TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate iPhone 15 Case Review: Versatility and Protection in One


  • Air-filled Bumpers offer almost total protection from bumps and falls

  • MagSafe-compatible O-Ring provides a versatile kickstand and holder

  • Slim and lightweight design maintains the iPhone 15's elegance


  • O-Ring doesn't rotate to support arbitrary positions or angles

  • Only available for the iPhone Pro and Pro Max models




The TORRAS UPRO Ostand's air-filled bumpers protect your iPhone from every angle, and a MagSafe-compatible O-ring works as both a holder as well as a kickstand. Apple invented MagSafe. TORRAS perfected it.

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to connect with each other, retrieve information, and even create and record memories. We bring our phones with us everywhere, even in some places or circumstances that would be precarious for the electronic device. Apple’s latest event played up that “wonderlust” and presented the iPhone 15 series as the perfect companion for your life’s journeys, especially when it comes time to snap up photos or record videos for posterity. Bringing along a naked iPhone to your many adventures, however, might not be the smartest and most efficient move, especially when not if accidents happen. Just in time for the release of the iPhone 15, TORRAS launched new cases designed to be just as adventurous as the new iPhones, so we take it for a bumpy ride to see if the new UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate can truly turn the iPhone 15 into your faithful companion through life’s up and, most especially, downs.

Designer: TORRAS

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With so many cases for smartphones littering the market today, you might almost be tempted to give the UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate a pass. Your opinion will quickly change, however, the moment you behold the case, and especially after you’ve put it on your iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max. Depending on the color variant, the case is mostly clear or has a frosted surface that still lets the iPhone’s elegant colors shine through. The Gray case’s clear surface is perfect for the iPhone 15’s Natural or White Titanium colorways, but there are also Black and Blue options to cover the entire iPhone 15 lineup. Either way, your iPhone 15 doesn’t need to sacrifice its elegant colors just so that it can be protected.

You might, however, notice that the edges of the case have a different color and are slightly raised as if bulging a bit. This isn’t just some pointless embellishment and actually serves one of the UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate’s most important functions, which we’ll get to later. Unfortunately, its color, which is mostly light gray, easily stands out from the rest of the case’s edges because of the color contrast. Some might find it visually disconcerting while others might not mind it so much. It could become a problem, however, with other iPhone 15 color options, like RED or future variants. It would have been nice if you could swap out these bumpers for different colors, but that could also reduce the case’s durability in the process.

The other visual detail that stands out is the ring on the back of the case. Thanks to many MagSafe-compatible accessories, the presence of this ring is no longer alien, even though Apple itself doesn’t mark the area on its iPhones. Thankfully, the ring, which is formally called the O-Ring, sits flush on the surface of the case, so it doesn’t cause the phone to wobble when placed on a table, nor will it snag in your pants pocket or other things in your bag. All in all, the TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS has a rather minimalist design, both visually and physically, except for those bumpers and that ring that serve important purposes that give the case its selling points.


Despite knowing the risks of dropping an expensive iPhone, many people are reluctant to put them in protective cases. These iPhones are, after all, beautiful unclothed and are meant to be slim and comfortable to hold. Most of the fears stem from making the iPhone look like it’s going to war, which is fortunately not the case with this UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate.

In addition to being visually simple and minimalist, the case is also space-efficient and lightweight. It delivers 92% protection against disastrous falls, but instead of simply wrapping the phone in thick layers of material, TORRAS employs innovative technologies that keep the case as slim as possible. The result is that it doesn’t add too much bulk to an already large iPhone 15 Pro or even bigger iPhone 15 Pro Max, nor does it add more burden to your hand when holding it.

In fact, the UPRO Ostand SS improves the iPhone 15’s ergonomics by giving your hand a non-slipper surface to grip. There’s also that O-Ring that folds out of the case, transforming into a holder for your finger to keep the phone steady, whether you’re simply watching videos or taking photos and selfies. The latter is a very important use case for both the new iPhone 15 and this UPRO Ostand SS, giving you the freedom and the confidence to shoot anywhere, knowing that the phone is secure in your hand. And unlike the typical rings that you stick to the back of your phone, the O-Ring folds flat when not in use, hiding in plain sight until it’s needed once more.


Right out of the packaging, you can already tell that the TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate is not your average case. The contrasting color of the embossed edges immediately call your attention, but these aren’t just for show. Their unique form is actually the case’s main selling point, being air-filled bumpers that protect your phone from drops and shocks, especially when it drops on one of its corners or edges, which is the most common place for this kind of accident.

For this innovation, TORRAS took inspiration from car airbags that protect you from accidents. When the iPhone accidentally drops on its corner or side, the air-filled thermoplastic polyurethane not only absorbs the force of the impact but actually bounces it off, preventing the shock from being transferred to the rest of your phone, which is the most common cause of cracked screens. These bumpers give the phone 360-degree military-grade impact protection that can absorb up to 98% of the shock.

But while protection is its main purpose, that isn’t the only talent that the UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate has, which you can probably discern from its name. It features TORRAS’s unique O-Ring, a ring grip and stand combination that’s built right into the case and, more importantly, doesn’t stick out of it. You simply fold it out and you’re ready to go, standing the iPhone 15 on any flat surface or holding the phone in your hand with support for your finger. You can stand the iPhone vertically or horizontally depending on your use case, and the O-Ring will be able to support it. Unfortunately, the position of the ring itself is fixed in its position, unlike the Ostand R cases where the O-Ring can rotate 360 degrees. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it would have been nice to have to increase the case’s versatility.

