New Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Spider-Man Tourbillon is for Marvel fans

In 2021, Audemars Piguet (AP) introduced the world to a remarkable and collaborative timepiece; the first-ever Royal Oak Concept x Marvel watch. It was a sensational creation dedicated to the Black Panther. The Royal Oak presented with the fictional character appearing to elevate above the dial in 3D.

This extraordinary watch captures the attention of enthusiasts and collectors alike, resulting in a unique timepiece going out in an auction for a staggering 5.2 million dollars. The resounding success of this collaboration is a germinator of the next edition Marvel collaboration; the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Spider-Man Spider-Man Tourbillon.

Designer: Audemars Piguet

Recently, Audemars Piguet released, to the enthusiastic audience in Dubai, its second Marvel-inspired watch. This time, the superhero on the timepiece is everyone’s beloved Spider-Man.

Just like its predecessor, the Royal Oak Concept Spider-Man Tourbillon showcased the Marvel character seemingly suspended within the intricate case. The watch has a 42mm titanium case, surrounded by a black ceramic bezel and crown. What sets this timepiece apart is the superhero that’s carved from CNC-milled white gold and adorned with exquisite engravings and hand-painted details.

Powering this horologically sound rendition of the Royal Oak is the hand-wound, in-house Calibre 2974, providing 72 hours of power reserve. To enhance its versatility, the watch comes paired with a black and grey interchangeable rubber strap or a rubber strap in black and red, adding an extra touch of dynamism to the overall look.

The Royal Oak Concept Spider-Man Tourbillon is a very exclusive creation. It is limited to only 250 pieces worldwide. Priced at 195,000 Swiss francs (approx. $215,000), the meticulously detailed and inclusion of Spider-Man iconic elements make the watch a highly sought-after collector’s item.

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Galaxy Watch 6 Classic leaked images reassure the comeback of rotating bezel

Galaxy Unpacked event rumored for July this year will likely see the release of the next-generation foldable line-up and smart wearables. Even before the South Korean electronics giant breaks silence on the Galaxy Watch 6 series, the inevitable leaks and rumors will set the tone for what’s coming our way.

Going by what reliable tipsters have to say, the wearable will come in two different versions. One of them is going to be a classic variant, and the 5K renders of this premium option is what reliable leakster OnLeaks has released out in the public domain. MySmartPrice has dissected these convincing-looking images for their face value to give readers a better idea of what Samsung will offer.

Designer: Samsung

Dubbed Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, the smartwatch gets a rotating bezel just like the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. The frame elevates between the buttons and gives the watch a distinct appeal. Although slightly thinner, the thick bezel which encapsulates a circular display measures 1.47 inches on the larger model. Tipster Ice Universe had earlier announced in a tweet about 100 percent confirmation of this screen size that’s going to be bigger than the Watch 5 Pro and have a higher resolution of 470×470 pixels.

The smartwatch is also rumored to have a 425mAh battery which is bigger than the 361mAh on the Watch 4 Classic. In fact, GalaxyClub (Dutch tech blog) confirmed that Watch 6 lineup will have larger battery capacities with the 40mm dial version getting 300mAh and the 44mm variant having 425mAh. Compare this to the 284mAh and 410mAh on the last year’s models respectively. According to them, the smartwatch will have the upgraded Exynos W980 processor for a 10 percent improvement in performance.

Some inspiration from the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro can also be seen with the flat edge on side, brushed metal finish and the magnetic loop clasp band. For those who loved the rotating bezel on one of the older versions, this could be good news. Also, we could see the end of life for the Pro model in this year’s smartwatch line-up.

Samsung seems to have kept the left edge quite flush, whereas the right edge houses the Home and Back buttons. While in the images only the black colorway of the strap is shown, we can expect it to come with more color options. If these OnLeaks renders are the real deal, then one could expect many takers for this nostalgic yet modern wearable.

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718 Spyder RS Chronograph will push Porsche enthusiasts to the edge of their seats

The new Porsche 718 Spyder RS is one open roadster designed without compromise! To bring that unfiltered thrill ride to a timed halt, Porsche has created the 718 Spyder RS Chronograph exclusively for owners of the stunning new Porsche.

Handmade in the Porsche watch factory in Solothurn, Switzerland, this chronograph watch combines high-quality design features of the Porsche roadster. Owing to the philosophy of lightweight agility, the 718 Spyder RS Chronograph features a titanium case to keep it as light as possible.

