Dropping a Giant 2-Ton Thor’s Hammer on Objects from 100 Feet

Remember that 2-ton Thor’s hammer the folks at YouTube channel Hacksmith built? Of course, you do. If you were a superhero, you would be The Memory Master. Well, now the fun-loving builders have taken that hammer and dropped it from 100 feet on various objects, including a minivan. The results are every bit as glorious as you’d expect, provided you expected very glorious.

They begin by crushing some everyday household objects like a refrigerator, dresser, and television, slowly working their way up to the big ticket items like a truck and minivan. They also nail a giant nail, destroy a kiddy pool, and wreck a cinder block castle. I only wish I’d been invited to witness the carnage.

The fun doesn’t come without its risk of serious injury, though, and the crew almost gets taken out by splintered 2 x 4’s when dropping the hammer Gallagher style on a pile of watermelons, and at one point, the decorative metal grating comes off the side of the hammer and almost hits a crew member. So yeah, if you’re going to try this yourself, definitely stand behind somebody.

Spider-Man T-Rex Gets An Action Figure

Pulled from the pages of the Edge of Spider-Verse #1 comic, Spider-Rex (aka Pter Ptarker) is a Spider-Man/t-rex hybrid learning about his powers. And now, the character has been immortalized as a 16-inch action figure released by Marvel and Hasbro and available at Entertainment Earth. Move over, grandma’s ashes; there’s about to be a new star on the fireplace mantle!

Web-Chompin’ Spider-Rex features poseable limbs and a classic blue and red Spidey motif. He also has ten sound effects activated by a push of a button on his back and can launch a ‘dino blast’ projectile from his mouth via a push of the button at the base of his tail. Will ashes accidentally be scattered all over the living room carpet as a result of an unfortunate dino blast? I’d like to think not, but the possibility is real and high.

I’ve got my fingers crossed for even more dinosaur superhero hybrids because this is a trend I could really get behind. Probably me and every other six-year-old! Still, Spider-Rex should be thankful he can shoot webs because those little Spidey arms would be useless otherwise.

Leather Gas Can Bag: High Octane Fashion

Who hasn’t dreamed of walking down the side of the road and motorists stopping to ask if you need a lift to the gas station and you explaining the gas can you’re carrying is actually a leather bag? Etsy shop krukrustudio is selling these large leather purses that resemble old military-style gas cans. “Well, it’s about time somebody did it,” I thought to myself when I first saw them.

The bags are available in thirteen different dyed leather colors, so there’s sure to be one to match your outfit, especially if that outfit is an oil-stained mechanic’s jumpsuit. Of course, red is probably the best choice as far as realism goes. But how many gallons does it hold? Will gasoline pour out from its zipper or seep out of the leather?

The bags sell for $180, making it significantly cheaper to carry an actual gas can full of gasoline. Sure, this thing might not have the practical carrying capacity of a leather bag, but what better way to show up at a party with five gallons of warm beer?

Mattel’s Jurassic Park T-Rex Eating Lawyer in Outhouse Playset

Unveiled at Comic-Con 2022, Mattel has created an official Jurassic Park toy of the t-rex eating lawyer Donald Gennaro as he attempts to hide inside an outhouse. A classic cinema moment for sure. The $80 playset includes a 3.75″ Gennaro action figure, a significantly larger t-rex, along with destructible outhouse with lighting and sound effects, sure to provide hours of lawyer-eating fun.

Between Gennaro getting eaten on the can and Dennis Nedry getting spat on by the dilophosaurus, it was nice seeing those jerks get their just desserts. Sure, you could argue that nobody deserves to be eaten by dinosaurs, but you would be wrong. Those guys did. Plus several other people I know.

Unfortunately for those seriously interested, the playset appears to have already sold out, so expect to pay a pretty penny for one in the resale market. Or just cross your fingers and hope to pick one up at a garage sale in ten years. That’s what I’m doing. Either way, I’ll be saving myself a small fortune.

[via Gizmodo]

This Toilet Has a Gaming PC Built Into Its Tank

Discontent with just bringing a portable gaming system like a Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch into the bathroom to play games while on the can, YouTuber Basically Homeless went and assembled a full-fledged gaming PC in the tank of his working toilet. He then mounted a monitor on the wall right in front of the toilet so he can play Counter-Strike while taking a global offensive. And they say dreams don’t come true!

The construction of the toilet PC basically involved reducing the tank’s water reservoir to a small well he built out of plexiglass, then adding all the computer components to the dry area of the tank outside the plexiglass well. He also added lights, built a window so you can see inside, and included an exhaust fan to keep the PC cool and reduce humidity inside the tank. Now he just needs to add a mini-fridge, and that bathroom will be complete.

So, if you were wondering what home improvement project I’ll be tackling this weekend, the answer is this: a gaming PC toilet. Probably immediately followed by repairing a massive leak, then next weekend, replacing the water-damaged drywall and carpet in the basement.

[via Kotaku]

Blood Bath and Skinny Dipping Rings Feature a Tiny Swimming Pool for Your Finger

Because high fashion is something I probably won’t ever understand, Studio Cult is selling rings that resemble tiny swimming pools. Available in Blood Bath and Skinny Dipping varieties, the $375 silver rings feature little resin-filled pools, complete with a ladder and diving board. And just $375 apiece? I only wish I had twelve fingers so I could wear more than ten.

