Multifunctional MagSafe Wallet makes sure your cards will never go missing again

Like a true trailblazer, Apple took the existing wireless charging technology and made it into an exciting new trend that’s taking the smartphone accessory market by storm. Although it is primarily meant to address one of the biggest problems with wireless charging, the new MagSafe also opened the doors for more gadgets, accessories, and trinkets that take advantage of that magnetic connection. That even includes some things you might not immediately associate with a phone, like this stylish magnetic wallet that sticks to your phone almost like glue. More than just making sure your cards and IDs are always with you, this multi-talented accessory will give you peace of mind that even if you misplace it, you’ll always be able to find it again, no matter where it is.

Designer: Sam Xu

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MagSafe wallets are admittedly not new, and even Apple sells its own official pieces. Ironically, these first-party wallets don’t take full advantage of all the technologies that Apple has to offer, particularly when it comes to locating lost stuff. Apple might prefer that you buy its AirTag separately, but that’s not something you can add to the Apple MagSafe leather wallet anyway, at least not without resorting to ugly hacks.

Snap On – More than double the strength of the official MagSafe Wallet via powerful built-in magnets with 1,500 g of holding force.

Simplified – Simply push your finger into the bottom cutout to instantly pop a card out and get on with doing your thing.

Geo Wallet combines these two functions into a single elegant piece that can also do more than just stick to the back of your iPhone. At its core, it is an elegant wallet that can hold up to three cards, keeping them safe while also providing easy access when you need them. An inner dynamic tension spring secures your cards in place, but all you need is a simple push from the bottom cutout to pop out the card you need in a flash. And with a holding force of about 1,500g, you can rest assured that it won’t suddenly detach from your phone the moment you pull it out of your pocket or bag.

Go Longer – The built-in rechargeable battery goes for 3 months on a single charge and lasts for years, so you can keep your wallet longer and reduce waste.

Find It – Instantly see your Wallet’s real-time location, play a sound, and receive Left Behind notifications.

What makes Geo Wallet special, however, is its official Apple certification for the Find My feature. What this means is that it takes almost no work to pair the wallet with your iPhone so that it never gets lost. Apple’s Find My network warns you when you’ve left the wallet behind and also lets you locate it, even when it’s out of range. And if those two functions aren’t already enough to convince you, Geo Wallet, fortunately, still has a few tricks up its sleeve to win you over.

Steady Hold – Letting you easily slide in any finger, the loop provides a close, snug fit and quickly folds flat when you’re ready to pocket your phone.

View It – Create a powerfully stable stand at any angle between 15° and 170°, portrait or landscape.

For one, it has a built-in finger loop that lets you hold the phone with confidence, especially considering how strong the magnets are in staying where they should. The wallet also opens up to become an extremely useful phone stand that, thanks to MagSafe’s versatility, can hold the phone up vertically or horizontally as needed. It might be called a wallet, but Geo Wallet definitely does more than hold your cards. Its Apple Find My capability and added features truly make it a must-have for any iPhone owner, all for the sweet Super Early Bird price of $31.

Click Here to Buy Now: $31 $39 (20% off). Hurry, only 571/999 left!

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The Bold and Beautiful New Yellow iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus from Apple

Apple has once again captured the attention of the world with the introduction of its latest flagship smartphones, the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. The Cupertino-based tech giant has revealed that these new devices will be available in a bold new color option, Yellow. The new Yellow color option is a refreshing change from the usual iPhone colors. The bright and cheerful hue is sure to turn heads and make a statement. Apple has made sure to incorporate the new color option across the entire device, from the front glass to the back panel. In terms of design, the…

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Native Union’s iPhone 14 case comes with a leather build and a companion MagSafe Wallet

Costing roughly as much as Apple’s own cases, these bad boys from Native Union and Maison Kitsuné come crafted from premium Italian leather. They’re perfectly made for your iPhone 14, are designed with drop-protection and lips around your screen and camera bump, and the case has its own set of magnets to reinforce the attachment of its companion MagSafe wallet, which holds two cards. Apple made the MagSafe Wallet, Native Union just brought better craftsmanship to it.

Designer: Maison Kitsuné x Native Union

The Native Union Profile Fox cases feature a premium leather construction, and both the case and the wallet are emblazoned with Maison Kitsuné’s signature fox logo. The cases and wallets are available in ‘Wine Lees’ brown and ‘Medium Blue’, and are designed to age and patina beautifully with time, creating a product that’s more unique to look at as time goes by.

