This electric scooter fit for a Bond movie is something you can own right now

Electric scooters are the rage in modern times given their compact form and practical aesthetics. The two-wheeled rides are well suited for urban landscape, and their minimal carbon footprint is mild on the already battered planet. Most electric scooters are made out of plastic material but if you’re someone who’s craving a classy electric commuter, look no further than the Nano designed by Bandit 9.

One can call it the luxury option of electric scooters as the Nano has been designed with maximum precision. Every curve and edge are refined to the last possible intricate details. Bandit 9 views the two-wheeler as one belonging to a “modern art exhibition” riding on the streets of “Paris during Fashion Week.”  We like to portray it as one fit for a Bond movie though.

Designer: Bandit 9

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Crafted out of Rolex steel (904L) and polished in an attractive silver finish, the scooter is laden with a lasting impression. The makers have created two separate versions of the electric ride– Nano variant that maxes out at a top speed of 45 km/h and Nano+ model capable of going at 75 km/h. The range on them is the same as they both clock 60 miles on a full charge of the 4.2 kWh battery juiced up in just four hours.

The all-metal finish of the electric scooter exudes luxury in the glossy silver hue and the makers are rightful in portraying the Nano as an object to behold with the eyes. The front section is covered completely in the body frame molded out of a single piece of metal. That gives the electric wheel hub motor-powered scooter an elongated retro feel. From the rear, the Nano looks like a modern moped in its best possible version, and will surely appeal to the young crowd.

Bandit 9 claims that the electric motor requires little or no maintenance at all which is another advantage to owning it. The Nano base model comes for a price tag of $4,499 and the Nano+ version costs a bit more at $4,990. While this electric scooter is quite steeply-priced, for someone who values class in things they own, this is worth the investment.

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Razor’s upbeat cargo e-scooter gets customizable second passenger seat

It has been more than two decades now since Razor burst into the scene with a scooter that sold five million units. Fast forward to the present day, the brand has a line of kick scooters and other popular wheelers. Now they are blurring the lines of an electric scooter and cargo bike with an attractive fusion, city riders will acknowledge.

Dubbed the EcoSmart Cargo, this two-wheeler can be labeled as a more advanced version of the EcoSmart Metro. The difference is an adult passenger seat and a beefy rear rack for hauling cargo. The scooter supports a total weight of 300 pounds, and the rear removable seat for the passenger makes way for more space to ferry things. EcoSmart Cargo’s convertible rack system makes this possible. So, it can be a passenger seat with underneath storage, a customizable rack, or a basket depending on the needs.

Designer: Razor

According to the makers, the electric vehicle is meant for adults and focuses on high performance and maximum utility. The two-wheeler has a very stylish design in the form of a roomy bamboo deck and olive green body. There’s no dearth of power as well since the cargo scooter has a 1,000-watt high torque motor fed by the 46.8V lithium-ion battery pack. It can hurl to a top speed of 19.9 mph and boasts a range of up to 16.6 miles on a single charge. There are five-speed levels to have maximum control over the needed throttle. The digital display shows the current speed, battery level and speed level.

Riding comfort is one of the priorities here as the 16-inch fat pneumatic tires ensure a smooth ride even over bumps. The padded seat can be adjusted for height and position. To protect the riders from the perils of inclement weather, there are front and rear fenders. Razor EcoSmart Cargo carries a price tag of $1,099 which is lesser than the Segway SuperScooter GT Series GT1 which hits 37.3 mph. The latter however has that bit extra to justify a steep price tag of $2,500.

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This retro modern pedal-assisted utility bike for city riders who value practicality

Everyone has their eyes lit up wide at the sight of a cool bike that is an instant heartthrob.  The muscular build, powerful innards and the eye candy paintjobs, those sexy two-wheelers are blessed with. But, ultimately we all need that reliable city commuter to get us through chalk and cheese of the buy lifestyle.

The DIDI Bike is the perfect example of a solo commuter that’s nimble enough to take on the snaking roads, and easy enough to park in crowded city streets. This two wheeler is more or less built for those quick trips to the supermarket for picking up groceries or enjoy the solo rides on a moonlit night.

Designer: 鲁 艺聪 (Lu Yicong)

An electric scooter at heart, it is pedal-powered for most part keeping the eco-conscious lot in mind. On flat terrain the DIDI Bike is better off assisted with the power of legs – that ways fitness is also taken care of. For roads with slight degree of elevation, the scooter’s electric motor kicks-in to save you from all the hard work. A front carrier is a nod to the classic utility two-wheelers native to the Asian continent.

