Google-inspired designs that every techie would love to get their hands on!

With Apple and Amazon continuing to surprise us with their inventions, we are waiting in anticipation of their September 30th event. While the company usually unveils the new Pixel sometime in mid-October, the virtual event is set to be where the company unveils the latest and greatest Pixel phones, along with a new Nest smart speaker and a new Chromecast. The rumors of these products have been floating around and while we wait, here is a list of designs that we surely hope to see come true, if not in this release, but in the next one at least!

The Pixel smartphone went onto redefine what a pure Android experience could look like, becoming the gold standard in the Android OS experience. James Tsai’s Google Pixel Smartwatch concept does the same for the Android Wear OS. Embodying Google’s playful-serious aesthetic, the Pixel Smartwatch concept comes in a traditional round format, and in a variety of quirkily named colors. The Android Wear OS logo displays clearly on the always-on display of the watch, transforming into a colorful set of watch hands every time you look at it to read the time. The watch comes with Google’s top-notch voice AI, all of Google’s native apps, and a heart-rate monitor on the back, which ties in well with Google’s plan of acquiring Fitbit and their entire fitness-tech ecosystem. I wouldn’t be surprised if this wearable concept were entirely waterproof too, just to fire shots at Apple!

The Chromecast 3 concept by Roel Heyninck isn’t a hockey-puck as much as it’s a hub. Designed with the stylings of the Apple TV box, Heyninck’s Chromecast 3 box looks pretty nifty, and in many ways follows Google’s product and CMF language. The box connects to a television via a single USB-C connection that has the ability to pull power as well as push media. Using the Chromecast 3 is as simple as pressing the ‘cast’ button on your phone or tablet and forgetting about it. If you want to interact with or navigate through media, the Chromecast 3 comes with a pretty slick remote control that features 4 buttons and a touchpad on the top, and a standby button on the bottom that you can use to switch the TV on or off.

Meet the Pixel Vector, a smartphone concept by Ferdinand Aichriedler that challenges the notion that phones need to have thick bezels, hole-punches, or notches to have front-facing cameras. The Pixel Vector cleverly uses the negative space between the phone and the screen’s corner to throw in not one, but two front-facing cameras. The phone’s sharp edges and display’s rounded corners provide the perfect triangular negative spacing for cameras, spacing them out too, so they can perform 3D scanning required for facial recognition.

ODD-ON’s cute silicone skin transforms your Google Nest Mini into an adorable tabletop cat that, for once, responds to commands instead of maintaining an air of feline attitude! Titled the Caat, the outer body for the Google Nest Mini props your speaker up so it’s pointing forwards, rather than upwards. This allows the Nest Mini to look rather adorable as it sits patiently on your mantelpiece, responding to all your questions and commands.

The partnership between Belkin and Devialet is interesting for a number of reasons. Belkin is famed for making some of the best charging cables, hubs, adapters, and extension boxes on the market, while Devialet still reigns as the most awarded audio company in the world. The companies announced their collaboration at CES this year, with the Soundform Elite, which happens to be Devialet’s second smart-speaker after its collab with Huawei. The Soundform Elite works just like any smart-speaker, albeit with a docking area for your phone. Equipped with a fast-charging 10W Qi charger, the Soundform Elite has the unique feature of being able to charge a wide variety of compatible Android phones as well as iPhones, making it a worthy pick for Apple enthusiasts too.

Google's Stadia Controller gets a radical redesign!

Google's Stadia Controller gets a radical redesign!

If Sundar Pichai walked up on stage and unveiled Daniel Cheung’s concept of the Stadia controller, I’d absolutely believe that it was completely meant to be. Stadia is a revolutionary concept that demands a revolutionary controller, and Daniel Cheung’s Playdream is that controller! Ergonomic, but non-organic, the Playdream comprises a tubular design that instantly stands apart as unique, and at the same time, comfortable. Designed for an absolutely robust grip, the Playdream has all the necessary controls, from the buttons to a redesigned D-Pad, to the triggers, Google button, and even two extra buttons on the inside of the grip.

