The Slinky that’s a piggy bank

Ever played with a Slinky? I was my favorite ‘fidget’ from back in the days. Giving it a new lease of life is this Elongation Piggy bank by ShaoJun Zhang. We can call it a whimsical expression of design, because there is no practical affluence when it comes to getting the savings out of the piggy bank. You simply open up the spring and let all the cash tumble out of the seams… literally. Use the slot on the top to pour it all back in!

Designer: ShaoJun Zhang

“The top of the piggy bank is a small tray on which to place spare coins for everyday use, and the excess coins are deposited into the piggy bank. If you only want to get a small amount of coins, just grab the tray on the top with one hand and pull it up to the radian to remove the coins,” ShaoJun Zhang tells Yanko Design.

“When the coin is full, pick up the piggy bank, grab both ends with both hands and pull them apart. The coin will be taken out of the gap easily and quickly. This way of opening and closing makes it easy for people to use the piggy bank while adding a lot of fun for people to withdraw money.”

The piggy-bank gets a stunning visual upgrade, turning currency into art

Rather than encasing coins in an opaque container, the Numizmatus highlights them! A derivation of the word numismatics (the collection of coins), the piggy bank uses two sandwiched pieces of glass to trap and showcase the coins, placed one upon the other. You slip the coin from the opening in the top, and it drops down to randomly sit and collect with the other coins, facing either headwards or tailwards to the user. The Numizmatus works best with a variety of coins, spanning different values, currencies, and even ages. Old and new coins sit alongside each other, showcasing a stellar variety of a metallic chrome sheen or the patina of aged metal, with details like famous figurines and foreign numerics. Collect enough coins, and the Numizmatus becomes worthy of being mounted on a wall with other pieces of art, possibly even being a metaphor for the price of art itself!

Designer: Andrey Fabishevsky (Art. Lebedev Studio)

An Incentive to Save Your Money!


Many of you will be familiar with the proverb, ‘Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves’, and with this comes the need for a place to store said pennies. Whilst many will resort to a characterful Piggy Bank, or a container of sorts, why not add an element of playfulness? Well, that’s exactly what the Hammer Bank has been designed for.

Designed on the philosophy of Familiarism; the idea of connecting familiar product interactions with new experiences, this hammer-like money-bank encourages destruction! Not only does this bring an element of excitement to the product, but due to its one-use nature and inevitably destructive end, it introduces the incentive to save… and not repetitively dive into the savings!

Aside from the ‘X’ shaped coin-slot on the top of the device, it features an uninterrupted, unibody form, giving it a satisfyingly clean aesthetic… that is until it shatters into a million pieces on your desk!

Designer: Chris Ference







An urchin-inspired coin-bank to store your ane’money’


A simple product that is highly indicative of what it stands for, the Tentacle Coin-bank by Hoi Ng came to life using two CAD modeling commands. Repeat and Extend… two commands that somehow ironically are liked to money too! A repetition of income, something we live for, and an extension of the hand to receive the income! Let’s not dwell too much the metaphorical side of it, but rather look at how simple and intuitive it is. Just looking at its bulbous shape and the dimension of the slits gives you an idea that it’s a coin bank… and this is without any imagery of pigs or currency.

The Tentacle Coin-bank also has the additional advantage of aesthetic appeal, looking more like a decorative desk toy than like a donation box of sorts… or a highly ornate swear jar!

Designer: Hoi Ng




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A Piggy Bank for the currency of the information age!


Taking possibly the most iconic representation of ‘storage’ and turning it into a modern-day product that acts as a storage unit of sorts, the Ciao Piggy Bank by Riccardo Cambò is a piggy bank not for money, but rather for the currency of the information age… data.

