Minimalist wooden armchair doubles up as a convenient desk

We often underestimate the importance of a great armchair, especially in our living rooms. When in reality, we shouldn’t. The right armchair not only serves as a comfy and ergonomic seating option but also adds a certain depth of character and personality to the living room. An excellent armchair functions as the perfect spot to lounge about, have a snack, and or chill while interacting with your family and friends. And one such armchair that you should consider adding to your living space is the Tailor Armchair.

Designer: SUNRIU Design

Designed by SUNRIU Design, what makes the Tailor armchair super interesting, and a rather unique design is that it can be used as an armchair and a desk. SUNRIU Design was inspired by the fact that during a certain period in history, cushions were added to the top of chairs. This was done so that when people played cards, which was a pretty popular pastime then, other people could watch them playing. They would nestle up against the back of the chair, and let their chins rest on the chair, allowing them to comfortably observe the game. This inspired the designer to create a piece of furniture that could function as two kinds of furniture. And with this chain of thought – the Tailor armchair was born!

If you want to use it as an armchair, you can simply rest and place your back on the raised panel or plank of plywood that is placed at the center of the chair. The raised panel is further supported by a vertical curved panel. These panels function as the back support, allowing you to comfortably sit back against the armchair. If you wish to use it as a desk, you can instead use the raised panel as a tabletop, and fit your legs into the blank spaces created by the intersection of the raised panel with the vertical curved panel. So the same panels of plywood that characterize the design as an armchair, also allow it to convert into a desk!

You can also connect multiple Tailor armchairs to create a modular and flexible furniture system that would work great for commercial offices or even schools! Since kids would love such a fun and multifunctional design that allows them flexibility and activity while studying.

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Cooler Master Orb X Immersive PC Gaming Pod Looks Straight out of TRON

Designed and built by computer hardware manufacturer Cooler Master, the Orb X is an immersive gaming pod designed with luxury and comfort in mind. It kind of reminds me of Darth Vader’s meditation chamber, but with less wondering what the heck he does in there for hours at a time.

The Orb X can accommodate up to three 27″ monitors for maximum peripheral viewing and includes built-in power, audio, and lighting systems, as well as a traditional desk surface. It features a premium leather “ergonomic recliner” with fully adjustable head and lumbar support. But does it have seat cooling capabilities? Because I get sweaty when I’m gaming.

The pod’s dome lowers over the user’s head once they’re in place, so you know that they mean business. If the dome is down, do not disturb — that’s going to be my motto. And the dome is never not going to be down, just to be clear. I’m going to live in this thing; all it needs now is a mini-fridge and microwave.

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A Minimalist Wall-Hanging Christmas Tree

Does a traditional Christmas tree just not fit in with your design motif? Already have everything exactly where you want it and simply can’t spare any room for some bulky Christmas spirit? Well, the brand Aqestyerly has you (and your wall) covered with this minimalist wall-hanging Christmas tree (affiliate link). Cool, but where do all the presents go?

The tree measures approximately 40″ x 44″ when closely assembled and includes some fake greenery to attach to the wall, along with ornaments to hang from the branches. I imagine some busy business executive who just doesn’t have time for Christmas finding this hung in his modern penthouse apartment by his decorator while he sips fine scotch and bah-humbugs his way through the holidays.

Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer a real Christmas tree. The bigger, the better too, that way there’s maximum room underneath for presents. Granted, I was absolutely terrible this year, and Santa shouldn’t deliver me anything but a stockingful of coal to the side of the head, but a boy can dream. Mostly about Santa confusing my house with somebody who isn’t on his naughty list.

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Metal Biomechanical Spine Armor Is Battle Cyborg Ready

Developed and built by Etsy shop BionicConcepts, this biomechanical metal spine armor features everything you’d look for in new spine armor, like cool looks and light-up effects. The cyberpunk-style spine is constructed from aluminum and will be worn daily by yours truly. I just need to cut a huge hole out of the back of my sofa first so I can relax comfortably.

Available in raw aluminum and black finishes, the cyborg spines start at around $710 for a silver (raw metal) model with a single color light, up to $910 for one with a black finish and RGB lighting. I’m probably going to compromise and get the silver with RGB lighting for $837, with a special request to mark the box it comes in ‘NOT ANOTHER CYBORG SPINE HONEY, I SWEAR.’

Don’t have the money to buy one of these spines? Head to the junkyard and get the parts to construct your own. Just make sure you’re up to date on your tetanus shot first. Also, maybe not trying to visit the junkyard after regular business hours under the cover of darkness because I was definitely shot at.

The Ultimate Role-Playing Game Table

Constructed and customized to order by Etsy shop DragonTempl8, this elaborate role-playing table is the ultimate in tabletop gaming. I mean, just look at this thing. Featuring workstations with card and dice compartments for 8 players (7 + dungeon master), the table also includes RGB LED lighting to set the mood (with a setting for standard day/night light), as well as A SMOKE MACHINE to intensify the atmosphere and a 22″ flatscreen in the center! It instantly moved to the #1 spot on my Christmas list this year.

The table starts at around $8,700 and goes up from there, depending on customization. It measures 160cm x 160cm (62″ x 62″) with a 200cm (78″) height and is going to be the focal point of my home from now on. I’m not going to lie; at first glance, I did think it was the control console inside a TARDIS, which makes me want it even more.

