Recycle Bin Bag Reminds You to Empty Your Purse

Ladies, do you have a ton of junk you carry around in your purse? Well, why not just admit it, and buy a bag that suits its contents? This Recycle Bin Bag should do the trick.

Studio Cult makes all kinds of accessories inspired by the skeuomorphic objects found on our computer desktops, so this fits into the line just perfectly.

The inside of the bag features a drawstring section that overflows its top, so it looks full of trash all of the time. It is kind of small though, measuring in at just 7″ x 4″ x 7″, so you’ll need to empty the trash more often than you might on your PC. The bottom is embroidered with the rather self-deprecating message “A garbage bag, for a garbage person.”

The Recycle Bin Bag is available for pre-order from Studio Cult now for $65, and is expected to start shipping by December 1.

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Stargate Lamps Open a Portal to Another World on Your Desk

Do you want to travel to strange and exotic places across the universe? Then you need something more than your mom’s old station wagon to get you around. What you need is some kind of transportation portal. While Rick and Morty’s portal gun would be my personal preference due to its portability, a Stargate should do the trick.

These sweet accent lamp come from Etsy seller CraftyPics, who makes both a Stargate Atlantis version and a Stargate SG-1 model.

They’re substantial too, measuring in at over 9″ tall. Each one is made from a combination of laser cut and engraved wood, along with an acrylic diffuser in the middle, illuminated by a circle of electric blue LEDs. I just love that ripple effect the light and texture create. They also have LEDs to light up the chevrons around the perimeter.

Each lamp costs about $92 USD based on current exchange rates, and is made to order, plus it ships from the UK, so it could take as much as a month to get yours. So if you want to give one as a gift for the holidays, there’s no better time to order. Drop by the CraftyPics shop to spin up your own personal Stargate today.

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NASA demos spacesuits for its Moon and Mars missions

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This Earthquake Safety Helmet Folds Flat Until You Need It

Earthquakes are a fairly common occurrence in parts of Japan, so they have a tendency to think more about earthquake safety there than other places. One of the more important things to do in the event of a quake is to protect your head from falling objects. There are lots of ways to do this, from getting under a desk or table, to covering your head with a helmet. But helmets are bulky and take up alot of space – especially if you need them for a whole family or office full of workers. Enter the Derucap.

The Derucap is designed specifically for protecting your head in the event of an earthquake, and what makes it unique is how it stores flat when not in use, measuring just about 1.6″ thick. To open it up, simply place it over your head, and pull down until it’s expanded. The lightweight helmet is made from a flame retardant polyethylene, and can cushion the blow in the event that something falls on your head. It’s not going to protect you from a 2-ton steel beam, but it should reduce the chances of injury from things like items falling off of shelves or other small debris.

The Derucap comes in two designs – a compact model that you can toss in a desk drawer, or a stackable square model which comes in boxes of 10. If you live in Japan, you should be able to grab one for about 3,900 yen – or about $36. But if you want to import one to the states, you’ll need to turn to Japan Trend Shop, who sells singles for $69 each.

Toyota e-Palette Autonomous Vehicles to Transport Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Athletes

We’re less than a year away from the start of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, so the Japanese city is well underway with preparations for the celebration of athletic talent, sportsmanship, and global goodwill. Among the many things that will be needed for the games to be successful will be methods for athletes to get quickly and safely between their housing and venues during the games – and automaker Toyota is working on just that.

These specially-designed vehicles are based on the e-Palette, an autonomous, battery electric mini-bus first shown in 2018. This updated version has been specially adapted to provide mobility for the athletes in Tokyo’s Olympic and Paralympic villages.

The Tokyo 2020 e-Palette has big doors that slide to the sides to allow for quick entry and exit by multiple passengers, as well as electric ramps to make it easier for those in wheelchairs or with other physical challenges to board and disembark. It has low floors, and a long wheelbase with virtually no overhangs, allowing for the greatest capacity inside.

One e-Palette has enough room to transport four athletes in wheelchairs at the same time, along with a standing passengers as well. It’s not clear what the total capacity is between seated and standing passengers though.

The e-Palette is rated SAE Level 4 autonomous, and will automatically drive passengers to their destinations with the help of various cameras, sensors, and sophisticated 3D mapping technology. Toyota says a human operator will be on-board each vehicle for safety purposes, but they will only take the controls in an emergency or if other conditions prevent safe autonomous operation.

Toyota plans on showing off the Olympic-bound e-Palette during the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, which runs from October 24 to November 4.



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