Sleek and functional workspaces to boost productivity + revamp your home office!

Our homes have now become our new office space, Zoom our new conference hall, and our beds are now our preferred spot for taking a lunch break. This is the new normal, and we’ve pretty much adjusted to it. However, the new normal can become dreary at times, and hence it’s important to boost our motivation and productivity through new and improved ideas. Amping up your home office furniture is one such idea that can really rejuvenate your work spirit, and create an environment that is conducive to efficient and productive work. And, we’ve curated a collection of innovative and interesting workspaces that are the perfect home office solutions! These workspaces are the ideal setups to help you reach your ultimate work potential. No more procrastination or boredom in these refreshing home offices!

Nils Holger Moorman has designed ‘der Vorstand’ – a slim wall cabinet that hides a functional home office! The black slender cabinet opens into a multifunctional work setup that creates a space for productivity while respecting your interior layout. The minimal structure features a back wall on wheels that rolls out with a simple pull and just like a pop-up book you get a work desk that comes with integrated bookshelves and top light. The convenient workstation maximizes your floor space and minimizes distractions. The fold-out ceiling creates a sense of a private cabin with essentials. The back wall is mounted on wheels for effortless movement with a magnetic exterior. Every element has its designated place which is a Moorman design principle – from pens to the books, even electronic devices can be charged with hidden cables which helps maintain a clean visual aesthetic.

The transform box is a space-saving platform that can transform into a lot of things, mainly your own manufacturing office, simply by unfolding it! Not only does it function as a workspace with a desk for you to work on with your laptop, but it even functions as a workbench wherein you can build a variety of things! Amped with nifty storage spaces for your tools and other supplies, you can set up Re-SOHKO TRANSFORM BOX anywhere, and get some hands-on work done. When folded, the box is roughly the size of a standard distribution pallet making it extremely easy to move around. Not to mention you can build the portable workspace all by yourself! The designers have shared the schematics for free, allowing you to easily set up and build the DIY box, and also customize it according to your preferences.

A winner of the “Innovation Center” award, the SecretAir is a magical wooden block that transforms right into a completely detailed workspace whenever you need. The design brief for the SecretAir was simple: A high-end home office solution that’s comfortable and practical during working hours, invisible after work. The office space finds a way of being both discreet as well as feature-rich at the same time. The main flap stays closed to keep your important papers and your laptop/desktop enclosed when you’re not working. However, open the flap up and secure it using its built-in magnets and you have a large, customizable workspace that accommodates all your belongings and needs without eating too much into your room’s floor space. As a winner of the “Innovation Center” award, SecretAir’s designer Wouter Myny will receive a prize of $4000 to help build a prototype of his winning design.

Dubbed the House Naka Secret Base Tent, the contraption could be your reading space, solitary workspace for ultra-productive work regime, or simply a place to take a short nap on a stressful day. Having a well-ventilated airy feel, there are ample curtains and meshes to create a peaceful personal space indoors for those kinds of times when you need one. The self-supporting frame of the tent is designed to keep it sturdy over any surface and the fact that it has no base makes it ideal for keeping on the carpet or a soft fabric base anywhere you desire to. Use-case scenarios with the House Naka Secret Base Tent are endless and it all depends on how you want to make the most of it.

Designed to help maximize space, occupy a small footprint, and more importantly be safe, the Pandemic Work Desk Concept (the name may sound more somber than intended) fits right into a wall, occupying practically no floor real estate. Designed to retrofit into any wall, the Pandemic Work Desk Concept helps turn regular spaces into workspaces. Be it a small room in your home, a coworking space, or just anywhere in a coffee shop… the Pandemic Work Desk Concept is a simple, full-featured working zone that opens up in mere minutes, and folds flat into the wall when you’re done. The clever, foldable work desk comes with a flexible chair and 180° table that gives you space to place your laptop, a couple of desk accessories, and even a cup of coffee/tea by your side.

Pith & Stem describes its DropTop workstation as fully integrated and plug-and-play ready, meaning that it comes kitted out with a pair of 24-inch full-HD monitors and USB/USB-C cables for charging and connecting to Windows and Mac laptops. Beneath these monitors are two storage areas for said laptops or other odds and ends. The workstation itself is made from thick birch plywood that can be finished in either black or white satin, with the front folding down to form a desk measuring 120 x 60 cm (47 x 24 in) that is held in place by custom hinges, which appear to be rather strong.

What appears as a simple computer desk setup turns out to be so much more. For starters, Couto’s workstation setup, “Future of Work,” features a retractable display screen that detaches into a foldable tablet/laptop. The simple OS desktop functions as the workstation base, where files can be created and stored. Then, when Couto needs a tablet or laptop for easy portability, the same files will be made available on the go. In addition to the desktop’s detachable screen, Couto’s design features another tablet that can attach itself to the desktop for an extended display, offering quick file sharing and supplemental portability. Finally, Couto’s “Future of Work” setup comes equipped with VR compatibility, providing a headset that turns into a dashboard where all of the workstation’s appliances are connected.

