Chrome for Android update protects against Spectre-like chip hacks

Last year, Chrome 67 for desktop introduced Site Isolation to protect users from Spectre-style security threats by making it harder for attackers to steal data from other websites. Now, Chrome 77 is bringing Site Isolation to Chrome on Android.

Google rolls out real-time captioning starting with Pixel 4

At I/O in May, Google showcased its Live Caption tech, which provides captions for all audio on your device in real-time, except for voice and video calls. Google has now revealed when you'll be able to take advantage of the accessibility feature.

Pixel 4 pre-orders at Amazon include a free $100 gift card

If you wanted to pre-order one of Google's Pixel 4 phones and haven't already, you might be in for a treat. Amazon is offering a $100 gift card to anyone who buys the Pixel 4 (starting at $799) or Pixel 4 XL (starting at $899) ahead of launch. You're...

Pixel 4 will be available through every major US carrier

You no longer have to subscribe to Verizon (Engadget's parent company) if you want to buy a Pixel phone directly from a US carrier. Google has announced that the Pixel 4 series will be available through all major US networks, and then some. In additi...

The new true wireless Pixel Buds are always listening

To say that Google's Pixel Buds were "maligned" is putting it lightly. We even said that, compared to the competition (most notably Apple's AirPods), they felt unfinished. But Google is giving it another go, with actual truly wireless pair. The new P...

Snapchat users can share Reddit posts directly with their friends

Snapchat is rolling out an easy way for you to share the best things you find on Reddit with your friends. You'll see Snapchat among the options when you tap the share button on Reddit, as long as you have both apps installed on an iOS device.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold Premier Service debuts in the US

Did you buy the updated Galaxy Fold now that it's finally available? You now have the posh support to go with it. Samsung has launched its Galaxy Fold Premiere Service in the US, offering all of the foldable phone's buyers dedicated support through...