This sleek cutting machine makes crafts and projects so easy it feels like magic

Although 3D printers have opened the door to many creative and DIY projects, not everything can or needs to be printed as a solid mass. Some of the most expressive and the most enchanting creative works come from flat, two-dimensional pieces arranged in a pleasing or eye-catching composition. Craft projects often involve a lot of cutting, often using different types of papers and involving a lot of irregular shapes. For veterans, cutting such pieces is a breeze after years of experience. For novices, however, this can shatter confidence and dash hopes, leading to unfinished projects and crushed dreams. Thankfully, we now have technologies to make that a thing of the past, and as a company that is dedicated to providing intelligent machines to handicraft enthusiasts, LOKLIK is presenting Crafter as a prime example that cuts through the hassles of making a perfect cut every time.

Designer: LOKLIK Design

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $169 (35% off). Hurry, for a limited time only.

At first glance, you might mistake this cutting machine for a large but classy printer, especially with its smooth, glossy finish and its slim footprint. That comparison is probably appropriate and fair because the LOKLIK Crafter cutting machine is designed to be easy to use, which also involves making sure that it can be placed in convenient places on your desk or work table. It isn’t just a pretty face, though, as the cutter packs quite a variety of powerful features designed to free crafters to focus more on the creative work rather than worrying about cutting materials perfectly.

Ultra-quiet – Operates at only 60 dB.

Unlike most cutting machines, LOKLIK Crafter is designed to work quickly but quietly, allowing creatives to work when the inspiration strikes and avoid waiting for the perfect moment when you can be noisy and messy. Thanks to its accurate tracking performance, cutting complex shapes and patterns is no problem at all. And when you’re running out of ideas, the free designs from LOKLIK’s app can help spark inspiration or even provide ready-to-use images you can incorporate into your project.

The Crafter is a versatile cutting machine in more ways than one. It can work with a wide variety of materials, including cardstock, light leather, and even vinyl. It can also work with materials of different sizes up to 12 inches wide and an unlimited length. You no longer have to worry about cutting down the material beforehand to fit the machine, and you can even work with continuous sheets to save time. And despite its name, the LOKLIK Crafter doesn’t just cut things. Thanks to its dual ports, it can also be used to draw letters and patterns by plugging in a colored pen or paintbrush into one of its output ports.

LOKLIK really made this machine to make crafting easy and fun for beginners and experts alike. An included weeding scrap collector helps you keep your work area clean and tidy to prevent material from ruining your projects. The cutting machine can be connected to phones and computers via Bluetooth or USB, offering the ultimate convenience of creating designs digitally and then cutting them flawlessly. You don’t even have to worry if your network connection suddenly breaks because its offline mode lets you finish your work regardless.

Fast, quiet, easy to use, and easy on the eyes, the LOKLIK Crafter is the ultimate DIY assistant that cuts to the chase and lets you turn ideas into captivating crafts with minimum hassle and fuss. LOKLIK is running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo where, for only $99 on launch day ($109 for a Super Early Bird price which includes a OKLIK Workshop Lifetime Premium Membership), you can get your hands on this stylish and powerful cutting machine to let your creativity fly and bring your dream designs to life.

Click Here to Buy Now: $109 $169 (35% off). Hurry, for a limited time only.

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This height-adjustable table with a conical base supports sitting + standing working positions

Since the transition from home offices to actual corporate offices has begun, it’s important to ensure that employees feel comfortable, productive, and motivated in their workplace. Adding the right furniture designs can either make or break the environment of an office – the perfect work desk or an ergonomically designed chair can amp up an employee’s productivity immeasurably! And one such furniture design I recently came across is the Follow Meeting Cone.

Designer: Mara

Designed by office furniture brand Mara, the Follow Meeting Cone is an intriguing table with a conical base and an adjustable tabletop that can be controlled and operated using a mechanical component. The Follow Meeting Cone utilizes the brand’s pioneered height-adjusting mechanism that can support both sitting and standing working positions effortlessly!

The table’s mechanical system allows the table to be raised or lowered, enabling you to position it at the angle you want to work in. The base and top are connected using a metal telescopic-element that is visible once the table has been raised.

The table’s interesting conical-shaped base serves as the star of the design and gives it a sculptural silhouette. It adds a fun element to the table, allowing it to stand apart from the other dull tables you usually find in offices. It comes in a range of different colored finishes, allowing you to pick a color that perfectly complements your office space. The cone is designed to be used in commercial workplaces, as well as home offices or residential spaces.

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LG Libero monitor can hang from office cubicles to free up desk space

Trends come and go, and some designs even return with a vengeance. That applies not only in the fashion world but in other industries as well, including interior and even office designs. In the not-so-distant past, cubicles were torn down to give way to open floor plans. That more social and more democratic design, however, also came with costs to focus and productivity, which has resulted in some offices bringing back those boxes that try to give you a small sanctuary in a storm of distractions. Rather than just confining space, however, cubicles also offer opportunities to personalize and optimize, and this new computer monitor takes that to heart in a rather novel way.

Designer: LG

Desk space is always limited, whether you’re working in a cubicle, an office floor plan, or even at home. It can be even more limited, however, when those work dividers are involved because they put boundaries in three dimensions. That’s why some people have become a little bit more creative by utilizing the vertical space that these walls provide, but the desk space occupied by a computer monitor still takes a whole chunk out of what’s left.

