Absurd Apple Watch concept with folding display makes me question my sanity

Finally, a large display for your wrist wearable.

While the world’s wondering when Apple will launch their folding iPhone, someone went ahead and made a Watch with a folding display… because why not. Titled the Apple Watch Series X, this quirky concept gives you a smartwatch with a larger folding screen, allowing you to use it as a de-facto iPhone. After all, your watch can make phone calls, right? The Apple Watch Series X is your regular foldable, in the sense that it comes with a primary screen on the front, and opens like a book to reveal a ‘larger’ secondary screen on the inside. Obviously, I use the word ‘larger’ rather loosely, considering how small the Apple Watch’s form factor is, to begin with.

Designed to sit on your wrist, this foldable concept turns the square-shaped WatchOS interface into a more traditional landscape one, unlocking the possibility for a lot of regular apps to make their way onto the wristwatch, including better Netflix and YouTube watching experiences.

Designer: Liquid Silicone

The Series X watch concept has a unique design with a flat-edge that we had expected Apple to debut in 2021. The screen size remains the same, although a bridge on the left edge (with Apple’s branding) hides the folding mechanism (sort of like in Samsung’s Galaxy Fold). You can use the watch as-is, although when you open it, you’re greeted with a widescreen that gives you a better layout of elements – especially for the fitness app, displayed below.

Sure the idea for a foldable watch seems absurd at first, although if you think about it – this format isn’t new. The Galaxy Z-Flip does the exact same thing, with a square-shaped device that opens into a vertical phone – the Series X simply flips this template onto its side.

Does it then make sense for Apple to launch a folding smartwatch? HELL NO! Sure, a larger display on your wrist makes things better, but the scaling of the display, in this case, isn’t absolute, i.e., the larger display still has the same height as the smaller one. If Apple WERE to launch a foldable, it would make much more sense to do so with a display that actually needs folding – take this iPhone iPad hybrid for starters. Or I wouldn’t mind a folding MacBook too, in the format of this FlexBook concept!

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Huawei GT3 Pro brings classic luxury designs to smartwatches

If Google is going for a modern, futuristic motif with their recently announced Pixel Watch, Huawei is going for the complete opposite with their latest flagship smartwatch, the Huawei WATCH GT3 Pro. Huawei realized that people who are used to wearing watches on their wrists are more likely to adopt smartwatches if they look more like their beloved timepieces, so they designed the new GT 3 Pro series to please traditional watch lovers. Taking inspiration from classic watch design with a round watch face and crown, the new Huawei wearables come in two distinctive styles, one made of titanium and the other formed from ceramic, and both look gorgeous, especially on your wrist.

Designer: Huawei

The 46mm Titanium edition is the larger of the two, measuring 46.6mm x 46.6mm x 10.9mm and weighs approximately 54 grams without a strap. That size isn’t just for show, though, since it packs a large 1.43 inch AMOLED display, with a spacious 466×466 326 PPI screen housed in a titanium case with sapphire glass on tap. Despite the mostly Titanium body, it has a ceramic rear that went through 60 processes to transform zirconia ceramic powder into this elegant finished form. The Huawei GT3 Pro Titanium model also borrows a classic rotating crown from traditional watches, offering an easy-to-use control to zoom in and out or scroll through the user interface.

In comparison, the Ceramic edition comes with a smaller 43mm body at 42.9mm x 42.9mm x 10.5mm and weighs approximately 50 grams without a strap. Despite the smaller body, it still features a 1.32 AMOLED display with 466×466 pixel resolution and a higher 352 PPI. It is the first all-ceramic smartwatch, with both the body and rear using the premium material. Like the Titanium edition, however, the screen is protected by tough sapphire glass.

The luxurious design of Huawei’s latest smartwatches goes beyond just their bodies. The series offers a range of watch faces, including exclusive watch faces designed by IED students, giving the digital surfaces more familiar classic faces. There is also a new day-and-night watch face feature that dynamically changes the watch face according to the time of sunrise and sunset, something traditional watches can only dream of. The straps are also made from premium material, depending on which edition you grab. The Titanium edition has thee three different strap options available, including black fluoroelastomer, grey leather strap, and titanium bracelet. In contrast, the Ceramic edition only has two variants, one with a gold bezel ring and a ceramic strap, and the other with a silver bezel ring and a leather strap.

