Blockbuster Video Inspired Eyeshadow Palette: For Browsing The New Releases

Blockbuster: once the powerhouse of VHS and DVD rentals, now a bygone dinosaur, killed by the meteor that was its inability to adapt to a changing marketplace. But to harken back to the days of actually having to drive somewhere to rent a movie, Hot Topic is selling these $14 Blockbuster inspired eyeshadow palettes, which even come in what looks like a VHS rental box.

I assumed the colors would all be blue and yellow, but there’s actually a variety, named after the different sections of a Blockbuster store, including (from top left to right): New Releases, Adventure, Classics, Drama, Family, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Fantasy, Cartoon, Horror, Action, and Television. Obviously, there are bonus points if you apply the eyeshadow with your Blockbuster membership card, which I still have in my wallet because you never know when the company might turn around.

When my local Blockbuster closed, the space went up for rent and it was eventually renovated into a cycling studio, which, and this might come as a surprise, I visit far less frequently than I did the Blockbuster. Or ever really.

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Oddbody Furbies Are Either Adorably Weird or Straight-up Nightmare Fuel

Furbies have always been a little creepy to me – perhaps it’s that I’ve seen what they look like on the inside that did it, or maybe it’s just their hypnotic eyeballs. Either way, they’re already pretty weird looking straight from the toy factory. But toy modder Plushie Couture thinks they can do better.

These guys make what they call “Oddbody” Furbies. In other words, these are toys with the faces of Furbies but grafted onto the bodies of other toys. If you liked Sid’s mutant toys from Toy Story, then these should be right up your alley. In fact, they made an Oddbody version of Woody, a Furby Woody if you will.

Other bizarro Oddbody mods include the Stay-Puft Marshmally Furby, the Lost in Space Furby Robot, Furby Barbie, and Furby Boombox among others. I recommend browsing the entire Plushie Couture Etsy shop to see what kind of Furby surgery they’ve been up to lately. Prices for the Oddbody Furbies start around $72.50, but that’s a small price to pay for something that’s sure to leave a long-lasting impression in your brain.

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Human Hand Sculpture Endlessly Taps Its Fingers

Art: it means different things to different people. And to Nick Ramage, it means creating these £600 (~$830) Fingers Mk III mechanical sculptures. Honestly, I don’t know if I’m more surprised that they exist at all, or that there were Mk I and Mk II Fingers that came before this.

Powered by 2 AA batteries, the disembodied hand endlessly taps its fingers on the surface it rests on until those batteries die, or someone gets scared enough to throw the hand out an open window or smack it with a hammer. Nick mentions he used his own hand as the model to cast the resin fingers, so do you think we could lift his fingerprints to plant at the scene of the crime when we steal the Mona Lisa?

Clearly, this a must-have desk accessory if you’re an evil villain operating from a secret snowy mountain base in the Urals. James Bond sitting across from you, this hand sculpture quietly tapping on your desk while you pause for a moment of suspense before mashing the big red button that drops him into the yeti pit below. Wait, did we just – somebody call Hollywood, tell them we just wrote From Russia with the Spy Who Never Loved Me for them.

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Coddies Fish Flops: Slide Sandals That Look Like Realistic Fish

Are you looking for some footwear to really stand out? Something to let people know you march to the beat of a different drum, one that might only exist in your own head? Well you’re in luck, because Coddie Fish Flops are slide sandals that look like realistic fish. Now I’ll have an excuse when my wife asks why my feet stink! Just not a very good excuse.

Available in a variety of colors (green, blue, orange, silver, pink), the $24 sandals come in all sizes from toddler to men’s 14 – 15, so you have no excuse to not buy some for the whole family. You’ll be the talk of the beach! Hey, did you see that family all wearing fish sandals? Now they just need to make matching hats.

I just bought a pair for both my wife and me, and I love them. She… she hasn’t tried hers on yet. As a matter of fact, she accidentally threw them away, but I was lucky to spot them when I was taking the trash out. Talk about a close call. I can’t wait to wear them to Red Lobster together on our next date night.

Star Trek Enterprise Cat Tree: Bolding Going Where No Cat Has Gone Before

A USS Enterprise and Deep Space Nine themed cat tree: it’s what every Star Trek loving feline owner’s home has been missing. And now thanks to Etsy seller CE360designs, you can finally fill that void with a custom Star Trek Enterprise 1701D and DS9 Wood Cat Tower. You know they say good things come in small packages, but I imagine this box being on the larger side.

The 4-foot cat tree sells for $270 and has a USS Enterprise at the very top (with the option to be swapped for Voyager), with the Deep Space Nine space station below. The very bottom represents the two ends of a wormhole (with the option to be replaced with a Borg ship), all set atop the Starfleet insignia. According to the seller, “This is sure to make a conversation starter,” and I couldn’t agree more. I’m already talking about it and I don’t even own one.

Are your cats just as likely to play with the box the tree comes in as the tree itself? Knowing my cats, yes. I buy them all the latest cat toys but whenever I come home, there they are – chasing a piece of crumpled paper or torn cardboard. You know, with cats maybe it really is the simple things in life.

Chinese Take-Out Jigsaw Puzzle: Where’s My Fortune Cookie?

