PS5 Customized Into Miniature Dwarven Kingdom

The Playstation 5 console has a certain design aesthetic to it. One that doesn’t really match the rest of my interior design motif. Now, a dwarven kingdom-themed PS5? That will fit right into my rumpus room! Customized by Martina of YouTube channel Nerdforge, this PS5 console features a miniature diorama of a dwarven kingdom/forge, complete with lava and light effects. My own PS5 has never looked so lackluster.

If you look closely, you can see the Sony logo and lips of the PS5 at the top, with the lava flow passing between them. It’s a thing of beauty, isn’t it? Martina says she had to experiment with making silicone molds for the lava flow, then making a resin cast of it, but she’s pleased with the result. Probably because it looks so good.

Will I be trying something similar? Of course not, I recognize the limit of my own capabilities, and they’re certainly far from being able to produce something of this caliber or anywhere close. No, the closest I’m going to come to customizing my PS5 is scratching the 5 into a 6, then trying to sell it on eBay for a million dollars.

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Razer Wolverine V2 Pro controller brings offset keys + expansive customization for e-sports gamers

Razer has just hopped onto the PlayStation 5 hype with an advanced gamepad for high-end gaming targeted towards casual as well as competitive gamers. Dubbed Wolverine V2 Pro, the gaming controller is a worthy addition to the Wolverine console lineup. The premium components and customization options make the controller worth owning but at a demanding value.

It looks similar to the V2 Chroma controller, albeit in a slightly larger size. The gaming accessory is going to work for the Xbox too, but being an official PS5 and PC accessory, the lack of Adaptive Triggers, internal speaker and haptic feedback is going to bite dedicated gamers.

Designer: Razer

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Everything aside, let me tell you, this controller has a steep price tag of $250, and I hope it delivers up to the expectations. There are perks that’ll keep buyers interested, for instance, the Xbox-styled analog stick orientation, wherein, the sticks are positioned diagonally rather than sitting adjacent to each other. Like some of the cool concept gaming controllers we’ve seen so far, this one has a couple of swappable stick caps. One of them is short and convex while the other is tall and concave.

Add to this the six remappable buttons – (on each side near shoulder buttons and four back paddles) and we are basking at strategic gaming advantage. For this function, Bluetooth connection is required via iOS or Android devices, to get all the customization done via the Razer Controller Setup app. Additionally, the macro buttons can be mapped to be a sensitivity clutch by increasing or lowering the analog stick sensitivity.

Razer Wolverine V2 Pro has HyperTriggers that bring customized FPS shooting prowess to a controller just like a mouse or keyboard controls. What I like are Razer’s Mecha-Tactile buttons that emulate the touch and responsiveness of high-end mouse clicks. Also, the eight-way D-pad brings microswitches for each input to get precision accuracy in supported gaming titles.

Coming from Razer’s camp, this controller was destined to get the Chroma RGB lighting effects that can be toggled via the app. The cool lights run along the handles and add X-factor to the controller design. Overall a cool gamepad to own for gamers who want to try out different setups to gain a lasting advantage in e-sports gaming.

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Gaming aside: PlayStation 5 Controller Alarm Clock lets you set time, day, date from the D-pad

I’m not sure how many people still use alarm clocks but if you know a gaming fanatic, he would love to trade his smartphone for the PlayStation 5 Controller Alarm Clock by the bedside. If PlayStation rings a bell and you have a gamer in mind, level up to them with the PS controller-shaped alarm clock; a great gift to consider for Christmas!

The clock, designed to look like the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, is officially licensed and sold by Firebox. The entire contraption comprises a PS5 controller, which sits atop a charging dock and offers a gamer or an occasional Sony fan an option to station memorabilia by the bed; getting up every morning to the sight of a D-pad.

Designer: Firebox

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While the PlayStation 5 Controller Alarm Clock is a sight to behold, it is not a functional game controller. Perhaps, it is a functional alarm clock embedded with a 6.2-inch backlit LED display and D-pad controller buttons to set the alarm, date, and time.

With a fantastic semblance to the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller, the digital alarm clock is powered using a USB port. Arguably, the alarm sound is the biggest feature of a table clock, however, there is no information (at the time of writing) about how the PS controller alarm clock sounds. You can have your own assumptions!

While you’re at it, go ahead and give a gamer in your like the option to wake up on time for ‘Call of Duty’ with the PlayStation 5 Controller Alarm Clock always by the bedside. Or else, if you’re growing bored of the same old table clock, here’s your chance to make a fun upgrade your little one is going to praise you for. And then don’t forget to tell us the experience each one of you has had with the wake-up alarm – don’t like the sound, hit the snooze on the D-pad!



