An infrared thermometer + biometric scanner that logs employee attendance as well as health!

If used correctly and ethically, contact tracing and biometric identification can truly help curb the spread of pandemics. Now I’m yet to see a case where a corporation or a government hasn’t abused its power when it comes to identifying and tracing the whereabouts of individuals, but I’m still hopeful that they can be held accountable if they do misuse this ability. The VERO isn’t just some regular thermometer… it was built for helping companies monitor the health of their individual employees. Designed as a part of a prompt from Render Weekly, the VERO reads temperature using non-contact infrared sensors, but it doesn’t just do that. It helps keep a tab of people scanned too, allowing offices or businesses to internally test their own employees. The VERO scans the patient’s temperature while also logging in their name, details, and their identity… like a biometric scanner that captures an employee’s attendance as well as their health!

Designer: Ryan Krause

This Japanese fan-like portable screen lets you social distance anywhere

We all know the things we have to carry to protect ourselves from bad weather – umbrellas, scarves, hats, etc. Given the new reality we are all living in, let’s add pandemic to that bad weather which means we need to carry more things to protect ourselves because we can’t see this storm coming. PPE like masks, gloves, and sanitizers are helping us complete our essential errands but we cannot be in lockdown forever, the world will be opening up again and in this ‘new normal’ we will see modifications to shared spaces like protective screens that will continue to reduce the transmission risk.

Now not every cafe, co-working space, park or library will have screens to protect you and in that case, you carry your own – say hello to Ventaglio! Trust me, it is not weird to take extra steps to protect yourself, it is as good as carrying an umbrella. Ventaglio is a portable screen that makes PPE look aesthetic while making sure you can go to more places than just the grocery store. It was designed to help people transition out of quarantine safely and continue practicing social distancing in common places. The screen is created using translucent polyethylene so that it doesn’t make you feel too disconnected from the space you are in. It also ensures stability with a belt that can go under the table to fix the divider in place.

Unlike the usual PPE that can leave you feeling a little sad about the times we are living in, the Ventaglio’s portable screen comes with a friendly refreshing vibe. Maybe because it folds and unfolds like a handheld Japanese fan which makes it familiar and something we associate with summer! I can only imagine the beautiful designs this portable screens can come in that will make more people comfortable with its usage – almost like how we decorate our graduation caps. Safe to say that I am a ‘fan’ of the Ventaglio screen.

Designer: DesignLibero

This award-winning speaker also acts as a phone-stand and pen-stand!

The Waving Multifunctional Speaker is a perfect example of how form and function can help redefine a product’s design. The speaker isn’t just designed to act as an audio-playing device. It’s mindful of the objects and spaces associated with it. Given that wireless speakers are almost always used with smartphones, the Waving Multifunctional Speaker even doubles as a dock/stand for your mobile, allowing you to watch videos on it while the three mid-range audio drivers on the front pump sound out.

The Waving Multifunctional Speaker even comes with a distinct wave-texture on its top which serves as a nifty area to rest stationery. Aware of the fact that most speakers find themselves placed on workdesks, the Waving Multifunctional Speaker integrates clever and convenient solution, allowing you to rest your pens and pencils on it while you work. Pretty clever, eh?

The Waving Multifunctional Speaker is a winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2020.

Designer: RuiWang Xiang

Social-Distancing At Work: These cubicle designs make segregated workspaces safe and stylish

No one can really tell when workspaces will open with full capacity, but we all can agree that there will be some incredibly lasting changes to offices moving forward. Automatic doors so you don’t need to touch the handle, people operating lifts so you don’t have to press buttons, and probably even ditching away with the communal coffee machine for some other contact-less alternative. Workspaces will become more safety conscious, and more impersonal, with employees having dedicated agile and versatile cubicles to suit all their needs. Keith Melbourne Studio’s envisioned how design intervention can create a new sort of stylish-yet-safe workplace with the Avion.