Tired of jigsaw puzzles featuring scenic landscapes? I swear, if I have to assemble one more beautiful mountain range at sunrise… Well for those looking for something a little different for their next jigsaw puzzle, how about this two-sided Chinese Takeaway Jigsaw Puzzle from Fizz Creations? The 250-piece puzzle is the shape and image of a Chinese takeout container on one side, and the same shape but all noodles on the other. Great, now I’m hungry.

The puzzle has one glossy side and one matte side to make it easy to distinguish between the two puzzles, which I feel is unnecessary for a puzzle that only has 250 pieces, to begin with. Just make sure to burn a Chinese Takeout scented candle while you’re assembling it for a more immersive experience.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve attempted a lot of jigsaw puzzles during quarantine. My most recent was a 1,500 piece view of Santorini, Italy at dusk. It proved to be difficult. So difficult that I told my wife I didn’t want to finish it since I saw the dogs eat a few pieces and it could never truly be completed, even though it was me who ate those pieces and I hope she never reads this.

Geek Builds Electronic Counter to Count to a Googol (1 Followed by a Hundred 0’s)

Think a billion is a big number? Well by most comparisons it certainly is, but a googol (10¹⁰⁰) is so astronomically large that it contains 10⁹¹ number of billions. But did its ridiculously large size stop YouTuber Look Mum No Computer (aka Sam Battle) from building an electronic counter to try to count to it? It did not. Honestly, I can’t even wrap my head around the size of a number that large. Although to be fair my head isn’t very pliable, and my wife often argues it’s hard.

Sam tried to build the counter with “as much redundancy, durability, repairability, and upgradability as possible,” with the intention of keeping it running his entire life. Which, provided he lives a long healthy one, he estimates will end around when the 14th numeral from the bottom right has changed. For reference, the total number of grains of sand on earth is around the 22nd numeral, and Carl Sagan’s estimate for the total number of elementary particles in the universe is around the 80th. Oh cool, my brain just exploded.

The farthest left digit on the third row from the bottom will tick over once every 100-million years or so, and Sam admits that by the time the counter would ever reach a googol our sun will have long exhausted its supply of energy, his machine forgotten. Eventually, it will be discovered by Jawas, who will salvage the machine for parts to repair stolen droids or sell at their next swamp meet. And that, at least for me, is a very comforting feeling.

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Giant Sand Crab Floor Pillows: No Pinching!

Do you have a beach-themed bedroom? Me neither, but I wish I did. And this XXL Sand Crab Floor Pillow handmade by Etsy shop BigStuffed would make the perfect addition. Just imagine that crab peering out from under the side of your bed, ready to grab your leg and pull you under. Sweet dreams!

The 45″ x 42″ wool and polyester crabs cost around $305, so they aren’t cheap, but they’re probably a better idea than decorating your room with a bushel of steamed crabs, because my wife and I can’t even step foot in the guest bedroom anymore it smells so bad. She still holds it over my head to this day.

I really have always wanted a nautical themed bedroom, but my wife keeps shooting the idea down because, “the last aquarium you had leaked and ruined the carpet,” and, “the floor won’t support that anchor.” My wife, I swear – what would I do without her? Knowing me, probably own a race car bed.

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Fried Chicken Pillows with Phone Pouch to Play ASMR Audio of Chicken Frying

Do you have a hard time falling asleep at night? Is it so bad and specific you need a fried chicken-shaped pillow with an integrated pouch for your phone so you can play audio of chicken frying just so you can fall asleep? Well, you’re in luck, because Japanese brand Fellisimo just released the Mocchiri Juicy Karaage (“Springy Juicy Fried Chicken”) pillow. I want one, but my wife is going to get pissed if I eat another pillow.

Available in three very slightly different styles (“small and easy to eat” [left]; “so good you’ll want to save it for the end of the meal” [middle]; and “the best ratio of meat and skin” [right]), the pillows cost 3,300 yen apiece, or around $32. Alternatively, you could get a 12-piece meal with 3 large sides and 6 biscuits from KFC for the same price and cuddle that to sleep. Who doesn’t like waking up greasy?

The pillows include a pouch to hold your smartphone, and you’re encouraged to play the ASMR YouTube video of chicken sizzling and frying provided by Fellisimo (have a listen for yourself below). I tried relaxing to it, but honestly, it just made me hungry. And do you know what happens when I get hungry right before going to sleep? I eat pillows. True story: my wife used the parental controls to block the Food Network in the bedroom.

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A Robotic Trombone Machine: For the Marching Band of the Future

Since “just because you can” is as good a reason as any to do something these days, the engineers at iSax Laboratories took it upon themselves to try building a MIDI-controlled robotic trombone. The result? Well, the result is what you’ll hear below, which is by no means the best trombone playing I’ve ever heard. Although it’s not the worst either (I’m talking about my nephew).

According to its makers, a trombone’s unique tones are a result of “a combination of lip tension, pressure against the mouthpiece, airflow, air pressure, resonance in the mouth, and probably some other variables” that they were unable to successfully replicate with the robot, leaving them with “an over-engineered noise machine.” Hey – my wife calls me the same thing sometimes!

So we may never find out what a trombone duet with Toyota’s trumpet-playing humanoid robot would sound like. But you know what? I’m okay with that. After all, some things are better left unheard. Or at least that’s what my wife tells me when reminding me to close the bathroom door and play some loud music on my phone.

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