LEGO creations that you can use as fun and functional everyday products for your home!

I love LEGO, and I know everyone has a soft spot for it, no matter how old we get! You’re always gonna get excited when you see some LEGO blocks lying around, or a cute little LEGO build. We’ve covered a whole lot of LEGO creations by master builders that have honestly taken our breath away. They leave us mesmerized and wondering “How the hell was this created…and from LEGO blocks?!” However, LEGO has managed to make its place in our ordinary day to day life as well. You can even use it to create everyday designs that have high functionality in our household! From pencil and toothbrush holders to laptop stands, and even chore charts, you can use LEGO to solve unique problems in your home. They don’t always have to be fancy creations, sometimes the simplest solutions can be very special too.

The Botanical Collection Flower Bouquet is the perfect flower arrangement for your living space. Created wholly from LEGO blocks, the beautiful bouquet consists of a myriad variety of colorful and gushing flowers, from roses to sunflowers. Place them in your living room, and brighten it up, without the constant worry of having to water them!

This laptop riser/ monitor stand is the perfect addition to your work from home desk! Bored of the usual laptop stands? Build your own using LEGO! The nifty little design even accommodates little storage drawers to keep your pens, pencils, notepads, and other miscellaneous stationery. It even manages to incorporate cable management in its structure.

Any Harry Potter fans in the house? These buildable Harry Potter House Crests signify your allegiance to either Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw. You can also combine all four to create one impressive House Crest, and place it anywhere in your home. It’s a modern piece of art that’ll look super cute and verify your status as a true Potterhead!

Allyson Gail ( allysongaillego) used the often forgotten orange pieces – the LEGO separators to create handy everyday objects! From a cute little pencil holder to a phone stand or even a napkin holder, she’s transformed the otherwise ignored pieces into designs with immense daily utility!

LEGO teamed up with IKEA to create the BYGGLEK Boxes! The BYGGLEK collection is a range of simple, and easy to put together storage solutions that deal with your everyday storage problems. You can build multiple storage designs to cater to your various storage needs – from a tea box to a little planter, the possibilities are endless!

This LEGO toothbrush-holder is perfect for holding your entire family’s toothbrushes, plus an additional toothpaste squeezer makes this the ideal set of bathroom accessories. Clean, sleek, and simple, these buildable accessories are sure to brighten up your morning!

Kintsugi, the Japanese art of repairing broken items with gold has gained immense popularity nowadays. And LEGO TSUGI has been inspired by Kintsugi, you can now repair broken objects such as your plant holders, pots, lamps, tables, and other household items with LEGO, instead of gold! How cool is that?

This LEGO brick-build is a unique Lazy Susan or rotating plate that you’d love to have in your home. Its mosaic-inspired pattern will complement any living space, creating a nifty turntable that you can use to display souvenirs, distribute food at your next dinner party or simply place it as a beautiful stand-alone piece. The playful possibilities are never-ending!

You can now build various hanging items for your home using LEGO! You can create picture frames to showcase your treasured memories, adaptable calendars to never miss an important date, trendy art designs and signs to jazz up your living space, and to simply add your personal touch in your own buildable and customizable way.

Do you have trouble keeping up with your chores and tasks, and almost always miss out on one? You can now build your own Chore Chart using LEGO blocks! This unique chart hack makes sure you’re always at the top of your task game, and tick off everything on your to-do list.

Yanko Design recommends these unique furniture designs to shop that give IKEA a run for its money!

Furniture designs are incredibly important to any space, whether it’s an office or a home. And, with this ongoing pandemic, our homes are now our new office! The right furniture can really set a space apart, creating a comfortable and functional home cum office that caters to all our needs. Our living space nowadays should be one where we can comfortably longe about, and work efficiently. So, we’ve curated a collection of super functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture designs that are sure to not only brighten up your living space but provide unique solutions to all your furniture problems. From work chairs that take care of your posture to a smart bed designed with everything you could possibly think of – we’ve got all your needs covered!

