These flashy automobiles pay the perfect tribute to Daft Punk’s helmets

Consider this a timely tribute to an untimely breakup. It’s been nearly 2 months since iconic electronic duo Daft Punk called it quits after nearly 30 years of creating music together. The two musicians, famous for hiding behind their robotic personas, are arguably responsible for shaping an entire genre and a generation with their music… so it’s safe to say that the news of their disbanding affected a lot of people. Automotive designer Tom Suhas was clearly one of them.

With his tribute, Suhas combines his love for automotive design with his awe and respect for Daft Punk. The Punkmobiles (a term I coined myself) are a pair of concept vehicles modeled on Daft Punk’s iconic helmets. Each car takes key elements from either of the helmets, translating their unique features into automotive details perfectly.

The Punkmobiles have a distinct Daft Punk vibe that’s apparent almost instantly. One of the cars comes in a remarkable all-chrome finish, with details modeled on Thomas Bangalter’s helmet. The other is a golden beast, with smoother curves and a panoramic tinted skylight that’s a perfect representation of Guy-Manuel’s headpiece. Go to the back and the car even has wires as seen in Guy-Manuel’s helmet in more classic 90s variants. It’s safe to say that even though the vehicles are conceptual, they are, like their creators, electric-powered. Thomas’ car sports massive gullwing doors that extend all the way to the front, while Guy-Manuel’s vehicle sports a single-piece door that opens frontwards, lifting the glass windshield with it. Both cars come with slick headlights and taillights, while even sporting the Daft Punk branding on the wheels. I wouldn’t blame you if you had an ‘Instant Crush’ on these beauts!

Designer: Tom Suhas

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