Finally, Researchers Teach Goldfish How to Drive a Car and Avoid Obstacles

In long-awaited news, Israeli researchers at Ben-Gurion University have successfully taught goldfish how to steer a vehicle in order to reach a target and receive a treat, using a specially designed FOV (fish-operated vehicle). The future, ladies, and gentlemen – we’re finally here.

The FOV is outfitted with a LiDAR (light detection and ranging) system that uses lasers to determine the fish’s location inside the tank, and the vehicle’s location on land, with the vehicle moving in the direction in which the fish swims. The researchers say that after just a few days of training, fish were able to consistently navigate the vehicle to the target, regardless of starting point and obstacles such as walls, or the presence of false targets. You know, maybe we haven’t been giving goldfish the intellectual credit they deserve.

Obviously, the goldfish’s real target is the nearest pond, and there’s no doubt in my mind once it finally gets its driver’s license that’s exactly where it’ll be headed. If only it’d been riding shotgun the time I accidentally drove into that pond I could have saved it the trouble of taking an in-car driving test!

[via The Washington Post]

A Clear Cylindrical Capsule for Carrying Live Fish

Because Japan takes its sushi and sashimi seriously, the Ma Corporation has developed the Katsugyo Bag, a clear cylindrical briefcase designed for transporting live fish that you caught or bought from the market to your home so you know you’re preparing a meal with the freshest fish possible. Me? I still miss the previously frozen fish sticks from the middle school cafeteria.

The Katsugyo Bag (roughly translated: ‘live fish’ bag), which is still in the prototype and development phase, includes a gauge for monitoring oxygen saturation, as well as what I believe to be a pump for keeping the water circulating through the device. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but the cylinder is actually split in half with water only in the clear front half, with some electronics in the rear. Honestly, it kind of looks like a homemade fish bomb to me.

Could you also use a Katsugyo Bag to take a pet fish for a walk around the neighborhood? I guess, but why would you want to separate your fish from its old pal the bubble-powered rum drinking pirate skeleton? The stories that guy can tell!

[via Sad and Useless]

3D Blowfish Sashimi Puzzle: Don’t Eat the Poisonous Pieces

Want to learn how to properly clean poisonous fugu (pufferfish) without serving an internal organ that might kill someone? Why not begin with this 3D Fugu Japanese Blowfish Dissection Puzzle available from the Japan Trend Shop. The $36 puzzle comes with 34 pieces and a fugu chef certificate you can proudly display to let people know that you’re capable of properly dissecting the fish. Fingers crossed my wife is so proud of me she hangs it on the fridge.

The set includes a sushi knife for separating all of the pieces and placing them on the included sashimi platter. Nine of the internal organs are marked with a skull to let you know those are the poisonous bits, and should not be eaten. Of course in reality none of the pieces should be eaten because this is a plastic puzzle and not an actual fish.

So, have you tried fugu? And if not, would you? I’m not sure I could bring myself to do it. I mean why risk it? Is it really that good? I just feel like dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets are probably more my speed.

We Found Nemo… and He’s a Purse

When is a fish not a fish? When it’s a clown! Okay, a clownfish is still a fish, but I just thought that sounded good. For those of you living under a rock or who haven’t visited an aquarium or watched a Pixar movie, clownfish are those colorful little fish that are orange with white stripes. Now you can carry around a clownfish wherever you go, thanks to Krukru Studio, who makes a purse that looks just like Nemo.

The fishy purse measures about 17″ x 9″ and is available in felt, faux leather, or real leather, which I have on good authority are not what an actual clownfish is made of. Those are made entirely of love and pixie dust. Or is it Pixar dust? I digress. The clownfish purse is available on Krukru’s Etsy shop for $89 to $99 depending on the material you choose. That’s a whole lot more than it’ll cost you to buy a real clownfish, but this one is way bigger.

Now, all we need is a giant anemone purse for this purse to hang out inside of all day. Of course, that would likely poison its wearer, but that’s okay – the clownfish is immune to the anemone’s toxins.

Coddies Fish Flops: Slide Sandals That Look Like Realistic Fish

Are you looking for some footwear to really stand out? Something to let people know you march to the beat of a different drum, one that might only exist in your own head? Well you’re in luck, because Coddie Fish Flops are slide sandals that look like realistic fish. Now I’ll have an excuse when my wife asks why my feet stink! Just not a very good excuse.

Available in a variety of colors (green, blue, orange, silver, pink), the $24 sandals come in all sizes from toddler to men’s 14 – 15, so you have no excuse to not buy some for the whole family. You’ll be the talk of the beach! Hey, did you see that family all wearing fish sandals? Now they just need to make matching hats.

I just bought a pair for both my wife and me, and I love them. She… she hasn’t tried hers on yet. As a matter of fact, she accidentally threw them away, but I was lucky to spot them when I was taking the trash out. Talk about a close call. I can’t wait to wear them to Red Lobster together on our next date night.

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