Of course, the Huawei GT3 Pro is more than just a nod to classic timepieces and is a smartwatch at its very core. It is equipped with an upgraded TruSeen 5.0+ with improved heart rate monitoring, which includes an ECG function on both models, though availability and activation will differ by country. Huawei also upped its water-resistance with the GT3 Pro, allowing users to free dive up to 30 meters deep while wearing it, even in saltwater. Huawei continues to build on the successes of its inaugural smartwatch, offering an impressive battery life with the new GT line of smartwatches: 14 days for the titanium edition and seven days for the ceramic edition with regular usage.

Just like with analog and digital watches, each wearer prefers a different style and design for their trusty timepiece. Leaning more towards traditional aesthetics, the Huawei GT3 Pro delivers a timeless design while offering the modern trappings of today’s technology. Elegant, powerful, and enduring, the company’s latest wearables exhibit the smartwatch world’s best style and performance, just like the GT sports cars they are named after.

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Withings Scanwatch Horizon Smartwatch looks like a luxury diver’s watch

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Specs

Withings is a brand many of us know to deliver excellent fitness and health tracking and monitoring features. It continues to come up with products that don’t only look good but also offer top-notch performance.

The latest to be added to the smartwatch lineup is the Withings ScanWatch Horizon. It looks like a luxury divers watch, but it’s really just a fitness watch. The wearable device is a health hybrid smartwatch that’s been inspired by luxury diver watches.

Designer: Withings

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Functions

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Style

The connected health category is here to stay, and Withings will remain part of the revolution. The watch is now available in the United States with a $499 price tag. For a health and fitness-focused watch, the price is a little bit high, but it does look like a luxury watch. However, it is one stylish and elegant-looking timepiece that you can wear for a long time. Watch aficionados who value their health can consider this one from Withings if they want to start their fitness journey.

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Function

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Green Blue

The Withings Scanwatch Horizon features the usual health tracking features: ECG and monitor heart rate, blood oxygen levels, breathing disturbances, physical activity, and sleep. In addition, the watch can be used underwater should you wish to use it while swimming or diving.

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Features

Withings ScanWatch Horizon

The Withings smartwatch comes in a luxurious sapphire-glass casing. The cover has an anti-reflection coating, while the rotating bezel is set in stainless steel. Like a real diver’s watch, its bezel has laser-engraved markings to show standard codes of diving practice. The watch also features Luminova hollow watch hands, indicators, and indices. This means you can use the watch even in low-light conditions.

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Image

A rubberized wristband can replace the ScanWatch Horizon’s stainless-steel band if you want a more sporty look and feel. In addition, the watch’s battery life can last up to 30 days on a single full charge. It also offers 10 ATM water resistance so that you can wear it for water sports, snorkeling, and swimming.

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Parts

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Demo

The watch works with a connected Health Mate app. It has the standard tech and fitness features, including ECG-tracking while underwater. That is not impossible because the watch has been clinically-validated. Its mirror-polished serrated bezel works as an electrode, so tracking and recording can be done with speed and convenience. Under normal circumstances, the 30-second ECG recording works. Results are then shown on the screen and checked in the compatible app. You can view there an in-depth diagnostic report of your health.

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Launch

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Price

Withings ScanWatch Horizon Green

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Bugatti Chiron-inspired Watch takes the iconic C form of the luxury sports vehicle

Concept Bugatti Inspired Watch

Mention Bugatti and people will immediately think of elegant design and intelligent technology. We have seen such a combination in several Bugatti-branded products, whether they are conceptual or real.

The name Bugatti offers a hint of sophistication, as evident in the Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal Watch. The Bugatti Electric Tea Kettle gives you the exact and ideal temperature, while the Bugatti-inspired Espresso Machine is ready to start and supercharge your day with coffee. This time, a Bugatti-inspired Watch will make you wish you have all the money in the world to patronize the brand.

Designer: Arjun Vallabheshwar

Bugatti Inspired Watch Design

The Bugatti Chiron inspired this Bugatti watch. That’s the same inspiration for the luxury crystal watch introduced recently. The new watch concept features smooth, signature Bugatti curves and finishes we all desire. It may be the more affordable version of the Bugatti Chiron Blue Sapphire Crystal, but it’s as elegant and interesting.

The watch was designed by Arjun Vallabheshwar, who also showcased the killer-whale-inspired mouse concept. It’s minimal and modern, giving off a subtle luxe vibe some rich people like. Bugatti can consider this watch design, or perhaps a respected timepiece company may turn the watch into reality.

