the Falcon is no larger than the average pinky finger, but size doesn’t take away from the Falcon’s capabilities… because even for a knife that small, it can easily take on the job of EDC knives that are thrice its size. It’s safe to say that the Falcon is inspired directly by its namesake, with a small, sharp, claw-shaped design that looks similar to the tiny yet powerful talons found on the feet of predatory birds. No bigger than a key and quite literally lighter than a tablespoon of water, the Falcon is the kind of EDC that’s prone to being underestimated just because of its compact form… but that just allows you to be wowed by how capable it is too. On the design front, the Falcon comes in a safe, foldable format that tucks the blade into the knife’s handle. The handle packs a keyring hole too, allowing you to easily secure the EDC with your keys for convenience – so that you can access it when you need it and forget about it when you don’t… after all, it does measure 2.24 inches and weighs less than 5 grams.

The Falcon’s durability (despite its challengingly tiny size) comes from its titanium construction. With a body machined entirely from Grade 5 Titanium (including the hinge), the Falcon was designed to be ready for anything. Armed with a detachable and replaceable stainless steel #11 scalpel blade, the Falcon is adept at cutting, piercing, slicing, whittling, and scraping. Small enough to securely grip between your thumb and index finger, the knife cuts into vegetables, opens boxes, sharpens pencils, and can even be used to scrape flint-sticks and start fires. Built right into the Falcon’s edgy design is its spring mechanism that gives it the ability to snap open or close, while a clever detail allows you to easily lock on or disengage the Falcon’s scalpel… a feature that should prove handy when you’re carrying your EDC at the airport, but more so when you periodically need to change your blade every couple of months/years, because that robust titanium construction is easily built to last you a lifetime, while its practical, versatile, and hyper-portable design should make it your preferred choice for all small and large tasks! It’s definitely on our list of EDC favorites!

Designer: Leo Zhang

Click Here to Buy Now: $52 $75 (30% off).

The Falcon – 2.24″ Titanium Micro Knife

2.24″ when closed and 3.92″ when open, the Falcon is a micro knife designed for those that want a practical, durable and stylish compact knife to take with you everywhere.

They wanted to avoid this knife having the fate of all those old pocket knives stowed away, unable to even peel a potato. Integrating a replaceable #11 scalpel blade it’s easy and inexpensive to maintain the sharpest of edges.

Inspired by falcons, with their bullet-shaped bodies, long pointed wings and hooked claws, they went through a number of design iterations so that it looks good, holds well and stays safe in your pocket all whilst minimizing the number of parts.

Practical & Versatile

Easy lock safety latch and release system.

Loaded snap. Secure. Springy.

Replaceable blades made easy with their smart catch system.

Suitable for everyday tasks.

Camping? No worries, fire starting.

The Tiny Pick

Key chains are made to be kitted out so they have also made available their latest Tiny Pick titanium toothpick, at 1.8″ this is super compact and handy, a companion with your Falcon.

Click Here to Buy Now: $52 $75 (30% off).

This personal air quality monitor is the size of a keychain!

Monitoring air quality is going to become crucial post this pandemic as we all try to boost our respiratory systems. It isn’t possible to carry your air purifier everywhere with you and how can you tell if the air quality in the multiple environments that surround you is safe? Well, Sprimo has a solution for you – a keychain-sized personal air monitor that keeps you informed in real-time about the air you breathe. This is extremely important for those with pre-existing respiratory conditions so they can reduce their discomfort by checking the air quality before going to a certain place.

This compact personal gadget monitors the air quality around you and reports the collected data on an intuitive app that you can install on your smartphone. It is compatible with iPhones as the nifty device connects to your phone via the lightning port. As soon as you insert it, the air monitor should give you the readings instantly whether you are indoors or outdoors. Along with the air quality, it also gives you additional details like temperature and humidity’s effects on the air so you cover all your bases. The accurate air quality measurements are then color-coded for easy comprehension – green means clean air and red means you could be breathing in harmful particles. This helps to figure out if the areas you spend most of your time in has clean air and how it affects your health. Like does your office or school has healthy air quality? If not, you now know that you have to take the necessary steps to change that instead of continuing to harm your respiratory system unknowingly.

It also tracks toxic paint smell and chemicals, pollution, smog, cleaners, dirty clothes, second-hand smoke, perfume for allergies, glue, pet waste or garbage, and more! Sprimo’s personal air monitor is determined to make sure you only breathe clean air so your health remains uncomplicated during these complicated times.