The case guards your phone, protecting it from drops of up to 6 feet (1.8 meters), while the inside features a recycled microfiber lining that keeps the glass back of your phone free of scratches. Magnets within the case let you easily snap on the wallet, which holds two of your most-used cards. The interaction is reliable and strong, making it a perfect alternative to Apple’s own accessories.

Without the wallet, the Native Union Profile Fox case is still MagSafe compatible, letting you snap on your charger or even use a regular wireless charging pad with your phone. Snap the wallet on and you’ve now got yourself the ideal EDC that fits right in your pocket, giving you access to your tech and cards all in one cohesive unit.

While Apple doesn’t offer warranties on its iPhone accessories, Native Union does. The Profile Fox case and wallet come with a 2-year warranty on construction and manufacturing defects. There’s even a 14-day trial period just in case you’re a little particular about what gear you want to attach to your $1,000 smartphone (you’ve every right to be). The Native Union Profile Fox case and wallet retail for $119.99, and you can even head to the website to get a matching cover for your AirPods case or strap for your watch.

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The iRig Stream Mic Pro lets you professionally record your own podcast with just an iPhone

The audio tech company’s heavily known for making products that democratize music production by letting you use software and hardware along with readily available devices like iPhones and iPads. The iRig Stream Mic Pro opens yet another avenue for budding podcasters to record crystal-clear audio for everything from podcasts to streams, videos, and even professional music production. The condenser microphone comes with 4 switchable polar patterns for all sorts of recording settings, a hi-pass filter that lets you instantly cut out rumbling sounds and other noises, and an audio interface that supports connecting a host of devices like keyboards, mixers, turntables, soundboards, etc. The microphone can be hooked to anything from a studio setup to a laptop, iPad, or iPhone, giving you the freedom to either scale up or scale down your setup, depending on the need.

Designer: IK Multimedia

The iRig Stream Mic Pro comes with a gold-sputtered ½” electret condenser diaphragm that allows it to record in pristine quality, but even supports the ability to choose between four polar patterns – cardioid, omnidirectional, figure-eight, and stereo, based on the space you’re recording in and the elements around you. A central knob forms the most noticeable element of the microphone’s design, doing multiple things from letting you cycle between patterns to controlling gain, headphone level, monitor mix, and even the high pass filter.

The iRig Stream Mic Pro is a little more than your average microphone. Sure, it matches up to some high-grade condenser mics in its capabilities, but what really sets it apart is the fact that it’s practically an entire studio inside a microphone. You can connect it right to your smartphone and begin recording, but if you’ve got more on your mind, the Stream Mic Pro lets you push boundaries. An aux input lets you hook your mic up to audio input devices like a keyboard, turntable, soundboard, or smartphone, and have the audio mix right into your recording. A headphone out lets you play with the levels too, allowing you to tune up your vocals or the audio playing from the input device. The Stream Mic Pro’s built-in audio interface gives it the ability to connect various devices to the mic without requiring any additional gear. The final recording then can be sent to your DAW on your phone, tablet, or laptop, saving you the trouble of requiring expensive gear and a technician.

Want to have better control over your master recording? The iRig Stream Mic Pro offers IK Multimedia’s groundbreaking Loopback+, letting you not only add music from your phone or tablet to your recording or stream but even route the mic signal into a separate app to add reverb, EQ, or noise-reduction before sending it to apps like TikTok or Instagram, which don’t normally let you process audio or add background music. This effectively gives you studio-level control in your social media apps, setting your content miles apart.

The mic comes with an ultra-portable design that cuts your need for additional gear in half. It connects to tripods or mic stands using a threaded mounting system at the back, and hooks to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop via USB-C (or lightning for your iPhone). The mic records in 24-bit at 96kHz, and offers a choice of stereo or multi-channel mode. The microphone connects to your device, working right out of the box without any extra software, and an MFi certification means you can even charge your iPhone while using iRig Stream Mic Pro to record with the (optional) DC power supply. The iRig Stream Mic Pro starts at €169.99 ($185.4 USD) and ships with a 2-year warranty.

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MOFT elevates mobile life at CES 2023 with new stands and mounts for iPhones and iPads

The tech frenzy in Las Vegas may have finally died down, but the CES dust has far from settled. There are more than a few products and prototypes that can be unpacked beyond our 35 best designs for CES this year. Despite the wide range of consumer electronics and technologies showcased, all of them have the common goal of improving human lives as well as helping our planet heal. That can be as grand as four-seater flying cars that will take commuting to new heights, literally, or something as simple yet as effective as making it easier to use our gadgets today. That kind of meaningful improvement is what MOFT is offering Apple fans with a new set of accessories designed to take their iPad and iPhone use to the next level, almost literally as well.