The Soul Seat helps you sit in a neutral posture that is effortless and comfortable. The springs on the elevated perch tilt the pelvis forward, open the hips and help align the spine. You can sit in several positions if crossing legs isn’t comfortable for you, the chair enables you to switch between multiple positions frequently keeping your body engaged and blood flowing. For some, this may also alleviate neck and back pain! The height of both levels can be adjusted to suit your workspace setup. I know there were many comments from our Instagram audience about it missing a backrest and while I don’t think it causes harm if you sit without one (people meditate and work in this very posture for hours in Asian countries), I do think having an option of a detachable backrest can help those who are just starting to work on their posture ease into it. It is about having that choice which opens up many more people to use the Soul Seat, however, there are countless reviews that mention it being comfortable as it is so it is a great design but it does come down to personal preference.

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Fitwork’s design sort of embodies a no-excuse mentality to being fit. Whether it’s the excuse of ‘being too busy’, or of ‘not wanting to go all the way to the gym’, Fitwork combats it by bringing the gym not just to your house, but to your workspace. Designed as a product to let you work and work out at the same time, this crazy hybrid of a desk-chair and treadmill keeps your legs active while you work. Whether you’re sitting in front of a laptop or standing in front of one, it’s the sedentary lifestyle that Fitwork tackles. The setup (which is sure to grab a few eyeballs) comes with an office chair attached to a treadmill underneath, and an elliptical in front. Coupled with an elevating desk, the Fitwork allows you to keep the lower half of your body active while you work, giving you cardio as well as keeping your spine engaged, whether you’re sitting or standing while working.

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KUR!O’s design features a simple grid base that you wedge shelving-plates into. The plates interlock with each other, creating walls and floors for your shelf, allowing you to store all your belongings in the dedicated spaces you planned out for them! The base of the shape-shifting, infinitely customizable shelf is its underlying grid, made from sandwiched wood-fiber boards. The cuts in the grid go as much as 20mm deep, allowing you press-fit powder-coated steel panels into it. The steel panels come in a variety of colors, giving the KUR!O its uniquely vibrant appeal, and feature carefully-placed cuts that let individual panels interlock into each other. The 2mm thick panels are heavy-duty enough to take on large loads, making the KUR!O robust, despite the fact that there isn’t any screwing or gluing of parts. Each KUR!O even comes with a set of 8mm thick steel sticks or dowels that peg into the circular holes at the intersection of the cutouts. Plug a stick in and you instantly have yourself a series of hooks right beside your shelf-spaces so you can both hang as well as place items on your KUR!O.

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This is the ultimate bed just like its name states – the Hariana Tech Smart Ultimate Bed! You know how we always have to get up to get stuff before we settle into relax mode? Well, this bed was designed to have everything you will need to relax within your bed frame. It has an integrated reclining massage chair with a remote, a built-in Bluetooth speaker, a bookshelf, a reading lamp, an air cleaning system, an area to plug-in and charge your devices, a foot-stool that opens up for extra storage, and a pop-up desk for the ultimate WFH setup, Netflix marathon or cozy reading hours. The sound system also features an SD card slot, an auxiliary port, and a USB port. Another interesting detail about the Hariana bed is a password-protected safe box for you to store your most precious belongings – for me, it would be my passport and snacks!

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Bringing new life to the room divider, the designers at Molo, a design and production studio led by Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen, created their own rendition, calling it a paper softwall or folding partition, one that folds and bends, with the flexibility to be shaped in any curved or linear formation, and expands and contracts, like breathing. When expanded, the paper softwall is like a monolithic accordion paper organizer that is surprisingly lightweight and can easily change direction to define private spaces or supply dramatic backdrops for performances. Each paper softwall expands to a total of 15 feet when fully extended and positioned in a straight line, but can reach any length in between for shorter, or more curved lines. When the soft paperwall is properly compressed, it recoils and achieves the thickness of a book.

