This Skinny Home In New Delhi Is Brought To Life By A Colorful Mural Spanning Multiple Floors

Designed by Spaces Architects@KA, this tall and narrow home in the streets of New Delhi, India has a unique and mesmerizing element to it. The home includes a large wall mural. This beautiful mural is the focal point of the home, and it covers multiple floors. Spanning through various stories, the mural occupies a significant space in the house, letting the work of art be beautifully integrated with the living space, while also holding a powerful place of its own.

Designer: Spaces Architects@KA

The colorful mural includes a tree with leaves, flowers, and birds. The home is adorned with interior walkways which offer unobstructed and clear views of the mural. Visitors can peacefully admire and gaze at the work of art. The delightful mural adds color and spark to an otherwise pretty neutral home, with a skylight offering natural lighting to the entire area. With the natural light falling artfully and gently on the mural, it creates an interesting effect, adding an other-worldly appeal to the home.

As you walk around the rest of the home, you are welcomed by a comfy space that is designed for a family of five. This spacious home has been tucked away inside a small and narrow site that measures 19 feet by 59 feet. The ground floor of the home can be used to host formal engagements as it includes a lounge, bar, and dining. The wall is lined by a sculptural wood bench, with the dining area softly transitioning into the lounge and bar space. The home also includes a formal living room.

The first floor of the home accommodates a bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, a kitchen, and a puja space for daily prayers and reflection. This floor was designed to meet the needs of the homeowner’s father. The bedroom is accentuated with gold accents, much like the bathroom. The bedroom also includes an artistic section of the wall. Patterned floor tiles and wallpaper mark the puja room. Cut-outs have been dispersed throughout the home to offer cross ventilation, which allows fresh air to breeze through the home quite naturally. The skylight besides offering access to sunlight, also cuts down the dependency on artificial lighting during the daytime.


The second floor of the home is designed for the two daughters. The bedrooms are a direct reflection of their personalities, aspirations, and requirements, paving the way for some individuality inside a collective family home. The third floor is for the homeowners, and this space includes a bedroom, an en-suite bathroom, and a study with a window seat.

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iRobot Roomba Combo Essential Robot Vacuum and Mop is the Budget Combo You Need

What it is

The Roomba Combo Essential is a robot vacuum and mop that offers a 4-stage cleaning system to clean hard floors in one sweep. It features a V-shaped multi-surface brush, an Edge-Sweeping Brush, and a pump-fed microfiber mop pad. With 18 times more suction power than its predecessors, it provides customizable cleaning with three power levels, allowing users to choose between a quieter cleaning mode or a more powerful vacuum. The battery can last up to 120 minutes, and it can automatically return to its charging station to recharge. It is available for $274.99 (currently on sale for $219.99).

Who it’s targeted at

The Roomba Combo Essential is designed for individuals seeking a convenient and affordable solution for automated floor cleaning. In short, until recently combo vacuum and mops were very expensive.

Similar products

Similar products in the market include other robot vacuums with mopping capabilities, such as the iRobot Roomba Combo i5+ and the Roomba Combo j9+ (though those are more expensive). These offer similar cleaning systems with additional features like automatic dirt disposal, smart mapping, and more advanced controls through the iRobot mobile app.

Things to consider

  • Cleaning efficiency: Consider your cleaning needs and whether the Roomba Combo Essential’s combination of vacuuming and mopping will meet them.
  • Navigation and mapping: The robot’s ability to navigate around obstacles and under furniture can vary. Ensure it meets your home’s requirements.
  • Battery life: With 120 minutes of battery life, the robot should suit most households, but larger spaces might need additional recharges.
  • Control options: The iRobot Home app allows you to control the robot and schedule cleaning sessions, while voice commands with Amazon Alexa, Siri, or Google Assistant add convenience.
  • Price: The Roomba Combo Essential is priced competitively, but compare it with other models to ensure it meets your needs and budget.

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Fellow Aiden Precision Coffee Maker: Preorder

What is the Fellow Aiden Precision Coffee Maker?

