The Worst and Best Ways to Sharpen your EDC Pocket Knife

Everyday carry (EDC) knives are a trusty companion for many, whether you’re navigating the great outdoors or handling day-to-day tasks in the city. A sharp knife isn’t just a matter of convenience; it’s a crucial aspect of safety and functionality (you really don’t want to be stuck with a blunt knife in an emergency situation). However, maintaining that sharp edge can be a challenge, especially with the myriad of sharpening techniques and tools available. Some methods can enhance your blade’s performance, while others can cause more harm than good. Here, we delve into the worst and best ways to sharpen your EDC knife. Although these methods practically apply to knives of all kinds (like kitchen knives, etc.), we’re looking through the lens of maintaining EDC blades in particular, which people often spend hundreds of dollars on. An EDC knife might first and foremost be a knife, but for many, it’s also a work of art worth marveling at and collecting. Many of these knives are designed by experts and enthusiasts, requiring decades of skill, precise machinery (or sometimes even handcrafted mastery), and high-quality materials. Improperly caring for or sharpening such knives feels like a crime, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at the worst, and the best ways to care for your EDC knife collection.

The Worst Ways to Sharpen an EDC Knife

1. Using a Glass Surface or Ceramic Mug

It might seem like a clever hack to use the unglazed bottom of a ceramic mug or a glass surface to sharpen your knife. After all, it’s often depicted in survival movies and touted in emergency preparedness forums (and guilty as charged, I’ve used this hack too). However, this technique is far from ideal for maintaining your EDC knife to perfection. The problem lies in the inconsistent abrasiveness of these surfaces. Ceramic mugs, while somewhat effective in a pinch, lack the uniform grit needed for a precise edge. The surface can be too coarse or too fine, leading to an uneven sharpening job. Moreover, using glass can cause the knife to slip, posing a safety hazard and potentially leading to a chipped blade. Sure, it’s a lovely hack that even Serious Eats recommends for home-chefs who don’t have their own honing rod or whetstone… but if you truly care about your EDC collection, the bottom of a mug isn’t the best place to be sharpening your prized knives.

2. Power Tools Like Bench Grinders

Power tools such as bench grinders might seem like a quick and easy solution to sharpen your knife, but they are more suited for heavy-duty tasks like reshaping tools rather than fine-tuning delicate knife edges. The primary issue with using a bench grinder for your EDC knife is the excessive heat generated during the grinding process. This heat can cause the steel to lose its temper, resulting in a blade that is brittle and prone to breaking.

Additionally, bench grinders remove material VERY quickly, which can lead to an uneven edge and significant wear on your blade. The aggressive nature of these tools makes it challenging to control the sharpening process, increasing the risk of creating an uneven bevel or completely ruining the knife. For those who value precision and the longevity of their knife, bench grinders are best avoided for routine sharpening tasks.

3. Cheap, Coarse Pull-Through Sharpeners

Pull-through sharpeners are widely available and often marketed for their convenience and ease of use. However, a cheap one off AliExpress or Temu will do you much more harm than good. The problem with pull-through sharpeners is that they use fixed abrasive materials that can remove too much metal from your blade unevenly. This aggressive removal process can damage the edge, leading to a shorter lifespan for your knife.

Moreover, these sharpeners usually set a fixed angle that may not match the original bevel of your knife, resulting in a less efficient cutting edge. The convenience of pull-through sharpeners comes at the cost of precision and control, which are crucial for maintaining a high-quality edge on your EDC knife. Instead of opting for these quick fixes, consider more controlled methods that allow you to maintain the knife’s intended geometry and sharpness.

4. Improvised Rock Sharpening

While it might be tempting to use natural rocks as makeshift sharpeners, especially in a survival situation, this method is highly inconsistent and can cause significant damage to your knife. Rocks found in nature vary widely in their abrasiveness and can introduce grit or contaminants that scratch and dull the blade rather than sharpen it. The uneven surface of a rock can also lead to an inconsistent edge, making your knife less reliable.

In emergency situations where no other options are available, using a rock might be your only choice. However, it should not be a regular practice for maintaining your EDC knife. For routine sharpening, it’s best to stick to purpose-made tools that provide a consistent and controlled sharpening experience, ensuring your knife stays in top condition.

The Best Ways to Sharpen an EDC Knife

1. Whetstones

Whetstones are the gold standard for sharpening knives, offering a controlled and precise method for maintaining your blade. They come in various grits, typically ranging from coarse to fine, allowing you to handle everything from reshaping a damaged edge to polishing a razor-sharp finish. Using a whetstone requires some practice and patience, but the results are well worth the effort.

Start by soaking the whetstone in water (if it’s a water stone) to ensure smooth sharpening. Place the stone on a stable surface and hold your knife at a consistent angle, typically around 15-20 degrees. Begin by using the coarse side of the stone, moving the blade in a smooth, sweeping motion across the stone to establish a new edge. Once you have a burr (a slight ridge of metal along the edge), switch to the finer side of the stone to refine and polish the edge.

Whetstones allow for a high level of control over the sharpening process, ensuring that you can maintain the original bevel and achieve a razor-sharp edge. The investment in a good set of whetstones pays off in the quality and longevity of your knife’s edge, making it a must-have for serious knife enthusiasts.