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The SMĪLE shelf is a modular system that relies on recycled steel frames that fix to a wall, holding shelves in between. The steel frames can be arranged practically in any orientation and arrangement, giving you the freedom to create your own shelving design that can even be expanded if you want to, in the future! Depending on the size of the shelf you buy, it comes with the recycled steel frames and ChopValue’s signature chopstick shelves. Each shelf uses hundreds of bamboo chopsticks, compressed together to create a unique looking material with its own bespoke grain-pattern. Most disposable chopsticks are manufactured using bamboo (because of how fast it grows), and travel nearly 8,000 – 10,000 kilometers from China to other parts of the world, only to be used for 30 minutes before being thrown into the trash. Instead of letting them enter a landfill, ChopValue harvests them and turns them into this new material that can be used again.

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This particular piece of cat furniture is extremely easy to set-up and seamlessly integrates with your current home setting minus the bulkiness of a conventional cat tree. In 2020, it is all about how modular the product is, and that applies to pet furniture too. With Catssup you can create a DIY jungle gym by simply clamping the different parts onto existing furniture and changing the set-up whenever ‘you’ (read: your cat) need. The best part is that it doesn’t require any floor space so if you want to lie down and WFH – you absolutely can with the extra room! The Catssup set includes a Dot Step, a Sleeping Pill, a Space Ball, a Cloud Lounge, and a Climbing Tower – I would just like to say that I strongly believe human furniture should also have fun labels like this and maybe we would be more invested in it.

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BeYou is a “transforming chair that adapts to you,” which means that whatever seated position is calling your name, BeYou will adjust accordingly. The spirit of this chair and what makes it so special is that it isn’t fixed by any means, it was designed to be ever-changing to meet your growing needs. The convertible chair is cushioned with soft and durable fabric that wraps itself over a double layer of foam for a bouncy and form-fitting seat rest. Oak veneer coats the exterior parts of BeYou so that the chair not only conforms to your body but also your room and office, or wherever you choose to position your BeYou chair. The quick-release hinges that switch the chair’s positions and presentation are user-friendly in that they operate through simple, intuitive mechanical movements.

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In a parallel universe without gravity, we’d probably be surrounded by storage units like the Geco Hub. You see, gravity allows us to simply place items on a horizontal surface, which is almost the fundamental aspect of a cabinet. The Geco Hub, on the other hand, grabs items almost like a pair of hands. Its silicone ‘fingers’ let you store everything from your keys to sunglasses, and from wallets to even post-it notes. The hubs come in a series of modular tiles that you can attach to any type of wall using either screws or adhesive strips. Add as many hubs as you need and you’ve got a wall of storage you can place items on, into, or under. The silicone ‘fingers’ have enough friction to securely hold onto things like keychains, wallets, spectacles, cases, notebooks, and stationery. They come with flaps too that let you secure notes onto them, giving you a wall of storage and functionality – which is unusually pleasing to look at as well as a really good way to declutter spaces.

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The SSD chair stands for Simple, Strong, and Durable (and not Solid State Drive, as one might think). Designed to be an alternative to flimsy, cheap, run-of-the-mill plastic or wood chairs, the SSD Chair has a simple, classic appeal, and is made to last for decades. The SSD is strong too. Designed with a metal tubing structure that is more than capable of years of everyday use, the SSD gives you the advantage of strength as well as the comfort of having European-made plywood seats and backrests. The SSD is durable too. Designed to be sustainably manufactured, the SSD uses strong components, ethically and sustainably sourced wood, a simple design, a minimal number of parts, and even uses 80% recycled packaging.

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This desktop dishwasher inspired by rain is the space-saving solution modern homes need

I usually do my dishes just before bed so all I have to worry about in the morning is making my coffee. On some evenings, however, I just feel too tired before bed – doing the dishes feels more like running a marathon. I live in a studio apartment, so I know the importance of keeping a tidy space, but I don’t have room for automatic machines like dishwashers or steamers. To come up with a solution for small spaces in need of an automatic dishwasher, a team of creatives from Yifeeling Design felt inspired by the cleansing and quiet nature of gentle rain to design a micro dishwasher called Rain that’s functional for small spaces and also quiet, so it can run through the night.