The PixelBloc is comprised of multiple 2500mAh battery-units that connect together using a USB-C port system. The main bloc, which sits at its base, comes with a USB-C port and two USB-A ports, while subsequent blocs only house the USB-C ports. This means the modules need to be plugged into the main bloc to charge them, creating a foolproof system, and the charger is smart enough to recognize them when they’re plugged in together. The PixelBloc uses sequential charging and discharging, which means when the entire unit is assembled, the main bloc is always recharged first (so you always know which bloc to use when you’re low on power) after which subsequent bloc-units get recharged. When you’re using the entire power-bank to juice up your device, power is pulled from the last bloc first, discharging it from the back to the front and maintaining the system so you’re never left with arbitrarily charged individual bloc-units.



Designer Michio Papers created a bridge between the two faces of the tech industry- smart homes tech and laptops, to revive the laptop and the tablet while giving them the makeover they needed. The Google Link is everything you, your workspace, and your home needs. Made of multiple separate gadgets that come together, the Google Link serves all purposes. When assembled together, it’s your dedicated smart-home device capable of connecting via the internet to all other IoT gadgets in your house. Separate it and things get really interesting. You have a speaker dock that makes the Google Link your very own AI Assistant while being a wireless speaker too.

Google started a digital wellbeing initiative in an attempt to reduce the time we spend on our smart devices and to be honest, they’re pretty cool ideas! One of them is the Envelope cover. London-based design studio Special Projects came up with the Envelope cover, hoping we would break away from the digital world, and enter the real world…even for a while. Though it only works for the Pixed 3A at the moment, the cover is easily accessible! You download the app called Envelope on your Play Store App, print out the template for the envelope, and assemble it right at home! All you need is some glue to patch it up together. Once you slide your phone into the case, it transforms your phone into a much simpler one.

Designed to enhance the user’s lifestyle, the G flask by Yoonjae Song is a pure white cylinder with a rounded cap, ensuring a perfect hand grip. Shaped like a capsule, the clean aesthetics of the G flask instantly soothe you down. Devoid of any digital screens or lighting, sipping from it should be a pretty calm experience. Crafted from durable stainless steel, the flask guarantees to keep your water fresh at all times, as it is incapable of retaining any odors or flavors. Accompanied by an app, utilizing the flask couldn’t get any easier! It not only tracks your daily water intake, and how much water you’ve consumed so far, but you can also use it to set goals and compete with your friends, to see who reaches their intake for the day first!

For the people who don’t know what this game is about (basically Safari users), the game starts as a webpage that tells you that your browser is offline. Press any key, and the game initiates, and you’re tasked with getting the dinosaur to jump over cacti, and under flying pterodactyls. Your high score gets recorded on the top corner. Bell’s toy set captures the key elements of the game. While there are no pterodactyls in the box set (also because they make their appearance later on in the game), the set actually stays incredibly true to its inspiration. You’ve got the dinosaur, four different cacti, and the box is designed to serve as the backdrop too! The box comes with a reversible design, with the starting message on the face, and the game-over message on the back… and the jumping Dino is reversible too!

Amazon Echo Show 10’s swiveling screen is a logical and worthy upgrade!

At the hardware release event, Amazon just dropped the successor to the Echo Show. Called Echo Show 10, it’s roughly 20 bucks costlier than the previous 10.1-inch brick, but is more life-like and productive. This smart assistant comes with a similar 10.1-inch full-HD screen (two tweeters and a woofer) that’s capable of rotating as you move around in front of it.

The movement is only kicked off when you interact with it – whether by saying “Alexa” – to trigger the voice assistant – or by touching the screen. You can be confident you’re not being followed around the room when you’ve not authorized the device to do so. Echo Show 10 employs audio beamforming technology and computer vision to know where you are in the room and then silently face the screen toward you. Taking Amazon by its word, the device does all the data processing locally without sending it out to the cloud. If you had a reservation of the Show trying to manipulate data – this may just be reassuring. The screen rotation, which is like having a person move with you when you’re in a conversation, can come convenient while multitasking. Whether you’re on a video call, preparing a meal or in the middle of your yoga session with a live coach – the display will ensure you’re always in the frame. The intelligent 13MP camera on the screen can pan and zoom spontaneously to keep you in focus and centered at all times. In addition to swiveling automatically, the screen can also be adjusted manually. But this is not something you’d be doing very often for it will defy the very purpose of taking home the Echo Show 10, whose biggest new change is the screen the auto rotates.