I’m not sure about the Blood Bath version (it’s a little morbid for me), but I could see myself wearing the Skinny Dipping one and daydreaming about it being summer in the middle of winter. I keep telling my wife we should move somewhere warmer, but she keeps reminding me moving costs money, and I refuse to part with my Beanie Baby collection. They’re going to make a comeback; you just watch.

Different strokes for different folks, that’s my motto. Maybe you’ve been waiting your whole adult life for a little $375 swimming pool ring filled with blood. Who am I to judge? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I totally am, but who am I to? I’m just a guy waiting for them to make a hot tub version.

World’s First Chia Toilet: The Sprouthouse

Who hasn’t dreamed of resting their rear on some soft green sprouts while they go about their bathroom business? Good news! YouTuber Ali Spagnola created the Sprouthouse: a toilet completely covered in chia seedlings. As far as good ideas go, I think we can all agree this one is Nobel Prize-worthy. Somebody get Ali one of those MacArthur Fellowship genius grants too.

First, Ali wrapped her entire toilet with gauze to hold the seeds while they spout, then carefully watered them every day for seven days until she had the world’s greenest toilet. She then takes a seat to test it, which she describes as “just a little moist, but in a satisfying way.” Wow, who knew sitting on a moist toilet could ever be satisfying?

Ali insists nobody should go their whole life without sitting on a Chia toilet, and I couldn’t agree more. I mean, is a life having never sat on a plant-covered crapper truly worth living? I, for one, don’t plan on risking it. Now I just need to convince my wife to not go into the guest bathroom for the next week.

Omega Mart’s Claw Machine Is Filled With Unwrapped Butter

Art collective Meow Wolf’s immersive art exhibit Omega Mart in Las Vegas is full of surprises, and new to the store’s lineup of WTF-ery comes Butter Frenzy 2 – a claw machine full of unwrapped sticks of butter you can win. You know, I was just thinking the other day how great it would feel to win a loose stick of butter in an arcade game! Wait, no – no, I wasn’t.

The machine plays like any other claw machine, except instead of trying to grab a stuffed animal, you’re trying to grab sticks of soft, room-temperature butter. Fun AND delicious! Of course, the way the claw appears to cut through the butter will certainly prove a true test of skill. If you can manage to win a warm stick of butter out of a claw machine, you should have absolutely no problem with Pokémon plushies.

What’s next, claw machines filled with flour, eggs, and sugar? Hopefully, otherwise how else am I supposed to win all the ingredients I need to make cookies? And just imagine how rewarding those cookies will taste! Probably as rewarding as cookies can that were made with almost no flour, eggs, or sugar.

[via BoingBoing]

A Cat Collar with an Integrated Laser Pointer: Hours of Feline Fun

Because there are few things in life a cat loves more than chasing lasers, the KiTiDOT Collar (affiliate link) is a cat collar with an integrated laser pointer that points down at the floor in front of your cat so they can chase that little red dot to their heart’s content. Or, if they’re my cats, just close their eyes and fall asleep. They aren’t into playing childish games.

The USB-rechargeable collar features an adjustable-angle laser so you can determine just how far in front of your cat it points and three different lighting modes (low, high, and flickering). Hopefully, none of which will blind another cat who comes to inspect the collar. It also automatically turns off after a half hour of use, so your cat doesn’t pass out from exhaustion.

Cats: for whatever reason, they go nuts for laser pointers. I wonder what they think the red dot is – a firefly? Is it even red to them? I don’t know how cat eyes work. I mean, except well enough to see my leg dangling over the side of the bed in pitch black and claw at it.

[via DudeIWantThat]

Man Replaces Mazda Miata’s Steering Wheel with Nintendo Wii Wheel Controller

Presumably, to prove that Mario Kart can be used as a realistic driving simulator when coupled with the Nintendo Wii Wheel, TikTok user Tyler Atkin created the ‘Wiiata,’ a Mazda Miata with its steering wheel replaced with the Wii peripheral. He also switched out the car’s gearshift for one of the system’s nunchuck controllers – a nice touch.


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♬ Angeleyes (Sped Up Version) – tuna (SVT HOT)

Now, if only the Miata just turtle shells its transformation into a real Mario Kart would be complete. Don’t you even think about blasting me with a blue shell. Honestly, there should be an option in the game where you can toggle blue shells on and off, but it appears Nintendo refuses to acknowledge all my angry emails.


Replying to @draxguy had a go at driving. Its not good but it does work🤣 #fyp #foryou #foryoupage #wii #wiiata #mariokart #nintendowii #miat #yata #miata #carsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Tyler Atkin

Of course, it’s all fun and games until your steering wheel snaps during a U-turn, and you lose all your steering capabilities. Those plastic steering wheels aren’t exactly the most durable controllers made, you know. I’ve noticed they break especially easy, slamming them into the coffee table after getting beat by your roommate on Rainbow Road for the second time in a row.

[via AutoBlog]