Designer: Sprimo

This inclusively designed electric mobility vehicle is Tony Stark’s hoverboard

You know the bright future is here when we see design concepts like MÜV (pronounced “move”) – a purely electric, self-balancing, hands-free assistive mobility vehicle concept that grants you true omnidirectional maneuverability. To simplify it, think of it as a hoverboard with a seat but you don’t have to worry about balancing it! MÜV may have started as inclusive design but it quickly adapted itself to fall under the universal umbrella even though it will still benefit the disabled demographic more as was it’s original intention.

It has been designed with the latest robotics self-balancing technologies to give the rider intuitive navigational control so they can ride with ease. MÜV is fitted with a spherical drive system that gives it its distinctive omnidirectional maneuverable abilities that lets the rider lean, twist or tilt in any direction while the vehicle gently follows. It is similar to what my ski instructor taught me – just move your body in the direction you want to go and the skis will follow.

“To evolve the way people move by spreading joy and ease of movement” ​​​​​​is what the designer set as his motto when working on the vehicle. The primary goals were improved safety, comfort, aesthetics & maneuverability. Additional details such as range, affordability, and overall user-friendliness were also important factors that had to be considered. It is charged wirelessly, unlike traditional competitor products, which makes it portable and convenient. This is what an inclusively designed mobility vehicle would look like if Tony Stark ever made one. And for you DC fans, this is the batmobile of electric mobility vehicles. Let’s take a ride down the design process for MÜV.

Designer: Neutron Her

Safety was the number one priority followed by comfort. It has footrests for when the user is cruising with adequate clearance around the user’s legs for emergency stops. It is fitted with multiple sensors and advanced control algorithms that collect the physical rotation/translatory intention data to make sure MÜV adapts to your moves for an effortless experience.


move 2

Understanding where this vehicle fits in the market, alongside the typical engineering systems inside these vehicles gives us a strong starting point to develop accurate, honest industrial design solutions; forms that can be realistically achieved while satisfying the goals.

The high-tech mobility vehicle comes with a modern chair that blends in with the rest of its body. Ergonomics were a big part of MÜV given that it is an assistive mobility vehicle. The CMF was picked to give the user a sense of its sturdy, robust, and reliable form.

It’s built using two major housing casings; both made of polyamide (nylon) reinforced with fiber-glass and each injection-molded in one single operation. The metallic painting on the convex form reflects its surroundings, adding a sense of slenderness. The parting line where black and titanium meet simply flows along the neck, making the body look slimmer.

A two-tone color scheme creates a minimalist, yet striking design. The front panel is full depth colored semi-matte obsidian black to convey a sense of utilitarian ruggedness yet remaining sporty and modern. Complemented by a sleek titanium painted finish back panel.

MÜV gives the freedom of movement to the elderly and disabled demographic who can’t drive, won’t have to depend on someone to push the wheelchair, and wouldn’t require the strain of walking using walkers/canes. This allows for more fluid and safe movement giving them a chance to live independently.

To reduce bulkiness, the interior dead space is minimized by organizing printed circuit boards, fans, filters, and motors tightly together without compromising any functionality.

It uses a wireless charging method by tilting its wireless charging pad located below the battery onto a wireless charging station. This surface also doubles as a stable resting pad during stops/short breaks. At this angle, the electronics enter a sleep mode to conserve power. When tilted back for use, the system powers up and begins automatically stabilizing at full power preparing for the rider to safely mount.

The MÜV’s battery level is indicated by 7 white LED along the front neck of the vehicle.

The lithium-ion battery pack is placed at the front for optimized cooling, proximity to the charging pad, lowered center of gravity, and convenience. It can be easily swapped for a full battery or kept attached and recharged on-board by tilting the wireless charging pad on an MÜV charging dock.

The center of gravity remains low, providing great stability while improving control. Ground clearance is sufficient for tight turns and obstacle avoidance during daily joy rides.

This portable hook-tool lets you perform virtually any activity without using your hands

We may be bordering on prepper territory here, but if you look at the statistics in certain cities like New York, London, or even Mumbai, chances are the person right beside you could be carrying the Coronavirus. It’s easy to prescribe behaviors to help keep people safe, but implementing those behaviors is equally difficult. You could be standing 6 feet away from someone at the supermarket, but you still have your hands touching the same products or the same shopping cart. You avoid pressing buttons on the elevator, but you can’t really avoid using your hands while pressing buttons on an ATM machine, or after you swipe your credit card at the medical shop. We’ve seen a few products in the past few months that help avoid these sub-conscious interactions, but the Corohook aims at being a more comprehensive product that’s built to be able to do more, and actually act like an extension of your entire hand.