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Playstation 5 Controller Alarm Clock: Wake Up to Game

Filed under products I never knew existed and would probably be fine if that were still the case, Firebox is selling an officially licensed Playstation 5 Alarm Clock, which looks like a PS5 controller atop a charging dock. It’s not a functional controller, though, just a functional alarm clock. Do people still use those things? I just assumed everybody used their phones.

Previously seen in a PS4 version, the USB-powered clock features a backlit LED display, and the D-pad and controller buttons are used to set the alarm. That’s cool, but what’s the alarm sound like? I feel like that’s one of the most important features of any alarm clock, but they never include that information in the product description. Is it a blaring BEEP BEEP BEEP that’ll make me wish I were dead, or the Playstation startup sound that’s too calming to even wake me up? My guess is the former.

Admittedly, you’d have to be one heck of a Playstation fan to buy a PS5 controller alarm clock. I mean, I’m ranked #2,344 in the entire world, and even I would have a hard time putting this by the side of the bed, and that’s not even taking into consideration my wife’s strong opinions!

This PS5 Keyboard attachment unlocks new possibilities for players who livestream or chat while gaming

An absolute paradise for Twitch-streamers looking to engage with their audience while playing PS5 titles.

A keyboard on the PS5 makes quite a lot of sense once you think of how much username/email/password typing you have to do when you’re actually not gaming. You could be buying a game, logging into an account, chatting, commenting, or even performing in-game tasks like inputting a player name. Designed to save you the trouble of manually inputting each character with a joystick, this slick keyboard plugs right into your PS5 controller, giving you a full QWERTY layout and a bunch of other useful features that will absolutely upgrade your gameplay.

Designer: Klipdasse

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What really sets this keyboard apart is the fact that it was designed to perfectly complement your PS5 DualSense controller’s design. Made to plug in perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle piece, the wireless keyboard fits snugly in the negative space of your controller, between the palm-rests. In doing so, it gives you a full keyboard right under your thumbs, letting you type as you would on a phone… or more accurately, on a BlackBerry.

The wireless keyboard fits into the DualSense controller by plugging into its lower 3.5mm jack. The keyboard comes with a pretty nifty built-in speaker that feeds off this 3.5mm connection… although if you’ve got a pair of headphones, there’s a jack too, letting you connect your headphones to the PS5 controller via the keyboard. Heck, there’s even a built-in microphone on this thing, allowing you to voice-chat while gaming.

The keyboard itself connects to your PS5 via Bluetooth, giving you a relatively lag-free input that’s absolutely faster than using a joystick to manually select each key on a virtual keyboard. Sadly though, it only works for typing text, and the PS5 doesn’t let you map different controls onto the keys – wouldn’t that be absolutely game-changing, though??

The wireless keyboard attachment comes with its own built-in 500mAh battery and an LED indicator that lets you know your battery level. A USB-C port on the base lets you juice up the keyboard whenever you’re running low on power – although considering most gameplays, chances are you won’t be exclusively using the keyboard all along, and therefore won’t rapidly drain the battery.

Although a relatively lesser-known accessory, the wireless keyboard proves to be an incredibly handy addon when it comes to doing things like logging into your account, searching the online store, and making purchases… and that’s ONLY one aspect of the gaming experience. Having a keyboard just underneath your thumbs can be quite the game-changer for people who do a lot of chatting while gaming. Sure, there isn’t emoji support on this keyboard just yet, but hey… let’s be grateful for what we have, right??

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Customizable gaming controller switches D-pad and thumbstick position on demand for an ergonomic design

Gaming sector is overtaking the movies and music industry – with even more rise in the graph expected in the coming years. PC and console gaming has been perfectly mirrored by mobile gaming and handheld consoles, which in turn has led to more users becoming aware of the high-end gaming titles on offer on the big screen. Add to that the cloud gaming option, and we are talking of expansion into a userbase who could not play graphics intensive titles due to hardware limitations on their PC.

Gaming controllers have consequently gained popularity as well, since players always want to have the right set of tools to gain a tactical advantage in-game. The more platforms a gamer has, the more he/she has to invest in the right gaming controller for the different options like Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, high-end PC, Stadia, GeForce Now, and many more. General wisdom suggests, you have one configurable gaming controller that can change its character depending on the platform it is being used with.

