Arnold & Son’s latest double tourbillion watch comes finished with a stunning jade dial

Adding to the watchmaker’s rich legacy of dual timezone pieces, the Double Tourbillon Jade brings the culturally rich green mineral to the Arnold & Son’s centuries-long history of chronometric excellence. Striving for perfection on the inside as well as out, the watch sports two faces set in precious white opal and double tourbillons that are jewels of engineering in their own right. The four-leaf clover arrangement of dials and tourbillons provides the perfect foreground for the watch’s bright green jade dial, sourced from Wyoming and expertly cut to allow both dials and tourbillons to emerge to their full height.

While the exterior revels in sheer opulence, the insides of the watch come outfitted with the company’s A&S8513 double-barreled caliber. Designed as a dual timezone watch, the upper dial sports Roman numerals, while the lower one showcases Arabic numerals, allowing you to independently set and calibrate two times from different timezones right down to the minute. “Unlike most so-called travel watches, the Double Tourbillon Jade can therefore follow time zones offset by 15, 30 or 45 minutes, as is the case with certain countries in Central Asia”, mentions the company in a press release.

The ornate arrangement of minerals and intricately assembled timekeeping components sit underneath a sapphire crystal display, within the watch’s 43.5mm case, made from an option between red gold and white gold. Both colors aim to complement the deep green jade stone within, adding accents through gentle colors, reflections, and contrasts. To further this artistic vision, the watches are paired with hand-stitched alligator leather straps in either black or green.

Designer: Arnold & Son

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This Apple Watch sweatband keeps your watch sweat-free so you can make the most of your wearable!

The ActionBand is a new sweatband with a frame for your Apple Watch so you can work out and track your activities while keeping the sweat from loosening your grip!

These days, we’re not chasing rings, we’re closing them. Chances are, even if you don’t have an Apple Watch, you’ve seen your neighborhood’s finest power walkers going that extra mile to close out their Apple Watch’s activity rings. Everybody’s doing it.

While we use our Apple Watches outside of the gym, keeping an eye on our workout’s progress with activity tracking always helps to push our limits. Designing a new wristband made specifically for working out with your Apple Watch, Apple-inspired design group Twelve South created the ActionBand, a sweatband that can hold your Apple Watch.

When working out, our grips make all the difference. So when sweat comes into play, a tight grip around dumbbells, barbells, and kettlebells becomes harder to maintain. No one wants to lose out on activities that might close our rings though, so Twelve South developed a solution.

The ActionBand is essentially a sweatband with a carved-out frame to hold your Apple Watch, allowing you to sweat all day without loosening your grip. Sold in pairs, Twelve South sends each customer one ActionBand with a secure Apple Watch frame and one normal sweatband to wrap around your watch-free wrist. Providing full access to the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown and Side Button, users will have full control over their watches.

Produced from a blend of soft, stretchable lycra, the ActionBand can travel up your wrist, forearm, and bicep to fit anywhere during your workouts. Then, once your rings close out for the day, you can toss ActionBand into the wash to have it ready for your next workout.

Designer: Twelve South

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Top modern gifts for people who love great design – YD Holiday Gift Guide 2021

We took the thinking and planning out of gift-giving so you don’t have to worry about what to buy for yourself or for a loved one this holiday season! Here’s a list of great home, kitchen, and lifestyle products to spark joy in your life and the lives of the people around you. The one thing that’s common across all of them? The fact that they’re clever and innovative products that get the stamp of approval from the design-elves at the YD headquarters.

Be sure to snag some of these products while they’re around (and on discount), or share them with a friend/relative/partner if you want to give them hints!