The aptly named LG Libero 27MQ70QC monitor frees up that space so that your desk is actually left for things that you actually use rather than just look at. You can technically buy some mounting accessories for a plain computer monitor, but this LG screen comes with one built-in already. Plus, it does so in a rather innovative way so that you can actually use the monitor on your desk like normal if you no longer have any wall to hang it from.

The trick to the Libero is a folding stand that also acts as a handle that can hang on hooks over your cubicle or any wall, for that matter. That stand even lets you tilt the monitor forward or backward to your preferences and comfort. Everything about the Libero’s design revolves around this duality. For example, the included webcam is removable and has dedicated ports top and bottom so that it will always sit on the “top” of the monitor, regardless of the orientation.

The 27-inch LG Libero isn’t just all about this gimmick, though, and it has the trapping of a quality monitor you can expect from the brand. The original $500 price tag, however, might feel a bit too steep since you can MacGyver your own hanging monitor solution for so much less. That said, you do get the benefits of a product that was designed to be used in such configurations rather than having to struggle to make things work on your own.

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Top 10 office accessories gift guide that are the essential upgrade your work environment needs

I remember when the lockdown was first announced and everyone began scrambling to figure out how they’d work from home. WFH as a product category absolutely spiked in the past two years, and even though people are returning to office, they’re carrying a part of their individual personality back to work… because that’s how they were productive at home. The boring standard white cubicle is dead, and we’re now in the era of individualized workspaces. This means having productivity tools that give YOU the right sense of focus and bring out the best in you. In our series of specialized gift guides this year, this gift guide focuses on your workspace, with tools that boost your productivity, help you stay organized, help you create content, and even a few nifty and fun toys to add a little frolic to your workspace! Consider this the best personal gifting and Secret Santa idea guide ever!

1. Moft Z Sit-stand Laptop Desk

Designed to be the world’s thinnest laptop stand, the MOFT Z is a 4-in-1 invisible sit-stand desk that can be propped up at 25°, 45°, and 60°, or elevated to a height of 10 inches. Winner of the Red Dot Award 2020, the MOFT Z is a lightweight and versatile solution, that allows everyday laptop users to maintain a flexible and comfortable posture throughout their workday. Just a little larger than a sheet of A4 paper, and almost half an inch thick, the compact laptop stand can accommodate 22 pounds of weight, which is pretty impressive, considering the 16-inch MacBook Pro weighs 4.7 pounds. Its origami-inspired Z-shaped structure ensures that it is super easy to open and close, and allows you to seamlessly transition between a sitting and standing desk while offering ergonomic angle adjustments. Affordably priced, the MOFT Z is the only portable desk that you can grab like a magazine, and create a flexible work setup with, wherever and whenever you feel like!

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $69.99 (Starting with $10 off with coupon code “BF10”)

2. Timekettle M3

The great thing about the pandemic ending is that we can now ditch those annoying zoom calls and meet and greet our clients again. The bad thing is that we didn’t use those two years to brush up on our French, German, or any other foreign languages. However, the folks at Timekettle have you covered. Meet the Timekettle M3, a pair of TWS earbuds that will actively translate up to 40 languages for you and as many as 93 accents! The M3 takes your average pair of TWS earbuds to the next level. It comes with ANC and dual-mic noise reduction for your voice, but the M3’s most impressive feature is its ability to translate languages in real-time. It relies on the world’s leading translation engines (DeepL, Google, Microsoft, iFlytek, AmiVoice, Hoya) and even on Timekettle’s own engine to quickly translate audio with 95% accuracy. The M3, which comes with a split-case design, can be used in 3 modes (Touch, Listen, and Speaker) to cover a wide range of uses, from having one-on-one conversations or just listening to lectures, podcasts, news coverage. The M3 are IPx4 water resistant and last for 7.5 hours on a full charge, with another 25 hours of battery when used with the charging case. There’s an app that helps with translations too, while also letting you control the M3’s EQ settings.

Click Here to Buy Now: $108 $149.99 (25% off for Prime Members + Additional 5% discount with coupon code “YDESIGN22”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

3. Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K Projector

The Nebula Cosmos Laser 4K is the most compact 4K laser theatre you’ve ever seen! The Nebula Cosmos will unleash a whole new level of brightness on your home entertainment – that is the power of 2400 Lumens. It has been equipped with the Laser Forge Image Engine which is powered by lasers, and features ALPD 3.0 software, which is quite interestingly used in professional theatres! It boasts a true color accuracy of 100% Rec. 709. The laser features a compact form and an ergonomically curved top handle that allows you to carry it wherever you go, and transform any space into a movie theatre. It also showcases a Seamless Autofocus, which produces instant image clarity, so you can spend more time engaging and enjoying your favorite content! You can link up the Nebula Cosmos with your portable power station. It is most compatible with the Anker 545 Portable Power Station (PowerHouse 778Wh).