Designer: Crivty Design

For example, the thumbsticks on the DualShock 4 are placed adjacent to each other while on the Xbox One controller it’s asymmetrical. The directional pad on the Xbox’s controller is adjacent to the right analog stick, and on the DualShock, it is placed on the flipside to the Xbox’s offering. As a player, you might prefer one controller for an RPG and another for a racing sim due to the setup of these buttons. Having the freedom to switch the D-pad and joystick depending on which title you are playing, is much wanted. Crivty Design’s compact multi-platform game controller brings this functionality to the fore.

Unlike the current generation gaming controllers, this one is compact, and also comes with the promise of ergonomic comfort which is very important for gamers. The minimally designed controller has a dynamic curving form that aesthetically seems right on point. Just with the push of a swap button, the configuration can be toggled in the blink of an eye. The buttons on the left-hand side of the controller display the indicators depending on which platform you are playing on currently. Even the guide button (for Xbox) or the PS button (for PlayStation) displays the respective logo based on the platform this controller is being used for. Essentially it is a completely customizable experience that’s the USP of the gaming controller.

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A PS5 controller mod enables gamers to play with just one hand

Gaming should be for everyone, and a modder is making sure that the PS5 is exactly that, whether you have two hands or one.

Almost everyone enjoys games, even those that don’t formally consider themselves gamers. From kids’ games to cards games to casual games to hardcore console and PC games, these interactive activities have been bringing both joy and escape for centuries. Video games, however, haven’t exactly been accessible to all, even those titles that have specific accessibility features. Console controllers, for example, aren’t exactly designed for less physically able people in mind, but a one 3D printed add-on is aiming to change that without having to change the PlayStation 5 controller at all.

Designer: Akaki Kuumeri

Perhaps with the exception of joysticks that are better for very specific games, almost all game controllers are gamepads were designed for people that have full use of their two hands and ten fingers. And since games are designed around these two-handed control schemes, people with physical handicaps are often left out of these experiences. It’s more problematic in consoles like the Xbox and the PlayStation where alternative input devices are not supported unless made in partnership with large companies.

Fortunately, there is a growing awareness these days on accessibility in gaming, not just for the games themselves but also for controllers. Microsoft launched an Adaptive Controller for the Xbox long ago, but the PlayStation has yet to get something similar from Sony. There are quite a few DIY projects and mods that try to do something similar for Sony’s console, but the best thing about this One-handed DualSense is that you don’t need to modify the controller or buy anything esoteric. All you need is a 3D printer or a way to get the parts 3D printed.

With the adapter, you will be able to play a PS5 game using a regular PS5 controller with just one hand, no special hardware tricks or software features required. It doesn’t even matter if you’re left-handed or right-handed. Thanks to the PS5 DualSense’s symmetrical design, you can just mirror or flip the schematic before printing it, and it will still work. Bonus points, the mod uses PLA and TPU materials which are better for sustainability compared to other substances.

Admittedly, it’s also not the most ergonomic way to play a game with one hand, nor is it the easiest. Controlling the two analog joysticks requires that you play the controller on top of a surface, like a table or even your thigh, and move the controller in the direction you want the joystick to move. There are also extensions to bring the shoulder buttons all to one side, even allowing a gamer to easily press both L2 and R2 buttons with a single finger. The most cumbersome parts are the four U-shaped “linkages” that let you control the opposite face buttons, but thankfully they’re optional and don’t need to always be attached.

The add-on isn’t going to win any prizes when it comes to appearances, but its winning trait is its simplicity. Designer Kuumeri provides the files needed to 3D print the parts on your own or through some 3D printing service, and that’s pretty much all you need. You don’t even have to break open a PS5 DualSense controller to make it work. There are other designs available on The Controller Project’s page, and it’s quite encouraging to see how gamers and designers are becoming more conscious of the accessibility concerns of gaming.

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PlayStation 2’s sleek redesign is the logical progression for the 2026 PS6 gaming console

Take the PlayStation 2 Slimline and give it those subtle modifications – the perfect recipe for the upcoming Sony gaming console speculated for the 2026 release, don’t you think?

Right when Sony launched the PlayStation gaming console back in 1994, gaming was set to get a turbo boost into the new era. Ever since all gamers have been bestowed with the evolving graphics and gripping gameplay of winning PlayStation titles like Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider Tekken and Gran Turismo. In the battle that’s been going out between Microsoft and Sony, the PlayStation has evolved to be the more popular of the two. That said, out of all the PlayStation gaming consoles released so far, the PlayStation 2 Slimline still impresses with its sleek form factor, and a design akin to gamers liking.