Rain’s structure is inviting and bright, like a gentle sunshower, with rounded edges and smoothed-down sides for a reflective finish and refined shine. Then, Rain’s translucent front facade hides the dishes in plain sight with raindrops etched onto the dishwasher’s glass-pane door. The stainless steel interior of Rain reveals a compartment large enough to hold your bigger plates and a few smaller bowls, making it the ideal personal-sized dishwasher. Sockets for water tubing are attached to Rain’s rear and provide clean water for washing and an exit tube for dirty water. Finally, Rain’s control panel is located on the front-facing, digital interface where you can find a timer option, the power, start, and stop buttons, as well as a mode selector.

Yifeeling noticed a few problems in our existing catalog of dishwashing options. Mostly, dishwashers are too bulky and require too much space, they’re expensive and just don’t fit into smaller kitchens. In order to reduce the volume and space that dishwashers regularly occupy, Yifeeling aimed to design a desktop dishwasher that doesn’t rely on noisy mechanics to get the job of cleaning dishes done. Instead, Rain utilizes the gentle cleanse that follows a day of rain. The days after those summer rainstorms always bring with them cleaner air quality and naturally fresh aromas – those days just feel cleaner. While rain can sometimes be destructive and bring on floods or thunderstorms, it is also a natural element of our ecosystem and it always brings life to dry climates or lush forests, despite the floods and lightning. The creatives at Yifeeling Design utilized this latter aspect of rain to bring their own desktop dishwasher to life.

Designer: Yifeeling Design

Yanko Design recommends these home gadgets to shop that work better than any home cleaning hacks!

Our home is our safe haven, the place where we spend the majority of our time and feel completely at ease. Hence, we’re always taking the utmost care of our home, putting in all our efforts to maintain it, and not to mention to improve it! However, ensuring that ones home is in top-notch condition is no easy task, the chores are endless and the timespan to actually complete them seems tiny in comparison! Handy home improvement gadgets and appliances come to our rescue in such situations, they help make our daily tasks just a little easier, and support us in maintaining our home in an efficient manner. YD recommends some brilliant home gadgets that are sure to make your every day life simpler, and leave your home in impeccable condition!

The Briiv is a household terrarium, but more importantly, it’s a fresh take on air-filtration that ditches those HEPA filters and UV lights for something more natural. With the design that looks like a cross between a terrarium and an Apple Homepod, the Briiv is a modern-looking air purifier that adds a touch of green to your apartment. The filter comes with a special, sustainably-grown, dried moss on the inside that naturally purifies the air by trapping harmful particles, killing microorganisms, and releasing clean, fresh air. Sitting underneath the moss are multiple bio-filters, including one made from loosely woven coconut fibers, another filter comprising carbon-infused hemp, and a woolen microfiber filter that together combines to filter particles as small as PM 0.3 while also trapping and neutralizing bacteria, molds, and other volatile organic compounds to give you air that’s been freshened naturally, in a filter that’s designed to be the equivalent of as many as 3000 house plants in one device.

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The Circle Zero from PLUTO is a smart litter box that takes care of your cat’s business. Designed to be fully automated, fully enclosed, and exceptionally silent, the litter box comes with a completely enclosed design to provide a private experience. Sensors on the box detect the presence of the cat and wait for a full 7 minutes after they’re done to automatically (and silently) scoop the waste from the litter and store it separately while completely containing and eliminating any odor too. Once the waste compartment is full, you can use any bag or liner to collect it and throw it away. The Circle Zero works with any brand of kitty litter and comes with two types of scoop-designs. Sensors within the box (although it’s technically a sphere) keep track of your cat’s routines and can notify you via an app if any irregularities are spotted. The litter box monitors your cat(s) to give you information that may be of relevance to your veterinarian, and yes, the Circle Zero does support (and can individually track) multiple cats.