2. Diamond Stones

Diamond stones are another excellent option for sharpening EDC knives. They are composed of small, industrial-grade diamonds embedded in a metal plate, making them extremely durable and effective at quickly sharpening a blade. Unlike whetstones, diamond stones do not require soaking, and they can be used dry or with a little water for lubrication.

One of the significant advantages of diamond stones is their consistency and speed. They can remove material more efficiently than traditional whetstones, making them ideal for quick touch-ups or more substantial sharpening tasks. To use a diamond stone, follow a similar process to whetstone sharpening: maintain a consistent angle and use smooth, controlled strokes to sharpen the blade.

Diamond stones come in various grits, allowing you to perform coarse sharpening and fine-honing with the same tool. Their durability and ease of use make them a favorite among knife enthusiasts who want a reliable and efficient sharpening solution.

3. Ceramic Rods

Ceramic rods are excellent for honing, which is the process of maintaining an already sharp edge rather than performing a full sharpening. These rods are typically used after sharpening with whetstones or diamond stones to refine the edge and keep it in top condition between more intensive sharpening sessions.

Using ceramic rods is straightforward. Hold the rod vertically or at a slight angle and draw the knife blade down the rod, maintaining a consistent angle. Repeat this process on both sides of the blade, ensuring even honing. Ceramic rods are gentle on the knife’s edge and help maintain its sharpness without removing significant material.

For EDC knife users who want to keep their blades in peak condition with minimal effort, ceramic rods are an excellent tool for regular maintenance. They are compact, easy to use, and effective at keeping your knife sharp and ready for action.

4. Stropping

Stropping is the final step in achieving a razor-sharp edge and involves using a leather strop to polish and refine the blade. A strop is typically a piece of leather mounted on a flat surface or a hanging strip, and it may be used with or without a stropping compound to enhance its effectiveness.

To strop your knife, hold the blade at a consistent angle and draw it backward along the leather, moving away from the edge to avoid cutting into the strop. Repeat this process on both sides of the blade. Stropping removes any remaining burr from the sharpening process and polishes the edge to a mirror finish.

This step is essential for achieving the highest level of sharpness and ensuring the blade cuts smoothly and effortlessly. Stropping is an easy and effective way to maintain your knife’s edge, especially when combined with regular sharpening and honing.

5. Professional Sharpening Services

Sometimes, leaving the sharpening to the professionals is the best choice, especially if your knife is very dull or damaged. Professional sharpening services use a combination of techniques and tools to restore your blade to its optimal sharpness without risking its integrity.

Professionals typically use high-quality whetstones, diamond stones, and other precision tools to achieve a perfect edge. They have the experience and skill to handle various blade types and steels, ensuring that your knife is sharpened correctly and efficiently.

Using a professional service can be particularly beneficial for those who lack the time or confidence to sharpen their knives themselves. It’s an investment in the longevity and performance of your EDC knife, providing peace of mind that your blade is in expert hands.

6. Guided Sharpening Systems

Guided sharpening systems are designed to make the sharpening process foolproof by providing preset angles and multiple sharpening options. These systems often include ceramic stones, diamond plates, and strops, offering a comprehensive solution for maintaining your knife’s edge.

Using a guided system is straightforward. The knife is clamped into the device, and the sharpening stones are guided along the blade at a consistent angle. This setup ensures that even beginners can achieve a precise and consistent edge without the guesswork involved in freehand sharpening.

Guided sharpening systems are an excellent choice for those who want a reliable and user-friendly way to keep their EDC knives sharp. They take the complexity out of the sharpening process, making it accessible to everyone, regardless of skill level.


Maintaining a sharp edge on your EDC knife is essential for its performance and safety. While there are many methods to sharpen a knife, not all are created equal. Techniques like using a ceramic mug, power tools, and cheap pull-through sharpeners can cause more harm than good, leading to a damaged or dull blade. On the other hand, investing in quality tools like whetstones, diamond stones, ceramic rods, and guided sharpening systems ensures a sharp, reliable edge.

For those who prefer a professional touch, professional sharpening services offer an expert solution,

while stropping provides the final polish to achieve a razor-sharp finish. By choosing the right sharpening methods and tools, you can keep your EDC knife in top condition, ready to tackle any task with ease and precision.

So, the next time you consider sharpening your knife, skip the makeshift methods and opt for techniques that will enhance your blade’s performance and longevity. After all, a well-maintained knife is a cut above the rest, ready to slice through your daily challenges without a hitch. Just remember, keep the dishwasher for your dishes and the bench grinder for your tools—your knife deserves better.

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Tiny yet Mighty Titanium + Carbon Fiber Pocket Knife is Smaller and Lighter than your House Key

It doesn’t get smaller than this, lighter than this, or more viciously sharp than this. Measuring a mere 57mm (2.5 inches) when shut and weighing just 5.6 grams (0.19 ounces), the WaspArmor Micro Folding Scalpel floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee… or a wasp, as its name would suggest. Its titanium and carbon fiber body gives it a classy-yet-durable build, and the replaceable scalpel blade means never having to sharpen your knife ever again. Quite impressive for a blade tiny enough to attach to your keychain.

Designer: AlloyX

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $55 (29% off) Hurry! Only 15 left of 560 units.