The gaming console was released way back in mid-2004, and it was ahead of its time in terms of minimal design. No doubt it was one of the most popular consoles vouched for by gamers. The geometric shape, slim aesthetics, high-grade finish, and formal elegance – all culminate to make it a cult favorite. To date, Sony’s popular gaming console gets accolades for a timeless design that has not faded away even after so many years. This prompted product designer Mirko Romanelli to redesign the PS2 Slimline in a more modern interpretation without tinkering with the identity, characteristics and dimensions.

The end result is a console that can be positioned in vertical or horizontal configuration depending on the available space and user preference. The vertical standing position is made sturdier with the detachable support base which is fixed in the lower half of the console. To ensure ample airflow to the high-end machine, Mirko creates ample side and rear openings. The support base is also crafted in a way to ensure enough vertical passage of air.

Perhaps, this is the perfect example for Sony to follow and take a detour from the ultra-futuristic-looking PlayStation 5 console and return back to the roots. In times where minimal designs are preferred over flamboyant designs – the PlayStation 2 redesign could be the catalyst Sony needs to throw Microsoft off balance in the battle of the titans in coming years!

Designer: Mirko Romanelli


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The Elitra GTS is a road-hugging speedster that looks like something pulled out of the PS5 Gran Turismo

Elitra GTS Gran Turismo PS5 by Mattia Brunelli

Created by automotive designer Mattia Brunelli as a vanity side-project aimed at exploring automotive styling, the Elitra GTS is a halo-car with no real brand attached to it. Instead, it focuses on inheriting attributes from other racecars of its time with unique styling, a jet fighter-focused aesthetic, plenty of air intakes, and what looks like a holographic dashboard that augments itself over the driver’s windscreen.

Elitra GTS Gran Turismo PS5 by Mattia Brunelli

Elitra is a two-seater hypercar concept that envelops the driver and fellow passenger inside a jet fighter-style cockpit, with elements of the car’s body “floating” around the fuselage, creating the impression of wings and moving surfaces like flaps and ailerons to reinforce that feeling of a jet slicing through the stratosphere.

Elitra GTS Gran Turismo PS5 by Mattia Brunelli

Elitra GTS Gran Turismo PS5 by Mattia Brunelli

The car’s overall design tows the balance between speed and aggression. Trying to not necessarily look edgy and domineering, the Elitra sports surfaces with natural, mildly rounded edges that give the impression of speed while avoiding looking overtly sharp – something that’s often the case with fighter jet-inspired automobiles. Instead, it comes with an aesthetic that, as described by the folks at Automotive Design Planet, “less intimidating but still of great scenic presence”.

Elitra GTS Gran Turismo PS5 by Mattia Brunelli

The car’s ‘airy’ design sports enough strategically positioned intakes to supply air directly to every technical component. While this was merely a form exploration project for designer Mattia Brunelli, it’s pretty clear that the concept isn’t powered by an electric drivetrain, thanks to the presence of dual tailpipes at the back. You can view more renders of the Elitra GTS on Mattia’s Instagram Page.

Designer: Mattia Brunelli

Elitra GTS Gran Turismo PS5 by Mattia Brunelli

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eXtremeRate RISE DIY Back Paddles for PS5: Quadsense Controller

Critics and gamers lucky enough to get their hands on the PS5 often cite the console’s DualSense controller as a true next-gen controller, thanks to its precise haptics and force feedback triggers. However, the previous generation also saw a small but significant addition to gamepads – paddles. They come in various shapes and numbers, but the idea is the same – you get programmable back-mounted inputs that let you keep your fingers on the joysticks and shoulder buttons. Now you can apply that innovation to the DualSense, thanks to eXtremeRate’s RISE Remap DIY kit.

The RISE kit gives you two programmable paddles. By default, you can map everything but the L3, R3, and touchpad to those paddles. However, if you’re willing to do a bit of soldering, you can map even those three inputs to the paddles. The kit comes with everything you need to perform the upgrade, including a new back shell to hold everything in place.

This truly is a DIY affair, though, requiring you to basically teardown your DualSense controller. Im.A.Caveman has a good guide to installation on YouTube.

I spotted about a billion ways in which the procedure would go wrong in my hands. But I know you can do it! You can get the RISE Remap kit from GamingCobra for $40 (USD). It comes in various colors, from plain black or white to textured green and metallic yellow. It’s also on Amazon (affiliate link).