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Powered by the kind of AI you’d find in autonomous vehicles (with 4K cameras and sensors that can accurately identify objects in her path), the Toadi is practically the Tesla of lawnmowers. Designed to work less like a robot and more like a living organism, the Toadi reinvents a category that hasn’t seen a significant tech upgrade… and yes, Toadi is a ‘her’. The Toadi uses 4K cameras to ‘see’ the way humans do. She accurately differentiates between grass, gravel, cemented paths, and even identifies and avoids objects like animals, toys, flower-beds, and fences. Using a sensing and tracking system that’s much more superior to the LiDAR sensors and GPS chips found in home-cleaning robots, the Toadi effortlessly moves around the lawn on her own, mowing in straight lines, crossing over to other parts of the lawn if need be, avoiding flower-beds, objects, or pets (and other garden animals), and staying clear of fences.

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Meet the Morus, a tiny, tabletop vacuum dryer that works with stunning efficiency to completely dry and de-wrinkle your clothes in mere minutes. Rather than relying on centrifugal force to dry your clothes, Morus uses a combination of heat and a vacuum to extract every drop of water from your clothes giving you perfectly dry garments you can immediately take out and wear! The technology is a little new-fangled, but to uncomplicate how it works – the Morus uses heat to turn water into vapor (not steam), and generates a vacuum to reduce the pressure to just below the vapor pressure of water (0.0313 atm). This basically accelerates the drying process, extracting every bit of water from your clothes so that they’re 100% dry when they come out. A spinning drum on the Morus ensures that every corner of the clothes you put in is exposed to the heat and the vacuum for the highest efficiency, and a reverse-tumble feature makes sure your clothes don’t get crumpled or wrinkled in the process.

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Robotic vacuums are not new news but Everybot Edge is a home appliance that works for both wet and dry cleaning of hard floors. And if you want to feel like you’ve put in some work then simply switch to the handheld mode and get into the crevices. One of the most interesting features is that this vacuum maneuvers without wheels. It runs on two round, rotating microfibre pads, which are driven by two separate motors; so the robot cleans the floor while moving – similar to when I stepped on two kitchen towels and walked around the space-eating snacks while telling my mom I was cleaning. The best part is you don’t need a dry pad and a wet pad (like Swiffers) because the two containers in the vacuum constantly supply the pads with water.

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Traditional laundry machine cycles can potentially damage clothes (how many of us even know the right settings for our loads?) and ever since the pandemic took over our lives we are doing laundry more often to stay safe – this is bound to wear them out 5x faster than usual. The Samsung AirDresser is here to save the day! Its sleek build is similar to a tall, thin fridge and can seamlessly blend in any room. The AirDresser uses a combination of steaming and heat-pump powered drying, and you won’t even have to plumb it in says Samsung. “That’s because, rather than a water connection like a traditional washer would require, the AirDresser relies on a refillable water tank at the bottom of the cabinet. It means it can be installed pretty much anywhere with a regular 120V outlet,” explains the team.

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CareAlert is a brilliant example of a design that’s extremely aware of its target audience. This night-light helps you monitor and take care of the elderly, but it does so in a way that doesn’t require the elderly to be tech-literate, and it doesn’t use cameras either. The CareAlert and its wide host of sensors help you be aware of the wellbeing of your elderly loved ones. The sensors do a multitude of things, from tracking temperature, air quality, and humidity, to sensing motion, light, and vibrations. Without using cameras or microphones, invading privacy, or capturing any actionable data, the CareAlert gives you a comprehensive overview of your elderly relatives through its smartphone app. Helping you understand if they slept alright, woke up on time, or if and when they went outdoors to run basic errands.

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If your house is populated by kids and pets (or clumsy adults), you know that your precious home is prone to spills, spots, and messes. Marinara sauce on your favorite rag, pet food scattered on the floor, juice dripping off a table corner – these maybe common sights in your household. In such a scenario, Black+Decker Spillbuster is a blessing in disguise! The nifty appliance is perfect for cleaning and picking up messes, whether they’re dry or wet! It soaks up any wet spills, whether it’s food or drinks, as well as any dry spillages, owing to its powerful suction and wide nozzle. Once it picks up any mess, it sprays the area and scrubs it away using its handy little scrub bush, getting rid of any stains that may have been left behind. The battery-powered device is a wireless boon to keep your house neat, tidy, and spill-free!

