The NOMAD Briefcase Grill & Smoker: For Cooking on the Go

Because you never know when the need to grill or smoke some meat is going to hit you, NOMAD has developed the Briefcase Grill & Smoker, a $600 portable grill and smoker in the form of a 28-pound briefcase. Am I going to handcuff it to my wrist and pretend it contains the nuclear launch codes? No, I’ve done that before and lost the key and it turned into a whole big thing.

The cast aluminum briefcase measures approximately 21″ x 14″ x 10″ and opens to reveal 212 or 425 square inches of total grilling space depending on if you’re using a single side or both. Its exterior includes an integrated thermometer and is specially coated to reduce the shell’s temperature and make it safe to cook on most outdoor surfaces. From what I gathered from their marketing material though, it was not designed to cook while carrying like a briefcase, which is a shame because that’s exactly what I was looking for.

I remember the first time I went camping and thought I was so smart for packing a George Foreman grill. Well, it turns out I was not so smart because there were no electrical outlets in those rocks and trees. I ate a lot of cold hot dogs that weekend.

[via TechCrunch]

This 7 screen laptop transforms like a Swiss Army knife to create some serious working space!

Multiscreen setups are the norm these days for professionals, upping their productivity game by a notch, and the setup does look cool, to be honest. While we have seen dual-screen laptops in the past, UK-based Expanscape wants to up your laptop game to peak productivity with a multiscreen setup that folds into itself for portability. Honestly, what we see here will put even the most sought out multiscreen desktop setups to shame.

Meet the Aurora 7, a seven screen real estate space to expand your productivity, and that too with the promise of packing it up in an instant and carrying it to your living room or even to your pal’s place. The company is in its infancy stage and has created the Aurora 7 laptop prototype that it plans to sell to enthusiasts already – moving into the future. The company plans to have the commercial version ready as soon as possible. Speaking of the design and its form, the laptop looks more like a Swiss Army Knife of the PC world has a 17.3-inch main screen. Then three other 17.3-inch display panels swivel out – one in landscape orientation that sits above the main display and the other two on either side in portrait configuration. All of them have a resolution of 3840×2160, running at 60Hz.

If that’s not it, three more auxiliary displays have a 1920×1200 resolution that folds out to give you a massive workable space that you are sure to have nothing to complain about! The laptop runs on an Intel Core i9-9900K processor and is mated to an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card. To handle all the required multiprocessing, the design includes a 64GB DDR4 memory and a multitude of drive options for storage bliss. To handle all the screens and the massive processing power required if a gamer wants to take it to the limit, Expanscape has loaded Aurora 7 with dual batteries – one an 82Whr and the other 148 Whr to keep the processing and the displays running full steam. According to them, the battery will last for around two hours twenty minutes under normal load conditions.

The only caveat being its weight. The Expanscape Aurora 7 laptop weighs 17 kilograms, which is not lightweight by any standards, but if you can live with that, it is one hell of a machine. A perfect laptop for people who need multiscreen setup while not sacrificing on the portability aspect – people like DevOps, SecOps, CyberSecurity and Day, Stock, Commodity Trader – Expanscape is targeting to be their potential customers. We hope that this transforming multiscreen laptop will make it to the production lines with a more commercially viable, lighter clean design and a reasonable price tag. What do you think? Will you fancy owning one of the metrics that are just right?

Designer: Expanscape

These foldable bathrooms can be instantly assembled at refugee camps

Designed to be set up at refugee camps in a matter of mere minutes, these bathrooms can be unfolded in a matter of minutes, giving large groups of people a private place to have a shower every day.

The Speedy Collapsible Bathrooms aren’t really replacements for ‘Portaloos’, but are an addition to them, as they provide private showering quarters for refugees. These showering stations come as a single foldable clapboard that can easily be unfolded on-site, with details like floor panels, doors, plumbing, and other attachments being plugged in within mere minutes. Once the clapboard is assembled, the shower-head (which flat-packs too) can easily be assembled along with a foot-powered pump at its base. The final step involves mounting the door units and the elevated floorboards which allow the water to drain from underneath. Water for showering can be pumped through an inlet on the side, although if the water pressure ever drops, a foot-pump in each showering booth lets people easily pump their own water as they bathe.

