This compass-protractor stationery redesign reduces eye and hand strain while measuring

Right now everyone is looking for some sort of a guide – a tv guide, a medical guide, a moral guide, and probably even a literal guide like a compass. Since quarantine feels like running in circles might as well draw some perfect ones! Compass is also known as a rounder and this uniquely designed one called CARBU is definitely an all-rounder in the stationary design game.

CARBU is a compass and a protractor – so if you are a student or a designer, you know exactly how convenient it is to have tools that serve more than one purpose. The user can make multiple circles without measuring the distance of the opening of the legs with a ruler. The slim legs of the compass on the inside are clogged with discs that are integrated with low-power magnets for smooth movements. The compass has a 2 disc system for accuracy – the inner one disc shows the measurement in a 0.2cm interval and this is amplified with a second disc that magnifies it for ease of viewing. The inner transparent case has two options – you can measure with degrees (for angles and arcs) and also without degrees for simpler things. The second transparent case that has a magnifying glass shows the distance between the two legs of the compass precisely. The discs also tell you if you are in compass mode or protractor mode.

There is a window on the top of the circular disc that shows the distance/radius of the circle to the user directly as they move the compass legs. Ergonomically designed, this window lets you measure and draw without bending or using a scale to read the measurements. I mentioned moral guide earlier and this compass seems to have one of its own – it is built using materials that are recommended for sustainability. CABRU is made from a mixture of bio-plastic and activated carbon which increases the durability of the tool while keeping it light in weight. No strain on your eyes, no strain on your wrists, and no strain on the environment.

Designer: Michael Dimou

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Bear Grylls x Luminox survival series pushes you and your watch’s limits

Bear Grylls is the human personification of Man vs Wild and Fear Factor – no, seriously he is an international public figure known for this survival skills and outdoor adventures! So when Swiss watchmaker, Luminox, wanted to create a line of all-terrain watches they reached out to Bear Grylls and we got a match (or shall I say watch?) made in heaven. Luminox has unveiled the Bear Grylls Survival series which includes the master edition, the sea edition, and the land edition all designed with one goal in mind – to help you survive.

The beauty of this partnership is also in the core values of the brand and the celebrity – Luminox’s motto of ‘Every Second Counts’ syncs up with perfectly Grylls’ ‘Never Give Up’ and comes together as one in the Survival watches. The Master series leads the pack with two chronographs in 45mm Carbonox™ and cases to match. The adventurous spirit of the watch comes from stainless steel chronograph pushers, the mini compass on the strap and a rubber crown ring for easy grip. Given that is has a special Sea edition too, the survival series is water-resistant up to 300 meters.

Scale mountains, dive deep into the sea or explore jungles – the Survival series was created to ‘survive’ extreme conditions and will self-illuminate in the dark for up to 25 years! Even the case of the watch is inscribed with SOS in Morse code for quick reference if you ever need it. “The rugged watch range has been carefully crafted featuring multi-functional design and state of the art materials – set to inspire and encourage the adventurer in everyone – men and women, boys and girls, outdoor novices and experts,” says Bear Grylls.

Designer: Luminox

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An aperture-inspired intricate circle master worth treasuring!

The aperture is perhaps one of the most beautiful parts of a camera to look at. It takes inspiration, of course, from the way the aperture of your eyes open and close to let more or less light in. That mechanism is a thing of sheer beauty, and with the Iris drawing tool, it finds itself in a new avatar. Meet Iris, a refreshingly different circle-maker that has me obsessing over geometric drawings all over again.

The Iris comes with a rotating ring and 20 individual aperture lids. Turn the outer ring and the lids move, causing the circular void in their center to expand or contract. Designed to make drawing circles more intuitive and fun, without piercing the paper as you would with a compass, the Iris comes with a guide engraved on the side of the metallic ring, allowing you to control the size of the circle to the nearest millimeter, while going all the way from a minimum of 0mm to a maximum of 70mm.

