This personal air quality monitor is the size of a keychain!

Monitoring air quality is going to become crucial post this pandemic as we all try to boost our respiratory systems. It isn’t possible to carry your air purifier everywhere with you and how can you tell if the air quality in the multiple environments that surround you is safe? Well, Sprimo has a solution for you – a keychain-sized personal air monitor that keeps you informed in real-time about the air you breathe. This is extremely important for those with pre-existing respiratory conditions so they can reduce their discomfort by checking the air quality before going to a certain place.

This compact personal gadget monitors the air quality around you and reports the collected data on an intuitive app that you can install on your smartphone. It is compatible with iPhones as the nifty device connects to your phone via the lightning port. As soon as you insert it, the air monitor should give you the readings instantly whether you are indoors or outdoors. Along with the air quality, it also gives you additional details like temperature and humidity’s effects on the air so you cover all your bases. The accurate air quality measurements are then color-coded for easy comprehension – green means clean air and red means you could be breathing in harmful particles. This helps to figure out if the areas you spend most of your time in has clean air and how it affects your health. Like does your office or school has healthy air quality? If not, you now know that you have to take the necessary steps to change that instead of continuing to harm your respiratory system unknowingly.

It also tracks toxic paint smell and chemicals, pollution, smog, cleaners, dirty clothes, second-hand smoke, perfume for allergies, glue, pet waste or garbage, and more! Sprimo’s personal air monitor is determined to make sure you only breathe clean air so your health remains uncomplicated during these complicated times.

Designer: Sprimo

Stationery addicts now have a ‘concrete’ reason to buy another pen!

Good stationery can really change my productivity quotient for the day and I am sure I am not alone. Writing with a new pen brings out the calligraphy artist inside me and looking at the concrete pen, I am so tempted to start journaling again! The studio that designed this beautiful pen, 22Studio, is proud of their contribution to keeping the tradition of writing on paper alive by sparking inspiration through their products.

The stationery created by 22Studio is no less than art, these are made to last lifelong and passed down as family collectibles through generations. Concrete is used to make this pen because it adds the rich look without making it a shiny or fancy – it is simple but makes a bold statement. The solid pen starts as a liquid mixture of different elements and then it allowed to set like stone. The concrete pen is carefully designed and crafted by hand in the studio which gives it its unique personality. Books are considered as best friends, but this concrete stationery is a rock (literally!) we can lean on.

Designer: 22Studio

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A Japanese charm redesigned to keep you healthy by syncing with the earth!

Omamori (お守り) are traditional good luck charms in Japanese culture that protect the wearer of the charm. The Japanese word “mamori” (守り) means protection, while prefix “o” gives the word an external movent connotation, transforming it to “your protection” and there are Omamoris for every area of life: love, health, luck, trips, success, protection. The concept of Kenkō is a futuristic take on the traditional Omamori, it does not cure illnesses or ward off evil spirits but it helps you stay healthy by being in sync with the earth’s electromagnetic frequencies. It is ergonomic, travel-friendly and minimal while still being a powerful force.

The earth is constantly emitting 7,83 Hz (also known as the earth’s breath, who knew that?!) along its surface which is believed to allow living beings to regulate their physiological functions. Scientific studies show that the earth’s natural magnetic fields have a positive influence on our brains. With the rapid development of electronic communication technologies, our bodies are getting confused between the natural and artificial frequencies which are dwindling our inherent ability to be in sync with nature. This concept device is aimed at increasing focus, coordinated neural activities, improve sleep and circadian rhythms, stabilize blood pressure and stimulate osteoblasts. Kenkō will be created to produce a 7,83Hz signal, reproducing the natural frequency using technology which will help human bodies re-establish their intrinsic relationship with being healthy naturally. It will have an LED light strip that glows when you switch on the device. Electrosmog caused by Wi-Fi and smartphone frequencies can no longer disturb the sync between the natural rhythm and your brain with Kenkō’s 1.5m protection radius around you. It is also designed to be pocket-sized so you can carry it everywhere like the traditional Omamori is meant to be but with a sleek touch of tech!

Designer: Daniele Peruzzo

A Fidget spinner enabled travel tool to keep your travel anxiety at bay!

How many of us have travel anxiety? It could be restless tapping of your feet while waiting at the boarding gate or in-flight fidgeting with the controls, we have all been there. This cool conceptual tool is not only a travel essential but also a fidget spinner that doesn’t look like it came with a happy meal. While most multipurpose tools are a combination of cutters, this titanium variant brings a lot more functionality than opening up like Wolverine’s claws!