Adding a modern touch to the classic utility bikes seen on the Chinese streets, the designer incorporates LED headlights, sleek taillights and a display for all the vital details. Things like battery level, current speed and important notifications from mobile devices. The dual toned finish in sea green and grey or the cool white and light grey adds contrasting look for a sober yet uber cool character.

There are not much details about the technical specifications to judge the bike’s capabilities, but it should be good enough for normal city commutes, I assume. A nice blend of classic and modern is what makes this one special.

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Underwater Scooter lets you glide through water without actually swimming

I am fascinated by sea creatures and would love nothing more than to go underwater and watch them, play with them, and take pics and videos of them. There’s one major problem though: I don’t know how to swim. Well I can do a few strokes but when I get out of my depth (literally), I panic and almost drown myself. But if there’s a device that can help me explore the ocean more without me drowning or taking months to learn how to swim properly, I’d be willing to try it.

Designer: KLW Design

This Underwater Scooter concept is especially created for people like me who love to be in the water but aren’t really that great at swimming (or even floating by themselves). What it basically does is make you go faster in the water without necessarily having to use your arms or feet or a speedboat or something. But for those who don’t know how to swim, it can also be a tool they can use to make the water experience better. Instead of using your feet as you normally would in a scooter, this time you place it in your hands and let it propel you through the water.

It uses a double propeller propulsion structure to, well, propel you through the water without expanding so much strength and effort. It actually looks like a drone or a miniature plane which is fitting since it lets you fly in the water anyway. The round and smooth shape of the device makes it more stable and flexible and also increases the speed as well as its endurance when being used. It is also built that way to reduce the resistance in the water. It takes on the energy you would normally expand when swimming on your own.

And since swimming or diving in the water almost always involves some encounters with sea creatures, the scooter also lets you take photos and videos while “riding” on it. You can install a Go Pro on the front bracket to document your experience. If you prefer just looking at them, you can also install a flashlight in case it’s too dark. I am actually not sure if I’ll be confident enough to swim or dive underwater using this scooter but at least it can help me move in the water.

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This shape-shifting kick scooter transforms into electric bicycle and vice versa

Commuting in crowded spaces demands a swift and agile ride that’s easy to store when not needed. A city bicycle, or even better a kick scooter is the best option for an urban lifestyle. If these commuters are high on style and function while not overcomplicating things, it’s the red cherry on top.

When it comes to personal commuters, less is more and vice versa too. So, what if you get the perfect combination of an electric bicycle and a kick scooter in one? To me, that sounds like the ideal product for city exploration or simply going from one block to the other in quick time.

Designer: Ugly Duckling

Having come across countless kick scooters with impressive design and functions, this one is a bar above the rest for its dual utility and compact design. Since I’m a big fan of shape-shifting automotive designs, this one has really impressed me beyond comprehension. Christened the Popup Scooter, the two-wheeled electric bicycle transforms into a chick kick scooter, and the other way around. This gives the rider (and his/her family and buddies) the option to choose the configuration depending on the particular needs.

The smooth transformation happens courtesy of the hydraulic cylinder which in normal bicycles is used to adjust the ride height. This hydraulic mechanism is capable enough to lift an adult person, so, lifting and lowering the ride’s body shouldn’t be a problem at all. At the core level, the concept is not just another blueprint that looks good on paper but falls flat on its face when it comes to creating the actual prototype or even a production model.

As per the designer, the future will be dominated by one-person mobility, and to cater to the demands of either sporty driving or comfortable riding experience, design is going to be a challenge. The Popup Scooter has the potential to satiate everyone’s needs since it can evolve into a two-wheeler no one knew existed, but everybody would want in their garage.

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This spacecraft-inspired trendy urban scooter is in part powered by solar energy

A spacecraft design-inspired urban ride powered by the electric motor which is charged by the solar energy panels right where the fuel tank of a gasoline-powered counterpart would be.

Personal daily commuters have become a thing lately due to the eco-conscious behavior among the masses and an increasing number of vehicles on the roads worldwide. Compact electric scooters have garnered attention owing to this fact. But one has to consider their function and looks as well, to be considered an attractive proposition for riders.