I can’t begin to say how insightful and innovative Co/Studio’s design is. Small enough to fold up and fit right into your backpack, the Co/Studio gives you more freedom, functionality, and productivity than working in a coffee shop with your laptop. Its nifty foldout design, and the inclusion of a whopping 25,600mAh power bank, means you can turn any table into YOUR table. The pad, a folding ‘yoga mat for your laptop’ provides a great surface to lay your tools out. It opens out onto any surface, giving you a singular place to rest your laptop, phone, wallet, keys, and other belongings. It even folds to turn into an angled stand for your laptop, and if you’re in a particularly crowded space, it works as a partition, letting you set up your own private space for focused productivity. It offers you the ability to ‘set up your workspace’ in a way that’s uniquely personalized, organized, and brings out the best in you.



Workspaces have been forced to become increasingly flexible environments in order to meet modern styles of work, and for this reason, it’s important for the furniture to be able to adapt as well. This innovative product is neither a wall, shelving unit, or room divider, but rather a multifunctional backdrop for varied and situational use. Chart creates a multitude of functional zones aimed at casual yet practical use and takes into account the user’s privacy and personal space. The outer surfaces can be configured to meet the needs of the workspace as well as allowing the office’s personality to be expressed in the piece of furniture. The upholstered finish conceals the lightweight, paper honeycomb-filled, a framework allowing for the partition to be easily maneuvered around the room to suit the workspace’s ever-changing needs.

Frame CPH, a design team based in Copenhagen, recently debuted LastDesk, a modular desk that you can design yourself to unlock your ideal workspace. The aim was to create a desk that can easily adapt to today’s ever-changing technological and remote working developments. The desk itself is a classic interpretation of Scandinavian design, but it offers a more accessible approach to minimalism through the desk’s modular features. While the frame of LastDesk is as simple a frame as they come, the desktop comes equipped with changeable wooden trays and flat, slate gray slabs that can either provide extra storage for your workspace, a wireless charging station, or a means to rid your workspace of any unnecessary clutter.

Apple Magsafe Accessories designed to fulfill every tech lover’s dream!

Magsafe was reintroduced by Apple and it has been an instant hit! There is a great sense of satisfaction, in my opinion, to have things just stick to your phone. Be it a pair of earphones (maybe that’ll be the next generation of AirPods) or have your phone just conveniently stick to a charging pad – it’s almost like magic! Keeping in mind more MagSafe-loving tech enthusiasts like me, we have curated a list of designs that will help you use the Magsafe functionality to its maximum capability!

The Snapods by Scendo are a pair of TWS Earbuds that come with a flat case that snaps right to the back of your phone. Building wonderfully on the capabilities of the MagSafe feature introduced in the latest iPhones, the Snapods make carrying earphones convenient. Just snap them to the back of your phone and you’ve got yourself a pair of earphones that are easy to store, quick to access, and hard to lose. The case’s design is inspired directly by where it’s located. Made to sit against the back of your phone, the Snapods case comes with a flat, wedge-shaped profile, making it easy to slip your phone into your pocket. The slim case doesn’t just dock the earphones, it charges them too, giving you an impressive 45 hours of playtime.

With an output of 15W, the charger matches the power delivery of Apple’s own MagSafe Charger, albeit with a sustainable twist. The Gomi Wireless Mag Charger works with all wireless-charging enabled devices, allowing you to charge your phone, AirPods, and any other devices you may have. Its MagSafe compatibility works with iPhones 12 and future MagSafe models, allowing you to snap your phone right in place, aligning the wireless charging coils perfectly for uninterrupted charging.

Meet the Fantom C, a MagSafe wallet designed to complement the Apple iPhone in durability and function. It comes machined from a Cerakoted billet of aluminum. The ceramic coating on the Aluminum makes it tougher and more abrasion-resistant, while a neat carbon-fiber finish on the surface of the wallet gives it a much more reliable and rugged appeal. Designed as a piece of EDC that pairs beautifully with your iPhone 12, the Fantom C gives you a dedicated space to store your cards right on the back of your phone. Magnets on its rear-side allow it to snap to the iPhone with a satisfying click, and at 0.31 inches (8 mm) thick, it’s marginally thicker than Apple’s own MagSafe wallet, but then again, the Fantom C is also capable of much more.

I wouldn’t outright call Grovemade old-fashioned, but rather I’d say their work is a confluence of sensibilities and materials. Primarily relying on wood and metal to craft their products, Grovemade’s designs boast of an old-world charm that’s also intertwined with modern minimalism. Take for instance the Wood MagSafe Stand, available in both Walnut and Maple variants. The stand, which sports a wooden halo mounted on a steel base, allows you to slip your iPhone MagSafe wireless charger in, routing the cable from the bottom.

Moment, the Seattle-based accessories company specializing in phone camera gear has created a bunch of iPhone 12 series accessories that inherently have some kind of camera utility. There’s a whole bunch of cases, tripod mounts, and car vent mounts with MagSafe compatibility that add to the functionality of your Apple phone. First up, the cases come in two broader variations – a thinner version for better ergonomic feel in hand and the other, a more rugged one for more protection in event of accidental drops. All these cases have wrist strap loops and can endure a 6-foot drop. The cases priced at around $50 are compatible with the M-Series Moment lens system and they also work with the Moment Mounts. For photography addicts, Moment has a lineup of Tripod Mounts that have a very strong magnetic system for extra strength. These mounts work even without the case and are compatible with ¼-inch to 20-inch tripods, so you are good to go with any tripod.

