Miniature digital camera lets you add filters to your media

In the middle of a concert where I was surrounded by Gen Z and younger millennials, I noticed that what some of the kids were using to take photos and videos were not their smartphones but digital cameras. That’s when I realized that the adage that “everything old is new again” is still very much true and that the younger generation was discovering gadgets that my generation thought was already dead. We’re seeing brands come up with different variants of digital cameras and now we’re seeing what might be the smallest yet.

Designer: Kenko Tokina

The Pieni M may seem like a toy at first given its tiny size but it’s actually a fully functional miniature digital camera. The name itself, Pieni, is actually the Finnish word for “small” even though the brand is Japanese. Lest you think that it’s just purely for aesthetic purposes, the tiny camera lets you take photos and videos and can even give you filters to make your multimedia look even more hipster than you initially intended. It looks like just any regular camera except that it’s a miniature version.

The camera even has an LCD display that can show you what it is you’re actually taking a photo or video of. Well, given its size, you may have to squint a bit to be able to fully see what’s on the screen. There is a button on the side that lets you switch between video recording and photographing. And if you’re using it for the former, you can actually record voices and ambient sounds. It also has a feature that gives your photos a watercolor-like look or you can use the other filters available including monochrome, orange, blue, or green.

The device is small enough for regular hands to hold it between your two fingers. There’s a USB port so you can easily transfer your media to your laptop or tablet or you can save it on a microSD card for easy storage and transfer. The Pieni M is available in black or grayish blue but it would also be nice to have it in other cuter colors eventually. Personally, I’d probably still use my smartphone to take photos or videos for better quality but if I wanted something more hipster, then this would be a good device to have.

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This adorable miniature Macintosh is actually an innovative multi-functional docking station

Laptops have become so powerful that they’ve started to rival some desktops, except for the part that they’re forever limited in how many devices you can attach to them. At most, you’ll probably have five to seven, depending on how thin the laptop tries to be. It’s not really unusual for many owners to expand their portable computer’s capabilities using hubs and docks, especially now with the use of USB-C and the related Thunderbolt technologies almost everywhere. These accessories, small as they may be, still take up space on your desk and can be a source of distraction. So why not put an eye-catching and enviable design on that dock, turning it into a unique homage to the original Apple Macintosh, one of if not the first to blaze a trail for personal computing.

Designer: RayCue

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You’d be forgiven for mistaking this docking station as a fancy desktop toy, given how cute and attractive it is. The RayCue 128K is basically inspired by the design of the pioneering Macintosh from 1984, from its chunky and boxy design to its off-white paint job. There’s even a keyboard-like partner that uses the same motif to complete the faithful recreation. That design alone already makes it a worthy addition to your desk, bringing life and fun to your work, but it’s more than just a piece of eye candy. It is, after all, a docking station, but it goes above and beyond the call of duty compared to your standard docks.

The RayCue 128K Pro, for example, boasts 14 ports of different kinds, including three different types of USB ports, SD/TF card readers, an Ethernet port, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and not one, not even two, but three 4K 60Hz HDMI ports. As if that number wasn’t already impressive, these video out ports support DisplayLink Apple MST (multi-stream transport), making it possible to connect that many extra monitors to your MacBook. With a powerful DC-in capable of accepting up to 130W of power, the RayCue 128K can charge not only your laptop but also other devices for a total of 100W of output.

But as they say on TV, “there’s more!” The screen on the RayCue 128K isn’t just for show and is, in fact, a 3.5-inch IPS color screen that can display the time, calendar, media information, and even photos, turning the dock into a true decorative accessory to enhance your working experience. It doesn’t end there either, since the box also hides a Bluetooth Speaker, making it a jukebox to help keep your focus. It’s going to keep you entertained and productive and might even turn you into the envy of your friends.

Given how it works, you can’t really take the RayCue 128K with you wherever you go. That’s where the RayCue 128K Pocket comes in, a portable 7-in-1 hub that comes in the form of a miniature Macintosh keyboard. It might not have all the bells and whistles of the Pro dock, but it still has plenty to offer, including a 4K 60Hz HDMI port and card readers. If you’re going to put a docking station on your desk, you might as well put something that offers the best impact and experience. With the RayCue 128K Pro and Pocket, not only are you getting a powerful dock and hub, you’re also getting an adorable yet functional decoration that gives a nod to the personal computer that started it all.