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $1600 $2199.99 ($600 off with the up to 30% off Black Friday Sale)

4. SuperCalla Cable

The SuperCalla is a one-of-a-kind magnetic charging/ data cable! It looks similar to most cables, except for the fact, that at certain intervals, it has magnets around it. These magnets will organize your cables, and ensure they stay that way, with the help of magnetic attraction. The different cables can be coiled in a circular pattern, put together in a zigzag, or wound up the way you would typically organize cables. Just make sure the magnets align and the SuperCalla has the innate ability to stay organized whether in your pocket, backpack, drawer or even on your suitcase. The magnets allow you to easily open the cable out, using as much as necessary, therefore keeping your drawer, bag, and general workplace as neat as possible. SuperCalla comes in two sizes – 3 feet and 6 feet. It is available in two color options – black and white, and also looks really fun to fidget with!

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $14 $20 (30% off applied directly at checkout)

5. ASMR Zenball

In our offices, where we are surrounded by artificial materials, how do you connect to nature? While the most common answer is plants, having a plant can be a messy business. We bring to you the Zen Ball – made from genuine volcanic stone that has been shaped into a sphere, this desk device is an ASMR tool and a fidget toy, all in one. In a day filled with notifications that come at you from every side, pick up the Zen Ball to center yourself, give yourself a moment to breathe and refocus your energies, so you are acting rather than reacting. As an added value, you can drop some essential oil onto your ball and spin it for an added aromatic experience. Hold it, spin it, smell it or use it to calm yourself in stressful situations, this modern office must-have can be your reminder to stay in the moment.

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $84 $99 (15% off applied directly at checkout). Hurry, storewide Black Friday sale ends in 48 hours.

6. Revopoint Mini 3D Scanner

The Revopoint MINI transforms objects into 3D models with a 0.02mm precision! The Revopoint MINI transforms 3D printing into an easy, accessible, and economical process, allowing you to bring your 3D model dreams to life. It works fast and accurately, with up to 0.02mm precision and a point distance of 0.05mm, which simply means it will be able to scan even the smallest and deepest parts of an object. It is primarily designed to be used in your hand, giving you the freedom to control the direction and speed of the scan, especially with a stabilizer that keeps the scan steady even if your hand isn’t. You can also just set it on a table with the built-in tripod. It has been amped with binocular blue light technology to project ultra-high resolution structured light, as well as a high-resolution dual-camera system, and an intelligent algorithm to ensure the scanned model is extremely detailed and precise.

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $703 $799 (12% off for Mini Standard Package, 20% off for Mini Dual-axis Turntable Combo Or Mini Premium Package)

7. Better Back

Its unconventional design aside, what BetterBack does goes far above and beyond what any ergonomic cushion or chair can do. By hooking to your knees, the BetterBack perpetually keeps your lower back in the right position, preventing you from hunching. It’s a simple device that can be worn pretty much whenever or wherever you find yourself sitting for long hours – whether you’re in front of a laptop, the TV, sitting in a flight for 3-4 hours, or even at a game. The harness looks sort of like a slingshot, attaching to your knees and pulling your torso forward so your spine is in the right position. It instantly causes your back muscles to relax, your spine to realign, and your internal organs to feel more free given that they aren’t getting cramped by you hunching over! The BetterBack comes in various sizes that can adjust to fit pretty much any adult.

Click Here to Buy Now: $60 $99 (30% off applied directly at checkout)

8. Sisyphus Mini

A beautiful combination of art and algorithm, the Sisyphus Mini gives you the joy of owning your personal kinetic sculpture! Named after Sisyphus, a character from Greek Mythology condemned to roll a boulder up a mountain only to have it roll back down, the Sisyphus table turns that story into an artistic experience. The table comes with a sand chamber, and a steel ball that rolls around, creating valleys in the sand. A magnetic system under the sand chamber helps guide the steel ball, moving it in a series of hypnotic patterns that get increasingly complex with time as the ball moves across the sand, creating its elaborate design. The MINI comes with variations of a hardwood construction and a glass top, allowing you to place objects on it, although it’s best left undecorated, so you can admire the gorgeous designs that get created on it. There’s a ring of LEDs built into the Sisyphus’ rim too, which keeps the pattern illuminated even in the dark. Place Sisyphus MINI in your office where you can focus and work or add it as a table top decoration to your cabin – wherever you keep it, these mesmerising

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting at $573 $637 (10% off using coupon code “BF-2022”)

9. Eilik Companion Bot

Eilik has the personality of a Tamagotchi in the body of EVE from WALL•E. The tiny little robot stands on your tabletop, letting you interact with it through voice commands and touch, while it responds, reacts, and engages back with you to make your day a little more fun! Unlike most robots that have an air of emotionless superiority, Eilik actually does the opposite. It’s a robot with a personality and a heart. With its dynamic display for a face, Eilik actually responds and reacts to how you treat it. Ignore it long enough and it’ll sulk, pat it on the head or tickle it and it’ll smile. Lift Eilik off the ground and it gets scared of heights, give it food (a magnetic little food-shaped object) and it feels satiated and calm! The best part, however, is when two or more Eiliks come together! Place two Eiliks near each other and they play, tussle, and have adorable interactions with one another. Introduce more Eiliks and you can even get them to sing Christmas songs as they dance and wave their arms about! Talk about an emotionally advanced robot!