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The Fellow Aiden Precision Coffee Maker is a state-of-the-art brewing system designed to bridge the gap between manual pour-over and traditional drip coffee makers. It offers an unparalleled level of precision and customization, allowing users to emulate the pour-over method with the convenience of an automatic brewer. This machine caters to those who cherish the quality of a carefully crafted cup of coffee but desire the ease of a push-button operation.

Who is it targeted at?

This coffee maker is ideal for coffee enthusiasts who appreciate the nuances of gourmet coffee but might not always have the time to engage in the manual brewing process. It’s also perfect for households with diverse taste preferences, as it allows for customizable brewing settings that can be saved and replicated with ease. The ability to adjust variables like water temperature, flow rate, and bloom time caters to both beginners wanting to explore different coffee flavors and aficionados seeking precision and control.

Similar Products

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In the realm of high-end coffee makers that aim to replicate the pour-over experience, the Fellow Aiden competes with devices like the Ratio Six and the Breville Precision Brewer. These machines also emphasize precise temperature control, customizable brewing options, and sleek designs to appeal to serious coffee drinkers who value both aesthetics and functionality.

Things to Consider

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When considering the Fellow Aiden, potential buyers should evaluate:

  • Customization and Convenience: The Aiden offers detailed customization options that affect the taste and quality of the brew. Its app integration allows for adjustments and the scheduling of brews, adding a layer of convenience for busy users.
  • Design and Aesthetics: The Aiden boasts a minimalist design that is not only visually appealing but also designed to fit comfortably under most kitchen cabinets, making it a practical addition to small and large kitchens alike.
  • Price Point: Positioned at a premium price, the Aiden is an investment in your coffee routine. Potential buyers should consider if the features provided justify the cost relative to their usage and expectations.
  • Educational Resources: For beginners, the Aiden offers built-in brewing guidance and the opportunity to explore different brewing profiles, which can be a great way to learn more about coffee brewing techniques and flavors.

The Fellow Aiden Precision Coffee Maker elevates the standard of home-brewed coffee by providing an automated solution that does not compromise on the quality of the brew. Its precise control over brewing variables ensures that each cup can be tailored to individual preferences, making it a notable option for anyone looking to upgrade their coffee experience at home.

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10 Best Home Decor Accents To Add Some Japanese Minimalism + Elegance To Your Living Space

When we’re doing up our home, we always focus on the furniture we place in it or on the interior decor style we prefer, but focusing on home decor accents is equally important. These little decorative items can truly uplift the aesthetic appeal of a space, adding a personalized touch that will resonate with you and your visitors. A well-selected set of home decor accents can truly set the perfect tone for your home, and if they’re minimal and super-functional, well they tick all the boxes then! We’ve put together a collection of functional, nifty and visually pleasing home decor accents that you need to check out!

1. Pop-Up Book Vase

This enchanting pop-up book vase holds and presents your flowers in a manner that is truly fairy tale-ish! You can open the cover to reveal a 3D cutout of the vase, which is designed to showcase the colorful beauty of your precious floral arrangement. You can flip a page to unveil another graceful vase design, allowing you to have a fresh presentation when you feel like it.

Click Here to Buy Now: $39.00

Why is it noteworthy?

You can even turn the book upside down, to get another pretty view from a different perspective. This pop-up book vase is a simple yet creative way to make your flowers stand out, and truly pop. You can start your flowery adventure with this clever pop-up book vase.

What we like

  • It features three unique and graceful pop-up vase designs
  • Crafted from 100% natural pulp with water-resistant coating

What we dislike

  • Looks a bit difficult to clean and maintain, no clear instructions on how to do so

2. Battery-free aroma Diffuser

Dubbed the battery-free aroma diffuser, this little product is an excellent option to bring some fragrant and fresh air into your home. You can take deep breaths and relax without causing any harm to the environment. The diffuser harnesses the power of a single candle by using simple physics and science.

Click Here to Buy Now: $249

Why is it noteworthy?

This unique diffuser is battery-free, and you don’t need any external power sources to operate. It only relies on the heat of a single candle, spreading relaxing and calming aromatic scents through your house. The diffuser is also made from sustainable materials, lending it an eco-friendly ethos.