Designer: Porsche Design

As said, the 718 Spyder RS chronograph coincides with Porsche’s light weighted design aesthetic with a titanium case in two options: natural titanium or the black titanium. Just like its motorized counterpart, the watch offers customization options. It allows the bezel with tachymeter to be personalized to match the case color.

Further, to cater to individual preference, the colored dial can be adapted in a full selection of 718 Spyder RS standard, metallic, and special colors i.e. 114 Paint to Sample options. The 718 Spyder RS chronograph features a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal underneath which are the ceramic hour and minute indices treated with Super-LumiNova for legibility in dark.

The watch is powered by Porsche Design WERK 01.200 COSC-certified movement featuring Flyback function. It is showcased through a glass bead-blasted titanium back matching the case color. On the flipside, mechanical gear indicator at 9 o’clock emphasizes on the 718 Spyder RS legacy. It features a chequered flag design and ‘Spyder RS’ logo.

The 718 Spyder RS chronograph is paired with a color-matching strap crafted in leather. It incorporates an attachment made from the black Race-Tex material used inside the cabin of the 718 Spyder RS. This element creates a harmonious connection between the timepiece and vehicle. To get this exceptional complement to the 718 Spyder RS, you will have to shell out $8,800.

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Hublot create an exquisite green Big Bang watch fueled by recycling Nespresso capsules with eco-conscious approach

In an interesting collaboration that merges elegance and sustainability, Hublot has partnered with Nespresso to introduce a limited-edition watch that embraces recycling and screams green in creativity.

This remarkable fusion of luxury and eco-consciousness is dubbed the Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin. It’s the first-of-its-kind Hublot timepiece made from recycled Nespresso aluminum capsules and real coffee grounds.

Designer: Hublot

Nespresso has been promoting environmental responsibility through collaboration with esteemed Swiss brands to find ways of producing new products from its discarded aluminum capsules. The Hublot Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin exemplifies the remarkable outcome of this shared initiative in a showcase of vibrant green colorway utilizing recycled aluminum and coffee grounds for construction.

The captivating green colorway of this limited-edition watch is inspired by the Master Origins Peru Organic Nespresso pod. Nespresso’s branding presence on the watch is understated but its iconic N symbol serves enough to substantiate the brand’s impact on this Hublot. The watch displays how repurposing used materials can benefit the haute horology.

Coming to the watch, Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin has a 42mm case meticulously crafted from recycled aluminum. Almost 28 percent of which comes from Nespresso coffee capsules. Anodized in a striking green hue , the case, crown and pushers are satin finished and polished for a refined and luxurious appearance.

Hublot takes sustainability a step further by incorporating recycled titanium into the caseback and container housing of the watch movement. This material usage enhances the corrosion resistance and durability of the watch while also aligning it with the ethos of minimizing environmental impact.

Inside the eco-titanium housing of the Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin beats Hublot’s HUB1280 Unico automatic chronograph movement. This precision-engineered Hublot watch comes with choice of two straps, both crafted from recycled materials and attached to a click interchangeability system for easy swapping. One is a fabric strap made from 5 percent coffee grounds and 95 percent recycled polyester. The other one, a rubber strap is available in a combo of coffee grounds and recycled rubber.

As a testament to its exclusivity, only 200 pieces of the Big Bang Unico Nespresso Origin will be produced each one will retail for EUR 25,200 (approximately $24,000).

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An AI created these Star Wars themed timepieces to celebrate May the 4th

What better way to commemorate the greatest work of science fiction than with some science fiction of our own?! These imaginary (fictitious) timepieces were created using Midjourney’s AI art generator (science). Every year, on the fourth of May, sci-fi aficionados celebrate Star Wars Day. The day, colloquially referred to as “May the Fourth be with you” is a play on Han Solo’s iconic dialogue “May the force be with you”. To celebrate this uniquely pop-cultural moment in time, we have some timepieces that take inspiration from various characters in the movie. Each timepiece, whether a wristwatch,  pocket watch, table-clock, or wall-clock was created using Midjourney’s latest versions 5 and 5.1. The prompts were rather simple, to generate ceramic luxury watches (the one above looks exquisite) based on the Star Wars characters. The one on top is obviously an homage to the Storm trooper. It seems a little too literal, but I love the slight cloudy transparency and self-reflection of the ceramic surfaces. The watch, for some reason, has a ceramic strap too, but no harm, no foul. There’s no way this was designed to be real! Scroll down to check out some more.

