The best podcasting gear for beginners

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Sony Pictures signs on for ‘Crossfire’ movie based on the popular FPS

While the Crossfire name won't register as one of the most popular shooters for some US gamers -- no, it's not related to the board game with the tiny metal balls -- the free-to-play tactical first person shooter is extremely popular in China and Sou...

E3 2020 registration opens February 15 at 11AM ET

If you're determined to see games for next-gen consoles months in advance, your opportunity might be close at hand. The ESA is opening registration for E3 2020 through the E3 website on February 15th at 11AM Eastern. You'll have to pay $165 to visit...

Sony KOOV Challenge Encourages Kids to Build Cool Robots

Do your kids love science, technology, engineering, or math? Sony’s KOOV system is a great tool for kids to learn about all of these disciplines, while having lots of fun doing it. These modular building kits encourage kids to experiment as they construct robots and other mechanical creations, and learn to program them.

Sony has announced that students around the U.S. will have a chance to win some great prizes by designing and then building their own robots.

The 2020 KOOV Challenge will be themed around autonomous vehicle transportation. It starts out with an online event, in which students will use the KOOV app to design and upload a robot idea for consideration. The top three winners from this phase will win a KOOV Trial Kit, valued at $249.99. This phase is running from now through March 13, 2020.

A second phase of the challenge will be held in person at Sony Electronics in San Diego on March 22, 2020, where students will both present a design concept, then build a robot within a set time limit. Entrants can works of teams of up to three students during this phase, and the grand prize winner will win a trip the the KOOV Challenge in Tokyo, Japan, scheduled for October 2020.

The KOOV Challenge is being offered to students from grades 3 to 8, assuming they have teacher or faculty sponsorship and consent from their parent or legal guardian. To enter the challenge, simply fill out the online entry form. There’s no fee to enter.