Smaller than even your index finger when closed, the WaspArmor is like the chihuahua of pocket knives, tiny yet so audacious and aggressive you’re bound to take it seriously. The knife comes with a few clever tricks up its sleeve, but it all starts with the titanium and carbon fiber construction. Both materials are known for their incredible strength-to-weight ratio, which made them the perfect selection for the WaspArmor knife. The Titanium body gives the knife its durability, resilience, and ability to withstand corrosion, etc. Three carbon fiber inserts on the sides of the handle give the WaspArmor a unique aesthetic while providing a mildly textured grip that makes holding and maneuvering the scalpel easy.

A simple fold-out arm reveals the WaspArmor’s small but seriously sharp blade. While most pocket knives come with their own built-in blades, the WaspArmor relies on standard Scalpel blades that clip right into the knife’s design. The reason for this is three-fold – for starters, scalpel blades are deadly sharp. They glide right through pretty much anything, making them perfect for opening boxes, piercing packets, whittling wood, or even slicing tough paracord. The pointed tip and sharp edge make the scalpel blade a formidable piece of hardware, and these blades are readily available, which means you can simply buy a pack of them (they even come in different designs) for replacing whenever.

The second reason is that instead of sharpening/maintaining your WaspArmor, you can simply ditch an old blade for a new one, saving energy and time, while keeping your knife fresh and usable for decades. The third reason is that a knife with a removable blade is invariably TSA-safe. In case you happen to have the WaspArmor on you while entering an airport, you can simply ditch the blade and carry the rest of the knife with you. Removing and replacing the blade on your WaspArmor is easy but not too easy that the blade comes apart on its own. The blade can only be removed when the knife is open at a 120° angle, ensuring it never comes undone by accident.

The WaspArmor’s compact design still has enough room for clever detailing. A hidden back-lock lets the blade snap into its open position, so the blade doesn’t accidentally shut while in use. The handle’s small design is still ergonomic to hold and use, which is quite a functional win for anyone who’s serious about buying and using this knife on a daily basis. The compact handle still has enough space for a cutout that you can slide a lanyard/carabiner through or even your keychain ring. The knife is small and light enough to sit among your keys, being accessible in a split second, whenever you need a cutting instrument.

That small, accessible size is what makes the WaspArmor so incredible. You could use it to open Amazon parcels, sharpen pencils, cut tiny twigs/branches outdoors, scrape a flint to start a fire, slice through a paracord, cut a seatbelt to get out of a messy situation, or even defend yourself with a tough, sharp blade that will never disappoint.

Each WaspArmor features a CNC-machined Titanium handle, with those Carbon Fiber inserts that give the overall knife its distinct character. Even though it’s a tiny piece of EDC, it’s designed to be reliably safe, with the blade holding its position, and the swinging arm locking in both open and closed modes, so your knife doesn’t accidentally disassemble or worse… hurt anyone. The WaspArmor Micro Folding Scalpel starts at a discounted $39, which includes the WaspArmor itself, along with 10 replaceable scalpel blades (you can buy more at any medical or stationery store), a titanium keyring, and free global shipping.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $55 (29% off) Hurry! Only 15 left of 560 units.

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Compact MagSafe Flashlight is perfect for everything from iPhone photography to outdoor adventures

With a stunning 300 lumens of brightness, the WUBEN E1 is 6 times more powerful than your smartphone flashlight, making it perfect for selfies, vlogging, outdoor trips, emergencies, and even reading. The best part, it snaps right onto the back of your phone, giving you a compact ring-light on demand, so you don’t have to use your phone’s crummy excuse for a flashlight. And when you’re not using the light, you can use it as a stand to prop your phone up at any angle.

The WUBEN E1 is proof that MagSafe was an incredible idea. While Apple merely designed the feature to support chargers and attach wallets, MagSafe has spawned a whole host of third-party accessories, from finger grips to tripods, power banks, EDC, and now the E1 flashlight. A perfect example of an accessory that nobody knows they want but everyone definitely needs, the WUBEN E1 straps a powerful lighting device to the back of your phone. Much more effective than your smartphone’s native flashlight, the WUBEN E1 sports a ring of 28 LEDs that create a bright ring light that’s perfect for selfies or for exploring the outdoors. The light sits on a hinge that serves as a stand for your phone, while also letting you face the light forwards or backward, giving you the option of even using it for selfies. Plus, multiple brightness levels and three color temperature settings (warm, neutral, cool) give you way more freedom than your smartphone flashlight could even dream of.

Designer: WUBEN

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $49 (20% off) Hurry, limited units at discounted price. Raised over $133,000.

For context, the iPhone 15’s flashlight maxes out at 50 lumens – ask any photographer and they’ll tell you that is far too little for effective flash photography. The WUBEN E1, however, overshoots the smartphone flashlight’s brightness by about 6x, giving you a light that’s much more effective in a variety of scenarios, whether it’s finding your keys in the dark or taking beautiful low-light selfies.

Slightly smaller than a hockey puck, the WUBEN E1 packs a series of 28 LEDs in its compact design, and can be used either independently or while securely snapped to the back of your MagSafe-compatible smartphone. On its own, the WUBEN E1 is a pretty handy little flashlight that can be held in your hand, attached to the hood of your car (or any metal surface), or even propped up on any flat-ish plane for instant lighting. Snap it onto the back of your smartphone, however, and you’ve got yourself a powerful tool for selfies, vlogging, or even outdoor adventures.

