Google Assistant can create alarms based on weather and time of day

An update on its way to Lenovo Smart Clock will add a Google Assistant option that can switch up the alarm ringtone based on factors such as the time of day and the weather. In fact, Google's AI can create and curate the piano ringtones for you.

Facebook’s big Portal update adds livestreams and ‘Mic Drop’ karaoke

Facebook is adding a slew of new features to Portal, and just in time for all the video calling the holiday season demands. First up, Facebook Live -- you'll now be able to livestream from Portal directly to your Facebook profile, a feature which is...

Merging seamlessly with your wall, this light pops out only when you need it!

Cool and innovative lighting designs can really pump up any living space! Introduce a well-designed lamp with some subtle mood lighting and the vibe of your room can instantly change. Always on the lookout for intriguing designs, I discovered a concept that left me wanting it at once. Povilas Danius’ ‘Power Switch Light’ is no ordinary light, in fact, it’s a ‘hidden’ one. A wall lamp with a secret? I bet you want to know more!

A mixture of concrete and organic glass, Danius’ light can hide within a wall or reveal itself with the simple touch of your hand! Merging flawlessly with any wall, the Power Switch Light reveals itself with a subtle push. Supported by a spring mechanism, the light emerges from the wall within minutes, click it once again, and it goes back into hiding!

Designed to fit into a 15 cm wall, a group of these lamps can be clustered together and automated to respond to passersby. The cap of the lamp is interchangeable! You can switch the lamp cap to match the texture of the wall, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with the interiors of your home. A lighting fixture that not only emerges like a magic trick but also camouflages perfectly. The smart design completely eradicates the need for power switches, with simply the touch of your hand sufficing as one. I don’t know about you, but this quirky lighting concept has won my heart!

Designer: Povilas Danius

This smart portable dehumidifier does it’s job even when you’re away!

With climate change on the rise, humidity is at its peak. Especially in the tropical countries, mid-summer and it’s accompanying rains can make our comfortable homes seem like the center of a rainforest. Coming home from a long day at work, to enter what seems like the kingdom of humidity isn’t the best feeling. Hence product designer Bokyeong Lee created ‘Smoving’. A portable dehumidifier that does its job even when you’re away!

Lee decided to deep dive into understanding what users really want from a dehumidifier. Her research encouraged her to create a product thriving on free mobility and serving its purpose irrespective of anybody being present in the home or not. She added the interesting ‘Turn On Booking’ feature. What’s that now? Well, Lee’s dehumidifier comes equipped with an auto-focus camera and humidity sensor, as well as a timer. The Turn On Booking allows the user to set a time on the timer. You can set the timer and leave your home at ease. Once you activate the Turn On Booking feature, Smoving goes into Automatic Operation Mode. When the appointed time arrives, and Smoving is in Automatic Operate Mode, the moisture sensor begins to detect and recognize the most humid spots in the home. Once the spot has been detected, the auto-focus camera perceives the surrounding, picking out obstacles, ensuring that the dehumidifier reaches the wet spot without encountering any of them. Smoving dehumidifies the area, maintaining an appropriate level of humidity in turn.

However, equipped with a handle, Smoving can be used manually by the user as well. A smart humidifier that maintains it’s functionality irrespective of our presence is exactly the kind of home appliance we need in today’s day and age. No more walking into your home, only to feel like you’ve entered a steam and sauna!

Designer: Bokyeong Lee

A2 Inc is hiring industrial designers!

A2 is a product development consultancy focused on design strategy, market and user research, industrial design and engineering. They have unparalleled experience in bringing award-winning, highly successful housewares, hardware, major appliances, and other user-focused products to market. A2 has developed a highly successful product development method, focusing on a grounded approach to ensure executable design by considering from the outset, factors such as cost, distribution, and manufacturing. Every day their team focuses on the needs of consumers, their lifestyles, and what motivates them to purchase products. Following through with the right product or marketing solutions is how they can fulfill the promise of their client’s brand.

A2 collaborated with Charles Joly, considered the best bartender in the world, and Fortessa to develop the finest line of barware around.

The Opportunity

A2 is seeking both Junior & Mid-Level Industrial Designers with 2-6 years of experience to start as soon as possible. The ideal candidate is a creative thinker who is able to translate ideas onto paper and subsequently into 3D. Salary is commensurate with experience and skill level.


-Excellent Solidworks skills is a must (this includes surfacing, lofts, sweeps, cuts, etc)
-Great hand sketching skills
-Proficient in Photoshop

How to Apply

Only PDFs under 5MBs or links to website portfolios will be accepted. Recent graduates and interns are also welcome. International candidates must hold a valid US working visa to be considered.


Westchester, NY.

Click here to Apply Now!

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