Designer: Sarang Sheth (via Midjourney)

Just like the Stormtrooper wristwatch, these Darth Vader-themed watches put the iconic Sith lord’s helmet front and center. There’s just a wonderfully light use of gold against the watch’s black ceramic body, making it stand out. The helmet’s 3D depth is a lot on both watches, resulting in something looking incredibly chunky, but I don’t see myself complaining. The only true complaint I had was that I wanted a skeleton watch and the AI didn’t understand what I meant and kept making skull shapes!

Below is yet another example of a Stormtrooper-themed watch. Even though by sheer accident, this time the AI didn’t incorporate the Stormtrooper helmet into the watch face, but instead made a blurred helmet in the background. The result is a rather pristine-looking watch with the Stormtrooper color palette, a date window, and three subdials.

I tried my absolute best to get a Millennium Falcon-shaped watch, but no matter how much I played with the prompt (using even images to coax the AI), the results weren’t satisfactory. The AI image below, however, is the closest I got to something even remotely acceptable. This Millennium Falcon-themed watch may not have the spaceship’s iconic silhouette, but it definitely gets the Falcon’s surface treatment right. The Millennium Falcon has a rather unusual surface, comprising multiple panels welded and riveted together. This chaotic build is visible in the Millennium Falcon watch below as well, with one of the most dramatic watch faces I’ve seen in a while.

The pocket watch below might just be my favorite from this series. It doesn’t take an expert to realize this brass pocket watch is based on the lovable humanoid C3PO. The watch’s vintage design has two tiny dials for eyes, and comes with the same perplexed wide-eyed expression as the tall robot from the franchise. Hats off to Midjourney for also doing such a remarkable job with the reflectivity of the brass, and just the sheer amount of highlights and shadows created by the pocket watch’s intricately detailed surface. This could have easily fooled me.

While its original inspiration blew up into smithereens in the movie, this rather hefty table clock doesn’t look particularly in any danger of being destroyed. The AI had a tough time grasping the size and scale of the Death Star’s different regions, but managed to get the crux of its overall design, with a crater in the center that serves as the watch face.

What’s a Star Wars tribute series without the real star of the franchise? I’m talking about the Baby Yoda seen in The Mandalorian. This particular prompt was incredibly tough to orchestrate. I honestly wanted a table clock with Yoda ears, but Midjourney kept insisting on making a Baby Yoda figurine and putting a clock in its arms. Some of the images it made didn’t even have a clock in them! The one below was the best of the lot, with a rather adorable Baby Yoda holding a tiny timepiece with near-perfect numbering on it (Midjourney is notoriously bad with representing text). 15/10 would buy this.

Our last timepiece themes itself on the descendant of Vader… Adam Driver’s Kylo Ren. Now this one might have been the toughest of the lot, as the AI kept confusing Kylo Ren for Darth Vader. It took over 20 images to get something that even closely resembled Kylo’s helmet. To make things more dramatic, I added some red elements on the watch, along with lightsaber-inspired hands to match!

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Rado’s new edition Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Skeleton watch sports a unique colorway and innovative movement

Skeleton watches are not new to Rado’s watchmaking prowess. Over the years, such models have been through some stunning color combinations. Following on the success from the past, Rado introduces Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Skeleton watch in a fresh plasma and rose gold color scheme.

The latest addition to the Captain Cook line, this High-Tech Ceramic Skeleton, in addition to flaunting plasma colorway (Rado’s interpretation of gunmetal silver) with gold assents, is powered by an innovative R808 mechanical movement, which is a true masterpiece of creativity, technical skill, and contrasts.

Designer: Rado

This stunning 43mm watch is the first to imbibe this unique colorway and exploit the diversity of ceramic. With a thickness of 14.6mm and a dimension of 43.0mm thick, the matt-finished monobloc case of the watch is beautifully encircled by a brushed plasma high-tech ceramic bezel insert that complements the case styling.

The rotatable bezel of the Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Skeleton houses a bright rose-gold-hued index ring, while its minimalistic dial features hour, minute, and seconds hands treated with white Super-LumiNova for easy readability in low light.

The watch is topped with a boxy sapphire crystal treated with double anti-reflective coating on both faces. However, the highlight of the skeletonized timepiece is the in-house movement, the distinctive view of whose components can be peeked at through the dial. The epitome of functionality and craftsmanship, the movement offers an 80-hour power reserve and comes equipped with an anti-magnetic Nivachron hairspring.