Air6+ Air Purifier by YFLife

The AIR6Plus purifier by YFLife is about the size of a smart speaker and can be placed anywhere within the house… yet within it is air purifying technology so advanced, it’s even used by NASA. Referred to as photocatalytic oxidation or PCO, this technology obliterates any kind of germ or organic compound, turning it into CO2 and water. The technology would normally sound like overkill for using inside our homes on planet earth, but considering deteriorating air quality, the presence of pathogens, and a whole host of other organic compounds (smoke even) … it actually makes for a rather advanced air purifier that gives you the cleanest breathable air possible. Operating with a simple touch of a button, the AIR6Plus comes with 3 fan modes, and can sanitize the air down to 0.001 micrometers within a space of 360 sqft without generating any sound or even any waste… and with a ridiculously energy-efficient power consumption of 13W (that’s about as much as an LED bulb). Grab one for a YD-special discount below!
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Nanopresso Handheld Espresso Maker by Wacaco

An espresso-maker that’s smaller than a Starbucks cup, the Nanopresso from Wacaco is designed to give you the most luxuriously rich and crema-laden coffee wherever you go. Just load hot water into the Nanopresso, pack coffee grounds into the pod (or use a Nespresso pod of your own), and the Nanopresso’s custom-designed pumping system can generate a whopping 18 bars (261 PSI) of pressure, pushing the hot water right through the tightly packed coffee grounds to produce up to 80ml (or two shots) of pure concentrated espresso. The Nanopresso also comes with a cup to dispense your fresh coffee in, and requires no electricity to use, making it perfect both at home or even outdoors. Once you’re caffeinated for the day, the Nanopresso is easy to clean, and even comes with a nifty EVA foam case to carry it around in!
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Koda 12 Compact Pizza Oven by Ooni

Imagine never having to stand for hours outside Lucali’s to get some crazy good Neapolitan-style pizza. Or rather, imagine being able to make that pizza right at home! That’s what the Koda by Ooni promises, with its ridiculously compact design that can frankly sit on most outdoor tabletops, letting you turn any table into an instant pizzeria. The Koda 12 is small enough to make a 12-inch pizza or calzone, and comes with a foldable design that you can flat-pack and carry home with you once you’re done (and once the pizza oven’s cooled down, obviously). The compact little gas-powered oven takes mere minutes to set up, and can heat up to ripping dough-baking temperatures in just 15 minutes. Use it to make pizzas, breads, babkas, steaks, or even grill veggies!
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Nanoleaf Shapes Modular Wall Lights by Nanoleaf

The year is 2021 and wallpaper has just been rendered obsolete. Meet the Nanoleaf Shapes, a series of slim, smart LED panels that come in geometric shapes and can be connected to one another to create a dynamic work of art on your walls. The modular panels can be used to create shapes, patterns, textures, even text, and they add a touch of color to spaces when off, but completely transform the ambiance of a room when switched on! The smart LED panels work via touch, and can instantly be transformed into an interactive installation that changes hues when you touch any of the panels. Alternatively, they can connect to your smart speaker and change colors to the rhythm of the music you play, or better still, hook them to your television and activate Match Mode, which lets the Nanoleaf panels light up to match the colors on your TV screen, creating an immersive experience that’s nonpareil!
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Bradley Element Tactile Wristwatch by Eone

Easily one of the most iconic watches of modern time, the Bradley watch from Eone comes with a spectacular design that’s backed by an even more incredible story. Named after former naval officer and Paralympic Gold medalist Bradley Snyder, the watch hopes to champion inclusive design by being a timepiece that you can read not just with your eyes, but with your hands too. The watch hopes to celebrate the brave legacy of officer Bradley, who lost his vision while diffusing bombs during his time stationed in Afghanistan. Championing Bradley’s no-can-do attitude, the watch features two ball-bearings that magnetically travel around the timepiece’s face to read the time (one bearing on the front tells the minutes, and another on the rim tells the hours). The wearer can simply run their finger across the watch to feel for the bearings and get an immediate sense of what the time is. If the bearings shift position while you touch them, they can slide immediately back thanks to the underlying magnets… which make the award-winning tactile timepiece double up as a nifty toy too!
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Millo Wireless Blender by Millo