That O-Ring has a third function in addition to grip and stand thanks to its use of a Halbach array of magnets. These strong magnets let you stick the phone to any MagSafe stand or holder, like those for cars or bedside tables. Alternatively, you can also stick the iPhone 15 to any metallic surface, from refrigerator or car doors to metal poles and walls. You no longer need to worry about not having a selfie stick or tripod when you can set up the iPhone at a distance anywhere. And, of course, the case lets you charge with MagSafe without having to remove the case. Apple may have introduced the universal USB-C connector for the iPhone 15 series, but those who have tasted MagSafe will probably never go back to cables if they can help it.


The UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate for the iPhone 15 Pro is stylish, durable, and versatile, but the list of its strengths doesn’t end there. When it comes to sustainability, it also has an edge over other smartphone cases. Sure, it has its fair share of plastics, rubber, and other environment-unfriendly materials, but its use of thermoplastic polyurethane for its headlining feature scores in its favor. It has also committed to nurturing one tree in the Brazil Atlantic Forest for every three cases sold. If TORRAS could start using recycled plastics or lay out a more definite sustainability strategy, it would definitely take the lead in this market.

Where the case does shine is in its durability, which is to say that it’s made to last a really long time. It is, after all, designed to protect the iPhone 15 it holds, so it is also quite resilient itself. It won’t last forever, of course, and the case’s surface might tarnish and show discoloration over time. It would have been nice if the bumpers could be replaced independently of the rest of the case or vice versa, but TORRAS probably had to prioritize the product’s structural integrity over that kind of modularity.


There are countless smartphone cases in the market today, especially for something as popular as Apple iPhones. With the launch of the iPhone 15 series, there’s bound to be even more, as proven by the flood of announcements following Apple’s event last week. It’s easy to get lost in a sea of cases that promise the same things but deliver in different ways, sometimes not at all. The TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate for the iPhone 15 Pro sets itself apart from the crowd by delivering not only protection for your precious new iPhone but also confidence and peace of mind.

The Ostand SS ShieldMate frees you from worries about accidents when bringing your iPhone 15 along for the ride in your outdoor adventures, globe-trotting, and other activities. It also allows you to hold the phone securely in your hand, whether for enjoying content or creating it, even letting you stick it to walls, poles, and surfaces to make it easier to take group selfies or do hands-free live streaming. The UPRO Ostand SS is definitely a great deal, but that only applies if you own an iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max. Unfortunately, the cases aren’t available for the non-Pro models, but TORRAS has a plethora of other options that offer protection as well as the versatility of the O-Ring for a wide range of iPhones.


Smartphones have reached a point where they’ve become more than just gadgets but also important companions in our lives. The iPhone 15, with its enhanced photography prowess and upgraded hardware, offers one of if not the best tools for making life more enjoyable and more memorable. Its stylish designs, now in titanium, give it the expected Apple elegance that you wouldn’t want to cover up with a tank-like case, regardless of how much protection it offers.

Fortunately, the TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate is here to check all the right boxes and then some. While Apple’s absolutely dropped the ball on MagSafe, the folks at TORRAS thankfully are taking the magnetic ring to new heights. The UPRO Ostand is a unique iPhone case that doesn’t just protect your phone, it gives it superpowers. The Ostand’s air-filled bumpers protect your iPhone from every angle, and a MagSafe-compatible O-ring works as both a holder as well as a kickstand. Apple invented MagSafe. TORRAS perfected it.

Sarang Sheth contributed to this review.

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Twelve South unveils 3-in-1 MagSafe Charger that also supports the iPhone’s StandBy Mode

Although the most interesting iPhone feature to be announced at WWDC, it seems like the StandBy Mode‘s thunder was entirely stolen by the Vision Pro headset announcement. The StandBy Mode is Apple’s clever way of making the iPhone screen useful even when you’re not using it. Dock the iPhone horizontally on a MagSafe charger and the StandBy Mode screen kicks in, turning into a clock, calendar, or widget of your choice. The screen uses Apple’s always-on display technology, and since it needs to be plugged in to be active, it doesn’t affect your iPhone battery. The StandBy Mode was announced in June, but it gets its first proper third-party product in the form of Twelve South’s HiRise 3 Deluxe – a 3-in-1 charging stand that charges your iPhone, AirPods, and Apple Watch simultaneously without occupying a lot of space on your nightstand.

Designer: Twelve South

The HiRise 3 Deluxe is MagSafe certified, capable of charging your iPhone at up to 15W. It offers a unique advantage with its adjustable MagSafe pad, allowing a 35-degree angle shift for optimal viewing. Unlike traditional side-by-side layouts, this charger adopts a front-to-back arrangement, saving crucial desk real estate for those cramped nightstands or cluttered work areas. Twelve South prides itself on a footprint smaller than an iPhone 14 Pro Max laid flat. Additionally, the Apple Watch charging spot can be angle-adjusted too, allowing you to charge the Watch laid down flat, or even sitting upright if your band doesn’t open like traditional straps.

Although almost any MagSafe charging stand would activate the iPhone’s StandBy Mode, Twelve South was quick to capitalize on the HiRise 3 Deluxe’s ability by pretty much showing it in action. Dock the iPhone in place and its StandBy Mode activates automatically. You can swipe through screens to choose different clock/calendar styles or even select your own cards/widgets to show up when you’re charging your phone. Conversely, if you just want to charge your phone without the ‘theatrics’, dock it in portrait mode and it charges normally.

Aside from its clever, compact design, the HiRise 3 Deluxe is also MFi-certified, which allows it to charge your devices at the highest speeds permissible. In that vein, the dock supplies your phone with 15W, while giving your AirPods 7.5W of power to juice them faster than most conventional wireless chargers. The convenience ultimately lies in the fact that one single dock takes care of all your devices using a single cable and a single power socket, saving space pretty much everywhere. I’d throw in an AirPower Mat joke here but given how classy and functional the HiRise 3 Deluxe is, I wouldn’t want to kick a trillion-dollar company when it’s down.