Click Here to Buy Now: $140 $149

10. DUEX Max Monitor

The DUET MAX is the must-have dual-screen laptop accessory that every heavy laptop user needs to boost their daily productivity! The large laptop monitor features a 14.1-inch 1080p display, high brightness of 300 nits, and small bezels, creating the ultimate immersive second-screen experience. It even boasts an ‘Eyecare Mode’, which minimizes blue light, and its impact on your eyes. What really makes the DUET MAX truly revolutionary, is the fact that it is not simply an ordinary extra screen for your laptop…it’s the kind of extra screen that’s always attached to it! You can swivel it out whenever you want. It can be mounted onto any laptop and oriented on either the left or right side, depending upon your comfort. Its auto-rotate feature enables you to intuitively adjust its orientation based on the placement of the screen. In a world where multi-tasking is the norm, and WFH culture means we need to work 10x more efficiently, the DUEX MAX is a boon because a single screen is simply not enough anymore!

Click Here to Buy Now: $264 $479.99 (45% off )

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Top 10 Desk accessories gift guide designed to maximise the productivity of your work setup

We humans sit on a spectrum going from fans of minimalism to lovers of maximalism. Some people get their sense of zen from having decluttered spaces, others gain their sense of personal belonging from decorating their space with things that define who they are. We’re here to say that we support both forms of individualism! Whether you love the idea of Scandinavian Minimalism or workspaces filled with objects near and dear to you, you’re going to absolutely love this selection of nifty desktop accessories! The list includes minimally-driven desktop organizers and tabletop toys, productivity tools like reusable notebooks and brain-stimulating fidget objects, as well as some rather fascinating picks like a stainless steel puzzle that is deeply engaging and a keyboard used by the influencers of the tech world. Take a look at the selection below… you won’t be disappointed!

1. Levitating Pen 2.0

Forget about writing in zero-gravity, this pen is designed to challenge our traditional ideas about pens and their behavior. Seemingly suspended in its holder at a 23.5 degree angle, the Levitating Pen itself is a grand writing instrument. The pen holds a Schmidt ballpoint cartridge, with its ridged design making the pen easy to hold when in use. When done writing, you close the pen’s magnetic cap with a satisfying click and position the pen in its holder that has been magnetized to keep the pen floating in that position. To add to the fun, a simple twist leaves the pen spinning in its place for a good 20 seconds, allowing you to interact with the pen on a whole new level!

Click Here to Buy Now: $85 $99 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Pre-Black Friday sale ends Nov 24th.

2. NOOE Config 01

NOOE’s tabletop gear does a pretty remarkable job of using minimalism to ‘spark joy’ and get you excited about working. The 5-piece workspace kit, known as Config 01, features a laptop stand, mobile stand, stationery organizer, wire organizer, and a ‘desk rug’ for your keyboard and wrists. All the products are sustainably built using only walnut wood, anodized aluminum, and vegan suede. As a result, NOOE’s Config 01 collection looks like a Nordic-inspired visually cohesive set of productivity-enhancing tools that boost your focus while keeping your desk clean, minimalist, and just drop-dead gorgeous! The laptop and mobile stand elevate your gadgets at the perfect height and angle, with bent aluminum sheet supports and wood-block bases. They’re complimented perfectly by the stationery organizer and ‘wire governor’ which help you declutter your desk while displaying your pens and pencils, and keeping wires accessible yet hidden from view. Finally, the desk rug, made from vegan suede, provides the perfect tactile touch to the experience, keeping your wrists cushioned while preventing your keyboard and/or mouse from scuffing your table’s finish! The only work setup company to win a Red Dot Award, all of NOOE’s products are made in small batches to reduce waste, and are designed to be recyclable.

Click Here to Buy Now: $356 $505 (22% off and an additional 10% off with exclusive coupon code “YANKO10”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

3. The Tetra Puzzle

Craighill’s puzzles make playing Wordle and Newton’s cradles look like yesterday’s news… With the remarkable all-metal design and their sheer geometric wizardry, Craighill makes some of the most sophisticated tabletop toys that stimulate the senses and the mind. The Tetra, for instance, is a tetrahedral puzzle made using four identical interlocking stainless steel pieces. You’d think it looks pretty straightforward, but pick it up and fidget with it and you’ll realize how far from ‘easy and intuitive’ it actually is. Fidgeting with, disassembling, and reassembling the Tetra requires a fair deal of focus and attention, as well as a probing, exploratory mindset. “It pushes your boundaries — if only a little bit — and invites you to learn something new”, say the makers at Craighill. The Tetra comes in two variants – brushed stainless steel and a PVD-coated black. It’s designed to last a lifetime and provide endless hours of meditative peace and focus while you play with it, and joy while you watch others try and figure out the magic behind its assembly!

Click Here to Buy Now: $63 $98 (20% off and an additional 20% off with exclusive coupon code “YANKO20”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

4. Keychron K8 Pro

An ergonomic wireless keyboard with the soul of a gaming keyboard, the flagship Keychron K8 Pro boasts a uniquely comfortable and intuitive typing experience. The K8 Pro sports double-shot PBT keycaps that wonderfully guide the fingers, and a specially-crafted internal design featuring a layer of sound-absorbing foam and a silicon pad that help cushion the keycaps as you type to create just the right kind of ASMR-worthy clicking sound. The keyboard comes with QMK and VIA support right out of the box (which means you can reconfigure the keystrokes to suit your personal needs), and Bluetooth 5.1 that allows it to connect to as many as 3 devices together and swap between them (with native support for Windows, Mac, Android, and even iOS devices). For the avid gamer, each Keychron K8 Pro comes with customizable south-facing RGB lights that illuminate your board. You’ve even got the ability to use the wireless device in wired mode (to eliminate lag), as well as the possibility to easily hot-swap every key with almost any 3-pin/5-pin MX-style mechanical switch. The K8 Pro comes with an ergonomic, finger-loving design that can be height-adjusted to positions, and an impressivel 4000mAh internal battery that gives it 100 hours of use (depending on the RGB backlight brightness and flashing pattern). Go ahead and add this one to cart… MKBHD, Unbox Therapy, and Dave2D did!

