Oh Geez. Turo Is Sharing a Rick and Morty Mortymobile

Do you love you some Rick and Morty? Well, you might get a chance to ride with Morty himself – or at least a giant version of the cartoon character slapped on the roof of an Mazda 3. The aptly-named Mortymobile will take to the streets courtesy of car-sharing service Turo and Adult Swim.

The 2010 Crystal White Pearl Mica Mazda 3 is pretty ordinary, other than the giant fiberglass Morty riding on its roof with a look of abject terror on his face. The car packs a 167 horsepower four-banger under the hood, and a whopping four-speaker audio system. Maybe if you open a portal to another dimension and drive through it, the car will become a Bentley or something. Or maybe some kind of blobby beast with 42 legs. Who knows?

If you’re interested in tooling around the multiverse with a Morty overhead, zoom zoom over to Turo starting this afternoon for your opportunity to book this weird and wild ride. Keep in mind that you’ll still be subject to Turo’s standard system of checks and balances, and must be 30-years or older to rent.

The Barcode Guitar Is Cooler than a Keytar

Unless you’re talking about a Keytar, most guitars are played using strings and frets. But this unique electronic instrument has neither of those. Instead, it’s played using a barcode scanner.

Maker James Bruton built this unusual electronic guitar that’s covered with barcodes on its four necks. It’s played by pointing an off-the-shelf barcode scanner at its labels. The key to the system is an Arduino MEGA board takes the scanned data and uses it to send USB and MIDI signals.

Each barcode translates to a numeric code, which is mapped to a note on the synthesizer connected to the controller. James also built in a variety of controls for adding nuance to his performance, including programmable buttons, pitch bend, and octave and channel shifters, all made from arcade controls.

Check it out in action the video clip below:

James created the body and neck of the guitar using a combination of 3D-printed parts, and off-the shelf hardware. If you’re interested in building your own barcode guitar, head over to GitHub, where you can download the CAD data and code, which James has generously shared under a GPL3 license.

Subway Making a Green Eggs and Ham Sandwich

The Dr. Seuss classic, Green Eggs and Ham is one of the greatest children’s books ever, written to encourage kids to open their minds and try new things. I love the book but, I’m skeptical about Subway’s new ham ‘n’ cheese sandwich “homage” featuring egg patties with – yep, you knew it was coming – green yolks.

The temporary menu item was created to coincide with the launch of Netflix’s new animated series, Green Eggs and Ham, starring Adam Devine as Sam I Am, Michael Douglas as Guy I Am, and produced by Jared Stern (The LEGO Batman Movie, The Watch). The avocado green yolks have been colored using spinach (and food dye, we suspect). It tops a stack of sliced deli ham, American cheese, guacamole, spinach and tomato on Italian-style bread roll.

Picky eaters may not mind that it’s only available in New York and Los Angeles at Subway shops. For those with a snack attack emergency, The Hambulance will make a series of November stops in Phoenix, New Orleans, Atlanta and New York City, but that’s it. On the bright side, Subway’s verdant concoction isn’t likely to cause riots like Popeye’s chicken sandwich.

Hat Tip to our friend Aly Walansky at NBC Today.

Batman Is Here to Crack Nuts and Take Names

It’s generally accepted that Batman isn’t supposed to kill any of his foes, but instead just beat them up a bit and then apprehend them. Sure, some interpretations have been a bit fast and loose with the Dark Knight’s moral code, but I prefer to think of him as someone willing to dish out a good beatdown, but never a finishing move.

One obvious spot for Batman to use his strength to quickly take down a bad guy is on their nuts, and now you can too, thanks to this officially-licensed Batman nutcracker.

The 10″ tall cast resin Batman sculpture comes from nutcracker specialists Kurt S. Adler, Inc., and features a sharp and severe look like he did in early 2000s Justice League animated series. The description says it’s lighted, but I’m not exactly sure what part of him lights up – maybe his eyes? Or maybe that’s a mistake. Who knows? We don’t have time for questions. We’re here to bust some heads and crack open some delicious hazelnuts!

If you’re ready to crack some nuts like Bruce Wayne does, then head over to Amazon and order your Batman nutcracker today.

Pringles Man Made from Pringles Can

Despite the fact that they’re not actually potato chips, but are some kind of smooshed up potato mush, Pringles are still pretty tasty. As you know, these crispy snacks come stacked in a cylindrical can, with Pringles’ iconic mustachioed mascot on front.

But have you ever wondered what the rest of the Pringles man looked like below his red bowtie? Well, thanks to one creative crafter, we now can see the rest of Julius Pringle (yes, that’s his name.)

Japanese design student Harukiru loves to take the packaging from snack boxes and containers and turn them into art. Recently, he transformed a can of Pringles sour cream and onion flavor – my personal favorite – into a sculpture of its mascot. The video below shows off the assembly process, as Harukiru tailors Julius a custom three-piece suit.