Designer: Fajar Ismail

The Stellar electric scooter falls right in the sweet spot of a highly functional and stylish commuter with something more to keep riders hooked. It’s envisioned as a compact fun ride for short-mid-range distance commutes sans any emissions. To feed the battery with more juice, there’s a solar panel embedded in the front flat section. As far as my imagination goes, the scooter will benefit the maximum from the limitless sun’s energy in tropical regions. Take it out of the city for motocamping or other weekend outdoor activities, and you’ll be in for a fun time.

According to the designer, the two-wheeler is based on the Quest Atom Alpha EV chassis and on other end of the spectrum draws inspiration from spacecraft design too. The lightweight electric scooter gets added features to improve riding comfort and efficiency. Styling ques follow a layered geometric design emulated in the aluminum body panels. For better rideability on rough surfaces, the scooter gets a modern dual springer fork and a rigid frame for structural strength.

For once, a concept two-wheeler design doesn’t ignore the riding comfort of the seat (we’ve seen way many with very eye-sore aesthetics) which is a big relief. A digital display or even an analog tachometer would have been a wise addition, but other than that, this urban scooter manages to do everything right.

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This highly functional kick scooter folds down conveniently with the push of a button

Electric kick scooters are one of the practical solutions to overcome the problem of traffic congestion in cities. There are countless such designs on the market on the market and countless others in the concept pipeline too. But are all of them practical when we ponder over real-life situations on the road, or their ability to be seamless in finishing up the intended task?

The Zipper electric scooter checks most of the checkboxes when one considers the ease of riding a scooter, fold it down when not needed, and is compact enough to store it after use. This urban ride gets a 500W motor that takes it to a top speed of 20 mph and is capable of pushing it up inclined roads with a 25-degree slope. It can haul a rider weighing up to 125 kg, so most people are good to go. The scooter comes with a maximum range of 16 miles on a single charge which fills the 10Ah battery in approximately four hours.

Designer: Rostyslav Matiukhin

A minimalistic approach in design takes precedence in the design with function revolving around the ease of usage. The minimal looks don’t mean it’s not attractive. In fact, every line and shape is crafted keeping in mind the needs of prospect users. This is apparent in the shock-absorption capability of the e-scooter with the independent 4-link suspension (just like in F1 cars) made out of composite materials working hard to absorb all the bumps. The three wheels (two at the front and one at the rear) and the tiltable fork help maintain the balance, and minimize the inertia while making tight turns. All this ensures a naturally comfortable and safe ride in crowded urban scenarios.

Obviously, you’ll be done riding the Zipper at some point in time during the day, so it comes with an electric lift system that folds the scooter to half the size with the push of a button. So, the rider doesn’t have to worry about making his hands dirty. The commuter has a detachable 21 litres to stow groceries or any other accessories. The nifty monochrome display shows the current speed, mileage and total range of the ride. Smartphones can also be attached to have a glance at important notifications.

Zipper also gets a 1000 lumens power headlight (having a trail of 200 meters) which is positioned in a way to not beam any glare at commuters coming from the opposite side. There are five lighting modes and an 85-degree flooding angle to make the road ahead visible in the dark hours. Proposed in three upmarket color options, the Zipper is a ride to have on your radar when it finally comes out.

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This stylish e-scooter evolves the dynamics of last-mile delivery service

Most electric scooter designs out there are very predictable, and most of the time very similar to competition in the market. Breaking the jinx with its unconstrained yet highly functional design is the offering by Abu Dhabi startup Barq. This is the Rena Max e-scooter which definitely shines out in the crowd with its radical design. The fully electric scooter is focused on the needs of the Middle-Eastern and North African delivery personnel. Given its origins, that strategy is absolutely understandable.

At the heart, it is an outright delivery platform, and Barq developed this last-mile delivery concept in collaboration with Jahez (A Saudi delivery platform), and Americana (a Kuwaiti food group). The latter has a strong presence in the MENA region with over 1200 food and beverage outlets. Since we are talking of delivery services, the focus is also on digitally lockable carry box that has temperature control, modular shelving and insulation. The climate-controlled environment ensured the freshness of the food or beverage being delivered.

Designer: Barq

According to Barq CEO and Founder Abdallah Abu sheikh, people have been “consumers of Western and Chinese built technologies that don’t cater in a holistic way for the precise needs and challenges of the region.” In order to make sure the ride is highly functional for the delivery guy, there are inclusions such as an IoT-enabled ecosystem, integrated software for custom-made storage, and battery cooling technology. The two-wheeler gets a large 8-inch touchscreen integrated into the body, with a camera and other tech embedded.