What we like

  • The diffuser is crafted from recyclable materials
  • It is compatible with different kinds of essential oils

What we dislike

  • Since the diffuser doesn’t have electric controls, it can be tough to adjust the intensity of the aroma

3. CD Jacket Player

Relive your favorite musical moments with CDs, while also appreciating their accompanying album art no matter where you may be with this CD Jacket Player. The CD Jacket Player not only accommodates classic audio CDs but also uplifts their aesthetic appeal by merging with their jackets.

Click Here to Buy Now: $159

Why is it noteworthy?

This CD Jacket Player not only boasts the CD jacket art but can also be mounted on your wall functioning as a minimal and decorative element in your home. The jacket player lets you display your favorite album art, while also elevating the visual appeal of your living space.

What we like

  • The CD Jacket Player is designed to add some style and personality to your living space

What we dislike

  • Digital music streaming reigns supreme nowadays, so a CD player is a limiting product

4. Bookish Bookmark

Named the Bookish Bookmark, this little product lets you enjoy a hands-free reading session while letting you keep your book open without having to employ any awkward workarounds. You don’t need to put down the book with something ugly and heavy.

Click Here to Buy Now: $65

Why is it noteworthy?

The Bookish Bookmark is great for those who want to showcase their favorite books as an element in their home. Equipped with a clean transparent design, it keeps your book open while adding a visually interesting element to your desk or bookshelf.

What we like

  • The Bookish Bookmark lets you display your favorite book in a neat and aesthetic manner

What we dislike

  • It might be too large for small books, and disliked by those who prefer discreet bookmarks

5. Moon Rock Clock

You can now bring your love of outer space and the Moon to your home with the Moon Rock Clock! This simple yet striking clock lets you live your space travel fantasies, within the comfort of your own home. It is made from specially polished stainless steel and features a circular shape while capturing the mystique of the moon with numbers that artfully float around the edges.

Click Here to Buy Now: $325

Why is it noteworthy?

The numbers seem to wane and wax around just like the moon. As you take a glimpse of the clock, it gives you a subtle reminder to live life with a spirit of adventure, just like the rocket ship that makes its way around the moon. The minimalist clock with its moon travel-inspired ethos is a reminder to follow your dreams.

What we like

  • The printed numbers seem to float and vanish around the moon

What we dislike

  • It is a big and bulky design and will occupy substantial space on your desk or table

6. Invisible Shoehorn

Meet the Invisible Shoehorn, a nifty product designed to save your back and socks, as it will harmoniously disappear into the background when it isn’t being used. The Shoehorn features a long stainless steel body which prevents any kind of snags and tears in the stockings and shoes.

Click Here to Buy Now: $299

Why is it noteworthy?

The Invisible Shoehorn is super unique as it artfully disappears into the background when it is not in use. It features a transparent stand and makes for an attractive and intriguing decorative element for your home. The shoehorn has a practical utility and decorative appeal.

What we like

  • Seamlessly merges with the background of your home when it isn’t being used
  • It is a functional product with aesthetic appeal as well

What we dislike

  • Not very economically priced

7. The Miniature Bonfire Wood Diffuser Set

This tiny relaxation-inducing product is called the Miniature Bonfire Wood Diffuser Set, and it lets you enjoy an outdoor fire within the comfort of your own home. This little set captures the various scents, smells and joy of a lovely outdoor fire, without any of the issues of a massive outdoor fire.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99

Why is it noteworthy?

The mini hardwood used for the diffuser is collected from branches that were intended to be discarded away. They give off a warm smoky smell when burnt on the stainless steel mini oven, giving off a comforting aroma. You can add a few drops of the essential oils extracted from Mt.Hakusan trees, and an authentic outdoor scent will spread through your home.

What we like

  • The diffuser can be used as a cooking or heating stool as well, by adding a piece of solid wood, making it a multifunctional design

What we dislike

  • Requires small pieces of wood

8. Jewelvase Mirror Stand

Called the Jewelvase Mirror Stand, this lovely mirror is designed to also function as an accessory stand or vase. You can not only look at your face in it, but it also elevates anything that is placed on it. The simple and elegant design adds character to your dresser, while also providing essential functionality.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59

Why is it noteworthy?