The Speedy Collapsible Bathrooms are designed to be easy to assemble and effective, but also easy to pack up once done. When the refugee camp is no longer needed, the bathroom can be unplugged and repackaged once again, allowing as many as 10 showering booths to fold up and occupy a fraction of the space on the back of a cargo truck.

The Speedy Collapsible Bathrooms are a winner of the Golden Pin Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: Ze-Hong Mo

Fan-made world’s smallest portable Nintendo 64 console is literally the size of its cartridge!

Just in case you’re wondering… no, this isn’t the latest Nintendo Switch, even though it quite strongly resembles one. In fact, its predecessor isn’t even from this decade, or era. Meet the world’s smallest portable Nintendo 64, a handheld version of the popular 64-bit gaming console from 1996 that’s designed to be as small as humanly possible. In fact, if it hadn’t been for the hulking cartridge, I’d venture a guess that this console could be a whole lot smaller.

The World’s Smallest Portable Nintendo 64 is the work of Gunnar, who goes by the name GmanModz on YouTube. Only earlier this year he designed a version of the N64 with a GameBoy Advance SP-style folding screen. While that version was more user-friendly, this one focuses more on scaling down the tech to its smallest avatar… and with a 118mm x 84mm form factor (with just 20mm of thickness), it quite literally is the world’s smallest N64 ever made; and in more ways than one, because this variant doesn’t use custom PCBs. It actually uses original parts from the stock Nintendo 64 console that have been expertly trimmed down, re-organized, re-wired, and re-soldered together. In a very Ship-Of-Theseus sense, GmanModz’s N64 is more original than other consoles that use emulators and ROMs to run N64 titles, because this bad-boy plays the original games on original hardware!

However, certain trade-offs needed to be made to make the device handheld and as tiny as possible. This includes the addition of a 18650 lithium-ion battery, a 3.5-inch 320×240 display, a speaker, and joy-cons pulled from the Nintendo Switch (for the smallest footprint). GmanModz’s console also ditches a few controller buttons due to space constraints, and the 18650 battery gives it roughly an hour and a half’s worth of playing time, but that doesn’t discount exactly how impressive it is to make a console as small as this!

Designer: Gunnar (GmanModz)

Designed by former SpaceX, Tesla, & AirBnB employees, this flatpack shelter is the ultimate adventure essential!

Glamping pods are cool but what if I tell you there is a portable shelter literally designed by the best in the game? Jupe is a luxe pod with a sci-fi-inspired design made by a team of multidisciplinary experts from across the housing, architecture, and engineering industries, including former SpaceX, Tesla, and AirBnB team members for modern travelers looking to escape their urban life and dive into nature. The glowing geometric structure and angular surfaces resemble a cut diamond or an interstellar shuttle more than age-old structures like RVs, cabins, tents, or yurts traditionally used for getaways.

Jupe is a portable off-grid shelter that flatpacks so you can pick any spot on the planet and pitch your tent. The futuristic silhouette is inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: Space Odyssey which explains the aluminum pole frame and glowing Firesist fabric exterior which also make it suitable to withstand different climate conditions. The mission was not to make a quick place to stay but to create a gateway to the outside world. It can be assembled in hours and gives you a 111-square foot space featuring tall ceilings, finished Baltic birch wood floors, a queen bed, and a storage area – think something right in the middle of a tiny home and glamping pod.

The large entryway doubles up as a window for your chosen scenery which you can endlessly gaze at from your queen-sized bed. The shelter also includes a 200 amp hour battery and solar array with electrical outlets, USB charging stations, dimmable LED lighting system, and a private wi-fi network if you cannot be completely off the grid. Apart from the bed, it is also furnished with designer pieces like the end tables, a desk + chair, an ottoman, and an average-sized monolith to stay aligned with the cosmos theme. Unlike most small portable shelters, Jupe’s ceilings are 11 feet tall and cloaked in luminous Firesist fabric. Like most tiny homes Jupe also optimizes its space – the Baltic birch wood floors open up to individual storage cubbies totaling 38 cubic feet which is enough space to store ten large suitcases (in case you are on the run).

