A PS5 controller mod enables gamers to play with just one hand

Gaming should be for everyone, and a modder is making sure that the PS5 is exactly that, whether you have two hands or one.

Almost everyone enjoys games, even those that don’t formally consider themselves gamers. From kids’ games to cards games to casual games to hardcore console and PC games, these interactive activities have been bringing both joy and escape for centuries. Video games, however, haven’t exactly been accessible to all, even those titles that have specific accessibility features. Console controllers, for example, aren’t exactly designed for less physically able people in mind, but a one 3D printed add-on is aiming to change that without having to change the PlayStation 5 controller at all.

Designer: Akaki Kuumeri

Perhaps with the exception of joysticks that are better for very specific games, almost all game controllers are gamepads were designed for people that have full use of their two hands and ten fingers. And since games are designed around these two-handed control schemes, people with physical handicaps are often left out of these experiences. It’s more problematic in consoles like the Xbox and the PlayStation where alternative input devices are not supported unless made in partnership with large companies.

Fortunately, there is a growing awareness these days on accessibility in gaming, not just for the games themselves but also for controllers. Microsoft launched an Adaptive Controller for the Xbox long ago, but the PlayStation has yet to get something similar from Sony. There are quite a few DIY projects and mods that try to do something similar for Sony’s console, but the best thing about this One-handed DualSense is that you don’t need to modify the controller or buy anything esoteric. All you need is a 3D printer or a way to get the parts 3D printed.

With the adapter, you will be able to play a PS5 game using a regular PS5 controller with just one hand, no special hardware tricks or software features required. It doesn’t even matter if you’re left-handed or right-handed. Thanks to the PS5 DualSense’s symmetrical design, you can just mirror or flip the schematic before printing it, and it will still work. Bonus points, the mod uses PLA and TPU materials which are better for sustainability compared to other substances.

Admittedly, it’s also not the most ergonomic way to play a game with one hand, nor is it the easiest. Controlling the two analog joysticks requires that you play the controller on top of a surface, like a table or even your thigh, and move the controller in the direction you want the joystick to move. There are also extensions to bring the shoulder buttons all to one side, even allowing a gamer to easily press both L2 and R2 buttons with a single finger. The most cumbersome parts are the four U-shaped “linkages” that let you control the opposite face buttons, but thankfully they’re optional and don’t need to always be attached.

The add-on isn’t going to win any prizes when it comes to appearances, but its winning trait is its simplicity. Designer Kuumeri provides the files needed to 3D print the parts on your own or through some 3D printing service, and that’s pretty much all you need. You don’t even have to break open a PS5 DualSense controller to make it work. There are other designs available on The Controller Project’s page, and it’s quite encouraging to see how gamers and designers are becoming more conscious of the accessibility concerns of gaming.

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Next-gen PlayStation Portable is bad news for Nintendo Switch

I cannot forget the countless hours of gaming on the PSP when hours seemed to pass like minutes. The mere idea of playing high-end games like Killzone: Liberation or Gran Turismo on a portable handheld console was like a dream come true back then. The PSP-1000 and the last version PSP Street – both got discontinued after the holiday season of 2014. It was the end of a glorious era for Sony who has taken a strong grip on the gaming market with the bigger PlayStation consoles. The PlayStation 5 being the current generation, and one of the most powerful and good-looking in the entire line-up.

When my creative bits are churning up in my head, the odd time or two I wondered about a modern handheld PSP that could level up on the performance being offered by the gaming phones like Asus ROG Phone 5, Red Magic 6S Pro and the just-released IQOO 9 Pro. A dedicated Nintendo Switch-like Sony handheld, which I have so many fond memories of from the yesteryears. Designer Andrea Gallarini and Nicola Pezzotti have just made my wish come true in the form of a 2022 PlayStation Portable that elevates to the new era of portable gaming in style. They’ve preserved the classic features of the popular gadget, and mashed up the sharp lines and shapes to appeal to Generation Z users.

As per the designers, they’ve preserved elegance as the key element without overshadowing the ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics. The gadget gets an ultra-HD OLED screen for immersive visual gameplay elements and the thermal management is taken care of via the front grid ventilation. The overall design bears the PlayStation 5 and Dualsense resemblance in the buttons, directional pad and the right and left sticks. To keep up the overall user experience, there are dual surround sound speakers and volume toggle buttons.