This Captain Cook High-Tech Ceramic Skeleton is water-resistant up to 300 meters and it comes paired with a bracelet made from plasma high-tech ceramic and titanium. Rado’s new edition of the Captain Cook is priced at £4,150 (roughly, $5,000).

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In this boundless sea of smartwatches, ZIIIRO still makes analog timepieces look incredibly appealing

ZIIIRO took the world by storm back in 2010 with its series of unconventional watches that had ‘zero’ hands on them. Designed around the philosophy of keeping time visual, the company developed a reputation for making watches that used art to tell the time. Moving gradients helped outline the hours and minutes, as each ZIIIRO watch aimed at being different from the kind of ‘boring’ timepieces that came out of Geneva. In fact, the watches found an incredibly passionate audience on YD, given the unique combination of form, function, and emotion. Today, ZIIIRO comes back with the XS, a smaller range of watches with a 31mm body (as opposed to the company’s 41mm watches). “The XS watch range is a small & refined version of our favorite designs,” says Derick Ip, Head of Business at ZIIIRO. “With a casing of only Ø 31 mm, it’s a better fit for small wrists and also an option if you just prefer an unobtrusive watch – no matter what gender you are.”

Designer: Robert Dabi (ZIIIRO)

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At a compact 31mm size, the XS watches are perfect for people who want to wear something understated and minimalist. ZIIIRO’s watches are known to have a visual impact, but their impact lies in their minimalism, which is what makes the XS such a perfect size for everyone, regardless of how big or small your wrist is. The small size doesn’t compromise on anything, from functionality to legibility. The watches are still eye-catching, easy to read, and are powered by a Japanese Miyota movement, known for their reliability.

Each watch sports a 316L stainless steel body, and pairs with a 16 mm Milanese mesh strap. Keeping in line with the watch’s minimal theme, the XS range also features a recessed crown that sits flush within its body, giving you one of the cleanest silhouettes ever.

The XS series come in two styles with minor variations between them. The Celeste style (above) features a broader hour swatch hovering below the gradient-lined minute hand, while the Horizon (below) has the same design, but with a narrower hour swatch. Both watches exploit the use of color by relying on a transparent rotating disc that serves as the minute hand. The transparent disc comes with a tinted gradient and a single line to denote the minutes. As the minutes pass, the watch face dramatically changes in its visual composition like one of Felipe Pantone’s artworks.

One could argue that the best thing about ZIIIRO’s watches is that it has absolutely ‘zero’ tech inside them. It sticks to analog but makes it interesting enough to be a statement piece. The watch doesn’t spy on you, doesn’t track your data, and doesn’t need charging every alternate day. It’s made with a reliable build, comes in as many as 9 different color options across the Celeste and Horizon styles, and boasts of 5 ATM water resistance.

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Leica Monochrom Edition watches honor fundamentals of black and white photography

Renowned German camera manufacturer, Leica is foraying into the horology world with the impressive Monochrom Edition watches that are testament to the timeless elegance and precision of German engineering. Drawing inspiration from the Leica M11 Monochrom camera, the timepieces pay tribute to the principles of black and white photography: light and contrast.

The Leica Monochrom Edition comprises two models: the ZM 1 and the ZM 2 that play with shades of black and grey. Both are handcrafted and developed in collaboration with Lehmann Präzision GmbH, from the initial vision through to the final implementation.

Designer: Leica

From the onset, Leica ZM Monochrom Edition’s minimalist design is devoid of any bright color, with the exception of a red dot from the Leica camera’s shutter button, which finds a place on the crown.

The watches tout satin-finished stainless steel case and PVD coated bezel that absorbs light to reveal depth. This breathtaking design ingenuity is complemented by the domed sapphire crystal beneath which lie the sandblasted aluminum dial topped with black rhodium-plated, diamond-cut, and sandblasted indices.

The Leica ZM1 and ZM 2 Monochrom watches have a lot in common, including hours, minutes and small second display, the transparent caseback, 60 hours of power reserve, and their water resistance of up to 50 meters. The watches are a symbol of Haute Horologie, which besides the casing, shows in the in-house, self-wound mechanical movement and the signature push-crown.