The Jewelvase Mirror Stand has dual functionality which allows it to function as a mirror and a vase/accessory stand. Made using bioplastic material, which includes rice husks, the mirror stand has an elegant decorative quality to it. It serves as a stylish yet functional home decor accent!

What we like

  • Uplifts any dresser, table, desk, or furniture piece it is positioned on

What we dislike

  • Since it is a dual-functional product, the effectiveness of either role could be hindered

9. Retro Candle Lamp

Dubbed the Retro Candle Lamp, this vintage-inspired lamp will make a lovely addition to your bedside table or desk. It emits a soft subtle light, while also holding your scented candles. The scented candles in the lamp help spread a relaxing and sweet scent in your room.

Why is it noteworthy?

The warmth of the lamp helps activate the fragrance molecules in the candle, which lets out a pleasant and lovely smell, without even lighting it. This cuts out the danger of having an open flame near our bed or on your desk.

What we like

  • The handle on top lets you control and move around the lamp without touching any of the hot parts

What we dislike

  • Not a great option for those who like watching an open flame flickering

10. Key Holder Wakka

Always put your keys in the right place with the Key Holder Wakka! This nifty little product features a stylish key ring and a lovely wooden base which merge to form a functional and aesthetic home accent that stores your key efficiently and well.

Click Here to Buy Now: $45

Why is it noteworthy?

The keyholder utilizes a powerful neodymium magnet that keeps the keyring in place, and a brisk tapping sound is created at separation. You can pick between iron, brass, or stainless steel in material choices with Silver/Maple and Silver/Walnut options which contribute to its decorative qualities.

What we like

  • Transforms the simple act of putting your key into something fun and interactive

What we dislike

  • It features a neodymium magnet which cannot hold heavy sets of keys well

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Top 10 Home Fragrance Solutions You Need For A Pleasant + Fresh Smelling Living Space

Modern homes require modern fragrance solutions. We all like a pleasant and fresh-smelling home, with aromatic fragrances drifting around. But sometimes pesky odors do crawl into our homes, and despite our best efforts we can’t always be vigilant about them, and nip them in the bud. This is where innovative and functional fragrance solutions are needed to do what you are unable to do. These handy little designs range from relaxing aroma diffusers to eco-friendly air purifiers – they ensure that there is always fresh air in your home, and nasty odours are eliminated from a mile away. From a natural air purifier that uses a miniature forest to clean your home environment to a bedside lamp integrated with a scented candle – these are the ingenious home fragrance solutions you need for your precious living space.

1. Briiv Pro

The Briiv Pro is an eco-friendly purifier that harnesses nature and technology to cleanse the air in your home. The Briiv first made a debut in 2020, and the new and improved Briiv Pro is more powerful than ever. It is a ‘mini forest’ that can purify a 16 sq.m room in 21 minutes. This makes the Briiv Pro around 6900% more effective than house plants!

Why is it noteworthy?

The Briiv Pro is 6900% more effective than house plants, which is truly commendable for a purifier of its size. Besides being a boon for the air in your home, it is also quite good-looking, unlike the ugly boxy appliances that are called air purifiers these days.

What we like

  • It is equipped with an AI-based sensor
  • It has a whisper-soft noise level
  • It works using a layered trifecta of coconut fiber, moss, and a silk nanofiber matrix with activated carbon

What we dislike

  • It doesn’t have any air quality indicators
  • Only available in one base color, there aren’t any options to choose from

2. Battery-Free Aroma Diffuser

This battery-free aroma diffuser is another great alternative to have some fresh and fragrant air in your home. It lets you take a deep relaxing breath, without harming the environment in any way. The battery-free diffuser harnesses the power of a single candle through the simple use of physics and science, to spread pleasant-smelling air in your home.

Click Here to Buy Now: $249

Why is it noteworthy?

The diffuser is a battery-free product. It doesn’t need any external power sources to operate, it relies solely on the heat of a single candle to spread relaxing aromatic scents throughout your home. The diffuser is built from sustainable materials and has a minimalist and eco-friendly ethos.