Available on both Twelve South’s as well as on Apple’s own website, the HiRise 3 Deluxe starts at $149.95 and only comes in black.

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This MagSafe Wallet + Power Bank + Tracking Device might just be the Ultimate iPhone Accessory ever

The people who say Less Is More clearly didn’t come across the Stympro. A 4-in-1 accessory for your iPhone, this bad-boy is a MagSafe Power Bank, a Wallet, a Phone Stand, and a ‘Find My’ compatible Tracking Device all bundled into one. Quite literally the perfect accessory for your iPhone, the Stympro charges your device, stores your cards, and lets you track your belongings if they ever get stolen. It measures 10mm thick (0.3 inches), weighs 100 grams (3.5 ounces), and also props up your phone if you want to FaceTime hands-free. Pretty neat, eh?

Designer: Stympro Tech

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $119 (34% Off) Hurry! Only 6 days left!

Call me a bit of a pessimist, but I wouldn’t expect Apple to make a gadget like the Stympro. Why? Because it just doesn’t make any business sense. Why sell them a 4-in-1 product when you could sell them 4 individual products, right?! The Stympro does the job of a wallet, a charger, a stand, and an AirTag, all of which together would end up costing you well over $200. The Stympro, on the other hand, is a nifty $79 gadget that packs everything into one convenient design. With a PU leather exterior (it isn’t FineWoven, but that’s alright), the Stympro snaps to the back of your iPhone using the MagSafe protocol. It sports a slot that holds 3 payment cards (just like Apple’s MagSafe wallet), charges your phone thanks to its built-in 2000mAh battery (just like Apple’s now discontinued MagSafe Battery pack), and also has its own Find My feature that lets you track the wallet if it ever goes missing. If that wasn’t enough, the wallet also doubles as a kickstand thanks to a built-in hinge, turning into an easel of sorts to prop your phone up in both landscape as well as portrait modes.

The Stympro’s stand feature works in landscape and in portrait.

The Stympro comes with a polycarbonate body that has a PU leather clad over it. N52 magnets on the inside allow the Stympro to attach securely to your iPhone, and a microfiber inner lining ensures the accessory doesn’t leave scratches on your phone’s glass back. A 2000mAh inner battery begins charging your phone the second it snaps on, relying on MagSafe for alignment and Qi-charging protocols to deliver 7.5W of wireless power to your device. To charge the Stympro’s inner battery, a USB-C port built into the bottom lets you merely plug it into your phone charger.

Stympro holds anywhere between 1-3 cards

Although designed to attach to your phone, the Stympro’s makers also envisioned a scenario where the 4-in-1 wallet isn’t affixed to the back of your smartphone. In the eventuality that your iPhone and Stympro get separated, a built-in tracker lets you determine the location of your wallet on the iPhone’s Find My app in real-time. A tweeter within the wallet also lets you remotely ‘ring’ your Stympro, allowing you to hear it if it’s in a messy or crowded space and is difficult to spot.

It’s easy to just dub the Stympro as a ‘multifunctional’ wallet, but what it does is just common sense, if you look at it from a consumer lens. It just doesn’t make sense for the four different products (power bank, wallet, stand, tracking device) to exist as independent objects. In fact, isn’t that the very ethos behind the iPhone? When Steve Jobs unveiled the first iPhone, he dubbed it as an “iPod with touch controls, a phone, and a breakthrough internet communications device.” Through constant repetition of this very phrase, Jobs hinted at the fact that what he was talking about wasn’t three separate products – it was one single device, capable of doing multiple things. In all those ways, the Stympro is just that, a cleverly built accessory that handles multiple crucial roles while being the best damn companion your iPhone could ask for.

The Stympro comes in Midnight Black and Orange variants, starting at a discounted price of $79 with global shipping beginning in November of this year.

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $119 (34% Off) Hurry! Only 6 days left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $79 $119 (34% Off) Hurry! Only 6 days left!

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iPhone 15 & iPhone 15 Plus Hands-On: Redefining the Standard

Apple is known for its iconic design and technology. The iPhone 15 and 15 Plus represent a positive step forward. In the past, owning a non-Pro iPhone may have felt like settling for less. However, these new devices’ impressive array of features is truly awe-inspiring. The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus have sleek designs and advanced technology that may attract current Android users. I was thoroughly impressed as someone who had the opportunity to explore both devices.

The Design Language

The latest iPhone series now features a matte back design, a departure from its previous models. Its curved edges provide a comfortable grip, with contoured edges that offer a secure hold without being too sharp. Additionally, this year’s color palette includes pastel shades, perfect for those who prefer a subtle and sophisticated look, and a classic black variant for those who prefer a more traditional style.

But, colors aside, the new textured matte finish truly enamors. In its exceptional way of explaining processes, Apple mentions the finish being “optimized by a custom dual ion-exchange process” and “polished with nano-crystalline particles.” Sounds fancy. In more tangible terms, it’s a surface that fearlessly resists the smudges and fingerprints of eager journalists, letting the device shine in its pristine state.

iOS 17 & Dynamic Island

When the iPhone 15 is turned on, iOS 17 and Dynamic Island are activated, seamlessly blending beauty and function. Dynamic Island was introduced with the iPhone 14 Pro, and it’s remarkable that it’s now a standard feature on the iPhone 15. This feature turns the familiar notch into a multitasking hub, allowing users to easily interact with their most frequently used apps in an innovative way. For the average user moving to the iPhone 15, this feature may seem enchanting, even though existing iPhone Pro owners may not find it to be a major addition.

iOS 17 comes equipped with Contact Posters, Name Drop and Live Stickers

The iPhone comes with Crash Detection, a vital feature that helps save lives

Final Thoughts

I have to admit, I was impressed by the unveiling of the new iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. What stood out the most was how the standard iPhone model has finally become its own and no longer takes a backseat to its Pro counterparts. The long list of features from the standard model has significantly improved, and it’s evident that choosing it won’t mean sacrificing quality.

