This ultra-portable 4K multi-touch monitor is designed for a flexible yet productive workspace

As the pandemic has got most of us pinned at homes to keep safe, what has gained importance is setting the right working ambiance to retain our productivity. Sure one can have a multi-display setup to boost productivity, but one of the caveats at working home from the same desk day in and day out can get boring at times. Such instances make you wonder if there could be a portable display that can be taken anywhere to pair up with your laptop and have a productive work regime from a completely unexpected location. Your living room or the patio area can now be your workspace where you would normally not expected a productive work setup to be at your disposal without carrying all those cables to create a working setup.

Having a UHD 4K screen (3840×2160 resolution and 1200:1 contrast ratio) that’s compatible with all the modern-day gadgets oriented for peak productivity and entertainment on weekends is one thing every professional or budding creative individual craves for. Well, the 15.6-inch Mako Pro 4K touchscreen monitor by 6D Sharks is designed keeping in mind every little need of a productivity-oriented dual-monitor setup that’s compatible with all the devices one can throw at it. The slim, lightweight IPS monitor is compatible even with smartphones, gaming consoles, and cameras for seamless connectivity. This 10-point capacitive screen has minimal bezels to enhance the viewing experience and comes with a stylus touch pen to give your creativity wings. For solo use, the widescreen has a split mode which literally turns it into two screens for a multitude of uses. Unlike other portable monitors, Mako (the Max variant) has a 120 Hz refresh rate, so gamers and multimedia content lovers will already have a smile on their faces.

Talking about the functionality, the backlit LED monitor has a gravity sensor that automatically detects the orientation, whether it’s resting on the kickstand or you’re holding it in portrait mode, and adjusts the display accordingly. You can make it rest in a standard monitor position or lay it slightly slanted in a resting position on the hinged kickstand. Given that screen is just 4 mm thick and weighs 800 grams makes the design ideal for all sort of working or entertainment modes. Mako also has all the ports and connectivity options – mini HDMI, USB-C port; and USB-type A to USB-type C cable, a USB-type C to C cable, and an HDMI-mini to HDMI cable.

Overall this UHD monitor is great for flexible work from home productivity setup and also for the office work environment. If you can’t live without the portability aspect, you can also tag it along for your business trips or the intense gaming session at your pal’s home – after all, Mako is sturdy and ultra-portable for carrying along in your backpack. Plus the iPad-like form factor gives you even more flexibility of use for a laid-back working regime from your couch, perhaps!

Designer: Athena Design

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Mako – The 4K Touch-screen Monitor

The Mako is a 4K Ultra HD portable display that helps boost productivity.


Weighs a mere 800g – just a little more than an iPad. In addition, Mako is super thin – 4mm – so it is an on-the-go display you can carry anywhere and round-the-clock.

Compatible With a Wide Range of Devices

You can quickly and easily expand your viewing pleasure with the Mako monitor for a bigger screen or simply to view two things at once.

Active Capacitive Stylus Touch Pen

Mako is also compatible with a highly sensitive pen for precision drawing. Turn your phone or laptop into a drawing board with ease, or even take notes in a jiffy.

Perks of a Touch-sensitive Panel

Forgo the mouse, and level up your workstation so that you can multi-task like a pro – pinch to zoom in, flick to move things, or scroll up and down pages with your finger.

Ace Your Presentations

In a meeting or presentation and need to share something with the rest of the team? No sweat, simply connect your device to the Mako, and away you go.

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Fujifilm’s portable X-ray unit brings healthcare to the palm of your hands!

No one ever looks forward to a hospital visit, especially not right now – home healthcare is making a serious comeback in the year 2020, and not only for the older crowd. Product designs like CALNEO XAir, a portable X-ray unit, have come to prove it. The handheld device is authoritative and trustworthy in its conception and manufacturing. In 2019, CALNEO XAir received both the Bronze award in International Design Excellence from IDEA and the Gold Product Award from iF Design.

The award-winning design was created by the team at FUJIFILM in order to provide a convenient household healthcare tool that meets today’s medical guidelines and scientific standards. CALNEO Xair’s exterior is appealing in its intuitively cohesive configuration, making for a stress-free operation. Additionally, through advanced technological features, the product’s battery power and its ultra-high sensitive cassette for diagnostic imaging have also been improved. The high-sensitivity cassette utilizes FUJIFILM’s proprietary ISS method, which translates X-ray energy into optical signals with minimal electric currents and offers a noticeable amount of noise reduction.

