TAG Heuer’s special edition smartwatch is made for the golf course

In March, TAG Heuer released the third generation of its Connected watches. The gadgets -- which are powered by Google’s Wear OS -- merge smartwatch functionality with the classic style of a chronograph timepiece. The company’s new Connected Golf Edi...

Engadget editors share their current YouTube obsessions

With TV production on hold and most film releases pushed back, the well of new content for us to consume while cooped up at home has started to dry up a bit. Some people are using the time to catch up on a long backlist or rewatch old faves (I’m in t...

ESPN+ will be the home of PGA Tour’s streaming service in 2022

You might end up paying less to stream live golf tourneys in the future. As part of a larger media deal, PGA Tour Live will be included as part of the ESPN+ base package starting in 2022 -- it'll be the only place you can use it in the US, in fact. T...

PGA Tour highlight videos are coming to Facebook Watch

You won't have to venture far beyond your Facebook feed to get a pro golf fix this year. The social network has reached a deal with the PGA Tour to bring daily round recaps and player-oriented highlight videos to Facebook Watch in 2020, starting wit...

Golf Putting Pool Table

This is a great game fore! your home, a real hole in one. The Golf Putting Pool Table is a giant putting green that lets you play pool. And golf. At the same time. Everyone can get in on the fun. This 78″ by 57″ mat rolls up for easy storage (you know, in case you don’t want a permanent giant pool table on your floor, but hey if you do then go for it champ). To set it up, just unroll, attach the rails, and you’re good to go.

Looks like tons of fun. And easier for kids (and adults) to master than regular game of pool because it’s way easier to hit a putt than use a pool cue. The set comes with the green, rails, carbon fiber golf clubs, and 16 golf balls painted up just like a normal pool set. A great gift or party idea. Just don’t two putt the eight ball and don’t chalk up your golf clubs.

Golf Putting Pool Table
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Your robotic caddie!

Like the idea of a golf caddie but don’t enjoy relying on another human to carry your prized possessions around for you? Then DUCK (Axglo X-E) may just be the product for you! Packed into this electric caddie is an all-intelligent following system that accurately navigates the terrain whilst maintaining a consistent distance away from you. The 80,000 mAh battery provides the nifty device with enough energy for 25km of roaming; adequate range for even the largest of courses!

Something which DUCK can do that you cannot do with the human variant, is fold it up and place it neatly in the boot of your car. DUCK automatically reduces in size to create a storage-friendly package that is far more convenient to transport. This high level of practically continues with the myriad or storage pockets and compartments that make-up the multi-functional console; leading to a product that can carry far more than just your clubs!

Designer: Rice Mak

The Axglo has 3 modes. In following mode, the handlebar does not need to be pulled up, which enhances the experience and formally change the concept of “pull”. Certainly, if golf cart runs out of electricity, people can still use it in pulling mode. When it is converted into the storage mode, multiple transmission structures can cooperate to fold quickly.

The Axglo is designed in a way where the golf bag is facing the golfer automatically. This can give the golfer the ability to quickly and easily access their desire club to make the perfect shot, hence get rid of the inconvenience to get the club from traidtional cart.

Above: Traditional Electric Cart. Below: Axglo

The Axglo can easily climb a slope of over 45 degrees. Without the use of auxiliary wheel, it improves the problem of losing balance by maxmizing the length of the front and rear wheelbase. The most important thing is that the folding size is smaller than other folding electric golf carts in the existing market.

VW’s GTI Aurora concept has a hologram-controlled sound system

Trunk-mounted sound systems are often about bragging rights, but VW might have more reason to boast than usual. It's showing a Golf GTI Aurora concept car whose centerpiece is a hologram-controlled audio system accessible from the back. You can pus...

Every shot from the Masters will be posted online within five minutes

Golf fans who are planning to watch the Masters this weekend will have yet more ways to check out the action. For the first time at a golf tournament, practically every one of the more than 20,000 shots from the first major of the year will be availa...