When you are traveling there are so many tiny details that might slip our mind, especially when we are backpacking and cannot rely on fancy hotel services or big city solutions. I am sure we have all gotten beers or wine from a local shop only to come to our room and find that we don’t have a tool to open either – that’s when Tspin comes to the rescue. Or the time when we remember to buy the international sim card but forget that little pin to open the slot – another worry that is taken care of by Tspin with its dual nano-Sim card-holder and yes, that little pin! And a major thing if you’re traveling solo – a smartphone stand so that you can be in some of the pictures too or watch Netflix while waiting on your train. It also has a carabiner clip that definitely looks much sleeker than the one in your camping kit.

For all of us who wear glasses, this becomes an everyday carry item with its tiny screwdriver to tighten the frame whenever we need it. It also works as a cable wrapping tool – whether you are traveling or not, your earphones will tangle themselves and this little tool saves us from that frustrating man vs cable fight. Our only word of advice, this titanium concept tool may or may not be bulletproof so don’t go all David Guetta on it!

Designer: T’spin

This conceptual hand warmer comes with aesthetics designed to warm your soul

This hand warmer makes you feel the inner warmth even when you just look at it. That’s because its build and aesthetic were inspired by the feeling you get when you are all wrapped up in a cozy blanket on a cold winter day. The designers purposely made these hand warmers to give a physical form to that emotion. Second White created this concept as a part of its ‘Essentials Only’ project and we couldn’t agree more – once you know life in winter with a hand warmer, there is no going back!

Every curve and color of the device embodies the function of the hand warmer, especially the soft elliptical shape which fits naturally in your palms. It is perfectly sized for you to fit it in your coat pockets – a portable essential to carry during the winters especially if you have a commute! The hand warmer can be easily charged with a USB cord even with a phone. To ease your mind, it also comes with a backup battery and a handy light for those winter evenings when the sun sets early. Now we wait for this concept to come to life and be a ray of sunshine for those snowy days.

Designer: Second White

A digital-analog hybrid highlighter that saves time, effort and paper!

What is the biggest struggle when you are living in the digital era 2020 but still have analog mediums like books and charts? You have to highlight and then manually type it all into a doc so you can print those selected notes. It’s not only a giant waste of paper, but it is also a giant waste of your time – and as students, we will never have enough. What we need is a stylus and a highlighter to have a kid…and they did, he’s called Hyler and he’s here to solve your productivity problems.

Hyler works smarter, not harder. This digital-analog hybrid pen seamlessly transfers your colored text from paper to phone. Press “search mode” and you don’t have to flip through notes to look up a particular sentence anymore or Google a term, just highlight it and the app will look it up. Hyler works with books, textbooks, journals, and even technical material, it works with all kinds of users out there.

The traditional highlighter has a makeover, this hybrid is minimal and sleek. You can still enjoy the experience of turning pages, color coding texts, and more without having to do the tedious back and forth of typing them out with Hyler. A highlighter that optimizes the work you do and helps you manage time efficiently – it exists!

Designer: BKID Studio

Finally a weatherproof everyday carry kit classy enough to carry everywhere!

Men are super lucky to always have outfits with pockets and that’s why they can actually carry this cool EDC (Everyday Carry) kit of essentials with them. These aren’t just your regular items, they are more like functional accessories with a compact form for those who won’t compromise on practicality or a clean look. This sleek kit comes in a weatherproof case, so you truly can carry it every day and everywhere without having to cram your pockets or find a friend who is carrying a bag.

James Brand and Aether have created this monochromatic daily essential kit that includes a branded Moleskin notebook with a limited-edition pen, and knife, both having a diamond-patterned grip for ease of use. The pocket knife is not your usual one attached to a keyring, it was designed with a special 2.5″ blade, a Phillips-head screwdriver, a bottle opener, and James’ “All Things” scraper and pry. The exclusive knife also has a safety function where the blade locks, especially when applying a lot of force. Strong and super durable straps hold the knife and pen in place while the small gadgets and cords are neatly packed with the help of an elastic daisy chain.

There is no such thing as too many pockets especially when you don’t carry around a purse, so this EDC kit also has an internal zippered pocket that serves as a place to keep cash or small necessities. Making most of its form and function, the notebook pocket doubles as a passport pocket with three credit card slots making it perfect for travel as well. This is, in every essence, the modern man’s EDC kit with essentials that are multifunctional, practical, space-saving and classy – an everyday kit as ready to take on the world as you are!

Designer: James Brand + Aether

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