Thanks to its super-sensitive imaging plates, CALNEO Xair captures high-quality images, and the radiation dosage necessary for CALNEO Xair’s operation is considerably less than that of X-ray machines found in hospitals. This means that even in the comfort of your own home, you can receive the medical attention and information necessary for healthy living. The product is handheld in order to provide optimal comfort and convenience. Its full weight comes out to an ultralight 3.5kg (roughly 7lbs) as a result of less battery mass and a lightweight X-ray tube. CALNEO Xair reduces radiation exposure for patients, provides reliable and quick information related to the user’s bone health, and brings the benefits of home healthcare to the palm of your hand.

Hospital workers have a lot on their plates, always, but especially in the year 2020, with COVID-19 ramping up again and medical centers understaffed or overwhelmed. CALNEO Xair could provide some relief by transforming the prototypical, heavy-duty X-Ray machine into a contemporary, modern handheld device that’s instinctive and accessible for everyone.

Designer: FUJIFILM

This portable Coffee Maker’s nesting design is the ultimate travel companion!

As I prepared for my first camping trip, coffee was the only thing on my mind. I thought my worries were solved once I packed my stovetop coffeemaker and portable propane stove, but then the propane ran out, so my first cup of coffee had to wait. Situations like these are exactly why the Nesting Cafe, designed by Songhwa Park, was created. Whether you’re at a sporting event or on a camping trip, the Nesting Cafe will make sure you stay caffeinated no matter what.

Nesting Cafe’s design reinterprets the iconic Matryoshka doll by attaching a capsule coffee maker to the inside of its steel tumbler and removable wooden cup. The bottom of the wooden cup utilizes a magnet in order to securely attach to the coffee maker so that you can bring it everywhere you go. Once the coffee is finished brewing, then the user can decide whether they’d like to sip it straight from the tumbler, where the coffee from the capsule is poured into, or drink some out of the accompanying wooden mug. The product is comprised of three main parts: its carrying case, which includes a leather strap for easy transportation and the compartment for pods to brew your coffee, a tumbler, which fills up with coffee once brewed, and lastly, the removable wooden mug which provides an additional option from which to drink. Nesting Cafe was also designed in an assortment of different tones and shades so that no matter where you might find yourself, coffee will always follow.

Upon first glance, Nesting Cafe might look like a really slick, modern take on the Russian doll we’ve come to cherish. While that would be an accurate assumption, it’s also so much more. Opening the product’s front door, the user sees all that comprises the portable coffee maker. Just like the beloved Russian doll, Nesting Cafe brings new life to an otherwise timeless appliance.

Designer: Songhwa Park

A side table and a projector merge to keep you entertained and your smartphone charged!

What does your nighttime routine look like? My ideal routine is to sit down, recap my day while jotting down the learning’s on my journal, and planning the day to come in advance – indulging in some TLC. Now while that is ideal, the reality is we sleep off with our phone clutched in one hand, our latest binge-watching series playing as a disturbing lullaby that haunts our dreams! With the pandemic disturbing sleep cycles and routines, and the infinite scrolling syndrome gripping the world, designer Younghyun Kim designed a unique side table that stays by your bed, handles your smartphone for you, and lets you relax with your favorite show before you lean over and switch it off with ease. Meet the smart side table that is staying with modern times – the Projectable!

Projectable, derived by merging a projector+table is a one-stop solution for your relaxing needs, consider it a spa for your phone! The first thing this table does is wirelessly charge your phone through the small gap that slots and holds your phone comfortably. Now depending on your mood, you can let your phone rest or, unwind by watching everything from a kitten video to kinetic sand cutting ASMR videos using the projector – no more squinting at the tiny screen! The fabric mesh-covering visually separates the movable projector-head that provides almost 90 degrees rotation. The tactile buttons on the surface control the projector angle and volume levels while switching it off is as easy as leaning over and turning off your night light. The drawer of the table opens with a light, so you can adjust and organize the wires neatly. The accompanying smartphone app lets you match the audio and screen to fit the space. In addition, you can enjoy various functions such as setting the time and recommending content that suits you.

Available in neutral tones that match any given interior, this table is the perfect accompaniment to your comfy chair or bedside, allowing you to relax totally and providing hands-free entertainment while recharging your phone! I would love to get my hand on multiple Projectables and create cozy, hands-free spots for every member of my home!

Designer: Younghyun Kim of Designer Dot


The OTE Juicer is an adorable appliance that brightens up your kitchen

Appliances can sometimes look intimidating. The OTE Juicer is far from that.

Its small, bulbous design makes it instantly approachable and friendly, while the form language, pastel color cues, and the judicious use of chrome seems very characteristic of companies like SMEG and Cuisinart. The OTE is palm-sized, with a base-heavy design that gives it an adorable appeal, almost like a pudgy little cartoon character. A clear juice-vessel sits on top (like you’d see in a Nutribullet), and a nifty little chrome key on the side lets you control the juicer, making everything from smoothies to shakes, sauces, and spice-powders.

