Smart collar lets you protect your mental health in public

If you’ve ever suffered a panic or anxiety attack while in public, you know how hard it is to be able to find a “safe space”. Sometimes all you need is a place to get away to breathe and ground yourself. But if you can’t find such a space, you’d want to crawl inside your shirt or something, which you really can’t literally do. This concept product will let you do that, crawl inside the cowl or high-neck collar and give you the privacy you need at the moment.

Designer: Maria Rybina

VOL. is a smart high-neck collar that you can wear every day or when needed and gives you personal space and privacy even in a public setting. When not needed, it can just be worn as a simple collar or cowl. It is described as “comfortable, stylish, and easy to use” and based on the photo renders, it seems to be that. The moment you need a bit of privacy, or you need to evaluate your current mental health status, you can zip it up and get a temporary respite inside of it.

It’s not a magic collar, but it comes with a microphone to help you communicate with someone at the moment, dynamics, so you’ll be able to listen, and a control center that lets you do things like turn the Bluetooth connection on and off, connect to your smartphone, or adjust the volume of what you’re listening to or who you’re talking to. You get some privacy as the insulating properties of the collar can lower sound up to 12 decibels so people up to 3 feet cannot hear what you’re saying or listening to.

VOL. is made from V-Lap Fabric which is non-woven material with vertically oriented polyester fabrics. It enables the collar to absorb speech when you need some alone time in talking to your therapist, friend, or whoever it is you need to talk to. It also has a heat-saving function which will be useful during winter and months of extreme weather. You can connect it to your smartphone so you can do things like listening to music, taking calls, and monitoring your mental health.

The last one mentioned is measured through a connected app. It will measure what your voice and tone sound like and give you a report on how your mood seems to be based on those factors. How accurate that will be remains to be seen but even for its privacy features, VOL. seems to be a useful, safe space for those who may need it. Those who also find it hard to be in public spaces with other people can also benefit from it.

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Salacious Crumb ‘See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil’ Sculpture

Inspired by the classic ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil’ wise-monkey sculptures, Regal Robot has reimagined the maxim with Jabba The Hutt’s Kowakian Monkey-Lizard Salacious B. Crumb sitting in for the monkeys. Just looking at him, I can practically hear him cackling at some unfortunate alien dropped into Jabba’s Rancor pit.

The $119 desk sculpture/paperweight is made of solid resin, weighs about a pound and is finished with a faux bronze patina. It’s kind of ironic if you think about it, though, because of all creatures, Salacious Crumb is probably the exact opposite of the embodiment of ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.’ Practically all he does is see, hear, and speak evil!

Will one be adorning the desk in my home office? Probably not, but I don’t exactly make the galactic gangster money that Jabba The Hutt does. I can’t afford the finer things in life. Or even the less-fine things in life. Or, in this case, the extremely novel Star Wars products in life.

Glass Chicken Wine and Whiskey Decanter Set: Cock-A-Doodle-Drink

Because what better way to let guests know you take Thanksgiving far more seriously than anyone ever should, The Wine Savant has crafted the Rooster Glass Decanter Set. Available on Amazon (affiliate link), the set features a headless rooster decanter, along with two tasting glasses. Obviously, it’s perfect for sipping turkey gravy at the dinner table while your family watches in horror.

The cock-a-doodle-decanter holds 500ml of your favorite wine or spirit and has received 5 out of 5 stars according to nine reviews on Amazon. Clearly, there’s something I’m missing here. Per one verified buyer: “This cock will be proudly displayed for every party we have moving forward.” Well, the thing I’m missing definitely isn’t maturity.

Personally, I don’t drink anything that warrants decanting, but that’s just me, and I’m old-fashioned. And by old fashioned, I mean drink cheap domestic beer out of a beer helmet. My wife hates it, especially when I insist on wearing it at the fancy dinner parties her friends throw.

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Vyper Workshop Chairs: The Ferrari of Shop Chairs

Designed for use in workshops and garages by people who are all too familiar with their hands being covered in grease and/or fresh wounds, Vyper Shop Chairs are a high-end line of chairs designed with both comfort and functionality in mind. I can already see myself racing around the office on one, only to get an email requesting a meeting from HR a short time after.

The chairs are available in tall and short models, and with or without backs. I’m a tall, with back kinda guy, but to each their own. Optional upgrades include a tool tray or a sidekick with two cup holders (or one cup holder and one small dog food bowl) and a tool holder for your cordless drill or whatever you might be working with. Me? I only need a hammer.

The chairs start at around $550, so they aren’t the cheapest shop chairs on the market, but they sure beat sitting on a couple of stacked cinder blocks as I do now. My back hates me. Honestly, from all the stiffness and popping I hear when I get up in the morning, I’d say most of my body hates me.

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LEGO Deadpool Toilet Paper Holder: For The Aftermath of That Chimichanga

3D printed by Etsy shop NerdyBathroomFun (accurate), this LEGO-inspired Deadpool (Deadpoop?) holds a roll of toilet paper on his katana to help clean up the mess after the chimichanga party you just had in your stomach. Pretty cool, but I feel like he should also be able to hold a bottle of Pepto-Bismol as well. And maybe a candle.

Deadpool can be affixed to a wall with mounting screws or lag bolts or attached to an optional wall mount using 3M adhesive strips. Either way, I can guarantee he’s not going to be thrilled about hanging out in the bathroom with me after a visit to an all-you-can-eat buffet, especially if it was Tex-Mex night.

Is my wife going to appreciate the newest addition to our bathroom? Probably not. But since when has she ever appreciated anything cool? I mean, she married me, didn’t she? The truth hurts; it really does.

