If Apple Arcade had its own gaming controller, I’d want it to look as minimal as this

Sleek, with minimal details, and controls that are as baffling as the AppleTV Remote yet equally appealing. This may be Designer Hannes Geipel’s version of a Microsoft Surface Gaming Controller, but it definitely has a very strong Apple-esque vibe to it.

The Surface Gaming Controller concept by Hannes Geipel boasts of a brilliantly simple form. With absolutely no frills, textures, accents, or color-separation, the Surface Gaming Controller has a clean look to it that is a major contrast to Microsoft’s own Xbox controller. The Surface Gaming Controller comes with a soft, satin finish, and sports two rather slick looking joypads with a metallic ring around them. The joypads lie perfectly in reach of your thumb, while two large X signs sit where you’d expect the D-pad and the XYAB buttons.

However, instead of the buttons, the controller opts for flaps, using the X-shaped cutouts to create triangular plastic flaps that bend inward when pressed. The flaps give a natural spring-like action, providing just the right amount of resistance as you press it… although whether this detail is better than your average button from a tactile standpoint is something that’s yet to be determined. On the aesthetic front, the X-shaped cutouts definitely set the controller apart visually! There are even a pair of triggers on the upper corners of the controller, although they sit flush against the surface and recess inwards when pressed.

All the details on the Surface Gaming Controller focus more on form than on function, resulting in a device that definitely looks good. I’d arguably compare this to the AppleTV Remote, which most consumers will agree is more visually pleasing than functionally useful. Then again, the Surface Game Controller is just a concept. It echoes the clean, no-nonsense design of Microsoft’s Surface Book and Surface Pro, comes with minimal backlighting for night-time gaming, and if you look carefully, you’ll even spot the Microsoft logo on the back!

Designer: Hannes Geipel

This Minecraft-inspired modular building system lets you customize your dream cabin!

We’ve gotten creative with how we’ve passed the time in quarantine. Some of us have redesigned our entire homes, while some of us have taken up a new hobby. And you can find the rest of us sprawled on the couch playing video games or binge-watching sitcoms. In a sort of ode to how we’ve adapted to quarantine, JaK Studio, an architecture, and design firm based in London and Sarajevo, has designed HOM3, a customizable and modular Minecraft-inspired home-building system.

In creating HOM3, which stands for ‘Home Office Module Cubed,’ the designers at JaK Studio felt inspired by the home-building system featured in Minecraft– the best part of playing video games. To build your own multifunctional HOM3 cabin, JaK Studio is currently working with game designers from AI Interactive to make the process of creating the floor plan feel and look very similar to the process of building your Minecraft home. HOM3 essentially turns the virtual home design process of Minecraft into reality. Speaking to this, founding partner of JaK Studio, Jacob Low says,

“During [the] lockdown, our team became fascinated by the principles of games such as Minecraft which allow people to transform and customize their environments, and we began experimenting with the idea of customizable, modular micro-architecture. HOM3 transports what we found in the gaming world to the physical space, offering a really unique design solution for modern living.”

Committed to artfully showcasing all that we’ve done and learned in quarantine including our environmental impact, the modules built by JaK Studio are made from wood and cork material that has been sustainably sourced or recycled. Additionally, each module is designed following Passivhaus insulating principles, ultimately making for a self-sustained and contained home. The modules that comprise HOM3’s building system start off with a fundamental block module that measures 1.5 x 1.5 meters, which costs $1,193. I wouldn’t mind spending some quality quarantine time here.

Designer: JaK Studio

Future owners of HOM3 have the chance to set the size, shape, configuration, and location of their modular cabin.

HOM3 was designed to create a physical space where owners can spend time how they so choose– whether it be a spa, gym, bedroom, or office space.

The interior is also up to the future owner to configure. Depending on the size of the cabin, users can create space for working, exercising, and sleeping.

JaK Studio’s HOM3 system allows owners to create cabins fit for city spaces as well.

The modular layout of HOM3 allows the cabins to be placed anywhere.

The most basic, and smallest sized block modules can also be used in busy city spaces for private meeting places or rest spots.

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