“Experiencing the natural wonders of the world shouldn’t mean being forced to disconnect while staying in a less-than-inspirational living space,” said Jeff Wilson, co-founder and CEO of Jupe. “Jupe is an out-of-this-city getaway inspired by out-of-this-world ideas. During these times when most of us are craving a true escape, Jupe provides an experience perfectly suited for socially distanced travel.” The interior was designed in collaboration with renowned boutique hotelier Liz Lambert and sustainable architecture expert, TED Prize Winner, and former head of social innovation at AirBnB, Cameron Sinclair. Wilson, a design innovator and expert on modular housing, himself has lived in a 33-square-foot dwelling for a year and is known for founding the award-winning, micro-home Kasita.

Mobility is at the core of Jupe’s design and hence chassis foundation has been created in a way that involves no decking or foundation to be built which makes the shelter adaptable to any terrain, level or not, and leaves the land minimally disturbed. Amenities in the shelter can be upgraded include a Sonos Move speaker integrated with Alexa capabilities, a locking safe, solar panels, and a porch. Jupe is an off-grid escape from the city, whether to the middle of a sprawling desert, a windswept cliff by the sea, or your own backyard.

Designer: Jeff Wilson

This portable coffee maker pumps air upwards to cold brew your coffee in just 60 seconds!

For those of us who currently work from home, our kitchen counter has become our favorite coffee shop. However, in a post-quarantine world (hopefully coming soon), there will be a need for a product that allows coffee-drinkers to take their beverages on the go. That need-fulling product is the Osma portable coffee maker.

At first glance, the Osma looks like a thermos. In actuality, the metal shell holds the Osma’s coffee-brewing machinery, and the clear transparent top is the drink container. So, how does it work? The best way to describe the Osma’s brewing mechanism would be to contrast it against a commonly-used method: pour-over. This method, true to its name, involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds. Basically, gravity does the mixing/flavoring for you. The Osma, on the other hand, does not let the water seep down; it pumps air up into the container to mix the hot water and coffee grounds. This process creates a unique flavor profile, one that coffee connoisseurs say can’t even be achieved through pour-over brewing. It’s faster too – especially when it comes to making cold brew, cutting down a 12+ hour seeping process into 60 seconds. Also, the Osma features two small bonuses: biodegradable pods and a companion app that allows users to discover new flavored pods and share brewing tips/recipes.

The Osma has a unique selling point that can appeal to multiple types of coffee drinkers. The enthusiasts will love the unique coffee brewing process – and the new flavors it unlocks in each brew. Casual drinkers will love the grab-and-go convenience. And environmentally conscious consumers will love the biodegradable pods that are available for purchase. My one minor gripe with the product? The container might be a little too small for my coffee-addicted tastes … but I suppose this means I’ll be carrying extra coffee pods on my commute to work.

Designer: Osma

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This portable kettle lets you brew and drink a single serving of tea wherever you are

The Pocket Tea Set really challenges the notion of the way kettles look and function. Deviating from the standard practice of having a kettle-body, a spout, and a handle, the Pocket Tea Set abstracts the form while keeping the function intact. Designed to be small enough to carry around with you, the Pocket Tea Set serves you a single serving of freshly brewed tea with a unique form that makes it convenient and fun to brew tea on the go.

The Pocket Tea Set’s kettle comes with a revolved form, with a distinct rim around the sides, and with perforations running around it. The rim serves as a visual indication of where the kettle and the kettle’s cover meet, while its protruding shape means that it always remains cool to the touch, no matter how hot the contents of the kettle are. Perforations run all along the circumference of the rim, which means the Kettle can be held and used either which way, and all you need to do is grab it by the sides and tilt it over and the freshly brewed tea strains through, leaving the leaves behind. The tea set comes with two cups too, which nest inside the kettle when not in use, and a hard-shell case that fits all parts in, allowing you to carry a complete tea-brewing kit with you in the palm of your hand!

The Pocket Tea Set is a winner of the Golden Pin Design Award for the year 2020.

Designers: Tai-Ming Wei, Rong-Hui Lin, Bo-Kai Yang & Chun-Yu Wu

Samsung’s fingerprint-secured T7 Touch SSD drops to $160 for 1TB

While you may not be leaving home as often as you used to at the moment, security is still important for all of the devices you might carry around, including external storage. Samsung's T7 Touch SSD can keep your data secure until you unlock it via t...

This 5-piece travel cutlery set has to be one of the most stylish ones I’ve ever seen

Portability seems to be a very coincidental element of the Linden Travel Cutlery Set’s design. Minus the case, it looks like the kind of fine flatware you’d have in your house (and probably only take out when the guests come over), so the fact that you can slip them into a travel case and carry them around seems like a very interesting feature!