Speed and swiftness are going to be the key with the Rena Max, so it gets the removable 5.6 kWh battery packs capable of going 150 km on a single charge. This is mated to a 9kW motor which makes the electric scooter go at a top speed of 97 km/h. There will be a reverse gear, and multiple driving modes too which will be highly useful in urban scenarios. As for the looks, the e-scooter stands out with its single-sided swingarm, and a very iPhone-like glass windshield. The region where this fleet is going to be operating is very hot, so the makers have fitted the scooter with a heat-lowering textured seat.

There is no word yet on the pricing or availability of Rena Max, but Barq plans to make 50,000 units by the end of 2025 for the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Egyptian markets. The scooter will be leased out via a low monthly subscription model to courier riders who’ll scoot around the city in style delivering what’s required by the client.

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Shape-shifting electric kick scooter gets short and longboard configuration in one design

Inspired by the skateboards and concept cars, this hybrid e-kick scooter adopts a future-facing design to shape-shift wheelbase depending on the needs of the rider.

Kick scooters have now been the more trendy and sensible option to commute in the cities. So have been the skateboards which can be seen in every corner owing to their cool factor and flexibility to not only ride the roads but also the pavements or stair rails depending on the user’s skill level. So why not combine the best of both worlds and create a kick scooter that has the bright prospect of making it to the consumer market?

Designer: Dailyn Kim

The EXT E-Kick Scooter by Dailyn Kim is the perfect example of an electric kick scooter done right. The reason – there are countless kick scooter ideas already on the market and this one brings a new dimension of riding. The EXT is designed keeping in mind the flexibility to switch between short and longboard modes. Apparently, the shortboard configuration on a kick scooter enhances speed and performance for power users, while the longboard form supports comfort and balance.

Delightfully, the EXT E-Kick Scooter can do both thanks to its extendable wheelbase that can make the quick switch between the short and longboard configuration to support both the riding modes. This is done by the extendable and retracting wheelbase which alters the length by 3 inches. The deck extends above the rear wheel which essentially creates a wheelbase to slide easily. There are no complex mechanisms that pose a challenge to the function of the electric kickboard, and that’s big merit here.

Dailyn creates a deck with an arc and patterned grip for a more comfortable stance while riding. The ease of use extends to the driving aid in the form of a thumb throttle and brake. There’s a dynamic touchscreen to keep the rider abreast with all the information such as current speed, battery charge levels, listening to music, and navigation aid for snaking through the dense suburbs. The rims get a reflective pattern for visibility to other motorists in the nighttime.

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LEGO’s immensely detailed Vespa 125 in striking pastel blue color will have fans floored starting March 1

Vespa scooters were made initially from spare aircraft parts as an affordable but modern mode of transportation for masses in the aftermath of World War II in Italy. The most celebrated scooter now turns 75, and LEGO is celebrating the occasion with a detailed kit inspired by the classic 1960s Vespa Piaggio.

Arriving in an eye-catchy pastel blue hue – a rare one for LEGO – the LEGO Vespa 125 is going to appeal to building fans and scooter enthusiasts alike. The mindfully created, and immensely detailed model has been designed for adults as a throwback to our childhood when most of us either sat behind our dads or took the Vespa for a ride with a girl holding tightly to the waist from behind.

Designer: LEGO

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Detailed enough to fit alongside the LEGO technic McLaren F1 and the BMW M 1000 RR, the LEGO Vespa 125 comprises 1,106 bricks, which put together form a 13-inch long scooter that stands 8.5-inches tall in its striking blue color scheme. The Vespa model will launch on March 1, also when the McLaren and BMW sets are likely to go on sale. A motorhead with LEGO as your weakness, you should already be ready with your wallet. March is going to be an expensive month for you given all the exciting builds scheduled for launch.

As the press images give away, the entire LEGO scooter arrives in an interesting blue shade with many authentic details to tickle our memories. The model features a realistic design with two seats and a front-wheel mounted on one side. For a far more interactive design, the LEGO Vespa 125 has a removable engine cover that reveals underneath an engine built entirely from LEGO bricks. The steering and kickstand are functional, while the Vespa logo and classic 1960s Italian license plate add to the detailing. The scooter is accompanied by a flower bouquet placed in the accessory’s basket attached to the back of the scooter and a helmet for safety. LEGO Vespa 125 kit as a complete package is priced at $99.99.

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