Display Your LEGO Minifigs in a Giant Minifig

Do you or your kids like to collect LEGO minifigures? You could leave them scattered around the room where you could step on one, or the dog could try to eat them, or you could store and display them in a more appropriate place. This oversize wood minifig display is perfect for organizing and showing off your favorite LEGO figures.

The $36 wall display is made by Alabama Etsy shop JEMWorXCo using premium 1/2″ baltic birch wood and holds up to 19 figures. Each of its little cutouts is just the right size to hold a minifig along with accessories like their tiny hats, though I’m guessing the sombrero on my Mariachi Maraca Man Minifigure won’t fit.

The only thing better would be if they made a huge version that held the 200+ minifigs I have littering my basement, but I guess I could just buy a dozen of these, and that would look pretty awesome too.

Product designs to organise your workspace and achieve a de-cluttered work desk + mind!

I’m sure we all have those little spurts of motivation wherein we want to completely organize our workspace! We channel our inner Marie Kondo and want to give our work desk and our home office a complete makeover. But how about integrating organization and tidiness into our lives on a daily basis, instead of erratically doing it every 2-3 months or so? In an attempt to bring some order and zen to your workspace, we’ve curation a collection of product designs that promise to reorganize and rearrange all your belongings – from your work desk to your office stationery in the tidiest manner possible. This nifty range of organizers is all you need to ensure your work environment is productive and organized!

Balance is a multi-functional desk that an creates organized, personalized, and productive work experience. It features a canvas and six types of modules (Surface, White Board, Cork, Kanban, Time, and Shelf) that are magnetically attached to the canvas. You can pick and choose the modules that work best for your needs, work style, and aesthetics preference while also combining them to be integrated with productivity techniques like Kanban and Pomodoro. Assemble the canvas to the arm by adjusting four screws through the standard VESA monitor connection. A C-shaped clamp connects the arm to the desk. Each module has strong neodymium magnets that connect them to the canvas. Furthermore, the whiteboard comes with an adjustable stand so you can use it on the desk surface for a more natural and ergonomic position to draw/write.

Created by LHiDS Creative, the MagEasy Folio and MagEasy Board use a combination of powerful magnets to help keep you organized and productive. The magnetic system, embedded within a durable and waterproof board, allows you to neatly arrange your life, from your keys and phone to your stationery, notepad, wallet, or even passport. The board and folio provide a canvas for MagEasy’s series of magnetic accessories which are powerful enough to hold keys in place as well as securely store your smartphone or wallet. MagEasy’s novel approach to organizing allows you to store all your everyday essentials in one place, so you don’t have to dig in your pocket for your wallet or keys, or in your bag for your pen, or a thumb drive.

This bauble-box is brutalist beauty at its best! The Mesh, by Mexico-based Shift is a concrete organizer that allows you to store all your small belongings and customize how you store them too! Designed to work well in any space, the Mesh can be placed on your work desk, bedside table, mantelpiece, dressing table, or even your bathroom. The concrete setup comes with a toothed base and containers with notches that dock right into the grooves/teeth. The layout opportunities are endless, and you can even use the grooved base to route cables, rest stationery, and even dock your phone! The concrete components cone in a variety of monochrome hues, and blend into the decor well, whether it’s your desktop, dressing table, or the shelf right beside your main door. The fact that the containers (and base) are slip-cast in porous concrete means the Mesh doesn’t mind a little bit of water, making it ideal for the bathroom, or even to plant tiny succulents around your workspace!

It took one simple redesign to turn the plug-point into a neat wire-organizer

It took one simple redesign to turn the plug-point into a neat wire-organizer

Determined to never have random loose wires corrupt the visual balance of his spaces, Andrew Ferrier designed the Cable Cradle, a simple, innovative twist on the plug-point. Ferrier’s redesigned plug-point comes with an extended lip that gives you a channel to wrap your spare wires around. Almost like a thread and a spool, the wire can be looped as many times as needed to make your space look neat, and to prevent you from accidentally tripping over that pesky little wire that’s aimlessly strewn across the floor. Ferrier even built a nice ridge on the top of the Cable Cradle to allow you to rest your phone on it, so you can charge your phone and dock it too!

