Jaws x TUBBZ Rubber Duckies: For A Bloody Good Bathtime

Because bigger boats aren’t just going to need themselves, Numbskull Design is adding four Jaws characters to their TUBBZ line of rubber duckies. You may recall the previously posted Back to the Future rubber duckies. Or you may not, I know firsthand how hard it is to form new memories when your brain is already full of internet memes and TV jingles.

The new Jaws duckies come in four characters: chief of police Martin Brody, oceanographer Matt Hooper, shark hunter Quint, and Bruce the shark. They’re currently available for pre-order, and expected to ship around October. I particularly like how they made eyeglasses for Brody and Hooper, those were a nice touch.

Am I going to buy all four and then reenact the movie in my bathtub? Yes, plus give myself a big bubble beard and pretend I’m Poseidon, god of the sea. My wife will knock on the bathroom door and ask what all the angry splashing is about, and I’ll have no choice but to tell her a raccoon fell through the attic into the tub.

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4-Foot Inflatable Zombie Baby Yard Decoration Is a Real Product That Exists

Because what’s Halloween if not an opportunity for neighbors to question your taste and decency, this is the four-foot-long ‘Halloween Inflatable Outdoor Zombie Baby Blow Up Yard Decoration’ created by GOOSH and available on Amazon (affiliate link). I can already sense my neighborhood’s collective property value plummeting.

The inflatable baby has LEDs inside to illuminate the abomination at night and includes stakes for anchoring, or killing vampires. According to the product description, “Beside Halloween, it can be used as any other holiday decoration. Installed in the courtyard to enjoy Holiday with your family and spreading a happiness atmosphere to your neighborhoods.” Um, are they talking about the same inflatable zombie baby I’m looking at?

Obviously, this is the perfect Halloween yard decoration to encourage parents of would-be trick-or-treaters to pass your house on their way through the neighborhood. “They’re probably just handing out licorice anyways,” I imagine telling my children while hurrying them down the sidewalk.

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Icy Dock ToughArmor MB872MP-B Can Fit 12 SATA SSDs in a 5.25″ Drive Bay: Super Saiyan Drive Super Saiyan

The M.2 storage drive specification has been one of the best new additions to PCs in recent years, allowing for extremely compact and easy-to-install SSDs. These days it’s often used by incredibly fast NVMe SSDs, giving you the best of both worlds – small footprint and lightning speeds – at reasonable prices. But if you’re all-in on storage, Icy Dock has an enclosure that can hold up to 12 SATA M.2 SSDs in the now archaic 5.25″ drive bay.

The ToughArmor MB872MP-B enclosure has an all-metal construction and a 3-speed 4omm fan for durability. Its drive lockers feature a tool-less mechanism, allowing you to install drives in as little as 10s. It’s compatible with M.2 SATA SSDs from 2230 all the way up to 22110.

The enclosure connects to your motherboard via three SFF-8612 data connectors and two SATA 15-pin power connectors. That may sound like a lot, but considering you can pack up to 12 drives, that’s still very efficient and saves you a lot of time and cable management.

This being a high-end product, it does come with a fitting price tag. You can order the ToughArmor MB872MP-B from Buywee for about $970 (USD). It’s also on Amazon (affiliate link).

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Chibson Placebo Pedal Does Nothing: Air Guitar Essential

Give the guitar nerd in your life the gift of nothing with Chibson USA and Daredevil Pedals’ Placebo Pedal. All of its parts are legit – the knobs, the footswitch, the power indicator light, and the I/O jacks. It’s just that it doesn’t do anything besides give you something to step on.

But the legitimately cool thing about the Placebo Pedal is that you can pay extra to get a DIY PCB kit that will let you turn this useless trinket into an actual fuzz pedal.

Daredevil Pedals sells the Placebo Pedal for $99 (USD), and the pedal plus the DIY PCB kit for $125.

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Silicone Mold Bakes Life-Size Human Skull Cakes: Mmmm, Brains

Sure, you could bake a regular sheet cake for your next party, or you could make something a little bit more morbid with this 3D Skull Head Silicone Cake Mold available on Amazon (affiliate link). The mold creates both front and back skull pieces that, when attached with icing, create a life-size 8.5″ x 5.4″ x 7.1″ cranium. Well, an average life-size cranium. Mine is much larger.

This mold will come in handy around Halloween time. What do you think would make the best edible eyeballs to put in the eye sockets – gumballs? Jawbreakers? Pearl onions? Hardboiled eggs? Of course, those last two would probably be considered more tricks than treats. Especially if you also carved a hole in your skull cake and filled it with spaghetti to mimic brains.

Not much of a cake person? No worries, the silicone molds are equally suitable for making Rice Krispies treats or soap. But, speaking from experience, eating that much soap will probably upset your stomach. To my mom’s credit, though, I’ve never said another dirty word since.