The WUBEN E1 operates entirely thanks to a crown located on the rim beside the LEDs. Similar to the ones found on a watch, the crown can be pushed to activate the light or cycle through temperature settings, and can be rotated to adjust the brightness. Keeping things gloriously simple, the E1 doesn’t come with an app or any settings that would complicate its use. It’s simply a great, intuitive, sleek EDC light that just so happens to attach to the back of your phone.

Attaching the WUBEN E1 to your phone gives you two distinct benefits. The light’s hinged arm lets you use the E1 as a stand for your phone, propping it up in pretty much any angle you choose. The second, more obvious benefit, is the fact that it replaces your phone’s flashlight with something far more versatile and powerful. The LED ring is 6x more powerful than your phone’s native flashlight, and the hinged arm lets you face the lights anywhere, creating a great makeshift camera light that’s just wonderful for low-light shots, vlogs, or even vanity selfies. Weirdly enough, the LED ring also makes your iPhone look somewhat like a Nothing Phone (1), which feels ironic and slightly hilarious. iPhone users get the last laugh, however, because the E1 is so much more capable than the Nothing Phone’s notification LEDs.

Each E1 comes made from lightweight Magnesium alloy, giving the EDC flashlight a weight of just 36 grams or 1.26 ounces. At just 6mm thin, the WUBEN E1 fits comfortably onto the back of your phone without really jutting out or obstructing regular phone usage. It’s also slim enough to slide directly into your pocket with or without your phone, reinforcing its portability. A 320mAh battery gives the flashlight anywhere between 30 minutes of usage (on its brightest setting) or 50 hours of on-time (on its lowest setting), while a USB-C port on the base of the light lets you charge your device.

The WUBEN E1 starts at $39, and for $69 you’ll get the E1 along with a metal tripod stand/selfie stick that sits between the flashlight and your phone, turning your cutting-edge phone into a comprehensive photo and videography device. The Wuben E1 ships globally starting July 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39 $49 (20% off) Hurry, limited units at discounted price. Raised over $133,000.

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This $59 Electric Screwdriver is the size of a pencil but packs 52 bits and a powerful battery

It’s the year 2024 and if you’re still manually rotating your screwdrivers, you’re doing something wrong. Meet the SES Nano, a ridiculously compact electric screwdriver that’s no larger than a pencil and weighs a paltry 2 ounces or 58 grams. Arrowmax, the folks behind the SES Nano, has practically perfected the art of electric screwdrivers, and the SES NANO builds on the backs of all that research and development. This tiny screwdriver packs 5 torque settings, peaking at 5 that’s powerful enough to work with even the tightest screws. A simple two-button interface lets you easily choose whether you want to rotate the screwdriver clockwise or counter-clockwise, letting you tighten or loosen screws without any elbow grease. Just load one of the SES NANO’s 52 bits, hold the driver in place, press the button, and watch the magic happen. The SES NANO’s tiny design makes it a no-brainer against most conventional electric drivers that are much larger, and is perfect for your workshop or DIY kit whether you’re working with watches or phones, laptops, computers, drones, tiny models, or even your spectacles.

Designer: Arrowmax

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 (34% off) Hurry! Only 6 days left.

Despite its compact size and measuring just over 5 inches in length and weighing a mere 58 grams, the SES NANO boasts an impressive torque output of up to 5.0 at 250 RPM. This translates to tackling various projects, from repairing delicate electronics like smartphones and glasses with precision control to confidently assembling flat-pack furniture. The lightweight design, crafted from a single piece of high-grade CNC aluminum alloy, ensures durability while making it easy to maneuver and reducing fatigue during use. Simple one-button operation with clear forward and reverse controls ensures user-friendliness for anyone, regardless of DIY experience.

The SES NANO goes beyond just being small and convenient. With its ingenious design that integrates a robust output circuit board, a precision gearbox, and a secure bit-locking mechanism seamlessly into a single unit, it prioritizes both efficiency and precision. This innovative design minimizes the overall volume of the power unit while maximizing its effectiveness. An LED display keeps you informed about critical details like the current battery level (displayed as a percentage), the selected torque mode (out of 5 available modes), and charging status. Strategically placed 4 LED lights on the chuck illuminate the work area, providing a shadowless light source for focused operation, especially in tight or poorly lit environments.

The SES NANO comes with a comprehensive set of 59 S2 steel screwdriver bits, including commonly used Phillips, star, and nut driver heads, all featuring a standard 4mm hex shank for secure fitment within the driver. This wide variety of bits ensures you’re equipped to handle most screw types you might encounter during various DIY tasks. The inclusion of a handy 58mm extension tip further enhances the SES NANO’s versatility, allowing you to reach and tackle screws in tight spaces or deep recesses that may otherwise be inaccessible with a standard screwdriver. The universal Type-C charging port, a common connector found in most modern devices, ensures convenient and hassle-free power top-ups using a power bank, laptop, or any USB-C wall charger. The best part, you can access the SES Nano’s charging port right through the case, allowing you to juice your screwdriver without even taking it out!

Each SES NANO ships with its all-encompassing case that contains the driver itself along with 52 well-arranged driver bits to choose from, ranging from common to specialty bits. The case also contains an extender tool that lets you extend the reach of your SES NANO to access hard-to-reach spots or sunken screws, a magnetizer that helps you re-magnetize bits, and finally a USB-C charging cable for your device. The SES NANO starts at a discounted $59, and ships globally starting June 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $89 (34% off) Hurry! Only 6 days left.