CableTread, a standing desk with a built-in cable organizer, was conceived with San Francisco-based e.ventures, where Tom Gielselmann recruited Nick Allen to develop a “circuit-board desk.” Together, over the course of a year, they redefined what cable organization looks like, winning the Red Dot Design’s 2020 Innovative Award. The printed circuit board is relatively familiar for any young person who grew up on science-fiction spy movies but also stands as the inspiration behind CableTread. Simply put, the printed circuit board is an electrical connector that mechanically supports electronic components through conductive pathways. A clever reinterpretation of the circuit board’s purpose, it makes sense that the organizational scheme for CableTread’s underbelly mimics the electric roadways of circuit boards since both seem to make some sense out of an intimidating mess.

Fritsch-Durisotti, a creative studio based in Paris, launched their line of backpacks and companion organizers, Fil & Fog so that we can bring our own “little universe of personal items” with us anywhere we go, leaving the hassles of clutter and disorganization at home. The designers behind Fil & Fog set out to construct a backpack built to last and accompanying organizers that can keep up with our passions, no matter where they might take us. For Fritsch-Durisotti’s Fil & Fog, passion is found in its construction. TPU coating is applied to every backpack and organizer, which enhances both products’ impermeability factors and also allows room for untraditional, but effective textile assembly methods. High-frequency welding, for instance, a plastic welding process that relies on high-frequency electric fields, gives Fil & Fog’s backpack and organizers their high resistance threshold and water-tightness. Elastic bands come with each organizer so that they are completely customizable for each user’s needs – just weave the elastic bands through the laser-cut grids found inside each organizer and store all your items. It’s the perfect office bag!

Throughout the working day, our desks can become cluttered and deeply unorganized messes that limit our potential through creating distractions and reducing efficiency. This is only made worse by the abundance of cables that weave around our desks. We need something that contains all the essential items and places them within one organized location. The Stealtho Desk organizer is here to do just that; It carries an array of features that keep everything you need in one tidy place! Stealtho is the combination of both a humble desk organizer and a Qi Wireless charger. This allows for easy access to essential writing equipment, whilst your phone can be simultaneously charged on the upright stand. With Stealtho, annoying dongles are a thing of the past; built-in to its base is a USB hub that enables efficient data transfer or the charging of mobile devices.

A portable, reusable, magnetic Post-it-style note that you could stick on any surface? The Mover Erase was an incredible ideation and organization tool. Now, with the Mover Erase Combo, it becomes arguably even more useful and versatile. At the heart of this system is the individual Mover Erase tile, a small rectangular element that you can write/doodle on and stick anywhere. Unlike a whiteboard, where you can’t really rearrange stuff that’s written, the Mover Erase’s tile-based system meant you could move blocks around, shifting ideas from one column to another… and unlike Post-its, the Mover Erase tiles were infinitely reusable, with each reusable tile saving nearly 10,000 sheets of paper. The Mover Erase Combo comes along with a magnetic folio case that’s best described as your portable whiteboard.

Designed to help declutter your nightstand or your work desk as well as help you de-clutter your mind, the TRAY light serves as an ambient lamp that also holds and organizes your items like your spectacles, water bottle, phone, etc. It features an accordion-inspired lampshade that glows with a fluted/banded design, atop which sits an opaque tray that holds your belongings. At 9.25 x 9.25 inches, it fits comfortably on most tables and offers enough surface area for all your belongings. When the lamp’s switched on, your objects are cast in a diffused light that bounces around your room.

iSwift Pi was primarily created to help those working from home feel a lot more comfortable when they choose to work from the comfort of their beds. Designed to be compact and portable, iSwift Pi boasts an ultra-thin form when folded or unfolded. When folded, the iSwift Pi is as thin as a small stack of paper, which then unfolds to two different heights, either 7.5 inches or 8.6 inches, depending on your lap situation. Then users can adjust iSwift Pi’s sitting placement to four different angles, so the screen can always meet your eyes. iSwift Pi carries itself on two triangle legs and comes with built-in magnets for its frame in order to provide enough stability and even distribution of weight to carry up to 44 pounds on its desktop.

The Wisdom Tree Bookshelf Keeps Your Place in up to Five Books

Reading: it’s fundamental. And for those of you who can’t get enough and feel the need to read multiple books at once, there’s the Wisdom Tree, an illuminated plywood tree that can hold up to five books, keeping the page you’re on for quick and easy access to all those delicious words to fill your brain up with.

The Wisdom Tree is made by Bookniture and is currently available for pre-order for $69, with shipping in August 2021. Does it also work for comic books? I sure hope so, because they’re basically all I read. Well, those, and the backs of cereal boxes.

