This smart assistant with a microphone is here to be an assistant content creator while you multitask!

A personal assistant is one gadget that has the potential to change life on an everyday scale. Right from giving you the information you asked for, playing music when you’re feeling blue, turning on the lights to a specific hue in your living room, or doing some 50 random tasks you have in a day! Meet Miko, the portable smart assistant that does more than its intended function. Created by industrial designer Vandana Bhanushali, the smart device doubles as a microphone for content creation!

Miko has cardioid microphones to pick up the voice in real-time and amplifies the sound. This means we can use the cheeky little gadget for anything from small rallies, office meetings, live performances to even karaoke nights with buddies. Don’t mistake Miko for any ordinary mic, as it can address a room filled with 60 people in crystal clear vocals or audio. Even better, the gadget can be used in one of the two modes – either as a handheld mic or as a detachable lavalier clip mic. There’s a pin on the base mic that keeps it charged, and this base mic is further amped via the main dock. So as soon as we pick up the mic from the dock, it sets into action the voice amplification. This function makes the little gadget perfect for podcast creators or video content makers. Plus, the attractive design is well thought out to appeal to the next-gen crowd.

When you don’t require the mic or amplification, the cute little speaker turns to the task of being a smart assistant. For sure, this gadget is something unique amongst the very predictable products out there. However, Miko has the potential to get past the concept stage, and content creators will already be eying this gadget with keenness.

Designer: Vandana Bhanushali

These 3 smart objects remind senior citizens to take pills, read without strain and stay connected!

There are not enough product designs that focus on the senior citizen demographic. As life around us speeds up, we incorporate gadgets that help us keep up. But for those who are much older, life is slowing down and they need gadgets that keep up with their pace to make life convenient for them. It is kind of like the fear of missing out if they don’t adapt to the faster tech, but that is the beauty of design – with products like Familia they don’t have to worry about missing out anymore!

Familia is a collection of smart objects that aim to restore dignity to seniors by making them feel less dependent and more confident. These are specifically created to appear like everyday objects with minimal aesthetics and simple UI to make sure it isn’t another thing they have to learn to operate. As people grow old they often tend to hide things that make them feel “old” and with a help of this smart clock, lamp/magnifying glass, and digital mirror, senior citizens can live without being stigmatized. Each object offers subtle functionalities that respond to challenges faced by the elderly ranging from memory loss and health issues to vision damage and isolation.

The smart clock performs all its expected functions and also features a reminder cuckoo bird that will pop out to deliver the medication which helps the user to not miss any dose. Medicines are not happy reminders and a small detail like the cuckoo bird adds playfulness that resonates with all ages. The mechanism is based on a 28-compartment wheel operated by a PCB which, by turning, pours the programmed dose of medication into the cuckoo cup that pops out at set times. Another object with a dual purpose is the lamp that doubles up as an illuminated magnifying glass that can also be used by any age group. It is a standing desk lamp that you can grab and turn around for reading because the luminous magnifying glass helps to see clearly. The final object is the mirror which is about looking at ourselves and at the same time at the ones we love – poetic and functional. “Because younger and older generations don’t use the same tools of communication, we designed an object that bridges this gap. On one side it is an app and on the other side, it becomes an automatically updated picture frame. The mirror is designed to facilitate the dialogue between family members and strengthen family ties,” said the designers.

While the objects are meant for the elderly, inclusivity is key and all of these can be used by children and young adults as well which helps to reduce stigmas around the challenges faced by the older generation – it is not a weakness if everyone has it and overcomes it with objects they cherish!

Designer: Studio Fantasio

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Duo imagines a world where the smartphone is made up of a modular computer + detachable displays

Think of the Duo as an all-in-one PC that just needs a display to work. This separation means you can attach your all-in-one PC to a handheld screen, a large 4K monitor, or even a projector, alternating between them while still having all your data in the same place. Scale that down to something handheld and you’ve got the Duo, a Phonebloks-style concept that has two simple parts… The display, and everything else.

The ‘everything else’ or as designer Roc H Biel calls it, the ‘electronics module’ is in this case, a tiny, portable thumb-drive-sized device that snaps to the back of a screen. You could attach the electronics module to a 6-inch smartphone screen, or to a 12-inch tablet display, and the Duo works instantly, seamlessly switching between the two interfaces, while keeping the data constant. The touchscreen displays end up being the input and output, but Roc H Biel says that having a display isn’t entirely necessary. The Duo electronics module possesses the ability to work without screens too, relaying information in a non-visual format, the way smart-speakers do. Moreover, the Duo’s tiny size makes it easy to carry around by simply clipping it to your pocket (or potentially even to the neck of your tee shirt), while its ergonomic voluminous form eventually acts as a good gripping mass while holding your phones in one hand. I wouldn’t mind living in this future, tbh.

Designer: Roc H Biel

Smart Water Saving for Dummies


Introducing, eDrop – a barely-there smart monitoring device which helps you keep track of your daily water usage! The super small device fits on to almost any faucet unnoticeably and pairs wirelessly with a smartphone app to monitor usage.

Connecting to the mobile app (via bluetooth LE) as well as a website platform, it delivers instantaneous data and insights on your daily, weekly and monthly water consumption. eDrop can show you live water flow amount, help develop healthy water habits, and provide you with personalized tips to improve water consumption. You can even join the global community to compare your water usage with other users and support movement of water saving around the world!

Designer: VORM








Amazon Drops Mystery Launch Event Teaser

Amazon Mystery Device Launch EventToday Amazon posted a notice on Twitter for a mysterious launch event in Seattle later this month, but was vague about what exactly is being launched. The notice did include a link to a YouTube video showing what appears to be people using some sort of handheld device, but a device was never really shown.

Rumors have previously circulated about Amazon working on a technology that will track a person’s retinas, allow a picture to move along with the angle of someones eyes providing a 3D-looking image without any type of 3D glasses. The movements people are making in the video seem consistent with something like this but it’s tough to say for sure. Take a look at the video below and come up with your own conclusion:

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