Topographic 3D objects make use of ocean plastic waste

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Details

Charles Birshaw is slowly becoming known for his impressive designs. He has a knack for coming up with new creations transformed from waste into desirable art. They don’t just appear as art but also with unique functions.

The last pair we featured was the modular mule that can be transformed into a clog. Again, the Modular Mule explores the boundaries of design. This time around, the designer introduces two new products: a coffee table and a 3D art decor.

Designer: Charles Birshaw

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Details

The Topographic Coffee Table is made of ocean plastic. It is another product of material innovation and the designer’s desire to explore boundaries of design. The latest collection from Birshaw is the ‘Topopgraphics Objects’ series made from ocean plastic.

The London-based industrial designer aims to make lifestyle products that are more environment-friendly. Birshaw said, “The project stemmed from my current notion and thought process of seamlessly integrating materials that we particularly need to find a use for into lifestyle products. As opposed to the traditional design strategy to use less of a substance we need to avoid entirely.”

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Concept

For the Topographic Coffee Table, the designer used Topographic maps as inspiration and basis for his art. Topographic models have been made to serve as a base for a table. It’s like having a diorama of a mountain or a place and having them displayed in the living room.

Another 3D model is also available, but it’s more of a wall-hung piece of the famous Mount Fuji. This one is also made of ocean plastic but now with a marble effect. The coffee table also has a similar effect, but you can’t really appreciate it up close.

Charles Birshaw Topographic 3D Art 6

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Sample

Two versions of the coffee tables are imagined and made. One table uses compression molded ocean plastic while the other takes advantage of the cast-ground plastic mixture. These products result from waste plastic separated according to colors and then melted to mold and create blocks. The blocks are then used to make the topographic models using a CNC milling machine. The final product is then enclosed or covered in glass.

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Renders

The designer Charles Birshaw continues to experiment with this topographic 3D art. The Mount Fuji wall hung shows us how recycled ocean plastic can be transformed into something beautiful. The 3D art wall art and coffee table can be considered functional sculptures because of their form and function. One serves as a beautiful and one-of-a-kind decor. The table is a furniture piece that supports your other stuff at home and is usually placed in the middle of a living room.

Charles Birshaw Topographic 3D Art 5

Charles Birshaw Topographic 3D Art 4

Charles Birshaw Topographic 3D Art

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Recycled Plastic 2

Charles Birshaw Topographic 3D Art 3

Charles Birshaw Topographic Coffee Table Design Concept

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Cityframes puts cities you love up on your wall or on your table

For those who love to travel, the past couple of years has been pretty tough. We could only rely on photos and videos from past trips to get us through. The good news is that things have begun to open up again and it’s now time for what some have been calling “revenge travel”. So as you travel and in case you want to keep a souvenir of your favorite city at home, you can now do so with this unique frame and decoration.

Designer: Alexander Mueller

The Cityframes lets you collect your favorite cityscapes and place them on your wall to become part of your living room or bedroom decor. If you want something a bit grander, you can also have it on a special table like those you see in museums and exhibits. The designs are based on “high-quality hand-processed 3D data” which means it’s not just an interpretation of the cityscape but an actual rendering of that specific city or place.

This German start-up offers three kinds of different decoration options. You can choose to have the CITYFRAME on your wall. If you want something more compact and portable, you can choose the CITYCUBE which they describe as “compact, tiny, and so adorable” and based on the photos, it really is. The CITYWALL is a bigger and grander version of your favorite city which you can have mounted on your wall or placed on a special table in your living room or office.

What makes Cityframes even better is that they use sustainable materials to re-create these cityscapes. Materials are made from 100% biodegradable plastic created from natural corn starch. Even for their production and office facilities, they use green electricity. They try to avoid plastic in their packaging and are also particular about using carbon-neutral shipping. We always give plus points to businesses that are conscious about their products’ effects on the environment and carbon footprints.

They also said that the materials are easy to clean and are even UV resistant. It has a matte, plaster-like surface finish with visible water cutouts. For the frame, you get a solid black painted wood texture. The wall mounting brackets are already included when you purchase the frames. Currently, they have 75 areas in 50 cities from 25 countries and within 5 continents. If there are places that you’d want them to create, they can recreate it, but probably with a bit of extra cost.

The minimalist 3D design may not be to my personal taste, but I’m pretty sure a lot of people would love to have these models up on their walls. You will have to spend a bit more of course to have these beauties especially if you’re outside of Europe.

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CNC-milled porcelain vases fit together like a three-dimensional puzzle

Ceramic Bodies is a collection of four porcelain vases that fit together like a three-dimensional puzzle.

Designer Jörg Hugo studied architecture before opening his own design studio. Calling it Studio Jörg Hugo, his work largely explores “the relationship between materiality, form, and space,” as he describes on his personal website. Relying on either digital or analog design methods and production techniques, Hugo creates timeless pieces that completely reinterpret how we interact with space and material. One of his most recent projects, Ceramic Bodies, comprises a collection of four porcelain vases that almost appear to melt into each other like a three-dimensional puzzle.

Designer: Jörg Hugo

Each vase that’s included in Ceramic Bodies is deformed by design. Dotted with imprints and depressions, the deformed shape of each vase is a type of stabilizing technique called geometric optimization, which finds the most suitable configuration for an object to minimize its overall structural mass and energy. Fitting together like twin pieces, the plaster molds for each vase were CNC-milled from gypsum blocks to ensure accurate sizing and streamline the production process.

Before production, “All porcelain bodies were 3D-scanned, re-topologized and modified,” Hugo explains, “making it possible to change scale, adapt shrinking factors and optimize the stability of each porcelain body in a short period of time.” In order to ensure the vases were stabilized when they came together, Hugo altered the outer surface when necessary. While handcrafted ceramics is a timeless art, through Ceramic Bodies, Hugo found a digital way to save time while making art that looks handcrafted.

