Pebblebee Clip and Card smart trackers come with rechargeable batteries

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Apple’s AirTag is perhaps one of the most popular mini trackers in the market today. It is being honored with related accessories that allow the small device to be attached to different objects.

The AirTag is one convenient tracker so expect it to have rivals. Pebblebee wants to join the game by introducing new tracking products. The Pebblebee Clip and Pebblebee Card can be worthy alternatives to the AirTag by Apple as they are rechargeable and are also affordable.

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This little thing can help you locate missing items. You see, misplacing things is a common occurrence even among young people. But, admit it, you often forget when you placed your phone, car keys, or the remote control. Don’t worry, Pebblebee is here to help not only with one product but two.

The AirTag alternative works with Find My, which means it will work with most Apple products like the iPhone, Mac, iPad, and even the Apple Watch. Like most trackers, Pebblebee products make use of Bluetooth wireless connectivity. As a result, both devices are ideal for locating nearby items by reporting to you the approximate location.

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The Pebblebee Card and Clip include end-to-end encryption technology for the security and protection of the users. The process is also anonymous, which makes it very secure. The Pebblebee app also works on Android and is part of the CrowdGPS network.

Pebblebee Card and Pebblebee Clip are rechargeable, but their battery already lasts longer than usual. In addition, they feature a loud buzzer, so they are really helpful in keeping track of your items. Pebblebee’s Founder and Chief Technology Officer Daniel Daoura had this to say about the products: “Pebblebee Clip and Card are designed to put minds at ease the second they are attached to or slipped into something of value to a customer.”

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The next-gen Pebblebee devices’ batteries can last up to six months on a single charge. They can reach up to 500 feet for tracking. Aside from the loud buzzer, they also come with LED indicator lights to help you locate an item. They are also easy to find and connect as made possible by the industrial metal frame.

The two work with the Find My network, but the Pebblebee App may be enough on its own. The mobile app allows you to track lost objects through light and sound precisely. It uses a location service based on the geolocation data of an item. The app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.

Pebblebee Clip 4-Pack

So that security standards are always high and met, Pebblebee regularly checks for critical privacy updates. The Pebblebee Clip and Pebblebee Card come in two different forms. The clip is simply a small device that easily connects keys, luggage, bicycle, golf clubs, camera cases, etc. The Pebblebee Card is also rechargeable, but the battery can last up to up 12 months. It’s very thin and comes with an intuitive magnetic contact charging design. It boasts a loud leave-behind alert so you can know where you left it.

Pebblebee Card How to Use

You can use both the card and the clip every day. You don’t have to lose stuff now because these Pebblebee products will help you locate those items even if you forget. Each tracking device costs $29.99. You can get four clips for only $99.99. Check out and Amazon to purchase.

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Pebblebee Clip 4-Pack

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Samsung just debuted the Galaxy SmartTag, a portable Bluetooth tracker for your keys or wallet

Launched as a part of Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked event running simultaneously with the CES 2021 showcase, the Galaxy SmartTags are Samsung’s take on object-trackers and are the company’s way of showing their intention of capturing the tracker market before Apple launches their own speculated ‘AirTags’. The Galaxy SmartTag is a tiny tracker that runs on BLE and works exclusively with Samsung Galaxy phones (a pretty strong ecosystem lock-in), allowing the phone and tracker to play their version of hot-and-cold to locate each other. In short, a proximity meter appears on the Samsung phone and the closer you approach the tracker, the higher the reading on the meter.

The Galaxy Tag runs on BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) and fits on your keychain, in your wallet, or even in your laptop bag. It pairs with the smartphone via Samsung’s SmartThings app, which can show its last known location on a map as well as the proximity meter when you’re actively searching for the tag. Conversely, you can make the tag emit a beep or chime too, to help give you a sense of direction. The Galaxy SmartTags are no different from the Tile or Chipolo trackers in their functionality (although they do look slightly thicker in the image). Strangely enough, they’re only compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices, and whether that’s a decision to the benefit or detriment of Samsung will only be evident when the $29.99 tracker begins shipping on the 29th of January. Your move next, Apple!

Designer: Samsung

A characterful smart tracker!

If you’re even half as unorganized as me, you too will relate to the heart-stopping moment of realization when you can’t find an item of your belongings on your person; whilst the majority of the time they will be in a hidden pocket you didn’t know about, or even more frustratingly, in the exact place you left them… there are other times when we need a little bit of assistance.

This quirky Smart Tracker is here to lend a hand in the location of lost our lost items; the blocky and characterful device has been designed to work with an array of products, from your keys to your back-pack, so you can have all areas covered! It uses mobile and Bluetooth connectivity to locate the lost items and reunite them with their forgetful owner!

Designer: BOUD