Designed like something out of Apple’s or Dyson’s design studio, the Millo is a smart, sophisticated, and silent blender, that makes 4x lesser noise than your conventional blender, generates twice as less heat, and 2x more energy efficient. Moreover, using it is bafflingly futuristic. Just load your smoothie ingredients into the Millo, screw the top on, and rest it inverted on the base… and just like a phone starts charging the moment you rest it on a wireless-charging surface, the Millo begins whirring and blitzing all your ingredients into a fine smoothie. You can control the Millo’s intensity by sliding your finger around the rim of the base, as lights under the surface come to life, letting you see what power you’re running the blender at. When you’re done, lift the blender up and the blade magically stops spinning. It’s a sight to absolutely admire! Yes, this blender is everything Steve Jobs would love. It’s sleek, wireless, quiet, and removes any ugly mechanical details that would blemish the blender’s pristine design. Oh, and the base is made out of Aluminium too!
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ZenBeam Latte L1 Portable Projector by ASUS

Rather adorably named the Latte, this coffee-glass-shaped device from ASUS is actually a portable projector, capable of delivering 720p content while also functioning as a speaker-system. The ZenBeam Latte blends 720p HD projection and Harman/Kardon audio performance into a compact, lightweight, and ultra-portable design that’s similar in size, shape, and weight to a grande cup of coffee. The tiny projector can project screens measuring up to 120-inches in size, and works seamlessly with iOS and Android devices. Go ahead and Netflix & Chill in style!
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Levitating Smart Moon Lamp by Gingko

Dim the lights and switch the Gingko Smart Moon Lamp on and it quite literally looks like you’ve got a supermoon inside your home! Having gone certifiably viral on TikTok, its gravity-defying levitating design completes the illusion, creating a pretty remarkable-looking prop that’s great for decor as well as photography! The floating moon comes 3D printed from translucent PLA, complete with craters and undulating surface details to make it look like the real thing, and it floats on its base too, gently rotating as a planetary object would. 140mm (5.5 inches) in diameter, the moon floats on a wooden base made of dark walnut or light ash wood, suspended in place by a strong rare-earth magnet. It comes with built-in LEDs that give the moon its signature glow, with 3 light temperatures to choose from – warm white (3500k) and white (5000k), and a special yellow warm (2700k) for that rare blood moon effect! Each Smart Moon Lamp comes with its base and a 12V- 1A AD adapter to power the entire experience. Plus, Gingko offers a cool 2-year warranty that should quite literally send you ‘over the moon!’
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The X-15 Automatic Watch was co-designed by the last-living test-pilot to ever fly the rocket-powered jet

Inspired by a true icon of American aviation, the Aeromat X-15 pays tribute to its namesake – the hypersonic rocket-powered North American X-15 jet. Designed by Aeromat’s Oscar Chabrat, who found himself absolutely fascinated by the X-15 after he discovered it (and virtually flew it) on a game of Flight Simulator, the Aeromat X-15 timepiece captures the story and the unbridled adrenaline rush of the rocket-powered X-15 aircraft on its design. The automatic watch itself comes with a stealthy, strictly no-nonsense design that uniquely captures the jet’s utilitarian surface treatment and form. It sports a titanium outer shell, the same material used in the X-15’s airframe, has a stellar jet-inspired caseback, and is entirely assembled in the US, quite like the very jet that inspired the watch.

Designer: Oscar Chabrat

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The X-15 is a tribute to NASA’s most daring aeronautical project ever: The North American X-15.

When put side by side, the X-15 watch bears an instant resemblance to its jet counterpart. There’s something rather simple yet superior about the jet that reflects wonderfully in the watch’s pure design, which was co-created with Major General Joe H. Engle, the last living test-pilot to fly the X-15. The watch comes with a plated titanium case, an aviation-inspired watch-face with a unique seconds hand and a date window, and the special caseback, which sports a relief version of the X-15 as seen from the front, along with Major General Engle’s signature.