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Are you one of those scatterbrained souls who almost always manages to lose their house keys? Well, then Bekey’s app-enabled smart door lock is perfect for you! You can lock and unlock your main door by simply using an app, via Bluetooth. The door lock will automatically update you when someone comes home, so if you’re at work, you’ll know exactly when your kids get home. Whew! The app also enables you to grant and delete access to anyone you please. You can set access for certain days, and even specify it down to particular timings. Once the allowed period is over, their access is immediately deleted. This is perfect to let in your housekeepers, maids, and maintenance men into your home whenever required, even if you’re not at home yourself.

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The Bloomengine is what you’d get if you combined the green thumb with the concept of the Tamagotchi. A completely self-contained, self-sustaining planter, the Bloomengine can grow and monitor your plant while guiding you through the process, informing you of the plant’s progress and needs. Place the compressed soil tablet in the center of the planter, and the seeds on top. Then add a few drops of fertilizer on the grill around the planter and pour water to fill the reservoir up. Connect the Bloomengine to a power source and it then gets to work. A 10k-25K lux LED gives the plant the artificial sunlight it needs to enable photosynthesis, while the water is guided to the top of the planter and is precipitated down like artificial rain, simulating everything the plant needs to grow. There’s even a micro ventilation fan that allows for air circulation that helps flowers bloom. While all this happens, the planter sends you plant-health related data to your phone, allowing you to keep tabs on the plant’s growth.

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This tiny home in the Community First! Village is built for previously unhoused individuals

Beginning in 1998, a mobile food truck based in Austin, Texas, with the help of thousands of volunteers, has helped serve food to unhoused individuals seven days a week and 365 days a year. That food truck has since transformed into Mobile Loaves & Fishes, a social outreach ministry responsible for the development of “the most talked-about neighborhood” in Austin, Texas, Community First! Village. The village is one of MLF’s three core programs that were started to serve the unhoused population of Austin, Texas, and offers permanent and sustainable housing for an affordable price in a mutually supportive community.

Teaming up with Bailey Eliot Construction, McKinney York Architects, an architecture firm based in Austin, recently designed and constructed a micro-home for one of the residents of Community First! Village. In order to meet the new homeowner’s tiny housing criteria, McKinney York Architects planned to design a micro house that met both the homeowner’s requirements for privacy and the village’s commitment to community support. The home’s final design incorporates a butterfly roof, which implements the use of a central valley where the two pitched roofs meet to collect rainwater for further irrigation use. Additionally, installing a butterfly roof allows for plenty of natural lighting to enter through the windows without having an impact on the homeowner’s privacy.

Taking full advantage of the 200 square foot area limit for each micro-home, McKinney York Architects also installed a screened-in sunroom for the homeowner to have the option of either opening the screens up to the rest of the community or keeping them closed for optimal privacy. Inside the home, original pine timber lines the walls, giving the feel of a blank canvas for the homeowner to leave as is or design as they’d like. The tiny home manages to include a bedroom with room for a twin-sized or larger bed, a modest kitchen, a relatively spacious working area, dining space, and a cozy den for relaxing.

Community First! Village is a 51-acre development planned by MLF over the course of two phases which spanned over four years and has expanded to include a total of 500 tiny homes as well as community amenities such as gardens and behavioral healthcare facilities. In 2014, the first phase of Community First! Village commenced after Tiny Victories 1.0, a design competition in partnership with Mobile Loaves & Fishes and AIA Austin DesignVoice, invited firms to design sustainable, tiny housing solutions that take up no more than 200 square feet. Following the first phase, which culminated with a 27-acre master-planned community for the “chronically homeless” population of Central Texas, the village’s second phase kicked off in 2018. Today, Community First! Village offers permanent housing and encourages a safe, uplifting community space for more than 250 formerly unhoused individuals.