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This Stationery Set Of The Future Unlocks Unique Opportunities For Designers And Artists

The advancement of a society is determined by the tools it uses. That’s why we labeled epochs by materials, like the stone age, bronze age, iron age and the industrial age. With how much design and art has evolved over the past few decades, it really doesn’t make much sense using stationery tools from centuries ago. Gone are the days of relying on protractors and set-squares, the folks at Ddiin have designed something new, the Exlicon L is an all-encompassing toolkit that combines clever detailing with new-age requirements. With 3 tools that achieve a variety of unique tasks, the Exlicon L lets you master distances, circles, arcs, parabolic curves, triangles, and the golden ratio – one of nature and visual design’s most prominent templates.

Designer: Ddiin Concept Ltd./ Sofia Lee Pik Shan

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 $36 (27% off). Hurry, only 9/100 left! Raised over $47,000.

Sofia Lee, the visionary behind Ddiin, founded the company in 2019, winning over 30 design awards (like the iF Design Award and IDEA Award) for their unique spin on stationery and their commitment to enhancing the functional aesthetics of design tools. The Exlicon L is perhaps their most extensive toolkit yet, designed to allow web designers, graphic designers, architects, artists, industrial designers, fashion designers, and more to effortlessly create shapes and lines that adhere to the golden ratio—a universally admired aesthetic standard that imbues works with a natural sense of harmony and balance.

The golden ratio is a mathematical concept that describes a perfectly balanced and visually pleasing proportion found in nature and design. It is approximately 1.618, and can be expressed mathematically as follows: φ = (1 + √5) / 2

We are inspired by the golden ratio in nature and architecture.

The toolkit is cleverly engineered to be compact yet comprehensive, accommodating a wide array of design needs. It includes tools like the TG, Triangle, and Circle, each crafted to facilitate the creation of precise geometric shapes, golden spirals, and thick lines, all within the palm of your hand. The precision of these tools addresses a common challenge in freehand drawing—achieving accurate proportions without traditional measuring devices, which can often disrupt the creative flow.

The design of the Circle Tool has a broad spectrum of radius sizes enabling a total of 112 circles to be drawn.

One of the set’s key components, the Circle Tool, addresses a longstanding challenge for artists seeking to master circles and arcs. The tool lets you easily draw as many as 112 circles of different diameters, using pencils, pens, and even thick markers. Three measuring scales built into this tool let you capture distances including metric and imperial linear distances for radii and diameters, or even measure circumferences with a length of up to 18 centimeters. Unlike any existing circle-master, this tool gives you mastery over radial lines too, as well as allows you to quickly make mandalas and other geometric patterns.

Extending the Circle Tool’s functionality is the Golden Ratio Tool Set, comprising the TG Tool and Triangle Tool – each brimming with functionalities designed to streamline the creative process. Imagine incorporating golden spirals, precise angle measurements, and a ruler seamlessly into your workflow – all within a single, portable, and user-friendly toolset.

The TG Tool

Parabolic Curve

The TG Tool is quite unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. Modeled on the shape of a golden spiral, the TG Tool gives you mastery over one of the oldest ratios based on the Fibonacci sequence found in nature. This sequence helps determine proportions and can be found in nature, architecture, art, and practically every phase of life. The golden ratio, roughly equal to 1.618, is a mathematical formula that embodies perfect balance and aesthetic appeal, frequently observed in nature and artistic masterpieces. Traditionally, achieving this ratio with freehand techniques has been a frustrating exercise, often requiring rulers, dividers, and a healthy dose of guesswork. The Exlicon L TG Tool eliminates this frustration. The ingenious tool comes with 3 spirals of 55.7, 51.7 & 47.4 mm radii, allowing you to draw spirals, plot details along the golden curve, make isosceles golden triangles, and even draw parabolic curves with sheer certainty.

The Triangle Tool

Finally, the Triangle Tool enables the creation of a series of golden triangles, which are essential for designs that require rigorous proportionality and aesthetic alignment with the golden ratio. It features various marking groups that guide the user in drawing triangles starting from different base lengths, such as 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 mm. Each marking group is distinctly designed—solid, hollow, and semi-circular—to facilitate easy identification and use, making this tool incredibly user-friendly and efficient for both professional designers and hobbyists aiming for precision in their creative endeavors.

You can either buy the set of three tools together, or choose an individual tool that you’re most likely to use often. Each tool is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, making them robust, sleek, and resistant to damage or corrosion. The Exlicon L starts at $26 for an individual tool of your choice, or you can bag the entire set of $79, with free shipping anywhere in the world.

Click Here to Buy Now: $26 $36 (27% off). Hurry, only 9/100 left! Raised over $47,000.

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This Butterfly Machete with a folding design may be the most badass EDC Knife we’ve ever seen

It’s as if Danny Trejo met Donnie Yen…

Say hello to the Gerber DoubleDown, or as I like to call it, the EDC equivalent of your worst enemy. Designed to be perhaps the only folding machete I’ve ever seen, the DoubleDown is equal parts nimble and dangerous. Modeled on the format of a butterfly knife, the DoubleDown scales the knife up to the size of your standard machete, giving you an EDC that can cut, chop, and split wood while looking deviously cool. The knife features a two-part handle with a quad-locking system that gives you all the benefits of a full-size blade for outdoor use, with a compact form factor that shrinks down to half its size when the deed’s done.