The wireless charging pad sandwiches the PSP in profound style and has the obvious PlayStation 5 inspiration that I absolutely vouch for. Since we are talking of a 2022 gadget, online gameplay is given precedence. The PSP concept gets full PlayStation Connect compatibility – opening up a wide library of playable titles that can be enjoyed with other PSP users or even a buddy who’s on the bigger PS5 console and DualSense controller. The option to use the handheld console as a controller while the visuals are outputted to a big TV screen is also possible.

Would I go for a handheld gaming console like this one if it becomes a reality someday – if Sony is already considering one? Of course, with both hands – that combo of black and off-white on the front and rear of the gadget is an invitation enough!

Designer: Andrea Gallarini and Nicola Pezzotti

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PlayStation 2’s sleek redesign is the logical progression for the 2026 PS6 gaming console

Take the PlayStation 2 Slimline and give it those subtle modifications – the perfect recipe for the upcoming Sony gaming console speculated for the 2026 release, don’t you think?

Right when Sony launched the PlayStation gaming console back in 1994, gaming was set to get a turbo boost into the new era. Ever since all gamers have been bestowed with the evolving graphics and gripping gameplay of winning PlayStation titles like Final Fantasy, Tomb Raider Tekken and Gran Turismo. In the battle that’s been going out between Microsoft and Sony, the PlayStation has evolved to be the more popular of the two. That said, out of all the PlayStation gaming consoles released so far, the PlayStation 2 Slimline still impresses with its sleek form factor, and a design akin to gamers liking.

The gaming console was released way back in mid-2004, and it was ahead of its time in terms of minimal design. No doubt it was one of the most popular consoles vouched for by gamers. The geometric shape, slim aesthetics, high-grade finish, and formal elegance – all culminate to make it a cult favorite. To date, Sony’s popular gaming console gets accolades for a timeless design that has not faded away even after so many years. This prompted product designer Mirko Romanelli to redesign the PS2 Slimline in a more modern interpretation without tinkering with the identity, characteristics and dimensions.

The end result is a console that can be positioned in vertical or horizontal configuration depending on the available space and user preference. The vertical standing position is made sturdier with the detachable support base which is fixed in the lower half of the console. To ensure ample airflow to the high-end machine, Mirko creates ample side and rear openings. The support base is also crafted in a way to ensure enough vertical passage of air.

Perhaps, this is the perfect example for Sony to follow and take a detour from the ultra-futuristic-looking PlayStation 5 console and return back to the roots. In times where minimal designs are preferred over flamboyant designs – the PlayStation 2 redesign could be the catalyst Sony needs to throw Microsoft off balance in the battle of the titans in coming years!

Designer: Mirko Romanelli


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Didn’t get a Sony PlayStation 5 this year? You could build a tiny replica out of LEGO instead

Maybe it’s not quite like the real deal, but this LEGO PlayStation 5 replica definitely gives us the fuzzies! Built to look like a scaled-down version of the PlayStation 5 console and controller, it’s the perfect little toy to have on your tabletop to remind you of your obsession… and if you’ve already got a PS5, it’s a neat little keepsake to place right on top of it!

The LEGO set comes with a standard-edition console (sporting a tiny disc slot too), and a miniature DualSense controller too, all in their color-appropriate avatars. The console even comes with its own stand, which allows you to keep it standing upright, or even on its side, just like the real one from Sony!

The LEGO Sony PlayStation 5 replica is the brain-child of LEGO Master Builder Rolling Bricks, who submitted their project to the LEGO Ideas forum – a crowd-sourced initiative by LEGO to help creators make new designs with LEGO’s vast catalog of bricks. If accepted and appreciated by the LEGO Ideas community, the project gets the green signal from LEGO executives and turns from a fan-made design to a LEGO kit that people can actually buy off shelves and online stores. With 489 votes from the LEGO community, the PS5 replica still requires roughly 9,500 votes to be considered by the LEGO officials, although from the looks of it, it’s pretty easy to build one on your own, with a few simple brick shapes! Check out the video above to see how Rolling Bricks builds their own console and controller from scratch!

Designer: Rolling Bricks

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PlayStation 5 Miles Morales-Edition Controller design revealed just as the new Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse trailer drops

Just last year, digital artist Giuseppe Spinelli collaborated with LetsGoDigital to debut artwork for the limited edition Sony PlayStation 5 Spider-Man Miles Morales console. Initially created as concept artwork to celebrate the launch of the Miles Morales game on the PS5, LetsGoDigital and Spinelli (known by his internet moniker Snoreyn) eventually managed to produce a few limited edition faceplates for sale around Black Friday in 2020.

Almost like clockwork, as the Part One trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse movie dropped on the internet, Spinelli revealed that he had, in fact, secretly been working along with airbrush artist Enrico Bertagnoli (aka Berta) to create a few custom Spider-Man-themed PS5 DualSense controllers too!