The return of MagSafe has unleashed the creatives and accessory companies are racing to make the most of this feature. Front of the race is Belkin’s MagSafe Car Vent Mount PRO for iPhone 12 that lets you safely mount your iPhone 12 and keep it in your view – be it landscape or portrait mode. Best of all, the powerful magnet offers a seamless, one-handed use that keeps you driving stress-free!

Moment’s Magsafe friendly case lets you follow your photography enthusiasm without giving up on your other Magsafe Goodies! The wooden casing gives a vintage yet elegant touch to your phone. It’s an accessory that will never go out of style! The design is a convenient way to protect your iPhone 12, and it even works with Qi wireless charging without having to remove the cover.

Vulcan isn’t a replacement for wireless charging but is just a remarkably better cable with truly unique features that are designed to work universally across all your devices. Designed to power everything from your Xbox controller to your laptop, the Vulcan cable comes with the ability to deliver up to 100W of power and connects to your devices using a series of magnetic pins. Just plug these magnetic pins into the charging ports of your devices, and they create an interface for Vulcan to snap to, quite like the MagSafe connectors you’d see in MacBooks from before 2016. Different magnetic pins allow you to connect the same cable to a variety of devices. MicroUSB pins work perfectly for gaming controllers and Bluetooth speakers, while the Lightning pin lets you charge the iPhone and your AirPods.

The Apple MagSafe Charger’s fast wireless charging gadget attaches directly to your iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro. This MagSafe wireless charger speeds up your wireless charging experience. While it’s great for the newer iPhone models, it also works with older phones, too. So if you have anything from an iPhone 8 or newer, you can use it with the Apple MagSafe Charger.

This modular 360-degree seating collection provides an informal yet private approach to coworking!

Favaretto & Partners and Sunon designed a 360-degree office program known as D-series. D-series is not just a furniture collection, but a lifestyle system as well. It is a new co-working approach that is faster, and informal, but also focuses deeply on privacy! The system basically consists of different types of sofas and modular seating options.

The sofa collection comes in three versions – options with one type of sofa, two types of sofas, and three types of sofas. You can pick any version and mix and match it with the diverse modular seating options! The modular seating consists of tables, armrests, and other accessories. Screens, frames, and panels are also included, which can be used to provide privacy to the seating sections! The entire collection features soft and round shapes in subtle and soothing colors. This ensures that a warm, comforting and welcoming atmosphere is created in the office. Everyone can feel at ease while working on D-series. The seats have been injected with injection foam, and there are three height options for the backrest. So, comfort is definitely ensured while you work.

The innovative collection even won a 2020 Good Design Award from The Chicago Athenaem as well! D-series is a modular seating collection that can be customized according to the needs and requirements of particular office space. It’s a versatile program that rates high on functionality, privacy, comfort, and aesthetics!

Designer: Favaretto & Partners and Sunon

Innovative Chair Designs that are redefining this king of modern furniture!

We often underestimate the importance of a great chair! When in reality we really shouldn’t. We spend the majority of our day sitting on chairs, whether we’re working in our home office, enjoying a meal, or simply sitting and reading a book for leisure! Hence, this furniture needs to be not only comfortable but ergonomic, and aesthetic as well is quite essential. And we’ve curated a collection of chair designs that meet all these criteria! These innovative chairs are not only a boon to your back, and help you maintain a healthy posture, but are also super comfy to sink into, and will perfectly match the interiors of your modern homes. Enjoy!

The Soul Seat helps you sit in a neutral posture that is effortless and comfortable. The springs on the elevated perch tilt the pelvis forward, open the hips and help align the spine. You can sit in several positions if crossing legs isn’t comfortable for you, the chair enables you to switch between multiple positions frequently keeping your body engaged and blood flowing. For some, this may also alleviate neck and back pain! The height of both levels can be adjusted to suit your workspace setup. I know there were many comments from our Instagram audience about it missing a backrest and while I don’t think it causes harm if you sit without one (people meditate and work in this very posture for hours in Asian countries), I do think having an option of a detachable backrest can help those who are just starting to work on their posture ease into it. It is about having that choice which opens up many more people to use the Soul Seat, however, there are countless reviews that mention it being comfortable as it is so it is a great design but it does come down to personal preference.

The Lu chair makes furniture foldable and transportable easily. And this is the best foldable chair I have seen so far! The Lu chair folds without effort and can be carried around very easily. A lot of designs we see are foldable but even after folding not easy to carry around or takes too much time to fold. Made up of plastic, this makes the mechanism work perfectly. As Lu explains, “Many times we find ourselves having to put away objects, perhaps to make room, perhaps to clean the house and sometimes even to take them with us, but above all for furniture of a certain level it is always very difficult. This is where “Lu chair” was born, a dining chair suitable for different types of target, from the most elegant and sophisticated with an eye to detail but also to a younger, fashion-conscious audience. The design is innovative and elegant at the same time and the name “Lu” derives precisely from “luggage” because of its ease of being resealable and transportable wherever you want.”

