Weber’s connected pellet grills are $200 off for July 4th

A backyard barbecue with the family may be as good as it gets for summer celebrations during a pandemic — thankfully, the tech for it is more affordable than before. Weber is selling its connected SmokeFire pellet grills for $200 off, dropping the EX...

Grubhub sells itself to Just Eat to create a food delivery giant

The food delivery world is about to get a bit smaller. Just Eat (Just Eat to most people) is buying Grubhub in a deal worth $7.3 billion. The merger will create the largest online food delivery outlet outside of China, according to the c...

These Pepperoni Pizza Pillows Won’t Leave Cheese on Your Couch

If there’s one food that I could eat on a whim just about any day or time, it’s pizza. My personal favorite has to be Lou Malnati’s here in Chicago, but I also love a jumbo New York style slice, an ultra-thin Italian brick oven pizza, or one of those crispy 8-corner Detroit slices from Jet’s. My topping of choice? Good old pepperoni. Now, I can have some pepperoni pizza on my couch 7-days a week, without gaining an ounce or clogging my arteries.

These fun pepperoni pizza pillows would look great sitting on any junk food lover’s couch, and are guaranteed not to leave grease stains no matter how long you leave them sitting there. Firebolt Creations makes these photorealistic pizza throw pillows, which already have my mouth watering for a slice just looking at the photographs.

Each slice measures about 14″ from tip to tail, making it quite a bit larger than most pizza slices I’ve eaten… but I’m willing to rise – like so much pizza dough – to the challenge. Though I’m guessing the polyester fabric and filling won’t be nearly as tasty as one of Lou’s deep-dish buttercrusts, chock full of mozzarella cheese.

The pizza slice pillows sell individually for $24.95 each, so you’re looking at nearly $150 bucks if you want a whole pizza  – and that price doesn’t include the box or one of those little picnic table things in the middle that keep the toppings from sticking to the cardboard. Good news is that two slices this huge should be more than enough to fill you up.

First There Was TriceraTACO… Then There Was NACHOsaurus

A while back, we checked out a silly triceratops that doubled as a taco holder. The same company would go on to create TACOsaurus Rex, and now we have the NACHOsaurus. Inspired by the spiny-backed herbivore known as the stegosaurus.

Instead of bony plates along its back, the NACHOsaurus has a spot there for you to fill with snacks. Ideally, you’d use tortilla chips for the proper effect, though this guy is happy to hold crackers, pretzels, nuts, or even french fries on his back. The food-safe plastic snack set also comes with a two-compartment dip bowl which looks like something Dino would have eaten out of The Flintstones.

The NACHOsaurs snack and dip set is just $14.99 over on Amazon, where you can also find TACOsaurus Rex and TriceraTACO for the same price.

Star Wars Instant Pots start at $60 for May the 4th

May the 4th means a wave of Star Wars debuts and promos, and that even includes deals on kitchen tech. Williams Sonoma is discounting its Star Wars Instant Pots, with a 3-quart BB-8 model selling for as low as $60, the 6-quart Stormtrooper model goin...

Hey, There’s Some Corn in Your Stool

Well, now that I’ve thoroughly grossed you out with that headline, let me clarify. I’m not talking about poop. No, this article is all about the OTHER kind of stool. You know, the kind they made in Blaine, Missouri in Waiting for Guffman. But no, these aren’t any ordinary pieces of furniture. These stools look like food.

Australia’s Third Drawer Down makes these ridiculous stools that are perfect doppelgängers for edibles. They come in four different versions: partially-eaten corn on the cob, a stack of donuts, an ice cream cone, and a double cheeseburger. Coincidentally, that sounds like my four basic food groups since I’ve been since stuck at home under quarantine.

Each stool is made from cast, hand-painted resin, which certainly isn’t as tasty as the real thing, but also won’t stain your pants when you sit on it. You can find all four of these over at Urban Outfitters – where they sell for $210 each. That’s not exactly cheap, but at least these foods don’t have an expiration date.