Bugatti Inspired Watch

Bugatti-based designs abound, but not all are ready for public consumption. Coming up with innovative and creative renders is challenging, but expect ideas to flow once inspiration strikes. The Bugatti Chiron-inspired Watch is elegant but also surfaces with a hint of sportiness–after all, the Bugatti Chiron is a sports car.

A Bugatti Watch can’t be compared with Bugatti cars, but we love to witness two different products using the same branding but different design language. Like the exclusive Bugatti Chiron Watch, you can see the mechanism of the concept watch, albeit not as clear. There are no pistons pumping, just the wheels and gears spinning.

Bugatti Inspired Watch Concept

The Bugatti Chiron as the main inspiration is prominent in the shape of the watch case. A crown is positioned on the left, while a red Bugatti logo is seen on the bottom of the case. It appears to be brushed stainless steel, but it could also be titanium.

Bugatti Inspired Watch Designer

If you’re a fan of Bugatti, even if you don’t drive one, you are free to admire all the Bugatti cars that enter the market. A number of concept Bugatti vehicles have also been introduced, and each one can make any car enthusiast’s heart jump for joy. That Bugatti Type 57s sporty electric redesign brought a crowd favorite back to the future. A 4×4 off-roader version of a Bugatti Chiron looked like a Mad Max-meets-cyberpunk creation. And to satisfy the car lover’s curiosity, feel free to review these other Bugatti-inspired concepts that establish the luxury brand’s dominance in the automotive world.

Bugatti Inspired Watch Images

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Intricate Boba Fett tourbillion watch emulates weathered look of the bounty hunter’s starship

Boba Fett is one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy following in the footsteps of his father Jango Fett. In the three Star Wars trilogy movies, the bounty hunter became the pop culture icon even though he just timed six and a half minutes in total screentime. Part of it is attributed to his grungy green-colored Mandalorian armor, jetpack and blaster. The rest, of course, was his enigmatic domineer. That’s enough to send any young Star Wars fan into sweet submission!

Acknowledging the success of The Book of Boba Fett, Swiss watchmaker Kross Studio has created an intricately appealing tourbillon watch. Paying homage to the original Mandalorian bounty hunter, this timepiece continues its affinity for niche watches. Created in collaboration with Lucasfilm, the Swiss design studio’s ultra-limited-edition watch is unique in its own rights. The 45mm titanium case of Boba Fett Tourbillon Watch (yes that’s what it’s called) has a striking central tourbillon with a watch display by EFX that takes the shape of the Boba’s iconic Slave I starship in exactly the same proportions as the filming model.

Designer: Kross Studio

There’s the familiar rust red and military green livery of the miniature spaceship on the tourbillon’s cage with the extremely detailed hand-painted look. The detailed movement of the timepiece coming in grade 5 titanium case, honed by the 220 parts, puts it in the rare club of Haute horological chops. Each of the ten pieces (yes, it’s that rare) took almost 90 hours to put together which in itself makes this a rare collectible item.

The unique peripheral format on this one employs the planetary gear system orbiting 360 degrees around the tourbillon. That hour hand is inspired by Boba Fett’s jetpack and the minute one reminds fans of the rocket. The Boba Fett Tourbillon Watch comes with interchangeable straps which can be either a chocolate color calf leather strap or the black rubber strap material.

Each one of the 10-piece series of Boba Fett Collector Sets will come with a numbered manual wound timepiece and Boba Fett Starship-inspired watch display. The collectors set will be available for sale at Koss Studio’s official partners and select authorized retailers for a mind-numbing price tag of $120,000.

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Pixel Watch – The one true Apple Watch competitor has finally arrived

The one true Android Wear device was finally unveiled by Google at their I/O 2022 keynote, with more details coming during the Pixel Watch launch this fall.

When you think of how far Apple’s progressed with their Watch, it’s worth considering how the Apple Watch has only gotten this far because Apple controls every part of its experience. The Watch is a part of Apple’s expansive product ecosystem, feeding off the innovations of the iPhone and other devices. Apple designs the Watch’s hardware, and even its software, controlling and calibrating the Watch’s UX on every level. That’s honestly why the Apple Watch is MILES ahead of anything Samsung, Garmin, Fossil, or other companies have produced. Google’s Pixel Watch may shuffle things up.