The upper vessel detaches and comes with a separate cap with a wrist-loop too, allowing you to take your juices and smoothies with you when you step out… a much better alternative than that travel mug of overpriced coffee, I assure you.

Designer: InDare

The only full height portable chair for the ultimately comfortable outdoor seating experience!

Take a seat, I am about to show you one of the best outdoor camping chairs. Meet Campster – the most compact, lightweight. durable and portable chair! After selling over 100,000 pieces, intense market analysis, and tonnes of feedback, Copenhagen-based Sitpack refined the camping chair to make one that is truly the king of camping thrones!

The idea behind this chair is simple – you can take it anywhere and you can sit anywhere. The company’s goal is to always create products with multiple usages and timeless design. Constructed from high-end materials, this three-legged chair will let you take a seat wherever you are while ensuring comfort, maneuverability, and stability. Campster’s one-piece telescoping design uses gravity to unfold and Sitpack’s trademark “one-pull” locking system to keep it sturdily in place!

“By using beautifully anodized aluminum we obtain a very exclusive look and feel. Another feature that sets our product apart from most other competitors, is our seat which is readily attached to the seat poles making it a multi-functional seat and protection sleeve – for safe carrying if you forget the carry bag,” explains the team on why they decided to enter the saturated market of chairs and disrupt it. Campster’s height is 43cm/17″ which is not something I’ve seen in any portable chair. The value it gives to the users is sitting high but packing small – the all-in-one frame is complete with a ripstop nylon breathable mesh seat to get the seat weight down to 2 lbs & carry capacity up to 300 lbs. “The simple pivoting arms make for a backrest that will follow you every move, whether you move forward, backward or to the side – as long as you keep your legs on the ground for support, you can move around freely,” adds the team.

It is engineered to be the smallest, lightest, and least restrictive portable chair ever and shows that you don’t need a bulky chair for it to be comfortable. Campster comes with free accessories like the nylon multi-use carry bag, anti-slip elastopolymer addon feet, and an aluminum carabiner. It is truly a chair for all outdoor adventures right from trekking to tailgating, it works for the practical packer and the lazy hiker!

Designer: Sitpack

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Campster: Full-Height Ultra-Light Everywhere Chair


The go-anywhere – use anywhere chair. At Sitpack we are all about creating products with multiple usages that are timeless in design and constructed from high-end materials. Scroll and be amazed about the features and experience of how THREE legs will provide better seating comfort, maneuverability as well as giving stability – and sitting freedom.

One-Piece Telescoping Design = Super Easy Set-Up & Take-Down



We built a simplistic and minimalistic solution using gravity to unfold, and our own “one-pull” locking system, a system only seen on Sitpack products. With a few tries, you’ll be a Campster NINJA.

The seating height (43cm 17″) is a feature not found in ANY other super portable chairs. We researched all portable chairs in the same compact category, and after testing we found huge value in sitting high and packing small.

Compact and Easy to use chair


What to have the best and easiest portable seat on the market, look no further. Campster is here and will never leave your side. Unless you forget it somewhere. Anyway – we built the chair so it’s both compact and easy (even fun) to use.

Carry Easily – No Parts to Assemble
All-in-one frame, complete with a ripstop nylon seat to get the seat weight down to 2 lbs & carry capacity up to 300 lbs.

Comfortable Tripod Seat
Our UniqueThree-legged design allows you to shift and move around easily & stay comfortable.

Sitpack Features

Sitpack has been working with disrupting and innovating compact seating products for more than 5 years. We are constrained on size, so material choices and brainpower are needed to reach otherworldly features in a fraction of the space and weight showcased by established brands. Features and designs speak for themselves and as we set-us apart from all other brands. Perfect for every occasion. Why sacrifice comfort for portability?

Sitpack Campster is much more than a Camping chair. Campster is a social chair, a chair that can be brought anywhere, even used at home as a guest chair. You can easily hook up 2-3-4 or even 8 Campsters together using the free carabiner, to connect the carry bag that is included.

One chair/ versatile use


Use in your parks, backyards along with your tailgating and outdoor events: One of the most amazing things about Sitpack Campster is its ability to be several products in one.  The seat poles are attached so that they are very flexible to fit all seating needs. You can lean back as on a recliner and soak up the sun, sit-up straight and follow soccer practice, or you can cut your grass with nail clippers, bent forward, still comfortable. As long as both legs are grounded your can tilt, twist, and tip as much as you like.

Sand, sun, and fun are more accessible than ever with a beach chair or several beach chairs that take up only little room in your car.