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TinyTV Miniature Video Displays

TinyTV 2 and TinyTV Mini are miniature video displays in the form of old CRT televisions. Currently, an already heavily funded Kickstarter project, prices start at $49 and go up from there depending on the style and color of the television case and the inclusion of an equally tiny remote control. Obviously, I might just be receiving that World’s Best Uncle award sooner than I thought if I get one of these for my niece’s dollhouse.

The TinyTV 2 (the larger of the two tiny models) features a 216×135 pixel display, functional rotary knobs on the front for adjusting volume and changing the channel (next video file), a forward-facing speaker, 8GB storage (~10 hours of video) and a Li-polymer battery with about 2 hours of power. The TinyTV Mini features a 64×64 pixel OLED display, volume and channel buttons on top, an internal speaker, 8GB storage (~40 hours of video at this resolution), and a Li-polymer battery with about 1 hour of power. Both can easily have video footage uploaded, and their batteries recharged via USB-C cable, as well as be operated using an IR remote.

Most people want as large a TV as they can fit in front of the sofa, so it’s refreshing to see ultra-miniature televisions for a change. Plus, they’re much more budget-friendly. Sure I’ll likely miss a lot of the finer details watching House of the Dragon, but those dragons would probably scare me on the big screen anyways.

This literally Tiny TV comes with a cute but miniature screen that plays real videos

When I watch my TV shows, movies, and all sorts of videos, I prefer to watch it on the biggest screen that I have in my home. If I could buy a bigger screen smart TV, I most probably would. But maybe that’s just me or at least those with poor eyesight like me because it seems like people want to watch on their mobile phones and for a certain market, they want to watch on something even smaller.

Designer: TinyCircuits

This means that there is a market for something like the TinyTV, a miniature screen that can play different kinds of videos. In fact, they are releasing the second version of this which has upgraded features but is still tiny as heck. There is even a tinier version with the TinyTV Mini as small as a grape so I don’t know what you can actually watch there.

Unlike the first version of TinyTV, this new one is not so DIY anymore. It has a better resolution and brighter display and comes with two rotary knobs that can control the different “channels” as well as the volume of this device, since it does come with a speaker at the front part of the TV if you don’t want to use headphones. There is even a remote control that you can connect through the infrared system and comes with a rechargeable battery.

It comes pre-loaded with videos with each one serving as the aforementioned “channel”. But you can also upload your own videos since it has a built-in 8GB microSD where you can save up to 10 hours of videos. You might have to convert some of this to be able to play on the TV. You can also plug in the cable included into your computer to convert and transfer the videos. You can also use it as a second screen as it can mirror what’s in your computer screen if you use the software.

I most likely will not be able to properly watch anything on the TinyTV but as a cute accessory, I wouldn’t say no to one. The one enclosed in the crystal-like transparent case is definitely eye-catching. I’d have to draw the line at the grape-sized tinier version though.

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Wilsdorf Collection is a stylish fusion of cufflinks and miniature watches

There is a certain appeal to products shrunken down to a fraction of their original size. Their petite forms can easily be described as cute or eccentric, but functional miniatures also inspire awe and wonder, especially the more complex ones. Even with today’s modern tools and technologies, it takes a high level of craftsmanship to pull off a smaller version of a design, especially one with dozens of intricate moving parts. A miniature mechanical watch, for example, requires a greater deal of attention to detail precisely because of its size, requiring uncommon parts and careful assembly. That is the magnificent accomplishment achieved by these four tiny luxury watches attached to stylish cufflinks that will easily make you the center of attraction at any gathering.

Designer: Creamy Patina/Imran Haq

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Almost everyone wants to be able to tell the time at a glance, and most people wear watches on their wrists for that purpose. It’s not always by choice, though, because some might prefer to have nothing wrapped around their wrists. In some situations, wearing a watch might not even be practical, like when you’re wearing dress shirts with closed cuffs.

The Wilsdorf Collection solves that problem in a very elegant way by combining a cufflink and a watch into a single piece. Of course, it can’t just be any watch since you’ll most likely use it in a formal function. Each of the four pieces in this fashionable set is a homage to an iconic Rolex luxury watch, giving each miniature watch not only a luxurious appearance but also a clear connection to some of the industry’s most-loved timepieces from the brand.