What we like

  • Made using recyclable materials
  • Compatible with different kinds of essential oils

What we dislike

  • It can be difficult to adjust the intensity of the aroma since the diffuser doesn’t have electric controls

3. Japanese Lantern Candle

Another way to spread some aromatic scents through your home, and eliminate bad odors is by using this stunning Japanese lantern candle. Designed to look like a traditional Japanese ‘chouchin’ lantern, the candle has a pillow-inspired shape, and is a fantastic fit for your bedroom or bathroom, allowing you to also indulge in some pampering.

Click Here to Buy Now: $69

Why is it noteworthy?

The quaint Japanese lantern candle gives a contemporary take on an iconic Japanese design. It emits a relaxing glow and spreads a pleasant aroma, which also showcases a minimalist design that merges perfectly with any modern living space. Handcrafted by artisans in Kurashiki, Japan, the candle is a specimen of meticulous Japanese craftsmanship.

What we like

  • Since the wax is non-melting, you get an amazing clarity on the candle

What we dislike

  • The candle is a fire hazard and must be used with caution around children and pets

4. Retro Candle Lamp

This little vintage-inspired lamp is called the Retro Candle Lamp, and it will make a fitting addition to your bedside table. Besides doing the obvious job of lighting up your room with a soft subtle light, the candle lamp is also equipped with an empty platform to hold scented candles. By adding scented candles to the lamp, you can spread a sweet scent around your room.

Why is it noteworthy?

The warmth from the lamp activates the fragrance molecules in the candle, and it emits a pleasant smell, without you even lighting it! This eliminates the risk of having an open flame right near your bed. It is a safe design, that also successfully deals with any odour issues you may have at home.

What we like

  • The light of the lamp can be dimmed at your convenience
  • The lamp features a handle on the top, which lets you rotate, carry, and position the lamp without touching any parts that may have gotten too hot

What we dislike

  • Not a great option for those who like watching an open flame flickering

5. The Miniature Bonfire Wood Diffuser Set

Coined the Miniature Bonfire Wood Diffuser Set, this little relaxation-inducing design recreates the smell and the experience of a mesmerizing outdoor fire. It captures the smells, scent, earth, and joy of a memorable outdoor fire within the comfort of your own home, without any of the dangers of a large outdoor fire.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99

Why is it noteworthy?

The mini hardwood used for the diffuser is collected from branches that were intended to be discarded away. They give off a warm smoky smell when burnt on the stainless steel mini oven, giving off a comforting aroma. You can add a few drops of the essential oils extracted from Mt.Hakusan trees, and an authentic outdoor scent will spread through your home.

What we like

  • The diffuser can be used as a cooking or heating stool as well, by adding a piece of solid wood, making it a multifunctional design

What we dislike

  • Requires small pieces of wood.

6. Olfactive Stéréophonique

Called the Olfactive Stéréophonique, this unique device is a scent diffuser in the shape of a speaker. The device mimics the shape of a horn speaker, but doesn’t emit melodies, instead, it spreads some lovely scents in your home. Inspired by the shape of an antique speaker, it will fill up the room with a fragrance-like sound.

Why is it noteworthy?

The fragrance diffuser emits the smell uniformly and efficiently, unlike the usual front or upward aroma-blasting diffusers that we see on the market. For this concept, the designers borrowed theories from high-efficiency sound wave guides, creating a unique diffuser.

What we like

Equipped with a package of 10 capsules – recreating the aroma of nostalgic incense “used in Hindu and Buddhist temples and the unique smell of ancient wooden structures

What we dislike

  • High price for a diffuser, may not sit right with everyone

7. Stress-Free Aroma Diffuser

Meet the Stress-free Aroma Diffuser, a nifty little design that lets you sit back and relax while breathing in a gaming mix of aromatic blends that have been specifically picked to soothe your mind, and help you unwind. Besides spreading pleasant aromas through your home, it is also designed to help you de-stress.

Click Here to Buy Now: $149

Why is it noteworthy?

