Uber may have to pay Waymo or redesign its self-driving software

In 2017, Waymo accused Uber of stealing its autonomous driving trade secrets. You may have thought the Uber-Waymo legal battle was over when, in 2018, the companies reached a settlement and Uber agreed to pay around $245 million. But as part of the s...

Hyundai’s new hydrogen-powered truck will give the Tesla Semi a run for its money

I’ll admit I do have a tendency to speak in hyperbole, but this time I’m making an exception only because Hyundai’s truck shows ‘truckloads’ of promise. I’m talking clean energy-burning, hydrogen-fuel-cell powered, autonomous driving, zero emissions, zero noise semi-truck with an ergonomic design that looks splendid from the outside and provides a stunning panoramic view on the inside. I love my cushy desk-job, but damn, if I had a chance to be a trucker with a Hyundai HDC-6 Neptune, I’d probably give it all up in a heartbeat.

Inspired by the aesthetic of the 1936 Mercury Train, Hyundai’s latest semi concept channels the art-deco beauty of the machine, giving it a suitable revival in the form of a sufficiently advanced truck capable of wowing people. The HDC-6 Neptune relooks the semi-truck typology by redesigning it around Hyundai’s zero-emission fuel-cell technology. The truck features a panoramic cockpit with a skylight that offers an incredible amount of sunlight during the day, giving the interiors a rather glamping-inspired touch. The truck comes with autonomous driving capabilities, allowing the driver to kick back and watch movies on a HUD built right into the truck’s windshield, or take relaxation to another level with the shape-shifting cabin that comes with two levels. As impressive as the insides are (enough to make me consider switching jobs), the exterior is just as wowing. The truck’s glass top is balanced with a seamless grille at the base that runs from end to end, helping with cooling. The truck uses hydrogen fuel technology that burns to release water-vapor, making the truck have zero emissions, while its bullet-shaped streamlined design helps improve fuel economy… and the cherry on the cake is definitely those shape-shifting rims on the wheels that help further air-intake!

Designer: Hyundai

Garmin’s new nav system can emergency land small planes

Flying in a small plane is thrilling (and at least slightly terrifying) when things go as planned. It's another story when the pilot of the small plane is, for whatever reason, suddenly unable to fly or land it. Most passengers would have no idea wha...

Waymo’s fully-automated shuttles are picking up riders around Phoenix

Waymo is now offering limited "rider-only" trips in Phoenix, Arizona, Chief Executive John Krafcik told reporters this weekend. At the moment, the fully-autonomous ridesharing service is only available to a few hundred early users.

VW’s self-driving car group will have offices in Silicon Valley and China

Volkswagen hasn't been as active or vocal about autonomous driving as some of its competitors. The company has focused much of its recent attention on electric vehicle offerings, but that seems to be changing. Today, VW announced the creation of an a...

Hyundai will offer free self-driving rides in Irvine, California

A handful of Californians are about to experience self-driving cars first-hand. Hyundai, Via and (appropriately enough) Pony.ai are debuting a driverless ride hailing BotRide service in Irvine on November 4th. A group of "several hundred" residents...

Toyota will offer rides in self-driving cars at the Tokyo Olympics

Toyota has revealed details of an upcoming public test for its level-4 automated vehicle and "Chauffeur" self-driving tech, and sports fans headed to Tokyo next year for the Olympic Games will have the chance to try it out. The automaker is offering...

This autonomous self-flying drone is the action cameraman you’ve always wanted

Drones are great, but they’re as great as the person controlling them. If the person behind the controller is an absolute imbecile, your expensive state-of-the-art drone could turn into shrapnel in just seconds… the video above should be proof enough. Skydio 2 was designed to be capable of self-navigation so you don’t need to constantly pilot it with a phone and controller. With six color cameras that have a 200-degree field of view, the Skydio 2 is capable of sensing its surroundings, analyzing them, and navigating through them to keep an eye on its subjects… multiple ones, because it has practically no blind spots thanks to the multiple cameras.

Multiple cameras means the Skydio 2 needs to be an absolute beast in the graphics processing department. Armed with a NVIDIA Jetson TX2 on the inside, the drone’s 256-GPU processor is capable of performing 1.3 trillion tasks a second, which translates to hands-free action filming. Just set a subject and tell Skydio 2 what to do and it takes care of the rest. It’s capable of tracking multiple subjects while navigating environments, and keeping you in its crosshairs even when you’re not visible. Additionally, the drone comes with the Beacon, a remote capable of communicating with the mothership up to distances of 1.5 kilometers without you needing your smartphone. You can assign activities to it with the simple press of a button and even drag and drop the drone around like magic by pointing the Beacon at it and pulling it to where you need it! However, if you’re the traditional kinds, Skydio does come with its own controller that you can dock your phone into, but chances are that if you’re springing for a drone this advanced, you won’t need it because Skydio 2’s USP is that it doesn’t need someone behind the wheel. Think of it as your cameraman while you perform stunts on the skateboard or snowboard, or while you’re riding your mountain-bike or mobile down the powdery white mountainside. With a top speed of 36mph, yeah sure, the Skydio can keep up with you AND get great aerial footage of you being an absolute outdoor badass.

Designer: Skydio

Sony’s self-driving ‘Sociable Cart’ delivers mixed-reality inside, ads outside

Sony's Sociable Cart SC-1 -- the autonomous vehicle-cum-party bus designed for theme parks and golf courses -- has finally landed. Launching in Japan's Kanucha Bay Resort in Nago City, and the Botanical Garden in Okinawa City, the pilot scheme kicks...