Pet and human-friendly multifunctional furniture designs to give you the best of both worlds!

Calling all pet owners/ lovers! Does your heart skip a beat every time you see a pet-friendly piece of furniture as you scroll through your Instagram feed? Are you almost tempted to buy it, only for seeds of doubt to be sowed into your mind a moment later?  Do you begin to wonder will your pet even adjust to it? Will they even come around to using it? What if their initial fascination fades, only for it to rot away in a corner of the house, busy gathering dust? Well, Istanbul based PET-TURE came up with “the idea of creating pet-friendly design products with an architectural design approach.” Instead of creating conventional pet houses, they’ve designed a unique collection of pet furniture that can be used in multiple ways. This ensures comfortable and aesthetic living spaces for your furry friends, but also functional pieces of furniture that you could use as well, so if ever your pet does decide to reject it, there’s still plenty more for you to do with it. Not to mention all their products have been crafted out of warm natural walnut wood with extreme care and precision to pamper your furry buddies.

Designers: Irmak Sekucoglu & Ece Bac of PET-TURE 

‘Cubic’ is another one of PET-TURE’s side table inspired pet-friendly pieces. It is a contemporary home for your pet, with the entrance modeled after the shape of a kitten’s face! But, it also doubles as a coffee table, serving as another neat spot for all your knick-knacks.

‘Corner’ also provides a comfortable space for your pet to laze around in. After an intense play session, they may need their own privacy and the closeted-like feel of Corner gives them just that! Shaped like a side table, the upper section does indeed function like one, allowing you to place your glasses, books, coasters and any other tidbits you may want to add to your living space.

One of my favorite pieces in their collection is ‘Grid’. Grid functions as a comfy resting spot for your pet. With a cozy lounging spot at the bottom and a slanted roof on top, it manages to provide a very homely feel, a safe haven of sorts for your furry friend. The gridded structure at the entrance allows your pet to slither in and out, allowing them to have their own little adventure! On the other hand, the roof also functions as a magazine stand. You can place your magazines on the roof, where they will be supported by an almost inconspicuous shelf.

Last but not least would be their piece ‘Case’. Case comes in two sizes; one for your smaller animal companions, and the other the Case XL for your larger furry friends. Case functions as a portable bed, equipped with wheels at the bottom, it can be easily put away into storage when not in use.

That is another bonus feature that can be found in all PET-TURE products; 4 brake wheels. These wheels allow you to move the products to any spot in your home according to your convenience. Accompanied by an adjustable stopper, you can also immobilize them when needed. PET-TURE believes in their motto of “animal-friendly design” and they have indeed translated that into their products with furniture that is not only friendly to our pets but also to our homes and us!

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Barbeque in the summer, stay warm in the winter with this grungy 4-in-1 concrete grill

With the onset of autumn, barbeque season is at its peak! But with winter barely around the corner, I’m sure we all want to get our stomach’s worth of grilling done before the cold truly sets in, and it seems like the Brazilian brand Noori has decided to give us a helping hand.  If you’ve been tempted to treat yourself to an updated version of your old BBQ grill, well then hold your horses because Noori’s multipurpose stove, the V01 model will do it all for you. It functions not only as a rocket stove but as a barbeque, pizza oven, and fire pit. From ribs, burgers, hot dogs to wood-fired pizza, the V01 functions as a versatile cooker for all occasions. The inspiration behind the product was to take us to a time when “cooking with fire was at the core of our rituals”.

Designer: Noori

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Contemporary, compact and easily portable the V01 comprises a rounded bullet-like body modeled from heat- resistant refractory concrete. An L-shape enamel pipe transports the fuel through the body of the stove to the grilling surface. The multipurpose stove optimizes the combustion of fuel, allowing us to completely skip out on the unwanted smoke that slithers out during the cooking process. The base consists of wheels, allowing us to easily transport, store and arrange the stove depending on the occasion and the location.  “The goal was to design a product where a ragu, a feijoada, a pasta, a pizza, grilled vegetables, and meat could be prepared,” Eduardo Gayotto, the designer behind Noori added. “We wanted to break with the limitations of a standard barbecue.” And as we can see the featured highlight 0f V01 remains it’s modularity.

Noori can be used as a permaculture vertical ‘Rocket Stove’. The wood-burning stove, aided with its ability to ensure complete fuel combustion, can be used to cook various recipes with diverse cooking utensils such as pans, casseroles and other stovetop dishes.

However, you can amp up your cooking sessions by adding charcoal to the mix or by simply combining wood and charcoal, which transforms the stove into a ‘Churrasqueira’ or a BBQ Grill. A lid with a built-in temperature gauge can be used to prepare smoked food. A blend of different woods can be used to enhance the flavor of the food while it sears on the grate.

Probably my favorite use of the Noori V01 is that it functions as a pizza oven! Traditional wood pizza ovens can be bulky and cumbersome, and not something we can easily place in our homes, hence the portable Noori is sure to be a fan favorite!  It comes along with a Noori pizza disk, which can be used to prepare a pizza in about 4 minutes. You discard the central element and place the pizza disk on the stovetop, which can heat up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, depending upon how much wood you use as fuel.

And of course last but not the least, it serves as a wood fire pit, warming up even the coldest of days. It can burn both wood and charcoal. The complete refractory body can be used to burn wood, whereas the toned-down version involving only the burner functions as a charcoal burner.

A 4 in 1 grill with good looks and easy portability to fall back upon? I think I know what I for Christmas this year!

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This amusing wine glass shaped chair adds the buzz your living space needs!

A bit of exciting news for all wine connoisseurs; you can now add a splash of your favorite wine to your living space! After spending months working on the interior design of a winery’s hotel, Spanish interior and product designer Marta Del Valle was hit by a wave of inspiration. How do you integrate the exquisite color schemes and light play you find in a mere glass of wine into your home? And lo and behold  “the Merlot’ was born.

Created wholly from thermoplastic polycarbonate and supported by a stainless-steel frame, the chairs quite simply represent a glass of wine. The Merlot is available not only in the form of a classic chair and a stool but also comes in three colors, depending upon your wine of choice: red, white or rosé. Del Valle describes the design as “simple” and “sexy”. “The design itself is quite simple, just a cup of wine sectioned in two different ways creating a Chair and a Stool” Del Valle explains. There is a certain minimalistic and crisp appeal to the Merlot chairs, though they still manage to pack a punch and elude a fun-filled aura. As for me, the deep red hues of the ‘red wine inspired chair’ makes it a clear cut favorite over the white and rosé wine pieces.

A product of wanting to have fun while designing, Del Valle herself admits that the Merlot chairs aren’t ideal for tedious and work-oriented actions such as studying, working or consuming long meals. But for all you fun-loving design enthusiasts, and not to mention wine lovers out there such a piece would only liven up any space it is placed in. So if you’re in the mood to “Take a seat, have a sip”, well then the Merlot may just be the next quirky piece of furniture you need in your home!

Designer: Marta Del Valle

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