Sourcing a type of non-existence as his main inspiration, Luu designed Sado as an experiment in unconventional design and the result proves the singularity that can be achieved without blueprints guiding the way. Before designing Sado, Luu wondered, “What if the chair as we knew it never existed?” Eliminating all preconceptions regarding chair designs and all their variations, Luu began at ground zero. Speaking to this, Luu says, “As the archetype of the chair had been left unchanged for the past 6,500 years, an exploration was made to find a unique sitting form.” Settling on both a comfortable and distinct sitting form required a complete restructuring of the traditional upright chair and backrest.

Looking like a piece of cloth draped on a chair (without the chair), the MEMORIA is a groundbreaking, avant-garde chair proposal based on brutalist design principles, that uses a concrete fabric to realize its unique, gravity-defying design. The material generally referred to as Concrete Canvas, is a flexible fabric impregnated with concrete, which hardens when hydrated and forms a thin, durable, waterproof, and fire-resistant layer. The prototyping technique ensures each chair is unique in the way the chair looks and the fabric folds, along with a bespoke brutalist concrete texture on its surface.

Discovered in 1985, fullerenes are mysterious carbon molecules. The carbon atoms in these molecules are connected by single or double bonds forming a closed mesh, with fused rings of five to seven atoms. These interesting molecules are used for a multitude of purposes – from creating artificial diamonds to treating asthma! In fact, these closed molecules resemble soccer balls, and are casually called BuckyBalls! And the ODESD2 Design Bureau used them as an inspiration for their furniture design ‘Buckyball’. Besides having the same name, the furniture design also mimics the structure of the actual molecule. Buckyball is made up of six spheres, consisting of twelve pentagons each, forming an eccentric geometric structure.

This Sayl concept chair by Charley takes into account the larger shift in our habits as homes have become hybrid offices and our flexible lifestyle (psst! He also keeps in mind the hours we spend as gamers or serial binge-watchers). Now more than ever we demand more from the spaces we live in, our homes are now our workplaces, our workout spaces, and also the places we socialize and relax – the pieces of furniture we choose have to be optimized for our space and be more compact without sacrificing on the functionalities or luxuries in the case of a high-end furniture design brand like Herman Miller.

With a name that perfectly describes the chair’s visual style, the Lattice Chair is an interesting single-arm chair made from interwoven strips of wood. Designed for comfort as well as for that interesting aesthetic, the chair comes with a single armrest, allowing you to sit with complete postural flexibility. Its cushion is made from high-quality Taiwanese bamboo strips, known for their excellent toughness. The result is a chair that weighs a mere 4 kilos but can take up to 120 kilos of weight.

With its apt name, the Komfort Chair aims at making that WFH situation is at least more comfortable. Like any good office chair, it comes with height adjustment as well as armrest and backrest adjustment… but it’s arguably the only chair that gives you the ability to even adjust seat-tilt as well as seat-depth, allowing you to sit in any configuration that’s best for your posture in relation to your furniture and workstation. The Komfort Chair even has knee rests that swivel out, allowing you to turn it into a standing chair for better blood circulation and overall posture improvement. The Komfort is a shape-shifting ergonomic chair that supports a whole variety of configurations and styles. Designed to make you sit better for longer, its adjustable details allow you to maintain a comfortable posture no matter what your work setup is.

Danny Cheung brought to life his own vision of the elusive ‘great chair design’ with the Clipspringer Lounge Chair. Similar to the Eames Office Chair, Clipspringer is constructed using spring steel, which, much like great chair designs, is a durable, long-lasting building material all thanks to its molding process. Spring steel is the product of a low alloy, medium carbon steel that is heat-tempered to bend and harden the steel into the designer’s desired figure. By partly using spring steel to create the structure of Clipspringer, the chair’s overall elastic modulus is benefitted to maintain an object’s stress on the chair’s cushion and backrest without it concaving inwards.

According to Gustavo, his furniture design named Mode, “brings joy and comfort within a furniture for those who work alone.” The minimalistic furniture design comprises a table, seat, and kneeling module – all working in different ways as per the requirement. It has a compact mode which turns it into an elegant side table – ideal beside the bed or sofa. Then there is the customary table and chair module for professional working hours. The most interesting is the kneeling mode that brings the function of a rocking chair for more comfortable working. This mode is triggered by pressing the lower button and pulling the extendable base support for back and forth motion.

NG Architects created Spring, a multifunctional table that blooms into a chair with a backrest at the push of a button. Spring comprises a cylindrical shape that increases or decreases in height according to its desired function. At its lowest height of 500mm, Spring serves as a simple side table with a natural wood top. Then, by simply pressing the table down, Spring’s built-in compression springs are activated and morph the side table into a chair with a backrest. By following the same pushing tactic, the Spring chair can reach its maximum height of 900mm, transforming into a table that can work as a centerpiece for a small studio space. While the main building material used to construct Spring is oak wood, the furniture’s compression springs are made from aluminum, while natural and white paint colors coat the sides and top of Spring.

A sustainable underground fridge + more product designs to help you lead that zero waste lifestyle!