Reportedly, smart displays as the Echo Show 10 are majorly used in kitchens during the most chaotic times of the day – mornings and evenings. So, if you have a smart assistant you can voice command to show you the security cameras, control lights, adjust the thermostat, play your favorite show, or read you trending news, without having to reach out to its display – its constantly in your view – you are definitely sorted. For its uncompromising $250 price tag (particularly if you consider the $230 Echo Show) and the swiveling nature, the Echo Show is worth your money. For its design to appeal to the environmentally conscious, the Echo Show 10 is made from 30-percent post-consumer recycled plastic, 100-percent recycled die-cast aluminum, and is covered in 100 percent post-consumer recycled fabric.

If this is not enough to have you sold, the Echo Show 10 pairs with the Alexa app to keep track of what’s happening back home in your absence. Control the remotely rotatable screen to see what’s going on in your living space or with elders or kids at home. And, when you’re tired or don’t want the device to follow you anymore – just close the built-in camera shutter manually or have Alexa turn off motion to disconnect the microphones and camera until next time.

Designer: Amazon

The do not disturb doorbell twists to give keep visitors away!

Imagine this, you’re wrapping up an important business call, hitting your stride on a deadline-based project, or just catching up with some good friends when suddenly the doorbell rings and interrupts the moment. You have three options: one, you can tune the sound out until it goes away, two, you can greet whoever’s at the door at the risk of losing quality time, or, you can install a doorbell that decides for you. The designers at Ontario-based 1Byone Products Inc. recently won 2020 iF Design Award in Discipline: Professional Concept with their ‘Do Not Disturb’ Doorbell, which thankfully provides the third option. While the residential device is not yet on the market, the targeted development time could take up to a year.

The concept is simple: by displaying the green or red button on the DND doorbell’s exterior dial, users can either let visitors know that they’re around and available or encourage them to come back once they’re free to chat. When the doorbell’s button is set on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode, visitors will feel discouraged from, well, disturbing. Better yet, if the visitor decides to ignore the message, then the doorbell still will not produce any sound despite the visitor pressing on. Of course, when the design is turned to its opposite setting, it works exactly as the common doorbell would.

Along with the waterproof, outdoor dial, the designers with 1Byone Products Inc. designed a wireless transmitter that can be plugged in any three-prong outlet throughout the house. The design is extremely user-friendly, which only enhances the product’s basic functions. The three-prong transmitter’s dual-horn speaker produces a clearer and more concentrated doorbell ring. The dial that adheres to your chosen door is purposefully and visually simplistic, appealing to the product design’s universality. Whichever color the dial’s holes reveal, 1Byone designed the product so that the ‘Do Not Disturb’ message can be seen from all angles and in any light, which only enhances the doorbell’s user-friendliness. So, whether you’re self-quarantining for personal reasons or rushing to meet your deadline, there’s no need to explain, just turn the dial.

Designers: 1Byone Products Inc.

This moon-inspired desk lamp brings tranquility to your sleep routine!

While the moon might not provide so strong a brightness in contrast to the sun, the Moon has a way of reintroducing us to tranquility, the concept behind the new desk lamp – Moon Light. The delicate, folding desk lamp softly illuminates any room it’s in with a dual-tone light reminiscent of the Moon’s glow. The lamp is as functional as it is artful; folded, the lamp might evoke images of the Moon hanging just above a tree. Speaking to the desk lamp’s practicality and artfulness, the lamp effuses each room with the mellow, but illuminating glow we so often seek from the Moon.

Based in Hangzhou, China, Wenjie Zheng conceptualized the lamp by marrying technology with poetry. Upon first glance, the lamp is attractively uncomplicated and, simply, gets the job done. While pragmatism and application matter, Moon Light has so much to offer that exceeds its simplistic appearance. The lamp is essentially made of up three main parts: two long flutes and a toroidal ring. A closer look reveals that the linear flute hinges at the lamp’s ring, its focal point. The linear flute functions as the lamp’s primary source of light and can stretch out to a maximum of 145 degrees from the lamp’s center. The lamp’s design prioritizes optical prism lighting, which means that the glass is cut in such a way that naturally reflects and bends light, which exemplifies Zheng’s dedication to reproducing the feeling and illumination that’s generally associated with moonlight.

