Hobbit Hole Inspired Children’s Playhouse

Hobbit Holes: everybody wants to live in one. That, or an Ewok village treehouse. And while building your own Hobbit hole home might be out of the question right now on account of adult responsibilities, maybe you can live vicariously through your children with this $1,000 Discovery Nature Play Hideaway from Plum. I can already imagine myself trying to contort my body into it when I think the neighbors aren’t looking.

Not to be confused with these previously seen Hobbit Holes, the playhouse measures 78″ long, 51″ wide, and x 49″ tall when assembled, and has it all: a fabric door covering, wooden letterbox, a curved roof with artificial turf (and liner for adding real turf), screen window that can be painted, a functional bamboo gutter system and planter, exterior arts & crafts/prep table, and bamboo wind chime, making the whole thing significantly nicer than my apartment.

Pretty cool, right? Unfortunately, like so many things designed for children, it’s a shame they don’t make an adult-size version as well. I mean this thing is legitimately Hobbit-sized. Because Hobbits are small. Smurfs too, but they’re even smaller. This would be like a mansion to Smurfs, but a lot of lower back pain and a trip to the chiropractor for me.

[via TheGreenHead]

Man Watches Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ on Game Boy Advance

To spite Christopher Nolan for wanting people to visit movie theaters in the middle of a global pandemic to watch his movie Tenet, YouTuber WULFF DEN managed to put the movie on five Game Boy Advance cartridges so he could watch it the way it absolutely was not meant to be: super pixelated and at four frames/second. I can already feel my eyes drying up like raisins.

According to WULFF, “This movie was intended to be seen on the big screen. So let’s put it on a really tiny Game Boy Advance screen and blow those pixels up so we can barely see anything :D! This is quite possibly the worst way to watch Tenet and still be able to see what’s going on.”

I actually can think of worse ways to watch Tenet and still see what’s going on, but they do all involve me watching the movie from jail, and I ain’t going back to jail just to prove my point.

[via BoingBoing]

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A YouTuber crammed ‘Tenet’ onto Game Boy Advance cartridges out of spite

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