The Ciao Piggy Bank comes with a slot on the back that isn’t for banknotes and coins, but rather for SD cards. Place the card inside and the piggy bank, a wireless SSD, copies and stores all your data from the SD card without needing you to connect it to your computer, copy files, create a folder, and paste them. Just as simple as swiping a card, the Ciao backs up your SD card for you, allowing you to clear the data from it and reuse it. The pig-shaped wireless SSD lets you access your data either wirelessly, or via a rather cute, pigtail shaped USB cable that connects it to your system. With a single button interface and just a series of LED indicators that show you transfer progress, battery, and overall storage, the Ciao lets you back data up just as easily as dropping a quarter into a ceramic piggy bank. The Ciao comes in 60gb, 120gb, and even 500gb variants, and is perhaps the most beautiful representation of files and data as something of value, much like money… and it isn’t just the metaphor that’s beautiful, it’s the fact that the Ciao is an incredibly useful and functional product that lets you back data up and free SD cards for use later!

Designer: Riccardo Cambò











A Piggy Bank You Don’t Have to Break


This twist on the piggy bank, called the 360° IN AND OUT, is one you can reuse again and again. It features multiple coin slots at the top that do double duty as both a place to insert money and a window to view when the container has gotten full. When the user needs to access the coins, they must simply turn the cylinder over and roll them out. No… it’s not the easiest way to access the coinage, but that’s the purpose of a piggy bank after all!

Designer: Tienvy





Hungry Piggy Bank Has 25 Coin Slots

When it comes to piggy banks, they come in all shapes and sizes. However, there’s one thing pretty much all of them have in common – a single slot for coins. Why is this? Well, the guys at 25TOGO think it’s time for a new kind of piggy bank; one with more than two dozen coin slots.

The appropriately-named “Hungry” piggy bank has 25 individual slots where you can place coins. Unless you have multiple people trying to insert coins at the same time, I’m not sure what the purpose is here. Maybe it’s good for people with bad aim too. It also looks cooler than other piggy banks. I dig piggy’s flat oval snout and his stubby little ears too, though he does sort of look like a stabbing victim too.

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find a retailer who sells the Hungry piggy bank yet, but if you’re interested in buying them wholesale for your shop, you can find out more on the 25TOGO website.

Nintendo Game Boy Piggy Bank: Insert Coin, Start Saving

Think about all of the money you spent on Game Boy games back in the day. It probably adds up to a lot of dough. Too bad that handheld couldn’t collect money for you and save it. Well, now it can. This Nintendo Game Boy Piggy Bank accepts your coins not your cartridges.

This bank looks just like the classic Game Boy console. It has the same retro grey style and simple button layout, same rounded brick shape too. Plus, there are no batteries to worry about and you can even use it in low lighting, which you can’t say about the original. It will help you get some of that Game Boy cartridge money back all these years later.

Grab one over at Entertainment Earth for just $10.99(USD) and start saving with power!

A Piggy Bank for Your Brain


How many times have you had the “BEST IDEA EVER!” and then totally forgotten about it?! Happens all the time! Inspired by the very idea that we forget ideas IDOID is a method to safe keep your EUREKA moments.

This small interactive, fun product looks like a piggy bank, but it’s actually an “idea bank”. It comes with a companion App called IDOID from which you can record all your brilliant brainwaves, thoughts, inspirations and ideas on the go! So every time you record an idea from your app, IDOID blinks to urge you to put coins in it. This way your ideas are making you richer by the day. Literally!

It’s inspiration on demand! Meaning, when you shake the idea bank, the app tells you how much you have saved as well as gives you a combination of 3 ideas you previously saved. This way you can mix and match your inspiration to think of new, innovative ideas!

Designer: Sowmya Iyer








Fallout Power Helmet Bank Won’t Hold Bottle Caps

I long ago left the old T-45 Power armor behind, and now schlep around the wasteland in by badass flamed out X-01 power armor. T-45 is for plebs. ThinkGeek has a sweet Fallout Power Helmet coin bank that will hold your quarters, but won’t hold caps because the slot is too thin.

fallout-helmet-1zoom in

It looks like it’s made of metal, but it’s actually painted vinyl. It is smaller than actual size too, measuring only 4.5″ tall. Still, it’s a good place to keep all that change I usually throw in my wife’s underwear drawer or toss on top of the dryer. If my house ever catches fire, there will be a huge hunk of metal coins in the laundry room.

fallout-helmet-2zoom in

It also has a coin release door so you won’t need to smash it when to need to buy a Dr. Pepper at the office vending machine. The bank sells for $19.99(USD) at ThinkGeek