The crown stops the movement when it’s pushed down, resetting the seconds and making the time setting atypical to what the other watchmakers rely on. This places the Leica ZM monochrom edition in a league of its own. The Leica ZM 2 distinguishes itself from the ZM 1 a tad bit with the GMT hand for indicating a second-time zone. It is paired along with a day/night indicator that makes reading two time zones easier with a single set of hands.

The watches come with a handstitched strap made of black calf leather, matching the leather cover of the Leica M11 Monochrom camera in style and durability. The Leica ZM 1 and the ZM 2 are expected to ship in May, starting at €11,550 and €15,450 respectively.

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Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition smartwatch is more than a luxury item, it a practical timepiece for the active ones

Bugatti Smartwatches is making new ripples in the luxury smartwatch market with the launch of its latest masterpiece, the Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition smartwatch. The new addition to their collection is the third variant, and has been designed to cater to the needs of those who want both luxury and functionality from their smartwatch.

Retaining the exclusivity and craftsmanship of Bugatti automobiles and taking it to a new high with its large 585mAh battery, Ceramique Titane Edition smartwatch boasts up to 15 days of battery life without GPS. And if you’re the more active type, the Bugatti timepiece offers three days of battery life in always-on mode.

Designer: Bugatti Smartwatches

Upholding the aesthetics of material design, the new watch features grade 5 Titanium construction with Zirconium ceramic bezel to top the exclusivity. The smartwatch with a 390×390 pixels AMOLED touchscreen display is embedded with sapphire crystal glass, which renders this Bugatti genius immensely lightweight and durable for the wearer’s liking.

If this is not enough to convince the smartwatch enthusiast in you, the Ceramique Titan, which allows a longer time with the watch on a single charge, comes in a very enticing black and green bezel. The design prowess is not limited to this solitary hue combo, however. Bugatti is offering the Ceramique Titane Edition smartwatch in an option of five staps – one silicon and four nylon – and as many bezel colors. This allows the user to style their watch to their liking.

Coming to the smart features of the watch, it comes with precise heart rate readings and improved fitness tracking. Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition smartwatch is not just a luxury item, but also a practical one; substantiating this is the new integration of new watch faces, music control (to play, pause, or skip music), and support for Apple Health.

The Bugatti Ceramique Titane Edition is available for purchase with one bezel or as a full set of five. The watch will be available in September starting at $1,290 price tag. If you’re looking for a luxury smartwatch with functionality, and have the budget to team a timepiece with your Bugatti, the Ceramique Titane is here.

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An Apple Watch strap with an integrated pillbox seems like quite a brilliant idea

Although conceptual, the Apple Watch Pillbox highlights a rather novel use-case for the company’s health-tracking smartwatch, building on its personality of being a life-saving piece of tech.

Every year, as Tim Cook takes the stage to announce the next series of the Apple Watch, he simultaneously also talks about how many letters and emails he’s received from people claiming that the watch saved their life. Whether it was detecting a fall or a crash, to any anomalies in body temperature or heart rate, the watch is great at knowing when something is off (either noticeably or not) and alerting you or your caretaker as soon as possible. This watch strap with an integrated pillbox takes the watch one step further, helping people stay healthy by following their medication routine religiously.

Designer: Zhiwen

Designed as a simple silicone strap and sleeve that attaches to your Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Pillbox gives you a tiny pill container right underneath the watch body, letting you easily carry your medication with you wherever you go. The watch permanently sits on your wrist so the chances of forgetting to carry your meds are much lower, and a health-monitoring app on the watch constantly tracks your health and reminds you to take your meds at exactly the right time.

The way the app, at least in this situation, works is by tracking the wearer’s blood pressure – a feature that isn’t there on the Apple Watch yet, but we’re working with hypotheticals, at this point. When the watch detects an anomaly, it gives you a gentle notification, allowing you to be aware. If the situation worsens, the watch lets you know it’s time to take your meds, and if there’s no improvement, the watch alerts your caretaker/guardian so they can check in on you. Caretakers can also remotely keep track of your health stats too, just as a safety measure.

Although the Apple Watch can’t actively measure its wearer’s blood pressure, the idea of having a pillbox attached to your watch has various merits. For starters, the watch can measure your heart rate, take an EKG, and even check your blood O2 levels. It’s estimated that in the future, the watch will be able to non-invasively check your blood sugar levels. In such a scenario, knowing exactly when to take an insulin shot would be absolutely crucial. Similarly, for people suffering from a variety of ailments that require monitoring and medication, having a health tracker on your wrist along with a pillbox sounds like a pretty neat idea.

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