Designer: Google

Unveiled by Rick Osterloh himself, the Pixel Watch finally puts Google in the Smartwatch market (not counting the Motorola smartwatch that was released years ago). After years of ‘will they won’t they’ and even a mildly embarrassing leak last month where someone left a Pixel watch at a bar, Google finally announced the Pixel Watch, a beautifully smooth circular watch that finally puts years of Google’s Wear OS work to fruition, along with the acquisition of Fitbit that happened in 2019. Osterloh didn’t provide too many details on the Pixel Watch (given that it won’t be officially launched until this fall), but he did dwell slightly on the watch’s circular design, its tactile crown, recycled stainless steel body, and interchangeable watch strap system. “It’s all designed to be tappable, voice-enabled, and glanceable, so you can be more present at home, at work, or on the go”, Osterloh added.

However, keen observers may have noticed that as Osterloh highlighted the Pixel Watch’s features (which include Maps, Google Wallet, Notifications, and Google Fit integration) the UI being demonstrated behind him showed a watch with a relatively dark UI – a tough yet necessary choice because the Pixel Watch has TREMENDOUSLY thick bezels. Now I’m not one to bezel-shame any device, but when you’re working with a display as small as the one on the Pixel Watch, bezels are a true enemy of usability, eating into crucial space that could be used to display a whole lot of other information. I’m being incredibly optimistic, but I really love the Pixel Watch’s design, bezel not-withstanding, and I have my fingers crossed that the device they unveil this fall will have a larger display with a smaller black band around its edge.

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TAG Heuer Formula 1 Senna Special Edition chronograph evokes the spirit of motor racing

Ayrton Senna was and will always be the legend of Formula-1, no matter how many champion drivers we see in our lifetime. That fateful day at the San Marino GP in 1994, if that fatal crash would not happened, he would have achieved unfathomable glory, if already he hasn’t already.

TAG Heuer has long been associated with the man’s laurels – after all, he is the heritage ambassador for the brand since my memory aids. The Swiss watchmaker has never even thought of letting go of the icon’s name, since 1988. The brand’s Formula 1 Special Edition unveiled last year is a testament to the bond.

Designer: TAG Heuer
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Now the watchmaking pro has released yet another Formula 1 Senna Edition automatic chronograph which is powered by the in-house Calibre 16 automatic movement. The 44mm dial of the timepiece has the Senna’s “S” in red color at the 12 o’clock position on the ring of the sunray-brushed dial. Red accents dominate the watch’s face which is in honor of the highlighting hue on the racer’s first TAG Heuer watch. Along with the signature “S”, the 2 o’clock pusher and the crown also have the same hue.

There are three chronograph subdials for the hours, minutes, and seconds hand which all have a dark black azurage hue. Those rhodium indexes and hands get the luminescent Super-LumiNova coating which is not surprising. The date aperture is positioned at the 3 o’clock position, while the ceramic fixed bezel tachymeter goes up to 400 km/h which represents the speed the fastest circuit racing cars can achieve. Akin to all the previous watches by TAG Heuer, this one also has the typical 90s-styled S/EL bracelet (Senna used to sport it on his wrist) in brushed steel and typically shaped links. The previous Senna Formula 1 Edition had the leather strap, so there’s this major distinction between the two.

The 200 meters water-resistant automatic chronograph has a power reserve of 42 hours and a 28,800 bph beat rate. The caseback is also made in stainless steel with the Senna’s race driving silhouette adding that special touch. The TAG Heuer Formula 1 Special Edition watch can be bought right away from the watchmaker’s official online store for $3,550.

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Turn your Apple Watch into a Rolex with these luxury metal cases

I’m pretty sure there’s a sizeable group of people who like the Apple Watch for its functionality but not for its looks. Sure, it looks great for a smartwatch, but the smartwatch aesthetic doesn’t really appeal to everyone. For the true watch aficionado who’s spent way too much time around Rolexes and Brietlings and Tag Heuers, this Apple Watch case turns your slick piece of tech into something that looks like a true watch encased in steel with a well-sculpted body and a steel or leather strap to match. Designed by the folks at Serafino Luxury, the case transforms the Apple Watch from tech wearable to haute horlogerie. The cases come available in a variety of styles, with metallic and anodized black, blue, and gold finishes to choose from. Depending on the style you choose, you even get a complimentary strap to match the case.

