Virgin Galactic reveals its Mach 3 aircraft design

In addition to space tourism, Virgin Galactic has big plans for high-speed air travel. Those plans require a new kind of aircraft, and today, the company unveiled the initial design concepts for its March 3 high-speed plane. Virgin Galactic also anno...

The Durgod Fusion Mechanical Keyboard Is Straight out of the ’80s

Having cut my teeth on computers back in the 1980s, I have a very soft spot in my heart for the aesthetics of the era. I also happen to be a fan of clicky mechanical keyboards. So when I saw this retro-infused mechanical keyboard pop up over on Kickstarter, I was definitely intrigued.

Created by mechanical keyboard company Durgod, the Fusion keyboard features a high-contrast, multicolor scheme that’s reminiscent of the keyboards on old computer terminals, with hints of Commodore PET, Atari 800, and TI-99/4A among others. It’s a small keyboard, measuring just 12.4″ w x 5.3″ d x 1.2″ h, so it’s easy to carry in your backpack or briefcase. The Fusion comes in three different colorways: Navigator (blue, off-white and yellow), Original (grey, off-white, and orange), and Steam (grey, black and red). Combined with an embossed top bar, you can definitely see the ’80s design influence here.

On top of its looks, the Fusion is quite capable, loaded with high quality Cherry keyswitches, and offering both a wired USB-C connection and a wireless keyboard via Bluetooth or a 2.4GHz dongle. Battery life is rated at 40 days for wireless use. In addition to the three color schemes, you can choose from MX Black, MX Red, MX Brown, or MX Blue switches, depending on your pressure, tactile feedback, and noise preferences.

The Durgod Fusion keyboard will eventually sell for $199, but those who buy early over on Kickstarter can get one for as little as $119 (or $109 if you move really quickly!) Shipping is expected to start in October 2020, and since Durgod has an extensive track record producing keyboards, it’s likely to be a pretty low risk as crowdfunding campaigns go.

Designers help a rover navigate the crushing furnace of Venus

Venus is closer to Earth than Mars, but because it’s a hellhole that’s unforgiving to rovers, we still don’t know much about its surface. NASA and JPL recently launched a heroX design contest for mechanical sensors that would help its AREE (automaton...

Star Trek Starfleet Uniform Bedding: Sleep, the Final Frontier

When you do something bad on a Starfleet ship, you’re likely to end up confined to your quarters. Frankly, that doesn’t sound so terrible to me, as it’s an opportunity to catch up on your rest. And if you’re going to sleep on a Starfleet starship, it should wear an official Starfleet uniform, don’t ya think?’

So beam me up, then tuck me under this duvet cover that look like an enormous Starfleet uniform. Imagine if Andre the Giant was a Starfleet officer, and that’s what we’re talking about here. The bedding is made by Character World, and come in both Discovery and The Next Generation variants, each distinguished by a different Starfleet badge, along with other details. The set includes a reversible duvet cover and a single pillow case with lots of starfleet logos on the reverse side.

You can find the Discovery duvet set over on Amazon, while you might need to head to eBay to find the TNG bedding. Sadly, the duvet and pillow set appears to come only in a twin bed size. It’s too bad our crew quarters don’t double as holodecks, because I’d just ask the ship’s computer to simulate me a California King set, along with the comfiest memory foam mattress it can come up with.

[via The Trek Collective]

Don’t Try Drinking This Fake Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Push Pins

It’s like 90ºF and 80% humidity here in Chicago this week, so the idea of sipping a hot beverage doesn’t have much appeal to me at the moment. But when the weather inevitably cools off, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a nice cup of hot cocoa, along with a bunch of mini marshmallows floating on top. Of course, you’d be in for a rude awakening if those marshmallows had pins on their ends and poked holes in your tongue and esophagus. So you might not want to put this fake cup of hot chocolate and pushpin marshmallows where you might normally reach to take a sip.

Fred’s whimsical Marsh Memos set comes with 20 marshmallow-shaped push pins, along with a cup of non-drinkable hot chocolate for you to store them in. They’re adorable, but definitely not kid friendly, so don’t leave them lying around where junior might try to chomp on them. Being made from rubber with pointy metal spikes on their ends, they definitely don’t taste good. The least they could do is make the drink part smell like chocolate and the marshmallow pins smell like vanilla. Oh well, that’s a missed opportunity.

If you can avoid the temptation of trying to drink the cocoa or eat the marshmallows, the Marsh Memos set is available now from Perpetual Kid for $9.99, which is probably about what you’ll pay for a Venti hot cocoa at Starbucks these days.

This LED Game Table Can Play Tetris

Looking for a unique piece of furniture for your living room or game room? Well, skip the IKEA and go for something a bit more geeky, I say. This cool coffee table has LEDs built into its top which can display a colorful light show, or even play simple video games.

Etsy seller RetroGamesTable makes these neat pieces of electronic furniture over which pack a 12 x 12 grid of LED squares beneath their surface, each of which can be assigned a different color. Its Arduino controller allows it to display various patterns, as well as to play Tetris and Snake using a classic NES-style gamepad.

The light-up tables come in a single player square version that measures about 21.6″w x 21.6″l x 17.7″h, as well as a two-player rectangular model that’s 35.4″w x 21.6″l x 17.7″h, and has twice as many LEDs. The smaller one sells for $370, while the bigger one is $650. Keep in mind that these ship from Ukraine, so it might take a little while for them to get to you, but from the reviews I read over on Etsy, it should be worth the wait.

You Can Make a Face Bookshelf Like This One

Despite the amount of content I consume via digital screens, I still like to dust off the occasional paperback when I’m feeling the need for something more tactile. While I store my books in an an ordinary IKEA bookshelf, I’d much rather have one of these shelves that looks like a giant face.

Art and Creative Director Alexi McCarthy created this cool and unique shelving unit in the shape of a cartoon face. The squared-off jaw and simple eyeballs remind me of the doodles I used to draw in my notebooks as a kid.  As shown below, this guy looks best with white book covers for his teeth, while his hair could be black, brown, or possibly something more colorful if you’re going for a punk rock look. I actually think I’d stack just a few taller books in the middle and give him a mohawk.

Alexi has been asked if he has any plans to produce the shelf, but for now has decided to share instructions on his website (for personal use only), so you can build one for yourself. The design doesn’t look that difficult to build, assuming you have experience using a miter saw so you can get the angles right. If you decide to use the design, Alexi asks that you consider making a donation to Room to Read, a charity that helps support literacy and education for children in low-income communities.

[via Neatorama]

Photoshop’s AI subject selection now handles portraits with ease

Now that a lot of creative professionals are working from home, Adobe is adding new features to Creative Cloud apps to help you collaborate or share your projects with others. Of course, there are a number of new features for your everyday work, too....