Styled almost like an ice-axe you’d see mountain-climbers using, the Corohook is a robust tool that you can use to pull shopping carts, maneuver items from shelves into your cart, or potentially even open refrigerators at grocery stores. The handy hook is robust enough to pull open doors, lift up lids on garbage bins, and just do any sort of task you’d require your hands for, whether it’s as delicate as pressing a button, or as tough as carrying shopping bags.

The Corohook comes built for heavy-duty tasks and is strong enough to easily lift up to 22lbs or 10 kilograms without breaking a sweat. Its hook shape works like an extension of your hand when it comes to pulling and carrying, and a slight extrusion at the end of it works as a fingertip, allowing you to press, probe, or flick away objects. Unlike the EDC we’ve showcased before, the Corohook is actually made from plastic, rather than metal, but uses anti-microbial additives that make it hygienic and resistant to germs. Besides, the creators of the Corohook believe that these additives even prevent bacteria and mold from forming on the product, effectively increasing its lifespan. The hooks come in two sizes, for adults as well as for children, with a lanyard that slips around your wrists to keep the hook handy and secured to yourself – basically a more effective strategy than having EDC that sits in your pocket, causing you to oftentimes forget to even take it out to press buttons or pull open doors. The Corohook even comes at a more affordable cost, starting at just $11 for a product that you can use for years, even though we sincerely hope it doesn’t really get to that!

Designer: Inovata Team

Click Here to Buy Now: $11. With every purchase, they will donate one Corohook to the people who need it the most.

Corohook – Antimicrobial Multipurpose Hand Gadget

The Corohook is an essential design that helps to stop the spread of viral diseases and makes doing your daily errands easier and safer. Using it can guarantee to maintain a high level of hygiene, which is the most we can do not only for ourselves but also for others.

All around the world potentially contaminated surfaces are touched more than 200 times per day. Corohook will make it possible to avoid unnecessary bare hand contact in everyday errands.

Easy to carry. Proven comfortable carrying up to 10kg/22lb.

Sharing is Caring

With every purchase the team donates one Corohook to the people who need it the most.

Click Here to Buy Now: $11.

This pain-relief gadget will clear up your sinus without any pills!

We are in the midst of a pandemic and even a single cough can send our brains into overthinking but I am just here to remind you that seasonal allergies still exist. Yes, pollen is still coming out during COVID-19 (very insensitive of it) – remember that the next time you sneeze so you can avoid the anxiety. We may not have a vaccine for the virus but we do have a solution for your sinus problems – ClearUp!

When sinus hits, we are willing to do anything to breathe normally again. It doesn’t just cause pain in the nose but also your head, temples, and even teeth! ClearUp (FDA approved) was designed to help alleviate the discomfort and provide a long-term solution instead of taking pills every time the season changes. It emits gently microcurrent waves when you glide the gadget over the affected area to reduce the pain and keep it all clear for up to 6 hours. This is especially beneficial if you deal with chronic rhinitis or year-long allergies which means a lot of medication that you can now get rid of. ClearUp’s study shows that 72% of the users got relief after using the device and 82% preferred it over medicines. It also eliminates the hassle of constantly having to clean or sterilize nasal sprays etc.

Constantly buying pills can be expensive and your body becomes immune to it slowly which means you need stronger doses – that is not a good long-term health solution. ClearUp wanted to provide a chemical and drug-free solution to sinus and sinus related issues. It also eliminates the hassle of constantly having to clean or sterilize nasal sprays etc. Charge with the usual USB-C charger and you’re good to go!

Designer: ClearUp

This wearable bracelet let’s you go back to work while enforcing social distancing

Are you getting tired of quarantine? Funny how we always wished for work from home and now we are itching to go back to our offices. Suddenly the water cooler chit chat and commute means so much more to us. We don’t have a vaccine yet but soon some of us non-essential workers may have to return to the work lives we knew before the pandemic and it is crucial we still follow the rules of social distancing + wearing PPE so that we are minimizing the risk while still helping rebuild the economy. Romware has designed a wearable gadget that can help us navigate through the new normal safely till we have a vaccine.