Designer: Serafino Luxury

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Available for all Apple Watch makes, including the slightly varied size of the Series 7 watch, the cases act merely as an aesthetic clad for your watch, sort of the way a cover clads your phone. However, while a cover’s prime objective is to protect your phone against damage, Serafino Luxury’s Apple Watch Cases are designed to give your watch an aesthetic overhaul, without compromising on the watch’s capabilities. Each case encloses your Apple Watch’s main hardware unit, exposing the screen on the front in a way that’s still easy to access, while also keeping the sensors and charging points on the rear of the watch uncovered. The Apple Watch’s crown gets a metal overlay too, being replaced with a much more traditional-looking wristwatch crown, and the power button below it also gets covered by a clickable metal cover. Cutouts for the speaker and microphone ensure the smartwatch works just as intended with minimal to no tradeoff.

Perhaps the only tradeoffs that really come to mind are firstly the fact that any case or accessory for your Apple Watch will add to its weight. There’s little word on how much these cases weigh, but you can expect a moderate increase to your wristwatch’s overall weight. Secondly, the newer Apple Watches come with a wraparound screen to minimize bezels – but Serafino Luxury’s cases pride themselves in large chunky bezels, which may (I repeat, may) inhibit you from reaching the edges of your screen. The casing may also dampen the watch’s taptic engine response, although that’s something one can only assess after trying them out.

Serafino Luxury’s cases cost anywhere between $229 and $299 depending on the style you pick. Each case ships with all its parts, including an interchangeable strap, a silicone sleeve that sits between the case and your Apple Watch (to prevent knocks and scratches), and a screwdriver to assemble/disassemble your Serafino Luxury Apple Watch Case. The cases are available for all Apple Watch models and sizes (including even the SE), and if you feel your Apple Watch just lacks that je ne sais quoi, you can snag one of these cases on Serafino Luxury’s website.

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Grail Watch 1 “Carpe Diem” is a Ressence x Alain Silberstein collaboration

Grail Watch 1 Design

True blue watch enthusiasts know who Max Büsser is, and he’s getting the Grail Watch 1. This isn’t a new watch from his brand, but the Grail Watch 1 is the first watch collaboration between Ressence and Alain Silberstein together with Grail Watch and Busser will receive piece number one.

Max Büsser, the founder of MB&F, was presented the idea of the Grail Watch by notable watch enthusiasts and writer Wei Koh. Büsser expressed his interest in the first Grail Watch. Since then, the Grail Watch 1 has made rounds among the watchmakers and watch aficionados as the latest timepiece to acquire.

Designers: Benoît Mintiens and Alain Silberstein

Grail Watch 1 Details

The Grail Watch 1 is a project by Ressence × Alain Silberstein. Ressence Watches is a brand headed by Benoît Mintiens. Ressence is known for its pragmatic displays, minimalistic mechanical designs, and high prices. Meanwhile, Alain Silberstein is the first man to deliver art, architecture, and playfulness to modern watchmaking.

The two working together resulted in the Grail Watch 1. It is the first from a new company that aims to create and make dream watches real. The brand comes up with limited edition watches that are not opportunistic but rather imaginative and ambitious.

Grail Watch 1 Launch

Grail Watch 1

Grail Watch 1 shows us what Ressence and Alain Silberstein have to offer. The Grail Watch brand celebrates independent watchmaking, and founder Wei Koh believes the limited series will offer the watch owners meaning, positivity, and inspiration. Alain Silberstein and Benoît Mintiens were the first watchmakers Koh approached.

The Grail Watch 1 will remind you to seize the day and every moment in your life. Officially called the GRAIL WATCH 1: RESSENCE × ALAIN SILBERSTEIN “CARPE DIEM”, this timepiece is based on Ressence’s Type 1 design. The design is then layered with Alain Silberstein’s iconography.

Grail Watch 1 Form

Grail Watch 1 Where to Buy

The limited edition watch combines the designs by Mintiens and Silberstein. Mintiens’ Ressence is usually minimalistic, but the Grail Watch 1 is bold. Silberstein then included some of his favorite paintings as part of the design—the Vanitas, Still Life with Tulip, Skull, and Hour Glass—by French artist Philippe de Champaigne. It offers a poetic meaning as the tulip, skull, and hourglass remind us time is passing.