Designer: Mobile Loaves & Fishes, McKinney York Architects, and Bailey Eliot Construction

This memory safe lets you both display your digital photo reels and keep your physical memories safe!


Smartphones make it really easy to hold onto our memories. Built-in 4K video cameras, photo editing apps, and social media time-hop notifications all seem to work together to preserve our memories for us in designated digital spaces. Of course, keeping all of our memories and pictures in one digitized space comes with some risk. I need two hands to count the number of times I’ve lost my phone, along with more than 50,000 pictures, and backing up our devices is convenient until storage space dwindles and an upgrade must be made before backing up can resume. One’s, a safe for memories that also implements timekeeping visuals with a digital interface, was designed by Ji Ye Hong in order to merge our digital storage with our memory.

One’s, named in honor of someone’s memory, has a recognizable, circular shape reminiscent of a grandfather’s clock and swinging pendulum, further enhancing the design’s tribute to memory. By way of Bluetooth connectivity, the product’s 20-inch round display panel ticks through photographs according to your digital library’s memory of each given day, echoing the iPhone’s “On this day” feature found in your photo library. The slideshow essentially grabs photographs based on special days  – photos from a past birthday celebration will be displayed on future birthdays and as your memories are presented, the pendulum swings. Then, on the days your mom sticks around for lunch, you can filter out the memories from college for PG ones from childhood by selecting and curating photo albums from your smartphone to be displayed on One’s.

Largely in response to the memory reels that we digitize every day, the popularity in maintaining and seeking out our more physical memories like childhood photographs, iPod Nanos from 2005, or heirloom jewelry, has risen.
Near the power, brightness, and sleep-mode control panel, notches etched along One’s perimeter introduce the product’s safe function, which opens up by turning the display panel. Tucked behind the main display panel, you can find One’s physical-memory storage area. Similar to shelving units found in medicine cabinets, the inside of One’s features narrow shelves that can hold onto smaller items like stationery or textiles – whatever small memory might fit, One’s can carry.

Designer: Ji Ye Hong

This concrete cubic home’s CNC cut plywood spiral staircase visible from the outside!

The first thing a person notices when entering your home sets the tone. Of course, how this ‘rule’ comes to life varies from home to home. The first thing someone might notice could be your favorite piece of artwork hanging in the corner, the amount of natural lighting, a view of the ocean in the distance, or it could be a messy shoe rack and markings on the wall. Whatever the case may be, for Danish architect Tommy Rand’s family home, he was sure to make the home’s main event, a handmade, spiral staircase, visible even before walking through the front door.

Somewhere in Aarhus, Denmark, Tommy Rand both designed and constructed his family’s home out of concrete and Norwegian Skifer stone, along with the home’s interiors and most of its wooden furniture. The concrete dwelling consists of five blocks, each one peaking from different angles, creating the subtle illusion of looking toward a tiny city’s skyline. The cluster of blocky stone perches dons a multi-tone brick exterior, with a smooth concrete finish, and offers elevated, semi-enclosed deck areas with views of the surrounding neighborhood. Looking through the home’s wide, ground-level window, its stone-cold attitude is soon visually warmed up even before walking through the front door. From the home’s front-facing window, Tommy Rand’s hand-constructed spiral staircase provides a warm welcome.

Made from 630 pieces of CNC-cut plywood, the spiral staircase was assembled and glued inside Rand’s concrete home for true measurements and onsite adjustments. The staircase itself exudes playfulness and indicates a family residing inside the home’s sturdy and thick concrete facades. The combination of Norwegian Skifer stone and concrete otherwise works to balance out the staircase’s gentler wooden accents with an overarching cool and hearty tone. The concrete’s immensity feels stable, mighty, and calming while the rich, subtly stained wooden accents bring the home’s interiors to life with rustic warmth, artfulness, and changing textures. Moving through the home, glazed windows let in natural light to ricochet from the glossy, wooden cabinets, tables, and doors that sprout between cool gray, concrete panels.

