Louis Vuitton’s $475,000 watch is an incredibly ornate time-telling artpiece

Looking less like a watch and more like an ancient relic, the Tambour Carpe Diem is a highly complicated piece of wrist-worn art that has a unique hauntingly beautiful way of telling the time. Developed and produced entirely in-house at La Fabrique du Temps (a Geneva-based complications specialist owned by LV), the intricately assembled luxury wristwatch is Louis Vuitton’s flagship watch of the year… and if you’ve got a trust fund or you happen to be a bitcoin millionaire, the Tambour Carpe Diem could be yours for a cool $475,000.

The word ‘complication’ is pretty fitting for the Tambour Carpe Diem. It looks nothing like you’d expect from a traditional watch, and is filled with incredibly eye-catching Calavera imagery, often associated with the popular Mexican holiday ‘Day of the Dead’. The watch’s face throws you off guard, although that’s totally by design. Created to captivate, the Carpe Diem comes with four automata (complex mechanisms) that bring the watch face to life when you’re reading the time. The watch’s face exists to delight until you get it to tell you the time. With a simple press of the snake at the 2 o’clock position, the watch-face whirrs to life as the rose-gold skull on the dial begins menacingly grinning to reveal the words Carpe Diem written inside its mouth, while the Louis Vuitton logo inside its eye shifts and morphs in shape. The skull is accompanied by an intricately hand-painted and enameled golden snake (by the renowned Anita Porchet), which moves its head sideways to reveal the hour, while its tail points at the minutes. Completing the time-telling experience is an incredible hourglass at the 10 o’clock position that visually counts down the minutes as the day progresses.

The back of the watch is arguably just as consciously designed as the front is. The watch’s exhibition back reveals a black skull-shaped metal plate with a damaskeening finish (also referred to as the Côtes de Genève texture). Behind it lies the LV 525, a movement based on the minute repeating movement constructed by La Fabrique du Temp from a few years ago. The hand-wound movement is made up of a total of 426 components, and boasts of an impressive 100-hour power reserve. All this sits within the Tambour Carpe Diem’s 18k pink-gold case, capped with sapphire crystal displays, and finished off with a premium leather strap and pink-gold buckle. With all those embellishments, it’s pretty easy to justify the watch’s whopping nearly-half-million price tag. It’s less of a watch and more of a luxurious piece of art. Exquisitely designed, with a jaw-dropping time-telling experience (quite literally if you consider the skull’s movable jaw!), the Tambour Carpe Diem is an absolute masterpiece forged and immortalized in an 18-karat pink-gold watch-casing. Probably a much better use of money than Lil Nas X’s satan shoes, if you ask me…

Designer: Louis Vuitton

Ableton Live 11: The biggest upgrades explained

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Human Hand Sculpture Endlessly Taps Its Fingers

Art: it means different things to different people. And to Nick Ramage, it means creating these £600 (~$830) Fingers Mk III mechanical sculptures. Honestly, I don’t know if I’m more surprised that they exist at all, or that there were Mk I and Mk II Fingers that came before this.

Powered by 2 AA batteries, the disembodied hand endlessly taps its fingers on the surface it rests on until those batteries die, or someone gets scared enough to throw the hand out an open window or smack it with a hammer. Nick mentions he used his own hand as the model to cast the resin fingers, so do you think we could lift his fingerprints to plant at the scene of the crime when we steal the Mona Lisa?

Clearly, this a must-have desk accessory if you’re an evil villain operating from a secret snowy mountain base in the Urals. James Bond sitting across from you, this hand sculpture quietly tapping on your desk while you pause for a moment of suspense before mashing the big red button that drops him into the yeti pit below. Wait, did we just – somebody call Hollywood, tell them we just wrote From Russia with the Spy Who Never Loved Me for them.

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Google tries to replicate synesthesia with its latest experiment

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Endlessly modular smart LED panels turn your walls into dynamic light installations!

The year is 2021 and wallpaper has just been rendered obsolete. Meet the Nanoleaf Shapes, a series of slim, smart LED panels that come in geometric shapes and can be connected to one another to create a dynamic work of art on your walls. The modular panels can be used to create shapes, patterns, textures, even text, and they add a touch of color to spaces when off, but completely transform the ambiance of a room when switched on!

The Nanoleaf Shapes are infinitely customizable, like a jigsaw puzzle with no real end-goal. You can create the shape or graphic that you want, and the smart LED panels do the rest of the work. The panels can light up in as many as 16 million different colors, and can be customized within their smartphone app. The LayoutDetect™ feature allows the individual LED panels to identify the shape and layout of your design, and enables them to work in tandem with each other, behaving as a singular lighting unit. Once connected, you an use the panels as mere ambient lights, although they’re capable of much more. The smart LED panels work via touch, and can instantly be transformed into an interactive installation that changes hues when you touch any of the panels. Alternatively, they can connect to your smart speaker and change colors to the rhythm of the music you play, or better still, connect them to a television and activate the Match mode to make them light up with hues from your screen, turning your wall green when you watch a football match, blue when you watch an ocean documentary, or dynamically shift colors as you watch a movie! Your walls and room will never look dull again! And with 16 million colors to choose from, they definitely shouldn’t!

Designer: Nanoleaf Shapes

Jar Jar Binks Replaces the Subject in Fine Art Paintings

Jar Jar Binks: hands down everyone’s favorite Star Wars character, even beating out the space slug that almost eats the Millennium Falcon. And now thanks to the work of artist scadarts, he’s can also be everyone’s favorite fine art subject. As Indiana Jones would say, ‘It belongs in a museum,’ and I couldn’t agree more. What an absolute masterpiece.

Obviously, if any of these were actually on display in a museum I’d have no choice but to plan a heist to liberate them and add them to my personal collection. Which already includes, and is pretty much limited to, finger paintings my mom didn’t deem worthy of a spot on the fridge.

Which is your favorite? Personally, I’m drawn to Binks With a Pearl Earring and The Scweam. I’ve actually always wanted to go see the originals in real life but Girl with a Pearl Earring is in the Netherlands and The Scream is in Norway and, as much as I hate flying, I’m even a worse swimmer.

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