The controllers are based off Spinelli’s original design back from October 2020 and feature an all-black matte exterior with metallic red accents on the front, and a gloss/matte black-on-black artwork at the backside. The actual work of physically painting the controllers was carried out by ace Italian airbrush artist Enrico Bertagnoli, featuring details all the way down to spray-painted accents on the action buttons and even the words ‘Be Yourself’ scrawled in graffiti fashion across the touchpad on top.

The end result looks remarkably vivid, mirroring the mysterious black and red beauty of Miles Morales’ spidey suit from the movie. Bertagnoli meticulously spray-painted over the white parts of the controller, covering them in a rich chrome red, before masking out the webbing design and the text + symbols on the touchpad and buttons and giving the entire controller a coat of textured matte black. The result isn’t just visual, it’s tactile too, as your fingers feel the difference between the matte and gloss elements both on the front as well as on the back, which has a large glossy spider symbol.

While the faceplate for the actual PS5 console was made available for sale last year (as a limited edition drop), the controllers aren’t being sold the same way… partially because they’re painted entirely by hand in a ridiculously effort-intensive process. The few units that Bertagnoli and Spinelli created are being preserved as memorabilia, with one of them even being donated to the Bonami Gaming Console Museum in The Netherlands. The controller sits in a bespoke framed casing, housed behind a piece of glass with the creators’ internet monikers, Snoreyn and Berta, mentioned on the front.

That being said, they’re not entirely against the idea of bulk-producing controllers if enough people express interest (there’s even a mockup of the packaging box at the bottom of the article)… although don’t expect this to come cheap, or fast, thanks to a combination of supply chain issues and the fact that each controller is painstakingly painted manually. If you’re interested, however, in getting your hands on a custom PS5 Spider-Man Miles Morales Edition DualSense Controller, just drop in a comment or DM on Berta or Snoreyn’s social handles!

Images via LetsGoDigital

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The Elitra GTS is a road-hugging speedster that looks like something pulled out of the PS5 Gran Turismo

Elitra GTS Gran Turismo PS5 by Mattia Brunelli

Created by automotive designer Mattia Brunelli as a vanity side-project aimed at exploring automotive styling, the Elitra GTS is a halo-car with no real brand attached to it. Instead, it focuses on inheriting attributes from other racecars of its time with unique styling, a jet fighter-focused aesthetic, plenty of air intakes, and what looks like a holographic dashboard that augments itself over the driver’s windscreen.

Elitra GTS Gran Turismo PS5 by Mattia Brunelli

Elitra is a two-seater hypercar concept that envelops the driver and fellow passenger inside a jet fighter-style cockpit, with elements of the car’s body “floating” around the fuselage, creating the impression of wings and moving surfaces like flaps and ailerons to reinforce that feeling of a jet slicing through the stratosphere.

Elitra GTS Gran Turismo PS5 by Mattia Brunelli

Elitra GTS Gran Turismo PS5 by Mattia Brunelli

The car’s overall design tows the balance between speed and aggression. Trying to not necessarily look edgy and domineering, the Elitra sports surfaces with natural, mildly rounded edges that give the impression of speed while avoiding looking overtly sharp – something that’s often the case with fighter jet-inspired automobiles. Instead, it comes with an aesthetic that, as described by the folks at Automotive Design Planet, “less intimidating but still of great scenic presence”.

Elitra GTS Gran Turismo PS5 by Mattia Brunelli

The car’s ‘airy’ design sports enough strategically positioned intakes to supply air directly to every technical component. While this was merely a form exploration project for designer Mattia Brunelli, it’s pretty clear that the concept isn’t powered by an electric drivetrain, thanks to the presence of dual tailpipes at the back. You can view more renders of the Elitra GTS on Mattia’s Instagram Page.

Designer: Mattia Brunelli

Elitra GTS Gran Turismo PS5 by Mattia Brunelli

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PlayStation 5 “Pro” edition concept looks like a shiny Roomba-shaped gaming console

It says a lot about the PS5’s design that concept artists are still trying to reimagine its aesthetic as something more traditional and less alien-like. The PS5 “Pro” comes from the mind of Anesthétique Projets, who also developed the PlayStation 5G, a handheld PS Vita-styled concept that made the most of the console/mobile gaming crossover. Now, the NY-based designer is back with an overhaul of the ‘polarizing’ PS5 design. Titled the PlayStation 5 Pro, the console borrows from the circular elements seen on the 1st gen PlayStation and its younger sibling, the curvier PS One. Its back-to-basics design even sports an updated version of the DualShock 4 controllers that pair well with the console’s flat cylindrical design.