The Cuffmariner, for example, brings the luminous markers and hands of the 1953 Rolex Submariner, as well as its distinctive three-pointed star hour hand. The Cufftona exudes a spirit of speed and boldness even in its small size, inspired by the Rolex Daytona worn by the famed Paul Newman. On the opposite end of the spectrum is the fashionable Cufftany with its “Tiffany Blue” motif, a nod to the Rolex Oyster Perpetual. And then there’s the Cuffgauss, an homage to the Rolex Milgauss, bearing the original’s unique lightning bolt second hand.

These watches are more than just decorative luxury pieces, of course. Moved by a Quartz Japanese Seiko PC21 mechanism, the watches are guaranteed to highly accurate. The combination of a stainless steel exterior and a mineral glass crystal cover ensures that the cufflink cum watch won’t be easily damaged despite always being exposed. And despite their diminutive size, the watches use standard batteries, making replacement easy and providing longevity to each timepiece.

Given its luxurious design and excellent craftsmanship, the $88 price tag on a single cufflink watch in this set almost feels like a steal. Whether you’re the type that simply loves to wear dress shirts with cufflinks or want to feel like James Bond at every meeting or gala, the Wilsdorf Collection promises to deliver a unique marriage of style and function that’s sure to catch people’s attention all the time, pun intended.

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These hand-crafted miniature animals move when you turn the crank

Penny Thomson Miniature Automata
The fascination with miniature stuff continues to grow among many hobbyists and creatives from all over the world. Even if you are not into making little versions of objects, houses, villages, or just about anything you can think of that would look cute on a smaller scale, you can still find joy in exploring the little details and every nook and cranny of a set or figure. While the most famous scene is probably the home, animals come next as another exciting subject. Making smaller animal figures is not easy because of all the details, but one fantastic artist can even make versions that move. Believe it or not, no small electronics or batteries were added, but Penny Thomson only used wires to allow movement.

Designer: Penny Thomson

Penny Thomson Miniature Automata

Miniature artist Penny Thomson now sells her stunning handmade creations on Etsy, and each item sells fast that it’s challenging to grab a set. What makes her work unique is that her miniatures are considered moving sculptures and amazing replicas of animals, dragons, birds, fairies, and other creatures. These animals are brought to life by using a simple crank and wires positioned with precision—you’d wonder how she can do every figure and movement despite the size.

Penny Thomson Miniature Automata

The miniaturist has already sold hundreds of miniatures with the latest figures, including the Little Hunter, Little Dragon, Hunting Tawny, Raven, Tawny Owl, and a Lichen Fairy. We have a few favorites, too: the Barn Owl, Seal Pup, Green Turtle, and Frosted Blackberries. These are just a few, and we believe more miniature creatures that move will be released by the artist. You may want to watch out for her post on Etsy to catch if you’d be able to purchase one from the Automata series.

Penny Thomson Miniature Automata

Penny Thomson’s miniature art is a unique art form, but she’s always been interested in making small and intricate creations. Most of them are magical and original, so no wonder people are really patronizing her work. Her passion for nature and desire to protect the planet is evident in her work as she regularly experiments with new methods and materials.

Penny Thomson Miniature Automata

From the Miniature Automata collection, we focus on our favorites starting with the seal pup with flippers that moves, while the cute tiny seal also wriggles when cranked. The little seal appears washed ashore on a rock full of seaweeds. The Barn Owl flaps when the handle is turned, but what makes this more interesting is the bonus mouse popping in and out of a hole that is surrounded by Derbyshire stone wall, moss, and ivy.

Penny Thomson Miniature Automata

The meticulous design of the Green Turtle’s shell is beautiful, while the flippers look cute when moving. The sea fans and corals are also delicately modeled that you’d really wonder how the artist had the patience to do all these. Finally, the Frosted Blackberries is mainly about a Robin and a little mouse perching and munching on blackberries that have been frozen from the snowy surroundings.

Penny Thomson Miniature Automata

Penny Thomson Miniature Automata

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This miniature bookish nook holds an entire world inside a food can

Books are life. In my case, it can be literally since I live and breathe books and it is also a huge part of my livelihood. So anything that has to do with books and reading, I’m there. But what if the books are just something you can’t actually read and are for aesthetic purposes only? Well, I’m still there and would still consider purchasing or taking a look at it as any book-related design is something interesting for me. Even if it’s so tiny that it can fit into a can.

Designer: Kiyotaka Mizukoshi

A Japanese designer wanted to recreate a library and reading nook inside a can, of all places. The element of surprise is at play here since you wouldn’t expect something like that to exist in an upcycled can of tuna or something. This is actually similar to some of his previous works where he converted an electrical socket into a miniature but hyper-real tiny room. He likes to explore the expect the unexpected when it comes to his designs.