Moon Light’s main appeal is the toroidal ring that represents the lunar satellite and centerpiece of the design. The ring light offers auxiliary light, akin to the kind the Moon offers, which is ideal for younger children to use as a night light. Auxiliary and optical prism lighting distinctly enhances this design as its purpose is not to provide bright light, similar to that which comes from the sun, but to instead reproduce the tranquil glow of the Moon whether for yourself and that book you bring to bed or for a younger child who always seems to sleeps a bit better whenever the Moon gets to hang around. Best of all, this night light brings you the tranquility needed to clear your brain and get you that good night’s sleep.

Designer: Wenjie Zheng

Lego creations by master builders that showcase why Lego is not just a children’s toy: part 3

There are no boundaries to one’s creativity – whatever medium you choose, your hard work and detailing can bring anything to life! Have trouble believing us? Have a look at these LEGO build-ups by master builders to be in complete shock and awe.

Using over 100,000 Lego pieces, designer Ekow Nimako imagines the Kumbi Saleh 3020 CE a Ghanaian metropolis 1000 years in the future. This artwork is the centerpiece for his exhibition titled Building Black Civilizations and showcases details like nothing you have ever seen before, almost reminiscent of the Game of Thrones title sequence! Oh, and if anyone wants a challenge, I truly believe it would be awesome to have a LEGO title sequence for Game of Thrones!

This immensely detailed fire gorgon took LEGO enthusiast Andrew James Steele a whole year to build. His love of labour is visible in the painstalking details – from the framing of the open jaw to the use of lights on the neck to create the fearsome beast.


What is more iconic yet nostalgic than LEGO? For me it would be Batman. And when you merge them both, you have the ultimate collectible! That’s exactly what LEGO created with their latest collaboration by bringing us the classic vehicle from the iconic 1989 Batman movie. The Batwing also comes with three minifigures in the shape of a cowled and caped Batman, smirking Joker and Lawrence the Boombox Goon, who is of course holding a mini boombox. Place it on your desk or hang it on your wall, this design is sure to grab eyeballs and be the topic of discussion for anyone who enters your space.

Collaborations are like the Avengers, each hero with their own superqualities on their own but together, they are a force to reckon with! This is exactly what happened when Master builder Wonhyuk Son merged LEGO and Starwars to create this cool-ass guitar!

Amenk Sachio’s creation is inspired by the castle’s showcased in Game of Thrones. Boasting of a mountainside facade, the castle includes multiple towers, a moat and various bridges running across this complex creation for the tiny LEGO soldiers to carry messages on. Do pay special attention and focus on the waterfall made out of tiny bricks too!

The upcoming ZX 8000 sneaker collaboration was announced by Adidas Originals as a part of its ongoing A-ZX series. Stepping on LEGO blocks but now they can’t hurt you because you have made allies with the enemy HA! Adidas usually has the classic monochromatic shoes with a few bold limited-edition drop and this sneaker design certainly incorporates elements from both brands in a way that none are overpowered – so you can recognize those Adidas curves but you can also relate to the LEGO colors! Digital sneaker god, Sean Wotherspoon, received a pair ahead of the official release and shared images that unveiled more details like LEGO’s iconic logo on the tongue tag and a miniature LEGO man modeled after him! The detailing on the shoes with grooves and ridges brings in the element of the connecting blocks and the shape of the shoe itself has a very 90’s Adidas aesthetic. It is refreshing to see a bright red sole on a shoe other than Louboutins. One of the most thoughtful details is the green LEGO block that seems to hold the laces in places and I am assuming this shoe will come with versatile lace options as well.

From fiction to reality, if you are creative, LEGO’s are the perfect tool to help you bring anything to life. Michael Kanemoto discovered the same with his wolf design. Pure white and intricately detailed, the overall structure of the wolf is almost scale to size – sure to give you a shock if you run across it in the dark!