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Giant 12-Foot Tall Pumpkin Headed Vine Skeleton Halloween Decoration

Because what’s Halloween if not an opportunity to one-up all your neighbors with over-the-top decorations, this is the 12-ft Giant-Sized Inferno Pumpkin Skeleton with LifeEyes™ LCD Eyes available from Home Depot for $350. I can already imagine my wife asking what the $350 charge from Home Depot was and me lying and telling her it was for power tools. Matt from two doors down doesn’t stand a chance of out-Halloweening me this year!

The giant pumpkin-headed skeleton includes posable arms, a ribcage filled with a glowing flame effect, a fiery mouth, and LCD animated eyes that look around and stare at people passing by. Am I going to leave mine up year-round? For $350, you better believe I am, and I don’t care what the homeowner’s association has to say about it.

It goes without saying that if you have a 12-foot pumpkin king skeleton in your yard, you better be handing out full-size candy bars. Because I think we can all agree having a 12-foot Halloween decoration on your lawn but handing out candy corn or licorice is a recipe for getting your house toilet papered.

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Udon Noodle Inspired Blanket Looks Like a Tentacled Nightmare

Drawing inspiration from the thick udon noodles used in Japanese cuisine, the Udon for Sleeping Noodles Blanket is a “tentacles grid bedding cover,” which are four words I never thought I’d type together, yet here we are. The blanket (if you can even call it that) consists of eight large tentacles, secured at both the top and bottom by a cross strip, and all covered with a fine mesh top. Honestly, I don’t know how I’ve been sleeping under anything else my entire life.

The blanket measures approximately 43″ x 79″ and is perfect for the merperson who’s found themselves marooned on dry land, missing the comforting embrace of an octopus at night. Did I mention it costs $345 from the Japan Trend Shop? Now I’m not saying now would be a good time to learn how to sew and start your own Etsy shop selling similar blankets for $180, but I demand 20% of profits for giving you the idea.

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Inflated Mylar Balloon Stools Won’t Pop When You Sit on Them

Designed by Oskar Zieta and available from the Gessato design store, the Plopp metal stool has the appearance of an inflated mylar balloon. It’s nobody’s birthday though, the stools are actually constructed of welded steel sheets that have been industrially inflated using a process developed by Zieta known as “free inner pressure deformation”. The Big Bad Wolf is impressed!

The 19.5″ stools are available in a variety of colors (red, green, yellow, black, white, grey, and raw steel) for $525 – or polished steel for $725. So while they’re certainly not the least expensive stool option, they do look the most like inflated balloons. Is that worth over $500? My wife is shaking her head no, but she’s also a notorious Jeff Koons critic.

What a surprise it’s going to be when we have guests over to the house and I pretend to inflate stools for everyone! Maybe not as surprised as my wife is going to be when she realizes I spent $2,100 on novelty stools, but the garage isn’t going to sleep in itself, you know.

The EXO Giga Bike is a Custom PC in a Bicycle: BMX On

If you’re a PC enthusiast, you might have noticed that boutique manufacturers are actually making open-air chassis that are not meant to be test benches, but for showcase builds. Well, how’s this for an open-air chassis? Russian-based shop Yolenzo worked with Red Bull, Intel, and Gigabyte to create the Exo Giga Bike, a rocker bicycle that’s equipped with serious gaming horsepower.

It’s a bit sad that most of us can’t even get our hands on any current-gen GPU, yet these guys slapped one on a bike. But the project’s cool factor does soothe the sting. The Exo has an Intel Core i5 11600K CPU, an RTX 3070, 32GB of RAM, 2TB NVME SSD, and a Z590 motherboard.

Here’s the Exo in action… as a bike:

Open-air, small form factor, portable. What more could you want?

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Automated Glasses Cleaning Machine: I Can See Clearly Now, the Smudge is Gone

Glasses: they’re always getting fingerprints and oily smudges on them, and, at least in my case, ice cream. You know the old adage: you eat with your eyes first? It’s actually harder than it sounds. Enter the LensHD cleaning system currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. It’s an automated optical and sunglass cleaning solution that wipes lenses with microfiber-covered sponges. Think of it like one of those massage chairs, but for cleaning glasses.

$89 will secure a LensHD system at early bird pricing, with units expected to ship in November. The system, powered by a USB type C cord, takes about a minute to clean glasses, wiping them in an off-center rotation pattern to simulate “the comprehensive cleaning of a human.” See? I always knew my cleaning was comprehensive! Somebody call my parents so they can be proud of me.

Alternatively, use the bottom of your shirt to wipe your glasses like I always have. It’s worked fine for years, plus I don’t have to worry that my glasses are dirty, but my automated cleaner is at home because I’m already wearing it! And if I’m not, well, my wife is sure to let me know before I ever get in the car to leave.

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