Designer: MOFT

Whether it’s for consuming content or creating them, tablets are often used at the desk level, which is the most uncomfortable angle for using them for long periods. While there are a few stands that try to raise the tablet screen to a more ergonomic level, the new MOFT Snap Float Folio easily outclasses them in design and versatility. Inspired by origami, the Japanese art of paper folding, this protective cover can set the iPad as much as 3.6 inches higher, while its four versatile angles let you use the iPad in various ways. Even better, the folio is made of fiberglass from recycled materials and a premium leather-like PU surface that makes it lightweight yet luxurious.

It’s not unusual for people with MacBooks to keep their iPhones nearby, though usually lying on the desk or propped up on a stand below eye level. Either way, switching back and forth between MacBook and iPhone is sure to strain your eyes and neck. The Flip Laptop iPhone Mount easily solves this by making your iPhone seemingly float beside your laptop screen. The mount attaches to the back of a laptop, and its arm can flip out in three different orientations to magnetically hold the iPhone securely. The mount is made from soft faux leather, and the adhesive can be removed without leaving a mark on your laptop’s stylish lid.

Sometimes, your quality of life doesn’t exactly require an ergonomic height but instead focuses on everyday carry convenience. The new Snap Stand Power Set offers this portable flexibility with a battery pack and a stand and wallet, both of which can magnetically attach to an iPhone, either together or alone. The minimalist design and scratch-resistant faux leather give these accessories a luxurious appearance that adds to your iPhone’s prestige, even when they’re riding on the smartphone’s back.

If you’re going to carry your iPhone around, though, you might want to take a gander at MOFT’s new Sling Case. Making you look hip while swinging your iPhone along, the case’s hidden strap connectors let you securely attach an adjustable lanyard of any length. The soft-touch faux leather case is compatible with MagSafe accessories and gives you even more reasons to save yourself the awkwardness of bulging pockets.

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This beautiful MagSafe collection offers a sustainable way to top up your devices

Some might consider Apple’s new MagSafe tech for iPhones and Apple Watches as simply catching up to the already existing wireless charging technology, but it clearly does a lot more than what its industry rivals have accomplished so far. The smart addition of magnets is no small matter, as it enabled many different forms of wireless chargers that no longer required devices to lie horizontally flat on a desk or charging bed. That kind of freedom and flexibility gave way to rather interesting designs, some minimal, some multi-functional. It also gave manufacturers a bit more leeway when it came to materials, which this new collection of MagSafe chargers takes advantage of in order to bring accessories that are not only handsome but also less harmful to the environment.

Designer: Magdalena Gembala (Oakywood)

Apple’s first-party MagSafe chargers are already extremely minimal, comprising only a small puck that magnetically latches on to an iPhone or Apple Watch. While that did offer more flexibility in how to use it, the designs were not entirely elegant. Fortunately, it’s also possible to actually use those official chargers in ways Apple doesn’t, like putting them inside bases and holders that add a little more functionality and style to the charger.

This Oakywood MagSafe collection does exactly that, utilizing the Apple MagSafe chargers to provide the actual charging function of these beautifully designed products. What they offer, instead, are solid and multi-functional bases that not only keep your iPhone or Apple Watch in place but also add some life to your desk. With a mix of wood and matte aluminum materials, these stands and mounts look handsome on any motif you might have going for your desk, providing eye-catching ornaments without being distracting.

These MagSafe accessories are not as trivial as they might seem. One actually mounts onto an edge of a shelf, preferably one on or near your desk, while another sticks to a wall. In all cases, the MagSafe charger they hold can be removed and used as normal, just in case you prefer not to see the device’s screen but still want the beautiful presence of these wood and metal ornaments.

This Oakywood collection isn’t sustainable just because of the materials used, though that definitely plays an important role. None of these accessories actually come with an Apple MagSafe charger, so you can and will have to use what you already have anyway. Not only does this mean that the stands and mounts themselves don’t have any non-sustainable components, it also helps prevent more e-waste in the long run. It’s definitely a win-win situation when you get not only a multi-functional MagSafe charging stand but also beautiful accessories that, at the very least, don’t contribute to the death of the planet by their mere existence.