Concrete homes are generally known to be more energy-efficient with proper insulation acquired either through insulating foam or other thermal insulating methods. The thick concrete equips the home with innate strength and durability, providing a solid base for proper, sustainable insulation to keep the home warm during colder months and cool during the summer season. Even when it comes to literal warmth and coolness, from every corner of this home, it seems that a looming, cooler backdrop built from concrete naturally invites the heat that comes with a wooden finish.

Designer: Tommy Rand

This pet-friendly sofa’s two-tiered design means everyone has a place to rest!

Just like their owners, pets need space. A dog bed to call their own, a cat tower they can easily climb up and down, or a corner of the living room no human can reach. And when it comes to time spent together, it’s important for our human spaces, like sofas and big beds, to be accessible for our animal companions. To create a sofa for both pets and their owners, Hyun Jin Oh designed CoZY, an adjustable, two-tiered couch that meets both pets and their humans right where they are.

When it comes to pet furniture, during the construction phases, functionality sometimes outweighs style, but Hyun Jin Oh found a sweet compromise with CoZY. The sofa’s stripped-down frame is made from stainless steel, evoking an industrial-chic personality, and utilizes the tension of four bold, bright red straps of leather that wrap around the steel bars of CoZY’s armrest and base, two along the rear and one on both sides of CoZY. Hyun Jin Oh’s sofa was designed specifically to create a space that’s accessible for older and smaller dogs to take a breather. Since we typically rest on sofas, dogs naturally follow suit, but sometimes the sofa requires too high of a leap for a smaller or older dog to manage all on its own. In order to encourage dogs to join their human on the couch, Hyun Jin Oh’s CoZY design utilizes a pull-out wooden board that slides easily along the sofa’s X-axis.

Once the sofa’s wooden board is fully extended, a quarter of CoZY’s cushioned area lowers down for small and old dogs to easily hop onto and rest beside their owners. On the days, your dog would rather be alone, simply slide the wooden board back into place to return to CoZY’s original form. Even for the dog owners who typically don’t allow their animal companions to rest on human furniture due to the hassle that sometimes follows – stains from dirty paws, leftover clumps of fur from shedding, or maybe you just wanna spread your legs some – CoZY provides owners with plenty of legroom and separate sofa space, and also an already defined space for pets to relax without worry, so you can too.

Designer: Hyun Jin Oh

These two family homes are connected by trees in the concrete alleys of Cipulir, South Jakarta

Flowering above the terracotta and metallic roofs of Cipulir, South Jakarta, two trees emerge from concrete. On a 70-m2 plot of land, wedged between the bustling pedestrians and motorcyclists, DELUTION, an Indonesian architecture, and interior design firm, finished work on their latest architectural undertaking, two adjacent, private family homes called, ‘The Twins.’

Constructed overtime in three separate phases, the designers behind The Twins call it a ‘growing home.’ Built to accommodate four people or two small families, the layout for the two homes was inspired by exactly that – family. Two bedrooms, one bathroom, and both a kitchen and joint dining area fill the interior of one family home, while its next-door ‘twin’ neighbor consists of a living area, one bedroom, along with an additional bathroom. While each couple and the children of both families have their own private bedrooms and bathrooms, the two homes are connected by glass doors that lead to a stone walkway used to separate the homes.
Both of the two houses that comprise The Twins are accessible to the two families that call them home. Glossy, sliding glass doors open up to make an even larger living space for both families to relax in and enjoy. Both ends of the stone walkway open up to tiny courtyards where homeowners can relax and unwind with a book or morning coffee.

Just by looking up while moving through the home’s walkway, DELUTION’s clients can enjoy green canopies of two trees that reinterpret what spires could look like. The two trees protrude from The Twins’ distinct roofs like landmarks for the home’s residences or a modern-day designer’s take on a family crest. Accessible only on foot or motorcycle, I can imagine flying overhead in an airplane and being able to identity The Twins just by noticing those two trees – there’s home.

Designer: DELUTION