Samsung’s bespoke series is the inspiration behind these ergonomic, thoughtful stylus designs

Working from our computers strains more than just our eyes. Sitting for long periods at a time, typing, dragging, and clicking the mousepad often results in finger and hand cramps. Products like smartpens and assistive keyboards are specially designed to take some of the stress off our hands, leading to streamlined and more productive workdays. Korean designer Jo Yoon unveiled their smartpen product idea called Bespoke, conceptualized using Samsung’s Bespoke appliance’s design language.

Draped in a velvety aluminum finish, Bespoke smartpens come in a few different color schemes, spanning from blush yellows to matte blacks. Paired with an accompanying smart notepad, users can write with the Bespoke smartpens on the attached notepad which translates the written text to the computer screen.

Instead of typing from the same hand position throughout the workday, Bespoke smartpens break up the monotony of computer work by bringing a more tactile, ergonomic typing tool. Along the body of each pen, an action button works as a clicker and on/off control.

Taking Bespoke’s ergonomic usability one step further, each smartpen gradually tapers towards its bottom to fit more comfortably in each user’s grip. Yoon also outfitted each smartpen with silicone grips to ensure convenient use throughout the workday without any slippage resulting from palm sweat.

In addition to the smartpen and notepad, Joon conceptualized a Bespoke charger that resembles an inkwell for when the workday slips into overtime. Each charging base comes with its own wire to plug into your computer or laptop, ensuring no power is lost during use, however, the actual charging sink is wireless.

Designer: Yoon Jo

Three small LED lights indicate how much charge remains in each charging sink.

The charging base is wireless.

This compact paper shredder comes with a built-in removable pouch to collect the shreds!

Pocket is a compact paper shredder designed with a detachable pouch that collects all of your paper shreds before throwing them in the trash.

Paper shredders are the types of products that are reserved primarily for settings like clinics, pharmacies, banks, and educational settings. Whatever the reason we have for shredding paper, the bulkiness of most paper shredders turns the task into a journey that takes up more time than you’d expect.

Yifeeling, a design studio based in Zhengzhou, China, created their own Pocket paper shredder that’s small enough to tuck away alongside the books and binders that line your desk and comes with an integrated pocket that carries shreds before discarding them.

Shredding paper can be a headache when the machine you’re using doesn’t register differently textured paper. Like a vending machine incessantly spitting out your crumpled dollar bill, conventional paper shredders often have trouble swallowing crinkled and larger pieces of paper. Specifically designed to handle every kind of paper, Pocket can shred unfolded, folded, and crumpled paper scraps in one go.

Taking it one step further, Pocket can transform into a literal pocket at any moment. Whenever the user needs an exterior sack to catch all of the paper shreds moving through the machine, built-in slits near the outer edges of the Pocket shredder provide slots for random pieces of paper to latch onto and form a curved pouch to collect the shreds. Slim by design, Pocket is portable and compact for easy storage and quick shredding. No more are the days of dreading the long walk to the one paper shredder in the entire office, with Pocket, shredding paper can happen at your desk.

Designer: Yifeeling Studio

Pocket carries a nondescript overall look, with bright blue buttons for intuitive operation.

Pocket can handle any type of paper, from crinkled to folded up pieces, and even larger ones.

Along the bottom, Pocket features rows of teeth that grip pieces of paper to form pouches that collect shreds. 

Pocket boasts a slim build to fit anywhere on your work desk.

Pocket can swallow longer pieces of paper in one go.

Cork Rocket Desk Organizer: This Is Ground Control to Major Tom

Because who doesn’t already spend the majority of their workday daydreaming about outer space, SUCK UK has just made the visualization even easier thanks to this Cork Rocket Desk Organizer. The sustainably sourced rocket is perfect for storing pens and pencils, plus you can pin notes or photos of your loved ones back on earth to the outside.

The rocket stands about 11″ tall and, just like all my desk drawers, I’m going to fill it with candy instead of office supplies. I’m sort of known as the candy guy around the office, and I’m fairly certain my seemingly endless supply of sweets is the only reason I still haven’t been fired. I can’t even remember the last time I actually did some work around here.

Am I slowly going to replace everything in my cubicle with the space memorabilia I’ve collected over the years until the whole thing is entirely space-themed? Absolutely. I mean how many other people do you know who can say they have a rejection letter from Space Camp hanging above their desk?

[via Dude I Want That]

This cactus-inspired desk organizer uses a slot-and-tab stacking method to adapt with your changing setup needs!

There are as many ways to organize an office space as there are offices in the world. When there’s no longer any room to stuff stationery in desktop organizers, that’s when things get messy. But desks are arranged to fit the needs of those working behind them, so options for storage better be plentiful. And by storage options, I don’t mean endless stacks of papers, pens, and staplers. Inspired by the indefinite growing lengths of succulents, Subin Song collaborated with Fountain Studio to design Cacty, a modular desk organizer that can expand and grow to limitless heights.

Each module of Cacty can be linked to one another through a slot-and-tab stacking method that creates an endless array of options for organizing. Users can store bulkier items like staplers and tape dispensers in Cacty’s base module, the most central piece of the stacking system, which comes equipped with four slots for additional modules’ tabs to connect. The other modules that come with Cacty fit different organizational needs. For instance, a taller module can contain long writing tools like pens and pencils, along with rulers and scissors. Then, shorter modules can hold office supplies like glue sticks, binder clips, and safety pins.

Cacty’s main appeal is the infinite combinations that can be applied when constructing the modular system. Meeting the organizational needs of each user, Cacty can be constructed into any shape that works for your desktop. Thanks to its slot-and-tab stacking method, any modular scheme can work with Cacty to help categorize your office supplies and streamline your workdays.