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New iPhone 15 Pro Max Concept shows a redesigned camera layout with variable aperture, and USB-C Thunderbolt

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Concept

When I first saw Apple announce the iPhone 14 Pro, I distinctly remember having two thoughts: the first one being “Wow, that Dynamic Island looks fascinating”, followed by “Wait, that’s the only design change? What will they possibly do next??” The 14 Pro seems to mark the longest that Apple has committed to a design style. The camera layout has stayed the same for 3 years; the flat-edge design and lack of a home button have stuck around since 2017, and it’s been 10 whole years since the Lightning Port was introduced on the iPhone. If there ever was a time to make a massive design change… this was it. And I’m not talking about ditching the notch for an island. I’m talking about something more substantial.

Putting together all the rumors available on the interwebz (with a few creative tweaks of his own), concept designer Antonio De Rosa has unveiled what could possibly be the most radical change to the iPhone in the past 5 years. The iPhone 15 Pro Max retains the flat edges (although they look more rounded than before), but has a sizeable change in practically every other area you look at. This incredibly enticing concept features a larger Dynamic Island on the front, rocker-style volume buttons that also slide independently to put your phone on mute, a Thunderbolt 4 port on the base (instead of lightning), and an absolutely unrecognizable back with a new camera layout + branding. If all that awesomeness somehow wasn’t enough for you, there’s even an M1 chip on the inside, marking the first time an iPhone would receive Apple’s M-series chips.

Designer: Antonio De Rosa

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Concept

The first thing you notice with the iPhone 15 Pro Max is that honker of a camera bump featuring 2 large cameras instead of 3 smaller ones. The reason primarily being that one of those cameras now comes with a variable aperture, while the other one incorporates the rumored Periscope Lens. The now-rectangular camera bump also includes a better flash, dubbed the Pro Flash Duo, and a dedicated depth mic that can spotlight certain zones and record audio of exactly what’s in the camera’s frame.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Concept

The entire back of the new iPhone 15 Pro Max feels discernibly different too. The camera bump’s new layout affects the entire composition of the back, calling for a newly designed branding system. The 15 Pro, therefore, ditches the centralized Apple logo, opting for the word ‘iPhone’ instead. The Apple logo, however, makes it to the bottom right corner, creating a semblance of balance while almost mimicking a playing card in its design.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Concept

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Concept

The biggest change to the iPhone 15 Pro Max is that new camera system. While the 14 Pro didn’t do much apart from introducing a larger sensor and an Action Mode with stabilized video, the 15 Pro goes back to the drawing board with a completely redesigned layout. Now looking almost like something from the Android universe (there’s a distinct OnePlus meets Vivo flavor here), the 15 Pro features a larger camera with a variable aperture, and a camera below it with a periscope lens. The variable aperture camera is a fascinating thing – it was attempted only recently by Samsung, but discontinued almost immediately… however, if anyone could pull it off, it’s probably Apple. The variable aperture works almost like an eye does, increasing in lower light settings to allow the camera to capture more light information as well as generate more natural bokeh, and closing shut in brighter settings for incredibly sharp images with a higher depth of field. The Periscope Lens right under it handles telephoto, using a unique lens setup to mimic a much longer lens to achieve better optical zoom.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Concept

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Concept

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Concept

Perhaps the most expected change to the iPhone 15 Pro is the death of the lightning port. Thanks to EU legislation, the iPhone 15 Pro’s expected to have USB-C instead, although the company will probably outdo itself by going to Thunderbolt 4 directly. The smartphone will still retain MagSafe and wireless charging, given that Apple probably hopes to migrate to a portless iPhone in the near future.

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Concept

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Concept

The concept also brings the M1 chip to the iPhone – a feature that seems like a distant reality but is fun to imagine nevertheless. It does, however, share a few features with its predecessor, including a Dynamic Island (now bigger and better), an improved SOS feature, an Always-On display, and a SIM-free build.

Apple’s expected to introduce the iPhone 15 series as early as September 2023, although there’s no saying what the supply chain shortage will mean for the company’s ability to deliver its next best iPhone on time. Apple’s also rumored to announce a VR/AR wearable towards the end of the year too!

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Concept

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Concept

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Pininfarina designs super exclusive iPhone 13 Pro, 14 Pro cases you can customize to match your ride

After the sassiest and most stylish cars, Pininfarina, an ace Italian design house, is now collaborating in the far east to deliver the most desirable iPhone case for motorheads. The cases designed in partnership with Japanese startup INKAR are perhaps the most incredible choice if you have the means and zeal to burn 10 grands for a way to protect your iPhone.

Boasting top-notch craftsmanship and immaculate detail in design, the Pininfarina x INKAR iPhone Cases are made to order. The buyers have the option to configure these cases to match their supercar if they like.