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The DoubleDown boasts a lengthy 6.75-inch high-carbon steel blade, surpassing the typical butterfly knife in both length and width. When unfolded, the DoubleDown reaches a total length of 15 inches, rivaling Gerber’s own fixed-blade machete offerings. The magic lies in the folding mechanism. The DoubleDown’s dual-piece handle, reminiscent of a pliers multi-tool, folds securely around the blade for safe and convenient storage. A MOLLE-compatible sheath makes carrying the DoubleDown on your pack a breeze. When deployed, the handle sections rotate a full 180 degrees, locking into place at four points while providing a comfortable, ergonomic grip.

So, is it a folding machete or a supersized butterfly knife? Gerber cleverly calls it a “folding machete hybrid.” The design caters to three key tasks: cutting, chopping, and batoning. The innovative QuadLock system ensures the blade stays securely locked in three different positions, guaranteeing user safety during operation.

For taking on dense jungle or thick mangrove undergrowth, a traditional fixed-blade machete might still be the champion… But for lighter brush clearing and those seeking a more pack-friendly option, the DoubleDown shines. Weighing in at a manageable 18 ounces, this Gerber creation offers a compelling blend of power and portability.

The DoubleDown made its debut in 2020, quickly rising through the ranks as one of Gerber’s most exciting and reliable offerings, and currently comes in 3 colors – green/stainless, black/stainless, and an all-black variant that I assume Batman would use to chop firewood when Alfred’s off duty.

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This Precision-machined EDC Spinner works as a Fidget Toy, Multi-Gaming Dice, and even a Measuring Ruler

At first glance, it’s entirely possible to think that the NEO SPIN is just a fidget spinner… Take a second or third look and you’ll realize that it’s so much more. Building on the craze of fidget toys, designers Sundeep Rajula and Pratapa Sanaga created a Minimalist, Multi-functional EDC gadget not just to fidget, but one that doubles as a gaming apparatus as well as a measuring device. Precision machined out of premium-grade brass and 304 stainless steel, the gadget is haute EDC at its finest, with a touch of fun. It takes equal inspiration from regular fidget spinners as well as roulette wheels and other spin games, combining the tactile joy of one, along with the suspense of the other. What’s more, the NEO SPIN’s also designed to be modular, allowing you to swap out the spinning disc inside and replace it with something different to serve an altogether new purpose. Each disc bestows its own function to the NEO SPIN, turning it into either a roulette wheel, a gaming die, or even a measuring device.

Designers: Sundeep Rajula & Pratapa Sanaga

Click Here to Buy Now: $49 $79 ($30 off). Hurry, only 25/225 left!

The NEO SPIN is designed to be perfectly handy, fitting right into your palm and practically begging to be fidgeted with. Two machined brass caps sit on either side, with a centrally-located gorgeous knurled Stainless Steel Disc that makes it easy to spin. A window in the brass cap lets you see the results of the spinning disc when it comes to a stop.

Load the Disc of your choice. Choose a Particular game you wish to play. Spin the Disc and Stop after a few seconds. Align the result with the arrow on the case.

The joy of using the NEO SPIN is compounded by the the presence of different discs, like the one with multi-game graphics or the roulette wheel, or even the special Dungeons & Dragons disc. Alternatively, swap out the fun for function with the measuring disc that lets you accurately chart distances. A ball-bearing at the center of each disc makes the spinning effortless, and the disc can randomly be stopped simply by pressing you thumb or finger on the knurled disc to ‘brake’ the movement. It’s a brilliantly fun fidget activity that also turns into a decision-making interaction. An arrow etched under the window tells you where you’ve landed on the disc, preventing ambiguity and cheating.

An easy-to-open design lets you access and swap out the discs, choosing from a wide range of pre-designed discs or even having your own custom-engraved disc of choice. The standard discs allow the NEO SPIN to transform into a gaming device, a decision-making aid, or even measuring. The measuring disc comes in both imperial as well as metric measurements, and simply rolling the NEO SPIN on a linear or non-linear surface allows you to measure distances with remarkable accuracy.

Each NEO SPIN measures 40mm wide (1.5 inches) and 10mm thick (0.03 inches), weighing just 70 grams (2.4 ounces), making it perfectly palm-sized for fidgeting throughout the day. The $49 Standard Pack of the NEO SPIN ships with three discs – one for roulette or gaming, one specifically for DND, and a third for measuring. Upgrading to $69 lets you get a custom disc of your own made, perhaps with names of friends/colleagues so you can decide who pays the bill at a restaurant after dinner! After all, tossing coins is so old-school!

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This EDC’s Millisecond-Deploy Mechanism and ‘Vanchor’ Lock make it the ultimate Tactical Pocket Knife

Vosteed’s new locking mechanism makes their latest pocket knife a must-have. The ‘Vanchor Lock’ builds on the best features of all existing locking mechanisms, delivering reliability, safety, and swift, single-handed deployment in the blink of an eye. Combine that with the Ankylo’s ridiculously sharp Bohler Elmax steel blade and its ergonomic aluminum handle and you’ve got yourself a tactical knife that’s a treat for eyes and a savior of lives…

Designer: Vosteed

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On the surface, the Vosteed Ankylo looks like a pretty well-made EDC designed for all sorts of tasks. It’s rugged without overplaying the rugged aesthetic, is peppered with functional details that make it a great knife to use, and comes in a variety of colors to choose from. The knife sports an all-metal design that gives it heft and weight, while allowing you to maneuver it confidently. On the front sits a 3.18″ medium-sized reverse-tanto blade that’s great for cutting, piercing, whittling, scraping, and self-defence. The blade, made from Bohler Elmax steel, is harder than most, making it perfect for all sorts of cutting activities. The reverse tanto profile’s character is accentuated by the blade’s curved belly, which allows you to rock the knife while cutting. A finger groove at the base of the knife lets you comfortably rest your index finger, textured jimping on the top gives you a perfect place to rest your thumb, and a cutout in the blade allows you to swiftly deploy the blade from within the knife.