The diffuser creates its gentle breeze, allowing the aroma to softly and evenly disperse wherever you’re sitting, with a porcelain filter soaking up the oil to provide a long-lasting experience.

What we like

  • Besides functioning as an aroma diffuser, it also serves as an elegant decoration piece

What we dislike

  • The diffuser seems easily breakable, it must be handled with caution and care

8. Statement Floral Bud Vase

The best way to add some sweet-smelling fragrances to your home is by introducing some flowers. And this pretty little metal flower vase seems like a striking fit to hold your favorite floral arrangement. The Statement Floral Bud Vase will showcase the natural beauty of a flower and its stem while letting the natural fragrance of the flower spread through your home.

Click Here to Buy Now: $35

Why is it noteworthy?

The minimal and stylish flower case is designed to seamlessly merge with all kinds of interior spaces. It is also carefully weight to prevent it from topping over, and it is specially designed to fully display the flower, and all complete focus on it.

What we like

  • The vase is available in silver and pink gold, giving you two elegant options to choose from
  • Highlights and showcases the natural beauty of the flower, without stealing away any attention

What we dislike

  • The size of the vase is quite compact, so it can’t hold too many flowers and isn’t the best fit for larger flowers
  • It can get easily knocked over since it is quite small

9. Aroma Fragrance Pin

Another way to guarantee sweet-smelling surroundings at all times is to carry a little pin on your body! Called the Aroma Fragrance pin – this little pin is a tiny holder that can hold a little cotton dabbed with your favorite essential oil. You now have a strong yet subtle fragrance enveloping you through the day, no matter where you go. It leaves a pleasant smell wherever you are in your home!

Click Here to Buy Now: $49

Why is it noteworthy?

The pin creates an individual fragrance bubble for you, that follows you everywhere. You can easily top it up, once the smell starts to fade away. The pin is a useful option for people with sensitive noises who may get affected by the aerosol particles in typical perfumes.

What we like

  • The pin resembles a fashionable button-style accessory and is available in a variety of colors to choose from

What we dislike

  • The quality of the aromatic oil you use will determine how long the aroma lasts, so you may need to partake in some trial and error till you find the perfect fit

10. Ploud

Ploud is a versatile little hanger that will never let you pull out another crumply or smell shirt from your wardrobe. It allows you to hang your clothes in two different ways – either you hang them traditionally, or you fasten them. Also interestingly, the hanger’s arms clip off in the middle, offering space to stick in a fragrance of your choice, and then close it back up.

Why is it noteworthy?

The hanger comes along with an interchangeable scent stick that you can replace whenever you like. Ploud ensures your clothes smell fresh and clean, without that pesky detergent odor. It will leave your clothes fragrant at all times, and might even leave a pleasant residual fragrance in your cupboard.

What we like

  • Provides versatility, and keeps your clothes nice-smelling

What we dislike

  • It’s a concept, so we are unsure how practical or functional it will be as a tangible product

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The Zen House Is A Cozy Tiny Home On Concrete Stilts Designed To Support Slow + Serene Living

Everyone loves a well-designed and cozy tiny home, but what about a tiny home on stilts? It just builds up and magnifies the beauty and magic of a tiny home by 10x. Designed by Prague-based architecture firm Jan Tyrpekl, the Zen House is their latest tiny home design, a quaint little retreat supported by concrete pillars. The home occupies 30 square meters, and it is placed against the serene landscape of Hainburg an der Donau, Austria. The Zen House is designed to be a peaceful haven for the residents, a space they can unwind in, and get away from the hustle and bustle of hectic city life.

Designer: Jan Tyrpekl

It was built to help residents reconnect with nature, allowing them to immerse in the green surroundings and become one with nature itself. The home is raised four meters above the ground using a series of concrete pillars, this makes space for the lush green landscape to flow below, building a harmonious connection with the natural land. Sustainable materials were used to construct the home, imparting it with a beautiful natural aesthetic, and durability.