Designer: Pininfarina and INKAR

According to Pininfarina, the cases are visually inspired by the Ferrari 512S Modulo, and the limited-edition covers are made to order in Italy. The accessories are strictly limited to iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro only for now.

Since Pininfarina’s idea is to allow buyers to receive an iPhone case that is designed to match their car; the buyers have a choice to choose their preferred color for the case – from a range of five distinct options – and can even select lens trim leathers. Even more exciting is the option of black plate materials that a buyer can select. These choices range from carbon fiber to leather and from aluminum to wood.

Despite your selection of color and the base plate material, each Pininfarina x INKAR iPhone Case is distinctly numbered for exclusivity. The serial number is engraved into the case. For the techier ones, every iPhone case comes with an NFT that provides access to INKAR’s exclusive membership program and early access to the Japanese brand’s forthcoming products. As the cases are limited to only 99 models of each iPhone 13 Pro and 14 Pro smartphones, these are steeply priced at $10,000 apiece, and expected to be available starting December 1.

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Check out this MagSafe-ready Apple Magic Charger that never made it into production

The introduction of MagSafe has made wireless charging snap on the iPhone range. Therefore, a slew of MagSafe chargers in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and form factors rock the market today. In this sea of options, a product has appeared online which is believed to be an Apple MagSafe charger that never made it into production. The images of this rarity, shared on the internet, have some semblance to the iPhone Lightning Dock, then why was it canned?

The images first shared by Apple collector TheBlueMister on Twitter have been doing rounds on the internet over the past few days. The said Twitter account is now suspended (not guessing these images made content violation), but since, a few other collectors in Asia have managed to go hands-on with the design validation test (DVT) versions of the charger in question.

Designer: Apple

When plugged into a Mac, it is believed that the device was identified as Apple Magic Charger. If there was some magic in the metallic puck, it would have definitely been made out of the company’s production lines instead of being abandoned altogether. So, what’s this mysterious Apple product really all about?

Looking somewhat like the iPhone Lightning Dock, the Apple Magic Charger is based on a metal stand, which features a metallic puck integrated within its square rim. The device is likely made of anodized aluminum while the round charging area within is rubberized. Interestingly the aluminum stand allows the charger to be pushed into a vertical position to charge the connected iPhone.

Reportedly, and as suggested by the available images, the Magic Charger was designed to keep the connected iPhone upright and in a horizontal position; perhaps this limitation of use could have been a reason the magic was never done outside of the Apple production lines!

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Shargeek’s tiny 35W GaN fast charger is an adorable retro throwback for all Apple fans!

Looking for a good fast charger for your iPhone? Shargeek just designed the perfect one!

Now the Retro 35W GaN Charger from Shargeek isn’t as impressive as is much more popular transparent cyberpunk-inspired power bank, but it has a different sort of appeal that most tech nerds will instantly fall in love with. The charging brick models itself on the original Macintosh computer, complete with the MacOS ‘smiling’ logo displayed on the tiny computer’s screen. Built with a GaN semiconductor on the inside, the tiny charger comes with a max output of 35W, which is enough to fast-charge your iPhone or any other device. Plug it in and not only does it charge your device, but the Mac’s screen comes to life too, lighting up in various colors to let you know your device’s charging status!

Designer: Shargeek

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The highlight of this tiny charger is its design. Created as a perfect tribute to the Macintosh and also a rather funny juxtaposition of an old-tech exterior but a state-of-the-art GaN interior, the charging brick sits on your plug socket or extension board, smiling at you while delivering juice to your devices. The smiling screen also comes with its own LED backlight which just feels like an incredibly joy-giving experience on its own. Plug your charger in and the backlight lets you know the charging status. A white light means ‘not charging’, while yellow, blue, and green lights range between normal to fast, and finally ‘super’ charging.

As adorably tiny as it looks, the Mac-shaped charger packs a punch. Powered by GaN Ⅲ technology, the charger delivers up to 35W of power in its tiny avatar, charging devices like your phone, tablet, TWS earbuds, drone, handheld gaming console, and even your laptop. Its ability to deliver high wattage to your devices makes them charge faster (that’s putting it simply) – for instance, the Retro 35W GaN Charger gates your iPhone 14 from 0% to 50% battery in just 30 minutes.

The retro-inspired charger is compatible with a wide range of devices, almost an antithesis to Apple’s own ‘walled garden’. It’s tiny enough to fit in your pocket and weighs a mere 55 grams or 2 ounces. Each Shargeek Retro 35W GaN charger also comes with a set of DIY stickers that you can place on the tiny Mac’s screen, effectively changing your charger’s ‘wallpaper’!

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