You know my wife likes to read multiple books at once. She also never finishes any of them. So, what was the last book you read? Mine was Ready Player Two by Ernest Cline. I’ll be honest — it’s not as good as the first one. Thank you, this concludes my TED Talk.

[via The Awesomer]

How to organize your desk at home

More people are working from home than ever before, which has led some to level up their WFH environments with new gear, new accessories and yes, new furniture. But if you want to make your home office a more functional space, you should try to keep...

This modular furniture system was designed to provide privacy and organization for co-living spaces!

Humans are creatures of habit, so they say. We each have our own special ways of finding comfort and peace of mind. More often than not, that sense of comfort is exhibited most obviously in the spaces where we live. We know our homes better than anyone else because we design them ourselves and simply know what we like. Each of us feels the need to design and organize our spaces, and considering our differences in design preferences and modes of organization, we have that in common. Building a household room divider that lends itself to that common need, designers Giulia Pesce and Ruggero Batista created Patchwork.

Patchwork is Giulia and Ruggero’s proposed creative design solution for depersonalized home spaces such as reception centers for unhoused individuals. Their home organization project offers a wide range of functionality in regards to privacy, space demarcation, personalization, and organization of personal belongings. In collaboration with design agency Hans Thyge & Co., Giulia and Ruggero’s Patchwork is meant for use in cohabitation spaces like hostels, school dormitories, or reception centers for unhoused populations.

Patchwork is comprised of different, interchangeable panels that fold and expand like a traditional room divider. Patchwork panels provide plenty of different uses for each individual and function as a typical divider, work station, headboard, or some combination from the above. Patchwork incorporates a built-in closet space where users can hang their clothes and, thanks to a concealed padlock accessory, can also stow away personal possessions for secure storage. Patchwork also comes with supplemental shelving units, individual mirrors, and handy hooks so that the additional panels can be outfitted according to each user’s unique needs.

In order to create an effective solution that offers privacy and the chance to personalize any space one might call home, Giulia and Ruggero committed to field research that took place in a wide array of co-living spaces. Following their visits to unhoused population centers and refugee camps, the designers say, “During field studies in reception centers for homeless people and refugees in Italy, we observed as the facilities used often do not provide the possibility to organize and hang clothes in a functional way.” Upon discovering this deficiency, Giulia and Ruggero created Patchwork, their micro-solution for our shared need to find privacy and individualization no matter where we might find ourselves living.

Designers: Giulia Pesce & Ruggero Batista

Through the use of modular panels, designers Giulia and Ruggero were able to create room dividers for co-living spaces that also function as storage units for personal belongings.

The nondescript padlock offers both security and peace of mind for users who hope to stow away their more prized personal possessions.

Different forms of hooks and shelving units can be added to each Patchwork unit so that users can design their spaces according to their unique needs.

“The different panels are interchangeable and they can be accessorized so as to create different personal units in the shared cohabitation space.”

Stationery Crustaceans: You’ve Got Crabs

Every desktop could use a little help to keep organized. You could go with a traditional pencil caddy or you could go ahead and get yourself a case of crabs. Stationery Crustaceans are little plastic crabs that are designed to hold small objects in their mighty pincers.

Designed by Japanese artist Ahnitol, the crabs are available over on Etsy’s CrabCakes Crafts for $8.99 each, or $29.49 for a set of four. These pint-sized crabs can hold pens, pencils, business cards,  or even knives in their claws. They measure about 2″ x 1″ and come in red, blue, green, or purple.

If you’ve ever watched The Deadliest Catch, you know that’s way too small. They’re obviously females or juveniles and they’re throwing them back. Actually, I’d like an Alaskan King crab version that I could use to hold my 75″ TV set with. Sadly, I just remembered I have a shellfish allergy and I probably shouldn’t even be looking at these pictures.

Tech that can help you stick to your New Year’s resolutions

Join me in bidding “adieu” and good riddance to 2020. You may just be hoping that 2021 will bring better things, but there are ways to make that wish a reality rather than a prayer. Setting attainable New Year’s resolutions is one of them, but you ma...

Chrome’s new tab grouping feature brings order to chaos

As promised, Google is bringing a new organization feature to tab hoarders. Beginning today, Chrome users can group tabs in their desktop windows. The tab groups are customizable -- you can label them with names and colors -- and you can easily colla...