Inspired by the shape of leaves, Linden’s flatware boast of an organic design that embraces style more than a function-led form language. The cutlery kit comes with two spoons (a tablespoon and a dessert spoon), a fork, a knife, and a pair of chopsticks, packaged wonderfully in a steel case with a bamboo lid. The case is aptly sized to fit right into backpacks, making it easy to carry around, and the bamboo lid conveniently doubles up as a resting platform for the chopsticks when in use!

Created as a stylish, convenient, and reusable alternative to disposable plastic cutlery, the Linden Portable Cutlery Set hopes to spearhead the Bring Your Own Cutlery movement and reduce the tonnes of plastic waste entering landfills and our oceans each year. Combine that noble purpose with Linden’s stylish design and the three color options, and you’ve got yourself an absolute winner!

Designer: Linden

This ultra-portable 4K multi-touch monitor is designed for a flexible yet productive workspace

As the pandemic has got most of us pinned at homes to keep safe, what has gained importance is setting the right working ambiance to retain our productivity. Sure one can have a multi-display setup to boost productivity, but one of the caveats at working home from the same desk day in and day out can get boring at times. Such instances make you wonder if there could be a portable display that can be taken anywhere to pair up with your laptop and have a productive work regime from a completely unexpected location. Your living room or the patio area can now be your workspace where you would normally not expected a productive work setup to be at your disposal without carrying all those cables to create a working setup.

Having a UHD 4K screen (3840×2160 resolution and 1200:1 contrast ratio) that’s compatible with all the modern-day gadgets oriented for peak productivity and entertainment on weekends is one thing every professional or budding creative individual craves for. Well, the 15.6-inch Mako Pro 4K touchscreen monitor by 6D Sharks is designed keeping in mind every little need of a productivity-oriented dual-monitor setup that’s compatible with all the devices one can throw at it. The slim, lightweight IPS monitor is compatible even with smartphones, gaming consoles, and cameras for seamless connectivity. This 10-point capacitive screen has minimal bezels to enhance the viewing experience and comes with a stylus touch pen to give your creativity wings. For solo use, the widescreen has a split mode which literally turns it into two screens for a multitude of uses. Unlike other portable monitors, Mako (the Max variant) has a 120 Hz refresh rate, so gamers and multimedia content lovers will already have a smile on their faces.

Talking about the functionality, the backlit LED monitor has a gravity sensor that automatically detects the orientation, whether it’s resting on the kickstand or you’re holding it in portrait mode, and adjusts the display accordingly. You can make it rest in a standard monitor position or lay it slightly slanted in a resting position on the hinged kickstand. Given that screen is just 4 mm thick and weighs 800 grams makes the design ideal for all sort of working or entertainment modes. Mako also has all the ports and connectivity options – mini HDMI, USB-C port; and USB-type A to USB-type C cable, a USB-type C to C cable, and an HDMI-mini to HDMI cable.

Overall this UHD monitor is great for flexible work from home productivity setup and also for the office work environment. If you can’t live without the portability aspect, you can also tag it along for your business trips or the intense gaming session at your pal’s home – after all, Mako is sturdy and ultra-portable for carrying along in your backpack. Plus the iPad-like form factor gives you even more flexibility of use for a laid-back working regime from your couch, perhaps!

Designer: Athena Design

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Mako – The 4K Touch-screen Monitor

The Mako is a 4K Ultra HD portable display that helps boost productivity.


Weighs a mere 800g – just a little more than an iPad. In addition, Mako is super thin – 4mm – so it is an on-the-go display you can carry anywhere and round-the-clock.

Compatible With a Wide Range of Devices

You can quickly and easily expand your viewing pleasure with the Mako monitor for a bigger screen or simply to view two things at once.

Active Capacitive Stylus Touch Pen

Mako is also compatible with a highly sensitive pen for precision drawing. Turn your phone or laptop into a drawing board with ease, or even take notes in a jiffy.

Perks of a Touch-sensitive Panel

Forgo the mouse, and level up your workstation so that you can multi-task like a pro – pinch to zoom in, flick to move things, or scroll up and down pages with your finger.

Ace Your Presentations

In a meeting or presentation and need to share something with the rest of the team? No sweat, simply connect your device to the Mako, and away you go.

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