The home features a timber frame constructed from glued laminated spruce timbers. The roof was built using solid wooden CLT panels, while the lower structure and terrace were crafted using glued laminated larch timbers. The main living area of the home brings to mind the image of a bird’s nest, it functions as a secure, safe, and intimate space where residents can relax and recuperate. The home is encased by glass walls, offering stunning views of the trees and orchards. The interior space is large and open-plan and accentuated with polished timber floors, an open fireplace, and a comfy master bed with a concealed compact bar/kitchenette. The terrace can be accessed via a timber staircase, which also functions as the main access point of the dwelling.

What is inconvenient is that the home does not feature cooking or bathroom facilities, but there are design plans that include amenities for a sauna, toilet, and shower, which can be constructed below the central hub of the home, nestled amidst the pillars.

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The Diamond ADU Is A Cedar-Clad Home Inspired By Farm Buildings

Designed by American studio Schwartz and Architecture, this appealing cedar-clad ADU is part of a family estate in Sonoma, which is a historic town nestled in Northern California’s winemaking region. The home is intended to function as “a jumping-off point for a modern wine country design”. The entire property includes a main house, as well as multiple other buildings, each of them pulling in the attention of the onlookers. The ADU is designed to be demure from certain angles, and extremely lively from others.

Designer: Schwartz and Architecture

While designing the ADU, the architects were inspired by the farm structures found in Sonoma Valley, quite a few of which have a dilapidated appearance. “Their original, steeply sloped roofs are now drooping into low-slung structures, peeling apart, allowing in unexpected puddles of natural light, and revealing fragments of their interior framing to the outside elements,” said the team.

The inspiration from the farm structure led the architectural team to build a 1200-square-foot dwelling that includes two volumes consisting of a foyer and a sheltered patio. One of the volumes is shaped like a square, and it includes an open-plan communal space. While the other volume accommodates a bed and a bathroom. The exterior walls have been clad in an Alaskan yellow cedar with a unique weathered finish. The entire structure is built using mostly wood, with a couple of steel beams.

As you enter the ADU, you are welcomed by bright rooms, a neutral color palette, and warm earthly materials that make you feel at home. The flooring and kitchen cabinetry are built using European white oak, while the kitchen countertops are quartzite. The island is clad in the same cedar used in the exterior facades. A section of the roof has been sliced apart to create a linear skylight that spans the area between the public space to the bathroom.

“Neither an unconsidered ‘modern farmhouse’ nor the literal ruins of a de-constructing rural barn, we hope this modern country home feels alive – complete but always in process,” said the team.

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This Concrete Home In A Canadian Hayfield Is A Modern Architectural Marvel

Canadian designer Omer Arbel recently unveiled his latest project – a beautiful family home in a lush green hayfield in the Canadian Pacific Northwest. Named 75.9, the home is built using concrete, intricately and interestingly, featuring monumental trumpet-shaped columns. When it comes to creating structures, Arbel prefers to release control and allows the materials to take over, and naturally create the form, resulting in a mesmerizing interplay of materials and contemporary architecture.

Designer: Omer Arbel

“For 15 years, we’ve developed a method of working with materials at the scale of an object,” said Arbel. “This is the first project where we’ve had the opportunity to apply that same methodology at the scale of architecture.”  The home is constructed by pouring concrete inside the columns. The columns are fabric formed with radiating ribs. A structure like this had never been constructed, hence the client only allowed Arbel to complete the entire home around the foundation, once the first column had been successfully installed.

The impressive concrete columns are the major elements of the home and lead to the creation of large and spacious interiors. The living room of the home has been segregated into four double-height volumes that are built using glass and cedar wood. This forms the living room, timber-framed bedrooms, an open-plan kitchen with a dining area, and modern bathrooms. The polished concrete flooring and pillars contrast against the timber furnishings and fixtures, providing a sense of warmth and comfort to the various interior spaces. Pendant lights from Bocci, the lighting company co-founded by Arbel, light up the spaces, illuminating them with subdued elegance.

The interiors are interspersed with large windows that allow natural light to flow in through the entirety of the day. Folding glass windows line one of the walls edging the dining zone, and it can be slid entirely to the side, allowing the space to open up to an adjoining timber outdoor terrace. A landscaped roof tops the home, and it is adorned with Magnolia trees that grow from the hollow tops of columns, allowing the home to effortlessly merge with its natural setting. “The hay field is treated as if it were a carpet, draped over the volumes of the residence in a series of berms, allowing the entire building roof to be traversed from the exterior,” Arbel concludes.