This time around, he created a Book Can where an empty food can details the miniature wonders of the most precious place for bookworms: their reading nook. Everything inside the can is meticulously designed and incredibly detailed, which is what fascinates us a lot about well-designed miniatures like this. There is a wooden parquet floor, a rug so some books can still be placed on the floor, potted plants, a small half-circle desk, a red, comfy-looking chair, and of course all the books.

The books themselves are also pretty detailed, even if no one will be able to read them anyway (maybe tiny elves?). You see a mix of different book cover colors, most of them being hardbound. In true bookworm fashion, they’re not just on the actual shelves but scattered all over the room, on the desk, on the floor, even on top of the tall shelves. There’s also a tiny ladder going into the room, as if inviting you to climb from outside the can and into this magical bookish world.

The designer spent around two weeks creating this Book Can and she shares how he was able to do it in a behind-the-scenes video on YouTube.

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The World’s Smallest Power Tools Are Impossibly Tiny

Dream it, and you can achieve it. And apparently, YouTuber Enos Camare dreamed of the world’s smallest power tools – a 1/12 scale cordless Makita impact driver and circular saw and made them a reality. Clearly, these are an absolute must for any dollhouse home improvement projects you may have, and my dolls are finally going to get the finished basement they deserve.

He created the miniature tool using 3D-printed parts designed in SolidWorks 3D CAD software, and the corded circular saw includes a carry case and instruction manual and changeable blades. The impact driver also comes with a carrying case and instruction manual but features a functional battery charging station and battery pack for cordless operation and is trigger-operated with changeable bits. Wow, that is impressive. Now do a tiny chainsaw next so I can clear the trees around my dollhouse and install a pool!

The great thing about this is if Enos ever gets shrunk like in Honey I Shrunk The Kids, he’ll be able to use his miniature power tools to build himself a tiny home to live in until he’s discovered and restored to regular size. Or, should I say, if he’s restored to regular size. Unshrinking people isn’t as easy as they made it look in the movie.

[via BoingBoing]

This Keycap Looks Like a Teensy Nintendo Game Boy

Recently, I wrote about the Thumby, a teensy Game Boy-inspired gaming system that you basically need to be Ant-Man to play. If you like the idea of a miniature Game Boy, but your thumbs aren’t small enough to play that thing, you might want to consider the ZMKC Pocket Game Console Artisan Keycap instead.

These unique keycaps have an awesome retro look that apes the Nintendo Game Boy but stretched into the shape of a truncated pyramid, also known as a frustum. Yep, we all learned a new word today. If you’re typing on a mechanical keyboard, you have a whole bunch of frustums sitting there right in front of you. But I digress. These awesome artisan keycaps come not only in a retro beige color but in bold egg yolk yellow, a muted black, and several other hues in case you don’t care for the classic Game Boy color scheme.

Another neat thing about this keycap is its see-through window, which lets a keyboard backlight shine through like the old Game Boy Light screen.

The keycap is available for pre-order for $35 over on Drop, which means it’s actually more expensive than the playable Thumby game system. But I wouldn’t try gluing one of those onto your existing keyboard. It’ll start playing every time you type, plus you’ll probably get Krazy Glue stuck to your fingers when you’re doing it. Just think, for $35 each, you could replace all 85 of the 1U keys on a standard 104-key keyboard with these things for just about $3000!

Retro Arcade Squirrel Feeder: Insert Coin for Nuts

Most people treat squirrels like unwanted pests. But if you’re among the animal lovers who prefer to feed the squirrels in your yard, you might want to get a squirrel feeder. And if you love classic arcade games, you’ll want to get this squirrel feeder that looks like a miniature arcade cabinet.

Etsy seller The Tree Rat Symposium makes this tiny arcade machine with its CRT display ripped out and replaced with a place for storing nuts and other snacks for squirrels. Now, if I were a squirrel, I might be disappointed if I saw a “Squirrely’s Arcade” machine and got to it only to discover I couldn’t play Pac-Man or Robotron 2084. But then I’d be like, “but snacks!” and forget all about the crushing disappointment of not being able to spend those quarters burning a hole in my furry squirrel pocket.

My only concern about this thing is that the squirrels will start lining up to play, and then I’ll have to build an entire squirrel arcade with 10 of these things, some squirrel pinball machines, and a squirrel bill breaker. But if you’re not worried about such things, you can grab one over on Etsy for $34.