An unusually beautiful looking instrument with a vintage touch, the Iris comes with a sheet metal aperture and a thin, machined brass construction, allowing it to be incredibly thin yet precise, with just the right tolerances to enable the aperture to open and close gracefully. The Iris also comes with a wooden stand that allows you to put it on display. The stand, aside from being a platform for the trophy-like Iris, also serves as an aligning tool, allowing you to position the Iris with respect to any given center… unlike those run-of-the-mill compasses which left bullet-wounds in our paper.

Compatible with all drawing tools from pencils to pens, the Iris is less of a geometry tool and more of a precious keepsake… one that also allows you to make the most beautifully perfect circles your eyes have ever seen!

Designer: Odin Ardagh

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About Iris

The Iris by Makers Cabinet is your perfect tool for drawing and measuring circles. Simply rotate the rings to open and close its captivating aperture mechanism. Iris will inspire you with every stroke of your pencil.

A Tool to Inspire

Makers Cabinet believe that drawing and writing tools should guide the path towards creativity rather than limit its potential. Instead of being a burdening generic tool the Iris is intuitive and unique. Its mesmerizing mechanism sparks delight in everyone that sees it open and close. They believe that the Iris helps rejuvenate the flow of creativity at moments of mental block.

The Inspiration

They noticed that camera apertures were reliable mechanisms and were surprised that they had not yet been developed for other purposes. In response to this observation, they designed an instrument that brings the quality of the camera aperture to your desk.


The mechanism of the camera aperture has endured 200 years of photographic history. Owing to this resilience, the Iris is the perfect replacement to the inadequate rotary drawing compass.

Rotary compasses are:

– Difficult to hold
– Useless without a ruler
– Restricted to certain mark-making tools
– Immortalised by the holes in our pages

Iris is:

– Easy to use
– Compatible with any mark-making tool
– An accurate measuring instrument
– Seamless on your page

Design, Materaiality & Craft

Its rings are machined from solid brass that patinas, improving with time and use. The leaves are resistant to ink and graphite as they are stamped from carefully selected stainless spring steel that retains its shape. The Iris houses twenty intricately designed leaves that enable you to create accurate circles with every stroke of your pencil.


The base locates the centre-point of a circle. To achieve this, simply lay the Iris flat on your surface and place the base against the inside of the aperture. This added feature enables you to take your drawings to the next level.

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The BALLET compass is sheer temptation for stationery lovers

Some call it compass, some call it rounder, I call it absolutely breathtaking. Designed with a minimal appeal that one often doesn’t see in geometry tools, the Ballet is a beautifully simplistic compass (yes, that’s the technical term for it) that looks as beautiful as a uni-body metal pen. Milled to precision from what I reckon is aluminum, the Ballet is perfectly cylindrical, with a hint of a parting line running vertically down the center, giving you a compass that splits into two, pivoted near the top. The Balance also comes with two knobs, one to control the tightness of the pivot, and the other one to deploy and secure the graphite lead. The lead itself is an interesting detail too. Rather than have a separate lead and a needle, the Ballet merges the two together, almost how ballerinas’ feet look when they’re posing on their tip-toes. The detail right at the bottom is singular, and is half needle, half lead. Open the compass out and the two separate, becoming two individual volumes, just like the compass’ legs!

Designers: Andreu Gadea and Jorge Ros (Maki Studio)

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The Compass is More than 400 years Old. It’s Time for a Redesign

Some people call them a compass, other people refer to them as rounders… I call them a headache. I’ve been using the traditional compass ever since 4th grade in school, and the only thing I’ve managed to successfully achieve are holes in my sheets, thanks to the compass’ age-old pin-point design. The compass has always been a decent tool with the potential to be a great one, but hasn’t really seen a redesign in a while. It still makes holes in papers, still slips past (often ruining your diagram or even tearing through the paper), or if you don’t hold it precariously enough, the pivot on top comes loose, changing the angle and resulting in your circle turning into a spiral.