Designer: Subin Song x Fountain Studio

Inspired by the infinite growth of succulent plants, Cacty’s expansion has endless possibilities.

Cacty’s prototype was made from corrugated paper.

Using a slot-and-tab stacking method, Cacty securely fastens its modules together.

Cacty’s base module is the most central one, offering room for bulkier office supplies.

Cacty’s tallest module creates some space for taller, slimmer items like scissors and rulers.

A shorter module is the ideal size to keep items like gluesticks and mini-highlighters.

Cacty’s shortest module creates shelf-like organizers for paper clips and thumbtacks.

The modular structure of Cacty depends on each user’s organizational needs.

Don’t Try Drinking This Fake Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow Push Pins

It’s like 90ºF and 80% humidity here in Chicago this week, so the idea of sipping a hot beverage doesn’t have much appeal to me at the moment. But when the weather inevitably cools off, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a nice cup of hot cocoa, along with a bunch of mini marshmallows floating on top. Of course, you’d be in for a rude awakening if those marshmallows had pins on their ends and poked holes in your tongue and esophagus. So you might not want to put this fake cup of hot chocolate and pushpin marshmallows where you might normally reach to take a sip.

Fred’s whimsical Marsh Memos set comes with 20 marshmallow-shaped push pins, along with a cup of non-drinkable hot chocolate for you to store them in. They’re adorable, but definitely not kid friendly, so don’t leave them lying around where junior might try to chomp on them. Being made from rubber with pointy metal spikes on their ends, they definitely don’t taste good. The least they could do is make the drink part smell like chocolate and the marshmallow pins smell like vanilla. Oh well, that’s a missed opportunity.

If you can avoid the temptation of trying to drink the cocoa or eat the marshmallows, the Marsh Memos set is available now from Perpetual Kid for $9.99, which is probably about what you’ll pay for a Venti hot cocoa at Starbucks these days.

Worst Star Wars Merchandise Ever: Imperial Stapler and Tape Dispenser

There’s a ton of great collectible merchandise out there for fans of sci-fi, comics, and fantasy. While they’re not all perfect,  most of the merchandising tie-ins are at least somewhat logical these days. And then there’s stuff like this.

This Star Wars stapler and tape dispenser make zero sense at all. That is, unless I missed a scene where the Empire’s accountants were putting together budgets for the construction of the Death Star or something. But even George Lucas wasn’t tempted to include that in the prequels alongside all the boring political talk.

Bioworld’s ruthless cash-grab merch include a black plastic stapler embellished with a TIE fighter pattern and the words “Crush the Rebellion.” Seriously, even Milton in Office Space wouldn’t have cared if someone stole this stapler. The matching tape dispenser doesn’t even achieve the same level of mediocrity as the stapler. It just has some silhouettes of TIE fighters and paint spatter that’s supposed to look like a starfield. Talk about phoning it in. I haven’t seen Star Wars merchandising this bad since that Revenge of the Sith toilet paper.

I’m not even going to tell you where you can buy these things because whoever came up with them doesn’t deserve to see one red cent in profits.

Amazon’s smart shelves will re-order office supplies automatically

Amazon's Dash buttons were a boon for the forgetful and time-pressed when they launched in 2015. The nifty little device let you re-order household items the moment you realized you'd run out, at the simple touch of, well... a button. But while they...

It’s Always Easy to Find the End of This Tape

Tape is one of those really useful things that has always had a bit of a fateful flaw. Since it sticks to itself, it can be incredibly frustrating to find the end of it once you start using a roll. A team of industrial designers came up with a simple, yet smart solution to finding the end of the tape.

The so-called “Easy to Find End Tape” was designed by Jaehyung Kim, Deockeun An, and Cheolwoong Seo. Its design features a unique bumpy shape which means that the end of the tape is always easy to grab on to no matter where you leave off.

It turns out this design first surfaced all the way back in 2011, and has yet to go into production. Maybe someday 3M or someone else in the tape business will take it upon themselves to make tape rolls like this.

[via Toxel]

Office supplies? No. Ostrich supplies? Yes!


Introducing, Ostrich! Never before has a paperclip holder been so awesome. The magnetic silhouette takes on the familiar form of the world’s biggest bird. Beautiful on its own, the shiny metallic finish and funky red “sneakers” make it an interesting desktop ornament. Add on the included black paperclips, however, and you’ve got something entirely new! If I had this functional decor on my desk, I doubt I’d get anything done. DO want!

Designer: Arthur Xin







Justice League Paper Clips: Clips of Justice

So that weird dude in the cubicle around the corner gave you a Christmas gift and now you feel like a dick because you didn’t get him anything? It’s not too late to remedy that problem. Well, it is too late, it’s Christmas Eve and you are a dick, but you can redeem yourself.

justice-league-1zoom in

The trick when people you don’t really know give you gifts and you feel obligated to give them something back is to pick the right gift that subtly says “Hey I was obligated,” and not “Hey you’re cool, lets hang out.” I think these Justice League Paper Clips will do the trick. Paper clips don’t imply any sort of affection and they are geeky enough

justice-league-2zoom in

You can get these at ThinkGeek for $19.99 and there are 40 in the package. You get ten each of The Flash, Batman, Green Lantern, and Superman emblems.

It’s too late to get these by Christmas, so you will need a cover story. Just tell them you ordered a gift, but it was so popular it went on unexpected back-order and will be here next week. If he or she invites you to dinner, you have family in town. I just saved your ass, so I better have some damn paperclips coming my way.