The Vosteed Ankylo’s unique Vanchor mechanism allows for fast and reliable deployment

The Ankylo’s crown jewel, however, is hidden away from sight within its aluminum body. While most knives have a liner lock, frame lock, or button lock, the Ankylo opts for something even better. The folks at Vosteed realized that while all three locking mechanisms were great, they all had their own trade-offs too. Some either made the knife weak, while others were tough to use with one hand. Designed to mitigate any of these drawbacks, the Ankylo boasts what Vosteed calls a ‘Vanchor’ lock. This patented locking mechanism is CNC-machined from a plate of stainless steel, and is secured by a magnetic button that lets you easily deploy or retract the blade. Unlike most locking mechanisms, the Vanchor lets you open or shut your knife in mere milliseconds with a single hand – a feature so incredibly captivating that it becomes a fidget activity too. When deployed, the Vanchor plate reinforces the blade, acting almost as a tang to give your knife stability and durability during use.

Deploy and use the Ankylo even with gloves on

It’s this Vanchor lock, combined with the Ankylo’s all-metal design that makes it such a pocket powerhouse. Whether it’s something benign as opening boxes, something as difficult as carving wood, or even something as mission-critical as self-defence, the Ankylo’s size, construction, ergonomics, and Elmax steel blade all play their part in the knife’s grand choreography. The blade cutout lets you deploy your knife instantly (even with gloves on), going from 0 to 100 in mere milliseconds, while a satisfying button lets you just as quickly shut the blade right back in. When you’re not using the Ankylo, chances are your thumb and forefinger will find themselves fidgeting wth it, almost like one would with a butterfly knife.

The Ankylo comes in 6 color variants all sporting a 6061 space-grade aluminum handle, that patented Vanchor lock, and the quick-deploying Elmax steel blade. The knife measures a respectable 4.5 7 inches long when closed, opening up to a mid-size 7.75 inches in length which is in the sweet spot for a good, ergonomic mid-sized knife. Each knife weighs 4.76 ounces or 135 grams (optimized for reliability and maneuverability), and you can choose from 6 CMF variants, which feature a choice between handle colors, handle textures, and even a regular or black stonewashed blade. The Ankylo knife, which gathered much support at last year’s BladeShow West 2023, begins shipping in June this year.

Click Here to Buy Now: $159 $169 ($10 off) Hurry! Only 167 left of 700. Raised over $120,000.

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Ultra-Light Tactical Titanium Pocket Knife Tips Scales at Just 1.3 Ounces

There are multiple schools of thought when it comes to pocket knives – you’ve got one school that says pocket knives (or any EDC) should be highly rugged, durable, and scary-looking so as to fend off enemies. Another says that pocket knives should serve as multitools that have a myriad of functions to help you overcome any situation. The third school of thought, and the one that I subscribe to personally, is that a pocket knife should be useful when you need it, and invisible when you don’t. The SerpBlade falls squarely into the third school of thought while teasing the first two ever so slightly. At 37 grams or 1.3 ounces, the SerpBlade is lighter than an empty AirPods case (that’s for you metric-hating folks!), but it packs a scalpel blade at one end, and a tungsten steel glass breaker at the other end. It’s also made of titanium and carbon fiber, two of the most durable and resilient materials known to mankind. Whether it’s opening boxes or defending yourself from life-threatening situations, the SerpBlade comes in very handy, and when you’re done, its lightweight compact design disappears into your pocket like thin air.

Designer: TrekGear

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The beauty of the SerpBlade lies in its sheer simplicity. Come and think about it, all of the pocket knife’s features can be broken down into four distinct parts – its blade, its glass-breaker, its materials, and the overall design.

The SerpBlade strangely enough doesn’t come with a blade built-in. Instead, it relies on any standard scalpel-style surgical blade that snaps right into the knife’s blade holder. Made from surgical steel, these blades are ridiculously sharp (ask any doctor or surgeon), and can handle everything from cardboard and paper to even cutting through wood. Readily available pretty much everywhere, the surgical scalpel blades come in a variety of profiles, so you can choose a shape that suits your needs best. A drop-point or clip-point is usually the crowd favorite, but a nice tanto-style blade really gives the SerpBlade a wicked demeanor. The fact that the SerpBlade ditches a built-in blade for a removable one gives you two significant advantages – for starters, you don’t need to worry about ever having to sharpen your blade again. If a blade grows dull or even breaks, simply ditch it for a new one. It’s simple, fast, and frankly, sustainable because you aren’t throwing out an entire knife just because the blade is damaged or dull. The second major advantage is that the SerpBlade, as a result, is TSA-friendly, as now you can simply ditch the blade and carry the EDC with you while traveling anywhere.