So IKEA and LEGO teamed up to make storage bins, called BYGGLEK, that makes tidying up another fun game. The white boxes come in four sizes and can store hundreds of bricks and you can easily stack them up because they are made like giant LEGO blocks. “The box itself can be a house, a swimming pool, a sports arena – there is no right or wrong!” said Rasmus Buch Løgstrup, the Lego designer who led this project. The BYGGLEK range consists of one set of three small boxes, and two sets of bigger boxes and one set of LEGO bricks for the complete experience right from the moment you get your package.

Inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi – the art of repairing objects (mostly earthenware like bowls, vases, and more) using molten gold, LEGO showcases their TSUGI collection! The intent is the same with a more modern and quirky output – using LEGO to hold up a broken table leg to a magazine holder. No more throwing away your favourite furniture with LEGO’s to your rescue.

Meet the LEGO Super Mario Interactive Building Sets, a Mario gameplay experience that brings the beloved Italian plumber to life along with his entire world. The starter kit comes with a LEGO Mario, complete with dynamic eyes, a screen on his torso, and even vocal effects that should light up your eyes when you hear the familiar high-pitched “It’sa Meee!” The series also comes with multiple expansion packs including popular environments like the Piranha Plant Power Slide, Boomer Bill Barrage, Mario’s House & Yoshi, Toad’s Treasure Hunt, Bowser’s Castle Boss Battle, and King Boo and the Haunted Yard. You get the ability to custom-build Mario’s obstacle course using the blocks provided, and Mario even appropriately reacts to blocks, creating sound effects when he punches blocks and collects coins, or dying when he gets hit by a bullet or steps in lava.

Check out more interesting LEGO creations in our posts from this series!

This AI-enabled tiny home increases the usable area by 15% compared to a traditional house!

I have said it before and I will say it again – tiny houses are the future of urban living. It is not a cute trend, it is a movement that will allow millennials and future generations to become homeowners as they battle the second economic crisis and a climate crisis – all before they are 30! Owning homes should not be a luxury or take up a whole paycheck and that is exactly what tiny homes like Nestron’s Cube Two allow you to do. You don’t have to sacrifice good design if you are already compromising on space.

Cube Two is a 263-square-foot home that is designed for the future and smart living. This modern compact home is a prefabricated structure that already comes fitted with the latest home appliances that can all be controlled by an AI assistant named Canny. The exterior has smooth curved corners that give it a friendly vibe and the interior offers enough space for a family of four to live comfortably with two bedrooms and an open living area. To make it feel roomier, there is a skylight that runs across the ceiling and floods the space with natural light and also provides a wonderful frame of the night sky. “The open concept increases the usable area by 15%, compared to a traditional house and is perfect for medium-sized households,” says the team.

The minimal interiors will resonate with all the modern homes you’ve seen with an elegant black and white theme. Tiny homes usually have cramped kitchens but the one in Cube Two really changes that with thoughtful design details, especially the bar counter! The sleek setup is completely ready for you to move in the day your house arrives, just unpack and plug in! Take their virtual 360° tour here. Tiny prefab homes also let you build communities anywhere eg. it can help mitigate issues that arise when climate change causes dislocation, provide refugees with better camps, or even set up housing for researchers who have to stay in remote locations. Small house, big potential!

Designer: Nestron

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Work from home product designs that are the best investments of 2020!

As I write this article, I am acutely aware that 2020 is entering its last quarter! The year has certainly flown by, but the new workflow implemented this year is here to stay. Remote working is no longer a trend and all of us who have been avoiding investing in creating our own workspace, well it’s high time for us to start shopping and we have the best designs curated to improve your shopping experience! Depending on your space to your budget, the designs featured here include your personal cabins to easy to setup partitions that are sure to improve your productivity and allow you to focus on your work, distraction-free!