Click Here to Buy Now: $99

5. The Limbo

You may recognize the Limbo Top from that final fleeting scene in Inception, but here’s something that’ll surprise you – this top pretty much defies reality with its ability to spin for more than 4 hours continuously! Holding the Guinness World Record for spinning continuously for more than 27 hours, the Limbo Top is a fidget toy that’ll warp your brain and make you wonder whether you’re in a dream. The truth, however, is that the top is immaculately designed with a silent motor hidden on the inside. Powered by a rechargeable 3.7V battery, the motor provides the right amount of angular momentum to keep the top spinning for hours without submitting to the powers of friction. Each top comes with a precisely machined design featuring a stainless steel base that allows the top to spin smoothly on any flat, polished surface. The top itself comes in both machined aluminum and titanium variants, and even though the Limbo can spin on any flat surface, you can even grab a special disc-shaped base for your top to spin endlessly on, while you ask yourself if you’re stuck in a dream!

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting from $63 $99 (30% off and an additional 10% off with exclusive coupon code “YANKO2022”). Hurry, deal ends in 48 hours!

6. Quick Access Organizer

The Revov Tray Box is the ultimate organizer to keep your desk effortlessly tidy and clutter-free! If you’re someone who is always falling prey to a cluttered desk or losing your precious stationery or tech accessories then this tray box is the product for you. It makes organizing your everyday tools as effortless as possible. The lid has sections machined to fit objects of a particular size. This makes it easier to know what to put there, so you won’t have to waste precious time making that decision every time. Pretty soon, it will be second nature to put your glasses, AirPods case or keys in those sections, so they won’t have to end up lost in uncharted territory ever again. Interestingly, the lid actually floats a little above the lip of the box, which is positioned in place with the help of strong magnets. You simply need to give a slight push to swing the cover away or to put it back into place.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $69 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Pre-Black Friday sale ends Nov 24th.

7. Stilform INK Fountain Pen

The award-winning stilform INK pen is celebrated as the most successful fountain pen in crowdfunding history! And it is back in its minimal, delightful glory with a few tiny tweaks to upgrade it. Featuring its signature cylindrical style, with two flat edges running length-wise to prevent it from rolling, and of course, its iconic magnetic cap, the stilform INK is the fountain pen to end all other pens. The clever magnetic cap subtly self-aligns as it snaps to the pen, owing to the multiple hidden neodymium magnets, that ensure the cap fits perfectly. Built from machined titanium, the pen doesn’t use any glue or plastic in its construction. In fact, its titanium body boasts an added Diamond-like Carbon Coating to make its surface finish completely scratch-proof! Each stilform INK pen comes impeccably crafted and assembled in Germany, in a variety of anodized colors for the aluminum variant and in DLC black for the titanium variant. Designed to be the best version of a pen, Stilform enthralls with its simplicity.

Click Here to Buy Now: $114. (Buy 2 at 15% off)

8. Analog Productivity System

In an era where distraction has become the norm, Analog promises to help you focus and get more productive. Analog is a physical companion for all your digital tools, and as its name signifies, it makes productivity ‘analog’ and simplified. It helps you prioritize and focus on the most important tasks at hand while eliminating the need to keep checking your phone and getting engulfed by a vortex of endless notifications. You basically physically copy down your tasks, providing yourself with a tangible, and distraction-free view of what you need to get done for the day. You can easily customize and tailor the system according to your working style. Once you’re done noting down your tasks for the day (Today), for the next few months (Next), or for the rest of the year (Someday), you can smoothly slide the cards into a wooden holder.  You can always move the unfinished tasks for the day into the Next section, and prioritize them for tomorrow without any guilt!

Click Here to Buy Now: Starting at $95 $108 (23% off on 3-pack subscription)

9. Coin Bank

If you’ve ever grappled with the dilemma of having and storing loose coins, the organizers are usually functional, until now! This humble coin bank comes with a uniquely sloped top to ensure the coins fall right into the hole, making it as easy as just dropping the coins and watching them slide in. When it’s time to collect those coins, swivel out the magnetic lid to easily access your change. The wooden lid provides a warm compliment to your desk. Use this to store any tiny product lying around your desk while clearing out the clutter ever-present on our desks!

Click Here to Buy Now: $56 $65 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Pre-Black Friday sale ends Nov 24th.