Currently on the shortlist for an Inde Award, the Avion is a modular workspace setup that comes with a contemporary design with soft curves, chic furniture, and a modern color palette to help make the workspace look friendly and appealing. Designed to create visual comfort so you’re more focused and relaxed at work, the cubicle systems isolate you and provide enough space to work out of, while still giving you enough of a window to step out and socialize from time to time… from a distance of course!

Designer: Keith Melbourne Studio

Microsoft’s new ‘Surface Headphones 2’ are designed for music as well as Skype/Zoom meetings

You have to admit that Microsoft under Satya Nadella’s CEO-ship has really gained a whole lot of perspective. They aren’t just the OS company anymore. Nadella’s vision for Microsoft was to always make it as ubiquitous as the air you breathe, which is why we now have elements like Microsoft Azure, OneDrive, Outlook, Skype, Windows, Teams, LinkedIn, embedded deep into everything we do. Wherever you go, if there’s an enterprise involved, Microsoft has a solution somewhere allowing it to function seamlessly… and that ability to cross the T’s and dot the I’s is what makes Microsoft’s products great. In fact, they’ve got a thriving hardware setup too, and the reason why Microsoft’s hardware works so great (unlike its failed acquisition of Nokia under Steve Ballmer), is its ability to be a holistic software powerhouse. Take for instance Microsoft’s Surface Headphones. In a market flooded with headphones (and pretty competitively priced ones too), Microsoft’s Surface Headphones have a crystal clear vision of their purpose.

Unlike every other pair of wireless headphones out there, the Surface Headphones 2 aren’t just built for music… they’re built for work too. Given that we’re in an era dominated by Zoom and Skype meetings, the Surface Headphones 2 also focus on the ‘conference’ aspect with the same emphasis as the music aspect. They come with a comfortable design that allows them to be worn for hours (because meetings can go into overtime), have a day-long battery life, pack a whopping 13 levels of active noise cancellation in, so you can drown out sounds like the living-room TV or your kid screaming in the hallway… and perhaps the most mindful feature yet, a dedicated microphone muting button that allows you to quickly alternate between talking to your colleagues and yelling at your kids to keep the noise down.

Obviously Microsoft didn’t know a pandemic would upend businesses, forcing everyone to work from home (I refuse to entertain the conspiracy theory that Bill Gates was in on the COVID thing all along)… but the Surface Headphones 2 come at a perfect time, allowing people to conference more effectively from their home-offices. The headphones boast of the same clean design from last year, and feature 40mm Free Edge drivers to produce stunningly immersive sound that’s perfect for listening to music. The headphones come with dedicated ring-dials on the outside that allow you to control the volume and the noise-cancelation, so you can either completely drown external sound out, or blend them in, allowing yourself to be immersed in audio yet aware of your surroundings. Like all smart headphones, you can tap, hold, and swipe on the Surface Headphones too, performing activities like controlling playback, answering calls, or summoning the voice assistant… and if you’ve got an active Microsoft 365 subscription, you can even dictate text to the Headphones hand have your laptop type it out in Word, Outlook, or any of Microsoft’s other surfaces… Pretty clever, eh?

Designer: Microsoft

Here’s that all-in-one charging dock Apple should have made for its products

Was the AirPower mat Apple’s biggest marketing mistake or its greatest tactic? The minute they announced the all-in-one wireless charger for the iPhone, Airpods, and the Watch, designers and tech startups all around the world jumped at the opportunity to out-Apple Apple. Years later, the AirPower still hasn’t arrived, but the market is inundated multiple products that allow Apple’s users to charge all their gadgets. Apple spent absolutely zero dollars on actually pushing a solution into the market, but benefitted by having third-party companies fill in the void. However, amidst the sea of wireless chargers, the Air Omni stands out as perhaps the one true product that Apple ple hopes it had tried to push out. The Air Omni charges your iPhone, Watch, Airpods, and even your iPad. Apart from juicing the batteries of your favorite devices, it props them up too, acting as a stand for your iPhone/iPad so you can charge your devices while using them. With its virtually perfect desk-friendly size, the Air Omni fits seamlessly into your workspace, and can slide right into your laptop bag too, so you don’t need to have it just at your office. You can carry it back home, use it at cafés, or even at the airport, as a quick charging hub and workspace alternative. Just dock your devices, prop up your iPad, connect a wireless keyboard, and your charging hub becomes your makeshift office space. Like I said, the AirPower mat wishes it were the Air Omni.