Uniquely engineered Solution

Engineered to be the smallest, lightest, and least restrictive portable chair ever, Campster flips the concept of the need for a huge and bulky camping chair to be comfortable. Rocking a seating height that beats that of ALL other portable “Micro” chairs – get ready to be amazed. The simple pivoting arms make for a backrest that will follow you every move, whether you move forward, backward or to the side – as long as you keep your legs on the ground for support, you can move around freely.

About the SitPack Design

We’re doing this to make everyone change their idea of what a portable chair actually could look like. By using beautifully anodized aluminum we obtain a very exclusive look and feel. Another feature that sets our product apart from most other competitors, is our seat which is readily attached to the seat poles making it a multi-functional seat and protection sleeve – for safe carrying if you forget the FREE carry bag.

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Portable sanitizer bottle comes with a UV chamber to store/disinfect your face mask

Designed to cover the important bases, the SaniCase holds/disinfects your face mask, and even dispenses hand-sanitizer, all in a product that’s roughly the size of a roll of quarters.

Milan-based Salvo Lo Cascio designed the SaniCase as a response to a common problem he saw with people who wore masks. During brief intervals when they took their mask off to eat or drink, they’d often end up putting their masks on tables, armrests, or back in their pockets along with their phone and keys. Designed to give people a place to safely store their masks when not in use, the SaniCase comes with a cylindrical compartment lined with UV-C lights on the inside. When you don’t need the mask, just slip it into its protective casing and it’ll get sanitized too. Speaking of which, the base of the SaniCase even has a push-to-deploy hand-sanitizer bottle on it, allowing you to periodically clean your hands too. By helping disinfect your hands as well as your face-mask, the SaniCase covers all the critical areas to prevent germs from accidentally entering your system. Besides, its portable avatar and optional lanyard make it really easy to carry around with you!

Salvo Lo Cascio developed the SaniCase as a concept to address a common problem, but the designer is now working with vendors, producers, and partners to help bring his idea to life!

Designer: Salvo Lo Cascio

A portable DVD player+display designed to make binge watching easy for the elderly

The digital age was already booming but ever since the pandemic hit, it has reached a whole new level. Now everything has to be done digitally – working, ordering groceries, attending weddings, and even your doctor’s appointments. While most of us are well-versed with using apps for everything, we often forget about the elderly who don’t consider their smartphones as an extension of their body. This is a difficult time for them since they are more at risk but doubly difficult because gadgets are not their best friends. Keeping this in mind, Designer Chen Zhigang (ZJ-DDG) created DVDISC which is a conceptual device aimed at letting folks binge watch without Netflix!

DVDISC is for many of us who still have their old DVD/CD collection but mainly for those who just want to watch a movie without operating a laptop or an app they are not comfortable with. The goal of this design is to make using the device a super simple task, so the UI and UX revolve around that. It has simple physical buttons that are shallow dips in the physical surface and are all labeled which makes it very easy to operate. It literally tells you where to put the DVD or CD and if you need to ‘click’ or ‘press’ a certain button and exactly what it will do. Another important thing was to include a cost-effective display that doesn’t reduce the quality of the image. All you have to do is insert the DVD or CD in the slot and flip it over to watch on the screen. It truly makes watching content easier for the elderly or even those who may experience forms of mental disabilities. After all, everyone deserves a good binge-watching session in quarantine! I would call this a smart design instead of a smart device.

Designer: Chen Zhigang (ZJ-DDG)




This self-isolating fold-out work-cubicle turns any wall into a safe workspace

Far be it for us to really even think of going back to offices this year, but this time poses a pretty interesting challenge in reimagining workspaces. Prasad Ghodke, for starters, has a solution that helps easily turn boring walls into pop-out cubicles that are carefully distanced and separated from each other using fold-out partitions. Designed to help maximize space, occupy a small footprint, and more importantly be safe, the Pandemic Work Desk Concept (the name may sound more somber than intended) fits right into a wall, occupying practically no floor real-estate. Designed to retrofit into any wall, the Pandemic Work Desk Concept helps turn regular spaces into workspaces. Be it a small room in your home, a coworking space, or just anywhere in a coffee-shop… the Pandemic Work Desk Concept is a simple, full-featured working zone that opens up in mere minutes, and folds flat into the wall when you’re done.

The clever, foldable work-desk comes with a flexible chair and 180° table that gives you space to place your laptop, a couple of desk accessories, and even a cup of coffee/tea by your side. A small pocket on the side lets you store items you may need to access later like a pocket-book or some pens, and fold-out blinds on both sides give you the ability to instantly turn your space into a private zone, allowing you to bury yourself in your work and effectively distance from people working beside you. All you effectively need is a face-mask and WiFi!

Designer: Prasad Ghodke