10. Rocketbook

Designed by Rocketbook, the Rocketbook Pro is meant to be the last notebook you’ll ever need! The reusable notebook promises to be the upscale high-end notetaking companion you’ve been looking for. The Rocketbook Pro boasts modular ‘Page Packs’ that can be swapped out using a magnetic spine. This system allows you to access different kinds of pages – lined, dot-grid, and a combo of both, as and when you like. Equipped with a premium, scratch-resistant hard cover, a lay flat design and a Pilot FriXion pen, the Rocketbook is ready to organise your workspace. The Rocketbook Pro’s patented technology enables you to erase all your notes with a little water. The notebook also comes along with a companion app. An embedded NFC chip automatically opens the app and lets you scan your notes, and transfer them to the cloud destination of your choice – whether it’s a client’s email address, Google Drive or Slack.

Click Here to Buy Now: $50 $55 (10% off).

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Quelle desk lamp concept has a simplicity that belies its sophisticated design

Given their focus on study or work, many people assume that all you need is to keep desks tidy in order to be productive. Ideally, that would be true, except for the fact that humans need more than just a clear and organized space for their brains to work properly. There will always be a need for inspiration, motivation, or even just something visually interesting to perk up our minds and stave off boredom and monotony. You don’t have to go overboard with decorations and curious stationery, of course. Sometimes, “simple” works best, after all. Just like the case with this desk lamp that is simple in form and function but has enough interesting touches that make it memorable and appealing enough to spark your mind’s curiosity and, perhaps, its creativity as well.

Designer: Anil Singh

All that a study lamp needs to do is to provide adequate illumination for the eyes, right? If that were the case, however, there would be no need for variety, both in the light that’s provided as well as the design of the lamp. Standing on top of a table, these lamps are almost always visible and, therefore, need to be aesthetic without being overbearing, display just enough visual interest to give your desk some personality, even if that’s a minimalist personality.

Quelle definitely meets those requirements with a design that immediately calls to mind houses with stereotypical triangular roofs. Perhaps it’s a metaphor for how the desk is a home for creativity and productivity, but the design works even without that indirect meaning. The butterfly shape of the lampshade not only helps limit the spread of light to a certain angle, but it also makes it possible to fold the lamp arm down almost completely, saving space when not in use.

The base of the lamp has ridges that also call to mind the form of some roofs. It’s more than just an unnecessary embellishment, though, since the form also creates spaces to put pens and pencils, really any stick or rod object that you need to put away. Ideally, these will have their own proper home on your desk, but Quelle creates an interesting way to put your favorite pens on display while also keeping them within reach.

Beyond its resemblance to houses and mountains, Quelle was also designed to be simple to make and package, reducing not only waste but also costs. It’s an example of how you really don’t need to have an extravagant or complicated design to be effective. This study lamp might not wow people in amazement, but it offers a cozy and homely feel, both in the way it looks and in the light it provides.

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Flip is a desk that offers a lazy way to tidy up in a flash

Getting a desk clean and tidy can be a very tough job, especially when work or study gets the better of us. Putting things where they should be is one thing, but removing things that shouldn’t be there in the first place can be bothersome if you’re in a hurry. That rush is most often the reason why “stuff” piles up on our desk until they become an insurmountable pile that needs to be cleaned up in a jiffy. There’s really no graceful way to do that, so this desk design simply throws all caution to the wind in what is effectively the equivalent of sweeping the dust under the rug.

Designers: Park Hyeongwoo, Jung Jaepil

Clearing a desk of foreign objects that don’t belong there could require a few trips to cabinets or even the kitchen. That might be OK if you have something like a portable tray you can put all those things into and make your round only once. That’s almost never the case, though, leaving you scrambling if a visitor is coming over and you need to clean up the disk instantly.

Flip is a desk concept that puts a rather comical twist to that situation with a design that could actually work, depending on what’s commonly on your desk. At first glance, it almost looks like a plain, minimalist desk with a sheet of metal for the top and powder-coated tubes for the legs. That is until you look below and see the sheet of Oxford fabric hanging underneath.

The concept behind the desk’s “cleanup feature” is simple and borderline ridiculous. In an “emergency” where you need to instantly clear the desk, you pull the Velcro straps and release the buckles that keep the sheet stretched and almost unseen beneath the table. This causes the sheet to move backward and form something akin to a basket near the back. Simply flip the desk and watch your stuff fall into the fabric.

Of course, this only works if there’s nothing that will break among your things. Fortunately, there is a shelf near the rear for putting laptops, mugs, and other valuables you’d rather not come crashing down. It is an admittedly funny way to clean up the desk, and it’s probably not going to be too effective for more discerning guests. Of course, it’s not a serious design anyway, but it does give a rather humorous spin to the act of flipping the table in exasperation, especially from trying to tidy up your desk in less than a minute.

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Rocketbook Pro is a modular notebook you can wipe clean to use over and over again

Pen and paper never really went out of fashion, even in this day of computers and smartphones. They did, however, experience a resurgence in popularity, thanks to some relatively new paper-centric productivity systems like The Bullet Journal. While there are plenty of advantages to this “analog” experience, there are also some drawbacks in our modern digital age. Fortunately, technology and intelligent design have made it possible to bridge the two worlds in a way that’s simple, unique, and, more importantly, sustainable. That’s the kind of modern experience that the reusable Rocketbook Pro notebook is offering, now with a few more features designed to make a notetaker’s life more convenient and more stylish.