Our unhealthy practices and way of living are truly harmful to the environment and have been slowly leading to its deterioration. And the world has been changing (for the worse) because of this. Hence, it is extremely important to live sustainably and consciously and to take care of the environment. Integrating sustainability into our day-to-day lives has become crucial! And we can do this in various ways. Designers and creators are coming up with sustainable alternatives for almost everything! Every product that is necessary and utilized by us in our everyday routine has an eco-friendly alternative to it. Replacing our usual mass-produced designs with these greener options will make a huge difference to the environment and Mother Earth! From a sustainable underground fridge that keeps food chilled naturally, to the world’s first sustainable workstation, we’ve curated a whole collection of sustainable product designs to help you go green!

Cellars have been used across the ages to store food or even act like bunker houses in case of natural disasters. Groundfridge takes that design one step further by adding fresh food refrigeration to the game. The trick used by Groundfridge is by utilizing the natural insulating capacity of the ground and the cooler night air temperatures. The balance of this design allows you to store your vegetables, fruits, cheese, and even wine throughout the year. Ventilating this project uses a fan with a timer that replenishes the cool air during the night. Too hot for comfort? An additional cooler can be used to power it during the hottest summer days. “The Groundfridge is dug in and covered with the excavated soil from its new location. This covering layer of soil is about 1 meter thick and has good insulating properties for the core temperature within the Groundfridge to barely vary. Furthermore, your Groundfridge is fitted with a ventilator.” I can see this system become a sustainable alternative in family housing societies trying to adopt a more eco-friendly style of living.

The Everloop Toothbrush from NOS tackles this problem head-on by using a recycled plastic handle and disposable bamboo bristles. Taking on a unique cradle-to-cradle approach, the brush comes with a plastic handle that is, in fact, made from recycled toothbrushes. At the very end is a clamping mechanism that allows you to attach 100% natural bamboo bristles to the toothbrush’s head. The idea is to retain the plastic handle and periodically replace the bamboo bristles every few months. The bamboo bristles have absolutely no plastic in them, allowing them to easily be disposed of, or composted in a way that doesn’t harm the environment.

Oquari is a biodegradable razor with comes with interchangeable heads that aim to provide a sustainable alternative that can help reduce the burden on the environment. The razor is made with PBS Bionelle as well as stainless steel blades as part of a regenerative approach and it degrades in aquatic environments. Its design is specifically geared at reducing manufacturing processes and facilitate the separation of its elements at the end of its life so that it becomes an accessible, attractive, and economical product without being recognized as “disposable” which the team refers to as  ‘monstrous hybrid’ – a term coined by

Inspired to create a standing fan that’s not white, plastic, and likely to end up on the sidewalk come September, design group Ttato built Aura. Minimal by conscious design, Aura’s build was stripped down to its bare components: cage, propeller, base, and motor. Built to be a home appliance that can be used throughout the year, Aura was specifically built for optimal functionality. Constructed with materials that were selected for their sustainability, durability, and beauty, Aura exudes a sophisticated air and follows that through with detailed functionality. Aura’s rotor blades, for instance, were formed from the overlaying and bending of birch and ash veneers, lengthening the rotor blades’ lifespan while celebrating the craft of woodworkers.

Pith & Stem describes its sustainable DropTop workstation as fully integrated and plug-and-play ready, meaning that it comes kitted out with a pair of 24-inch full-HD monitors and USB/USB-C cables for charging and connecting to Windows and Mac laptops. Beneath these monitors are two storage areas for said laptops or other odds and ends. The workstation itself is made from thick birch plywood that can be finished in either black or white satin, with the front folding down to form a desk measuring 120 x 60 cm (47 x 24 in) that is held in place by custom hinges, which appear to be rather strong.

Made from wheat husk for its base and PHA for the lid, Reuse serves as a fully compostable food container that not only amplifies our experience consuming takeout food but creates a conversation around our high-consumption habits and the negative effect they have on our environment. Wheat husk and PHA, a bacteria-based composite that works like a natural plastic derived from organic materials, can both be composted as food waste, without additional industrial-level composting facilities.

Nuclée is a lamp created from discarded banana flesh and it is….truly bananas! The minimal lamp puts the sustainable material front and center with a bamboo circle around it to highlight it. Banana fibers from the plantations are usually considered as waste after the traditional extraction process and cast aside. However, the designers were intrigued by this. material and found it fascinating when working with a lighting design concept. After empirical research, they succeeded in stabilizing the plant tissue using a particular refining technique and after applying different pressure as well as heat parameters. This new material is highlighted by shapes of bent bamboo, inspired by the internal structure of the banana tree stem and that is how the form of Nuclée mood lights came to be.

Switch is an award-winning toothbrush design with sustainability at its core. It allows you to replace only the brush head and keep the long-lasting metal handle. Manually replace the head by simply twisting the top of the toothbrush to remove and replace the head with a range of options. Switch is produced from recycled materials and the first of its kind available for mass production so it can make an impact quickly when distributed in the market. The design was one of the Red Dot Design Awards 2021 winners as well as a part of the iF Design Awards 2021. The bristles change color indicating that the head needs to be changed and ensuring effective cleaning.

CANNE addresses the problem of people not having the motivation to join a CPR course because of fewer opportunities, fewer interests, high cost, fast-paced lifestyle, and less awareness. CPR training also requires mannequins which are expensive and given the population of China, teaching cost is a big factor to keep in mind. The less qualified full-time instructors, short supply, and overworked skilled physicians were other significant barriers that were uncovered during research. CANNE addresses these problems with its cost-effective, sustainable, and easily accessible design. It provides a self-directed CPR learning experience for every citizen and can be broken down into two parts – a corrugated cardboard Basic Life Support (BLS) learning kit and a BLS self-directed smartphone app.