The Zen Work Pod by Autonomous is perfect because in 2020 you don’t need a shed in your backyard, you rather have a warm minimalist office instead! The company behind this work shed has been acing the game when it comes to well-designed office furniture like flexible desks and ergonomic chairs. The Zen Work Pod was a culmination of their furniture design mission clubbed with the need of the hour. The minimalist backyard structure is a stark contrast to the existing toolsheds, it is a modern workspace equipped with all essentials needed for a ‘zen’ workday. “It provides a fresh solution that completely redefines the home office, providing maximum focus during every working hour,” says the team who especially kept creators and freelancers in mind while designing it. The pod features floor-to-ceiling windows and an angular roof all wrapped in a sturdy oak, walnut, and aluminum structure. It is compact but the minimal build and sweeping windows make it feel spacious.

The Zero Gravity Balans chair was designed by Peter Opsvik to be a blend of relaxation and productivity. It is the vision of what a modern chair should be – multifunctional and aesthetically pleasing. What sets this chair apart is that it has no mechanical adjustment parts, it is made to be so ergonomic that your body movements dictate its positions. You can choose to adjust it at four different angles which gives you room to be flexible with your posture and the chair to mold itself according to the space it is set in. You can sit in whatever position that is comfortable to you from kneeling to the fully reclined – one works for Netflix party and one for working from home.


Igor Leal’s Sunken Studio is another unique design to add to that list, it was made to keep you away from the everyday disturbances by giving you a sleek subterranean workspace. Also, you can get creative with your ‘roof’ – will you like to have a picnic lunch or play golf? The 500 square foot studio concept was a custom solution requested by a client in Rio De Janeiro who wanted a fully functioning workspace that he could spend long hours in. That is why it features a sitting area, kitchenette, bathroom, and desk area. This is a modern, compact office that allows you to host small conferences, do video calls, and meet clients without any interference. Also, once you are in the zone you don’t have to come up above ground for small things like a snack or bathroom break.

Ikaria Design Co’s Soul Seat helps you sit in a neutral posture which is effortless and comfortable. The springs on the elevated perch tilt the pelvis forward, open the hips and help align the spine. You can sit in several positions if crossing legs isn’t comfortable for you, the chair enables you to switch between multiple positions frequently keeping your body engaged and blood flowing. For some, this may also alleviate neck and back pain! The height of both levels can be adjusted to suit your workspace setup. I know there were many comments from our Instagram audience about it missing a backrest and while I don’t think it causes harm if you sit without one (people meditate and work in this very posture for hours in Asian countries), I do think having an option of a detachable backrest can help those who are just starting to work on their posture ease into it.

The Fitwork was designed by Brian Oaks, a designer, and entrepreneur who ended up needing chiropractic adjustments and even back surgery because of this sedentary lifestyle. Fitwork’s design sort of embodies a no-excuse mentality to being fit. Whether it’s the excuse of ‘being too busy’, or of ‘not wanting to go all the way to the gym’, Fitwork combats it by bringing the gym not just to your house, but to your workspace. Designed as a product to let you work and work out at the same time, this crazy hybrid of a desk-chair and treadmill keeps your legs active while you work. Whether you’re sitting in front of a laptop or standing in front of one, it’s the sedentary lifestyle that Fitwork tackles. The setup (which is sure to grab a few eyeballs) comes with an office chair attached to a treadmill underneath, and an elliptical in front. Coupled with an elevating desk, the Fitwork allows you to keep the lower half of your body active while you work, giving you cardio as well as keeping your spine engaged, whether you’re sitting or standing while working. While you’re sitting, your legs naturally rest on the Fitwork’s elliptical, allowing you to pedal away while typing out emails or attending zoom calls without really anyone knowing what a fitness buff you are.

Made so that it can be the extra room your house needs (now that everyone’s stuck indoors), the Hello Wood Studio’s Workstation Cabin is an insulated and soundproof room that can easily serve as a “workstation, a meeting room, a kids playroom, and a perfect hiding place if you are looking for a quiet space to read, relax and exercise”, according to the designers. After work hours, the cabin could even be converted into a makeshift bedroom for a night-out among the stars, or even for guests! Hello Wood Studios built the private retreat with the ability to later add extra features like heating/cooling, mood-lighting, in-built sound system, TV-screen, and WiFi setup, and can be assembled on your lawn/backyard or even on a terrace!