Image showcasing iPhone 15’s 48MP camera

Image showcasing iPhone 15’s 48MP camera

Image showcasing iPhone 15’s Ultra Wide Photography

Image showcasing iPhone 15’s Portrait Photography

Image showcasing iPhone 15’s Portrait Photography

Image showcasing iPhone 15’s Portrait Photography

Image showcasing iPhone 15’s Night Mode Photography

Finewoven Accessories for the iPhone 15

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The iPhone 15 Pro Hands-On: Lighter, Snazzier, And A Real Pinky-Saver

The latest iPhone 15 lineup for 2023 was recently introduced by Apple at their headquarters in Cupertino, California. I was surprised by this one as someone who has followed many iPhone launches. The lineup offers a variety of options, from the basic iPhone 15 at $799 to the high-end iPhone 15 Pro Max priced at $1199.

Today, I had the opportunity to get a closer look at these new iPhones. While most people might not notice the differences immediately, I was struck by one thing – the Pro and Pro Max versions were incredibly light! Cradling them in my hand left me momentarily speechless.

It’s worth noting that Apple has significantly changed its Pro series this year. The steel material has been replaced with a stunning titanium body, completely transforming the device’s feel. While this change may not be immediately obvious from a distance or in photos, holding the iPhone 15 Pro or Pro Max is a completely different experience. It’s as if your trusted daily companion has undergone a rigorous workout and emerged stronger and more impressive than ever before. This revamp is truly awe-inspiring and may make you consider upgrading from your previous year’s Pro model.

We’re considering a 9% weight drop on the 6.1-inch iPhone 15 Pro from last year’s model. Its larger variant, the 6.7-inch iPhone 15 Pro Max, has also shed some weight, standing 8% lighter. Now, these percentages might seem minor in writing, but in the realm of day-to-day handling, it’s a game-changer. I mean, just consider the countless hours we spend with our phones in hand. From binging videos to texting or, let’s be honest, those endless scrolling sessions. Every gram saved is a win, especially for that ever-struggling pinky finger propping up the phone’s base.

Granted, $999 might be a tad heavy on the wallet, especially for the Pro version with a basic 128GB. But considering the comfort and the premium feel, it’s an upgrade I’m seriously contemplating. And for those of us who’ve had our pinkies working overtime these past years, this is the break they’ve been waiting for.

In essence, if you’re in the market for an upgrade, or even if you’re just a curious tech enthusiast, the iPhone 15 Pro lineup deserves a look – if not for anything else, then to give your pockets and pinky a lighter day. I’m contemplating handing my 1TB iPhone 14 Pro Max to my 13-year-old daughter. I’ve got my sights set on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. But choosing the color? Well, I’ve got until Friday to make up my mind.

Delving into the iPhone 15 Pro’s ‘Action Button’: A Multifunctional Marvel

In an era of minimalist design, where every element aims to provide multifunctionality, Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro emerges as a frontrunner, seamlessly aligning with the device’s aesthetic and delving deep into practical utility.

During my hands-on interaction, the Action Button immediately commanded attention. It’s evident Apple meticulously designed it to eliminate inadvertent triggers; a brief press enlightens you with an on-screen cue, suggesting a more intentional press-and-hold mechanism. This thoughtful addition undoubtedly enhances user experience, ensuring tasks are executed deliberately.

Venture into the settings and a vast realm of customization is unveiled. But of all the utilities the Action Button can be mapped to, the camera stands out as my personal favorite, and it’s likely to be the most frequently used by many. In an age of fleeting moments and instant captures, the ability to immediately access the camera could be game-changing.

But the versatility of the Action Button doesn’t halt there. Whether you’re looking to instantly shift the ambiance using the ‘Focus’ mode, illuminate your surroundings with the ‘flashlight,’ or swiftly capture a voice note with ‘voice memo,’ this button can do it all. The’ translate’ function promises to be invaluable for users who often find themselves in diverse linguistic landscapes. The ‘magnifier’ feature is also a boon for those seeking visual clarity, making minute details discernible.

The Action Button on the iPhone 15 Pro is an impressive feature that is made even better by its integration with ‘Shortcuts.’ This feature allows for endless possibilities, even if third-party apps don’t have direct access to the Action Button. With ‘Shortcuts,’ users can create a personalized experience by accessing specific apps or features within them.

The Action Button is more than just a physical button; it represents Apple’s commitment to merging design and functionality. No matter what your preferred ‘action’ may be, whether it’s taking photos or using voice memos or translation features, the Action Button has something for everyone. This is a testament to Apple’s design philosophy and the universality of the button.

iPhone 15 Pro Series: A Photographic Evolution

The cameras on the iPhone have always been a standout feature, attracting those who appreciate attention to detail. During my brief experience with the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, it was clear that the image quality was nothing short of amazing. However, a more thorough analysis of these camera systems will be saved for a comprehensive review.

A Symphony of Lenses

At first glance, the iPhone 15 Pro promises a renewed main camera experience. Yet, it’s the iPhone 15 Pro Max, with its all-new 5x telephoto camera, that truly shines—especially for those moments when distance challenges the story you’re trying to capture. Whether it’s a majestic eagle in mid-flight, the grandeur of distant peaks, or just children lost in their playful world, the Pro Max delivers.

During the launch event, Greg “Joz” Joswiak, Apple’s dynamic marketing leader, highlighted the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max’s remarkable feature, which is like having access to seven different camera lenses. It’s fascinating to see how smartphones today can imitate traditional cameras’ zoom lenses with their various lens combinations. All of this technology is packed into a compact, handheld device. However, this level of luxury is typically only found in the highest-end smartphones.