Silver Gray in Italian Leather Strap

Silver Gray in Mesh Band Strap

Sitting under a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass is the watch’s eye-catching face. Available in 4 colors – Silver Gray, NATO Green, Sky Blue, and Jet Black, the watch sports signature aviation-watch hour and minute hands, as well as a bespoke seconds hand that mimics the top-down silhouette of the X-15. The watch comes with clear numeric markings coated in Super-Luminova, along with a date window at the 3 o’clock position, and 24-hour markings for people who read military time.

Jet Black in Mesh Band Strap

Flip the watch over and you’ve got an ode to the X-15 with its silhouette in relief on the back, Major General Engle’s signature and 2-stars, and the jet’s cockpit turn-and-slip indicator made using the watch’s rotor. Speaking of the rotor, the watch is powered internally by the NH35 Seiko Automatic movement, a reliable Japanese workhorse with a power reserve of over 41 hours.

Nato Green in Mesh Band Strap

Nato Green in Italian Leather Strap

Sky Blue in Mesh Band Strap

The X-15 is yet another timepiece in Aeromat’s legacy of honoring aircrafts through well-designed timepieces. This time, Aeromat focused on one of the most illustrious jets in the world – a 1959 beast that still holds the record for speed and altitude, even 62 years later. Like its namesake, the X-15 watch uses titanium in its construction, as an ode to the titanium airframe of the X-15, and comes in 4 colors as well as with 3 strap materials – leather, stainless steel mesh, and woven NATO-style straps. The watches are available on Kickstarter at a discounted price of $265 (the retail tag is at $660), and each watch ships with the 3 straps to choose from in a slick aluminum travel box. The watches are backed by a 2-year warranty (2+1 years if you grab one at the Earlybird price), and begin shipping in the first half of next year.

Click Here to Buy Now: $265 $660 (60% off). Hurry, only 102/150 left!

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These Japanese watchmakers are designing stunning full skeleton Tourbillon watches that rival any Richard Mille

You won’t have to dissolve your 401k to flaunt this skeleton tourbillon wristwatch. A good skeleton tourbillon watch (think Richard Mille) can cost you more than a house… ZEROOTIME’s watches, on the other hand, look just as luxurious, but at 1/100th the price.

Designer: SYUU / Chief designer of ZEROOTIME

Click Here to Buy Now: $1286 $2625 (51% off). Hurry, exclusive for YD readers only!

The word Tourbillon’s usually synonymous with luxury… and there’s a pretty interesting story behind it. Invented more than 200 years ago by Abraham-Louis Breguet, a Parisian watchmaker, the tourbillon’s purpose was to fight off the pesky effects of gravity on a pocket watch’s intricate movement. To circumvent this, Breguet devised a small cage in which to mount the most important components – the escapement and balance wheel – and had it constantly rotate so as to negate positional errors. He called it a “tourbillon”, meaning “whirlwind” in French, and earned a patent for it in 1801. While watches today don’t really rely on a tourbillon to accurately depict the time, the tourbillon’s incredibly intricate design is considered a work of true art and craftsmanship, and luxury brands charge a premium to decorate their timepieces with this preciously assembled ‘mechanical jewel’.

Left: T3 The Leo. Right: T4 The Archer

However, the watchmakers at Japan-based ZEROOTIME are challenging that notion with their affordable Skeleton Tourbillon Watches. By relying on crowdfunding (where you circumvent barriers like retail costs, brand markups, showroom fees, expensive exhibitions) and delivering to-order watches directly to passionate consumers, ZEROOTIME’s been able to make and sell watches at their ‘true cost’. ZEROOTIME debuted their 2021 collection with the T1 and T2 in August, and are now unveiling the next timepieces in the series – the T3 and T4, both of which come with a skeleton tourbillon encased in a design that reveals exactly how brilliantly complex the watches are.

T3 The Leo in Silver Case, Silver Dial.