The Livit Studypod is a futuristic black-box style cube that you can place anywhere you want and focus on your work, study, or even health! This composite cube structure works as your bedroom, home office, or study table and is designed for outdoor use. Easy to place on your backyard, garden, or anywhere with a view, the black-tinted hardened glass window gives an unobstructed view of your scenery. Since the cube is a closed structure, it keeps you safe from the weather across the year. Measuring 2.15 x 1.8 x 2.1 meters, this cube is perfectly sized for you to style it for your comfort, improving your headspace and keeping you stress-free. The pod does weigh 700 kilos but it also comes with optional wheels that let you move it and settle down for a quick change of scenery! The pod has oak flooring, a detachable desk, a power outlet, four downlights, and natural ventilation to keep the place airy.

Cose is a multifunctional neck massager that relieves pain without painkillers using 6 different technologies. It features EMS + TENS technology along with infrared therapy and thermotherapy to work on your muscles. EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) helps Cose imitate the natural signals that come from the central nervous system which make the neck muscles contract for better flexibility and strength. TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation), on the other hand, delivers small electrical impulses through the skin to flood the nervous system, reducing pain by stimulating your body to produce endorphins, our natural pain relievers.

Our modern lifestyle involves us being stationary in one position for long hours which is unhealthy and Pluching was created as an organic solution that brings more movement! The time spent sitting in one place has increased so much ever since the pandemic began because all we do is work from home and then watch Netflix at home. This can cause turtle neck syndrome, shoulder pain, back pain, and unhealthy stiffness which you can minimize using stretching equipment like Pluching. Heesuk Lee’s idea was to design exercise equipment that gives the effect of band exercise and stretching but could clip-on on the back of your chair for ease. Pluching uses a powerful neodymium magnet that is embedded in a silicon clip to secure the equipment and give you stability.

Panasonic has designed a simple solution to draw boundaries between work and play without taking up too much space with their Komoru cubicle and I need to order two when they launch on September 18th, 2020! The Japanese brand has infused this mini cubicle with simple details that help you work efficiently while not adding visual bulk to your interior space. Working from home has had many of us come up with creative ways to stay productive –  this Komoru cubicle saves your time and effort. You can easily assemble the desk and partition at home which are the two main structural components. Unlike a traditional office cubicle, this is four feet tall which allows you to see over the partition walls while still sitting at your desk.

Once you create your home working space, here are some desk setup inspirations to help you create your dream setup!

This Robotic Coffee Maker is designed to brew your perfect pour-over coffee!

Waking up to the sound and smell of coffee brewing after just a tap of your fingers might sound like you’re still dreaming. However, Bubble Lab recently teamed up with Swift Creatives in order to turn that dream into reality with a robotic pour-over coffee machine called, Drip. The app-controlled, fully-automated pour-over coffee maker emerges from the countertop as the water dispenser folds directly above your cup or mug and after just a tap, the water stream matches the flow of the beans and adheres to your chosen recipe, resulting in the perfect pour-over, every time. Whether you’re a barista who could use some extra pairs of hands or someone who just loves coffee, this sleek take on the pour-over is sure to leave your mouth watering.

Drip’s modern, minimalist style pervades the design, all the way down to the core of the machine. Specifically designed to optimize counter space, Drip could be mistaken for a sink tap. But it’s more like an iceberg: the coffee maker’s slim body that makes the show possible rests just below the counter. The body provides the dispenser with tempered water ideal for a pour-over. Drip is also user-adjustable and the associated app provides a social platform to share, learn, and curate your own menu based on preexisting, barista-approved, recipes. With its glossy, unobtrusive finish, from all angles Drip brings a sense of know-how and modernity to every kitchen and coffee shop.

Since its showcase at CES in 2018, Drip has made some fine-tuned adjustments, specifically in regard to Drip’s elemental simplicity. Beijing-based Bubble Lab reinvigorates coffee as an experience by celebrating the culture, production, and social significance of the drink. Bubble Lab might believe that less is more, but folded inside of that simplicity is an intricacy devoted to celebrating the experience of coffee,  providing an extra set of hands for overwhelmed baristas, and showcasing the side of coffee that’s sometimes overlooked: the artful and ritualistic nature that makes your nose wiggle with excitement and taste buds tingle with anticipation. All it takes is a tap.

Designers: Bubble Lab x Swift Creatives