The Air Omni’s biggest defining feature is that it comes built to dock the iPad too, which should honestly be given the same status as the iPhone, Watch, and AirPods… after all, the iPad is a mobile device too. Designed for not just charging but docking too, the Air Omni comes with a dedicated pop-up wireless charging hub for your Watch, specified wireless charging zones for your phone and AirPods, and a stand that lets you dock the iPad vertically and charge it via a cable – all while complying with Apple’s MFi charging standards. The docking zone’s unique design is truly innovative as it shapeshifts to let you alternate between docking your iPad as well as your iPhone. The vertical docking setup is supported by a port that pops right out of the Air Omni, allowing you to plug your phone/tablet as you place it against its backrest. But wait Sarang, you’re probably wondering, how can one port charge the iPhone as well as the iPad especially when the iPad’s later variant uses a Type-C connector? Well, that’s where the Air Omni’s clever switcheroo trick comes handy. On the back of the device is a nifty button that allows you to mechanically alternate between Lightning and Type-C ports, making switching between docking your iPhone and iPad incredibly easy. If you’ve got other devices that need charging (a fitness tracker perhaps, or a power-bank), the Air Omni comes with an extra set of ports that allow you to plug up to two devices in… and as far as wireless charging on the Air Omni’s surface goes, a unique, patented coil layout allows you to wirelessly charge your gadgets no matter how you place it.

Speaking of out-Apple-ing Apple, the Pitaka Air Omni ditches the white plastic and anodized aluminum CMF palette for something more hardcore – after all, the product is vastly better than anything Apple could think of. Made from Aramid (Kevlar), the Air Omni comes in matte black, and is incredibly damage-resistant (which is more than I can say about Apple’s charging cables) as well as flame-resistant. It supports the charging of non-Apple devices too (definitely a baller move), and for good measure, also throws in a secret compartment for storing things like SD cards, money, or anything you’d need to stash away inside a secret compartment. A culmination of a bunch of good ideas, the Air Omni is perhaps the most mindful charging hub I’ve seen in a while for a few reasons. For starters, unlike Apple’s AirPower mat, it exists. Additionally, it holistically charges all your devices including your iPad, comes with the ability to turn your charging setup into a workplace setup (thanks to the vertical dock), takes care of all your charging needs while occupying just one plug-point… Plus, you don’t need to worry about tangled-up charging cables (or throwing money at Apple every time a charging cable breaks) – which to be honest is perhaps Air Omni’s most unsung bit of praise.

Designer: Pitaka

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 229 (44% Off) Hurry! Only 40 hours left!

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 229 (44% Off) Hurry! Only 40 hours left!

This wearable bracelet let’s you go back to work while enforcing social distancing

Are you getting tired of quarantine? Funny how we always wished for work from home and now we are itching to go back to our offices. Suddenly the water cooler chit chat and commute means so much more to us. We don’t have a vaccine yet but soon some of us non-essential workers may have to return to the work lives we knew before the pandemic and it is crucial we still follow the rules of social distancing + wearing PPE so that we are minimizing the risk while still helping rebuild the economy. Romware has designed a wearable gadget that can help us navigate through the new normal safely till we have a vaccine.