​Named LEO (after the constellation), the T3 is a stunning watch to look at. Armed with a self-winding mechanism that sits within the T3’s absolutely skeletal body, the T3 LEO comes with a 316L stainless steel case, capped with sapphire crystals on both the front and the back, revealing different facets of the watch’s bare-bones design. The front presents the watch’s crown jewel – its skeleton tourbillon – and lets you see not one but two mainsprings that power the watch’s mechanism, giving it a 72-hour power reserve. The watch even comes with SuperLuminova coatings, ​designed to look like the fangs of a lion. All in all, the T3 LEO is haute horlogerie at its finest and most affordable… but it’s no match for ZEROOTIME’s T4 ARCHER.

*For Indiegogo edition, the corner texts (i.e. The Archer, Tourbillon T4, Full Skeleton and Limited Edition) will be removed.

Christened ARCHER for the way the tourbillon sits within the watch’s bow-shaped armature, the T4 ARCHER is a Tonneau-shaped full skeleton timepiece that truly rivals your quarter-million-dollar Richard Mille, while costing a fraction of the amount. The T4 shares its name with its predecessors, the T1 and T2, both of which also sported the bow-shaped skeletal framework… and just like its predecessors, the T4 takes the term skeletal all too seriously.

In the pursuit of creating a watch that’s as skeletal as possible, the T4 ARCHER comes with transparent sapphire crystal on the front and back, but pushes boundaries by having a transparent rim running along the side of the watch too. The watch’s case, with its sparingly minimal design, comes made from 316L Stainless Steel, and offers a look into the watch’s inner workings from 4 different sides, letting you observe the tourbillon’s choreographed dance. The tourbillon on the T4 is classified as a full-skeleton, since it gives you a glimpse of the tourbillon from all sides without any obstruction. Alongside the tourbillon that sits at the 9 o’clock position, the T4 also lets you see the watch’s double mainsprings that allow the watch’s automatic movement to have up to 70 hours of reserved power.

Both the T3 and T4 come in a variety of colors. The T3 LEO comes with a stainless steel strap in an all-silver or an all-black design with the option of a blue skeletal dial. The T4 ARCHER, however, explores as many as 12 color variants, brought about by the fact that the watch is accompanied by a rubber strap that gives the ARCHER a pop of color while also blending in with the case’s Tonneau shape. The ARCHER’s crown sports a rubber accent too, creating just the right balance between the materials to make a timepiece that has a strong character, even though it sports a skeletal design. Both watches are nominally water-resistant (the T3 is resistant up to 5ATM and the T4 up to 3ATM) and come with a 2-year warranty. At $2,800 and $3,000 respectively, the T3 LEO and T4 ARCHER are perhaps the most cost-effective skeleton tourbillons you’ll ever find on the market. Their design comes with careful consideration, supply-chain planning, and Japanese watchmaking mastery, without those pesky brand markups that you find with upper-echelon brands like Tag Heuer, Breguet, and Richard Mille. The watches also ship in an incredibly alluring transparent vanity case (the kind you’ll definitely keep on your dressing table for years to come), and begin deliveries in April 2022.

Click Here to Buy Now: $1286 $2625 (51% off). Hurry, exclusive for YD readers only!

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Here’s what you get when an architect and a Swiss watchmaker collaborate to design a luxury timepiece

Co-created by Swiss mechanical watch brand Louis Erard and local architecture and design studio atelier oï, the Le Régulateur reflects the best of both worlds, with a watch that’s captivating to look at and a marvel of Swiss timekeeping too. The most characteristic element of the watch’s design is the face itself, which rejects every notion of what a watch face should look like. Exploring all three dimensions, the watch face turns the radial tradition of mechanical timekeeping into a linear one, splitting the three hands across a vertical axis, while the dial itself looks like something taken out of MC Escher’s sketchbook.