The Grail Watch 1 comes with a price tag that reads $24,300. It will be ready by the end of May 2022. Only 36 pieces will be available as a tribute to Judaism’s Lamed Vav Tzadikim concept. Silberstein’s idea was to honor the 36 righteous individuals in every generation according to his religion.

Grail Watch 1 Features

Grail Watch 1 Specs

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Google Pixel Watch leaked photos hint at questionable design decisions

Google is this close to finally launching its own smartwatch, but is it going to be the Pixel Watch of fans’ dreams or a product design flop?

For years, there have been doubts about Google’s commitment to wearables. Although it did spin out a dedicated version of Android for smartwatches, it hasn’t exactly been consistent nor active in developing Wear OS, previously called Android Wear. It wasn’t until last year’s Wear OS 3 launch that it seemed Google would be in for the long haul, but there are still some doubts about that. Perhaps the only way Google can guarantee that Wear OS is here to stay is if it actually launched a device it would have to support. That’s the Pixel Watch that’s expected to be revealed next month, but this surprising but suspicious leak reveals some disappointing details about Google’s first smartwatch.

Designer: Google

Bezel Be-gone

Google is terribly late to the smartwatch game, at least as far as hardware is concerned, and smartwatch designs have almost been set in stone by now. Of course, there’s still some wiggle room for innovation, and there might, in fact, be a need for some. But just like in the not-smart watch industry, there are some design cues and traits that people have come to expect as standard across different brands and designs.

If this Pixel Watch that was “accidentally” left by a Google engineer at a public restaurant in the US is the real deal, it seems that Google will be throwing a few of those out the window. In some cases, that might be good for visual differentiation and brand distinction. In other cases, the experimental design could pose some problems with usability and sustainability.

Mirroring trends in smartphone design, this watch’s body seems to push bezels out of the way by making the screen curve down. Curiously, the bottom side of the watch also curves steeply to the point that it’s almost completely convex. According to the source, the surface of that bottom face looks metal but is actually covered with glass.

The watch has a mechanical crown, which will most likely be used for scrolling through Wear OS. There’s a button below it but no sign of the rumored second button. That might be hidden beneath the crown if the final design sticks to this alleged prototype.

The rather odd shape of the Pixel Watch’s bottom could mean it might not be so stable when lying on a flat surface, at least without the straps to balance it. With the screen also dropping off the edges, it’s unclear yet how it could affect the interface of the smartwatch as it does many smartphones. More importantly, without a bezel surrounding the sides of the screen, there might be greater risks of accidents that could scratch or even break the display.

Strapped for Straps

The photos also reveal the jelly-like straps of the Pixel Watch, which isn’t that unusual for many smartwatches with silicone bands like the Apple Watch. What sets these straps apart is how they attach to the smartwatch, which isn’t like any we’ve seen before. There appear to be special hooks that let the strap connect to the body of the watch and like flat flush against the surface rather than the standard lugs on almost all watches.

Although the photos don’t show how the Pixel Watch looks with the straps attached, it doesn’t take much to imagine what it would look like. It would almost seem like the straps are directly fixed to the watch body and flow from it, creating an almost unibody appearance. Of course, that’s nothing like the Pixel Smartwatch concept we saw two years ago that truly had a unibody design while still sporting a curved edge screen.

The consequence of this unique strap design is that Pixel Watch straps are completely proprietary to Google. While the company is most likely to sell different colors, designs, and possible limited edition straps, you will still be limited to what Google and some accessory makers provide. You can’t use your favorite watch straps like you could with other Wear OS brands. Then again, this is exactly the same strategy that Apple uses for the Apple Watch, so it’s not surprising that Google is following suit.

Fickle Future

From a purely visual design perspective, the Pixel Watch is going to be really interesting. Its pebble-like form is unique in the smartwatch market, and its strap style will give it a unibody-like design. For a long-overdue Google smartwatch, this does make a good first impression.

It might not offer the assurance that many are hoping for, however, especially as far as Google’s long-term commitment is concerned. Everything about the watch’s design doesn’t seem to have been made with longevity in mind. The screen’s exposed edges could be a recipe for disaster, and the proprietary straps could spell the end of the watch the moment Google decides not to make them anymore.

At a time when even consumers are demanding stability and sustainability, the Pixel Watch seems to be going in the opposite direction. Hopefully, however, this “engineering sample” is just that, and the final version of Google’s first smartwatch will have a more positive story to tell in a few weeks’ time.

Photos courtesy of Android Central.

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