Romware’s bracelet helps to reinforce the social distancing guidelines as more of us return to work. The digital device monitors the employees’ location and warns them if they are too close to each other. Initially designed for industries such as construction, logistic, warehousing, manufacturing, and port services, this bracelet can be used by any large company that cannot function remotely and relies on labor. Whenever employees are closer than 6 feet they will feel a vibration that warns them. The bracelet has a geo-fencing feature that allows you to set a limit for how many employees can be in a specific area to ensure there are no large gatherings. One of its most effective features is that it enables contact tracing, so if someone does fall sick the employer can easily track anyone who may have been in contact and take necessary measures.

The employees’ privacy is guaranteed and the bracelet uses Ultra-Wideband which means it doesn’t require a data connection. However, it can be used with data too if there is a need for contact tracing which will access the employee’s location. All data will be deleted after 14 days and it doesn’t require the employees to disclose anything they don’t want to. The personal wearable device is only used for social distancing purposes and to ensure the safety of the workforce as long as the threat of the pandemic still looms over our heads. Romware is doing it’s best to follow ‘prevention is better than cure’ strategy and we agree.

Designer: Romware

This wearable speaker combines the best features of earphones and portable speakers

Sure we’ve seen portable speakers but have you seen a wearable speaker? No, not a concept, this Tech-Life BoomBand is a wearable speaker you can actually own if you want to expand your audio and tech collection with the coolest gadgets. Why do we need a wearable speaker, we can just use earphones or use our portable speakers, right? Not quite, let me tell you why.

One of the most common reasons for accidents on the road is people wearing headphones or earphones while they walk, ride bikes or drive. Earphones and headphones cut out a lot of ambient noise and we often get lost in the sound which can be unsafe. Portable speakers are not something you can slip into your pocket or carry around in your hand – it is simply inconvenient. That’s when a sleek, unobtrusive, wearable speaker like the BoomBand comes into the picture to give you the best of both worlds – you don’t have to ‘carry’ it and you will still be able to hear important announcements while having your music within your reach.

It has six hours of battery life (more than any wireless audio earphones or headphones can claim) so you can actually get away with forgetting your portable Bluetooth speaker at a picnic if you have the BoomBand! Tech Life has designed this personal gadget to release crisp and clear sound while keeping the form as compact as a wristwatch, you can tune it to your desired volume or raise it if you’re the DJ in your social circle. This nifty device is lightweight, comfortable, and blends with your wardrobe seamlessly.

Designer: Tech-Life

This compact cutlery set fits right into your wallet’s card-holder!

Here’s a thought I had recently regarding the way this virus is reshaping our behavior. The way we interact with people and objects will probably change, long after there’s a vaccine. People won’t want to shake your hand if you so much as clear your throat. There’s going to be a pretty visible effort to not hold onto handles on buses and subways unless you’re wearing gloves. This may probably extend to cutlery too, where people may eventually just choose to carry their own cutlery around with them, rather than opting for disposable cutlery, or for cutlery that’s been used by other people.

It looks like that thought didn’t cross just my mind, because the guys at Cold4ged Creations are actually looking to enter the production cycle for their compact cutlery – Forkanife. The Forkanife is a card-sized cutlery set that fits right into your wallet. The set comes with a recycled-plastic case that holds the two foldable instruments inside. Once you’re ready to eat, just pop the instruments out of their case and fold them outwards and you have yourself a rigid fork that’s good for everything from stiff steaks to mushy potatoes, and a serrated knife that can cut through veggies and meats with relative ease.

The Forkanife was created initially as a response to the fact that 6 million tonnes of plastic cutlery get dumped in the oceans each year. The foldable, portable kit was created to support the growing Bring Your Own Cutlery movement, but the virus and its ability to linger on objects may just end up pushing people to adopt practices that aren’t just safer for the oceans, but are safer for themselves too. At just 3.3mm thin, the Forkanife doesn’t just fit into wallets, it fits right into card-holders too, occupying the space of no more than two credit cards. The stainless-steel construction of the fork and knife make it exceptionally easy to clean, and the fact that the entire unit weighs just 53 grams makes carrying the Forkanife around with you beyond convenient… especially given that the Forkanife even comes with an optional RFID-blocking metal-case to carry it around with your cards!

Designer: Col4ged Creations