While designing the watch, atelier oï approached the project with one word that defined the creative process – ‘radiating’. Sure, the standard watch’s face is inherently radiating, with hands emerging from a common point in the center of the watch like rays from the sun… but the Le Régulateur explores that very term differently, introducing multiple points on the watch’s face from which lines radiate and emerge. The result is a surface engraved with asymmetrical rays, the light of which reveals reflections and contrasts – echoing the passion of the members of atelier oï for the material and the play of light.

The design also incorporates Louis Erard’s watchmaking expertise, with its shimmering stainless steel case, capped on the front with an anti-reflective domed sapphire crystal. On the inside, the watch sports a Sellita SW266-1 automatic movement with a 38-hour power reserve, that’s also visible through the exhibition caseback that features a sapphire crystal cover too.

Priced at CHF 3,500 ($3827), the Swiss-made watch is limited to just 178 pieces. Each watch also comes with a 3-year warranty, and there’s a waitlist if you want to purchase this time-telling optical-illusion.

Designers: Louis Erard & atelier oï

This URWERK watch cased in gunmetal PVD-coated titanium ushers a new dimension in time-telling

URWERK has a very uncanny knack for designing off-beat and fanciful watches that speak to collectors in the language they favor. Unveiling another new approach to displaying time on the wrist, the inventive matchmaker has launched the UR 112 Aggregat Bicolor, which is over and beyond the usual tide in Haute horology.

The Swiss watchmaker is at the vanguard of the technical revolution in watchmaking, introducing future-forward ways to display time. Case in point, this new Aggregat features rotating aluminum prisms to depict the jumping hours and minutes, filled with Super-LumiNova on the transparent display, visible from all angles. URWERK’s idea of a watch with the new UR 112 Aggregat Bicolor is not the ordinary that we have realized, but it’s not very complicating either. Generally trying to be out of the league can make things complicated, but that’s not usually the case with URWERK and the Aggregat proves it so well.

The interesting part of the UR 112 Aggregat only starts at the display; there is much more to this 42mm timepiece with an inventive black and gunmetal PVD-coated titanium case that is slightly rectangular in design and anthracite on the case and black in the sides and at the top cover. The watch may feel slightly heavy on the wrist owing to its 16mm thickness and 51mm length. Two things really make the Aggregat spring up from the other run of the mill watch designs; one is the dial that seems to be levitating under the sapphire crystal, and the other is its dramatic hinged cover which is controlled by pushers to pop up in order to reveal the other antics of the watch. Under this hood, you can find the power reserve and a skeletonized digital seconds counter.

The watch is powered by the company’s own UR-13.01 automatic movement, which features a Swiss lever-type escapement. The movement offers the watch a 48-hour power reserve. The peculiarity of the UR 112 Aggregat Bicolor is enough to suggest the watch is a limited edition piece – only 25 of these matte-finished titanium watches will be ever made and will arrive paired to a matching leather/nylon strap equipped with a buckle made from titanium. The URWERK UR 112 Aggregat Bicolor is not a cheap deal, it will set you back $274,000 a piece.

Designer: URWERK

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This ‘Oddly Satisfying Clock’ has a steampunk gear mechanism that’s a bunch of fun to look at!

Designed and built by Redditor by the name of ‘ragusa12’, the Oddly Satisfying Clock is exactly that… oddly, and extremely satisfying! Inspired by a digital clock with a similar design, Ragusa12 decided to take that digital concept and turn it into a mechanical little timepiece. The rather aptly named Oddly Satisfying clock comes with a 3D-printed design, and is powered by stepper motors running on an Arduino processor. The contraption currently only displays the hours and minutes (because the seconds pass by too fast for the gears and components to actually keep up), and Ragusa12 says the clock’s still a work in progress because the stepper motors make about as much noise as “pushing a full glass of water over a table.”