Mr. Pringle is rather handsome in his green suit, though he’s skinnier than I thought he would be. You’d think he’d be a lot fatter after eating all those fried potatoes.

The Beetl Robot Is Designed to Pick up Dog Poop

While I prefer to walk my dogs, there have been times when the weather has been bad, or I’m just too tired at the end of the day, and they end up pooping in the yard. If you let your dog do its business on your lawn, then this new invention could be a godsend.

The Beetl is a fully-autonomous robot that drives around your yard, looking for piles of poop. It then scoops them up into a container for easy and clean disposal. The robot uses computer vision to detect piles of dog doo, as well as to avoid obstacles. It can also be programmed to work strictly within the boundaries of your lawn.

The idea is kind of nifty, but I’m concerned about how to keep its claw and mechanism clean. If you’ve ever had to clean a robotic cat litter box, you know what I’m talking about.

At this point, The Beetl is still in the prototype stage, but the guys behind it hope to put it into production at some point. They also are contemplating a version of Beetl that can mow your lawn after it picks up said poop.

[via Awesome Inventions]

French Fry Guitar: Would You Like Strings with That?

Out of all of the fast food french fries out there, McDonald’s still makes some of the best. They’re skinny, crispy, salty, and delicious. If you like Mickey D’s fries and know how to play guitar, you might want to pick up this rare instrument that looks just like a box of yummy french fries.

Built by master luthier (and expert fry guy) John Bolin, this rare electric guitar recently turned up for sale from the band Doublewide Kings over on Reverb. The french fry guitar is just one of three artist’s proofs ever made, and although it’s already been used, it looks like the fries are still golden brown and crispy, and I don’t see any ketchup on the strings.

One of my favorite details is the tiny McDonald’s arches that are inlaid along the fretboard. Nice touch. It also says “I’m lovin’ it” on the backside.

If you’ve got $6500 to kicking around, you can grab these truly supersize fries for your guitar collection. Just be sure to see if they’ll toss in a Big Mac or two for that price.

Cat Head Chargers: For Purring up Your Gadgets

Do you like cats? Got some electronic devices that need charging? Then have I got something for you! These battery packs from Japan look just like cat heads. And just like real cats, they’re kind of weird.

Nyanko cat head phone chargers comes in five different cat breeds, each of which balances precariously on the thin line between adorable and creepy. Each cat head packs a 4400 mAh lithium-ion battery, which should be enough to juice up most cell phones completely. I’m not sure how many times you can recharge kitty’s laser pointer with one.

They’re available here in the States at Japan Trend Shop for $72, or if you’re in Japan, you can order one from Village Vanguard for the much more reasonable price of ¥4180 (~$39 USD). Man, those cat eyes are staring into my soul.

This Earthquake Safety Helmet Folds Flat Until You Need It

Earthquakes are a fairly common occurrence in parts of Japan, so they have a tendency to think more about earthquake safety there than other places. One of the more important things to do in the event of a quake is to protect your head from falling objects. There are lots of ways to do this, from getting under a desk or table, to covering your head with a helmet. But helmets are bulky and take up alot of space – especially if you need them for a whole family or office full of workers. Enter the Derucap.

The Derucap is designed specifically for protecting your head in the event of an earthquake, and what makes it unique is how it stores flat when not in use, measuring just about 1.6″ thick. To open it up, simply place it over your head, and pull down until it’s expanded. The lightweight helmet is made from a flame retardant polyethylene, and can cushion the blow in the event that something falls on your head. It’s not going to protect you from a 2-ton steel beam, but it should reduce the chances of injury from things like items falling off of shelves or other small debris.

The Derucap comes in two designs – a compact model that you can toss in a desk drawer, or a stackable square model which comes in boxes of 10. If you live in Japan, you should be able to grab one for about 3,900 yen – or about $36. But if you want to import one to the states, you’ll need to turn to Japan Trend Shop, who sells singles for $69 each.

R/C Frilled Dragon Puffs Out Its Neck

I’ve always been fascinated by those crazy looking reptiles that can puff out their necks to scare off predators. But I don’t have the time or patience to take care of a living, breathing lizard. Now, you can enjoy all the thrills of a frilled dragon, with none of the pesky cricket feedings.

This silly looking remote-controlled toy has a lizard-like body, and has the ability to puff out its neck with the push of a button. It can move around autonomously, avoiding objects and changing directions, and can be set to follow a hand placed in front of its face, or lurk about waiting to scare off any threats.

You can grab one of these electric lizards over at Hammacher Schlemmer for $39.99. Unfortunately, it doesn’t actually crawl like a lizard. Instead, it’s got wheels on its underbelly, and it legs and webbed feet are just along for the ride. Eh, what do you want for forty bucks?