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The Konga Off-Grid Tiny Home Features A Well-Designed Kitchen Made With Offcuts

Lithuanian kitchen maker Konga used the hefty supply of offcuts they had to create their own line of prefabricated tiny houses. They used the surplus material to build a good-looking and minimal non-towable home that can run both on or off-grid. The dwelling has a pretty low starting price point of US$59,000. The home isn’t built entirely from offcuts, but they have been used in the construction of the tiny home’s kitchen.

Designer: Konga

The tiny home is designed by the Danish architect Mette Fredskild, and it is finished in charred wood, giving it a rather unique and appealing look, while also providing protection against insects. It also helps to preserve the home, while accentuating its distinctive appearance. Generous glazing has been applied to the home, and most of it is operable. It is a well-insulated home that can deal with the cold weather and snow loads quite efficiently.

The interiors are well-designed and inviting. They measure 28 square meters, which is covered entirely on one floor, and feature a shared open-plan living space. The walls of the home have been clad in wooden oak veneer panels and teamed up with oak flooring. The cabin is filled with natural light, owing to the generous amount of glazing.

The kitchen is amped with a lot of features and amenities. It showcases a fridge, sink, and propane-powered gas stove, with loads of cabinetry and shelving. There is also a living room area with a sofa, a small dining table, as well a wood-burning stove to provide warmth. Two bedrooms have been positioned on either side of the kitchen. One of the bedrooms can be transformed into a home office, with sliding doors being installed to offer some privacy if need be. Both the toilet and the bathroom with shower are located in different rooms. The home also accommodates a small utility room, as well as a couple of storage nooks that have been nestled away throughout the house.

The cabin runs from an RV-style grid hookup, but buyers can opt for an optional rooftop solar panel setup and rainwater collection system. The wood-burning stove can be connected to a hot water system as well. The tiny home features a freezing toilet, instead of a composting toilet, and it basically freezes waste, ensuring the space stays odorless.

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Snøhetta Designs A Suspended Off-Grid Treetop House With A Serene Connection To Nature In Norway

Designed by Norwegian architectural firm Snøhetta in collaboration with engineer Tor Helge Dokka, this off-grid three-bedroom family home in Kongsberg, Norway is called House Dokka. It occupies 2045 square meters and is inspired by treehouse architecture. The home was created to share a serene connection with nature, allowing both to embrace one another. The house is also called Column House, and it was awarded the Architecture Prize for 2023 by the Kongsberg municipality.

Designer: Snøhetta x Tor Helge Dokka

The quaint House Dokka is deftly suspended over the stunning Norwegian landscape, as it is perched on large wooden columns, that have been firmly grounded into the rock, to minimize any kind of interference or disturbance to the surrounding environment. House Dokka was built using locally produced cross-laminated timber, and glue-laminated timber. Both the timbers ensure that the home can be easily deconstructed with minimal climate costs, whenever the life cycle of the home comes to an end. No nails were used in the construction of the home, which allows the materials to be easily sorted and recycled in the future.

Snøhetta’s goal of sustainability for the home is seen throughout the structure in the form of the large photovoltaic panels on the roof, superior insulation as well as a waterborne heat system that is linked to the ground via a source heart pump. In turn, the home produces more energy than it consumes in less than a decade! Besides generating energy for the house itself, energy is also generated for charging the family’s electric car, almost 75% of it.

The home has an eye-catching and appealing exterior which is accentuated by the black-stained timber paneling that clads it. The interiors of the home feature warm timber paneling and polished concrete flooring, which are paired up with massive black-framed windows that provide access to stunning views. The home contains two levels, with the upper floor housing an open-plan living and dining area, kitchen, master bedroom, hidden bathroom, and a timber outdoor terrace. The lower level accommodates two more bedrooms, as well as a home office, guest suite, lounge, laundry space, and a central shared bathroom.

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