Google’s 3D scans recreate historical sites threatened by climate change

Google is no stranger to reproducing historical sites online, but it's now pushing technical boundaries to recreate those sites at risk of vanishing due to the ravages of climate change. It's launching a "Heritage on the Edge" collection in Arts &am...

Dream, Design, Deliver! RapidDirect launches its new online prototyping platform!

RapidDirect’s latest online tool is every designer’s dream come true. Upload your 3D model on the website, select the material and manufacturing procedure, and voila, you’ve got yourself a quotation for prototyping your part in less than 24 hours. It takes an industrial designer months to arrive at their masterpiece… prototyping shouldn’t add an extra month to that timeline. RapidDirect, China’s largest manufacturing network is taking their services to the cloud with their online manufacturing portal. Headquartered in the world’s biggest industrial hub, Shenzhen, RapidDirect aims to reach out to designers around the world looking to rapidly and accurately prototype their designs. The process is as simple as selecting your model, material, and manufacturing process. RapidDirect’s engineers review your model and generate a quotation tailored to your design. You can manage multiple quotations within the platform, while its interface simplifies the process, eliminating the long chain of email exchanges you’d otherwise end up having with your prototyping partner before approving a quotation.

The platform’s instant quotation system is its winning feature. Based on your material, finish, and the manufacturing process you choose, RapidDirect can generate a quote for you within 24 hours… that’s about the same time as it takes to generate a hi-res photorealistic render. RapidDirect’s manufacturing choices range from 3D printing and CNC machining to even injection molding and sheet metal fabrication. For added clarity, users can even provide the RapidDirect with technical drawings and design instructions. “Our digital online manufacturing platform provides users with up-front costs and detailed order information,” said Leon Huang, Managing Director, RapidDirect. The process makes creating real, usable prototypes as simple as clicking a button and having your product delivered to you via post. Now isn’t that every industrial designer’s dream!?

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RapidDirect’s Online Manufacturing Platform with Instant Quotation Engine

The platform allows you to upload your parts, select a manufacturing process and choose from a wide selection of materials and finishing options. You can even get your project quotation within 24-hours!

The RapidDirect team has developed its new online manufacturing platform to simplify on-demand manufacturing. Eliminating the back-and-forth of email correspondence, the platform uses existing order data to build an accurate quotation for a project, based on factors like part size and material.

To use the online service, users simply upload a file and select various processing options — including manufacturing technology, material and finishing options — from drop-down menus.

The online platform also allows users to manage multiple quotations in one place and track the progress of orders.

How it works

RapidDirect’s new online manufacturing platform can be used for every manufacturing service offered by RapidDirect: CNC machining, injection molding, sheet metal fabrication and 3D printing.

Once a file has been uploaded and a manufacturing process has been chosen, users can select a material, finish and unit quantity, and are given the option to provide further remarks and manufacturing instructions. Technical drawings can also be uploaded to provide further instruction to RapidDirect’s engineering team.

When these elements have been specified, users can submit their request for quotation, upon which they will receive a confirmation email. A RapidDirect engineer will then review the specifications and provide a quotation within 24 hours.

Users will be notified by email when the quotation has been created, and can assess the quotation — which includes a proposed price and lead time — by logging into the RapidDirect platform directly. When logged into the platform, users can manage multiple quotations at once, confirm or reject a proposed quotation and view the status of pending orders. For added clarity, quotations are priced in terms of total cost and cost per unit.

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First Look At SketchFab: A Youtube For 3D Files

SketchFab is a web service to publish, share and embed interactive 3D models in real-time. Put simply, the site is part of a growing network of online 3D software to enable artistes, designers, and...

Microsoft’s 3D Printing App ‘3D Builder’ Arrives on Windows 8.1

The very concept is so thrilling that it makes the hair on the back of your neck stand on end. From printing pictures and text all the way to creating solid objects via a 3D printer is a journey of...

Kinect Fusion tool coming to Kinect for Windows SDK, will help devs create 3D models

Kinect Fusion tool coming to Kinect for Windows SDK, will help devs create 3D models

Microsoft has kept its internally-developed Kinect Fusion tool all to itself, but now, hot on the heels of Build 2012, the firm has announced that it's working on baking the software into the Kinect for Windows SDK. Concocted by Ballmer and Co.'s Cambridge, UK research lab, the tool can be leveraged to create 3D models of objects or environments, develop augmented reality applications and even take 3D measurements. By the looks of it, creating a model with the tool is a pretty painless process. When passing an object in front of a Kinect or sweeping the hardware throughout an area, the software will use the continuous stream of data collected by the device's sensors and compile it into a 3D model. Intrigued by Kinect Fusion? Hit the jump to catch a video presentation made for SIGGRAPH 2011 by the team behind the software.

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Capturing Elements in 3D

The 3D Material Straw is the ultimate hi-tech designer’s tool that goes beyond the limitations of photography for design research and uses discoveries from MIT’s recent exploration into elastomer sensitivity for recording true-to-life 3D surfaces and textures. When the devices is pressed into an object, the elastomer component mimics the surface and records information into a digital file format that can be used as an additional element in the design process.

Designers: Wen Ho, Liu jie, & Liu Dongming

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World’s first 84-inch 4K Ultra Definition TV ships from LG

 LG introduced the world’s first 84-inch Ultra Definition (UD) 3D TV in the Korean market. The 84-inch UD 3D TV is LG's answer to growing consumer demand for larger, more immersive home TVs with...