The Lure of the Details

Both versions of the Pro model have a reliable camera setup. The main camera is a 48-megapixel wide-angle lens, and there is also a 12-megapixel ultrawide option. However, there are some differences. The main camera can adjust its focal length from 24mm to 35mm, making it flexible and versatile for photographers. On the other hand, the ultrawide lens has a focal length of 13mm and can smoothly shift into a macro mode, perfect for capturing close-up shots.

The difference between the two Pro models is most noticeable in their telephoto capabilities. The iPhone 15 Pro has a 3x telephoto lens, similar to its predecessor, while the Pro Max has a 5x lens supported by advanced image stabilization technology.

Crafting the Vision

Apple stays ahead of the game with its continuous advancements despite the competition from Android giants. The main camera, boasting 48 megapixels, is the core of the photography experience on both models. With a larger sensor and Apple’s computational expertise, the visuals are guaranteed to be breathtaking, and you have the freedom to customize your perspective when using the camera.

Even in low-light conditions or as the sun sets, the new lens offers clarity thanks to its wide f1.8 aperture. Additionally, the second-generation image stabilization ensures that the iPhone’s reputation for superior camera technology will persist.

As the iPhone 15 Pro series photographic narrative unfolds, we’ll watch every frame and every story. Keep those lenses focused and the stories flowing until the full review.

iPhone 15 Series: A USB-C switch with a Twist

The iPhone 15 and 15 Pro mark Apple’s entry into the world of USB-C, which is a long-awaited move. At first glance, it seems like a significant step forward, but there are complexities to this innovation, as is common with many advancements.

The iPhone 15 Pro promises potential data transfer rates of up to 10 Gbps. Such speeds evoke images of near-instantaneous file transfers and seamless streaming. However, in a move that might perplex some, Apple’s choice to pack in a USB 2.0 cable, despite its type-C port, means users won’t tap into those blazing speeds right out of the gate.

During their keynote, Apple clarified that to harness the potential of these “USB 3 speeds truly”, an “optional USB 3” cable would be required. This addition promises not just brisker data transfer but also extends to sublime video output capabilities – imagine 4K at a mesmerizing 60 fps HDR.

Presently, Apple offers a solution for those seeking these enhanced speeds: a Thunderbolt 4 cable, available separately at $69. This might feel like an additional investment for the savvy consumer to unlock the iPhone’s capabilities fully.

Apple’s commitment to USB-C is evident in their expanded accessory lineup. From high-wattage charging cables to a handy USB-C to a lightning dongle, the ecosystem is evolving. However, the underlying message is clear: to experience the zenith of what the iPhone 15 series USB-C offers, an additional investment seems inevitable.

Apple’s adoption of USB-C technology is a significant advancement that brings the iPhone closer to universal compatibility and faster speeds. However, it’s crucial for users to fully understand its intricacies so they can make informed decisions and fully utilize the capabilities of their devices. As with any innovation, there is a mix of excitement and reflection.

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TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS and R iPhone 15 Cases Hands-on: Elevating the mobile experience

Apple has just launched the latest generation of iPhones and, to no one’s surprise, they are chock full of new features and stunning designs that take smartphones to the next level. Of course, the occasion is also an opportunity for brands to show off their new wares designed specifically for the new iPhone 15 series. As always, there’s a wide variety of them available to cater to different needs and aesthetic tastes, but one type of accessory that always stands out is the cases that protect your investment while also adding a little extra to your experience. That’s the kind of deal that TORRAS’s new UPRO cases for the new iPhone 15 are bringing to the table, offering not only all-around protection but also enhanced usability that takes your smartphone use to the next level, whether you’re navigating on the highway, leisurely watching a video, or even live streaming your latest adventure.

Designer: TORRAS

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting at $31.99 (20% off with code ‘201yanko’ ). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

iPhone 15 Pro

TORRAS UPRO Ostand Super Shockproof Shield Mate: Protection and Innovation in Tandem

The iPhone 15 series just went live with beautiful new colors and new materials, which will make you want to make sure they’re well protected even more. Phone cases are a dime a dozen, especially for iPhones, but few are able to do their job while still preserving the elegance of the iPhone’s innate design. Even fewer are able to offer value beyond just protection, making them a single-trick pony at best.

The TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate, short for “Super Shockproof,” definitely stands apart from the crowd, pun totally intended. The protective case was meticulously designed to let the iPhone’s design shine through its clear surface while still offering unparalleled protection when, not if, accidents happen, especially when dropping the phone from any height or angle. The high-durability TPU material alone already absorbs 98% of the shock, but it has another trick up its sleeve to add even more protection to the phone and confidence to users.

iPhone 15 Pro Max

Inspired by the air cushion found in many shoes, the TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS ShieldMate utilizes air-filled bumpers around the edges of the case to bounce back external forces from drops and bumps. SGS-certified for 12-foot drop tests, the case is unmatched in offering protection for your precious new iPhone 15. And that’s without making the phone look like a tank heading out for war, maintaining the iPhone 15’s slim profile, and letting its true colors catch the eye of any beholder.

But wait, there’s more! The Ostand line of cases takes its name from the innovative O-shaped ring, a versatile kickstand that offers three functions in one design. The built-in kickstand lets you prop up the iPhone 15 on any flat surface, whether vertically or horizontally, to make short work of video calls and video binges. The MagSafe-compatible ring also lets you wirelessly charge the phone without having to take off the UPRO case, attach MagSafe accessories, or stick the phone to car chargers or even refrigerator doors. Finally, that O-ring lets you hold the phone securely with one hand, similar to other ring attachments but without the awkward bulk that gets in your way.