Flip the knife over and you’ve got a tungsten-steel glass-breaker on the reverse end. A great addition to the SerpBlade (I don’t know why more EDC knives don’t have glass breakers in them), this little feature comes in extremely handy when you need to make a quick getaway. The glass-breaking tip can easily shatter through hard laminated glass panels like the ones found in cars, giving you the ability to easily escape in the case of an emergency. The sharp surgical blade CAN cut through seatbelts too, although a serrated knife or a seatbelt cutter would be much more suited to the specific task at hand.

The materials play a crucial role in the SerpBlade’s appeal, given that they allow the knife to be durable, maneuverable, and so easy-breezy to use that you’ll find yourself reaching for the SerpBlade over other EDC knives. The pocket knife comes with a titanium armature that’s sandwiched between a two-piece carbon fiber handle. Sure, this makes the knife lightweight, it also makes the knife incredibly durable (you’re sure to use it for a lifetime if not more), but the combination of titanium and carbon fiber allows the SerpBlade to also be fire-resistant, waterproof, and corrosion-proof. Titanium doesn’t rust or oxidize the way steel does, and both titanium and carbon fiber can resist high temperatures while also being relatively inert to chemicals. In short, your lightweight knife is also 10-20x more durable than an all-steel knife or a steel knife with wooden handles.

On the design front, the SerpBlade is as slim and slender as they come. At 81mm in length (just over 3 inches), the SerpBlade is the perfect blend between compact and ergonomic. A deep pocket clip allows you to securely carry your SerpBlade in your pocket, and a lanyard hole (that’s now been added to the final design) lets you attach your SerpBlade to a carabiner or paracord too. It was built to be your trusty sidekick for trekking, camping, hunting, gardening, wilderness survival, emergency use, and even something as benign as opening boxes and envelopes or papercraft.

The knife features a single-handed flip-to-open mechanism that deploys in under a second, letting you go from 0 to 100 in the blink of an eye. A roller bearing mechanism makes the flip-out buttery smooth, while a liner lock holds the blade in place while you’re using the knife, ensuring it doesn’t shut on you mid-job. The titanium arm that holds the surgical scalpel blade lets you change blades in a jiffy too. All you need to do is slide out the old blade and add a new one and you’re good to go. Change blades whenever an old one goes dull or breaks, or even if you’re in the mood for something different!

The SerpBlade comes in a single color, although each carbon fiber handle has a unique flake pattern that differs from knife to knife. The EDC starts at a discounted $59, which includes the pocket knife itself, along with ten No.23 surgical blades included. The Serpblade ships globally for free starting July 2024.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $79 (25% off) Hurry! Only 9 days left.

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This tiny rapid-deploy tactical pocket knife is like the Napoleon of EDC

The name Speedy seems rather apt for the world’s fastest-deploying tiny pocket knife, don’t you think?

With a spring-loaded action that allows you to flip open the blade in record time, the Speedy is a tiny yet handy EDC that’s roughly the size of your car’s key fob (but slimmer). Armed with a 440 Carbon stainless steel blade encased within a G10 fiberglass handle, the entire knife weighs just 1.6 ounces, measures a minuscule 2.2 inches (58 millimeters), and has a tiny 1.45-inch (37 millimeters) blade that may seem diminutive, but is more than capable of being your tactical sidekick in an emergency.

Designer: Bomber & Company

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The Speedy comes from the folks at Bomber & Company, a seasoned EDC brand that debuted on Kickstarter in 2014, quickly rising through the ranks to become one of the hottest knifemakers on the platform, having sold over 1 million pocket knives in the past decade. The company’s developed its unique aesthetic over its 7 product campaigns, and the Speedy fits well into the the Bomber & Company’s visual language with its all-black design, fiber handle, and coated blade. Where it shines, however, is in the insides, which power the blade’s deployment. A strategically placed spring helps the Speedy unsheathe its blade in practically a millisecond, allowing single-hand deployment in the blink of an eye.

Once deployed, you’re equipped with a 1.45-inch small-size carbon steel blade with a drop-point design. The drop-point is perhaps the most classic blade style given its versatility. With a straight edge that curves at the tip, you’re left with a blade that’s great for cutting, slicing, carving, piercing, and even whittling. The carbon-steel blade cuts through materials like they’re butter, comfortably slicing through paper and cardboard, leather, and even through wood.

Cutouts in the blade’s design help reduce weight as well as decrease friction while slicing, allowing the knife to glide through materials.

Even for its ludicrously small size, the Speedy is quite grippy and easy to maneuver. The flipper acts as a nice finger guard, and that 2.2-inch handle is enough for a sturdy reliable grasp as you use the blade. A liner lock holds the blade in place while you’re cutting, allowing you to tuck it back into the handle only when you’re done using the Speedy.

The tiny EDC knife comes with an all-black design (how very Henry Ford Model T of them), and sports a keyring hole at the end of the handle that lets you string the blade on a keychain or even attach a carabiner so you can carry your Speedy however you wish. The knife is priced at $25 with global shipping, although for $50 you can grab a 3-pack for gifting to your friends, family, and fellow EDC enthusiasts. After all, you never know when you’ll need a fast-deploying tactical blade to get yourself out of a pickle…

Click Here to Buy Now: $25 Hurry, only 13 days left! Raised over $275,000.

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