Like I said, the compass has always been a decent tool with the potential to be a great one… the Rotio aims very clearly at being the latter. Redesigned to look nothing like a traditional compass, but be just as intuitive (if not more), the Rotio needs no explaining and can easily be figured out from the second you set your eyes on it. With a ball-bearing hub that makes it feel a lot like a fidget spinner, the Rotio is safe, easy-to-use, and incredibly fun to fidget with after using, as you admire your perfect circles. The central hub comes with a hole that lets you perfectly align the Rotio’s pivoting point, and a depression on top into which you can rest your finger, securing the Rotio in place so that it doesn’t shift while you make circles. Rotio does this much more effectively than traditional compasses and doesn’t even make a hole in your drawing paper/surface. With a freely rotating spoke that has demarkations on it, you can easily rest your pencil/pen in the spot of your choice and rotate away. The Rotio has demarkations spaced at 5mm apart, which makes it ideal for ideators and creatives who just want to make perfect circles and arcs without the hassle of using a compass, and the inaccuracy of relying on freehand strokes. Designed by two Industrial Designers, the Rotio was made to give you perfect circles and confident lines, empowering the creative in you and uplifting your sketches to another level.

Available in two sizes, the Rotio comes made from machined aluminum, with black and metallic finishes. The ball-bearing center gives it incredible fluidity, while a nitrile(rubber) o-ring at its base holds it in place and prevents it from slipping, while leaving absolutely no marks behind. The result is perfect, accurate circles with no signs of having used instruments… and sketches that showcase your creativity and ideas, and not holes and bullet/wounds from the age-old traditional instruments you used to draw them.

Designers: David Cullimore & Vinnay Chhabildas

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Simple but intuitive.

The most simple and intuitive design tool to complement natural creativity and add a new layer to the design process.



The Rotio Compass was created by two professional industrial designers after noticing how many people are reluctant to draw and express their creativity through fear of being judged.

‘Part of this issue is that the bar has been set so high, people don’t have the confidence to draw’.

Their aim is to encourage more people to be creative.


Two sizes. Two colors.

Introducing the Rotio Standard and the Rotio Plus compass. Both size compass are available in black or silver finish.

The holes are spaced at 5mm radius increments and has a circle range of 40mm to 140mm for the standard size and to 40mm to 200mm for the plus size.


The proportions were developed around the standard A4 paper size. The largest circle of the Plus size fits within the width of an A4 paper sheet.

Undecided on which size? Most designers prefer the Rotio Set, one of each size.


Why the Rotio® Compass is not just another compass.

1. Precise and considered design. We have worked hard to create an intuitive and efficient design tool that gives a completely new drawing experience. Simply place on the page, your finger on the centre and rotate with a pen.

2. Designed to last. The body and centre are manufactured from recyclable materials, the machined aluminium compass is tough and robust. While the cartridge bearing at the centre allows for smooth and accurate arcs, curves and circles, the evenly spaced holes have been sized to accommodate a range of pens and pencils.

3. Built to for control and accuracy. While other compasses can be hard to use, the Rotio Compass has a stable base for accurate and defined line work. With greater control over the pen, the Rotio Compass allows you to go over and vary the line weight for greater depth and contrast to your sketching. Compared to a traditional compass, drawing full circles using the Rotio Compass is much easier, particularly for younger users.

4. Leave no mark. As the Rotio Compass has no sharp point, it grips the page using a concealed nitrile o-ring. There are no marks or unsightly damage on the page leaving your work pristine.


5. Accurate line up. The hole in the centre is sized to make it easy to line up on specific points.

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EDC for stargazers!


The Kikkerland Telescope Compass Keychain may not give you the best image of the Blue Blood Moon that we’re expecting to see, but it’s loads better than using your phone camera to zoom into the moon to get a good look. The tiny little contraption comes with toy-like proportions, and fits around your keychain, opening up to become a pretty neat/cute telescope you can use outdoors. Fold the telescope back to its closed position and you’ve got a tiny compass resting on the top, giving you pretty much all the tools you need to stargaze when you’re out in the open. To sweeten the deal, the keychain comes even with two LEDs, squeezing three rather handy tools into something that’s literally half the size of your thumb. How positively enchanting!

Designer: Kikkerland