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TORRAS UPRO Ostand R: 360-degree Versatility

If the compact UPRO Ostand SS still feels a bit too much, TORRAS has another option that doesn’t skimp on protection while still offering impressive flexibility of functions. The TORRAS UPRO Ostand R, now available for the iPhone 15 Pro line, brings an extra slim protective case that still boasts SGS and RoHS certifications for drops from a height of 12ft. That’s thanks to the ShockMAT technology that brings full-body protection not just against drops but also against scratches. All these while keeping the phone in your pocket as close to the original thin profile of the iPhone 15 Pro.

Its defining feature, however, is its innovative magnetic ring that functions as a kickstand and holder, similar to the new UPRO Ostand SS. What makes it different, however, is its ability to rotate 360 to any position you want, allowing it to be more flexible and more versatile in the positioning of the phone. The kickstand itself can be set to almost any angle, providing limitless ways to prop up the iPhone 15 Pro for content consumption or creation.

That O-ring uses powerful neodymium magnets so attaching to compatible surfaces is lightning fast. Of course, it’s compatible with MagSafe technology, so chargers and accessories are fully supported without having to take off the case and expose your iPhone to harm. Whether you’re taking an unplanned business call outdoors, shooting your latest social media clip, or simply lounging in bed to watch your favorite TV series, the TORRAS UPRO Ostand SS and Ostand R bring unmatched protection and versatility that levels up your iPhone 15 game.

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This origami-inspired Apple MagSafe grip stand folds out of your way when you don’t need it

Today’s smartphones come with large screens to give space for more content, stylish designs that make them stand out, and price tags that can sometimes make you want to cry. All of these translate to devices that can accidentally fall or slip from our hands, crashing on the floor, and sending us into a panic. In response to protective cases that add bulk and remove elegance from phones, accessories like grips and rings have come up to help avoid accidents while minimizing their negative visual impact. Unfortunately, these solutions ironically make the situation worse because of their awkward design. What we need is an accessory that gives plenty of confidence when holding a phone, has enough features to make it worth its price, and still leaves your phone looking posh all the time. Fortunately, there is a product that is able to meet all three, thanks to the Japanese art of paper folding.

Designer: Marcy Arimoto

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Creating a three-dimensional object from a flat sheet of paper has enchanted people around the world for centuries. Taking inspiration from this ancient art, designs across many industries try to do the reverse, creating a structure that is able to fold flat and vice versa without the hassle of disassembly and reassembly. It’s a technique that saves space and reduces unnecessary parts, and it’s put to good use in the beak mag grip stand for iPhones.


At first glance, this accessory looks nothing more than a thin, card-sized block that sticks to the back of the phone. And exactly because of how thin it is, you can easily slip your phone into your pocket without worrying about the beak mag snagging on anything or making an awkward protrusion. It won’t separate from your phone either, no matter how much you jump or how much it juggles inside.


The strong MagSafe connection can handle a load of 500g, and it’s even strong enough to actually keep the phone up when you stick it to a refrigerator, a magnetic mount, or even a car door.


Of course, the real value of this grip stand is revealed when you lift up its top and pinch its two sides together. It might look like a simple stand, but that hole in the middle becomes a gateway for your finger, allowing you to hold the phone securely with comfort and confidence. And since it’s using magnets instead of adhesives, you can easily set it up for vertical or horizontal positions. And when you’re ready to get going again, simply fold the grip down again to have it virtually disappear.

beak mag isn’t just functional, though. It is also durable and, more importantly, aesthetic. The water-resistant cover dries up quickly so you won’t be left with a gross feeling if and when accidents occur. The material is also a pleasure to touch, and the grip stand’s sharp looks fit the iPhone’s own premium appearance perfectly. With this origami-inspired MagSafe-compatible grip stand, you can forget about those awkward and unflattering rings and stands, and hold your iPhone with confidence, both for its safety as well as its style.

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Top 12 Features on the iPhone 15 we hope to see at Apple’s September Keynote Event

Image: Technizo Concept

We’ve got exactly a week till the new iPhone 15 drops and the rumors circling around it aren’t exactly new. If anything, rumors for upcoming iPhones circulate pretty much the day after its predecessor is announced (I remember people speculating about a USB-C iPhone as early as 2021), so we decided to do something different this time. Rather than ONLY presenting the rumors, here’s a dream wishlist of every feature we’d love to see in the iPhone 15. You’ve got the usual suspects like the USB-C port and the purported death of the slider switch for an action/ultra button… but we’ve also added more dream features in the lineup like a periscope camera and RCS-enabled iMessage, as well as a few absolute long-shot pipe-dream features like a folding display (Hey, a guy can dream, right?!)

Image: Technizo Concept

1. USB-C (With a twist)

It’s all but certain that the 2023 iPhone is getting a USB-C port (given pressure from the EU to standardize ports), but the EU regulation for a USB-C iPhone doesn’t kick in until next year. So while we’re almost surely getting a USB-C iPhone this year, it isn’t quite clear if both the regular and Pro models will get the USB-C port. For years, the iPad Pro had a USB-C port while the regular iPad had a lightning port, so there’s a chance Apple only puts USB-C ports on the iPhone 15 Pro models and not the iPhone 15 models. Conversely, Apple could provide both ranges with the USB-C port, but give the 15 Pro a Thunderbolt port while the 15 just has a USB-C port without Thunderbolt. In all fairness, it’s easier to argue that Thunderbolt is a Pro feature than to make the argument that USB-C ports are a Pro feature over Lightning ports.