Eunsang Lee has designed 5A1, a modular, infinity room divider that can be endlessly reconfigured to extend the product’s life cycle. Feeling a sense of responsibility as a designer to create more sustainable products, Eunsang Lee turned to room dividers to reinterpret the classic piece of furniture. Today, new products are typically made from materials with short life cycles, leading to more consumption and waste. Constructed from responsibly sourced and sustainable materials like wood and steel, 5A1 is a minimal room divider, formed by hanging steel cables where steel and wooden modules can be attached and configured to hang clothes, mirrors, or even plants. Inspired by the act of communication between people, the 5A1 room divider comes with modules that can be attached, forming infinite configurations and a multifunctional piece of home decor.

Sleek Laptop Stands that eliminate bad posture, while amplifying your work experience + productivity!

To be honest, I could not survive without my laptop! It stores almost everything I hold sacred, and I need it for various purposes – from work to leisure! And most of us do spend the majority of our day working on laptops, and hence maintaining a consistently high level of productivity and efficiency is extremely integral for our work routines. However, spending hours on our laptops can cause immense strain to our hands and neck. And this is where laptop stands come in! The right laptop stand offers ergonomic angle adjustments and helps us work in a posture that does not cause physical pain and strain on our bodies. And hence, we’ve curated a collection of ergonomically designed and highly functional laptop stands that help you work in the most comfortable position possible, in turn boosting your work productivity and efficiency!

The MOFT Z was designed keeping the original MOFT brief in mind but was made to push limits. It does come with the ability to prop your laptop at three angles, but that’s not all. The MOFT Z even transforms your sitting setup into a standing one, elevating your laptop up by as much as 10 inches (25 centimeters). The MOFT Z does this using an innovative Z-shaped folding system along with its signature PU and fiberglass material which allows the laptop stand to have a high strength to weight ratio while being thin enough to slide right into a Manila envelope. The MOFT Z was designed to be used independently, without being stuck to the back of your laptop (like the original MOFT). Slightly larger than a sheet of A4 paper, and at nearly half an inch thick, the MOFT Z can be kept on your desk, stored in a drawer, or a shelf, among folders.

Like most laptop stands, PILLR elevates your work machine to a higher level, allowing you to view your laptop screen at a much higher, more natural angle, preventing neck fatigue. Unlike most laptop stands PILLR, however, doesn’t look like a badly designed accessory that hides behind your expensive laptop. With a minimal, sculpture-esque design, PILLR looks pretty darn good even without the laptop on it. Its strong presence gives it the appeal of a desk sculpture, and once you place a laptop on it, the PILLR enters a functional mode, elevating your laptop to reduce neck pain and boost productivity.


Desks can’t be carried around where you go, and stands are usually either bulky or heavy, given that they need to support the constant weight of the laptop plus your palms, making both solutions portability-unfriendly. The MOFT grasps that design brief almost perfectly. Thin as a coin (barely 3mm in thickness), and light as a pen, the MOFT sticks to the back of your laptop almost like a cover of sorts. When folded, it sits flat against the back of your laptop (thanks to hidden magnets), practically indistinguishable and invisible, and when deployed/unfolded, uses a clever bit of structural engineering to support your laptop in not one, but two angle settings. Channeling Dieter Rams’ principle that Good Design must be Invisible, the MOFT sits flat on the back of the laptop.

Arguably, grape lab’s g.flow laptop stand is better than most other laptop stands on the market. It ticks all the boxes as an effective product, but also as a sustainable product. It’s clever, lightweight, and comes in packaging that can be used as a stand too! g.flow is just an amalgamation of a lot of good ideas into one great product that does its job with 100% effectiveness and 0% negative impact on the environment. The g.flow is basically a tray made from folded recycled paper. Relying on origami tricks, the paper is stiff enough to hold up to 11 pounds of weight (enough to take the weight of your laptop and your hands too) thanks to the origami folds which not only give it strength but also create multiple channels to boost airflow and cool your laptop better. The ridged paper is specifically angled for easy viewing and typing, so that you get the benefits of a cooling pad as well as a prop stand, while the device comes with a small lip on the front to keep the laptop from sliding down.

Meet the Maotoam, an ergonomic laptop stand that comes with premium design aesthetics that promise ergonomic flexibility of working comfortably all day long. In a way, the accessory creates a hassle-free working environment for peak focus. The durable stand has multiple height adjustable angles and forward and backward position adjusting liberty for laptops or even tablet – tested for over 20,000 uses. This adjustability gives you the ability to orient the laptop/tablet screen position in more ways than not. Adding to the inherent feature of keeping the device sturdy in place without any lateral movement and the intuitively positioned ventilation holes, Maotoam’s offering has something more! The world’s first ergonomic laptop stand with an integrated 13-in-1 USB-C hub, making it a one-stop solution for connectivity to all your gadgets. As the name implies, it has 13 ports to cover all modern-day devices.