Romware’s bracelet helps to reinforce the social distancing guidelines as more of us return to work. The digital device monitors the employees’ location and warns them if they are too close to each other. Initially designed for industries such as construction, logistic, warehousing, manufacturing, and port services, this bracelet can be used by any large company that cannot function remotely and relies on labor. Whenever employees are closer than 6 feet they will feel a vibration that warns them. The bracelet has a geo-fencing feature that allows you to set a limit for how many employees can be in a specific area to ensure there are no large gatherings. One of its most effective features is that it enables contact tracing, so if someone does fall sick the employer can easily track anyone who may have been in contact and take necessary measures.

The employees’ privacy is guaranteed and the bracelet uses Ultra-Wideband which means it doesn’t require a data connection. However, it can be used with data too if there is a need for contact tracing which will access the employee’s location. All data will be deleted after 14 days and it doesn’t require the employees to disclose anything they don’t want to. The personal wearable device is only used for social distancing purposes and to ensure the safety of the workforce as long as the threat of the pandemic still looms over our heads. Romware is doing it’s best to follow ‘prevention is better than cure’ strategy and we agree.

Designer: Romware

Desk setup’s that maximize your work from home productivity!

Working from home, a luxury previously is now posing challenges to the world. With the lockdown making us come up with creative solutions to our working woes, one thing is for certain, the need for a work from home setup is higher than ever. So why not use this time to inspire us? Desk setup’s are a reflection of our work personality – from your interests and passions to help you focus better, each of these desk setup is sure to be a conversation starter.

Lucas Talbert’s dorm room setup puts all the dorm rooms to shame! With this off-the-desk setup, you have plenty of space to navigate the existing school desk space while retaining the modern aesthetics.

There is no such thing as ‘too big a screen’! We love this vibrant desk setup which is perfect for working from home and Netflix and chill once work is done!

This setup by @marccaldwelldesign showcases his love of music and clean graphics with an equally modern, minimal setup!

This setup is the king of all cable management! Not a single loose wire in sight, this desk setup gives you an almost futuristic feel. Can’t wait for the time computers go wireless!

If black is your thing, then this setup by Gary Kwok is meant to be your inspiration! The monochromatic colour scheme takes away from the distractions and helps you focus on the bright screen in front of you.

Junsue’s desk setup proves that you don’t need a whole room to create a dedicated space for yourself! A simple alcove can be transformed to create your creative space, as shown here!

Matthew Encina, the Chief Content Officer of The Futur uses the page Mod Musing’s to showcase his work setup and daily lifestyle. Now since this is the setup that helps him be super productive, it is sure to surge us with some Monday morning motivation!

Vertical screens are a great tool to get all that extra screen space while saving up on precious desk real estate! So if your workspace demands on, get inspired by this setup and don’t shy away from using a vertical screen to get the best of both worlds.

Matt LaVasseur’s desk setup makes an attic look cool all over again. Using the skylight to create a natural highlight, the setup plays with lights and uses the window as an extremely creative focal point for the user to think while getting rid of all their distractions.

Your setup is a reflection of your work personality. Satechi’s desk setup allows you to reflect that boss spirit and motivate you for work every morning!

Office for iPad will reportedly get trackpad support ‘by the fall’

Microsoft is actively working to update its Office mobile apps to take advantage of the iPad's new and more robust trackpad support, according to The Verge's Tom Warren. We already knew Microsoft planned to take advantage of the feature when TechCrun...

This magnet-embedded modular organizer is probably one of the smartest ideas I’ve seen

Take the convenience of the fridge-magnet system and bring it to the humble organizer and you’ve possibly got a revolution on your hands. The fridge-magnet system lets people fix their keys, bottle openers, grocery lists, and family photos to the refrigerator door, so what if we just used that very same system to fix our EDC and work essentials to a binder that we could carry along with us… like an iPad but for our physical items as opposed to digital ones.