2. A17 Bionic Chip

The A17 Bionic Chip may seem like the most obvious upgrade in the iPhone 15, but there’s a fair amount of speculation that the chip shortage is still affecting Apple. Earlier this year, it was reported that the Cupertino giant acquired TSMC’s entire supply of 3nm chips for the iPhone 15 Pro and upcoming MacBook models, but producing 3nm chips can be extremely challenging and there’s a fair chance that the A17 Bionic Chip may just find itself on the Pro model, with the A16 making its way to the iPhone 15 range. Either way, reports indicate that the 3nm chip will offer a 35% power efficiency improvement over 4nm, which was used to make the A16 Bionic chip for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Image: Technizo Concept

3. RIP Mute Switch, Hello Action Button

Following the success of the Action Button on the Apple Watch Ultra, it seems like the company’s adopting a similar strategy with the iPhone too. We all know that Apple eventually wants to make a phone without ports and buttons altogether, and getting rid of the only mechanical moving part seems to be the first step. The Mute Switch, which has been a staple detail since the first iPhone ever released in 2007, seems to be going the way of the headphone jack. Apple was said to have been experimenting with solid-state buttons, but it seems like for now, the iPhone 15 will have physical pressable buttons… but no sliding Mute Switch. The Action Button, instead, will serve multiple purposes, like invoking Siri, triggering shortcuts, snoozing calls, etc.

4. Periscope Camera Lens

Every year, the iPhone’s pro model gets some serious camera upgrades, but judging by last year’s sensor bump, it seems like Apple’s due for some serious changes to the Pro cameras this year. Leaks and dummy models found across the internet show an even larger camera bump than the ones found on the previous models, hinting at a revolutionized camera layout. Speculators say that the new iPhone 15 Pro models could come with a periscope camera system to enable higher optical zoom, with even larger sensors for incredibly realistic bokeh and high detail even in low light conditions. The iPhone 15 Pro Max could even get a telephoto camera with a variable zoom lens, according to TechRadar.

Image: Jonas Daehnert (Phone Designer)

5. Titanium Frame

The titanium design is yet another innovation Apple plans on carrying forward to the iPhone from the Apple Watch Ultra. The iPhone has seen a steady shift in materials, employing Aluminum for the longest time, followed by Stainless Steel for the Pro variants in recent years. However, Apple may be looking to make their latest iPhone even tougher by migrating to the toughest metal known to mankind. Quite like the Watch Ultra’s titanium build, it’s quite likely that the iPhone 15 Pro models may have a titanium chassis, while the iPhone 15 gets upgraded to Stainless Steel.

6. Curved Edge + Thinner Bezels

The fact that the iPhone’s core design hasn’t changed since the 12 also leads to speculation that Apple may be looking to switch things up this year. It’s speculated that Apple might go back to a curved-edge phone like the iPhone X and iPhone 11, while pushing the bezels to be even thinner than previous models for a more seamless-looking display like the one found on the Watch series. Is it a significant upgrade? Probably not. But it does help customers differentiate between older and newer variants, helping Apple push more new models out and giving consumers a bit of an incentive to make the switch.


7. New Color for the iPhone 15 Range

Every year, Apple announces a new color variant for its iPhone series – last year the iPhone 14 was available in Yellow, before that the iPhone 13 was available in Green, and in 2020, the iPhone 12 launched with a gorgeous lilac Purple finish. If there’s one absolutely certain takeaway, Apple will announce a new color this year for the iPhone 15 series, although what the color will be is still undecided. Leaked images of charging cables indicate that the iPhone 15 might come in orange or coral pink, somewhat closely matching their Project RED variant, but still being a little more on the warm pastel side of things.

8. Dynamic Island On All Models

Call it wishful thinking, but it would be great if Apple gave all iPhone 15 models the dynamic island and didn’t just leave it to the Pro variants. Apple immediately upgraded all their phones to the camera notch following the release of the iPhone X, so it would only be fair to do the same with their Dynamic Island too. The iPhone line-up is in desperate need of a design upgrade (it fundamentally hasn’t changed since the iPhone 12), so seeing a dynamic island on the screen (aside from the curved edges and thinner bezels mentioned earlier) would do immense favors for the smartphone’s visual language.

Image: Technizo Concept

9. Better Siri powered by an AI Large Language Model

I don’t usually make such overt software requests but this one definitely deserves a mention. Siri, as it currently exists, is easily the worst voice assistant out there. Even though it was the first, it’s been overwhelmingly taken over by Google, Alexa, and even Cortana. I’d argue that the only voice assistant I care less than Siri about is Bixby, but let’s not get off-topic. It’s high time Siri changed, and got an LLM update. Earlier this year we explored how an enthusiast connected ChatGPT to his smartphone, using it instead of Siri to control his smart home. Many sources mention that Apple’s working on its own LLM too, but has kept it all under wraps for the longest time. Now would be a great time to upgrade Siri with the power of LLMs, making it smarter, more conversational, and much more helpful instead of constantly being apologetic for “not understanding” what users ask of it.

10. Focus on AR and Spatial Computing features

It would be a missed opportunity if Apple didn’t use this keynote to also have a call-back to the Vision Pro which they announced in June. The iPhone’s AR capabilities have always been a highlight at the keynote, with Tim Cook calling upon game studios and animation studios to talk about their latest innovations using Apple’s ARKit. Given that Apple finally has a $3499 horse in the AR race, it would probably make sense to reinforce the iPhone’s AR capabilities. Probably a 3D photo mode in the camera app, or photogrammetry or NeRF features, but we’re probably looking at the iPhone getting some neat Spatial Computing-adjacent capabilities this year.