Designer: Rocketbook

Rocketbook isn’t entirely new to this “reusable notebook” market and is, in fact, one of the pioneers. It started with a notebook that you had to microwave in order to use but quickly evolved to using an advanced type of paper that behaved almost like a dry-erase board. Using Pilot’s line of FriXion pens, you could simply wipe any markings off a page with a damp cloth and start anew, preferably after you’ve snapped a photo of that page. It’s a technology that helps save paper and trees while also offering the convenience of searchable notes stored on the cloud.

As its name suggests, the new Rocketbook Pro takes that experience to the next level, building upon the wins of the first Pro model from two years back. Unlike the standard Rocketbook, the Rocketbook Pro has Page Packs designed with different templates, ranging from to-do lists to meeting notes to plain pages. These packs attach to the Rocketbook Pro via magnets, making it trivial to add, remove, and rearrange them as desired. As before, the Rocketbook mobile app allows you to take photos of those pages that can then be uploaded to cloud storage and analyzed with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) so that they can be easily searched, even if they contain handwritten notes. Rocketbook Pro makes that process even more convenient with an NFC tag that immediately launches the app the moment you tap your phone on it.

This new version of the Pro notebook also refines the appearance and design of the reusable notebook, making it look more professional and improving its usability. Its hardcover vegan leather cover is more scratch-resistant, and it ditches the awkward pen holder so that it can now lie or fold back completely flat. You can, instead, clip the pen on the spine, which has a small curve at the top to indicate that purpose.

Like many reusable notebooks, the Rocketbook Pro tries to offer the best of both analog and digital worlds, combining the familiarity and benefits of handwriting with the convenience of digital storage, search, and retrieval. It also saves a significant amount of paper, though it’s not exactly clear how sustainable the patented materials and processors really are. For professionals, creatives, and avid notetakers that love the act of writing by hand, the Rocketbook Pro offers the flexibility and freedom of a modern analog experience, now with a lot more convenience and a handsome appearance to boot.

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Top 10 sleek Japanese designs gift guide for those who love minimalism in their everyday life

A place for everything, and everything in it’s place – that is the Japanese philosophy my 2 years living in that country taught me. The level of efficiency, detailed behaviour and organization visible in everyday life in Japan is an almost calming experience. It is that level of eye for details and design ethics that we bring to you in our range of Japanese products. Small yet humble, each product reflects it multifunctional nature that respects the materials used and also respects the user by helping them make the most of every design. Add to it their space-saving nature and minimalism, we are in love with everything here – right from this convention defying screwdriver to the Japanese-lantern inspired candle. Look through this gift guide and I’m sure you will find something for your friends as well as for yourself that is sure to warm your heart this holiday season!

1. All-in-One Screwdriver

This screwdriver won’t screw you over! Aptly named the all-in-one screwdriver, this design comes with 20 bits you’ll need and its unique twisting and spinning mechanism makes it feel like play, rather than tedious work. This movement happens with an innovative ball bearing design that lets your fingers move with ease and the spinner enables the user to easily move the screwdriver when screwing bigger screws. In addition, the hexagon bit holder gives the electric screwdriver the opportunity to take over the movement when needed. The bits are made from Stainless Steel with a Titanium Nitride coating that gives it extra strength. Sleek, minimal and a pleasure to look at – in a world flooded with functional all-in-one screwdrivers, this screwdriver makes a worthy addition to your tool case that not only impresses with its aesthetic but also with its added functionality of the Spinner Wheel when you need some help.

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2. All-in-One-Grill

Cooking outdoors doesn’t have to be a hassle if you have an all-in-one tool to cook all kinds of dishes. Whether you’re barbecuing, frying, grilling, steaming, smoking, or just cooking a hearty stew, this modular grill has all the parts you need to cook a masterchef-worthy meal outdoors with your family. There’s even a special module to warm your bottles upright – perfect to get your mulled wine warm and toasty! The grill lets you experiment with the kind of cooking you want – you don’t have to be stuck with simple packaged food while camping. Given its tiny size, this grill sits on any table whereas the attention to detail on the design show the thought put into this Japanese design.

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3. Battery-free Aroma Diffuser

Our sense of smell is one of the primary sensory experience that people draw on to relax. With air quality being in the dump in general this year, this aroma-diffuser helps their eco-friendly users truly relax with the lack of batteries. Meet the battery-free Aroma Diffuser – a minimal design that uses the heat from a carefully shielded candle that generates enough electrical power to turn the fan and helps spread the aroma of your choice. The transparent design of the aroma diffuser adds to the magic of the mystery while watching the candle’s flame can add to the overall meditative experience. Made from recyclable materials, this is a truly thoughtful design that keeps your entire experience sustainable.

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4. Gravity Pen

This tradition defying pen challenges the notions set up by mass produced pen manufactures for years – instead of focusing on the ease of manufacturing, it focuses on the ease of writing for users. Made from lightweight aluminium, the pen is designed with a lower centre of mass, which means better grip an overall elevated writing experience. A lot of high end pens also come with a heavy back – the section opposite the nib is heavy, causing you to lift the nib and make the writing experience more difficult. The grip of the pen is intentionally larger than the barrel giving a more comfortable hold and it’s faceted design makes it easy to hold for longer durations with ease!