Created by OTO1tech, the MagEasy Folio and MagEasy Board use a combination of powerful magnets to help keep you organized and productive. The magnetic system, embedded within a durable and waterproof board, allows you to neatly arrange your life, from your keys and phone to your stationery, notepad, wallet, or even passport. The board and folio provide a canvas for MagEasy’s series of magnetic accessories which are powerful enough to hold keys in place as well as securely store your smartphone or wallet. MagEasy’s novel approach to organizing allows you to store all your everyday essentials in one place, so you don’t have to dig in your pocket for your wallet or keys, or in your bag for your pen, or a thumb-drive. Everything resides within MagEasy’s portable folio, parked perfectly in place so you can easily (and that’s really the keyword here) access your belongings, whether it’s to quickly note down ideas or minutes of a meeting, access your house keys, or grab your credit card to quickly pay for coffee. MagEasy’s board provides a similar solution that’s better suited for productive people who want their desks to remain clutter-free. The board props upward, storing all your stationery and office supplies on a vertical platform, keeping them visible, accessible, while allowing your desk to stay clutter-free. You can easily interchange elements between the Folio and Board panels too, giving you the freedom to always be organized, whether you’re a desk-sitter or a nomadic worker. Pretty smart, eh?

Designer: LHiDS Creative

Click Here to Buy Now: $35 $49 (29% off). Raised over $150,000.

MagEasy: A Modular Magnetic Organizing Kit

Solution for WorkFromHome, MagEasy is a portable, customizable and catch-all organizing kit that keeps your items tidy & boosts productivity.

The MagEasy greatly helps you boost your output at work by keeping your stuff in one place instead of scattering around, turning any desktop into a personalized and private workspace, so you can easily stay organized and focused.

It adopts a fully-customizable and expandable magnetic modular design which allows you to utilize every square inch of it to store and arrange your items of daily use.

Peter von Panda shows us the various features of the MagEasy.

Meet the MagEasy Family

The Board, the Folio and the magnetic modules work together seamlessly as one unified system to cleverly keep you organized all day.

The magnetic modules on the Folio and the Board are easily swappable, enabling you to always stay organized, whether you are sedentary or nomadic.

Transport all your stuff without making a mess.

The MagEasy Board

The MagEasy Board is a self-standing desktop organizer. With the MagEasy Board, you will always have a clear view of and easy access to your most needed items, helping keep your mind refreshed and concentrated on the main tasks.

The MagEasy Board remains steady and still on its foldable support without sliding around on the desk. Thanks to its Red Dot Award winning-design, any document, note, phone or tablet will be held at a 60° comfortable and healthy viewing angle.

The Board can be easily transformed into an ultra slim flat in just one second and stowed away in any drawer.

Snap the whole MagEasy organizer onto magnetic surfaces.

MagEasy’s organizing experience has just got even better with its collaboration with MOFT – an invisible and foldaway magnetic phone stand. When the MOFT is folded, you can easily attach your phone to the Board or Folio for organization while propping it up for hands-free viewing and calling.

The MagEasy Folio

With the MagEasy Folio’s organizing mechanism, your fumbling-for-things-in-your-bag days are behind you. Your keys, cards, pens, flash drive, wallet are all well-organized in the Folio for quick and easy access in case of emergency.

The built-in strong magnets are TSA-approved and allowed on the flight.

Each MagEasy Folio comes with 40 sheets A5-size filler paper (only 70gsm) in a wide variety of patterns to best fit your needs. It helps you capture and prioritize ideas, plans and to-do lists, so nothing falls through the cracks.

MagEasy Folio fits easily in any handbag or backpack so your frequently used items are always right at your fingertips from place to place.

The only limit to its applications is your imagination. Use it separately as a cable tie, a business cards case or a fridge magnet.

Magnetically stuck to the Folio, MagEasy’s slim passport case makes a perfect companion for the minimalist traveler. Not only does it securely hold and offer RFID protection to your passport, but it also features multiple interior card slots for easy access to credit cards, ID and money.

Click Here to Buy Now: $58 $98 (41% off). Hurry, only 102/900 left. Raised over $150,000.