Image: Technizo Concept

11. RCS-enabled iMessage

We’re officially wading into uncertain uncharted waters here, but wouldn’t it be great if iMessage didn’t suck for Android users? It isn’t inconceivable for Apple to announce software features alongside the new iPhone, so here’s to us just hoping that Apple at least relaxes the tight grip of its walled garden. iMessage is great for iPhone users, but for someone on Android, the experience is nothing short of disastrous. Media is highly pixelated, reactions to messages don’t really appear the way they do for iOS users, and Apple is fully aware of the social discrimination that Android users face as a result. Now sure, it isn’t entirely Apple’s fault that iOS users tend to be snobbish prudes, but hey, would it be too much to ask for a better messaging experience? Google’s been incessantly calling for Apple to adopt the RCS framework to make iMessage great for inter-OS devices, but it doesn’t seem like Tim Cook is listening. Here’s to being hopeful!

12. A Folding iPhone (Yes, we went there…)

Up until 2021, Apple has been advocating for the convenience of small phones with its iPhone Mini series, while also highlighting the appeal of larger displays with the Plus and Pro Max models. Doesn’t it just make sense for Apple to make a folding iPhone that gives consumers the best of both worlds?! Here’s the inside scoop. It’s no secret that Apple is actively working on folding phones. Numerous patents have surfaced, revealing their experimentation with flexible screens, innovative hinges, and a wealth of intellectual property that undoubtedly includes foldable devices. However, Apple is known for its meticulous approach, refusing to release anything until it meets its high standards of perfection, even if it means being outpaced by competitors like Samsung or Huawei. Expecting a folding iPhone this year may be an incredibly long shot, but Apple DID unveil its first AR/VR headset this year… anything can happen!

Image: Michal Dufka

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Belkin introduces Qi2 compatible wireless charging accessories for iPhone 15 at IFA 2023

At CES 2023 we saw the  Wireless Power Consortium’s (WPC) Qi2 wireless charging standard announcement and wondered when were we going to see gadgets with this technology. Now, just in time for the iPhone 15 announcement in under two weeks’ time, Belkin has revealed a couple of new accessories at the IFA 2023 technology show that’ll employ the emerging standard. More probably than not, Apple’s next smartphone will come loaded with the new wireless standard.

The accessories maker known for its proactive development of Apple-certified products has introduced these next-generation wireless chargers for the Apple ecosystem as well as supported Android devices. With Qi2 destined to become the global standard in wire-free charging, Belkin has the upper hand already.

Designer: Belkin

Both of these accessories get a very unusually long name – one being the BoostCharge Convertible Qi2 Wireless Pad to Stand and the other dubbed BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with Qi2. Belkin has confirmed that both these accessories will juice up MagSafe-equipped iPhone with Qi2 standard at 15W.

The BoostCharge Convertible Qi2 Wireless Pad to Stand is for people who prefer the goodness of a wireless charging pad but with the ability to flip upwards so that the phone screen stays well in view for watching content. The accessory comes with a non-slip material to keep the device in place and the dual thermal protection system prevents any chance of overheating that can damage the battery in the long run. The pad is slated to arrive in September for a price tag of $40.

Then there is the BoostCharge Pro 3-in-1 Wireless Charging Pad with Qi2 for gadget freaks who frequently charge their array of devices in tandem. Two of the pads on this accessory are Qi2 and MagSafe compatible while the third is a standard USB-C Apple Watch charger on the side. Both of them will charge compatible devices at 15W speeds while the third one is limited to 5W speed. The pad will go on sale later this year for price of $130, and the Apple Watch attachment costs extra.

Other than this, Belkin has also revealed the BoostCharge Pro Universal Easy Align Wireless Charging Pad that is Qi-compatible and charges gadgets at 15W speed. This one also gets the non-slip grip material and two thermal protection systems to prevent overheating.

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The Anker Nano Power Bank may be the LAST perfect Lightning accessory for your iPhone 14

As Apple is almost certainly going to pivot to the USB-C standard for the iPhone, Anker’s compact power bank for the iPhone 14 stands out as one of the best lightning-port accessories for older iPhones, marking an end of a pretty glorious era.

With 12W charging capabilities, the Anker Nano (as compact as it is), delivers 2x faster charging than standard power banks. Designed to be about as wide as your smartphone, the Nano comes with MFi certification and sports a fold-out lightning connector that lets you plug the power bank directly into the bottom of your phone without requiring any cable. The integrated lightning port makes it perfect for charging your AirPods too, or even your Magic Mouse, should you choose!

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Designed to be a compact charger you can carry around and plug right into your iPhone whenever you need some juice, the Anker Nano comes with a design that sort of integrates into the iPhone’s base, providing juice without the inconvenience of a bulky power bank. The 5,000mAh capacity is perfect for its size, and gives your iPhone at least two full charges when you’re low on battery, or a little more than one charge when your battery’s completely at 0%.

The fold-out port is a highlight of this power bank, eliminating the need for a charging cable

The Nano outputs 12W of charging, which measures significantly higher than most 7.5W power banks on the market. Sure, you could grab a MagSafe power bank from Apple, but the Anker Nano’s $29 price tag is incredibly hard to beat (especially compared to the MagSafe charger’s $99 price tag).

The 5,000mAh power bank comes in as many as 5 color options that elegantly complement the iPhone 14’s color variants. The foldable lightning port is a heaven-sent, not just because it eliminates the need for a cable, but also because the port folds flush into the power bank, making it easy to slip into a backpack or bag and carry around everywhere. To charge your Anker Nano, however, you’d need a USB-C cable (although you do get one in the box) which plugs into the Nano’s side.

The presence of a lightning port makes the Nano a wonderful accessory for the iPhone thus far. Come September, Apple will most likely migrate to the USB-C standard, pretty much rendering an entire market of existing products obsolete for newer models. MagSafe charging will still continue to be a thing, but the Anker Nano may just be the last perfect power bank for your iPhone… so if you don’t plan on upgrading to the iPhone 15, grab one now while they’re still hot! Lightning-based accessories may just cease to be a thing soon!

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