It’s safe to say that Anesthétique Projet’s approach to designing the PS5 involved bringing a sense of ‘normalcy’ back into the console’s design language. The PS5 Pro’s design language takes on a very “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” vibe with its simple circular design that pays a hat-tip to the original PlayStation. It does, however, have the proportions of a Roomba, although with that glorious brushed metal finish, that’s a Roomba I would gladly own. The front is rather simple, with a CD slot and two USB-C ports (to charge your controllers), while the back is where all the magic is, with an 8K HDMI out, ethernet, USB-A, and even a digital audio output (there’s no 3.5mm jack in sight).

The controllers should really please PS purists, as they give the DualShock series an upgrade rather than adopting the DualSense style. The base of the controllers play around with a transparent-on-opaque finish, as do the trigger buttons on the back. Titled the DualShock 5 Pro, the controllers come with USB-C ports on the front and the back, and sport the signature Stormtrooper-style black-and-white color-way.

The PlayStation 5 Pro isn’t the first circular concept we’ve seen. In November last year, designer Riccardo Breccia designed a circular PS5 concept too.

Designer: Anesthétique Projets

These PS5 Gaming Earbuds are the perfect addition to Sony’s Playstation hardware ecosystem

Titled the EVOLUTION 3D, these conceptual TWS Gaming Earbuds form the perfect successor to Sony’s Pulse headphones, giving PS5 gamers some much-needed variety.

Every archetype of a gamer involves having a clunky pair of headphones with a microphone, but the EVOLUTION 3D wants to give that cliché an upgrade. By combining powerful gaming hardware with sleek, cutting-edge consumer tech, the EVOLUTION 3D creates allies out of two hardware categories that seldom see an overlap. The TWS earbuds come with the distinct PS5 visual style with the interplay between white and black surfaces. The case comes with an embossed version of the PS logo, and a soft, pebble-inspired form. Pop it open at the seam and it reveals the two earbuds docked in place. Designed to work with all devices but especially with your PS5, the EVOLUTION 3D provides a host of unique features that makes your gameplay much more interesting and immersive.

The earbuds are the brain-child of designer Adam Shen, who saw a void in Sony’s PS5 hardware offering and decided to fill it up. Visually, they fit perfectly into the PS5 lineup, although functionally, I wouldn’t be surprised if hardcore gamers still decided to stick to wired headsets. However, the conceptual EVOLUTION 3D earbuds make up for it with incredible features. Not only do they come with Active Noise Cancelling, they support 3D Audio too (like the AirPods Max), which means sounds don’t exist in a static space… they move around as you move your head, making the earbuds great for the PS5 but even better for PlayStation VR! If someone at Sony’s reading this, I hope you consider turning this concept into reality!

Designer: Adam Shen

This is a fan-made concept and the Sony PlayStation and PS5 logos are used for representational purposes only.

Meet the PlayStation 5G, an upgraded successor to the handheld Sony PS Vita

It’s a theoretically perfect bridge between Sony’s PlayStation gaming brand, and its Xperia smartphone brand.

While the company’s facing severe chip shortages, leading to high demand but throttled supply, this conceptual Playstation 5G would be a perfect way to quench the demand while allowing Sony’s entire PlayStation catalog to go mobile. Designed by New York-based Anesthétique Projets, the Sony PlayStation 5G concept shrinks the gaming console into a nice, portable design, and in the meanwhile, creates the perfect rival to the Nintendo Switch Lite.

It’s difficult to look past that Switch Lite visual comparison because, in its essence, that’s really what the PS5G is. However, the PS5G comes with some notable upgrades – An incredibly slim, almost smartphone-like design, a multiple-camera setup, and 5G capabilities. Is it a smartphone? Is it a gaming console? Does it run a PS-themed version of Android? Based solely off these renders, I really can’t tell… but let’s dig in further.

It’s been rumored that Sony’s working on a cloud-gaming platform to rival Google Stadia and Microsoft Xbox Game Pass. Codenamed ‘PlayStation Now’, it brings all of the popular PS titles to your smartphone, allowing you to game in a device-agnostic fashion. Given that mobile gaming is now the most popular gaming format in the world, it really makes sense. In that regard, it would also be sensible to conclude that the PlayStation 5G is more of a console/smartphone hybrid. Would that dilute or hurt the Xperia brand? Probably. Would it really be a bad thing? I don’t think so.