The Triyards Laptop Stand borrows a clever trick from a product we’ve been using for decades. Inspired by the thin-yet-effective kickstands found in most keyboards, the Triyards Laptop Stand sits flat against your machine, adding a mere 0.2 inches of thickness. Made from durable aerospace-grade aluminum, the stand adheres to the back of your laptop using a non-harmful 3M glue strip and comes with two fold-out legs that allow you to easily prop your laptop up, angling it in a way that helps it stay cool while angling the keyboard in a way that makes it easier to type. It comes with rubber legs too, to make sure your laptop doesn’t slide around or damage the surface you’re working on.



This one-piece aluminum laptop stand has a two-fold purpose. It serves as a barrier between your heated laptop base and your lap (or your desk), and its unique slatted design helps it act as a massive heatsink, pulling the heat from your laptop and distributing it across the multiple aluminum ‘fins’ at the base, and then dissipating it into the air. The fins/slats help increase the surface area so the heat gets lost at a faster rate, allowing the laptop stand to effectively cool the laptop without having to be plugged in. They even go as far as helping with wire-separation/segregation. Plus, its machined aluminum design goes together rather well with laptops having an aluminum body (case in point being the Macbook, obviously).

What the Maxtand manages to get right is its ability to do quite what the Pro Stand does, at 5% of the price. Yep, you heard me right. With a price tag of just $85, the Maxtand is 95% cheaper than Apple’s Pro Stand, and it works with any laptop, monitor, or even with other accessories like a projector or a wireless keyboard. Maxtand comes from the same guys that brought us the Ridge Stand for laptops, now with a maximum height of 15 inches, allowing you to not just height-adjust your laptop, but to turn your entire desk into a standing desk. With three pivot points and pretty reliable friction hinges inside them, the Maxtand can be used in a variety of configurations, at various angles, and can take loads of over 70 pounds. Designed to be powerfully versatile, it can be used with your laptop or your monitor to give you the precise angle and height you’re looking for.

Built with an innovative folding design (a feature we’ve really come to love across all of MOFT’s products), the Carry Sleeve transforms into an angular laptop stand with a simple flip of two tabs. Built with a magnetic flap that secures the stand in place, the Carry Sleeve can be adjusted to 15° or 25° angles to give you a better computing experience while ensuring your laptop stays cool. The MOFT Carry Sleeve comes with a waterproof, scratch-resistant PU-based leather exterior that houses your laptop in its slim yet durable design. The front of the sleeve features a neoprene patch that expands when you need to carry accessories like pencils, notebooks, AirPods, or other EDC, but goes back to its flat shape when you don’t.

You can cater the Standsome stand to your needs as it comes with a customizable profile for people of any height. Not only that it can work equally well for sitting positions when you don’t have a table and want to work while sitting on the floor. The possibilities are endless – you can even set it up on a low height table for a long day’s work, sans any strained muscles or pains. The height-adjustable stable laptop stand crafted in Germany from FSC-certified birch wood is consciously shipped in plastic-free material, and every unit sold means a tree is planted in the Philippine rainforest. To set it up, you just have to insert the foot piece into the intended cut-out and insert the provided split pin.

This slim wall cabinet opens into a sleek, modern, functional workspace!

Nils Holger Moorman presents ‘der vorstand’, a slender wall cabinet that transforms into a multifunctional think tank, creating the sense of space whenever users need it. The structure features a back wall on wheels that rolls out with a single pull to reveal a work desk with integrated bookshelves and a top light at the center. The project seeks to provide maximum atmosphere and minimum surface area at the same time.

Unlike any other sleek wall cabinet, ‘der vorstand’ by Moorman can easily unfold into a small, yet convenient workspace. The fold-out ceiling creates a sense of space, affords light, and connects the essentials: the back wall mounted on wheels with its magnetic exterior and the desk at the center. In keeping with the trusted Moorman ordering principle, everything has its designated place: from pens to the books and the binders, while the electronic devices can be charged with hidden cables. In addition, a curtain can be added to the side and the illumination of the ceiling and workspace can be adjusted to the users’ personal preferences.

‘der vorstand’ was initially designed as a submission to a design competition, and since then this winner model has ventured out on its own as an independent room-in-room solution. The first prototype was developed and built by Moorman’s in-house designers following the ideals of lead designer Nils Holger Moorman. Surfaces and materials are reduced to the basics: solid ash wood and light beige linoleum where hands and eyes rest or work in concentration; black surfaces and quiet restraint where nothing should distract the users. Precise details for storing, cabling, and locking the fold-out mechanism convey integrity and guarantee self-assured performance on the executive level.

‘we are in search of furniture creations based on a special idea. Sometimes absurd, sometimes brilliant, sometimes a detail, sometimes a revolution. Typically a minimalist formal language with a high level of experience – but always with a subtle twinkle in the eye’ shares the Moorman team. When the professional slips into the private sphere, then the convertible ‘der vorstand’ piece comes in to maintain order at home. It helps generate a private space according to occupants’ needs and wishes, or otherwise, it closes discreetly and retreats elegantly into the background.

Designer: Nils Holger Moorman

Surfboard Shark Bite Writing Desk: You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Desk

You know what your beach-themed office is missing? A surfboard desk with a shark bite out of it. Well, don’t worry, because Lunar Lounge Design on Etsy has you covered with this $950 handmade shark bite surfboard desk. I can already hear police chief Martin Brody and marine biologist Matt Hooper arguing with the mayor to close the beaches for the 4th of July weekend.