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5. Scissors w/Base

You know the frantic struggle we face when we need something opened up – be it your long awaited Amazon package or just that packet of chips you’ve been eyeing for a while. Scissors have a tendency to disappear just when you need them the most…until now! Designed to be displayed proudly, this 2-in-1 design is a scissor and a box-cutter in a minimal package that stands tall. Made from Japanese stainless steel with a black Teflon coating, the scissors stands on a milled aluminum base. The base is magnetic, ensuring the scissor can be kept upright and keep the scissor easily accessible when needed. Visually, the scissor cuts an impressive figure with its all black look and wide shape and a small extension that makes the box cutter almost seamless in design. This one is for showcasing!

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6. AirTag Carabiner

When Apple launched AirTags, it was the solution a lot of us were waiting for, while also answering the permanent question of where are my keys! The AirTag gets a more rugged, carry-friendly version with this Carabiner. A simple accessory that takes your precious Apple accessory to the next level, attach this stylish metal carabiner to your purse, keys, bags, bikes or even umbrellas! It is made from Duralumin composite alloy – a material suitable for use in aircrafts, spaceships and even boats! When you buy an accessory like AirTags, you know its not a possession you will forget about. Rather its something you cherish and use it to track the objects you value – and that is exactly why the AirTag Carabiner comes in use – its a precious to hold your precious.

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7. Hanging Desk Organizer

Say a goodbye to cluttered desk with this hanging desk rack – a genius organizer that lets you stow away your spare pens, notebooks, hang your keys and even store your charging cable. The system is magnetic which makes the design modular so you can organise as you wish. The rack is held in place with a nano suction tape – making it easy to stick, remove and relocate. The installation-free design makes the entire process mess-free, because the one thing you don’t want is to add clutter to your desk while installing your desk organizer. The rack also comes with accessories you can stick to streamline your setup – the cable holder sticks magnetically and keeps your cable accessible and away from you until you need it. The pin can be used to stick small notes and is strong enough to have keys, lanyards or even your phone on it. And lastly, a hook at the back of the organizer keeps your bag floor-free until you’re ready to pack up for the day!

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8. Japanese Lantern Candle

The one thing I hate about buying expensive candles is that once they are over, there is no way around it but to get rid of the remnants. To put it simply, this is a pillar-shaped candle but the beauty begins once the candle starts burning – the more it burns, it turns into a traditional Japanese ‘chouchin’ lantern. This happens with the use of 2 different grades of waxes – one on the inside, which burns the way a normal candle would and another on the outside which retains the shape. The hollow shell mimics the effects of a lantern by diffusing the light that passes through it. The  material used for the outer shell is a patented non-melting wax – hence it collects the wax as it melts. In fact, we can even hold the candle in our hands while it is burning and have no hot wax drip onto your hand. Providing almost 60 hours of burn time, this candle is one for keeping.

Click Here to Buy Now: $59 $69 (15% off at checkout). Hurry, Pre-Black Friday sale ends Nov 16th.

9. Ceramic Cup

Winter is coming…and along with it the joy of holding a warm cup of coffee or chocolate on a cold frosty morning. To amplify this feeling, we bring you this ceramic mug with its earthy tone and a wooden handle that is designed to be a treat for your fingers holding it. From the first sip you take, the interaction is actually between your skin, the beverage and the mug – which is one factor we omit to include in our drinking experience but this minimal mug has you covered. The cup meets your lips in a soft touch, given the materials and the mug’s design. The mug is made using quality Japanese ceramic and the quality is reflected in your tactile experience with holding and drinking from the mug. The aesthetic of the mug gives the look of cast iron, which may shock the user when they find out its ceramic and warm. Sipping your beverage with all your focus on it is a humbling experience and this mug lets natural elements be a part and elevate this daily experience.

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10. Quick-Access Organizer

A minimal holder that may look simple, but holds all your essentials with a fun little magnetic twist – that’s what this Quick Access Organizer brings to us. What do we need on a daily basis? Our keys, earbuds, pens, glasses and wallet, all of which can be fit into this tiny holder. The organizer uses a magnetic rotating mechanism, allowing you to swivel the lid easily (actually making it the most fun aspect of this entire design) and drop the contents easily into its place. And the best part is, it enforces the habit of looking at the same place for items you need without getting the entire family involved in helping you find it!

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Cleverly designed flat-packed traffic cone can be assembled in multiple ways, making it more efficient

You’d think traffic cones are already pretty well designed. They’re visible, fairly stable, and stack easily. However the two things they’re not are A. space-efficient, and B. modular. Meet Apiece, a flat-packed traffic cone that can be assembled into individual cones or even a long cone strip to cordon off large areas. With multiple flat triangular panels that lock together, Apiece lets you put your traffic cone together piece by piece. When you’re done, the pieces come apart and become a flat stack that occupies much less space than the traditional stacked conical traffic cones!

Designer: Chris Chang

Apiece brings a unique level of modularity to the traffic cone. The flat piece can be used in a variety of ways, creating individual cones or even long fences in square or zigzag patterns. The cones are made from the same plastic, and come with reflector panels on the top. Connect them together and you can use them however you see fit. If one panel breaks, it can simply be replaced with a  new one, making the Apiece more cost-effective than actual traffic cones.

The flat-packed nature of the Apiece does wonders for the traffic cone’s footprint. It occupies virtually no space when not in use, making storing and shipping the Apiece much easier than your average traffic cone. Sure, traffic cones stack too, but even in its most basic individual form, a traffic cone occupies much more space than four Apiece panels stored together.

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