Now all I’m missing is a group of friends that actually want to play role-playing games with me, and I’ll be all set. I’ve tried playing alone, and it’s… difficult. And don’t even get me started on trying to get the cats to play – they just steal the dice! It’s like they get way too into their rogue elf characters.

These Realistic Owls Mittens Are a Real Hoot

Owls: they’re the rulers of the forest night. Hooting and swooping down on their unsuspecting prey under the cover of darkness, eating rodents in their entirety. And now you can have a pair on your hands, thank to these knitted Owl Mittens (affiliate link). Thankfully, the owl mittens only feature the likenesses of owls but aren’t made from actual birds. That’s a relief, especially if you have owl relatives.

Available in five different mitten colors, each glove has a realistic snow owl on the back of the hand. Unfortunately, they’re only available in one standard women’s size, though, so I probably won’t be able to squeeze my big bear paws into them. Which is a shame because I love owls and warm hands.

I just bought a pair for my wife so I can live vicariously through her. Plus, with owl mittens, if you ever lose one, at least it’ll be easy to describe. IT HAS AN OWL ON IT. Looks real, but don’t be afraid though – it’s just a mitten.

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This Wooden Xenomorph Phone Stand Looks Like It’s Been Dead a Long Time

Intricately carved out by Ukrainian woodworker Vadim of Etsy shop bovagu, these wooden xenomorph phone stands are perfect for letting coworkers know you’re a fan of the Alien franchise. Or for trying to convince them you’re an alien headhunter like the Predators. Speaking from experience, though, that’s an uphill battle. These people aren’t as gullible as my nieces and nephews.

The $145 heads are carved from sustainable linden wood, weigh 0.9 lbs, and measure approximately 5.5″ x 12″ x 3.5″. They can also be linseed oiled in different colors if blue isn’t your thing. I want mine to be the limey green tint of xenomorph blood, as seen in the movies. I demand realism!

Admittedly, that’s a sweet phone stand. And to think I’ve gotten by all this time just using a stack of unfinished work documents for a stand while I watch Netflix instead of actually attending to those documents. Fun fact: those papers also double as napkins and emergency tissues!

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Volkswagen Created a Motorized Office Chair with Car Features

Inspired by the features found in its line of vans, Volkswagen Norway created a motorized office chair with all sorts of bells and whistles. The chair’s features include LED headlights, a seatbelt, a seat warmer, a horn, a tow hitch – even an entertainment system. So basically, an office chair that’s even nicer than my car.

The foot-pedal-operated chair has a range of about 7.5-miles and a top speed of just over 12 MPH. It also has a backup camera and proximity sensors and a touchscreen entertainment center with integrated speakers. For reference, my car has a boombox sitting in the passenger seat operated by eight D batteries.

Unfortunately for business executives with corner offices and private bathrooms, the chair isn’t actually going to be sold but was made as a marketing piece to highlight VW’s van features. Which, from what I could gather, aren’t that different than other manufacturers’ van features. Those companies didn’t put them all in an office chair, though, which is why I’m only buying VW from now on. When’s the new microbus coming out anyways?

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Pendant Lamp Made from Mushroom Mycelium Is One Fungi Light

Created by “grower of carbon-negative materials” Myceen with the help of good ol’ Mother Nature, the $750 B-Wise Pendant Lamp is made entirely from mushroom mycelium and its organic byproducts. The mushroom material it’s made from contains no chemicals or synthetic additives, “making it perfectly compostable.” That’s cool, but I did think it was a bread bowl at first. Now I want some clam chowder.

The growth of the mushroom mycelium has been stopped, and the lamp is perfectly safe for humans and buildings. That’s a relief because you can’t very well tell me a lamp is made from mushrooms and not expect me to take a bite. I love mushrooms, especially with spaghetti and meatballs.

Myceen also grows mycelium acoustic wall panels, which apparently have unique acoustic properties. My apartment’s walls? They also have unique acoustic properties. Mostly that they’re paper thin and let every little noise pass through with ease. I can hear my neighbor sleeping, and he doesn’t even snore!

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Man Creates Marble Dropper With 1 Millisecond Accuracy

Creating marble machines that produce music when the balls hit objects, Martin Molin of the band Wintergatan (which I’m pretty sure is just him and his machine) knows precision ball-dropping is of utmost importance. So he developed this ball gate that can release his musical marbles with a standard timing deviation of just 1.46 milliseconds. That’s 1.46 thousandths of a second, or, in layman’s time, pretty damn accurate.

In the video, Martin demonstrates what 1.46 milliseconds sounds like to the naked ear, then delayed 10, 20, and 50ms until you can actually detect a noticeable difference. So yeah, it’s safe to say the machine drops those balls when it’s supposed to. Below is a video of the sort of insane machine Martin needs, such a precision marble-dropping gate to power.

Hey, everybody needs a hobby. And if your hobby happens to make beautiful music, all the better. But if your hobby happens to make a bunch of deafening noise in the garage and start the occasional fire, well, welcome to my life. My wife says I should take up reading or painting instead of trying to build a rocket.

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