Constructed of 5/8″ MDF (medium-density fiberboard), each surfboard desk stands 29″ tall, 63″ long, and 23″ inches wide. The board’s fin is removable, and the legs fold down for easy storage or transportation. It’s finished with automotive paint and four layers of clearcoat and comes standard in lemon yellow with a frost white accent stripe, although custom color options are available. I want mine seafoam green with blood splatter!

I can’t think of a more perfect desk for writing the next great ocean-themed blockbuster like Jaws. Honestly, I can’t think of a more perfect desk, period. It checks off all the boxes, provided the only box is ‘surfboard desk with shark bite’. I must have one for every room of the house.

[via Dude I Want That]

This transforming robotic furniture going from bed to home office desk is the 2021 investment we need!

This past year has seen some pretty innovative work from home office solutions. Space-saving answers to tight office corners like desk setups that double as workout stations and retractable office cubicles that lean on a modular design to keep your living spaces decluttered only just scrape the surface of what we’ve seen thus far. Sustainable furniture design studio Ori adds a WFH apparatus called the Cloud Bed to the mix, merging an office and desk setup with a cantilevered lofted bed that descends to the floor to really hone in the mutability of working from home.

In its initial form, the Cloud Bed features a working desk and table beneath a lofted bed. Built for hospitality interiors and personal spaces, this space-saving work from home solution was designed to cover a small footprint inside the home. UL certified to ensure the bed remains lofted and close to the ceiling during working hours, the desk area folds into itself, merging with the floor as the bed descends from its raised position. While it might be tempting to hop up to the top of the bunk bed and sleep from such a high height, the Cloud Bed, Table Edition comes equipped with an internal mechanism that lowers the bed to the floor once the workday is done. With the push of a button, the mattress and wooden bed frame lower down from its elevated post in time with the desk folding inwards toward the floor. Requiring a minimum ceiling height of eight feet, six inches, the Ori Cloud Bed was designed to be integrated into smaller living spaces to make the most out of the space we have for working from home.

No one likes working in the same room we sleep in, let alone eat in. Without losing any living space, the Cloud Bed can come in either Queen or King sizes with a built-in table that sits up to five people. The Cloud Bed, Table Edition also comes outfitted with storage space, three outlets, voice and phone controls, as well as dimmable LED lights.

Designer: Ori

Presenting as an office desk for the home, Ori’s Cloud Bed doubles as a WFH solution and cantilevered bed.

Once the bed is lowered down, no trace of the office desk can be found.

Raised above the desk, the lofted bed requires a minimum height of 8’6″.

Designed as a hospitality and space-saving solution, the Ori Cloud Bed can fit into hotels as well as office spaces.

The Ori Cloud Bed appears as a contemporary, Scandinavian-inspired bed frame when lowered down.

When the Cloud Bed is raised to its top height, the integrated desk can sit up to five people.

Integrated motors and internal monitor systems ensure the steady descent and ascent of the Cloud Bed.

Desk Setups with minimal designs to increase your work from home productivity: Part 2

The most important element of our home office is our desk! And maintaining a clean and organized desk is extremely important because I truly believe a clean desk equals a clean mind. If you want to set up your desk in the most efficient manner possible so as to boost productivity and motivation, then you’re at the right place. Here are a few impressive desk setups for you to gain inspiration from, and finally declutter and set up your desk the way you really want to. Best of luck!

Benjamin Ong, who goes on Instagram by the name @thericebucket and is a self-proclaimed tech geek shows us his desk setup that has a dark theme with a hint of warmth running through it. Since he works on tech reviews as well as photography presets, his desk reflects the ease of access needed to quickly reach out to his camera or anything else needed to capture the moment before the light changes!

This desk setup by Andres Vidoza (@andresvidoza) seems perfect for all the music producers and creators out there! A wooden desk with backdrop lighting – this is one cool setup.

I love the lighting, the huge screen, and the little touch of green on this desk setup by @ethelbert_photography.

This clean desk setup by SpawnPoiint features enough space for a PC and a laptop, plus other work accessories! The L-shaped tube light running subtly above the desk almost instantly catches my eye as well!

There is no such thing as ‘too big a screen’! We love this vibrant desk setup which is perfect for working from home and Netflix and chill once work is done!

This quirky and playful setup by @dailysetuptech features an interesting monochrome keyboard, a toy car, and some mini succulents! It’s an eclectic mix of cheerful products. Work will definitely feel like play on such a desk!

This setup by @thegeektoday is super organized and holds almost everything you would need for a smooth workday in the most accessible manner ever!

Minimal and black with wooden accents, this desk setup is a visual pleasure to the eyes! It’s high on both functionality and style quotient.

I love this minimal monochrome setup! An antique lamp, matte black shelving, and hints of brown make it a cute and quirky workspace.

Michael Soledad’s desk has ample space for all his gadgets whether it’s his PC, laptop, or his iPad. Don’t miss out on the nifty little headphone holder, as well as the laptop stand. Clean, minimal, and wooden, it’s got everything we love in a good desk!

For more neat and super cool desk setups, check out Part 1 of this post!