Starting with gypsum blocks, Hugo reconfigured the outer surface of each vase so that they would fit into one another. 

Hugo carefully shaped each vase so that they could form one unit. 

The vases could stand alone as an art piece or work as individual vases for flowers. 

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A Giant King Crab Sculptural Chair: Pass the Butter, Please

Because nothing says I’m the king of this sandcastle like a giant red crab chair in which to rest your beach bum, purveyor of unusual home and garden decor Design Toscano has created this Giant Red King Crab Sculptural Chair. I can already imagine myself bossing my shrimp minions around from the comfort of its molded seat.

Cast in fiberglass-reinforced resin and hand-painted one crab at a time, the 137-pound chairs measure 44″ wide, 29″ deep, 28″ tall, and cost $900 apiece. Wow, I knew king crabs were expensive, but holy smokes. Due to their cost, I’ve never actually had king crabs before. Or queen crabs, or prince or princess crabs. Only lowly peasant crabs.

So, am I going to replace every single seat in my seafood restaurant with these chairs? Absolutely, which will actually be significantly cheaper than you might expect considering I don’t own a seafood restaurant. I do love Long John Silver’s though.

[via Homecrux]

Amazon’s latest AR shopping tool fills your space with virtual furniture

Amazon’s newest AR shopping tool will let you see furniture and other home decor in your space before you buy it, TechCrunch reports. Coming to the Amazon shopping app for iOS and desktop browsers, “Room Decorator” will let you see multiple items at...

Native Union’s wireless chargers are styled like fashionable home decor!

Look at Native Union’s Marquetry Wireless Charger and tell me that it doesn’t look like a fancy table coaster you’d find at IKEA or Bed Bath an Beyond! That’s always been Native Union’s niche though… the intersection between tech and fashion.

Native Union’s Marquetry range is all about exploring color palettes in their triads. The colors are a marvelous combination of rich hues that complement each other really well, and borrow from palettes found in fashion. Marquetry makes use of navy blues, nude pinks, and even brings style to a combination of different values of gray. Native Union’s Marquetry Wireless Charger comes with a circular design, and is hand-crafted from leather. Sporting the signature Marquetry color combination, the charger looks like decor when not in use, and promptly begins charging your phone the minute you rest it on the dock. The wireless charger isn’t flat either, but rests at an inclined angle, making it easy to use your phone while it’s charging, in both landscape as well as portrait… plus with its output of 7.5W, it should juice your smartphone in absolutely no time, so you can go back to admiring it as what it truly is – a stylish piece of tech-infused decor!

Designer: Native Union

Game of Thrones Westeros Glass Map Isn’t Made from Dragon Glass

Back in the day, we went to the carnival when it came to town each year. Everyone seemed to win those glass mirror squares with different sayings on them by throwing darts at balloons. Often there were a bunch of broken ones scattered around the parking lot. Game of Thrones fans don’t have to throw darts to get this Westeros glass map – they just need cash.

The glass map offers up a full view of Westeros, and comes with sticky stuff to hang it on your wall. If it should fall, it will shatter easier than The Wall did. It is made from tempered glass so if you drink too much and break it; you won’t bleed like a dragon stuck with a giant arrow.

ThinkGeek has these in stock for $24.99 and ready to ship now. Perhaps they’ll make a version that shows what’s West of Westeros when that inevitable spin-off hits HBO.

Formalwear for Flowers


The only problem with recutting your flower stems to make your fresh flowers last longer is that you can’t trim down your vase too! That is, until now. Inspired by the way we roll up the sleeves on our dress shirts, designer Weihan He applied the same idea to the flower vase.

Simply called the Sleevase, the design is constructed from a flexible material that can be adjusted as you prolong the life of your flowers by trimming the stems. This way, you can extend the life of your flowers. Of course, you could just buy a shorter vase to begin with… but it wouldn’t be quite as handsome as this one!

Designer: Weihan He








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Let Your Love of Deadpool Shine with This Faux Neon Wall Art

Are you a huge superhero fan? Let that love decorate the walls of your home with this cool wall art featuring none other than Deadpool himself. This eccentric print highlights artist Octavian Mielu’s unique style, utilizing hard lines and sharply contrasting colors to create a neon-like effect (the artwork isn’t actually illuminated, although it looks that way!)

Since the art is printed on 200 GSM art paper, this 12″ x 16″ piece is guaranteed to be hardy and will stand the test of time, even if you move it around to different rooms or even move to a new home altogether. Mielu also has a whole array of other prints, featuring everything from famous historical figures to pop culture references, so there’s a print that suits any living space and personality.

Celebrate your love of comic book superhero Deadpool with this Octavian Mielu Neon Illusion Wall Art. It’s yours for $19.99 in the Technabob Shop, a 20% discount off the list price. Plus, search through the collection of prints, which includes Spider-man, Thor, Iron Man, and more.

Find the Toilet in the Dark While Fighting Bacteria

Let there be light in the bathroom! These specialized IllumiBowl add-ons guide your way to the toilet in the dark with a splash of colorful light, while simultaneously fighting bacteria commonly found in toilets.

These LED lights mean no more stumbling around when you have to go at night, with the added peace of mind that you’ve got a clean toilet. Simply snap it onto the rim and let it shine: it will automatically turn on when someone walks into the bathroom. The light is also perfect for potty training young children.There are eight color possibilities and patterned illuminations, making quite the show.

Get a two pack of IllumiBowl Germ Defense Toilet Night Lights for just $22.99 in the Technabob Shop.