An Android smartphone/gaming-console wouldn’t be a bad thing. The PS reputation has enough weight to really create the demand needed to make this popular. Besides, the PlayStation 5G concept has a nice large touchscreen, a slim form factor, physical controls, and a powerful multi-lens camera that sort of makes it feel like the best of both worlds. Just plug a SIM card in, connect to a 5G network, and you can play console-level games practically anywhere. The presence of a 5G network could potentially help the device overcome the hiccups that Google Stadia currently faces, and just like every smartphone has a killer feature (it’s usually always the camera), the PlayStation 5G’s killer feature would pitch it against more gaming-prone smartphones like the ASUS ROG Phone, or the more recent Lenovo Legion Duel 2 Phone. The PlayStation 5’s secret sauce? Its ability to play PS titles… and also those physical controls.

The controls are what makes the PlayStation 5G a bonafide gaming phone. It comes equipped with all the buttons, a D-Pad, action keys, two joypads, and even the L1/L2 and R1/R2 shoulder buttons. The device also comes with front-firing speakers and TWO front facing cameras, located on the top left and top right of the screen as you hold it in landscape mode. It even comes with a dedicated PS button, an option button, and a share button, giving you everything you need in a handheld gaming device. The charging port is located on the bottom of the phone as you hold it in landscape mode, allowing you to charge without the cable getting in the way of your grip.

Given its conceptual nature, there’s little clarity on the phone’s OS and that camera module. It would be safe to assume that the PS5G runs a version of Android tailored to Sony’s specifications… and that camera module looks like it has at least 5 lenses (if you look real close), along with Zeiss branding on it. That would basically help Sony do two things. A. Blow the Nintendo Switch out of the water, and B. Get more people to adopt and test out its camera system, which tends to get ignored along with the Xperia lineup.

While my heart really wishes this device were real, sadly it’s just a concept. Sure, there are a few grey areas as far as the features and technicalities are concerned (Is there a headphone jack? What’s the battery life? And will this phone also be able to run Google Stadia and Microsoft Xbox Game Pass?) but at least on paper, the PlayStation 5G would really help Sony sell more handheld devices while quelling the high demand for the PS5 and eventually even getting more people aboard its ambitious ‘PlayStation Now’ platform. Go ahead, Sony. I know you want to build this. After all, you definitely have a reputation for building odd devices.

Designer: Anesthétique Projets

Sony’s new PS5 VR controllers come with adaptive triggers and haptic feedback, defining the next generation of gaming!

Virtual Reality brings gamers right into the world of video games in a way no other gaming technology can. With VR headsets and controllers only rising in popularity, gaming has never been as visceral as it is today. Most major video game brands are gearing up their systems to accommodate VR playing, including Sony’s PlayStation. Today, the team at Sony revealed their new VR controllers for the PS5, their latest console, which comes equipped with VR integration, and boy, do we love how futuristic and almost conceptual these designs look – just how we always envisioned VR controllers would look like!

Building upon their previously released DualSense wireless controller, which changed the way games “feel” through immersive haptic feedback, the new VR controller for the PS5 also provides haptic feedback and takes on an orb-like shape that allows users to move their hands freely and naturally when gaming. The ergonomic design behind the new VR controller was also tested by a range of users with different hand sizes to ensure that they work for everyone. In addition to the controller’s added haptic feedback, the new VR controllers are outfitted with the same adaptive trigger technology found on the DualSense wireless controllers. The adaptive trigger buttons on Sony’s VR controllers add tension that gamers can really feel when plucking an arrow or pulling on a rope, adding to the multisensory experience of PS5.

Sony made it so the new VR controllers can detect a user’s fingers without them having to press the controller where their fingers are resting, so gamers can move through each game following their gut instinct. Each VR controller is also tracked by the new VR headset through the controller’s tracking ring, which can be found at the bottom of each controller. With more news soon to be released including the launch of the new VR headset, for now, prototypes of the new VR controllers will be tested out by Sony’s development community for further improvements and to test new ideas on the world of VR.

Designer: Sony x PlayStation

“There are no constraints with how you’re moving your hands, providing developers with the ability to create unique gameplay experiences,” says Senior Vice President at PlayStation, Hideaki Nishino

With adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, and finger-touch detection, the new VR controllers from PlayStation amplify the VR experience.

“The Left controller contains one analog stick, the triangle, and square buttons, a “grip” button (L1), trigger button (L2) and Create button. The Right controller contains one analog stick, the cross and circle buttons, a “grip” button (R1), trigger button (R2) and Options button,” says Nishino