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Disco Ball Helmets: For Dangerous Dance Parties

These unique crash helmets are decorated in the style of a disco ball, handmade and sold by Etsy shop Disco2Disco. Each helmet features a retractable visor and is not VDOT approved for road wear. That’s a shame too, because how else are you supposed to let other motorists know you’re the life of the highway party?

Available in all silver, a combination of silver with some rose gold, or all rose gold, the helmets are available in sizes S – XL and cost around $200. A small price to pay to instantly be the center of attention for any gathering you attend (or crash), particularly any weddings or funerals.

Now it just needs an integrated sound system and orbiting spotlight and you’re a human disco party! And who hasn’t dreamed of being a mobile disco party on two feet? I know as a kid it’s what I always dreamed about being when I grew up. That or a dinosaur.

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Plufl: A Dog Bed for Humans

Presumably a little drunk and inspired by how comfortable a dog bed looked at the time, University of British Columbia students Noah Silverman and Yuki Kinoshita developed the Plufl, a giant dog-style bed intended for human use. Alternatively, just buy an x-large dog bed and curl up in that. Just don’t be surprised if the cat beats you to it and swats at you whenever you come near.

The $399 Plufl is currently an already funded Kickstarter project, and Noah and Yuki say they engineered the bed “to provide the optimal napping experience” and “maximize comfort and foster a sense of security, delivering relief for those who have ADHD, stress, and anxiety-related issues.” I’m pretty sure that covers everybody. Like a security blanket… in a dog bed. See how I tied all that together? I didn’t briefly consider going to journalism school for nothing.

Admittedly, it does look comfy – but $400? That’s an awful lot of money just to constantly try to explain to my dog that the dog bed that looks like it’s for her is actually for me. Eventually, I’ll give up because she’s just too cute and return to sleeping on the sofa while she sleeps in my Plufl – probably with my pillow too.

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DC Superhero Wedding Bands: Say I Do to Superpowers

Because you can’t even get married today without getting superheroes involved, ring maker Manly Bands has teamed up with DC Comics to produce The DC Collection, a line of superhero-themed wedding bands. Currently available rings include The Wonder Woman, The Superman, The Bruce Wayne, The Joker, The Flash, and The Aquaman. That’s one for each finger if you have six fingers like the man who killed Inigo Montoya’s father! Details about each ring are below.

  • The Wonder Woman, $995: Cobalt Chrome with 1mm 14K Yellow Gold Inlay, .5mm Blue Cerakote Inlays, Red Cerakote Sleeve, and Wonder Woman Logo Engraving
  • The Superman, $595: Cobalt Chrome with 2mm Blue Cerakote Inlay, Red Cerakote Sleeve, and Superman Logo Engraving
  • The Bruce Wayne, $2,395: Black Zirconium (charcoal gray color) with .02 Black Diamonds and Batman Logo Engraving
  • The Joker, $995: Black Zirconium (charcoal gray color) with 3mm Damascus Steel Inlay, 1mm Green Cerakote Inlays, Purple Cerakote Sleeve, and Joker Laugh Engraving
  • The Flash, $2,195: Black Zirconium (charcoal gray color) with 1mm Asymmetrical Red Cerakote Inlay, Solid 14K Yellow Gold Sleeve, and Flash Logo Engraving
  • The Aquaman, $795: Black Zirconium (charcoal gray color) with 3mm Abalone Shell Inlay, Green Cerakote Sleeve, and Aquaman Logo Engraving

So, which is your favorite? I thought they were all pretty cool, but I’m really holding out for a Swamp Thing band made out of green organic matter! How cool would that be? I just feel like no other superhero quite captures my essence than a monster who lives in a swamp and doesn’t want people messing with it. My wife, I tell you — she’s one lucky lady for sure.

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The Chevy Cobalt ETV (Extra Terrestrial Vehicle) Is out of This World

Crafted by car kit maker and Florida Man Mike Vetter, the ETV (Extra Terrestrial Vehicle) is a custom body kit that makes cars look like their gullwing doors are about to open and a bunch of bug-eyed aliens are going to crawl out with laser blasters to conquer earth. I must have one.

The Mike Vetter ETV can actually be fit on several different vehicles, but this one was built on a 2008 Chevy Cobalt, powered by a 2.2 liter Ecotec four-cylinder engine producing a blistering 148 horsepower. I sure hope Mike includes racing harnesses in the kit!

This particular model, which was previously on display at the London Motor Museum (presumably in The Hall of the Future) prior to its closure due to the COVID pandemic, is now being sold through the Bonhams auction house, which estimates it’ll fetch between $10,000 – $16,000. For reference, Mike’s original asking price was $95,000, so it’s really a steal if you think about it. Just don’t think about it too hard. Or at all, just raise that bidding paddle and buy it for me.

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Vintage Porcelain Painted with Tiny, Lifelike Ants: Teaparty, Ruined!

German artist Evelyn Bracklow paints tiny, realistic black ants on vintage porcelain, making the pieces appear to be crawling with the insects. Why exactly, I’m not sure, but they certainly make for an interesting conversation piece. Or my wife screaming we’ve got ants in the house and breaking a piece of expensive dinnerware with a thrown shoe.

Evelyn makes some of her pieces available for sale through her Etsy shop, but they’re not cheap. So if you fancy yourself an artist, you might want to consider buying some used dinnerware from the thrift store and try painting your own. That’s what I did, and let’s just say maybe Evelyn’s prices aren’t so unreasonable after all.

I love whimsical objects, and these certainly fit the bill. The hardest part is going to be convincing my wife to let me spend $360 on an antsy teapot when I don’t even drink tea. Now I’m not trying to sound too hoity-toity here, but I’ve always been more of a grape soda kind of guy.

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