The way the Oddly Satisfying Clock works is pretty simple, at least in principle. Think of how the odometer on your cars used to work, with printed numeric discs that rotated to show how many miles your car traveled. The Oddly Satisfying Clock simply switches those discs out for vertical columns with numbers on them, that travel up and down to reveal the time. Using a rack and pinion gear system, a set of motors inside the clock’s main body control the movement of the vertical columns, and lights inside the clock illuminate the numbers to tell you what time it is. What’s perhaps the most oddly satisfying bit is watching the clock go from the end of an hour to the next hour, with the minute columns sliding from 59 all the way down to 00! In fact, you can even see how an early iteration of the clock looked when it struck midnight from 23:59 in the GIF below!

If you want to build your own Oddly Satisfying Clock, Ragusa12 has made the 3D files and the underlying Arduino packages available to download for free.

Designer: Ragusa12 (Reddit)

TIE Fighter Kinetic Watch Winder: Use The Force, Luke

Do you own a fancy watch that’s powered solely by the movement of your wrist as you wear it? But are you not always wearing it and need an automatic watch winder to keep it powered and accurate? Are you a huge Star Wars fan? And RICH? Enter the TIE Advanced x1 Watch Winder from Kross Studio, a watch winder in the form of Darth Vader’s fighter during the attack on the Death Star.

The black anodized aluminum watch winder, released after the Studio’s $150,000 Death Star Tourbillon watch, uses an infrared sensor to detect the presence of a watch and begin winding, with replaceable batteries powering the unit for up to two years. It costs $2,500, which is just a drop in the bucket for somebody who just spent $150,000 on a watch. Honestly, that watch should probably come with one of these winders free of charge.

Rich people, am I right? I still wear the same Casio calculator watch I’ve had since high school that I wasn’t allowed to wear during math tests. “You know, you won’t always have a calculator in your pocket to help you in the future,” I remember Mrs. McKay being completely wrong about just before the release of smartphones.

[via Werd]

Nothing smartwatch design with transparent sides of the dial has “Nothing” to hide!

A transparent dial smartwatch that exposes the innards from the casing’s sides is what I’ll take with both hands if Nothing adds one to their future line-up.

Carl Pei and his ideology have always inspired me to follow a very transparent approach in life. His separation from OnePlus into a refreshing phase of his next venture Nothing has made headlines for all the good reason – right from the initial phase to the debut of the first-ever product in the brand’s line-up. The Nothing ear (1) earbuds have brought new precedence in earphone design to the industry with zero compromises in audio quality or other features at a price that brings a smile to audiophiles’ faces.

So what will be the next exciting offering by Nothing? Will it be another audio product or something related to fitness and lifestyle? I’m betting on the latter and Gian Luigi Singh’s concept supports my belief. Quite understandably christened Wrist (1), the smartwatch envisioned by Gian follows in the footsteps of ear (1) earbuds. The wearable with a 38mm by 10mm case revolves around the philosophy of transparency in consumer products (and I love it), displaying the raw beauty of the complicated inner mechanism of the smartwatch.

This is reminiscent of some of the high-end skeletal watches or the niche transparent watches that expose the innards like the watch movement and other mechanical parts. So, unlike other contemporary smartwatches on the market, the Wrist (1) will expose internal components by using a crystal clear transparent case, displaying the raw beauty of the precise engineering of what makes the wearable tick from the sides. To keep up with the competition, Nothing will inculcate health and fitness-centric features such as a heart rate monitor and step counter. This is courtesy of the LED and photodiodes that work in tandem with the AI algorithms for the most accurate measurements.

Of course, the smartwatch will get water-resistant aesthetics to keep clear of water splashes or rain. The watch will be powered by Google’s Wear OS to make all the Google services run smoothly for an unparalleled user experience. Keeping in tune with the brand’s ecosystem, the Wrist (1) smartwatch will seamlessly pair with the Nothing ear (1) earbuds to keep a check on the battery and audio levels or customize the gesture controls.

If Car Pie and his team are watching this concept, they’d want to bring this to life for sure. Who knows, they might already be working on something similar or planning one for the future? Any which way, a transparent smartwatch by Nothing has got my huge thumbs up, already!

Designer: Gian Luigi Singh